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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 25, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> parents and administrators at sutter elementary are on high alert after a man tried to lure a boy into his car. i will have his description coming up a live report. >> vice president joe biden hitting the road today to
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promote gun control. i will have more on the vice president's schedule. >> right now we're looking at our roof from van ness ave and it is a great start start to the day. >> that is right and it will last saturday into sunday. storm tracker 4 is not showing much but we did have some passing showers for livermore valley. the fog is in direct relation to the rain we had c of the last couple of days. there is a lot of moisture in the air pushing to the surface. as a result we are seeing some of the dense fog out with 3 mi. of the visibility for hayward. the cop fog will continue to thicken up and we may see delays on at sfo later this morning. i will have full details on that but at 60 1:00 a.m. here is george. >> we are not taking any hot
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spots but they're no metering lights at the toll plaza. whipping up some traffic for highway four now and interstate 580 but the rest of the bay area commute look great and it is a very light traffic. >> in antioch school officials are warning parents to keep their eyes on children. a man tried to lure a young boy and his car yesterday near sutter elementary and antioch. will tran is live and antioch. >> what happens when school starts as they will talk the children about stranger danger. after school the fifth grader was walking home and all the sudden a car what comes out to him and says i'm with your family pop and a car with me and i will take you home. the boys says i don't know who you are and take off and goes on and tells is parents
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about it. the parents called the school and now everyone in the community knows about it including the police the bread. here is the suspect's description he is a white male with stubble on his face. he had gray hair and when he pulled up to the little boy he was driving a light blue '70s era car. that car was last seen parked at a nearby park but they have not seen him since. school starts 90 minutes from now and i'm trying to get reaction from administrators and parents when they arrive. >> out easily this is something that parents not only etc. elementary will talk to their children about what bay area wide. >> 8 morgan hill man is in jail this morning facing child molestation charges. 65 year old miguel delgado is suspected of molesting four children. they range in age from 5 to 13 years old
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at the time of the alleged assaults. as the afternoon police searched served a search warrant at delgado a cop ' s home. he wasn't home at the time was surrounded himself into custody at the place the rabbit. >> by some as a joe biden is hitting the road today to promote and control. he is visiting richmond va with other obama administration of the officials in virginia senator sam catim kane. the bisn will hold a roundtable discussion with experts who worked on gun safety after 2007 shooting and at bridging attack. i said yesterday as more concerned with limiting the number of rounds of a gun magazine and banning assault was of weapons. >> and >> tail tomorrow local authorities are holding an
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anonymous gun buyback you bet. anyone can give up their weapons, no questions asked, to receive up to $100 cash for handguns, shotgun or rifle. $200 cash to be given for the assault weapon. it is happening tomorrow at the san mateo county but said there from 10:00 until 2:00 p.m.. it has been two years since tahrir square was at the center of our revolution for egypt. today, protesters are back in the spotlight. federal investigators are on board the dreamliner investigation. information on the problem they are trying to solve. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets
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>> welcome back and we have new video coming out of egypt right now. this is cairo anterior square. -- tahrir square protesters are marking the second anniversary of the revolution that ousted president hosni mubarak and that ushered in a period of political tension. and the latest demonstration, secular leading opposition groups are processing against egypt's current president, mohammed morsi.
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they're trying to force more see to attend at a mamorsi to ad constitution drafted by his islamist allies. there also demanding freedom of expression and the independence of the judiciary. >> officials in india say they're disappointed with this evidence given to an american man who admitted his role of a 2008 terrorist attack and will buy which killed 166 people including children pen. 52 year-old david headley was sentenced by a chicago judge yesterday to 35 years in prison. at a three day rampage, 10 gunman from pakistan ebay is a militant group fan out across the by attacking a crowded trains grayson, a jewish center and the trade landmarked ties mahal hotel.
