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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 29, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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for more of the inside story, visit (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> thank you for joining us with the kron4 morning news and tracking the latest with the 49ers, it is media day, we will have the latest with the details.
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>> and eight year-old shot outside her oakland home, we are live at the hospital with the latest on her condition. >> it is not too bad of a start, kind of chilly out in fairfield and vallejo mid 30's out the door. we are in the 40's currently in santa rosa, 47 san francisco. it is a a mild start. the afternoon temperatures around seasonal. at mid to upper 50s. later on tonight we'll continue with clear skies and breezy conditions will continue to exist. i will let you know what to come up expecting in the weekend and my next report. >> we are not tracking any hot spots. the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have not yet been activated this morning. the slow traffic is still confined to two freeways the east bay highway 4 and interstate 580 for the
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westbound ride. otherwise we're still looking at light bay area traffic. >> and eight year-old girl who was shot outside her relatives oakland home is in the hospital this morning. will tran is live at children's hospital oakland where the girl is recovering. >> she is recovering because she was only shot in the leg. no vital organs to worry about but none the last her shooting is outraging the community. here is video of the same. around to 30 5:00 p.m. she was standing on the sidewalk when a car pulled out, several people inside shoot at it as you see part in the driveway. they do not hit any of the intended targets. the back window of the s u b
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was blown out but unfortunately they had the little girl. she was rushed to the hospital and doctors were able to take care of it and that is why she did not have any major injuries are internal bleeding. steve jordan was out there and he said it will take a lot of work to track down the suspects. --chief no one wants to ktalk to the police. it will take a look for them to solve this case. >> jury deliberations will still be under way this morning in the retrial of deborah madden. the former san francisco crime lab technician is accused of taking cocaine from a facility in 2009. the scandal led to the closure of the lab and force prosecutors to dismiss hundreds of criminal cases.
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maddens first trial ended in a hung jury and she faces a maximum sentence of four years in prison of convicted. hayward officials accredited and i year-old boy with helping to save a disabled man from a burning bedroom. authorities said the man was alone in the bedroom in the fire broke out about 430 monday afternoon. the boy heard the smoke detector and ran for help. the neighbors will a disabled man from the room. the >> stake is a hospital to be treated for burns. >> today is media day for the superable all of layers of the 49ers in the ravens will be in the superdome answering questions from some 5000 members of the media. it starts at 8:00 our time. president obama made headlines after say he's a football fan but that if he had a sign considering the impact the game has on its players, he would think long and hard before allowing his son to play. it's a more candid coach jim harbaugh address the president's comments. >> i have a for 75 months
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old jack harbaugh. if obama feels that way he will be less competition for jack when he gets older. that was the first thing that jump in my mind. if other parents were thinking that way. it is still early wet deck is only five months old. he is a really good kid and he has an enormous head. we don't have a 48 on him yet but his ring size is plus one. as soon as he grows into that had the he will be something. --head (laughter) >> coming up at 615 a m. we will be speaking with j.r. stone live in new orleans and about the special person he rode in on a plane with.
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at 8:00 the meeting gets under way at around 1050 and the ravens will also be around as we build up to the super bowl. stay attuned to kron4 news and you can catch all things 49ers on our 247 channel comcast 193. you can also check out kron4 .com and our facebook and twitter feats. >> 6:05 a.m. is the time and a live look outside the bay bridge camera. as start to back up little bit of a cash lions as you approached the toll plaza. we will have a checkup will become back with george in just a bit.
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even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. >> 6:08 a.m. and a look at our east bay camera and oakland. so far mild 41 degrees, should warm up to about 57 later on today. the forecast calls for springlike weather later on in the week. echo break that down for you were coming up later on. >> president obama is taking the case for immigration reform to the public today and las vegas. he is trying to gain support for his proposals for giving millions of the illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship. he also proposes making improvements
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to the legal immigration system and border security. a bipartisan group of senators unveiled another plan yesterday as solution to the immigration problem deluded president obama and his first term. while selling became a nonstarter for president bush. even though he pushed for in his eight years in office. >> needs to army chief has warned of the collapse of the state of the local crisis and the nation for nearly a week continues. the warning comes as the country sinks deeper into chaos and lawlessness. the thames by islamist president to stem a wave of political violence appeared said have made no headway. some 60 people have been killed and the unrest that began last thursday. the airline the u.s. has signed an agreement with the west african country of niger that clears the way for a step up and the american military presence in the compacountry. the move
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comes as major deals with conflictct in neighboring country of mali. the u.s. and france are moving to create an intelligence have an idea that could include a base their molly's border. american drones would monitor al qaeda link militants and molly is a vast desert. we will be right back.
