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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 22, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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tail straight ahead, as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> welcome back. we are hours away from the retrial of former bay area police crime technician in a case that led to the dismissal of hundreds of cases perry ed we will have the latest. >> we would not get a check of the weather in just a bit but first george has a hot spot. >> the traffic here is so slow that they have had to turn the metering lights on early at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is already starting to back of the lanes. there's still some movement here and they have not completely stopped everything. this is an early
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back up and if you are one of the persons like to hit the bridge before 6:15 a.m. i am sorry that you will not make it this morning. >> it is clear for most of us but we still have some areas of dense fog. the rest of us are a little bit warmer than yesterday. the afternoon will have sunny skies and the temperatures will be a little bit cooler than what we saw yesterday. before we talk about rain let's talk about the temperatures right now. we just drop to below freezing in santa rosa. it is 31 degrees and fairfield. it is a another chilly start and i will have more about the wet weather coming up to my next report. >> we are following a developing story out of oakland where right now police are still searching for two men who they say
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shot an undercover police officer. this happened just after 6:00 last night on the 1700 block of seminary ave. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. so far they have managed to detain one person possibly who is connected to the shooting. officer was shot suffered " non " life- threatening injuries. >> it is 12 hours after the shooting and officers are still here. they are collecting evidence and they're not necessarily going door-to-door but reportedly one of the suspects dropped their gun and all three of them fled the same. we do know what this point that there is this what bioko out here and they will be here for quite a while. they are not tell me how much longer that will continue to be here. a lot
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of people in this neighborhood are frustrated because they're not able to walk past the yellow tape to get to their homes. >> i have just learned that the oakland police department's stated that this story is so huge because an officer was shot. they will hold a news conference at 9:00 a.m.. they are not stating whether or not the suspect is connected with a another shooting that took place on sunday. they stated that this undercover officer was here was because he was born a stakeout contain into a shooting that took place on sunday. at this point they're not releasing the officer's name but we will find out more in about three and half hours from now. after, the shooting took place there responded and the called for help. they were not able to detain the other two suspects. >> opening statements are
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scheduled today in the retrial of a former san francisco police crime technician who was charged with octane cocaine during and deception. deb may andborah madden previously admitted to taking small amounts of the drug that spilled from evidence in 2009. her first trial ended in a huge jury last fall. maddens alleged death from the labs drug analyst unit, led to the even to closure of the facility. it also forced prosecutors to dismiss hundreds of criminal cases. >> the house of representatives will vote tomorrow on a plan to raise the nation's debt limit. the plan would accommodate about three more months of borrowing while requiring
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the house and senate to pass a budget. if congress fails to raise a 16.4 trillion dollar limit, the nation could potentially be fought on its loans, which economists say would have a severe economic impact. the treasury is expected to exhaust is a borrowing authority by mid february or early march. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news. flames jumped building to building overnight at the california air force base. we will have an update this morning from firefighters. >> many travelers are relieved to hear that some new changes and airport security. they will talk about how the screen process is protecting your privacy. >> yesterday, was gorgeous and the bay area. how long is it going to last? we will talk with erica on the temperatures next.
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>> wellcome back to kron 4 morning news. >> early activation of the metering lights has caused a delay. there was a stall of a bus and an accident that was the reason. it may be that we may have an earlier than usual back up. we will keep you informed. >> new this morning, a fire continues to burn overnight aunt beale airforce base. the base is an hour north of
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sacramento. the fire broke out around 230 yesterday afternoon at the civil engineering building in the main base area. the two- story building that dates back to 1940 was lost in the flames. only one person was in the building when the fire ignited. and firefighter had to be rushed to the hospital as well. 200 people typically work in the building will reportedly operates from an alternative location. >> all-nippon airways has canceled their flights from tokyo through men and tough san jose international airport through early next week to comply with the f a a order that grounds boeing 787 dream liner plane. this comes as federal investigators will conduct
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more tests today on the dream liner 787. the ntsb says that test in washington showed a lithium " ion " a battery that caught fire on an empty dream liner in boston earlier this month was not overcharged. suspicions about the batteries and possible fire risk led the u.s. and other countries to ground all 50 streamliners worldwide last week. >> the t s eight says that it is getting rid of the airport body scanners that produce a next image of travelers. the x-ray scanners and drew protests from a privacy advocates, as though congress has mandated that they beat change or removed by june. the csa says that it will keep a another type of
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scanner that generates a generic damage which only shows ages where to look for an object on the travelers body. >> next on kron 4 morning news. george is tracking a hot spot. we will get an update on the back up on the bay bridge. >> after a big spike in rent prices in the bay area, it could be a good time to rent a get. we will explain coming up. coming up. new nehoney nenchencof oofs sgreegryoguyo and aholehorainra herehe we goe honehoy corncoflakesaknd ndunksunf grf k yok rt.rt i'i'm tasttag bog the togurog d thd honehoat tat sam stimeti new how ney buy hes he oat ogrer i'm like dkeginggith yog yt. i feelfe healtea..
