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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 12, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> this is currently under administrative order investigation. >> developing news, governor jerry brown is treated for early stages of prostate cancer. they made the announcement earlier, grant lodes? >> the good news is that doctors be used in its very early stages. the governor's office today saying that he is undergoing radiation treatment for localized prostate cancer. the governor also said the 74 year-old is still working a full schedule during the treatment. it is expected to be completed by the first read the month of january.
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half the university of ecology whose california senator cisco oncologist said that it is a localized, prognosis is excellent and there is no significant side effects. the survival rate from localized prostate cancer is more than 95%. the governor underwent a procedure to remove skin cancer from his nose in april, 2011. governor jerry brown is a lifetime politician and served as the secretary of state in general powerhouse he was also the mayor of and for nearly one a decade. >>pam: so far in 2012, the city of oakland has seen of 121 homicides. that is a 11 more than 2011. new tonight at a to charles clifford has a closer look at when and where these murders are taking place. >> this is a google earth map. each of these red dots represents the site of a homicide. during the past year he and some of these spots might include more
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than one the death. at a single location. as reticulated this matter it is indicating that most of these are happening in east oakland. there are a few downtown and also in west oakland. the city's first homicide of 2012 was in january 20th. on the 1800 block of 25th street. isaac white was shot, the 19 year- old was shot outside his home. the 50th was on june 10th. year foothill boulevard. a 26 year-old alameda resident was killed in a house party. the 100 homicide was on october when a 21 year-old man was shot and killed in east oakland near bancroft finally, the most recent homicide was on tuesday evening in the 800 block of hawkins. this man was shot outside of his own home. charles clifford, kron 4 news pure- >> after years of legal wrangling in oakland this
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powerful outside compliance director is said to oversee the oakland police department. the federal judge signed off on the plant the compliance director will have the power to demote, fired the police chief and said an action plan for carrying out several reforms. with the use of force, and even racial profiling the power to impose discipline, is limited to the command staff. there will also have to get approval from the federal judge to spend money. recommendations for candidacy must be submitted by december 21st. >> the san jose homicide rate is the highest it has been in years. tonight, there is worry that criminals are taking a vantage of the city's understaffed police department. this comes as police investigate the 44th homicide your deftest 18 year-old man was fatally shot outside of a crashed car leaked yesterday on fare even dry police of reed has more. a lisa?
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>> a small memorial for the teenage victim of san jose's homicide sits next to the tire marks of his vehicle fiord this murder rate in the san jose is higher than previous years. there is concern that the spike of crime has to do with the police department because it is understaffed. >> staffing of the san jose police department is the lowest it has ever been fewer officers to patrol the city is the 10th largest city in the united states. the criminals intent on committing criminals, broken into cars, using guns, shooting people the hero of this. there is a level of reason is that they are committing these crimes in broad daylight. they believe officers will not be there. >> because the officer is low on officers there is also a hunt for a new police chief. chris mohr wrap announced his retirement. >> active recruitment, in an effort to bring in more
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police officers to san jose. understand it is very different to bring an and train police officers feared it takes about one year. >> in the meantime, the judge says that if you feel threatened or concern to the office of auditor is always an option to call. this house has been burglarized and nobody shows up. that is a concern courthouse they should, if they feel some motivated they should call us. an important issue is that nabors should get to know each other and to report anything stop suspicious, never take chances. alecia reed, kron 4. left who this king tied causing trouble for drivers. basically, these are very high tides. these packed a heavy punch.