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hadley it helped plan the attack and videotape targets for the gunman. he faced a maximum of life in prison but agreed to cooperate and pleaded guilty to avoid a life sentence. headley also now secured a promise not to be extradited to india. india is now pressuring for hadley to face trial there. >> federal transf transportation investigation it investigators are trying to as figure out the cause of the electrical problems which are ground a boeing 787 dream liner fleet around the world. the national transportation safety board has worked with manufacturers and arizona. and running a series of new tests on airlines' battery systems. investigators say a short circuit in an uncontrolled chemical reaction apparently took place in the boeing 787 battery before that battery caught fire earlier this month in boston. there's
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still unsure why it happened. we are learning new information as morning about a runaway incident. two united airplanes scraped their wings at the old international airport in virginia. the wing tip from a flight from brussels made contact with a wingtip of the second plane that was parked at an adjacent eight. the passengers and crew of the brussels right. knowles or the other plane and no one was injured. >> the fight to allow gay marriage in rhode island lows the state said that following overwhelming approval in the house of representatives. however supporters and opponents say the bill's fate of the senate is uncertain and is likely to be weeks or months before the senate takes up the issue. ryland is not the only state in new england that doesn't allow same-sex couples to wed. >> i get a phone call on
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december 6th saying she is alive and i went be put on national tv two days later. there and ask the same questions. what would you do? >> that is manti te'o talking about the girl friend that never existed. we'll talk about a little more and just a bit.
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>> 6:14 a.m. and i am
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looking forward to the weekend. we does have to get through school and work today and it will be all that hard. it is not that cold and it's not like it's pouring rain. >> that is a good news and it is winter so we are seeing upper 40's low 50s. we can thank low cloud cover for keeping temperatures on the warmer side is a little misty and portions of downtown san francisco. the visibility chart shows we're at 103 tenths of a mile for napa santa rosa just to have miles to livermore. a lot of moisture in the air and it is cool especially closer to the surface. that was a ground for most of the morning. it will start to lift into the afternoon hours. it'll be kind of muddy and temperatures will be in the '50s and '60s.
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current number is 49 out the door in santa rosa, cooler and about. 52 and oakland, 51 san mateo, 52 sunnyvale. into the afternoon, low 60s in the south bay. temperatures similar to what we saw yesterday. palo alto reachinlow or the east bay. the evidence of forestry lingering problems hour later on today and what weather was state and you bay area. santa rosa 60 degrees, that the nine sampras's go. satellite and radar shall the moisture is added east to the lake tahoe area or its south land. another system is dropping down from the gulf of
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alaska. it should stick to our north but there is some moisture associated with it. we did see some light rain and scattered showers from saturday into sunday. temperatures will dive and the warmest spots in the area will only client and to be mathe low 50s. tuesday wednesday and thursday to dry and sunny conditions and temperatures are a little warmer. we have big trade is to talk about your extended forecast. and ludlow's dropping to the mid 30's covering just above the freezing mark. bundle up, it will feel like winter once again overnight hours. >> regina had never raced in on it accident reported in san leandro. first there bridges at the toll plaza at the bay bridge and metering lights and just activated as we start to see a back up to the westbound ride. we are
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still and delivery on the upper deck of the bridge. the san mateo bridge ride no problems, as moves commute westbound. the golden gate bridge ride an easy one from 1 01 marin county southbound. san leandro potential hot spot. it is funny because we've had several problems in this location over the last several days. an unusual to see so many. i've got many reports of an answer that on 238 or hear on t880. the problem is most likely at 80 northbound because we're seeing some back up. the accident on 238 would not have an impact on the northbound 80 ride. it is already slowing from 83. a potential hot spot for the ride through hayward and also san leandro on 238 and
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80 northbound. as more information is available i will reported to you. >> we had a great month on wall street and january and investors will be looking to see of the nasdaq and climb back into positive territory on the last trading day of this week. the s&p 500 was flat at 1004 did 94 actor braced briefly crossing the 1500 mark. the dow jones industrial average closed up 46 points at 13,825. futures trading suggest gains at this morning's opening. the nasdaq closed down 23 points yesterday after tech giant apple predicted weaker sales. looks like apple could rebound today after closing down over $63 yesterday. the stock now set at $450.50 and down over $250 since september. apple is such a big company it comprises roughly 13 percent
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of the nasdaq composite. speaking at the world economic forum that that crisis is shaking your up to its core and could easily erupt again this year unless your pian. >> we are hearing from the college football star who has been linked to a scandal involving a dead girlfriend who never actually existed. during an hour-long interview with katie couric notre dame linebacker manti te'o insist he had no part in orchestrating a hoax involving a fake or friend who supposedly died of leukemia. he also told katie couric that he learned on december 6th that his girlfriend,lennay kekua was