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>> wellcome back perry ed this means that the metering lights are working perry ed this traffic is starting to mold briskly. they are doing their job, they are tried to keep traffic small upper right section. the trade office that it pushes the
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traffic backed up here. they are not completely stopped. that 880 rep is backed up and the drive time is still pretty normal. what we talked about earlier was that it was an early back up and it may not necessarily be a worse back up as the morning wears on. currently the drive time is 17 to 18 minutes. is this right continues to back up then we could be looking at over 25 minutes for the drive time perry >> . the san mateo bridge ride is problem free. it is echoing calls for you to decide which break you should take perry ed if you should head probably to the golden gate bridge. they have a small ride. it is 14 to 16 minutes now. it is still a good ride if you are going to walnut creek. 580
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west through the alta mount pass way hassam read on the screen coming into livermore. the south bay, we have been tracking a few things. there was a stalled bus from 101 and has not translated into a hot spot. this is good. there was another accident near julienne but is just on the shoulder. your north bay ride through novato is delay free. >> we have plenty to talk about. we are taking a live look outside. this is from mount cam. the cskies are mainly clear. this includes livermore, concord and those of you are in fairfield. we are below the freezing mark in santa rosa. it is 41 degrees out the door in
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antioch. pleasanton is that the freezing mark. as we take a look at the visibility chart. we do have certain areas that have locally dense fog. you should allow yourself extra times on the road. >> we do have the possibility of black ice forming. the good news is that into the afternoon we have no worries. it will be plenty of sunshine and temperatures will be in the '60s. it will be 65 for campbell. the east bay in certain spots would just say in the '50s. danville reese 60 degrees and 62 degrees in hayward. it will be 60 degrees for san rafael and a little bit warmer for downtown san francisco. there is a another storm that is headed our way and we will see an increase in cloud cover. it will not be too much moisture associated
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with this. >> we will have light rain for most ed this will sack by lunchtime and light rain is expected for the east shore line. as we put the clock in motion a again by 4:00 p.m. this would indicate moderate to heavy showers for those of your around fairfield. he really just depends on where you are located. by thursday we are back to the sunshine with the temperatures in the mid-60s. friday you can expect cloudy skies. we may see rain in the evening hours but saturday and sunday the wet weather will be sticking around and we will have a cooling trend. it will feel like winter once again as we start the next work week. >> we are watching wall street after they are returning from a three day
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holiday weekend. the dow gained 54 points to end friday at 13,650. the standard and poor's 500 index rose five points to 1486, while the nasdaq fell 1.23135. dish network corp. says it plans to close about 300 blockbuster stores across the country, losing about 3000 employees. the closure will leave about 500 block buster locations in the united states. dish network last year also shuddered about 500 underperforming blockbuster locations. this says that 3000 employees were informed about the latest closures on friday. the store locations have not been announced. >> video game maker
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atari's u.s. operations have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in an effort to separate from their french parent company, which is filing a similar motion separate and france. atari says that the move is necessary to secure investments 80s to grow in mobile and down lobo video games. the world economic force is under way today in a swanky davos switzerland. swiss economists klaus schawb sets up the road has not yet escape the risk of collapse in the global economy despite some of the revenue company is headed into 2013. >> there is good news for renters, bay area rents are
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flattening out. according to a new survey of apartment complexes by " real sex ", written in the east bay, peninsula and san francisco were almost unchanged in the fourth quarter of 2012 and declined slightly in the south bay. experts say that red flag could be caused by some renters decided to buy homes since interest rates are so low. >> fremont wholefoods groundbreaking is scheduled for friday. the 39,000 square foot building is located at the corner of casio padre parkway and more right ave. another 13,000 square feet is being set aside for a another retailer. the fremont store will be the sixth store in the east bay. a date has not been released on when the store will be opened. >> the united nations say that more than 197 million people worldwide are without a job, and that another 39
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million have given up looking for work. an annual report from the international labor ass organization says the unemployment will rise by 5.1 million this year. the u.s. and work watchdog reports that young people are most abominable to the growing of jobs. of those in advance a con mes, the ilo says that 35 percent have been out of work for six months or longer, damaging their longtime career prospects. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back it is 6:24 a.m.. here is a live look
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at 680 perry ed the temperatures right now in the creek is 33 degrees. >> we are saying and arctic chill to the nation. cold air will continue to flood the eastern two-thirds of the country drop this morning. subzero cold is possible this morning in both chicago and milwaukee. further north, temperatures will easily plummet well below zero, with places from fargo to international falls and do less likely to see it-20's and even a few towns
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in the-30's! in fact, the cold air will probably reached its greatest aerial extent today. cities as far south as natural enrichment may not make get above freezing all day. chicago and detroit will be lucky if they hit 10 degrees today. it >> we are waiting for opening bell on wall street and we have more on that coming up after the bake break and looks like it will be a down day for the markets.