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>> north found, 101 on marin county, the mill valley stinson beach exit was closed on wednesday. for good reason, the king tied to a flooded underneath the freeway. making it impossible, are virtually impassable for these cooking -- tides. the scheme and tides >> the back is flooded! of these-king tarde tides. it did t come in the back but it came in the back. >> paul was out of town and his car was parked here not knowing what was coming. >> any time there is a high tide over 7 ft. this happens. my friends are not around the did not know. >> there are warning signs are not to park. the air rioja is still available. then i think i'm going to get something out, different something higher! [laughter] >> this water was right here
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start them at this past christmas tree selling lots, this was the base of this rain gear at this highway exit but the trees trees are dry. >> we also have a very high tide a couple of years ago i was on an island for two days. >> this employee storms, high tides are just part of a normal day. >> i have been through the worst storm a couple of weeks ago and it took it down my tent. pouring it on. >> one of the water has receded for now the worst is yet to come. the biggest of these ties is expected thursday morning. hank dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: with the extremely high tides come the extremely low tides. reggie kumar shows us how much the water level has receded in a sausalito harbor. >> the water usually hits these rocks behind me but the water has receded nearly where these boats are
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docked. this boat owner would not go on camera. he is not concerned about the extremely low tide. he has a motor on this vessel. haft still boat owners that do not have motors' need to be concerned because these boats could get stuck and will not be able to move toward the water is not low enough to cause problems in this harbour. however, tomorrow at the todd is supposed to be even lower. the national weather service says that this happens every year around this time. it easily lasts about two weeks. so senator, richard, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: we did see some rainfall but it was a little but tapered off. sausalito -- that was reggie kumar, kron 4 news. mainly offshore. as for take a look of the satellite & radar. it could catch the coastline this evening but mainly we will stay dry mostly clear
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which will leave for very cold conditions. we did see a blast of cold arctic air. temperatures reynaud in the low 40's in places like santa rosa, napa, vallejo record 43 degrees in concord, pleasanton, f40's in sunnyvale is going to be cold, overnight. we will take a look at the rainfall with a storm sitting offshore. and as cold temperatures. how >>pam: there are five people charged with getting a couple left for dead in the middle of a san francisco street they appear in court today. >> new information of amanda opened fire in a sho shopping mall in portland, oregon and also the multi- million dollar reward that is having this school district celebrant. celebrating for the school district
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>> this deadly shooting from this shopping scene in portland, oregon. >> there's an unknown victim. there is a man lying out. that is fully loaded this magnum. he fired about 10 or 15 rounds and the gun
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jammed on him. >> this shooting left three people dead and the suspected gunman. as a 22 year-old jacob roberts. he appeared to act alone if there's been no motive identified. grant lodes? >> pam, most people are stunned that he did this. even his ex-girlfriend said a person that was very loved, popular, outgoing, 22 years old and was planning to move to hawaii he says that i might be a young but i've had one crazy life so far. >> before yesterday, the only thing remotely violent was that his facebook page revealed that he liked shooting he posted this on firing a gun. he recently sold this assault rifle from an acquaintance. we may
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never know what prompted him to use that on it this is a deadly day yesterday at this public shopping mall near portland, oregon. they say that he had so much to do before ye he was trying to distance himself from portland. they raided his home where he lived just a few miles from the town center. he was evicted from a different residence sometime this summer. colleagues say that it was a local sandwich shop before quitting. is facebook shop saying that he attended clackamas committee college.
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shawn graffiti that followed your dreams. he reportedly defaced that mantra of all your dreams by " cancelled. he was attending clackamas community college. his mother died when he was very young and he was raised by his aunt. >> the students are dealing with outdated equipment that is about to change. the new haven unified school district is is one of $29
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million federal grant. and the first thing that the school provides is better, more up-to-date computer and materials for its 13,000 students. this is superintendent. >> grades 6-12 they will receive a new tablet. and teachers will also receive a tablet, a laptop, cameras, and k-5 will also get a tablet for each student. >> with those computers there will be able to provide a more enriching learning environment. >> they could even put a lesson plan on their and with a power point presentation. those are the types of things that will help students have immediate access to all types of learning. it will be current and up to date. >> the site's new technology, the entire teaching staff will get coaches to broaden their techniques. allowing them for possible students that are trailing behind and catch up. they say that this
