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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 16, 2013 7:00am-10:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> emergency lending by japanese airline forces that airline as well as another japanese company to ground all boeing 787. i would say how it is impacting travelers. >> president obama is expected to and i unveiled sweeping proposal to curb gun violence in the u.s., details ahead. >> it is called out there
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and erica is taking a look at the forecast. >> good morning and we're keeping a close eye on the numbers. 27 it is starting out as santa rosa and novato and 29 and napa and vallejo is 28. over 30's and richmond and downtown san francisco. frost may be a possibility as we head into the afternoon. expect mostly sunny skies and temperatures on the warmer side. we will see some mid to upper 50s as we head into the afternoon. full details on what to expect by the weekend coming up in my next report. >> this morning bowens 787 dream lighter is grounded by two major airlines in japan. this is after a series of mechanical problems over the last few weeks and it does have an impact of san jose mineta. will tran is standing by with the latest. >> in a perfect world there would be a flight landed at
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9:00 this morning from hong kong to take those passengers are waiting back to hong kong. this was so celebrated that it took off a couple of days ago on friday. now with new developments over the past couple of hours they have decided we cannot take off. that aircraft is sitting and hong kong after the decision was made a couple of hours ago. there are many problems with this tree minor 787. there is a list of problems dating back to july of 2012. full bluepoints back in july 2012 they did a preflight engine test. at that point there was a problem with the engine and something broke off which meant they had to do more research. then when united airlines which was december 4th that had to make an emergency landing with their 787 and in your lens because there were problems during the flight.
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january 7th while the 787 was part, it was not going anywhere, a battery suddenly exploded and caught fire. they had to bring out another aircraft. two days later there were break problems as well. this is united, japan airlines as well asall nippon airlines. japan airlines decided they could not do that until they had further test done. i talked to the tickets out counter agent at a said flights this morning if you're having to catch wind it would not be a problem. those passengers will be able to book another flight but not in other 787.
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>> of course of you as side of it we do have the national safety administration say later looking at these systems of the 787 as well. >> president obama as expected to announce one of the most aggressive gun control expenses ever. according to a source it will include universal background checks on assault and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. upon as say that the powerful national rifle association promised a political fight against gun control measures that they say will violate the constitutional right to bear arms. the white house says president obama will be joined by children who sent letters expressing concern about gun crimes when he announces proposals today to reduce gun violence. that announcement is expected at 8:45 a.m.. will also hear
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that some of the family is from sandy hook elementary will be there. >> and sam francisco to pieces of gun control legislation were in but introduced to the board of supervisors. the first bans the possession of military- style ammunition such as how point bullets. the sale of those bullets is already legal in this action would make owning them crime as well. the sec requires police notification when someone in sampras's go by as 500 of ammunition or more. this includes online purses it purchases. it will take several steps to make these two changes into law. >> and polls suggest that nearly 60 percent of americans wants stricter gun laws following last month's deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary. a 4 percent answered as the associated press and g f cable one background checks for gun purchases at gun shows.
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>> there was a larger the expected turnout at the marin county gun buyback program. hundreds of firearms are collected during the event. people walked away with up to $200 per guns, no questions asked. and as two hours the county ran through the $43,000 it had raised for the bat. after running out of cash that county had out vouchers to those of the unwanted as voluntary give away their guns. the district attorney says he will try and raise the money needed to pay people back in the next 30 days. they also planned to hand out more doctors and other gun buyback yvette which is planned for the martin luther king day holiday. the final numbers a total of 827 guns were turned and. and novato, 227 were taken out the streets and stammer fell 223. and central rent 206 guns were turned and and
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71 guns were collected in marin city. if the guns were taken in from point reyes. >> at 915 rob black will be here on sat talking about winner's and losers on wall street. seven 06 a.m. and we will be back with more and a couple of minutes. it is a little more fun to watch from our mt. tam cam then exit the out side especially if you're not wearing a jacket. we will be back in a couple of minutes. mçó4+y?i
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learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. >> their up the old woman felt there 8 20 ft. wall at a parking structure and she is trapped. they're trying to get her out and they keep cutting away the concrete wall to try to get to her. she was complaining about breathing problems from all of the dust. she is trapped between the front wall uc which is the parking structure and is 20 concrete cinderblock wall. she is alert and they are talking to her. she fell around 330 this morning and has been wedged ever since. we'll keep watching this rescue as it is in going on for several more hours throughout the morning. it looks like they finally see
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her and they're getting ready to pull her out. >> authorities are taking steps against attractive distracted driving to this guy is now. authoriin new s f a proposal is aimed at prohibiting airline pilots from using personal electronic at any time during a flight. current yules rules bar the use of any gadgets only during critical phases of flight takeoff and landing. the new plan is a direct result of recent airline incidents involving distractions from electronics and computers and telephones. when the infamous 2009 and that involved a distracted northwest crew who oversaw at their destination by 150 mi.. >> numbers released by the pentagon chose suicide the military are on the rise.
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>> good morning bay area is 7:14 a.m. and is a clear starts of the morning, no doubt about it. it is similar to yesterday. downtown san francisco checking in at 42 degrees, upper 30's and oakland. east bay interior valleys and some of our north bay spots temperatures are dropping down into the 20s. concord is at 28 degrees where below the freezing mark and livermore. by 8:00 a.m. all the purple onion is green indicates most of us will hopefully be in the '40's. the lighter purple indicates some and locations will be holding on to the 30's. setting the clock and the motion mid to upper 50s by lunchtime, low 60s at some spots in the bay. 8:00 p.m. tonight it is a mixed bag of '40's and low 50s. the national weather service did not issue a freeze warning or a frost advisory for
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today but it is still cold out there. the good news is we will make up for it into the afternoon. a great day ahead of us with upper fifties and low 60s and the south bay. campbell is coming in at 61 degrees and 89 in mountain view. 56 for danville 57 for union city downtown san francisco checking in the upper 50s 57 for napa and vallejo and richmond is coming in at 58. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a warmer weather is on the way. high pressure is in control and will remain that way as we head into the next several days. nothing but sunshine ahead of us. we are seeing more of an easterly breeze and temperatures will continue to be a little warmer and to the weekend. saturday and sunday and i prefer 60s on the map but some spots could climb into the upper 60s. it looks like we'll continue with a very
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similar pattern as we start the next work week. we have rain in the forecast and i will give you more on that in my next report. 716 and here is traffic. >> we are not tracking any hot spots right now. we're still looking at a pretty good ride around the bay. we will start you off with a bridge jacjack the bay bridge westbound ride is a little heavier than yesterday but the drive times are not that much different. 16 to 18 minutes. not quite as light for the 80 approach today but still not a bad ride at all. we have been incident free on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the ride to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 still looks good. this is the hour where we might see bigger delays but so far drive times are still running below 13 minutess over to foster city. for
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thdrive times for interstate 80 and the westbound direction at 19 minutes from hercules the berkeley. the king of little slang for 680 south of pleasant hill and heavy into walnut creek. slowing her downtown san jose for the ride was word out toward cupertino. 85 looks good and 1 01 northbound is not at all. the marin ride is picking out some slowing as the commute wears on. the drive time is now about 32 minutes to and about as you head south on the golden gate bridge. >> 2 people were killed this morning when a helicopter crashed during rush hour and central london. authorities say the helicopter apparently crashed after hitting a construction crane on top of the building. the accident happened just out of the james river near the underground and a mainline train station. firefighters
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are able to extinguish the flames quickly and several crews remained close as it emerges the crews work on the scene. >> starting today the great highway will get it over all. the road repaving and streetscape project will give a snow the roadway for all users and improve pedestrian and bicycle access. also upgrades will be made to the irrigation and drainage systems along the roadway. the project is expected to cost $7.3 million and last about nine months. once completed, the entire length of the great highway will be repaid. >> muni is a board of directors unanimously approved a 24 million contract set a company to upgrade the agency's aging communications system. the project entails and proving the platform does ways and public address systems at stations, and also the system for monitoring power substations use for trolley buses and light rail vehicles. munis goal for the
