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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 24, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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and should make a final sale this week we have to decide to replace 100 other boats after the accident in 2010 we will open the new when it is ready and not a day sooner. this corn to be a
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difficult call to make starting with obvious difference. none of the 2010 boat have failed. under one scenario that they will be replaced only after the news then open that is in the event of a earthquake. >> pam: how much will these repairs cost? >> reporter: and significant change for many bart and. the interests here shutdown today also known as the apple store that interest will be closed at roughly for the next five years. signs are directing people to the other interests on
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fourth and market street. it will run a mile and a half all the way to no. union square market street and chinatown. maybe one day the first of two boeing shane of pride in severs cisco from sh china's huge. faugh going to be digging the underground tunnel it takes a while and 1.6 billion subway project to be finished in 2019 pam >> pam: ahead at eight under heavy security the bomb suspect bombing suspect. that as one of the victims killed by the suspect is
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france and russia to be and law-enforcement. possibly so the ticket tickets then they killed him during the marathon bombings. twisted perverted. tonight we are learning more about the older boston
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bomber by the surviving brother that is under heavy guard by the up in the hospital. >> catherine: why the two suspects wallingford and the boston area they may have been planning to a gold to an york city. they may be coming to new york and not to do what they were doing. the older brother has suggested to investigators that there are going to party any york. russia was russia informed united states that of tom . among those things posted of the u-2 channel and militant and russia is not clear if the two men met. sinisteso he didn't stay where e went by he learned something
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where he went in he came back to kill people. john kerry >> catherine: also today we learned that the brothers were on welfare right up and tam as paris were receiving that of receiving welfare benefits as of last year. there are fresh there is fresh concrete over the bomb site. the bomb was triggered by remote. the dollar but it has been a week since that deadly blows symbol of a fertilizer plant killing 14 and injuring more than 200 others. here is an enclave of close look at the damage. a a 10 ft. deep crater exposed. the blast expo the blast exploded several
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homes. here is video of the explosion. it is not determine on what caused the blast. exceeding $100 million. president obama is expected for a memorial tomorrow. >> jacqueline: you probably noticed it is a lot cooler. in the los 70's and bob. and antioch in livermore and fairfield those barriers are largely affected by fallog. as we take a look ahead widespread fallout to my morning the course i to my morning the ball becomes a little bit " a little bit more extensive friday and saturday temperatures will one beckham in the '70s below 70's and low 80s. the
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sea breeze when still intact. by 6:00 in the morning it is covering every location in the bay area and it will start this bill back. rarely see children in those spots. poison '50s 57 vs zero hayward and 47. we will get a few low 70's mostly sixties. also if you los 70's for our low them low valleys. the stock should keep the coastline shrouded. 58 ocean beach 59 and for cisco and we will
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look at your bandit forecast. friday we will start to rebound to the tries in the '80s. remember you do watch the weather forecast on average is convenient that its own, cash,. >> pam: stalled half way because of the housing bust but there has been some major changes. completed back in 2008 the project was put on hold, because the housing market boss. the first tower sold out last fall and today face to is starting to take shape. instead of condo's there
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will be rentals partially because of a hydrant in high demand for apartments. >> the market dynamics as such when the market is ready to take a turn at the rye and sell it and still get that return. we do not know what that market will look like in a few years. >> pam: and tonight charles clifford will show us what the development be will be built. >> >> reporter: this is the south tower completed in 2008 it had six stories the base in here is a row of town homes and i hear to the north the north tower is under construction division will be set. this tower will
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be 490 ft. tall and have a hundred and 95 floors. 709 residential units. in the news room charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter: enlarge much fire burning this is a live picture. who's fighting it now this is in maryland upper more roll through very will area of mellon.aryland. the close of titrant is 2 mi. away this is a rule area tankers are being brought in and high winds are also complicating matters no
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injuries have been reported. >> reporter: we have all been there, this is the worst shoulder to shoulder stuck on a train. state to whom i will tell you how to get guaranteed. >> gary: everybody loves them right now the warriors. it is in a giants how it turned out? we will tell you later after the broadcast. >> pam:
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plus real estate market taking off again look at the luxury homes and how much they are going for next >> jacqueline: the cooling trend continues tomorrow i will coming up next week will have to be addressed in your neighborhood.
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to women are under arrest for tying up and dance tying them up their hands and legs with blankets over their face that they could hardly but brief. >> pam: both women are in custody facing a million-dollar bail also in the east bay and has been a rough week for the antioch school district with three different bomb threats just today and one yesterday and one on monday. officials say and parents say that they are on a ridge. smoke and flames shooting out of
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the house today and elderly brother and sister have lived there since the 1970's. neighbors help them and their dog to get out safely. the luxury real estate market and sell for cisco is taking off again. >> reporter: 80 look at these will alter photographs that we found on line. here is a three-bedroom to one of that tool in the have back and read our that sold for $3 million condos are bringing down price text. and the millennium tower once sold for 3.8 million. one selling for 6.5 million nearly half a million over asking. the three level h o a feast is at $1,800 a month more than many people's
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mortgages. all about a month and half they went on the market. they sold. in many cases the people are buying high-priced homes are for investors looking for a safe place to put their money and they see san francisco get this, of a bargain. >> compared to an apartment house in new york man had new york or $20 million homes in las angeles san francisco by comparison is considered comfortable very affordable which seems odd to say that. >> pam: downsizing the backs that they bring into the stadium at at&t. >> reporter: well here is how all of this work. after the joining enjoying a giants that you will only be
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allowed to bring in a backpack about the size of a like laptop back like rick here. >> i think it's kind of ridiculous but? >> i think we should have enough security that we should not have to worry about that. >> you have families that have babies in carrying their belongings you know what i mean. ? kidd can't have their diapers to make it so small that they can carry their belongings. >> i want my back to be as big as i want my back to be. reporting at at&t park kron 4 news. >> pam: two hours later than
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the zero current last call senator mark, now set it to draw tourists and create jobs california or serving alcohol on nine long. >> jacqueline: it was much cooler today with a foggy conditions. with the morning temperatures in the '60s for the most part. we did not see a whole lot of fog in antioch or livermore. 73 and redwood city. the coastline all affected by the flop this morning rather chilly in some places we will see the fault return tonight we
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will see the wide spread fault 60 degree readings will be the norm. >> pam: here is a look at the market numbers 43. twitter is making changes after that high-profile hacking yesterday. it was hacked yesterday and a bit tweet explosion and the white house and president obama being heart causing the stock market to take a plunge twitter is looking to use a two steps solution to help verify users
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happened, along with the video of his attack.but for now, we bring you the best of 'people behaving badly'. this installment went viral on the internet. f you have a comment or >> reporter: think all but the way the ticket is $500 a couple mr. starr to bring an item it doesn't matter and as a matter what you drive? what do you drive? i bet you do not drive anything nice!