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grant was no easy task. there were non stop working for one month. and not only did they win but there also ranked no. 2 out of 16 schools, nationwide. >> we are more excited than words can express. this is an incredible delegation. union city, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: spotty rainfall. mostly clear skies and a cool level of cold air from that storm. chilly conditions out the door tomorrow. widespread in the 30's, even in the 20s in some locations. mostly sunny skies. it will still be quite chilly with low 50s. by the end of friday, the rain will return. and a bit of the lull before saturday. the snow showers are tapering off and will have more on that coming up. let
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us take a look at the bay area. clear skies and still some spotty shower patterns offshore. we could get some areas of rainfall and near the coast. mostly, we will stay dry tonight and tomorrow. it will be well offshore and that will be for the story on friday. cold temperatures it is already in the low 40's in some locations. 30's, bay- area wide with 30's in concord, 33 degrees in concord freezing in livermore. and we are likely going to be seeing frost in these locations. certainly, giving yourself at least 10 extra minutes. before you head out the door, and make sure that your windshield is clear. 37 degrees in half moon bay. a very cold start if your looking for a warm up. we are really not going to get it. 50s. the degrees
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in san francisco. 53 and of vallejo. to these and concord. as for the snowfall? it is tapering off. you can see that there are flurries remaining. by tomorrow, that snowfall will taper off and we're left with a partly cloudy conditions. here is a look at the sierras. the snowfall early. and in the afternoon, clearing skies with partly cloudy skies friday, saturday with no snow expected. until we get to saturday night. here is a look at your extended forecast with very cold morning. out there tomorrow, so and bundle up and give yourself some extra time. do not drive with your frost the windshield. friday, the rainfall is expected to return and saturday night/sunday morning with a another storm monday/tuesday. there is an active pattern over the next several days stay with us.
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we will be back.
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computer images could be removed of your profile. there is a key controls such as allowing users users who can contact and also blocking people. in other news, the pope is getting his first tweet and instantly gets 1 million followers. he is using an ipad. he says " dear friend i am pleased to be in touch with you through twitter. a plus all of you from my heart. >> this has already been reached we did 40,000 times. >> in hollywood times, this multiplication is into a movie. angry birds this mobile-application, it is officially announced. this " despicable me " producer is a full feature film in the mid 2016. and i will say it, really? hollywood? is this
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the best that you can come up with. gabe slate tech report
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+1 >> m.ahead at 8-30. new charges filed against the man accused of morgan hill teenager. and a richmond city employee is blowing the whistle. and official of using city resources. to run her own private business.
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>>pam: running a private business inside the city hall of an east bay city that is what an employee is alleging in a complaint including the contra costa county district attorney's office several months ago the whistle publically deciding to speak on camera for the first time to kron4's haaziq madyun it's a >> "okay so we are looking at the richmond city hall address with the human resources phone number, with her business name little luxuries, it's ridiculous the public should be
8:33 pm
outraged, i'm out raged" >> richmond finance managerstacie plumner is showing me a website that she says proves assistant city manager leslie knight is using city resources to run a personal online party favors businessplumner is blowing the whistle on knight filing criminal and civil complaints alleging misuses of public resourcesthese photos are now apart of the investigation into these allegationsshe says these products were packaged right here at city hall >> "i watched the employee make these, they look like towels and diapers for babies wrapped in this kind of stuff, i think it is amazing, but not on city time. this is a vacant city hall office space inside the human resources departmentand they store some of the materials that are being sold" >> plumner says she was asked by knight to take part in the business >> did you do that? >> buy refused. i knew that it was unethical but you-i refused. "in addition to party favors assistant city manager leslie knight also sales jewelry, i was asked to design the marketing business"
8:34 pm
>> "no, i actually refused, i didn't know it was illegal but i knew it was wrong and unethical" >> this has been going on to the best of your knowledge >> "about 4-years" >> at richmond city hall haaziq madyun kron4news >>pam: we spoke with leslie knight's boss bill lindsay he is the city manager of richmond. he talked about what he is doing, in light of these allegations against knight. >> "well i know about the allegation. we take allegations like this very seriously, and we've retained a 3rd party outside investigator to look into the matter, we're handling it as a personnel matter and we are waiting for the results of the >>pam: kron 4 went to richmond city hall to get knight's reaction to the allegations and left several phone messagesbut she was not available. tonight, new information regarding the suspects wanted in a case the san francisco district attorney calls "brutal". it happened sunday. two victims were found bound and gagged on a portola valley street. one man died. the woman is still in the hospital. kron 4's j.r stone is here with us now. he was in the courtroom with four of the five suspects today. j.r.?