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alive but did not know the whole thing was a prank. he said he felt forced to keep up the roost mentioning her death in interviews with the media. he said the hardest thing about the whole thing is experiencing what his family is going through >> the 49ers are just 10 days away from the super bowl. quarterback collin kaepernick let liven things out for those and the media, he ordered at least 15 pizzas for reporters. the present a yesterday was as a little taste of what will be like in new orleans. one
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reporter asked him what it was like to wake up as collin kaepernick these days and his answer was is the same like six months ago. when it comes the actual game he says he respects the ravens and their star linebacker ray lewis. >> he is the icon of what a linebacker or is supposed to be in the has the intensity of the game. >> collin kaepernick says he has gotten some great advice from former forty-niner grace like a joe montana and steve young. >> be sure to stay with kron4 as we follow the niners as a verbal endorsements. we will have updates on our web site kron4 .com as well as our facebook and twitter feed. >> bart officials have approved a plan that could boost why buy signals for passengers. the board of directors came and gave the go-ahead to date by 100
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communication devices that relay video and data from its trains to birth control centers any emergencies. that will lot more stable life i service to passengers. right now, why buy servers on bart is typically weak and erratic a generating several complaints from passengers. bart is paying for the $2.7 million contract with federal domestic security funds. federal domestic security funds. >> antheython'tone e bennernnfor give ave couploubegibeerserd theythl gol o who e the can cl thsavisas,s, anthe thpplipp the tneedne to to to bea bifulif don d mo sav sg.g. moremooingoi th's t's pow p of o thhop ght ghw thw sha sr var typ tycabicatt is a s acialciuy auyjustjue ne hured,reinetinnineniollaol.. call (llar sarr)thr)to stop nop
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>> welcome back here's a live look from washington d.c. were set streets will be shut down for a few hours for an anti-abortion rally. abortion opponents are marching in a demonstration that coincides with the u.s. supreme court decision that created a constitutional, nationwide right to abortion. former republican presidential candidate rick santorum is expected to attend. thousand are expected for the rally which starts at 9:00 our time. it is happening at the national mall in front of the supreme court. this year marks the 40th anniversary of roe vs. wade decision which legalized abortion. >> the centers for disease control and preventing that prevention is reporting a new strain of a highly
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contagious noro-virus. officials say the new bug which causes nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain accounted for 458 percent of outbreaks of noro-virus across the u.s.. it reached the country from australia. right now, it is not clear whether the strain is more likely to infect people or make them more ill compared to a previous strain. the city's eight cdc says it's because it's a new strain and people are more susceptible. the best protection against noro- virus is a hand washing and disinfecting services. researchers are working to create a vaccine for noro- virus, but nothing is ready for the market. a deadbeat >> 8 deputy is dragged by a moving car and some of county florida. police say a shoplifting suspect attack to the deputy when he was trying to arrest them. it all started at a grocery
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store where the suspect allegedly shoplifted. when he tries to put them in handcuffs, the suspect jumped in his car and steps on the gas, dragging the deputy about 20 ft. down the street. police say he then drove to his house, where he had in the attic. he was arrested after he fell to the floor of the attic, and to the grass. the deputy is expected to be ok.
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>> welcome back watch in the new york stock exchange at looks like the rally will continue on wall street this morning. we are seeing the dow in nasdaq and as mp and the positive side. apple is down over $60 a share yesterday dragging the nasdaq. we're now up about a dollar and 50¢.
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>> we want to focus our attention on the fog this morning. most of the rain has passed. we still have the potential for unsettled weather but pretty much everyone is waking up to locally dense fog. we're down to just a mile visibility for a santa rosa. to 1 1/2 miles out and livermore valley, just a mile along the east shore freeway passing toward hayward. the fog is a big story and is and direct connection with the rain that the past couple of days. it looks like the rain chant continues into tomorrow. cooler arctic air associated with this system and that will continue into saturday and sunday. high pressure is back in the forecast and we are looking forward to dry weather by the middle of next week. satellite and radar shows not much moisture here in the bay area but again unsettled weather certainly has the possibility to continue. i lucky to future
6:33 am
cast four and walking through a very important seven day forecast. 631 and is on to traffic with george. >> we are now looking at a hot spot. it is as confirmed in the location of the incident has been reported in san leandro. ultimately on 880 or northbound to 38. it is northbound to 80 with a two lanes are blocked. that would explain the slow traffic here. it is backed up to a street in hayward and these traffic on 238. it may possibly be two separate incidents but we will have more details as a commute wears on. >> after you drive when you part remember you have to pay to park on sundays and san francisco. the grace period is over and the city is going to start to getting you if you are parking and let the meter expired.