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>> wellcome back. we are watching for wall street. we will get the latest coming up. dow futures are udown
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by 11 points. we are going to be watching google asset announce their points. global stocks have been up. we're also watching apple's stock which is that 500 exactly. if they are down $205. apple's stock is also up in the free market trading. >> we are falling traffic this morning and the situation could be better pre-empts >> caltran is working very hard to clear up this back up. it is bigger than usual this morning. it is pushing to 22 minutes now. it is backing up interstate 580 from before the 880 fly over
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perry ed it is starting to back up into the macarthur mayes by highway 24. state 80 approach is not quarrel, but it is worse than it normally is. it is 18 minutes from the shore freeway. it is 22 minutes coming out of the macarthur mayes. they had an earlier problem that has been cleared. >> it is pretty cold outside and a lot of locations are below freezing. this afternoon you can expected to be sunny. later on tonight will see an increase in cloud cover. the storm that is going to approach will began with the rain started early tomorrow morning perry ed i will have a full detail what you should expect for the rest of the week in my next report. >> the time now is 6:30 a.m.. it we are continuing to follow a developing story
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for two suspects who shot an undercover oakland pol office ia.m. police officer in the arm on a confrontation. it happened in the 1700 block of seminary avenue or around 6:30 p.m.. we have will tran on the scene. >> about 10 minutes ago a flatbed truck arrived here and you concede the flashing lights. we do not know which card is tow truck driver plans to remote. we know that this undercover police officer was sitting in his car with this confrontation took place. if they have one person that has been detained at this point they have to suspect's still on the loose. their main job is to collect evidence and they're not walking door to door so they can talk to witnesses. they stated that there still actively searching for these two men. they stated that
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within three hours they will hold a news conference. >> this officer was on the same because he was doing a stakeout due to a shooting that occurred on sunday. we do not know the person who was in detains. we do not know if they are connected to the shooting that took place a few days ago. if we will have more information about three hours when the news conferences broadcasted. as soon as we get more >> from the sergeant i will try to bring it to you. >> >> one of the stories we are
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following. we are watching for a meeting in oakland this evening where the city council will consider approving a quarter million dollar contract for an outside security consulting, which could include former new york city police chief william bratton. at a 5 hour public safety committee meeting last week, oakland activists crowded into the chamber to voice their concerns about britain's " zero tolerance " policy in and new york city's extreme a controversial stop and frisk policy. oakland mayor jean quan and police chief howard a jordan both voiced support for britain's appointment. what everyone can agree on. is that something has to be done. which opens on staff to
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police apartment facing a 23% rise in violent crime over the past year. >> new this morning, caltran will begin making repairs to date to the bay bridge fender that was damaged when the oil tanker struck earlier this month. to get you more news faster we will go to jackie sizzled who is live from treasure island. >> it was on january 7th when the overseas reymar crashed into the fender. there was no damage to the bridge but the fender did sustain damage. according to caltran it may cost two to $3 million for them to replace, or repair the fender. they stated that may take up to four months for them to get the repairs done. we are expecting them
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to get out on the water and start repairs. as i stated caltran stated that the cost is high. bar right now that will continue to foot the bill, but idea is that if they're going to get this monday they wanna reimbursed from the shipping company that owns the reymar. this will be a developing story that may take up to four months for them to do the repairs. >> it is 6:34 a.m.. >> for teenagers were injured in a drive-by shooting in brentwood. police said that the shooting was reportedast night r burton drive. the four victims were found at the same, each with a gunshot wound. the fourteens, whose ages range from 13 to 16
