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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 6 starts now. >> top stores were following on this monday april 29th. more federal sequester cutter kicking in and that could put bay area's security in jeopardy, details coming up. >> off the bay area in for the hottest day of the year. we will start with erica was tracking the temperatures. good morning. >> good morning anny. we are gearing up for a war we around the bay area. if you like yesterday's you will enjoy today. we are off to a mild start with 50s and 60s. this afternoon some of the inland spots could see nineties. mostly conditions. light when by tonight. everyone is talking temperatures. mid-70s for downtown san francisco. 82
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and vallejo. low 90s for fairfield and antioch. >> we will talk about the warmest day of the week coming up in a couple of minutes. good morning george. >> good morning erica. things are starting to back up at the bay bridge toll plaza for the west bound ride. if the meter lights not active. these are all cash paying people heading to the bridge. >> interstate 580 in high way for westbound a good ride for south bay peninsula, and north bay freeways. >> thank you george. we're following the weather this morning. we are expecting testers to be above average. talking warm to hot around the bay area. kron fours will trans is live in oakland. >> good morning well. >> good morning anny. it is comparable. comparable is the word because one of the sun comes up will start to sweat. >> if you are cal fire you are wary because behind me there is not a breeze. it
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is a little bit of green by the end of the week this should turn yellow. across over there you can see it has already turned yellow. the oakland hills is concerned about any time there is fire danger. a few decades ago the hills with up in flames. >> it is all unseasonably warm that hellfire is starting something a bit earlier than they normally would. they have issued burn bans 44 bay area counties. it is cal fire talking about along fire season that still ahead. >> about the last two weeks we have seen an increased activity in vegetation fires because we are three weeks ahead now, potentially we could have a longer season of large and damaging fires that occur in california. we are hiring an additional 42 firefighters to stop a half a dozen engines. we will have an additional six engines as well as the helitech crew available.
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>> san mateo, contra costa county, santa clara and alameda counties as far as the burned ban. if you are in a dry area if the sun does not give you the miskitos will. >> thank you will. enjoy the comfortable conditions. >> the sequestration cuts of washington we saw of exxon air traffic controllers last week and now we're seeing it hit the u.s. coast guard. they are suspending routine patrols on potential terrorist targets right here in the bay area. kron 4 stack is is a live from the coast guard station to explain. >> good morning mark i am down below the golden gate bridge. the coastguard station golden gate where normally there will be getting ready to go out for their routine patrol of the golden gate bridge. this would be for security purposes. as you said because of a sequester they have to cut back and basically it is all about the fuel cost. they have
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been told to cut back on fuel. they had to make a choice between security patrols on the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge and the transit tunnel. the search and rescue also. they had to cut back all the security patrols because of the fuel cost. obviously, as you said last week we were talking about air traffic controllers. this week is the coast guard. we are hoping at some point we can get word from the coast guard exactly what this means. obviously, a lot of people are upset about this. most of a security patrol especially at the golden gate bridge have been in place since 911. a lot of people are starting to see them go. >> the sequestration was never supposed to happen. this was a poison pill put in place so congress could come to a compromise because no one wanted the cuts. congress ought able to compromise on a 85 billion in automatic cuts start
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kicking in. >> thank you marc. at 604 . >> residents in a town just 30 mi. east of stock and are being told to keep their doors locked and report anyone considered suspicious. after and 8 year-old girl leila fowler was stabbed to death and her valley springs home saturday. investigators say may have been an intruder. fowler and her 12 year-old brother were the only ones in home during the time of the murder. deputies have been going door-to-door and searching insight home the county. residents in the valley springs said they're used to leaving their homes unlocked. >> i am sure people lock their doors and homes for the first time. >> fowler would have turned 9 in june. >> the report claims in easton span of the bay bridge has bolts similar to those that are banned. a tall hundred of the bolts are made from galvanized
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steel. that is identical to a high strength alloy that was a ban because they can crack. according to 900 other fasteners were purchased. caltran says they're testing 200 bolts for possible future failure which can determine if the opening of the news ban will be delayed. >> we are waiting for video to come of the czech republic it was a gas explosion in prague this morning. it was just an explosion that damaged a building in the center of the capital. up to 40 people were injured authorities fully some people may still be buried in rubble. please a sealed off a nearby street and have to evacuate people from nearby buildings. it is not terrorism related it is just a gas explosion. >> off in bay area sports a big win. >> stephen curry shook off a sore ankle to score 22 of
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his 31 points the third quarter, leading the warriors passed the denver nuggets. 115-101 on sunday night commanding 3-1 series lead. he added seven assists and a dominant and dspat raled s days in the ncaa . his five three-pointers in the third quarter lifted gold as they to a 20 point lead and is a third straight victory in this frenetic and flashy series. >> the waters came warriors can close out the nuggets in game 5 on tuesday night in denver. i can only imagine the excitement the loyal, loyal fans are experiencing. after years of supporting the team when they were not doing so hot it is good to see them on top. >> will take a quick break. more in a minute. mount tam looking down at san francisco. a mild warm start looking for high temperatures this afternoon.