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new system is quicker response times to a service disruptions or other issues, it easier parts replacement compared to working with current obsolete systems, and compatibility communication networks. >> oakland got by protesters are suing the city of oakland and alameda county. the claim that 409 people were unlawfully arrested outside the ymca. this is as processors or giving it as far as the order by law enforcement. the mass arrest occurred hours after protesters tried take over the vacant henry j. kaiser convention center several blocks away. this is these unspecified damages and an order sealing industry arrest records. >> severance police say a stand off at an apartment in the city's richmond district has ended peacefully with a man believed to be armed with guns around and surrendering to officers. police say this and i started around 330 tuesday
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afternoon when officers went to the apartment after receiving reports that a man had fire weapon inside the apartment complex. police apartments tactical unit and hostage negotiators recall to the scene after officers heard yelling from inside a man's apartment. at the man surrendered a short time later. the line stance as the police said named the suspect they believe killed a woman dog during a robbery in the tenderloin. police say this man 35 year-old laurice there it is suspected of stealing money from a woman entering her dog and the traffic. at have been late last monday on a level where the street at least they identified barrett based on tips from the public and surveillance video of the suspect running away. they're helping of the release of his total to the public will help them employed his whereabouts. >> about 3 this morning a woman was standing in a parking garage and fell and
7:23 am
8 gap between the parking garages and a 20 ft. cinderblock wall. people heard cries for help around 330 this morning and they have been watching for hours is that they've been trying to rescue the woman. they cut a large oval at the center block and they had to stop because she was complaining about having problems breathing. she has been conscious and talking to rescue workers the entire time. a few moments ago they saw her hand come out and then go back and. there is bring some sort of a lubricant on her to try to get her out. we have been watching this all morning and it seems like every time they try to get her out is just to tide of us bought. they're trying to wedge this woman out as she is trapped in between the two walls in portland oregon. she keeps blowing, you could see her left hand there but she just cannot seem to get out. we will keep watching this and hopefully there'll be a rescue and the next few moments. this woman has been trapped since about 330 this
7:24 am
morning going on about four hours now. she fell between the gap in the parking rise and the 20 sept 20 ft cinderblock wall. >> you have to wonder at getting caught in their save her life. if she fell down any further? >> they play at that time of the mourning someone ashley had to be in the area and heard her cries for help. what you can see paramedics' reeling the gurney a little closer, they may be pulling heart out barry's son.r out vere the jaws of life kind of equipment to widen the space between the cinderblock wall. watching and it looks
7:25 am
like for about our out they were close to getting her out. i keep seeing her hand coming out and grabbing on. we're seeing more of her hand and we were before so it looks as if she has moved a little bit. >> they cut that part in the front but can they cut the back porch into? is that like building? >> that is solid concrete. it is a parking structures of its 5 1/6 feet of solid wall. you conceive a light shining down on her and it looks like it may be a 67 ft. drop. makes you wonder why there is a gap there to begin with. >> how did she get out there any way? >> there were reports that she was smoking a cigarette and slipped and fell completely down.
7:26 am
>> they can't cut any war the wall i guess. even at the age of the way with a jackhammer? >> it is several feet thick of concrete. you don't want to cut two large hole in the 20 vote wall because it will collapse. we will take a commercial break and come back and update this and a moment. ♪
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>> this lady here is a teacher are used to be a teacher at a high school in cincinnati for decades but got upset when she was transferred to a middle school. mario walter willard taught spanish and french and is now suing the school district where she used to work. the 61 year-old is accusing its administrators of discriminating against her because she has aerophobia she says she pass. a fear of young children. walter willard says the seventh and eighth graders at the middle school trigger her phobia and she was forced to retire a couple of years ago. this odd nosed skunk at the grand canyon is causing us there. the striped creatures are easily found in southeastern arizona, texas
7:30 am
and mexico. this little guy somehow made his way north of the colorado river over last summer. a group of rafters camping along rivers saw him and took this photo. park officials are deciding whether to add to the list of species found in the park or ignore it as just another animal passing through. >> more on the rescue and a woman trapped in between two walls. we are finally see her almost squeezing out. you can see her head now. we haverescue all morning and we will be right back as a kron4 morning news returns in just two minutes.
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>> welcome back and she is out. they just rescued a woman that was trapped between two walls. she slept
7:33 am
this morning and between the two walls and they just pulled her out. here it is, the rescue for hours and the making. the woman was wedged between the two walls and you conceive the rescue crews said. they have is barring her with some sort of looper can'lubricant to get . the woman had fallen during the overnight hours. she seems to be ok thankfully. they'll put her on the stretcher and her husband came over and gave her a kiss. she is now being taken away in an ambulance. a happy ending to this story we of and following all morning. >>an bet they'll make sure that doesn't happen again. and now on to weather with eric of good morning
7:34 am
>> good morning james. the cold the slabs are around the bay are still in the upper 20s for novato pleasanton and concord was 28 degrees. national weather service did not for today issued a freeze warning or frost advisory. it is still cold out there. good as as we head into the afternoon it will be sunny and warmer. mid to upper 50s for most of us and some spots will climb into the 60s. and tonight clear conditions and it will not be as cold so we will not drop as fast. temperatures will bottom out in the '40's. tomorrow, even warmer yet with dry conditions. high pressure is in control and when is coming in from the east. we are seeing more of an off- shore flow and i will take a look at what that means for the weekend forecast in my next report. >> we are watching a hot spot the ball on the nimitz
7:35 am
freeway as we picked up our second accident of the morning. first was a crass southbound at stevenson and now a motorcycle accident at dakota rose southbound. slow traffic that had been recovering is not backing out once again carried this is coming from at least highway 92 as you head toward fremont. in hayward and san leandro and new work city is a sore ride. i developing problem in the south bay and say the ride on 237 westbound there was a minor accident right here at highway 1 01. no sooner had that clear that an eastbound accident occurred and because of back things are starting to back up toward 880. the southbound 80 ride could be affected. >> for firehouses in the east bay have shut down or will be scaling back because of severe financial cutbacks. three stations in
7:36 am
lafayette, martine as an walnut creek close their doors yesterday morning. when fire station and clayton will to address it drastically cut its hours but stay open. all of this because the contra costa county fire department district is facing a $17 million budget shortfall. with these set down comes there that fire response time which is already below standards and contra costa county, will increase even more. >> we atomizes the at our house at its of them 15 minutes to get from this station to there. when you start cutting service it gets worse, not better. >> the contra costa county fire protection district says the reason that the stations that closes because property tax revenues have dropped and a tax measure pick up the cost of those lost revenues was voted down. >> tickets for a san jose sharks at regular season finally go on sale in just a couple of hours from now.
7:37 am
jackie sissel is live outside of h-p pavilion that we can finally reach brand of the shark tank. >> game tickets are going on sale today. i have video from yesterday or this sharks to add to the eyes for the first time and public. this is good news and the tickets go on sale today at 10:00 a.m.. most people will go on ticketmaster and that is the best way to do it. because of how cold it is most people most likely stay on the computer at home. you can also to aid the pavilion. they will be handing out numbered wristbands. at 830 they would be read and trying to find out will go first and then people could start buying tickets at 10:00 a.m.. you can't get up to
7:38 am
the end tickets per game and eight games. here we are almost half way through january and there are many sharks fans in san jose and it is an exciting day. >> i bet any high tea is a good idea for the fans and especially the businesses. >> it i 67 and 30 7:00 a.m. and we will be talking with gary radnich coming up. i live look at the approach to the bay bridge. there is no reason to rush out unless you want to wait in traffic. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back and there is could be more major fall out from the lance
7:42 am
armstrong the doping. cycling could be dropped from the alembics and lance armstrong revealed that the governing body covered up widespread doping. the former head of the world antidumping agency and current member of the international olympic committee said drastic action would have to be taken if armstrong provides proof of high-ranking officials from the international cycling union were implicated in doping. the new york times reported that armstrong will is willing to testify against former members of the use the high but he has been told he has to speak to that anti-dumping authorities rather than give television interviews if he wants to cut his lifetime ban. >> the dow started out of the gate at 630 down by 50 or so and now it is off by 37 points trading at 13,497. >> j.p. morgan's multi- billion dollar trading loss will hit its ceo and the
7:43 am
wallet. the banks last jamie demons salary and bonus by 53 percent. j.p. morgan lost more than $6 billion when a trader made a bad bet on credit in derivatives. the bank's board ruled that ultimately demand was responsible. he will still walk away with a nice salary $11.5 million including a $10 million bonus. a new study finds that one in four americans are reading their retirement savings to pay their monthly bills. researchers from a financial advisor restate americans are borrowing against their for a one ks to pay for not retirement needs such as mortgages, credit-card debt or college tuition. the amount that bad a month more than $70 billion in annual withdrawals. i said so experts say it's troubling trend because they called from retirement savings often come with penalties, additional taxes and lost and dress.