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years old, had been standing on the sidewalk when a vehicle with three or four suspects in the past them and opened fire. the suspects were driving a white or light-colored a late model four-door sedan. police have not released a motive at this time. >> the san rafael police department is asking for your help this morning and then find a man who violently rob a north bay business this past weekend. this is surveillance video of the attack. police said that runs 7:00 saturday evening, a man with a the rob a cell phone and a check cashing business in san rafael. investigators say that he fired at least one shot at the store employee who then ran into a back room with a bulletproof through a bill approved door. at that point the
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suspect ran off. >> residents in piedmont are on the alert this morning after a string of home invasion robberies. it all began when to suspect's attempted to break into a home on the corner of estates drive but were scared away by a dog. police say, that the suspects then ran down the street a kick in the door of another home. once inside, they threatened rid elderly couple with a shotgun or a rifle. the robbers then ransacked home and made off with a computer monitor and a jury box. >> a few hours later, on a arroyo avenue another home was broken into. the front door was kicked in. if this time, two suspects the end homeowners with a handgun and a shotgun or rifle. when did the minister of state and call the police. if the suspects fled in a new work gray or white as you be.
6:39 am
police have yet to confirm whether this break-in is related to the other two. >> still ahead of kron 4 morning news. obama is inauguration was not just about the president. the we will have video that has his daughter going by road. >> president obama takes time to honor troops overseas. we will hear what he has to say to them. >> some incredible footage to show you of a volcano, that is caught on camera. that is all coming up after the break.
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>> we are back. it is 6:40 a.m.. take a look at this video into kron 4. this is a volcano on new zealand's white island. you can see is bubbling and spewing steam and sediment. it is a hot plate basically. white island is a popular tourist destination and experts are concerned the volcano could erupt with little or no warning taking people off guard. >> president obama thank the troops during his inaugural ball that was honoring the
6:43 am
military and says the nation is behind them. the president appeared at the commander in chief ball last night and spoke to several troops in afghanistan by teleconference. >> to all of you who are there we know it is tough being away from their families. we know the incredible sacrifices and challenges that you meet every day. i can tell you you have a room full of hatred here. we're honored to be able to join you there this evening. >> the president told the troops the biggest cheer he got during the inaugural speech was when he mentioned the men and women in uniform. >> he promised that they would continue to get the equipment and support that they need. >> sasha obamas told spotlight from that yesterday after she was caught yawning during the
6:44 am
inaugural address. now the video is going viral. >> the yawn came after obama paused during his speech and the camera cut to sasha , her sister and the first lady. it is not the first time she has yawn while listening to her father speak in 2008, she donned during the democratic national convention with her head on her mom's lap. >> we will be back with more on the kron 4 morning that headband looks ridiculous.
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made with fresh egg and melting cheese. choose supreme or sausage. right now they're 2 for just $3.50. that's a great value that'll put anyone in a good mood. get off my lawn, clown! you sir, have excellent water pressure! >> 6:45 a.m. is the time. top stories we're following at this hour. police have arrested one person border still searching for two others after an undercover officer was shot in the arm during a confrontation last night. >> investigators say it happen in the 1700 block of seminary avenue and oakland. the injured officers being treated for not life- threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. >> to begin making repairs today to bay ridge fenders that were damaged when an oil tanker struck the bridge earlier this month. the overseas re ymar making repairs that
6:48 am
stash hit the easternmost tower on the bridges western san on january 7th. there is no oil spillage and see in our video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven newest and no one on the board the tanker was injured. if the damage to the fender system is estimated at between two and $3 million. >> it is back to work president obama and vice president biden today. the president and first lady will attend the national prayer service at the national ththree cathedral with a bite and is in about 45 minutes. >> but most market has turned over within their all-time high. we have a variety of things to think about. verizon came out and said margins are under pressure which is bad for the rise in and good for apple and they're smart phone. it is earning season.
