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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news.that's as the bay area isthe news is next. >> rain, snow, wind.and more on the way. here's video of some of the damage this past weekend's storm left. and just as people finish cleaning up from the last round.another arriving tomorrow will make it a rainy christmas. i'm here with brian van aken with more on the weather. >> we can see the rainfall approaching the north coast. still, it is fairly well offshore. but it is getting
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closer for tonight. the clouds will increase and by tomorrow we will see a chance for rain. the heaviest will be for the afternoon and the evening. showers are expected to last for the early afternoon on wednesday. a lot more rainfall here are the big impact possibilities. with flooding, and even strong winds. in addition to flooding problems there could be more down trees, power lines. i will let you know how long this will stick around. >> catherine: thank you, brian. it was a snowy weekend in the sierra. in fact, some tahoe area ski resorts are reporting near record amounts of snow. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight in the east bay with a quick look at the conditions in tahoe. charles? >> reporter: this was a very snowy weekend in the lake tahoe over the weekend.
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caltran was able to get in there and clear out the roadways. there is snow in the forecast let me show you how things work this afternoon. this is a caltrans camera along interstate 80 at the donner summit. the road is clear, but look at the piles of fresh snow one the sides of the road here. a couple miles away, same story near the the donner lake exit. now even though the 80 looks good at the moment, caltrans is screening trucks for snow chains eastbound at applegate and westbound in truckee. now let's take a look along highway 50 in south lake tahoe. again lots of fresh new snow, but the roads are clear. maybe a little slick here. now, if you're headed to the mountains to go skiing. it's all good news. to the north, squaw valley and alpine meadows are reporting their second snowiest christmas on-record. in the past week squaw has received 70 inches of new snow. 220 inches in total so far this season. northstar has received 54 inches over the past 48 hours. to the south, heavenly also is reporting
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54" of new snow just over the weekend. and finally this is a webcam view from kirkwood, which says it has received up to 84" of snow in the past week alone. >> it is expected to start snowing again. in the east bay, charles clifford, kron 4. >> catherine: this roadbed continued to continue to flooda road that keeps flooding has really frustrated a long-time resident. kron 4's justine waldman shows us the mudslide and what's being done about it. >> reporter: as soon as it started to rain victor husary knew this was going to happen. that is why he got out his cell phone and took this video of a mudslide on castro ranch road. >> and nobody wants to listen to victor. >> i knew that this was an accident waiting to happen, a ticking time bomb. >> reporter: flooding left the two lane street, down to one lane. victor doesn't like how cars have to drive in the opposite lane of
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traffic. victor says the problem starts on top of the hill. >> i received this for at least 15 years. they will this stop in the middle of the island and they do not know where to go. it is very dangerous for 600 families. >> reporter: victor claims allows water and mud to cascade down causing all this mess. even these wooded barricades can't hold back the damage. that is why he made this video, so people can see what's happening here. he's reached out to the city which promised to fix the problem. >> look at that!, danger! >> the mayor has said to be an e-mail id ciofficers and the city-officers have all sold said to be in the mail. >> "crews brought out these pumps to suck all the water out. but it is just a temporary solution. in richmond justine waldman
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kron 4 news. >> catherine: there was a mudslide today in contra costa county.near the oakland border.on pinehurst road. it was a mess and the road was closed for awhile. drivers were trying to navigate around the mud. the c-h-p was called to the scene around 5 this morning. . >> basically, early this morning as you can see there was a rockslide on pinehurst surely, the league will be out here with a cleanup crew and a big rig. with a backhoe. it should take them the better part of the state to clean this up. at that point, we should have davis in order. >> catherine: the slide was cleaned up in a few hours. >> they should have everything-in order. but with more rain in the forecast - the public works dept. will keep an eye on
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the stormy weather caused a big tree branch to fall onto this san francisco gas station. it happened on portrero and 17th over the weekend. the awning of the 76 station >> the water is back on for 15 homeowners in mill valley. it was shut off this morning because of a water main break - which flooded marin avenue. this is video from abc 7 news. marin avenue was closed between bell lane and tennessee valley road. kron 4's reggie kumar has >> the finally cracked water main break was thrprepared repaired. water officials say that when this 12-inch cast iron pipe broke at 10:00 a.m. a it moved. the steel belt and the pipe fitting did not line up, properly. because the cast iron pipe is because it is 60 years old, and of its h
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it broke. this is how the street looked and the video. there was so much water pressure the street even lifted. 1,000 gal. of water per minute in marin road. becky was concerned. >> the water was pretty much a level with the sidewalk so it did not come over the sidewalk. >> reporter: this portion will remain until midnight.
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>> catherine: a texas man got quite a surprise when a plane crashed into his backyard. the single-engine plane missed the airport tarmac, taking out fences and a shed before it ended up on a porch. the two men on board were not hurt. a witness describes the scene. >> "i walked downstairs, opened my backyard and there's the plane torn to pieces. our fence was busted down, our shed was taken out. the wing i guess destroyed it. i see the two guys standing right outside
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the plane and yelled y'all okay and they're just in shock, and said aww yeah, we're fine, we're fine. i said all right, you sure? they just wide-eyed, you know. they said, we're fine we're fine. i said ok i just want to make sure." >> catherine: federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident. new at 11. families across the united states will have to rely on other sources of entertainment after netflix's video streaming service was hit by a christmas eve outage. the company, based in los gatos, apologized in a company tweet for the outage. it blames amazon's infrastructure, which netflix uses. no word on when then the service will be restored. >> clouds on the increase look for cloudy skies and temperatures in the 30's in the north bay. 40's by the bay and how much rainfall tomorrow we could expect, coming up. .
