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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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got that phone call. kevin does it. break down the street. >> pam: tonight at 11. a 29- year-old unsolved mystery. a mother anxiously waiting. for answers. but questions still remain. what happened to kevin collins. back in 1984. the 10-year-old boy who vanished in san francisco. tonight -- we know, investigators found something in the cold case that caught their attention. it brought them back to a house on masonic avenue. a home that investigators searched when kevin collins first disappeared in 19-84. the exact nature of that tip or clue. is still part of the sealed search warrant. tonight. kron-4 spoke with kevin's mother.s he shares her theory of what she thinks could have happened. >> i always thought that a witness saw a newsman talking to my eighth little
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boy . maybe he thought the above boiler was torn to protect them and maybe the man lured maybe he thought that the should never have been on that corner. and maybe that's tall blond man with the black dog could have lured kevin with the dog... >> investigators are testing the animal bones. to make sure it is not kevin. the lead investigator who handled the case when it broke in 19-84. says during his search he uncovered tunnels under haight street. but he is not sure if current investigators will again. >> it has been 24 years since dublin teenager. ilene misheloff. vanished.
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coming up at 11-10 -- the march and vigil held in her honor tonight. her family still hopeful, someone will come forward with information about her disappearance. just days from the super bowl. and the 49ers had to sidestep talk about the game today. to play cleanup. thats because of anti -gay comments made on tuesday by a second year player. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on the controversy. >> are there any gay players on the 49ers? >> no >> reporter: these comments were made on media day as he was being interviewed on the artie lang. show... a previous radio personality from the howard stoand howard stern show >> and may be in the locker room? >> no. >> stop the tape.
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>> i appreciate your time. good luck after the game. >> reporter: in a statement released he says that the derogatory comments i made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts i made in my head. but they are not how i feel. it makes me realize to see them in french if. for.. that they are hurtful, ugly. further, i apologize for those that i have heard to. and i pledge to learn and grow from this experience. that was j-r stone reporting. and our team coverage continues. kron 4's jeff bush went to san francisco's newest sports bar in the castro district. to get reaction from disappointed fans. >> reporter: the 49ers flag flies proudly outside hi tops sports bar but fans inside say they are not very proud of the statements made by the home team's cornerback.
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>> this is a san francisco how can he be anti-gay? >> we are sports fans will love the 49ers rear roof for the 49ers. we deserve the respect as much as what we're giving them. >> being a gay man in san francisco, i'm really offended by it and it really hurt my feelings that he is playing for the 49ers and can't defend gay people and stand up for them and living in this great city it's horrible that he is saying these things about gay people. >> the bar owner is hearing the us all too often. >> that tied is really with us. us. tide... however, is really with us but we still need to keep going. i think he should take i >> this is still even making to the pages of sports illustrated. these two men
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kissing celebrating the 49ers victory. this image is the personification of san francisco. there is support. many of our patrons are rooting for the 49ers. and they say they you could probably expect to hear more than chris culver's name comes up. >> pam: kron4 news will have continuing coverage in new orleans throughout the week leading up to the big game. check out for all your super bowl needs. as well as our facebook and be sure to tune in on sunday for super bowl post-game coming up. the passionate plea to end gun violence. by a former congresswoman on plus -- san francisco gearing up for the super avoid a similar scene that took place when the giants won the world
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>> pam: it's been 24 years since ilene misheloff disappeared in dublin. she was 13 at the time. and was last seen leaving wells middle school on amador valley boulevard. she was heading home to change for ice skating practice, but never made it. description. tonight, kron 4's reggie kumar shows us how people remembered the girl, who would be 37 years old today. >> reporter: for the last 24 years of friends, parents, detectives have been watching this path when she disappeared in 1989. she was 13 years old. everyone held signs and this message. help
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bring her home. this started at her middle school. where this was held. the parents are hoping the there will be able to find her alive. >> i could not a match in mor or imagines-wide to caycee dugard.. was going through. and after all of these years. please, go to the dublin police if you know anything. >> she was taken by a stranger off the street that is all we know. we cannot give off on her arrival not give off on my child. she will soon be turning 38
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years old. and issues watching this and i miss her so much and i cannot whea if she is watching this, i cannot wait to put my arms round her. >> jacqueline: reggie kumar, that was reggie kumar, thank-you. your full forecast, coming up
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>> pam: super bowl is just a few days away. however, the mayor ed lee wahl throug he wald through >> everybody celebrates on super bowl and we're hoping that everybody will celebrate responsibly. >> there is not point to be any tolerance for public intoxication. you do not want to be ending up in a sobering facility, or in jail. >> pam: garbage cans will be emptied, during, after, in hopes of preventing any fires like this that happened during the world series. public intoxication and public drinking will not be tolerated. that starts at
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7 p-m. police will also be on the lookout for those drinking sunday. several police agencies will be conducting d-u-i checkpoints february 2nd they will run from 7 pm to 3 am. that is in addition to regularly scheduled patrol officers already looking for intoxicated drivers behind new at 11. >> police are searching for this man who they say attempted to sexually assault a woman in san francisco. ricky philsith allegedly choked and then stabbed the victim in the head when she resisted. it happened earlier this month on 39th avenue. in san francisco's outer richmond district. police say the suspect had previously threatened to kill the victim and herhe has two registered firearms and carries a knife. philsith is described as six feet tall. 180 pounds.with pockmark scars on his face. he drives a dark gray-- 2011 toyota seneca. his license plate is listed on your screen.