6:34 am
faster jackie sissel is live and zebras as though with more on this. >> for the longest time it was six days a week. you could park on sundays for free. of those days are gone. three weeks ago the law was actually initiated but they gave you a grace period. no wthis will start on sunday. if you are parked at an expired meter on sunday starting this week you'll pay somewhere between $62.70 $2 for an expired meter. i am thinking that is a lot of money for an expired meter on sunday. this is noon to 6:00 p.m.. -- $62 - $72 is anything
6:35 am
second generate between up $1.2 million to $2.2 million. >> if you got a shot of one of the meters and said there is 10 minutes or howard left on this meter. you have to put in quarters to keep the time going. once i put in the credit-card day i start from scratch, did you know that? >> no i did not. >> yacht, if you pull up to a meter and there are 30 minutes on there and put a credit card in there that 30 minutes is gone. >> the meter starts at noon so they will allow you to prepay for some of the time. did you go to church or a store then you can prepay. >> that is good to know in
6:36 am
case the sermon goes on. thanks, jacki. >> san jose police arm as aiding its third homicide of the year. around 830 last night a man was reportedly stabbed several times near south side drive and hope street. the man was later pronounced dead at the hospital. police believe was attacked by several suspects but motive is not clear and at this time no suspects are in custody. the victim's identity is being held until his family is notified. san of the police might have a break from an eyewitness who saw the attempted kidnapping of a 13 year-old girl. this is to carry footage of the girl breaking away from the would be a doctor. investigators say the man grabbed a 13 year- old last friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. the agreement as to fight him off and the suspect ran away. ana alves lives in the
6:37 am
neighborhood is that she saw little or running away when she opened her front door. >> i yelled at my husband and told them there is a little girl getting attacked. they called 911 and the police were here and a couple of minutes. >> this is a sketch of the suspect. he is described as a hispanic male, 25 to 32 years old, 5 ft. 10 in. and a thin and medium build. witnesses say they do not recognize the suspect and believe he does not live in the neighborhood. >> three students were walking on the trail near the bart tracks when they were approached by two men who ask about their shoes. they then a shot at the students. one man remains in
6:38 am
critical condition and the other are stable. one was shot in the face in the third city was able to escape without injury. all but oddly unified school district released a statement to parents about the shooting. also in a statement, it reminds students to take all possible precautions and walking to and from school. >> this is a look at our bay bridge camera and this guy is starting to write a little bit. temperatures are on the mild side and livermore is about 52 degrees. expected to warm up to about 60 this afternoon. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> of live look at the san mateo bridge and traffic looks like it is moving ok. it is a grey sky start today. 53 grades are ready
6:42 am
right now and the high today will be 59. the police arrest a manager of a pop but murphy's pizza restaurant and martine as for putting a hidden camera inside the employees restroom. police say a female employee called police after finding the camcorder. investigators say the manager, and jason lassor, then passed to the crime. he faces one count of misdemeanor invasion of privacy. police are currently analyzing the video of at found in the camera. it may file additional charges and more victims are found. >> police all over the bay area are now using technology to seek out the sounds of gunfire. shop spotter is a program that helps track gunfire and lead police to its exact location. or sensors pick up
6:43 am
the sound of gunshots and then instantly identify the location on a map for this shots came from. shot spider specialist a big canaller police departments within 60 seconds of gunshot occurring. officials and worker currently gearing up for the superbowl and say they're expecting a lot of activity through the bay area.
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i'i'tasttag bog the togurog d thd honehoat tat sam stimeti new how ney buy hes he oat ogrer i'm like dkeginggith yog yt. i feelfe healtea.. good morning it is 6:44 a.m. the top stores we're following antioch school officials are warning parents to keep an eye on their kids after a man tried to lure a fifth grade boy into his car. there is this bridge of the man that attempted to kidnap a boy outside of sutter elaters school yesterday. >> vice president joe biden is hitting with other obama administration officials.
6:47 am
>> there will be a round table discussion with expert worked on gun safety at the the 2007 shooting at virginia tech. >> we're taking a live look from our roof of that as ave. a great start to today pier is hot and muggy. we will get to the weather in your neighborhood more specifically. first take a look at traffic at hot spots with george. >> de que darya we're monitoring problems in san leandro and hayward. to try to determine whether it was one or two accidents on a 80/4238. it appears there are two separate accidents. both at this very of boulevarone of the nimitz and oe at its stake to 38. >> there were lanes blocked on a 80 the good news is the crash has been clear to the center divider--880.