7:44 am
>> a reminder you can catch dr. phil after the kron4 morning is at 10 and again at 430.
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mom >> welcome back we're looking at a couple hotspots @ 880 southbound from san leandro to hayward a motorcycle accident blocked the most recent of
7:47 am
two crashes. it is 80 southbound and it looks like about a 44 minute drive time from fremont to san leandro. over toward mt. view on 237 westbound there have been a number of accidents here. some of them have been the opposite direction. all of them have added to the delays and that is why 237 is backed up all the way to the nimitz. it is not yet translated into a southbound 880 back up but it's certainly good. at the bay bridge is a slow ride but getting better for the west bound commute. we're running about 16 to 18 minutes drive time and it looks as though we should see the end of the back up here. we could be looking again at improving conditions. the san mateo bridge drive times are still holding steady at 13 minutes. this is the hour we could see them climb as high as 20. the golden gate bridge is delay free across
7:48 am
the span on 1 01 southbound. >> later this afternoon it will get warm but as of now it is cold out there. similar conditions to 24 hours ago. these numbers are identical to the tuesday morning 29 currently and napa that of san francisco is 41 degrees and san mateo is currently below the freezing mark. it is a chilly start. the point is a little higher this morning so more moisture in the air. i would not be surprised if you encounter some frost on your windshield as you head out to work or school. looking at the numbers into the afternoon it will get warmer. mid to upper 50s and santa rosa and san jose climbed into the low 60s. 56 for pleasant pleasanton the g-7 in san francisco. high pressure is in control and
7:49 am
continues to build and from the eastern pacific. what that means is clear skies, sunshine and warmer temperatures around. we will experience a gradual warming trend heading into the weekend. more of an easterly breeze of the offshore wind to bridges will be a bit warmer side in some spots could climb to the mid to upper 60s for sat friday saturday and sunday. temperatures will not be that bad for the morning but they don't seem to be freezing for quite some time. after of look great with plenty of sunshine and mild weather continues. monday and tuesday we are good but we could see some rain as early as wednesday of next week. that is the bay area forecast and here's a quick look at the snow on deck, ski report. alpine meadows as a base of 67 to 96 in., north star known is no a base of 89 and squaw valley has no snow to
7:50 am
report but a base of 62 way hundred and 4 in.. >> good morning gary and at 10:00 they will start handing out the rest of bands -- 8:00 >> note of introduction, at no music does aids ride a opening. >> we are having a issues. >> o.k. i guess that's ok >> don't know what will happen with the sharks. >> just a quick opinion of a man working out with a out a visual lead and an. the hard-core fans will be ready to go. when they saw as strikes and lockouts oblate
7:51 am
back in '87 and then fall by at one it takes the frans van awhile to come back. you do not lose like as they all the time 17,400 people that packs the area as an jose every game. the french and when you eliminate a good majority of the season is tough for them to get rid them back. i was laughing when i saw that promo what it said king at george. >> was speaking of the no i don't have king james in my statement today -- segment >> abroad james is playing against the warriors today >> that will be exciting. you never bet against him. >> there is a little
7:52 am
friction with him. the wayne wade increase by as the other two guys in the so- called big three feel they are not getting their due now. i figured it was just a matter of time. the bride is so good he eclipses everyone else. stars always have big egos but it will be fun to watch them against the warriors. >> if you bought a ticket and you know how they had the ticket prices with big stars are playing they did that >> it's called dynamic pricing >> we are not ripping you off it is dynamic pricing. there is actually a lawsuit now because they did the dynamic pricing. people paid all this money and it was november 29th and they are now suing san antonio spurs because they played the heat and they're saying that the coached intentionally took all of his stars off the roster that base of a good rest. people went to
7:53 am
the game and they did not see anybody, they saw when but they did not see anybody. >> we are a to get society so when people always say they want this to someone that i have to roll my eyes. i don't know how you work that but you can't sue. the guy did not intentionally try to harm other people. to put it this way he had no regard for the fans. >> he had no regard. he said that as players needed rest. i don't think they should charge more in the first place. a team is 18. that way someone is injured or pulled then you have more are less-= >> said ito is first or baseball come off in ways that can enable the smaller
7:54 am
stadiums and the giants are third. they do the dynamic pricing, it is supply and demand. >> i hate it when they do things like that. they say it is for you but it is really not. >> well the best guys don't always played. if you have a brown and a big attraction it should not be more than for a lousy team? >> i guess. >> what is your problem? >> i am seatkecheap. >> if no one wants to go see the lousy teams they will make it cheaper so people will go ahead and pay for it so why not pay more for the exciting teams? >> and i showed quick video of the break down? it is a polished that is player that was ranked 24 and you just
7:55 am
went up against the umpire. it has been all over youtube. >> i have to have george is a the same thing he has been saying for the past two hours. >> they are playing be yanking music. >> i like you personally >> i love you >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor.
