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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 9, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.a developing story tonight >> pam: in san jose. where firefighters found a burning body. officials say, the body was found in the brush on the northbound state route 85 onramp at cottle road. shortly after 9-15 this evening. no word on whether the body is a male or female. there was no car nearby. the fire is contained. but it is not under control. san jose police are responding to investigate the death. right now -- there are no additional details about the body.
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there is a homeless encampment on the scene. in this area. >> pam: the oakland police department is re- emphasizing a program. that it believes reduces crime. the departmetn says. operation ceasefire is now in full effect. and it is the main tool being used to reduce homicides and violence. kron 4's alecia reid explains from the city public safety meeting tonight in the fruitvale district. >> reporter: oakland police chief in the public safety committee has met with the issue of violence. it is an issue here in the police department has incorporated operation cease-fire. police chief howard shore in is to identify that small group of 14 different gangs in oakland to give them the opportunity to stop bad behavior. and take advantage of social services that the city has to offer or suffer
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harsh consequences for. over the last couple of weeks they have taken his advantage with mentoring. >> the biggest decrease we are seeing is with murders and shootings. that is what we want to highlight today this coincides with our cease fire efforts that brings the community and the police to gather that helps address the crime problems. >> although this has some residents are still hesitant. >> this is still unfamiliar. the chief says that operation chief fire is part of the crime reduction plan to get the community involved. to reduce fatal and non-fatal shootings and to reduce the incarceration
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rate. alecia reed, kron 4 news. warm weather on the way. a weekday warmup is expected tomorrow. this is a live look at san francisco. kron4's jacqueline bennet is in the weather center. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: of temperatures have already warmed up. it was 80s in oakland today. 71 in san francisco and 70's for the inland valleys. it is going to get even warmer. mild for the most of the bay area with widespread 70's. that is the yellow. the coast is sticking with the 60s. check this out. the orange is representing temperatures in the 80s. just a warm-up is going to get in your neighborhood, coming up
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>> what is all the excitement about? the big victory for the golden state warriors. they cheereda big win for the golden state warriors tonight before a hometown crowd! warriors fans cheer as the team just clinched a playoff spot for the first time in >> we just clinched the south and we are on the weight to the playoffs >> i cannot tell you how excited we are, with steven curry and david lee. we are in the playoffs. >> i feel that they are on a confident high. and if they are sure of their future bringing great energy i have great hopes. >> great news! the warriors, playoffs! >> let's go, the warriors. they are going to go to the playoffs.
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>> pam: and sports director gary radnich will have all the highlights from tonight's game. coming up in sports! >> the blue angels will not be flying for this year's fleet week. because of major cuts in the federal budget. kron four's jeff bush spoke with the event's director. to find out how fleet week will be affected. >> reporter: it's official. the world famous blue angels will not be flying for this year's fleet weekwhich means a much more scaled down event this year. it's all due to budget cuts and the navy says all the shows for 2013 have been cancelled. fleet week is still going to happen but it will not be the same without the blue angels. this year, the focus will be on more practical things like joint, military/civillian excercises. them o >> a very important compnoant is the humanitarian assistance and disaster response excercises that we bring here for the elected and appointed officaials to work with the senior military officals to
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prepare for the big earthquake that will come someday. >> reporter: it is still unclear how many ships the navy will send to san francisco. event organizers hope the sailors and marines that do come will be as welcomed as they have been in years past. >> the way the san francisco citizens treat these young men and women is fantastic. it's just been amazing so far we are really hoping we can have the sailors and marines here for fleet week. >> reporter: event organizers say they are just as disappointed as anyone else that the blue angels will not fly during this year's fleet week but do say the team as committed to be back for 2014. i'm jeff bush at the marina green in san francisco, kron four news. >> pam: and kron4 spoke to a number of who are disappointed the blue angels will not participate in this year's san francisco fleet week.
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>> that is sad. >> i am really disappointed me and my dad have been doing it for years. >> i am going to be really sad not to see them. >> i think fleet week and the blue angels is really highlight what they do. this makes it fun. have seen a fifty -percent >> pam: an oakland gang associate testified today that a 17-year-old boy was one of three people who fired shots that wound up killing a 23-month old baby. this is surveillance video of the november shooting two years ago. during a preliminary hearing. the man testified that the shots.intended for a rival gang, were fired by 17 year old frederick well as two other gang members. baby innocent bystander. was shot in the head while being held by his father in an oakland
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parking lot two years ago. coleman's preliminary hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence against him to charge him with murder. >> police are investigating a shooting that killed one person and injured two others. authorities say, this morning. someone opened fire on three men as they were standing on the sidewalk near 20th and virginia. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. police do not believe the three victims were involved in any illegal activity. an witness says the victims were jogging as part of an agility test for the city's richmondbuild program when they were shot. >> coming up a frantic scene at a texas college. the students started stabbing haazig madyu and tensions in noa are escalating.