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the california highway patrol's three-month deal to help oakland's undermanned police force was supposed tobut the chp said today that they are willing to continue providing assistance to oakland for another 30 days. c-h-p officials say they will continue meeting with oakland police officials to determine the details of that assistance and ongoing efforts. cal-osha has fined chevron nearly one-million dollars for the fire at its richmond refinery last august. which sent thousands of people to cal-osha says its investigators found "willful violations" in chevron's response before, during and after the fire. a spokesperson says the company disagrees with some of the findings. and plans to appeal. >> violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something! >> pam: the first congressional hearing on gun control since the newtown shooting massacre kicked off today. it included a dramatic appeal for tougher gun laws from wounded former congresswoman gabrielle giffords.
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things got heated when wayne lapierre of the national rifle association took the hot seat. >> so you do not support mandatory background checks in all instances? >> we do not because the fact is that it is a failure the way that it is working. >> pam: the nra suggests putting armed guards in every school, something critics say doesn't address the problem of gun violence. some lawmakers want tougher background checks and a crackdown on gun purchases the president's task force against gun violence is going even further. pushing for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and assault-type weapons. a shooting in chicago kills a teenage girl who performed at president obama's inauguration. 15-year-old hadia pendleton was shot in the back. while at a park with friends yesterday. police say, the suspect is
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another teenager who allegedly started shooting at the group. a search is underway. hadia was a majorette in her school's band, and traveled to washington d-c earlier this month to perform at the presidential inaguration. >> nasa has launched a new communication satellite tonight. the unmanned atlas rocket blasted off from cape canaveral. the launch is part of the organization's tracking and data relay satellite program. nasa uses the orbiting network to communicate with the astronauts living on the international space station. the satellites also relays all the images taken by the >> jacqueline: you probably noticed those '60s. 67 in the san mateo. the 60s in pleasanton. for the overnight hours we will stay clear. temperatures to near
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the coast will be a bit chilly. even warmer tomorrow with that warmer weather sticking around. and this area of high pressure on short that is keeping the storm to the north. not much rainfall and warmer temperatures. chilly away from the coast. vallejo, fairfield and also livermore. and we are seeing warmer conditions. the coast. with upper 60's and 70's. the south bay. 67 degrees in san jose. low mid-60s and concord and 63 degrees in walnut creek. a comparable 65 degrees in downtown san francisco. they range of low-mid upper 60s. a look at your extended forecast. warmer weather and
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it will cool down a little bit on saturday. but temperatures will be above average with more cloud coverage this weekend. not much of a break of this at dry pattern until next week. >> pam: puppies answer the question of the week.who will win the super bowl? you see a purple cake representing baltimore and the red one representing the niners. and this year. the puppies chose the red cake.prediciting that san francisco would win the superbowl. however.they wasted no time going for the purple cake once they were done with the red one! coming up what they are saying and the last forty- niners quarterback shares his thoughts...
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>> gary: this was the 49ers that worked out for one hour 33 minutes of the saints practice facility. the baltimore ravens are working out add to tulane.. this is a fast paced practice. >> i am so anxious right
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now. and i do not want to get distracted to i am ready to cut back on that deal. >> i know that we are going to have a tough game on sunday. >> all of this is cool, the cameras, the questions, the activities but we came here to play football. so we are ready to get rolling. fed ex truckinside that truck was the vince lombardi trophy ladies and gentleman, the lombardi trophy has arrived. last week, the parents spoke with the media of the parents of the harbaugh brothers. they are going to ask how we are going to
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feel? dad who has a better than us? nobody... the last time the bond the super bowl steve young led them. it was 1995. he was the most valuable player. and with six touchdown passes. he is now working with espn and we spoke that ray lewis ... on how we got a healthy. have you ever used antler spray? some of these stories are really funny. when you think about this what are they really doing? when alex smith was approached by kaepernick.
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>> i thought that they both work handling the media and these questions very well. and i was wondering what the big deal was they are going to both be going to the super bowl. >> gary: and jim harbaugh i do not know him that much but he always seems aloof from the media is that a front? >> the analogy that i would give about his characteristic is that if you walk of a restaurant with them. and he says let us raced to the car that is part. but i would say that i would not want to race to the car. and it would be interesting to see some other press conferences. and
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steve young saying that even know this is a second string player, the gay comments that culver made, nonetheless are a hard lesson for him. stanford. 76-52 = final score. and in california page delivering 67-63. st. mary's are 18-4. just a few more days. >> pam: good night, everybody.


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