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>> it is called the future of aviation but the 787 boeing during lighter is not flying any time soon. last planning on having to talk? we will check on current conditions in the sierra and have deals for you if you want to know about it. at 845 president obama will announce his plans on what the government can do to
7:59 am
curb gun violence. we watch the proposal here on the kron4 morning news.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> it is called the boeing streamliners 787 and so far it has been quite a nightmare. so much so that two japanese airlines have grounded that aircraft george >> georgia is following the traffic here this morning. and president obama will unveil his plan for curbing gun violence across america this morning. it is a cool morning and that is the headline here. first on the george with a hot spot. >> as a we have a for a couple of slow downs on 880 in the southbound direction. it was a motorcycle accident
8:02 am
after another crash it happened earlier this morning at stevenson. for the second day in a row we're looking at backups coming out of san leandro and the southbound direction. 44 to 46 minutes are the drive times. it is not the worst commute you ever seen but it is slower than usual. there was a problem on 237 westbound which is now cleared up in the traffic is just 32 break loose. is also backing up on southbound 880. it is still a hot spot here coming out of milpitas and headed west toward mountain view and sunnyvale across the will be as expressway. >> some of the temperatures are still in subfreezing conditions. not too bad of a start in oakland coming in at 37 degrees. temperatures will warm into the afternoon amid to upper 60s from of the bus. -- '50s sounds as
8:03 am
good as we end up in the low 60s. i will break down all the numbers and what you for your future cast four is a very important we can forecast in my next report. >> new this morning and boeing 787 was forced to make an emergency landing in japan. the latest in a string of problems for the dream or liner. both major japanese carriers rounding their entire force of 787. will tran is live at san jose mineta that was supposed to receive one of those 787 flights today >> that is right the plane was to land an hour from now and that is not happening. the plane is still sitting on a runway and hong kong because of hours ago they had to make an emergency landing. right after that they decided enough was enough and they were going to ground the 787. following that jal did the same thing. the pilot
8:04 am
saw a sensor go off and a flight from tokyo to western japan and said there was smoke in the cockpit as well as battery problems. that was the final problem and a grounded them. well to 13 problems here and you can see pretty much takes up this whole page. for below points from the list of problems just to give you a small sample. july 2012 a preflight tests was down there is a problem in and were part of the engine broke off. it did not go all the way through but still during that flight investigators the engineers decided they had more work to do. then they add a flight going into new orleans and while there were and the air there were problems that force that flights to make an emergency landing. january 7th there wasn't a and a flight of 787
8:05 am
boston airport and just sitting on the runway a battery exploded and caught fire. they were watching this and decided they had to make sure and inspect all the planes before taking off with them again. if you are a basinger out of san san jose man that the we talked to the ticket counter and a ton at seven or eight hours ago there was a problem and they have rebuilt most of the passengers and said that it should not be a problem. >> to be fair all new airplanes have problems so these planes are technologically advanced and have more problems than most regular planes. >> we are about 45 men away from major white house announcement. the president is expected to outline of the most aggressive gun control expenses and recent history. the proposals will
8:06 am
include universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. opponents led by the national rifle association promised a political fight against gun control measures that they say will violate the constitutional right to bear arms. the announcement is expected at 845. the vice president will be with him and we will bring you the comments live as they unfold here on the kron4 morning this. >> in san francisco to pieces of gun control legislation were introduced to the board of supervisors. the first bans the possession of military-style ammunition such as how point bullets. the sale of those bullets is already illegal. this actual make owning them crime as well. the sec requires police notification when someone in san francisco by 500 rounds of ammunition are more and it includes online purchases. it would take several steps to make these two changes into law. >> and the polls suggest
8:07 am
that nearly 60 percent of americans want stricter gun laws following last month's deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary. 84 percent answered the associated press yet cable what background checks for gun purchases at gun shows. >> there was a larger than expected turn out at the gun buyback and orange county. under the firearms were collected during the event. people walked away with up to $200 per gun no questions asked. in just two hours the county grant of the $43,000 it raised for the bat. after running out of cash the county had about vouchers to those who did want to just voluntary give away their guns. this attorney says he will try to raise the money needed to pay people back in the next 30 days. they also plan to hand out more batters and other got gun buyback yvette which is planned for the martin luther king day holiday. >> governor jerry brown is
8:08 am
presently university california to expand on my education to make college more affordable. brown will attend the uc board of regents meeting today and severance as go. u.s. officials and invited several leaders and online education speak to the board. the governor was set at san jose university yesterday when school officials announced a pilot programs offer entry level, low-cost classes' for college credit. the class is all because 100 of dollars each and did not require any tax cuts. >> goldman sacks and morgan stanley will pay a combined $557 million to settle federal complaints that it wrongly foreclosed on homeowners. the agreement announced this morning are similar to the deals made earlier this month with 10 other banks and mortgage lenders. the 12 firms will pay more than $9 billion combined. the settlement could come as 800 of thousands of homeowners and also help cut back use
8:09 am
possible liabilities for the banks. here is the slow down at 683 walnut creek and the sunshine. we will be right back. oh!
8:10 am
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8:11 am
>> welcome back. the dow is now down 35 points. apple shares may have found a bottom. after they dropped
8:12 am
yesterday. they are over 16 and over the 500 mark. there is also a big drop for bowlingboeing. >> a new study finds that older americans are having a tougher time paying down their credit card as dead. the research, conducted by a public policy group for the aarp, found low and middle income people over the age of 50 had an average credit card balance of $8,278. that is compared with balance of $6,258 for those under 50 years old. the richter% of americans age 55 and older went to a credit counselor for help that is at 7% increase from 2009. other findings of the study, have older americans carry
8:13 am
medical expenses on their credit cards. >> kayak is now offering travelers advise on when to buy their airline tickets by predicting whether the price for a flight will rise or fall during the next week. kayak's new feature provides a recommendation to " book now " if the ticket price is expected to rise on the next week or to " wait " if the price could drop. the new recommendations for travelers are based on calculations about the pricing history for more than a billion at searches a year that the on-line service says it conducts. >> welcom
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> welcome back it is 8 to 2:00 pm. we are tracking hot spots on the mimic freeway. there was a motorcycle crash that was clear to the side. this was of backing up the ride on 880. it was slow this morning for the second sunday in a row. an earlier
8:17 am
occurring at and accident on 680 south bound at 880 corridor change had backed up this ride on 680 south all its of the dublin interchange. there were earlier problems as well. >> the bypass that usually saves you time will not save it for you this morning. this time it is in danville southbound at the old corner road. that accident is not only affecting the southbound ride but the northbound ride as well. you concede that the south bond ride is very heavy and slow and all lanes. today the lane loss is that the low on a roll. this is a bigger than normal backup. >> here is the bridge at check for you. it is completely clear in a
8:18 am
o'clock hour. san mateo bridge we have not seen the 22 minute drive time this week so far. he is still stand between 11 and 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride is a little bit heavy but moving smoothly. >> i wanted you outside live to the roof cam. this is that downtown san francisco perry is sunny and clear but it is still very cold outside. it is 29 degrees currently in napa, the temperatures will still continue to be below freezing in certain spots. later on this morning that will start to climb and we will be in the mid to upper 50s. futurecast 4 states that by 10:00 a.m. it will be mostly in the 40's. we are looking pretty good. we will continue to warm things up by 2:00 p.m.. i
8:19 am
some spots could actually get up to 60. this is indicated by the green color on the screen. later on tonight by 8:00 p.m. it will still be a little bit cooler in the 40's. >> your afternoon highs will be in the mid 50s. it is 57 for napa and vallejo. it's 58 degrees is suspected of sun belt. satellite radar shows that haoffshore wind willp temperatures become a warmer side. you can ask that it's a big clear for the next few days. some locations could go to the upper 60s. the extended forecast shows that it would be nice and
8:20 am
pleasant for the morning. i think a lot of people will enjoy the afternoon and the temperatures will become a warmer side. monday and tuesday is looking pretty good. >> we will take you up to atoll to the ski report help. there are no chains currently required. north star has a base of 40 to 89. as we go to tahoe they have no freshness new snow. there are seeing a base of 68 to 14 in.. >> it is a beautiful day up here. it is sunday and the highs will be in the 40's. the cool temperatures that we have had are fabulous.
8:21 am
>> when it is this called that night is this when it is good for the snow making? >> yes. we make a little bit of fresh snow that was already down. it is almost like springsteen affects. >> what kind of events to you have? >> we have an isobar that is opening on saturday. this is a fun event. we have safety week also the stars this weekend. we also have 20% off. >> is it really made the ice
8:22 am
at ginnie? >> no perry e. >> you know there is a real ice bar. they also have a is hotel perry ice hotel. >> started today, the great highway will get an overhaul. the project will give the drivers, bicycle is
8:23 am
an pedestrian as a small board roadway and better access. to get you more news faster, we will turn to mike pelton. >> i just saw some bicycles cross and this is a construction project. the money is coming from a voter approved fun. that will make improvements to this entire area and the crews will repay the highway. that will make it smolder when you go up and down the road. they also want to make it easier for pedestrians. they will add a new media and to make it safer for you to cross the street. this is a great and popular spot for tourists and for people to come out and exercise. as far as the traffic is concerned they hope to only have to work on one lane at
8:24 am
a time. they hope that they do not have the shutdown any of our roads traffic should be able to still go. this project is expected to last for nine months. >> munis a board of directors unanimously approved a $24 million contract to a company to upgrade agencies aging communications system. the project entails improving the platform displays and public address systems of stations, and also the system for monitoring power substations used for trolley buses and light rail vehicles. munis go for the new system is quicker response times to any service disruptions or other issues, easier parts replacement compared to working with current
8:25 am
obsolete systems, and capability with other new work communication networks. >> we'll be right back.nternet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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i made tde cle c cho ce.e. claritinit.. decongesngtant pntductdn one she f caf taketaouru to starttaorkior.. claritarin-d s-drts rt wor n injustju0 mi0 tes.te powepor throthh hnasanacongcotiontiast.s get geclaritar-d -dathe phermacrmcouncor.r. >> welcome back perry ed protesters are suing the county because 419 people were arrested outside of the
8:28 am
y m c a perry ed the massive arrests have been after protesters tried to take over the convention center several blocks away. they stated that it received in damages and that they were destroying their records. >> the first is this lady here who is a teacher, or she used to be a teacher. at when she was transferred to the got very upset. she taught spanish and french and she is now suing the school district. she is stating that the administrators and discriminated against her because of are rare phobia. she stated this as a fear of children. they triggered horror phobia and she was forced to retire.