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>> will come back in a 613 a m and we continue our coverage of super bowl this week. >> j.r. stone is waking up in new orleans and joins us live from the phone. good morning they are what's it like down there? >> one more shot and now we will talk abou >> we wanted to talk to him because he got to ride the plane with jerry rice. >> it's your last chance they arjr >> i am here. is a little foggy and muggy outside. i
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am just waiting to hear all these players and what they have to say. >> are you going to bea out there within the hour? >> when you mix in the entertainment reporters when one hears something that we know about you to come out what your favorite food? we wanna know stuff we don't know about these players. >> we have footage of the players coming off a plane on sunday and arriving in have you seen them yet? >> i got in late last y night. i ran to jerry rice. if there's one player you're willing to run into it might as well be jerry rice. i walked right up and said
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jerry rice my name is j.r. stone, nice to meet you. we had a little bit of gravel and dallas with the guy looked at me and said comedy on a plane and i said you know jerry rice at the same problem. >> i've met jerry rice, you have to let me on that plane. >> you can say that now. >> today is separate right? their team and our team? >> it will be the niners burst and the ravens later. it will be interesting because the fans get a chance to come into the superdome today. this is happening on the actual field. fans can watch it these players be interviewed on the field by thousands of media people babe.
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>> they are stone has >> j.r. stone has the best advantage because he is taller than everyone else (laughter) >> hopefully we will get a chance to speak with you after you get a chance to speak to jim harbaugh and the players this morning. >> heart of i guess we're coining new phrases >> it is looking pretty pleasant, especially later on this week. we're off to a mild start with clear skies for most of us. numbers are really not too bad. upper 30's and livermore, 42 oakland. after the hides of made it to the upper 50s. temperatures are around the
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seasonal average. the outset that these seven is that it allows cows. 57 is the common number for concord then fill in walnut creek. very similar conditions to yesterday for the north bay, fifties or papilloma and novato. it is one of the warm spots coming in at 62 degrees. pretty pleasant mild day ahead of us. it will be breezy into the afternoon, especially along the coast. satellite and radar shows the changes to talk about. high pressure building and over head and that will keep was clear and dry as a guide to the storm track to our north. in the wet weather that would have impacted the bay area will stream over to canada. nothing but sunshine and blue skies and temperatures on the warmer side. you can thank the offshore wind that
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will be blowing in tomorrow with temperatures mainly in the low 60s. thursday and friday temperatures are about five to 10 degrees warmer. it will warm in the bay area like springtime. temperatures will be climbing into the low 70's. warmer than usual conditions for saturday and mainly partly cloudy skies. also discussing the possibility for raid that the potential for showers on sunday. a lot of people will be out and about watching the super bowl. the latest models have backed off on the chance and so i put on these seven day just in case. i think we will remain dry to the start of the next work week. the real opportunity for rain on our forecast is around the fifth of february. >> the commute is still doing pretty well this morning and then chp has residents here and there but no hot spots to slow your drive. the bay bridge
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westbound the media lights are active on the drive time is about 14 minutes. the san mateo bridge is a problem free with an alumni commute time across the span. in either direction. no delays for the golden gate bridge and it is a pretty light and easy ride. we will update drive times on 80 westbound, 16 minutes hercules to berkeley. a little slowing into walnut creek on 680 southbound no major delays. san jose 1 01 northbound between 680 and 80 interchanges and 1 01 from rent is still a pretty good ride for the southbound commute to the golden gate bridge. >> watching wall street a day after the winning streak came to an end. the dow fell 14 points and the s&p 500 was off two. the nasdaq rose four points. before yesterday's the s&p 500 was up for eight straight
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trading days and that has not happened in eight years. the dow and the s&p 500 are nearing their all-time closing highs, reached in october 9, 2007. the dow's about 282 points below its high and the s&p 500 is 65 points shy. wall street's rally took a pause yesterday. better than expected earnings just being released from ford this morning. investors also be looking for hints from the u.s. federal reserve which opens a two day policy meeting. we'll have a bell and 10 minutes and at 645 we will speak with rob black. >> in san francisco mayor at least says the to the problems with muni is one of his top priorities. lee has already had success overhauling the city's business tax and mining up funding for housing programs. he is hoping to bring that same success to overhauling muni by creating
6:23 am
a task force to help fix the system. his goal is to create a cable system handling the population projects projections of 2030. >> a live look outside at walnut creek, but traffic of 680 looking good. we will be right back.
