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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 12, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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(male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts at eight. three teens under arrest. accused of sexually assaulting a classmate. who later took her own life. new tonight. we hear from a district attorney about the serious charges. plus: sex offenders. cutting off their tracking devices. i'm pam moore.
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we'll see you at eight. now at eight. bullied at school. sexually assaulted at a party. and then. the pictures on line. that's probably what led to the suicide. six months after fifteen year old audrie pott took her own life. prosecutors say, they have tracked down at least some of the classmates who humiliated her. this is a very very serious crime and now. three of her saratoga high school classmates are under arrest. they are accused in the sexual assault. and distributing pictures of the assault. online. audrie pott committed suicide last september. the attorney working for her family says, she is helping them find whatever justice is possible in this tragic case. >> "the parents are still grieving and are obviously devastated by this loss"/"we obviously can't bring her back, but the families goal
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is to try and not let this happen again." audrie's parents want people to come forward. the night of her sexual saratoga classmates party. sources tell kron four, there were dozens at the party. and audrie's family wants to hear from them. in the meantime, her family has put together a foundation in her name. and plans to work toward legislation making cyber bullying a crime. right now, officials the boys will be charged with the sexual assault and distributing photographs of a minor. today, kron 4 talked to the santa clara county sheriff about the investigation that led up to the arrests. ".what we needed." we know the three boys arrested are 16 years old, but often times when the case is serious enough, juveniles can be charged as adults. kron 4's dan kerman has been speaking with the santa clara county district attorney's office. dan what did they say about the possibility of charging the three as adults. >> reporter: because this
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case has juvenile suspects, the d-a's office can't speak directly about this case. but we talked in general terms that should shed some light on what might happen next there are specific laws that allow and prevent the d-a to directly file charges against juveniles as adults. now reports have indicated that the victim was completely unconscious at the time of the attack. the d-a's office says in general terms when a sexual assault victim is unable to give consent because they are drunk or unconscious, the law prevents the d-a from directly charging the teens as adults, but prosecutors have other steps they can take >> banff' >> pam: did the d-a's office say if that's what they plan to do, and if so what is the timeline? >> reporter: the d-a's office cant speak specifically about this case. but in general terms, here is timeline if they choose to do this. juvenile charges will be filed against the three boys
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monday or tuesday. at the same time the d-a could petition the court to hold that fitness hearing. that requires lots of preparation, interviews and reports, so that hearing might not be scheduled for another 6 months. if the judge rules they should be tried as adults, then the d-a will file adult charges, and then they will be able to talk about this case. >> pam: what about sentencing? what are they differences? >> reporter: well juveniles can be kept in juvenile hall until they are 25. that would be about 9 years. there the focus is rehabilitation the maximum sentence for these crimes for adults is 8 years and 8 months, but again, that is in a state prison >> new tonight at 8-- a quick thinking staff member at an oakland elementary school foils an attempted kidnapping. it happened just as class let out yesterday afternoon at around 2-30. police say a man approached a five-year-old boy at burckhalter elementary school and tried to pick him up. the boy did not know the man. police tell kron4 a school staff member saw what was happening and stepped-in.
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".protect their children" police are releasing a vague description of the suspect. he's described as a mid- thirties african american man, with a dark complexion. standing five-feet-ten. weighting 170 pounds. with a short buzz-cut hairstyle. he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans. the boy was not harmed. >> pam: today, class resumed as usual. >> developing tonight. we are learning more about the teen boy who was hit and killed by a train in san lorenzo. 15- year-old austin price of hayward, was hit last night on the tracks north of the hayward amtrak station police say he. along with two other friends. were playing a game of chicken, at the time of the accident. tonight we're hearing from those who knew the teenager ".here on campus." school officials say all students are shown a train safety video every year. since the school is located so close to the train tracks. shocking statistics tonight from the department of corrections.
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>> pam: new figures show. an alarming number of sex offenders in california. are cutting off their g-p-s devices. this allows them to go undetected. and presents the opportunity they could commit new crimes. new tonight at 8-- kron 4's justine waldman tells us why. some say the sex offender fugitives don't fear being caught. every sex offender parolee in california must wear a gps device around their ankle >> reporter: new reports shows a 65% increase in sex offenders trackedthat went off the radar. either they cut off their devices or did not charge them. in many cases, an offender cut off the strap more than once. in 2012 in california. a total of 4,153 warrants went out for sex offenders who committed this violation. breaking that number down by county here in the bay area in alameda that is 176 warrants. contra costa - 41 warrants.