8:29 am
>> this house, is causing an uproar. this little guy made his way north during the summer. they were camping and they saw him and it took this photo. there are trying to determine whether or not they should just ignore it. >> the time is 8:27 a.m. perry ed we will be right back in a moment. here is a live look at ocean beach. will have more when we return. it'
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> welcome back the time is now 8 to 30 a.m.. we are
8:32 am
tracking some hot spots. this is back up to walnut creek. our camera is that the san ramon commute. this slowed traffic that you see on the screen is south of the right side of the screen. there was an earlier accident a lot on a role that had its fill what was already slow traffic. also, for 680 at the grave. it is backed up all its of the dublin interchange. there has been a series of accidents or around 84 and some go. we even had an accident here on 84 west by ontariwestbound perry ed we are still dealing with traffic on 880. there were two accidents in fremont. they
8:33 am
both have been cleared but the slow traffic remains. >> this is a shot that we do not see every day. this is of the cathedral hill. this is a san francisco. the call weather continues. as 41 right now in san francisco perry ed san carlos is coming in at 36 degrees and they're still below freezing and livermore. the morning looks call but into afternoon you can expect to be sunny and warmer. later on tonight it will be mostly clear and the temperatures will be in the 40's. it will not be too cold tonight. as we head into tomorrow most of us will be above the freezing mark. expected to be very warm this time of the year. we do have a lot
8:34 am
a pleasant weather to report but we also have rain coming. >> the story that we are following right now is for firehouses in the east bay have shut down or will be scaling back because of severe financial cutbacks. three stations in lafayette, martinez and walnut creek close their doors yesterday morning. one fire station in clayton, will drastically cut its hours but will stay open. all this, because of the contra costa county fire protection district is facing a $70 million budget shortfall. but with these shutdowns coming this year that the fire response time, which is already below standards in contra costa county, will increase even more. >> the contra costa county fire protection district say
8:35 am
that reason these stations have close is because property tax revenues have dropped and the tax measure to pick up the cost on those lost revenues was voted down. >> san jose police are investigating an attempted kidnapping of its 2 year-old girl. it happened around 5:30 p.m. last night in the 200 block of adayo courts. the mother was uncomfortable and picked up the child. the man then grab the girls' legs and tried to pull her out of her mother's arms. the mother was able to wrestle her daughter out of the man's hands and then he ran a way. at the man is described as hispanic, between 20 to 30 years old, when a red baseball hats and blue jays. >> oakland safety committee has unanimously voted to
8:36 am
hire a " safety consultant " to help the city's police apartment combat rising crime. the men they're considering for the job is former los angeles police chief losbrattpm/ not everyone is thrilled about the idea. at last night's meeting, dozens of city residents voiced their concern about him. but oakland police chief howard jordan insists that he supports the policy and he will not interfere with the police department's efforts to build a relationship with the committee. >> new this morning, up boeing newt 7-8-7 airliners have been grounded by two major japanese airlines after one was forced to make
8:37 am
an emergency landing earlier this morning. this is the latest in a string of incidents with the new airliner. kron 4 urs will tran is live at san jose and he will tell us more. >> they notice said there was a crack in the cockpit. walt today or been affewhile thn inspected in tokyo they also noticed a another problem. japan airlines decided just a few hours ago that they will just run all the slides. this is impacting slides because there is not enough from san jose to hong kong. because of the
8:38 am
emergency landing that took place that decided that they will have to rebut the customer's according to the ticket counters. they stated that sense that caught this in time there will be able to get them on a different airline. >> new this morning, we are about 15 minutes away from a major white house announcement. the president is expected to outline one of the most aggressive gun- control expansion and recent history. the proposals will include universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. opponents led by the national rifle association promised a political fight against gun control measures that say it will violate the constitutional right to bear arms. that announcement is expected at 8:45 a.m..
8:39 am
>> the national rifle association this seen what it calls an on unprecedented spike in membership over the last month. an estimated 250,000 new members have joined organization. a spokesman says that the surge in membership came immediately after the sandy hook elementary school shooting. in addition to new members, the nra is also receiving an influx of financial contributions. >> will be right back.
8:40 am
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>> j.p. morgan's multibillion-dollar trading loss will hit it ceo in the wallet. the bank slashed jamie dimon's salary and bonus by 53 percent. j.p. morgan lost more than $6 billion when a trader made a bad bet on credit. the bank's board ruled that ultimately oiim dimon was
8:43 am
responsible. he was still walk away with a nice salary, up $11.5 million, including a $10 million bonus. >> and new study finds that one in four americans are waiting their retirement savings to pay their monthly bills. researchers from a financial advisory firm says americans are borrowing against their 401k is to pay for non retirement needs such as mortgages, credit- card debt or college tuition. that amounts to more than $70 billion in annual withdrawals. financial experts say that it is a troubling trend because taking loans from retirement savings often come with penalties, additional taxes and lost
8:44 am
interest. >> attention and parents with college students. the more money you give your child could lead to a lower grade point average. a new study published in this month's american review suggests that students with parents who pick up more of the tab are free to take on more non academic social evens. researchers studied three large federal datasets on different income levels. they from the parents not giving the church in any aid had an average gp 8 of the 3.15 the gpa dropped to under three. . a $40,000, it hit to 2.95. the findings do not suggest a parises stop supporting their kids financially but that they should lay out standards and expectations. >> we will be right back.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> welcome back. the time is a 40 6:00 a.m.. we are tracking hot spots. >> there is an accident that
8:48 am
left the traffic balled up from highway 24 south beyond. it is still a little bit slosluggish perry ed. we haa series of accidents of southbound 680 the started out the back up. he is still jammed up for highway 84. it is still also backed up on 880 ride southbound getting into fremont. it is especially heavy between 238. here is a bridge check as we take a look at the bay bridge. the back up has clear. there are no delays.