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that is why you are all here videotaping because you do not have a real job. they have your fat, lazy, not relevant to and this is what you are worth! people behaving badly he was the only one to lose his mind. at the bay bridge stanley roberts kron 4 news people behaving badly if you have a story third stanley e-mail us at kron4 did (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> pam:bay to breakers is right around the corner and you can watch this san francisco original right here on kronwe'll bring you
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the race and all of the costumes in between. we'll have cameras and crews all along the course giving you two hours of coverage so at 8am on kron 4. ------ in sports. warriors coach mark jackson backs up his statement last night that he . and the giants go to extra innings today at at&t park with the arizona did in boston. next
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curry sallet a splash of her top-secret sangria to find more about hurry to go to kron for the icon and click on houri dish. kron 4 news >> jacqueline: we welcome this morning with foggy conditions. cooler conditions tamara largely in the '60s and a few in the '70s were talking about a handful in the '70s high- pressure will start the build beckham starting at one trend back into the weekend. foggy conditions near the coast line. the spot is along the coast line
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right now. the aid cluck area the 8:00 era still extensive. i think we will have all along the coastline but not as far as the delta by noon. temperature or looking at 40 to 50 to start the day as we get through the morning hours that afternoon temperatures will become one in the '60s and '70s for the entire bay area. more of 70's in to the 2:00. pete. los 70's for inland valleys. low sixties for the shores. same thing for the coast line for 50 spots should
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stay to the afternoon with '60s through the north bay. tomorrow continued to lean as we head into friday and saturday we will see plenty of more warm temperatures 70's and low 80s. remember you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. and remember you can watch giants diamondbacks hello little cutie - attendance: 41,756 bot 3rdangel pagan fouls one down the left field line.two diamondbacks are there but who will make the catch? alfredo marte ends up making the play bot 7th, scoreless.ian
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kennedy facing brandon crrd and craord doubles to deep center bringing home gregor blanco top 8th.a.j. pollack singles to center off madison bumgarner to tie the game 1- bumgarner: 7.1 ip, 5 hits, 1 run, 7 k's top 9th, 1-1 tiegerardo parra - singles over crawford's head as d'backs take lead 2-1 az bot 9th2-1 azcrawford ties the game up with this solo home run to right off of david hernandez 2-2 tie crawford: 3-4, hr, 2b, 2 rbi top 10thtied 2-2will nieves the sac fly off javier lopez bringing in the go ahead run d'backs win in 10 innings final: 3-2 arizona giants: 13-9
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d'backs: 12-9 a's/red sox fan with sign thanking those keeping boston safe top 3rd a foul tipped ball hits home plate umpire jerry lane in the hand. he eventually leaves the game in the 4th inning top 4th chris young 3-run home run to left field off jon lester 3-0 a's bottom 5th/ 5-3 red sox daniel nava rbi single to right off reliever chris resop dustin pedroia scores a 3-run 5th for boston chased brett anderson 6-3 red sox top 8th/ 6-4 red sox young hits another home run a solo job and this one goes over the green monster and into the parking lot top 9th/ 2 outs
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former a's closer andrew bailey strikes out the side getting jed lowrie swinging to end it final: 6-5 boston >> i'm not sitting here telling you that either one are a better thing is sure to rise. the his regained as a player as a fan and as a young kid. i have not ever seen two guys in the same backcourt should as well as these two guys. we did not come here just to win one game. if there is still a lot of business left. we
8:51 pm
have ultimate expect respect for the denver and that is a dangerous place to be. do it gain friday night. warriors record shooting the warriors shot a over denver in game 2 of series. they shot 14-for-25 from 3- point-range ater the game mark jackson thompson were the best shooting backcourt in nba history even better than memphis grizzlies center >> pam: would give march around treasure island. >> gary: nba playoffs marc gasol has beat out lebron jamesto win the nba's
8:52 pm
defensive player of the year kobe bryant not tweeting tonight. >> gary: kevin grant is to this 1 051 02 award gasol, who is pau's younger brother, got 30 first place votes while lebron got just 18. when we come back is soccer time we have a wonderful soccer game and that always
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talk about my producer jason for getting me international is not just football basketball. ok let's all hold hands and watch soccer kron4 reports.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. the 7-foot-1 spaniard averaged 8 rebounds, 1.7 blocks and 1 steals per game dortmund beats real madrid champions league soccer real madrid vs dortmund robert lewandowski erupted for four goals for the shocked the favred spanairds 4-1 real madrid now must make up the three goals if they want to advance to the next round barcelona was also upset
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yesterday by bayern munich return to index of stories...
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