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san francisco - 150. santa clara - 151. santa cruz - 19. the department of corrections says in most cases the fugitives were caught, quickly. saying over the past three years, the number recaptured is 92%,. and on average it took about 12 days to catch them. some believe the increase in offenders ditching their devices is because the punishment is too soft. a new law from late 2011, called the realignment plan, sends parolees to county jail instead of state prison. because state prisons are too crowded. there is a bill working its way through the senate right now that would make disabling the court-ordered gps devices a felony followed by a longer sentence in state prison. in san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news. >> pam: developing tonight. authorities are investigating. after a 10- year old girl is molested in daly city. it happened monday evening in a restroom. inside an
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office building at the serramonte plaza. daly city police say, surveillance cameras from a ross store in the same plaza. captured this video of a man matching the victim's description of the suspect. ".in the video" this is a sketch of the suspect. investigators say, he was last seen getting into a grey compact vehicle possibly a honda. >> and dmitri storm threatened to kill citizens. authorities say that he is 5 ft. 10 in.. 160 lbs. with blue eyes, blond hair and he just shaved his beard. there is a $1 million award for
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his arrest. >> eight tenth-8 tense today. >> a onlineit was posted last night on facebook. and said quote, 'if you go to school tomorrow, you will die.'-- end quote. neither police nor school officials will confirm speculation by students. that one of their own is to blame. but they promise there will be consequences. >> in fact, we do know that there is a student that is responsible for this action at the district would take action. her education code 48900 and appropriate proper disciplinary action that could include. ".suspension and or expulsion." >> pam: police were posted outside the high school and at several other schools, as an extra safety measure. no trouble has been reported. classes are to resume as scheduled on monday.
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>> much easier to get across the bay bridge. getting across the city for a night on the town tonight. the highs today, we did see some 80s. for the inland locations. 80s in the livermore valley. a bit cooler towards the west. 77 and concord 71 degrees in oakland. sunnyvale, we got to 77 degreesa very pleasant day with conditions and a great work week. tonight, clear, ski expected to and mostly sunny with a tad to cooler once again breezy conditions and the wind will pick up. and towards monday. beyond that, some colder air. when is it will get cold on the next
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seven days coming up. >> pam: scary moments in san francisco today. when a driver plows into a building. you can see the extent of the damage. the area was taped off while authorities investigated. it happened in the 900- block of larkin street. between geary and post. authorities have not released the cause of the crash. also no word tonight on the extent of the damage. or any injuries. >> pam: chevron has released the results of its own investigation into last august's refinery fire in richmond. and - much like the findings of federal and state inspectors - chevron admits it mishandled its response to the disaster. chevron says it failed to properly document tests of a corroded pipe near the one that failed and caused a fire. it also says it failed to inspect all corrosion-prone pipes in the same area. and.that its workers did not recognize the risk of the pipe rupturing - and igniting. the oil giant expects to resume normal operations at the refinery soon -- and insists it has new procedures in place to prevent a similar incident.
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>> coming up. u.s. secretary of state, john kerry were responding to the north korea threats aimed at the united states. and what could be that tsunami remnants washin up on the california coast and the newest addition in the san francisco zoo tiger. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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>> john kerry has of the latest details. speaking of
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the secretary of state is downplaying nuclear missile concerns surrounding north korea and says there is a united front steadfast on preventing the country from becoming a nuclear power. today. john kerry said the u.s. will enter into talks with the north, but under strict conditions. rene marsh is following the latest developments from washington. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry arrived in south korea, armed with a message for the north. >> the united states will, if needed, defend our allies and defend ourselves. >> reporter: a stern voice but leaving the door open for negotiations. >> we are prepared to work with the conviction that relations between the north and the south can improve, and they could improve very quickly. >> reporter: kerry making it clear the u.s. will only talk to the north if it gives up its nuclear weapons.but that could be a non-starter for leader-- kim jung un. kerry is in seoul, meeting with south korea's foreign minister. meantime, more questions
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about whether pyongyang can deliver a nuclear weapon or not?the question comes after a portion of an assessment report, that was supposed to be classified was mistakenly marked as declassified and read aloud at a hearing on >> dia assesses with moderate confidence that the north currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. >> reporter: but the white house disagrees and is pushing back >> what they have not done is demonstrate a capacity to, a capability to deploy a nuclear armed missile, attach a warhead to a missile and fire it. >> reporter: secretary kerry down playing the report too. he says it would be inaccurate to suggest north korea is able to launch nuclear missiles. in washington i'm rene marsh for kron 4 news. >> temperatures are in the mid '50s. for the east bay and oakland and richmond. 73 in antioch. that is the warm spot we did see the low 80s.