8:49 am
the san mateo bridge had a great commute this morning and the commute time has states to 11 to 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride looks good and this is the time we start to see things slow down from the south tower to the toll plaza. so far this morning it has been a pretty good ride. >> i do want you to take a look at the temperatures. it is still cold outside. we are holding onto the upper 20s. is three degrees currently in vallejo. richmond is second and at 37 degrees. as we take these numbers into afternoon will be in the mid to upper 50s. we may see some low 60's. it will be a pretty nice day outside an antioch will be at 54 degrees perry ed does
8:50 am
we turn our attention to the north bay. santa rosa has the potential to come in at 61 degrees. downtown san francisco will be a few degrees warmer. the entire west coast will be this way. temperatures will be a little bit warmer as we hands of the weekend. >> if you are heading to tahoe you can inspect upper 40's for the next couple of days. when will be contending with freezing fog for the next couple of days. the winds will be light and you should certainly bundle up. we had a lot to discuss and we do have my is whether a had a bus. we could see some morning fog developing as we get into the weekend derriere it will be patchy at best. i do not have it here on the seven they but
8:51 am
some saw as will climb to the upper to mid 60's. we could pick up some rain in the bay area for the middle of next week. >> and textiles, to ipad apps are hoping to change the way we read magazines. offer you a limited subscriptions for one monthly price. rich demuro has the details in the at&t universal studio. >> i pass are still one of the best ways for you to kick back. instead of you manage multiple subscriptions. to ipad have served on to give you on limited access. >> thus starts at $10 a month and it offers 80 of
8:52 am
the biggest names in magazines. >> when you go to the newsstand and you look at these 100 magazines in front of you. we have ever one of them. >> reader has an interesting. you should have a least 20 minutes every time every month. >> this will give consumers must availability. >> plus, hundreds more. the selection as heavy and uk versions. the selections of magazines are phenomenal. what ever your taste and flavor is will have it for you. >> the best part about this virtual subscription is that you are bombarded with
8:53 am
renewal notices and the male perry ed you can cancel at any time perry e. >> just then, live pictures out of the white house where president obama and vice president biden will announce a " concrete " proposals to prevent gun violence. if they will be joined by children from around the country who wrote letters to the president asking what the federal government can do to curb gun violence. a ban on assault weapons is expected to be one of the axils of actions and legislative proposals the president will put forth today. gun control has been a hotly debated topic since the tragedy in newtown, conn., where 20 elementary school students and six adults were murdered by a gunman. the national rifle association is
8:54 am
promising to fight any gun- control measure that is seals will violate the constitutional right of americans to bear arms. the organization announced earlier this week that it had a the political clout in congress to block any measure that it did not agree with. despite opposition from the gun lobby, the president is about is not to back off of his support for legislation. >> this is the courage of all of you for you to be here today. i admire, i admire the grace and i will resolve this. i have been affected by and your faith as well. the president and i will do everything that we can't imagine and to resolve this. no one can know for certain if this enlist act could have been avoided. we do have an obligation and we will do everything in our
8:55 am
power to diminish this from happening again. the president knows that i have worked in this area for a long time when i was in the senate. we had issues of guns in crimes before. i drafted the first done by this legislation. i have no allusions to what we are up against. i also have never seen a nation's conscious so shaken by what happened at sandy hook elementary school. the world is changing and is demanding action. the president asks for me to put together a recommendation on how we should proceed to meet this obligation. the cabinet members and i sat down with 229 groups and not just
8:56 am
individuals from law enforcement agencies to help officials. i he spoken with congress and have extended conversations with them. i have spoken to county officials. this calls for executive action and that he can sign it and get long-term research. we will try to get ways to keep guns out of the heads of people. we should do as much as possible and as quickly as we can. we cannot let this continue to happen. some of what you will hear from the
8:57 am
president will happen immediately and some of it will take some time. we're starting today to resolve this. the meetings that we dealt we met with a young man who is here today. he was one of the survivors of the virginia tech massacre. he was one of the students in the room. he stated that he was one of the lucky seven. he will tell you that he was shot four times. he stated that the have three bullets that are still inside of him. when i talked with him about what we should do he stated that he was not here because of what happened to him but he is here because of what happened to him. he stated that this is happening to other people and that something has to be done perry e. i promise you that we will. this is our intention that we have to do what we can now. if there is no
8:58 am
person who is more admitted that act on this obligation. the president of the united states president barack obama. >> thank you, thank you thank you so much. please tennessee. good afternoon, let me begin by thanking our vice president joe biden for his dedication to this issue and for bringing so many voices to the table. while reducing gun violence is a complicated challenge we have to protect our children from harm and it should not be a--over the months since the tragedy in newtown we heard from so many people
8:59 am
and not of them have been more effective than those gorgeous children that were lost. their teachers or also lost. we are grateful for all of you take your time out and to recognize that we honor their memory carr. we also heard from some unexpected people. i started to get a lot of letters from children and for them are here today. they are pretty it representatives of some of the messages that i receive. these are some very smart letters from some pretty smart young people. hanna which is a third grader. can you go ahead and wait. >> sarod, ico terrible for
9:00 am
the parents lost their children. i love my country and i want everyone to be happy and safe. granted, where abraham. he stated that is to be some changes and that we should learn from what happened at sandy hook and i feel really bad. julia, said. i am not scared for my safety, i am scared for others. i have four brothers and sisters and i would not be able to bear the thought of losing them. these are our kids. this is what the children are thinking about. so what we should do is what is our responsibility to take care of them. we shall them from harm. wish to give them the
9:01 am
up, do everything they're capable of doing not just to pursue their dreams but to help build the country prepared this is our first task as a society. we should always keep our children safe. this is how we will be judged. their voices should compel us to change that is why this month i wanted joe biden and members of the congress to try to come up with some steps and we can take right now. this is a way for us to keep our children safe. one to prevent mass shootings and to reduce the academic of gun violence in this country. >> we cannot put this off any longer. just last thursday a tv network was filming one of joe's a meeting on this topic. the
9:02 am
news broke of a another shooting in california. in the month 28 precious moments and six adults were taken away from us as sandy the elementary school. more than 900 of our fellow americans have died at the hands of 900. this has happened within the past month. everyday we wait and this number keeps growing. i am putting forth a set of proposals based upon the work of joe's task force. in the days ahead i intend to use any way that i can to make it reality. while there is no law or set of laws that can prevent any senseless act of violence.
9:03 am
no piece of legislation can stop or prevent every tragedy or every act of evil from happening if there is even one thing that we can do to reduce this violence if there is either one like that we can say then we have had an obligation to try area >> i will do my part. as soon as i am finished speaking i was set at the desk and i will sign a directive to give law- enforcement, schools, health officials some of the tolls that they need to reduce gun violence gripping will make it easier to keep guns out of hands of criminals. what the strength of our background checks. we will have to have schools hire more resource officers. will have to develop a more emergency plan. i want to make sure that mental health companies understand
9:04 am
there options. someone with a mental illness is far more likely to be a victim than the perpetrator. wow year after year, those will oppose even modest gun safety measures have threatened to defund medical research of the cause of gun violence. i will direct the center of disease control to study the best way to reduce this. congress should fund this perry e ignorance. we do not benefit from not knowing that science of this academic of violence. days are 23 actions that i am announcing. but as important as these are. there are no substitute for members of congress. they
9:05 am
have to make a real difference. congress has to act. congress must act soon. i am calling on congress to pass some proposals right away. first, it is time for congress to have a universal ban kron check done on anyone who wants to buy a weapon perry . >> the law already requires a license and dealers to run background checks. this kept 1.5 million people from getting a gun. it is hard to enforce those laws when there are 40 percent of all gun purchases adult without a background check. is not smart and it is not fair to respondif you want to buy a gund
9:06 am
it uses medleys have to show that you're not a felon or someone who is prohibited from buying one perry ed an overwhelming majority of americans agreed that a universal back from check should be done. more than 70% from the national rifle association also agrees. there is no reason that we cannot do this. congress should restore a ban on military-style rifles. this a have a limit on how many of those magazines you can order as well. the top of the assault rifle that was used and all russia, compelled wood magazines had one purpose. this was a pop ball as many bullets as possible. they want to do as
9:07 am
much saddam is using bullets that were designed to. this was what was allowed to allow this guy to shoot 70 people. he killed 12 people in a matter of minutes. what is that were designed for the puerto war had no place in a movie theater. the majority of americans agree. by the way so did ronald reagan. he was one of the ones who wrote to up congress and 1994 to urge them to listen to the american public and to the law-enforcement command is and support a ban on the manufacturing of assault rifles. >> finally, congress needs to help rather than hinder law enforcement from the one
9:08 am
their jobs. wish to get tougher on people by the sun's just to sell them to criminal spread we should severely punish anyone who helps them to do this. congress has not come from the bureau of tobacco and alcohol and six shares this should come from todd jones who has been acting in i will be it nominated him for the post. s and a time when budget cuts are forcing companies to reduce their police force wish to put more cops back on the job and back on the streets. let me be absolutely clear like most americans are believed that the second and mimic guarantees you to bear arms.