6:49 am
is the biggest earning season of the quarter. it is the week of earning season is a better way of saying that. huge companies will give us direction on what to expect in the future. >> dish and blockbuster closed 500 stores. 500 will be left in the and i stays is there hope for survival. >> it is a dead business. >> items came in and offered movies. itunes came in and offered movies. >> this basically profit blockbuster to shut down because you can get videos from a lot of areas. >> google earnings coming out at the closing bell. any expectations. >> though. google and his
6:50 am
companies do not care about me. >> they are a big corporation and care about doing big things. they spend money as if they not care about the shareholders. there are not shareholder friendly. we know that. we still care more about what they say about the desk top clicks than about mobile phones. how many clicks' per thousand you get. are there any mobile numbers we can look at. we will continue to this google off of desktop numbers. >> and the economic world leaders are meeting this week is anything coming out of this meeting are the economic mind getting together and partying? >> 73% of corporate earnings exceeding expectations they expect wreckers to hit profits of all times-test records.
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>> the economy is moving slowly but ford. we will hear about a global slowdown in all major economies. economists are more positive than last year. the economy looks great on one hand on the other hand it could get worse. we will check back with rob that 9:15 a.m.. >> let us take a live look outside at 6:49 a.m. it is beautiful from our roof on van ness ave. we could see the sun shine. the will get plenty of sunshine today. >> that is right darya a clear start to the morning for most of us. we do have areas of local dense fog. the east bay interior valleys and we are seen instances of frost forming on people's wind shields'. that is something to keep in mind as you get to work or school. we have dropped to the freezing mark in concord. low '40's in
6:52 am
oakland. downtown san francisco not bad. currently upper '40's as you head to work or school. >> future cast 4 shows by 8:00 a.m. mainly forties' around the bay. we will hold on to some 50s along the coastline. we are struggling to make it out of the '30's for some of our east bay interior valleys. for putting the clock into motion by lunchtime 60s for south bay spots. some communities in the north bay and as we head into 8:00 p.m. tonight temperatures will see a mixing of upper '40's and low 50s. >> downtown san francisco 61. 63 for oakland. lows 60s for vallejo and richmond. fairfield and antioch and the upper 50s. >> temperatures a bit cooler than yesterday's. we will still see the sun shine some high clouds. a clouds will thicken up and advance to the system.
6:53 am
>> satellite and radar shows high pressure starts to weaken. the easterly winds keeping tippers long will shift to a southerly wind coming off of the ocean. expect a cool down and wet weather by tomorrow. >> 6:00 a.m., light rain predominately in the north bay. it will cross the golden gate bridge may be some light rain around the oakland, berkeley area. a lot of clouds associated with the system. >> by lunchtime the rain starts to march its way south. expect light rain. for the east bay shoreline livermore valley. communities like antioch and fairfield. it could be dry for the cold spots. 4:00 p.m. everyone getting a healthy dose of rain. >> yellow on the screen indicating moderate to heavy rain. trace amounts for most people. it is not a huge rain maker. maybe a quarter of this for some of our north bay hills. >> your kron 4 7 day around
6:54 am
the bay forecast shows light rain for tomorrow by thursday we will not be back to enjoying the sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60s. expect are the cloudy conditions. the potential for showers especially for the evening hours. >> into saturday, sunday not only will it be cooler but expect wet weather for everyone. >> it will feel like a hunter once again as we start the next work week. clouds, precipitation, temperatures struggling to make it out of the upper 50s. >> 6:52 a.m. on the clock that is your whether on to traffic. good morning george. >> tracking hot spot on the peninsula 101 north bound north of 92. an accident and multicar crash that was for a while blocking left and right lanes. a number of vehicles to be cleared it is already back of the ride on 101 north bound from hillsdale leading up to burlingame. it is affecting
6:55 am
the westbound 92 ride it is now backing toward meritor island. in the west bound direction. as you come off the san mateo bridge on to 101 north. >> another hot spots the bay bridge. we are seeing a slight improvement in the drive times. caltrans has been working to keep the meter lights up to clear out the back up. improved conditions for a 80, 24, and interstate 80. the drive times down to below 20 minutes on all three approaches. >> best- 880. >> de seine tel ride a sluggish 13 minutes is the drive time. the commute to the golden gate bridge and little crowded on 101 southbound. it is delay free for your commute from marin county--san mateo bridge ride sluggish. >> we will take a break and
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be right
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welcome back. >> we do not want to get twentiinkies . an artist has used them and does not need them but has had an obsession with them for decades. the artist calls it the american food icon. >> the time out is 6:58 a.m.. we will be right back look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet.


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