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san jose, 57. and for the north bay, 55 degrees. the satellite and radar showing dry conditions with plenty of sunshine that will continue. notice the sea breezes with the cooling continuing. overnight low tomorrow will be on the cool side. downtown san francisco and also 50s in san jose. but the 70's i do not think that we are going to see that many eighties. nice temperatures. low 70's and san jose. milpitas. palo alto, cupertino you should see about the mid 70's for tomorrow afternoon. and low 70's for castro valley. 76 and concord. '70s in pittsburgh. the livermore
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valley the mid 70's. and in the north bay. petaluma a nice day for some wine tasting. the g-7 in downtown san francisco. '70s in berkeley, 57-in downtown san francisco. a look at the sierras. we are looking at not the best conditions with no fresh powder but it is going to be great light dusting on possible but there is a wind advisory. your kron 4 7 day around the bay breezy and the wind will be stronger on monday that will be the coolest today. temperatures will only be in the mid '60s. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates.
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>> pam: a barnacle-covered fishing boat washed ashore in northern california this week. and it's believed to be the first piece of debris from the tsunami in japan to reach the california coast. it appeared on a beach in crescent city. near the oregon border. officials are now trying to determine where the boat came from. a geology professor at humboldt state university says japanese lettering on the side of the boat suggests it belonged to a high school in northeast japan. the newest exhibit at the s- f zoo. centered around the eight-week-old sumatran tiger. opened for the first time today. today for the first time people could come down and check out the baby cub -- who is finally strong enough to venture into the outdoor enclosure. zoo officials went through a trial run on wednesday and watched as the cubs mom -- leanne -- brought the cub out to explore her new surroundings. the lion house will be open to the public from two-to- four p-m on saturday and sunday.
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>> it is almost here but now, the iphone is available with t mobile. they have a pretty amazing deal with that is difficult to pass up. stay tuned. >> gary: coming up later you see my wife, alicea owith her, and a necklace. and a lot of e-mails about my teasing position and also the matches with tiger woods. and also, later in this broadcast.
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>> pam: it took six years but the day is finally here the i=phone is now officially being offered by t-mobile. the i=phone five, and past i=phone models are in stores now ready to go. t=mobile is going to great lengths to lure i=phone users over to their service.
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as tech reporter gabe slate discovered the deals are hard to pass up. >> reporter: until now if you wanted a new iphone you would have to purchase a minimum of 200 it dollars and be committed to a two- year contract. with eight data plans. that is all changing. now, you can go into a t mobile store. at only $100 for a new iphone. or, if you have a iphone holder that you can trade and? you are able to get one in for free. you can get this up front deal because the at and the new price. they will attack on a $20 monthly fee. at 24 months, they will tech that on -- on your monthly bill. tacking it onto your monthly bill but this is real shaking up this tech world.
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>> taking a look at the 80s today. 77 degrees in sunnyvale. the cooling trend will continue. more details on that and a look at your weekend forecast, when a comeback. . look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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>> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. three teenagers are under arrest. they are accused in the sexual assault of fellow classmate audrie potts. and distributing pictures of the assault online. audrie took her own life last september. right now, the boys are charged with the sexual
8:31 pm
assault. and distributing photographs of a minor. new numbers from the california department of corrections show more sex this allows them to off the commit new crimes. offenders don't fear being caught.and they head to tougher state prison. also, quick thinking of an elementary school kept from a five year-old from being abducted. more sex offenders are removing their gps devices. this allows them to go off the radar. some say the reason is that they do not fear being caught and the code to county jail instead of state prison. >> bay bridge safety concerns still, we are learning more about those could have broken on the eastern span of the bridge.