9:09 am
i do respect this and the rights of hunters. there are millions of law-abiding gun owners. they use this for hunting, sports, protection, and for collection. most adult owners believe that we can respect the second a mimic what keeping a few of them from inflicting harm on others. i believe most of them agree that americans should work harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. we will have fewer tragedies like the one that have been in newtown, connecticut. these are common-sense measures and they have the support of the american people. this does not made any of this will be easy. if there were this easy then we would
9:10 am
already have these other projects. moreover our fellow americans might still be alive celebrating their birthdays, holidays, graduations. it will be difficult and there will be special interest lobbyists that will have an all out on delivery. this is not because this is true but because they want to have fair or revenue for themselves. behind the scene that will do everything that they can to block any common-sense reform and they do not doing anything to change. >> the only way that will give the changes as their audience and their membership--this time and we
9:11 am
must do something to protect our community and our children. i will put everything that i have and so would joe but i tell you that still we can change is since the american people demanded. by the way this does not mean that only certain parts of the country can do it. we will need voices to be heard and all the areas. we especially need
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> really a ban on high- capacity weapons and assault weapons. >> ask them what is more important. doing what ever it takes to get an a grade from a gun lobby that fund their campaigns or giving parents peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. >> (cheers and applause) this is the land and of the free and it always will be. as americans we are in doubt by our creator for certain inalienable rights that no man or government can take
9:14 am
away from us. >> we also recognized as our founders recognized that with rights, responsibilities. >> along with our freedom to live our lives as we will cause an obligation to tell others to the same. >> we do not live in isolation. we live in society. a government of, for, and by the people. >> we are responsible for each other. >> we have the right to worship freely and safely. that right was denied in ohrid, wisconsin. >> the right to assemble peaceably that right was denied shoppers in oregon and moviegoers in colorado. >> that most fundamental set of rights of life, liberty,
9:15 am
and the pursuit of happiness. >> fundamental rights that were denied to college students at virginia tech. and high school students at columbine. and elementary school students in new town. >> kids on street corners in chicago on to frequent of bases to tolerate. >> all the families never imagined that they would lose a loved one to a bullet. those rights are at stake. we are responsible. when i visited new town last month i spent private time with the families who lost their children that day. one was the family of grace mcdonnell. grace's paris are here. grace was 7 years old when she was struck down. she was a gorgeous carrying, joyful little girl--caring. she loved the pink and the
9:16 am
beach. she dreamed of becoming a painter. just before i left chris her father he gave me one of her paintings. i hung it in my private study just off the oval office. every time i look at penny i think about race. i think about the life she lived a life to let head of her. most of all i think about how when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable as we must act now. >> for grace period for the 25 other innocent children and devoted educators who had so much left to give. >> for the men and women of big cities and small towns that fall victims of senseless violence every day. >> for all the americans were counting on us to keep them safe from harm. >> let us do the right
9:17 am
thing. let us do the right thing for them, and for this country that we love so much. >> thank you. (cheers and applause) there you see the president signing some of those executive orders into law. signing about $500 million worth of a package executive actions and legislations proposed aimed at reducing gun violence. all this comes
9:18 am
a month after the mass shooting in connecticut killed 20 elementary school students. you heard him reference that in his speech. we understand the package includes a call to congress to ban military- style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and close the loopholes in gun sales background checks. >> he is also ordering the cdc to begin research into the causes and prevention of gun violence. we will take a quick break. we will be right back.
9:19 am
9:20 am
you in heaven. wrapped in luxury. you in action. you in motion. you in luck. play in style. talking stick resort, scottsdale. book now to enjoy cactus league spring training rates.
9:21 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news watching where the little wall street. the dow off 26. . facebook and their big announcement. the facebook grp search. aph search. >> is this a good thing? >> wall street did not like it. they think is disruptive technology. >> we're changing the way we use technology. if you're looking for cheesecake in the facebook graphs search it will tell you what is close to you. it is relevant information. if you are looking forli liportor. you can find it. is it a wrap th disruptive technology.
9:22 am
>> it will make more sense 5-10 years and now. >> it was yelp stock that would be most affected. >> it is random and the sense that you can say how did that get there. i see it and i get it. it is tide toward travel, movies, your friends in trusting them versus truckintrusting america. >> what about going in their stock. all new planes have problems but this is a scary thing for passengers in regard to the dreamlinr. >> could this be make or break for them? >> no. both japan airlines are having problems with the alleged of systems. the 787 dreamlinr is heavily reliant
9:23 am
on a ledge ago. the other airlines are not worried at this point in time. what is where it is thated states gave and all go on it. the faa did a 50 month review. these are cropping up at an odd time. maybe the battery maker from japan. if this continues to get sticky the stock continues to slip i would be interested. the way to play airline is united technologies they make the guts, the inside of the plan. >> let us talk about the global forecast that is why we're saying wall street drop today. >> germany is saying that they are slowing down. there is not a lot of good news. high unemployment and low business content. with that said 2.4 percent is pretty good growth. we did that globally but is never going in the wrong direction. >> e mills coming in we have
9:24 am
a penal from brook asking should i buy shares of disney? >> i think so. the market gets crazy. disney has a woman named cinderella less work for them since 1950. she will be working in another 62 plus years. they have the marvel comic book characters. they have the cinder instance. you configure daughter to the theme park and have breakfast. had it on your shopping list. >> the question from dale . >> with the news about flu is there an investment ankle. >> yes. it was six months ago. >> a cbs a 52 week high. >> the maker of a flu vaccine is at a 52 week high. >> you are talking about
9:25 am
people dying in a tin billion-plus dollars of hourly work weeks. it is still there but you are chasing performance. >> thank you robyn. send in your questions and we will answer them live on the air. you could send them to rob black .com. >> we will be back as the whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.
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9:28 am
problems for the 77 boeing dreamlinr jet. >> it was forced to make a landing after a longer one of the battery problem. we are tracking that live from san jose. we will check with him in 10 minutes. president obamas as are the recommendations for reducing gun violence across the country. that was live on our air we will talk about
9:29 am
what he his ideals are and how they were received. it was a larger than expected turn out as the marin county buyback gun program that is one way to do it. they got 827 gun in exchange for cash. and other buyback is planned for monday.
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> let me be absolutely clear like most americans i believe the second amendment guarantees and an individual the right to bear arms. i respect our strong to it tradition of gutradition of gun ownership and the rights of huntsman. >> i also believe most gun honors agreed that we can respect of the second amendment while keeping an irresponsible law breaking
9:32 am
feud from inflicting harm on america on a mass scale. >> i believe most of them agreed that if america worked harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people there would be fewer atrocities like the one that occurred in new town. that is what these reforms are designed to do. they are common-sense measures. they have the support of the majority of the american people. and yet that does not mean that any of this will be easy to in act or to implement. if it were we would have universal background checks. the ban on assault weapons and high- capacity magazines would never have been allowed to expire. >> more of our fellow americans bike still be alive and celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. >> this will be difficult. there will be pundits and politicians and special entry lobbyist warning a tyrannical all out assault
9:33 am
on liberty not because it is true but because they want to gin up a fear or higher ratings, or revenue for themselves. >> behind the scenes they will do everything they can to block any common-sense reform and make sure nothing changes whatsoever. >> the only way we will be able to change is if their audience, their constituents, their membership says this time must be different. >> there you hear the president outlining what is to happen for what he considers common sense of gun control legislation to pass congress. >> here is a live shot from capitol hill where we're expecting members of the gop to respond. >> for his part the president is taking to a degree executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence that does not require congressional action, including measures to encourage schools to hire police officers, increase research on gun violence and improve efforts to prosecute
9:34 am
gun crime. >> executive actions are part of an over arching package that was put together by a task force led by vice president joe biden. all this comes one month after the mass shooting in new town, conn. >> years of the things the president did. >> he ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. his proposal calls for background checks on all gun buyers. it calls for more funds for mental health care and more support for school security. the national rifle association has come out promising to fight any gun control measures it feels that violates the second amendment right to bear arms. >> the organization announced earlier this week that it had the political clout in congress to block any measures it did not agree with. >> new this morning boeing 787 the new jet they have has been grounded by two major japanese airlines.