8:35 pm
>> the judge would not let us show the suspects on camera so you won't see them here. these are suspects with nicknames of snow, pocahantas, and killer. i couldn't really see one of the suspect's eyes because his dreads were so long. another had a black eye and she had a bruised cheek. the defense attorney for one of the murder suspects says his client is a model husband who has three kids.the fifth suspect in this case will be in court to look at the evidence to see if i will ask it to amend these murder charges. that decision has not been made. >> authorities believe that they went to the victim's house in san francisco looking to kill. died with his head and his hands were
8:36 pm
bound. he died. damage was also hogtied. >> this was brittle they knew each other. this was not a random act. this was -- portal. >> de is trying to figure the d.a.. the district attorney is trying to figure this out. it was it- described as brutla.. >> the woman was described as beaten and if they're trying to send a message to someone else? it is early investigation. >> still many questions not answered and they say that one of the spot is a husband with three kids and a model parent. >>pam: the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar was back in court today.
8:37 pm
21-year-old antolin garcia torres, once again entered no formal plea to charges he murdered the morgan hill teen in march. he has been held without bail since he was arrested in may. garcia- torres also faces new charges in connection with the alleged attempted kidnapping of several other women. prior to lamarr's disappearance. prosecutors plan to try him on all of the charges together. he will be back in court next month. >>pam: eight children have been born and one special date, 12, 12, 12. in queens. shooting in queens place. kabul today. >> i did not think about it today and tell perhaps about 630.
8:38 pm
at least eight children have been born at one east bay hospital on today's special. 12-12-12 date. adriana elise huerta was one of those eight children born at alta bates summit medical center in berkeley. her parents said, they had considered the possibility their daughter could be born on this date. but they didn't give much thought to the time she would be born, until they started getting .adriana's time of birth was 12:05-pm just seven minutes shy of the 12:12 mark. >>jacqueline: the rainfall was in san jose. oakland, just under two tenths of one into the same in sunnyvale richmond, just one tent. the raid has subsided. spotty short patterns, just one- 10th of rainfall expectethat wew yesterday to enrichment and today. with less of cold air, 40's. 43 degrees in pleasanton and as you can see we will see plenty of 30's tomorrow. temperatures
8:39 pm
in your neighborhood and even talk about frost. when the next storm is coming >> the next will b the trans public transportation line. in the next edition of people behaving badly. >>pam: the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. december 31st at 11-30. only on kron-4. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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in themstocks final number- ots now for today's market update. stocks end the day down for the most part. slumping after investors reassessed
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the federal reverse's latest plans to stimulate the economy. the fed announced it would be extending its bond- purchasing program and low- interest rate policy. on wall street today. the dow lost three points. after gaining as much as 81the nasdaq also fell eight points. the s-and-p 500 gained a little more than half a still ahead, gary radnich takes a huge jet the sunday night between the patriots and the 49ers and the warriors had their biggest victory in years against the nba championship, the heat. wait until you see the finish, sports director, gary radnich, is next [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler.
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just $16.99. sizzler. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. vehicle is in motion.