8:32 pm
tonight we're learning more about why those 32 anchor rods. may have broken on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. kron 4's charles clifford has an update. >> reporter: caltrans is saying that they suspect that an excessive amount of hydrogen may have seeped into a batch of anchor rods, making the steel brittle and eventually causing the rods to break. but the question
8:33 pm
is how did the hydrogen get into the steel? on friday caltrans released very detailed information describing the fabrication, galvanization, testing and installation of all 288 anchor rods. but there is no apparent explanation of how an excess amount of hydrogen may have gotten into the metal. the devil it seems, is in the details. there are a couple possibilities... during fabrication of the bolts the metal is heat treated or baked to make the rod's stronger. this process may have strengthen the steel, but left it vulnerable to hydrogen. also the rods are galvanized, or coated with zinc, to keep water away from the metal. poor quality galvanization may have left the steel exposed. and finally, the bolts that were broken were installed years ago, but only recently tightened down. during that time, rainwater may have seeped into the metal, making the rods brittle. on friday, caltrans was wouldn't say if any of these scenarios or some other cause is what led to the 32 broken rods. in the mean time, testing continues on the remaining bolts and caltrans engineers are working on a way to fix or replace the broken rods. on yerba buena island, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: a beautiful day. how about the weekend forecast with anny hong?
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>> yes. pleasanton, 67. and oakland, mid-50s the same in richmond. already in the 40's in daly city. the wind speed at this hour with 15 mph. and 14 m.p.h. in fairfield. we are seen isolated areas in breezy conditions and that will continue the sea breeze onshore and for land. we will continue to see that for sunday, monday. but it will be dry. upper 70's for the inland locations. cooler on sunday and even windy on sunday. that is our coolest today for the next 70's. temperatures will only be in the mid-60s. there will be no more 80s. comedian
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jonathan winters. the 87 year old died today. he was known for his wild improvisation. actor robin williams says winters was his greatest mentor. as kron 4's catherine heenan shows us. you can see
8:36 pm
the connection in this performance from 1964. >> i like all kinds of movies. westerns oh sorry ralph >> catherine: 17 years later, williams repaid the debt by casting winters as his son in the final season of "mork and mindy' winters rose to fame as a frequent performer at san francisco comedy clubs in the 1950s. his career almost ended after a bizarre performance at the hungry i in 1959. police found him climbing in the rigging of the tall ship balaclutha at fisherman's newspaper coverage described him as telling police, quote "where am i from? outer space, man." winters was held for psychiatric treatment, and with manic depression. a year later, he was back on stage, recording a live album titled: joanathan winters, back to earth, >> pam: now for today's market update. four days worth of gains came to an end on wall street. here are the closingthe dow fell just under a point. to close at 14,865. the first four days of the week. the nasdaq lost five points. the s-and-p 500 fell four points. retail sales fell in march. and lower gasoline prices may be partly to blame. according to a report from the census bureau. retail sales were down point- four- percent last month. economists were expecting sales to be unchanged from february. spending at the gas pumps dropped more than two- percent. americans also spent less at department stores and on electronics and appliances.
8:37 pm
the report could be tied to the lackluster job market. hiring slowed in march. the labor department says 500-thousand people dropped >> the class of 2013 is graduating into a higher- paying job market. according to a new report the average starting price for college graduate is increasing five-point- three-percent to nearly 50- thousand-dollars a year. that's more than two- thousand dollars higher than last years average. health services make the biggest jump followed by business. education. computer science. and engineering majors. humanities and social sciences get the smallest increase but it's still a reason to celebrate. >> president barack obama and vice president joe biden are releasing their tax return information for 2012. the first family saw their income drop slightly from last year. the return shows that the president and the first lady earned a little over 608- thousand-dollars last year. for being the nations president -- obama is paid 400-thousand-dollars a year. the obamas paid a little over 112-thousand dollars in taxes. vice president joe biden
8:38 pm
and his wife jill earned just over 385-thousand- dollars. they paid nearly 88-thousand dollars in taxes. >> the national park service director testified before a house subcommittee today. he says the forced budget cuts. also known as sequestration. are having an impact. he says the cuts have forced the service to make tough choices, including employee furloughs and maybe even the cancellation of special events. other officials agree. saying it is having an impact on morale. >> "i know it's gonna hurt the morale and the ability of many of your employees to go about their mission but also millions of americans who want to enjoy the beauty and the history of our national parks." >> pam: the forced budget cuts took affect on march first. congress could not reach a deal before the deadline to avoid the cuts. altogether, the cuts will amount to some 85-billion dollars this fiscal year,
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technology. according to elio motors the three-wheeled. two-seater can go up to 672-miles on one tank of gas. it's being classified as a motorcylce but the designer says it handles more like a car. it goes on sale as early as 2014 for as little as 68- hundred dollars. to >> plan of sunshine tomorrow. and breezy. plenty of sunshine the breezes will pick up with that cooling trend continuing. temperatures right now or 51 in downtown san francisco. 54 in fremon santa rosa, cooling down to the mid-50s. the mid '50s also in oakland and breezy. it is not widespread but it could be a bit breezy as you are going out the door for tonight. the satellite and river shall in no returns. tomorrow we will stay dry and even for the next couple of days. the satellite and
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radar--showing no returns. >> with pleasanton and 50s redwood city, 40's. if you have any outdoor activities you are going to want to grab a jacket. however, a nice warm up. campbell. '70s in fremont. if in san leandro, danville you could almost get to 80 degrees. vallejo, 73 degrees and in the north bay, perhaps wine in napa and also 70's. even still sierra at tahoe saturday will be breezy but a wind advisory on sunday. still, decent spring skiing. your kron 4 7 day around the bay it will be windy monday it is the coolest today.