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>> the boy scouts of america is considering it a dramatic change in policy and gave members. at this point case but doubts and troop leaders are banned. the group has been talking about changing that. it would be a bigger deal since it just reaffirmed its policy six months ago. i had a change in being considered the different religious and civic groups that sponsor scout units would decide the issue for themselves. there been years the process are the policy which bans gays and some corporations have stopped donations. >> ago revise its google application today that at information for north korea which has been blanked since it started providing maps on line and for mobile devices
6:27 am
eight years ago period included outlines of some of the country's a tory is, city's size prison camps. the information for no. 3 a map was at a by people who are interested in the country under a global development program called map maker, a collaborative effort that has become known as crowds sourcing. they released the release came just three weeks after goals executive chairman, eric schmidt, visited north korea and a highly publicized trip a former american diplomat bill richardson. mr. smith encourage officials he met and north korea to make the internet available to citizens and and its attempts to restrict information. a company spokesperson said there was no connection between the visit and the new map. >> present rock obama is taking the case for emigres reform to the public to a las vegas. he is trying to get support for its proposals for giving millions of illegal immigrants a pathway to the citizenship as well as making improvements to the legal immigration system and
6:28 am
were security. this is the hot topic where it seems like everyone has an opinion. here are it some comments from the kron4 facebook page liam says everyone should have the right to start a new life or future in this country. . but when you see an illegal immigrant work on the table in the government can't tell at collect taxes, that's where the line is drawn. patti says and if you're going to punish the boys for hiring illegals and you should also but as those will outsource jobs overseas. maria gillis says i came here on a fiancee visa and from day one i worked all my documents and paid taxes. i did my daughter citizenship before she turned 18. if they all get a free pass, i want all my money reimbursed. >> we will be right back. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay
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>> let's check out the numbers for the forecast, high erica >> good morning darya we are headed to positive territory or the next couple of days. a warming trend in the bay area and it will feel like springtime in the mid to upper 60s. although today will be sunny, temperatures on the cooler side. into tonight, mostly clear conditions would and
6:32 am
breezy along the coast. into tomorrow and will be a few degrees warmer dry and sunny with most locations climbing into the low 60s. we have a warming trend and temperatures will be five to 10 degrees warmer. i will walk you through and that will be a possibility and it is time for traffic with george. >> by and continues to build at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are active. the commute check shows the i way east the interstate 580 we're waiting for to get into full swing. >> we get to the east bay and oakland were in a year- old girl who was shot in the leg is recovering in hospital this morning. she was standing outside the house went that occurred. will tran is at children's hospital >> at this point there are no suspects in this case. she was not the intended
6:33 am
target and she has been here since to 35 yesterday afternoon. this happened in broad daylight. she should survive because she was shot in the leg, and not life- threatening injury. attendees look oakland on 65th ave. she is playing and from the house, standing in front of the driveway when a car drove by. several suspects inside meant to shoot the target behind her. they did manage to blow up the s u b window but they never had their intended target. they hit her. at this point she is the only big dumb. after shots were fired they took off from the same. this is apparently so bad that the chief of oakland came out personally to comfort the community and talk to family members. he said he was appalled by this. this is something he has done before. whenever something happens to children he comes out. he says he would do everything he possibly can to track
6:34 am
down the suspect but he needs the public's help. they need to step up and give him informations. without that he says it will probably come down to luck to solving this case. we do know he is having a press conference at 1145 this morning to talk about recent shootings and he will address this as well. >> hopefully this information comes up for work well. thank you for the update. >> former staffers as go 49 and greater kwame harris is facing felony domestic violence and assault charges from august beating involving an ex-boyfriend. the san mateo county assistant district attorney says a judge set a april 27th day for the 30 year old addresharris. the charges stem from an altercation outside a menlo park restaurant