9:35 am
after one was forced to make an emergency landing earlier this morning there is been a string of incidents with this new airliner. kron fours will ran is live at san jose's airport with more on what they plan to do. will. >> darya let me show you the strength of problems here is a list i have printed out. it takes up the old age. so much so just a couple of things to talk about prayer exploding batteries, cracked a cockpit, windows that crashed during a flight. , a smell of older may be smoke in the cockpit. --oldr. d. dor. >> there was a direct flight from mineta to hong kong and back to san jose. people are
9:36 am
loving it it was celebrated. the flights were fully booked. what happened yesterday's has forced a in a to scramble into place. i left the ticket counter and a lot of customers are showing up saying why did you not tell me. what delighted to do?. the ticket agents are busy trying to get the people off the ground with another aircraft or possibly according to the ticket agent possibly with another airline. >> back to you darya. >> base a lot will. >>--thank you aloft will. >>thank you alot will. >> one of the incidents went unreported was it is able to dump truck along with numerous accidents in seoul. southbound. sinole. >> off the back up the unwinding which is good news. the back up into fremont coming out of union city and newark better
9:37 am
conditions. >> a big improvement in conditions are back to normal. anny. >> we are looking at another chilly start not as cold compared to yesterday. navato 32. santa rosa at the freezing mark. '30's out for the east bay in the east bay interior belly. >> sell iran and ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly ( stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly ( male announcer): now here's
9:38 am
let us go tahoe and talk about our ski bum secure port. no fresh powderbomb ski r >> the time is 9:37 a.m.. we will be right back
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9:41 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. starting today the great highway is getting in over all. the
9:42 am
project will give dryers, pedestrians, and bicyclist is will the roadway. we have our solo reporter mike pelton along the great highway. mike. >> whether you live here are just visiting at some point you probably made your way down here to ocean beach and the new construction project that kicked off today and to make it safer and easier for you once you arrive. it is a $7.3 million project. the money comes from a voter approved bond. the great highway will be repaved making for is all right. it will make various improvements such as creating a new medium such is safer and easier for both pedestrians and bikers to asses ocean beach. as far as in the traffic congestion those they did not anticipate having to shut down the great highway in either direction while they work on the project. they hope to do it one lane at a time. if all goes according to plan construction should wrap up and early october. back to you.
9:43 am
>> thank you mike. >> if you could keep the san off of it it will be perfect. >> let us take a live look outside at beautiful skies in san francisco. you can see from our roof camera on van ness ave. the sunshine is getting things warmer in the next couple of days. we have this cold morning to get through. you could watch dr. phil at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. weekdays on kron 4. 4:00 p.m. weekdays on kron 4. ñnñmññoñmñw?çç
9:44 am
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9:47 am
reports, number seven is flying off the shelves. >> the biggest seller right now you are looking at it. all things kaepernick. the quarterback. that jersey figure not only going to it that what you're getting another one. >> absolutely. why's that? >> i am getting one for my friend. we live 30 minutes north of where canada is from and where he went to high school. i told my buddy i want to get it now before it got too late. >> you better get it what you can. >> these two shoppers were loading up as well. they plan to give away the 49er gear as part of a pier 39 sweepstakes. >> we had a few long sleeve shirt and a few short sleeve shirt. i will pick up more stuff looking around the nfl shop now. >> a good way to win some cool stuff. >> it will be fun. >> the store manager tells kron 4 news they are prepared to have a what ever the public wants and
9:48 am
predicts the crowds will just keep coming. >> old yes. everyone is looking for kaepernick shirts, jerseys, anything with his name on it. >> there will be more after this weekend. i was going to say you think they will win? >> what is your prediction? >> i predict that went in san francisco a terisa estacio. >> send us uyour niner fan follows. breaking news at kron .com, or send them to our kron 4 face book page. >> temperature wise we are doing better year compared to 24 hours ago. you can see on golden gate bridge look at the sunshine a beautiful shot the blue skies. not a single cloud in the sky. temperatures now are in the mid-40s in downtown san francisco. is cold and
9:49 am
vallejo 35. fairfield as well. antioch at 40 degrees. santa rosa is called at 32 degrees. navato the mid '30's. napa at 39 degrees. slower to warm up in the north bay. we will get there by the afternoon. another beautiful day it will be milder. tomorrow more sunshine even warmer. after that the average will get above average by the weekend. our extended forecast is looking dry. we do have change is coming this way. it will not be dry and sunny forever. >> satellite and radar pictures show averaged sitting of the cult will get closer and closer and building. it will stay sunny and dry for the next several days. hall also each progressive day we will warm up a little more. it will be a slow warm-up. it will phlorizin allow locations by the end of week. here's your futurecast 4. the clock at 10:00. you can see we have a lot of blue. '40's and '50's. we see a bit of green in some parts of the south
9:50 am
bay and also just north of santa rosa. that is where we can see areas hit 60s today. most of was a round the bay area should be heading into the mid '50s and upper 50s. by 8:00 p.m. tonight we will cool down not looking to chilly. by 8 we see the blue most of us going down to the '40's and '50's. we can deal with those temperatures as we dealt with the cold nights the last couple of nights. >> a little more to day we will see 57 in downtown san francisco. upper 50s in san mateo. with fifties for concord. santa rosa at the freezing mark. you should get up to the lows 60s today thanks to all the sunshine. 55 in fairfield. san jose topping out at 60 degrees. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a lot of sunshine. there will be a gradual warm of continuing to tomorrow. 59 died, thursday, friday lows 60s. saturday and sunday looking gorgeous. you have to go outside and enjoy it if you
9:51 am
can. >> monday and tuesday looking to be mild. icy shower that could impact us later on tuesday but better chance as of now look like it will be wednesday. enjoy this nuys judge dry sunny weather. >> 9 4:09 a.m. is a time here's george traffic. >> thank you anny. >> things have calmed down considerably. we have no hot spot yet if you this morning. starting with the project was in the ride looks great here at the bay bridge. it has been like this for the last almost two hours now. it is cleared out very early. so you have a lighter than usual right. also it has been reconditions the last few days for this and the tail bridge. we have not seen the 22 minute drive time. for the golden gate bridge 101 south bound look at is, just like the other is very light traffic here they will be adding a third line the north bound direction. >> here is what is left of one of the hot spots this morning. 680 southbound ride that earlier occurring accident or look one a world back up the traffic in both
9:52 am
directions now completely gone form the road way as low as the slow traffic that resulted from it. >> thank you george. >> one in four americans are raiding their retirement savings to pay their monthly bills. >> researchers from a financial advisory firm say americans are borrowing is there for 01 case to pay for not returning any such as mortgages, credit cards, or college tuition. the amounts to more than $70 billion in annual withdrawals. financial experts say is troubling trend because taking calls from retirement savings often comes with penalties, additional taxes and lost interest. >> attention parents college students the more money you give your child could lead to a lower grade the average. a new study published in this month's american sociological review suggest students with parents to pick up more than the tab or free to take on more not academic social events. >> researchers studied three
9:53 am
large federal datasets on different income levels. they found there is not giving their children aid had an average gpa of 3.15. $16,000 in aid, the tva jobs to under 3.0. at $40,000, its 2.95. >> definthe findings don't despair to stop supporting their is financially, but they should layout standards and expectations. >> more money is more problems that is what notorious b i g use to set is that right. >> the kron 4 news continues to look at our mount tam cam this morning.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
9:57 am
>> developing right now more than 150,000 your city students are finding alternative ways to get to and from school today. >> more than 8000 school bus drivers are on strike over job protection. >> the strike started about three hours ago. most of the city's roughly 1.1 million public-school students take public transportation or walk to school. kantor making plans to use subways and carpels this morning. >> off the widow of the victim killed in last year's colorado will be shooting is suing the accused gunman psychiatrist and the university where she works. >> the civil lawsuit alleges that the psychiatrist of the vice police to arrest james holmes weeks before the the a rampage. the woman who filed the lawsuit was it was is it your husband a loin the
9:58 am
july shooting. >> take a look at this. check out the score of men caught on to rail is video try to set the laundromat ablaze. police in east texas are asking for the public's help in identifying the group. you could see the man sprang lighter fluid all round, but no heavy flames. they eventually managed to set a trash fire. firefighters spotted smoke from a small blaze about an hour later extenextinguished it before it could spread. police say tips from the public are already rolling in. >> firefighters in downtown portland cut through a parking garage wall to rescue a woman who was stuck between two buildings. officials received a call our l 345 this morning and she was freed at 730. the woman fell partially downed a 20 wallet was up three or 4 ft. off the ground. witnesses say she had been smoking or walking on the
9:59 am
roof of a two-story building but '40's do not have informations on how she felt. >> that was the crazy store for today. >> that is it for this morning we hope you join us again tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m.. dr. phil coming up next


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