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>> pam: an army specialist
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from san jose was killed in afghanistan last weekend. 24 year old delfin santos junior -- who you see here in this thanksgiving greeting he sent to his family- was killed in an attack in kandahar. officials say santos was among five americans killed in a suicide car bombing while delivering textbooks to children the taliban claimes responsibility for the attack. >> jacqueline: and it was warmer out there today. wait until you see you temperatures in your neighborhood. >> gary: coming up later all four teams, the oakland athletics, the giants, the warriors. and if the sharks scored in columbus. coming up. lots of highlights. later. >> pam: we're now 40 days away from this year's bay to breakers. san francisco based craigslist will be a presenting sponsor. kron 4 will bring you the race from start to finish. bay to breakers -- happening
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>> authorities in suburban houston say a community college student accused of hurting 14 people in a campus stabbing attack said he had fantasized about stabbing people to death. twenty-year-old dylan quick is accused of using a razor-type knife. most of those wounded at the cy-fair campus of lone star community college were
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stabbed in the face and neck. one witness described what she saw during the attack. >> 5 was in my nursing laugh and i heard a scream of i thought people were just playing around. i saw that april had a lot of running out of her neck. and i went to see if there was anybody else and i saw the attacker stabbed another white male outside of the classroom. >> pam: tonight -- two people remain in critical condition. for a little while. north korea is also looking to continue exercising their possibility of nuclear
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weapons. >> pam: get ready for a show-down in congress on gun control this week. top senate democrat harry reid says it will begin thursday. he had hoped to get a bipartisan deal on tougher gun laws by now - but it didn't happen. at least five republicans have indicated an openness to support the democratic effort to at least begin debate. but others have threatened to filibuster a bill that would expand background checks for gun purchases. reid needs 60 votes to begin senate consideration of the bill. >> jacqueline: we can see on futurecast. by 7:00 a.m., quite mild. temperatures in
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the low 50s. as we go towards noon temperatures quickly getting to the 70's. that is the yellow. that you see and '80s for the north bay, that delta, the inland valleys and portions of the bayshore. temperatures are going to cool quickly. sea breezes picking back up. temperatures in your neighborhood. he's for the most part. and in the san jose 82 in cupertino. 83 in concord pleasanton, livermore for the east bayshore 70's. 80 in hayward, oakland and closer to the coast. temperatures in the 60s but warmer than today. san francisco with a range of 80s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast. that will be the warmest and day. cooler weather for the rest of the week and the work week. and
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a similar pattern is starting. but it is not going to be nearly as strong. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. >> stand up/you know how bad it is to sit at your desk for hours at a time without moving.well, now there's no excuse. a new company is bringing the treadmill to you. the concept is pretty simple: strap on your sneakers, log onto your computer, and hop on your treadmill. the standing desk with an adjustable treadmill lets employees at this insurance company get a little exercise while they work. the wellness committee at brown and brown in indiana wanted to break up the typical work day and get people out of the cubicle for a little while. instead, the conclusion - the more people could move around, the better they would feel.not to mention, more productive. still in the test phase, no telling when the desk treadmill will hit the market. i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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>> pam: san francisco's exploratorium is set to re- open in its brand new location next wednesday. the childrens' science museum was located at the palace of fine arts for 43 years. when it opens at pier 15 next week, it will have 150 new exhibits, an all- glass observatory. and a waterfront view of the san francisco bay. tickets will cost $25 for adults. and $19 for kids, students and seniors. children under age five get in for free. >> a big night for the bay area sports. the giants, the a's, the warriors, the sharks. gary radnich is coming up. >> pam: kron 4 news is rolling out a new program called kron rewards. for the entire month of april, watch kron 4 news at eight in the morning or eight at night. and you can earn valuable points which you can redeem for prizes, cash cards or exclusive kron 4 items. we'll show you a word of the day during those times, you then enter that word on kron
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>> gary: for the second time in 19 years the warriors are going to the playoffs. they clinched there is what with a utah loss. the warriors'
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victory here over minnesota, cleat thompson had 24 points in the first half. and they are going to go to the playoffs! 105-89. the golden state warriors! and then the post season. >> we have a lot more to do. nothing has accomplished yet. we have accomplished oracle of getting there but we do not want to just slide and. >> we are going to start to shave! [laughter] >> i've got my clippers i am ready. >> gary: everybody is feeling good. and the warriors want to stay in the
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sixth place. the seventh and eighth will open against the powerhouse in the west. san antonio or oklahoma city. >> gary: tim lncecum not his night top 5th/ 5-2 rockies troy tulowitzki solo home run off lincucum 6-2 rockies bottom 6th/ 6-2 rockies brandon crawford opposite- field 3-run home run off adam ottavino 6-5 rockies bottom 8th/ 6-6 tie angel pagan single up the middle right off the pitcher andres torres scores 7-6 giants pagan with the salute final: 9-6 giants a's angels
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todd mcclellan 1st period/ scoreless >> it look like the oakland a's were going to let it go away but not the case. and a three-one home run the top of the seven, the oaklandon 9-5 = final score. the warriors, the giants and the 80s. and here is the sharks they were playing very good but the to not.. rebound from behind the net 1-0 blue jackets 3rd period/ 4-0 blue jackets sergei bobrovsky denies patrick marleau's point blank wrister for one of his 30 saves he gets his 4th shutout in 15 games he previously had none in 98 games final: 4-0 blue jackets
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ncaa wmn - uconn/louisville rick pitino supporting louisville women's team 1st half uconn on a 15-0 run freshman breanna stewart 3- pointer and is fouled uconn up 19 at halftime 2nd half stewart gets the offensive rebound and put back she had a game-high 23 points and 8 rebounds gino auriemma hugs stewart his 8th national championship ties him withtime final: 93-60 tiger woods. and he has never had victory at the memasters with a goatee. it takes a long time for this to grow. it takes a long time. what was the next part of the question? >> gary: the media is ready
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