6:35 am
between harris and dimitri geier who suffered several facial fractures that required surgery. but prosecutors as a domestic violence charge of the program because the two men used to live together as romantic partners. perez's pleaded not guilty. he says he struck fire in self- defense. there is when to stand for the was the 49ers first pick in the 2003 draft of a tackle played five seasons with the niners and one season with the raiders in 2008 before leaving the nfl. they'll answer that reportedly started over dire putting soy sauce on harris's rice. >> reports are out the 49ers backup quarterback alex smith is expected as for his release before the free agent signing period begins on march 12th. suppose replace the week 11 by collin kaepernick. said this did to earn 7.5 million in base salary in 2013 with a 1
6:36 am
million already fully guaranteed. if smith is all the 49ers roster on april 1st, the remaining 6.5 million we come fully guaranteed. well 49ers would prefer to trade smith, they will have a very short window of opportunity to do so. as a coach jim harbaugh spoke very highly of his backup quarterback. >> 49ers wide back alden smith has been named the team's most viable player. smith won accolades after samper's as those players and coaches voted for him. the 23 road ran second in the nfl with 19.5 sacks this season, adding onto as impressive 14 sack rookie campaign. a man is in
6:37 am
custody >> a man is in custody for allegedly shooting and killing a doctor in a southern california medical building. police received reports of at least six shots fired at the newport beach medical office. officers arrived in the man dead with local gunshot wounds police brought is suspect into custody. no one else was hurt. chevron has paid about $10 million to settle nearly 24,000 claims in connection with the august 2011 refinery fire in richmond. the oil giant also says it is making a corrective actions and its operations. most of the money will pay for medical exams and treatments made immediately following the incident. >> on the body airways has not cancelled all 787 flights to tokyo from san jose men that airport until february 18th. that decision is affecting more than
6:38 am
80,000 passengers. this follows the faa's orders around all 787 planes in the united states. a number of other countries did the same period as there is affected are being offered refunds are rescheduled flights. san jose will vote today on an environmental plan that would protect habitat for endangered species while still allowing development. the habitat conservation plan is an attempt to balance conservation and construction over the next 50 years. if approved, the plan would affect almost 60 percent of the county and raised $665 million mostly from developer fees, a government agencies, state and federal grants and private donations. the plan seeks to stop 18 threat local plant and animal species from becoming extinct.
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>> ragle looks good will stepping down as transportation \ / >> as we look to fremont temperatures there at 42 degrees. it will get even warmer as we head for the
6:43 am
week. >> right now we want to show you an update on a snow mobile writer perry ed he got into a crash and he is still in critical condition. he was joined a flip on thursday when this big 400 lbs. no motel landed on him. he walked away and they will turn off to the hospital. when he was at the hospital he had bleeding around his heart and other complications with his brain. they kept him in the hospital. his younger brother also crashed about 30 minutes later. and he had a separated pelvis. >> brazilian police say that
6:44 am
they have made three arrests and are seeking a fourth person in connection with a nightclub fire that killed more than 230 peopl. if \ police have said they think a band's show ignited sound insulation on the selling, caused the blaze. one witness described the moments just after the fire started. >> all the people were bumping into each other and it was total desperation. a brazilian lawyer confirms that one of those arrested was one of the club's owners. two band members were arrested. funerals began monday in the city of santa maria, brazil where the blaze took place. >> kron 4 is your place for
6:45 am
everything 49ers. as we go to break here is coach jim harbaugh to respond to being asked about his " sharpie necklace ". >> this is a coach's whistle that coaches have won around their necks. it is hard to imagine to practice without your whistle. i just added a pen to to give it strength. it is not complicated at all. >> will be back.