8:47 pm
temperatures getting into the mid-60s for the inland in the bay relocations. the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on >> good evening. and if gary radnich has any time dropped from that shout out? [laughter] >> and tiger started off nice. he started off with three birders it for these
8:48 pm
-- and with three strokes back. rory mcillroy is perhaps his biggest challenge. probably the top story with all due respect is tiger woods. and the 14 year-old received a penalty for planning to slow. he is the youngest player ever to make the cut for the master's. and with - 6. leading fred couples just by one stroke. tiger woods i wonder what the house tuesday say? >> when the wind was picking up? my score does not quite indicate how well i played today. >> ogiants cubs following the worst start of his career which he gave up 9 runs in 3 2/3 inn. bot 5th, 1-0 chc starlin catro - takes cain
8:49 pm
deep to left center - the cubs second solo home run off cain 2-0 chc cain: 7 ip, 7 hits, 2 runs, 6 k's top 9th, 2-1 chc giants rally - one run already across when brandon belt doubles to deep right bringing home arias and a speeding pence who slides in safe!!! 3-2 sf giants take lead.sergio romo time! but romo didn't have it pinch-hitter dioner navarro leads off the 9th with a - the first run romo has allowed this year.tie game 3-3 tie 4 batters later castro - doubles deep to the ivy in center - angel pagan can't make the play - david dejesus comes around to score the winning run cubs win 4-3 romo gets the loss giants drop to 7-4 cubs improve to 4-6 grienke broken collarbone last night in san diego dodgers pitcher zack grienke suffered a broken left collarbone after he hit padres hitter carlos quentin with a pitch and quentin rushed the mound inciting a benches clearing brawl
8:50 pm
he is going to mess two months. he is going to mass- two months. and curry had 32 points. right now, 57-27 right now. when we come back, e-mail with some angry e-mails. they are angry about kevin's popcorn...issue.. and was it just a couple of people that said that you do not look that bad? out in public. and no matter what they say, you really look good. >> i'd rather look great. and a luci of lisi say that he a great looking man. >> and he is good-looking to
8:51 pm
me is what she says. l [laughter] >> it is all that matters. we will be right back. .
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>> my daughter heard thus and she said. >> i want to say his name. >> the guy from the safe nature. has offered hioffered her-and part-time jobs. save nature. >> and the popcorn joke was
8:55 pm
funny! >>gary: that was all about me. and i do not like 10 people against one person and you had to people against two people but not 10 people against one person. and this was like back and my basketball days. >> maybe this is a little bit different, the want to mellow him out. >> but i do not want to think that you should deface someone's property. >> and you are so jealous of barry zito! you cannot stand it. >> okay, ok. i will repeat it again that he is having a great year. he is an all- star. what bothers me is that he is an inspiration. and oh my gosh! what he has accomplished. however, when you have $100 million in the bank money does not buy
8:56 pm
everything. but when they say that he is faced adversity. adversities to me. >> the want to make a story about his life. >> he got only four lousy years. and now he is doing great but i just think that people salivate. and my crew will say that they should do a movie of his life. but i would think that i would rather admire somebody as a putrid entertainer. >> like the name-a future -- entertainer. >> like the guy from saving nature. >> and also, the tiffany championship rings presented with white gloves. >> and i said that it was such a dichotomy with the baseball players that scratched her crotch.
8:57 pm
>> and the warriors, the sho sharks? >> and the sharks. >> and i think the oakland athletics are better than the giants. >> i think that he could be right. >> see you. omomg,g, stop. jack, your new chipotle chicken club is craze amaze.
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