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acura m-d-x - s-u-v's. wear out. we have the 38 geary its screen you see it in a moment you are looking at came video of a double parked vehicle on geary street in san francisco the video was recorded from a muni bus camera like this, so the driver will get a 110 dollar ticket in the mail the united states post office will also get a ticket in the mail for parking in the bus zone, i always wondered about that in a undisclosed location in san francisco where for safty sake i have to not show the id of the parking inforcement officers who sole job is to go through hundreds of hours of video looking for transit lane violators anywhere there are transit lane like this one on market street the video is downloaded from these hard drives and if a violation is spotted a ticket is issued let see we got three six nine 12 14 vehicles most of them were double parkers and bus stops and by the way a bus stop ticket will set you back 267 bucks but now you have one more bus like to look out for, about a month ago the 9 and the 9 limited have tee-oh- el-ee-ant that stand for
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transit only lane enforcement and rest assured that if the city expands the transit only lanes and you are behaving badly you could get a little gift in the mail courtesy of a muni bus there is one important thing to note all the tickets issued are parking violations muni buses cannot issue moving violations in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. >>jacqueline: we did see some very cold arctic air. we will be dealing with cold conditions overnight temperatures in the 30's with frost. overnight and temperatures in the low 50s. the break from the rain will be short-lived as it returned towards friday
8:48 pm
afternoon. the satellite and radar showing mostly dry and clear. the spot the cloud patterns remain offshore but it looks like that will stay in another system that will be diving down into the bay area on friday. this is what we're dealing with the interim. colt, with 59 degrees. and cold-a-with 30's and san rafael. freezing in livermore. and even at 39 in oakland. and we are going to see areas of a frost overnight. definitely, give yourself some extra time at least 10 extra minutes to clear your windshield. temperatures are not warming up that much. a cold morning and a chilly afternoon. as for the sierras? there is some lingering snowfall and drier conditions. friday,
8:49 pm
saturdays, some cloud coverage but not per haps until sunday with 1 ft. of snowfall report, and etc. towards a sunday the next storm will push through. monday, tuesday in active pattered. >> it is now time for sports structure, gary radnich. >> good evening, everybody, spo sports director, the evening tonight with lebron james! and david lee is a left-hander. 20-13. lebron
8:50 pm
james, he is entered, and the state in the game. a bit of a shoulder tweet. and here he starts going to work lebron james, 31. the nba's best. the warriors' lead slowly goes down. the rookie was speaking smack but it was klay thompson that had 27. and this jack is just terrific take a look at 91! 95-95, with three seconds left. jackson designed to display, and with green. we are talking the rookie winds in it. 97- 95. that is it. the warriors' fifth straight victory on the road toward their franchise highs, and 15-7. >> something about this team
8:51 pm
that refuses to c q. we're going to continue to battle, all and we refuse to -- quit. for us to come out ahead. and a victory against the champs. >> this was just one game. and we are one of those teams that we feel we are among the elite. to not feel that what we're doing is not going to continue. >>pam this has been this sense the giants have been so good toward >>pam: yes. >> the 49ers. and did not so great with the raiders but now the warriors are back and. when did they will have a victory it sure seems that this is the type of guys that you want root for. golden state, they are in orlando, an atlanta up your 5-0. the new england
8:52 pm
patriots are a close-knit group by their leaders. >> this group does a lot of good things, with a lot of good players in a very physical football team and well coached. good, fundamentally. we know that we have a good challenge this week. >> is a lot of challenges we are going to play our best game because we have been preparing for the last 24 hours. we will continue to prepare. >> and i bet you that they have said the same thing the last five games. they're great height and is probably not going to play. there have been rumblings that he might not be ready. and as of now, there is no kron kautsk and dit baucus = = =butks when i see a mother that is
8:53 pm
ask him how to be a pro, and i turned to her and i say >> i do not want to buster bubble. little johnny has one chance in 1 million. what've you just have them play for fun? >> he is going to make it! >> educate the children, the players, the parents, the coaches, and we all know that. >> those are good words. jackie and i were saying that we share information. it is not raining. what is the story? is there any confirmation that tiger woods, ex-wife is dating a san jose shark? >> it looks like from the article that they are just friends. they were out with a bunch of other mutual friends in their try to turn it into a story. he is pretty lucky >> look at her 81 to 1,000
8:54 pm
ft. square foot mansion. she is lovely -- she is putting together a custom-made 21,000 ft square-foot mansion. and good for him. >> more power to him. >> we are going to come back. this is when you could have a queasy feeling but we are going to show you, anyway in a moment.
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>> this is one of those
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deals where in nobody dies we have not heard from mr. reno williams. you can make your own judgment. from serean willaims and her friend.. and padded her chest ato look like williams. serena. was born with her shape. >> if you do something weird to get attention. but i do not know about this. >> a bit uncomfortable. >> and i would not like i would not-laugh at a padded bra. >> we will see you at 11
8:58 pm
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