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>> we are watching wall street right now. before yesterday's the s&p 500 was up for eight straight trading days, that has not happened in eight years.
6:49 am
the dial and in the s&p 500 are nearing their all-time closing highs, reached on october 9, 2007. the dow is about 282 points and below its high and s&p 565 points shy. fort dix but on a quarterly revenue. >> some companies are worth something and it is not always about cash but basic evaluations. i do not live by charts but i do look at them. >> it is nice to see that housing is coming back. ford has had great numbers for their quarter. there revenue was about $13 billion.
6:50 am
>> the second largest automaker ford is expected to lose in europe. last year their trucks did great. what is hurting them now is the idea that their net in come may have to be struck by charges. americans are starting to change. people like me in their 20's and 30's are into toyota's. we are thinking that american jobs are coming back. >> will interest rates start to rise? >> maybe about 1.5% and they may move to 2% perry ed one
6:51 am
of the hottest financial backers statenkers will take ovd she will keep the interest rates low. i think dead we will be okay for another to the three years. >> you should still max out your 401k anyway. >> it is 6:49 a.m.. >> we are looking forward to a bit of a warm-up. we will have springlike conditions about thursday. the offshore winds will keep the temperatures on a warmer side. today it will be a little cooler around the bay. it will be similar to what we saw yesterday. we did see scattered showers
6:52 am
and the santa clara county. oakland is waking up to 46 degrees. futurecast 4 highlights the numbers and breaks down the time slots. by 8:00 a.m. it will mainly be 40's just about everywhere. we will climb out of the 30's. as we pushed closer to 12 all the light blue on your screen will indicate 50s. we will have low 60's for fairfield and santa rosa. the temperatures will drive letter on tonight and will be cool and breezy. >> as we turn our attention to that afternoon it will be mid to upper 50s. the temperatures will be around seasonal average. we have plenty of 50s and this is a common number for walnut
6:53 am
creek and union city. mid- 50s for petaluma and novato. and downtown san francisco will be a little bit cooler. we are dry and there is no wet weather to talk about. high pressure is building that and it will keep us dry for the next several days. any rain that we see will be all the way through canada. it will be pretty nice over the west coast for the next couple of days. the temperatures will be on the warmer side and made 60's for the next couple afternoon's. >> we will see that thursday and friday will have plenty of sunshine and the temperatures will be in the upper 60s. sunday the national weather service has stated that there will be a 10 percent chance of showers. i really do not think that we will see in
6:54 am
the brain may be just a light sprinkle. this should not affect you for game day. take a look at your in lows. they will drop to the low 30's. >> we're watching a hot spot on the mimic freeway 1880 south bound. this is right at the 92 interchange. it could bauble of the east bay commute. it will affect your westbound ride on to 38. it is just affecting southbound interstate 880. there are no major problems for you at the bay bridge toll plaza. they have a 16 to 18 minute drive time. for the san mateo bridge the traffic is a little bit heavier and westbound direction. if there drive time is just 13 minutes. for your ride on
6:55 am
the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is an easy commute with no delays as you come from marin county. >> we will take a break at 6:53 a.m.. we will go outside and check arrived on 680 commute. it is looking pretty good. we will be right back.
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>> super bowl 47 is fast approaching. and of course you do not have to be from san francisco to be a 40 niner fan, and nowhere is that more apparent than in santa clara. with the team's new billion dollars stadium being built there, the
6:59 am
team's success on the field has given rise to a dose of civic pride. there is plenty of red and gold to be seen around town and some fans are saying, that santa clara is the team's true home as some super bowl dreams of their own. >> they will always be called san francisco forty- niners. when you see them all around town and all the small businesses now is there. we are ready for it. >> if you build it, they will come. >> we will take a quick break. still ahead on kron 4 morning news, a young girl is being treated at a local hospital this morning after being shot in the leg. officers are looking into whether or not the sot


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