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>> catherine: in upstate new york - volunteer firefighters were ambushed at the scene of a house fire today. two of them were shot and killed.and a convicted felon is being blamed. aside from the two firefighters killed - two others are injured. kron4's grant lodes has the story. >> firefighters were not allowed to even battle the massive fire for nearly six hours this morning. that's because the fire scene quickly turned into a crime scene.
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right as the volunteer firefightrs were arriving on scene.police say 62-year- old william spangler was perched like a sniper.firing off rounds towards the unsuspecting first responders. two were killed. 43 year old mike chiapperini - who also served as the town's police department public information officer. and 19-year-old tomasz kachoofka. ka-choofka and chiapperini's son were best friends. >> people get up in the middle of the night to put out fires that they do not expect to be shot and killed. >> reporter: two other firefighters who were shot are expected to recover. police say before dawn.the suspect, william spengler set a house and car on fire to lure the firefighters. as soon as they arrived, police say he started shooting. while police were looking for the shooter.the fire spread.engulfing 7 homes. the suspect was eventually found dead near the fire scene.after apparently shooting himself. and he was not even allowed to have a gun. spangler is a convicted
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felon.he was convicted of beating his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer back in 19-80. spangler served 17 years - and police say it's unclear what his motive was for today's shooting. the town of webster, new york is now mourning. the joy of christmas replaced by pain and grief. >> very difficult >> it's just devastating. the suspect's home was one of the houses which burned. he had lived there with his sister - who is missing. a vigil was held tonight for the firefighters who died. >> we have some high clouds increasing for the bay area in advance of a storm system. the moon is shining and those high clouds with ice crystals causing a halo which is typically bad signs
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for bad weather. wet weather on the way for the afternoon and evening. temperatures chilly. 48 degrees. cooler in the san mateo. and just in the upper 30s in dublin and larkspurg cloudy for tomorrow morning. as we go for the afternoon of the storm will pressed to the self. with rain and windy conditions. here is futurecast. by 10:00 a.m., notice is to try and cloudy. the rainfall will hold off at is-drive -- with the storm pressing to be-- south... by 10:00 a.m., it will spread to the south
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steady showers and it could even be heavy at times. showers and bedded possible. embedded-van that will be the case for the overnight hours overnight and for scattered showers mixed in with sunshine. wednesday, gusting winds, 30 m.p.h.-40 m.p.h. and improving conditions on wednesday afternoon. a dry day for thursday.
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we talk about the fiscal cliff - but there could also be a 'dairy cliff'. sevening next year, you dollars for a gallon of milk. a stalled farm bill means certain protections for farmers are expiring. a dairy subsidy ends january first. if congress doesn't act before then, the u-s would revert to a 63-year-old dairy policy. it would force the government to buy milk at inflated prices, driving up the cost for everyone. return to index of stories... >> christmas might be a good time to see a new movie. elizabeth corridan has a preview of this week's new releases. >> quentin tarantino's leaslatest project takes people to the deep south with jimmie foxx on a dangerous mission with leonardo to cabriole. this also stars several jackson, and it is rated r. >> les miserables is set in
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paris with anne hathaway and hugh jackman ...and 21st century kids are left in charge with bette midler and billy crystal. it's the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. we'll be bringing you the best parties and fireworks on 'new year's live.' i'll be hosting along with gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years eve. stay tuned -- we'll be right
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welcome back everyone. the 49ers no longer control their own destiny in terms of getting that first round not after jim harbaugh suffered his worst loss as an nfl head coach42-13 to the seahawks. a 42-13 drubbing to the red hot seahawks who now must be considered one of the top three teams in the league. and just how valuable defensive lineman justin smith? - in the six quarters he has missed the 49ers have yielded a whopping 70 points, going back to the 2nd half of the patriots obviously you can't pin it all on his absence, but clearly they aren't the same defense without him seattle absolutely dismantled the 49ers with a steady dose of marshawn lynch and rookie quarterbck russell wilson. .now, in order to lock up the two seed and a first round bye the 49ers must beat arizona in the finale - which they should do - and hope for the vikings to beat of stories... green bay reorganize, re-fit and regroup.three "r's" seriously that press conference was tough to listen to - one radio host compared it a root canal - truth is when harbaugh doesn't want to give you anything - he doesn't. on to some injury news - vernon davis 90 consecutive start streak is in jeopardy after a sustaining a the raiders quarterback suffered multiple cracked ribs and a bruised lung on this hit in the raiders loss
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what you think? >> we are not ready to make that decision our plan is to work both of them this week. we will see how prius goes. >> colts head coach chuck pagano returned to the team today after missing the last three months battling leukemia it is clearly he wasit's not often you see the media give a head coach get a standing ovation at his monday press conference.but in the case it was the only reaction to have pagano took an indefinite leave on october 1st after learning he had leukemia after undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments his cancer is in remission.and his colts are in the playoffs under interim head coach bruce >> when i ask bruce to
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takeover. and i did not realize that he was going to have nine victories. never take one day for granted. it is a privilege to be standing here today, it is a blessing. vo(wipe) against houston on sunday this homecoming for honolulu, and it is all jones the third quarter, taylor read intercepts. following the blacher all the way down to the sidelines. 43-10 = final score the mustangs role. that is it. >> catherine: the last look at christmas weather. >> a bit of rainfall expected in the afternoon and showers will continue.
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>> catherine: have a great christmas.


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