6:48 am
>> that is lighter than usual we do not see as much delay because of either of the incident. >> it is slow coming out of castro valley and into it as you head across the mid freeway. it is slow coming out hayward heading for oakland on 880 northbound. so far the backups are at 4- 5 minutes to the commute time. if they are cleared we could see things covered if they stayed out there long we could have lasting impact on these problems again. to separate accidents is how it appears. , or about one 238 at the other northbound on interstate880. >> otherwise we look good around the rest of the bay area. >> here's your bridge check. it is very light traffic at the bay bridge even though, the lead light seven activated there is no back up. >> the right to the san mateo bridge, highway 92 and 11 minutes commute time there's no problems of the lay for oil in a brief ride 101, south bound. >> it is 64780 at last check
6:49 am
of the web with erica. >6:47 a.m.. let us get a check of your whether with erica. >> the fog is in direct connection to the right we have seen the past couple of days. a lot of moisture. ground fog to live of visibility for navato . down to three and oakland. in concord a half mile. 2 1/2 miles in the livermore valley. the fog will lift later today. because of the cloud cover we are experiencing is acting like a blanket in keeping those temperatures for. the warm air is trapped we are seeing 48 navato . 53 in san francisco. and mixing up of
6:50 am
for the afternoon. >> the rain has pushed off california. we have more unsettled weather on the way. >> saturday you can see light rain sitting on the maps indicating the potential for light rain. more rain concentrated in the lake tahoe area. slicked road way possible along interstate 80 in high with 50. >> 8:00 p.m. saturday night to a passing showers in the south bay. we will continue to see rain and maybe even snow and fog. that is something to look forward to if you are headed in that direction. >> couch and not reporting any chain prediction for interstate 880 or high way of 50. >> as we transition into the snow levels seven 500 ft.. a chance of snow into sunday. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights unsettled weather into the
6:51 am
weekend. high pressure back in control tuesday into thursday. >> thank you erica. watching wall street another day of solid gains the dow jones industrial average up 32 to 13,00857 we're watching the s&p 500 which is across the 5000 mark with 15 01. apple stock with a small mouth after a pop out of almost four out for sure. it dropped $63 per share yesterday's sitting at 454 about it. >> quarterly earnings coming out from procter and gamble, microsoft, and honeywell. >> select comfort is dropping in revenue. another five year high of the doubt. 13,00859. >> watching gas prices across the bay area and average price for a gallon of regular gas is currently $3.68. >> around the bay in san
6:52 am
jose and oakland you are looking at prices that are run $3.59. and $3.58. >> this compares to the state average up $3.65. >> super bowl sunday is fast approaching we want to see your minders cry. we have thousands of photos would love to share them. we love showing the pets, the kids, the family. the little babies. that is a tiny helmet. >> send us your pictures breaking news at or send them to a store our crop for face book page. we will share them on the air throughout the severnext several days. >> will continue to follow
6:53 am
the niners on town of four will have the latest as we leave up to the superbowl. >> back at the shark tank after the lock out and there first homestand they had a two to one lead in the third period game. phoenix had a two to one lead in the third period. lauri lorpikoski shot get past goalie antii niemi . and the coyotes added 3 to one leave within the sharks rally back. ago by patrick marleaumakes it three 83 to two game. a
6:54 am
but in the sharks runback. and then another goal by martin havalat sizing up at three apiece. in the score tied patrick marleau scored with 1 minute 53 seconds remaining for his third straight to go game. the sharks their home opener in it, with the when files for 5 to 3 after tacking on in the debtor. sharks at the tank taking on the avalanched tomorrow at 11
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>> we are back it is 6:56 a.m.. the biggest event on all fours is back. the puppy bowl returns for its seventh consecutive year. and for the first time ever, of your skin ostyak from the puppies for review
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with a new puppy can. the puppy bowl has become the battle of it on the animal planet channel. it happens the same day as super bowl sunday. given is supposed to be filled with tear tackles, touchdowns, of the penalties and fumbles. there'll also be a kid and halftimten halftim >> we're focusinwhile facebook e no. 1 spot lot google account for the next five most popular app maps, will pl\ withgoogler google maps, ai
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tunes. new numbers from the commerce or show facebook with the most popular mobile app in the u.s. in 2012. google maps sell a top spot until october. what facebook may have the no. 1 spot locked up google account for the next five most popular apps . after maps, google play, google search,gmail and you tube or the top apps on android and idle as the fis is in theha


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