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>> today is world make a wish day and kron4 is working with greater bay area make a wish foundation to help provide wishes for sick children right here in our community. we're trying to help make a wish to raise 5 million mi. to help would travel to make these kids wishes come true. call the number for the million mile mission is at 4159829474. you can donate any amount of miles you like and it goes right to the make a wish foundation. if you have models that are about to expire, they do not expire for the make a wish foundation.
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watching wall street the dow jones industrial average up on friday but only by 11 and 3 1/4 points. the nasdaq as to be lower. right now future is up 57 points ahead of the opening bell. the dow finished almost at 12 the nasdaq was down 11 and be as it beat out three. the u.s. economy only grew at an annualized rate of 3 1/2% for the first few months of the year. consumer spending is on the rise and consumer income is on the rise. dow futures up 57 at the opening bell, we will have more updates at 630. >> new this morning, syria's prime minister has escaped
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assassination attempt today. state media said a bomb one of mayor his convoy and the capital damascus. the syrian government official says the bomb was placed under car was that maybe when the prime minister's car drove by. he was not hurt. rescuers and bangladesh have given up hope of finding anyone else alive in the collapse of a factory building that killed at least 380 people. heavy machinery is not removing the rubble. meanwhile, commandos had captured the fugitive owner of the illegally constructed building, which formed huge cracks before i went tumbling down. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation.. with leading employers across [next stop fin fcial center] >> of the numbers into the afternoon by noon, mostly '70s inside the bay, '80s for your inland spots. we continue with a sliver of green on the coast line. it will not be as unbearable along the coast line but the
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sea breeze does not again along the coast line. it looks like pretty comfortable weather, '60s and '70s by 8:00 p.m. tonight. after an highs, 91 cupertino, 86 mountain view, mid to upper 80s for santa clara and milpitas. low nineties for fairfield, 90 pittsburg, 90 antioch, 84 union city. 76 alameda 7 day around the bay forecast highlights friday as the warmest day of the week. when the conditions will pick up late tuesday and wednesday morning. winds will be as high as 30 mi. per hour. a tad bit cooler saturday and sunday but still not a raindrop insight. 6:17 a.m. and here is traffic with george. >> we are tracking a couple of incidents that could become a hot spots. interstate 80 westbound at san paolo
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>> road. you can see there is the beginning of a back up in the west westbound direction. in the south bay, an accident on 1 01 mckee road just north of the 28680 interchange. there is slow traffic passes in the back crashed although i believe it as artie been cleared from the traffic lanes. no other major incidents or a hot spots to alert you to but the ride on interstate 580 is pretty slow this morning coming from the altamont and to dublin. the bay bridge metering lights are active, it is argued filled in. from the macarthur maze, we are ready looking at a 60 minute commute time. is that the sale bridge 92 of your ride across the bay, based transit 11 to 12 minutes currently the drive time or the foster city. the commute for the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is delay free as you head in from marin would no problems of the county.
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>> and the news room, watching the latest item york city, construction crews are getting ready to put the finishing touches on were one world trade center. th putting the final pieces on top. there's a 408 ft. spire that will be a broadcast tower. this would be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. that last piece we put in place and it will give it be at iconic high of 1,776 ft.. it is a 104th floor at skyscraper that is expected to open in 2014. authorities discovering what they believed to be part of the landing gear up to planes that crashed into the two twin towers on 911. the size of the piece is 5 ft. by 4 ft. by 17 in.. authorities are shocked at the location of it, it is an aerospace
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just 18 in. wide, why to between two buildings, one of them, the site that the controversy of the islamic community center. the car was first discovered on wednesday by surveyors is possibly suspicious and alerted authorities. it has boeing serial numbers on it and they believe it may be peace for model landing gear is of the plans that hit the world trade center discovered in the last couple of days. >> and this is the man accused of sending officials, including the president, letters laced with ric andiin is scheduled to appear in federal court today. he was arrested this weekend just days after he said he was helping the fbi's investigation. james dutschke was charged with
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possession and use of a biological agent as a weapon for sending rice and tainted letters to present obama, senator roger wicker, and county judge sadie howlalland. >> a proposal to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21 was introduced in the new york city council last week. now, some new york state lawmakers are following suit. a state senator and state assemblywoman announced the statewide bill at a news conference on sunday. supporters of the bills they raise the age to buy tobacco could that smoking among 18 to 20 year-old by more than half. >> president obama is an expected to announce his choice for transportation secretary today. sources say
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charlotte n.c. mayor anthony foxx is obama choice to replace ray lahood. lead is that he would not serve as that term but will remain in his post until his successor was bomb. anthony foxx was elected in 2009 and helped lead the democratic national commission in charlotte last year. >> in march and as mother has is that free three years after a judge about her brilliance and a competitor to a mental hospital after the 2006 killing of her eight year-old son. investigators a to resell moses of bridgman be the star of the boy and for some debate and household cleaner and feces. moses was released after doctors determined she was no longer a risk to society. authorities say most tortured and beat the boy regularly, and a sermon he tortured and beat the boy regul[ male announcer ] he you think you know me. i'm just red carpets and big spectacles. but that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet. i like all sorts of spectacles.
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. if we can give 500,000 mi. donated during this hour >> traveling from as opposed to shanghai just got a little easier. china eastern airlines made its first arrival at as the fall from shanghai friday and is expected to operate daily flights to and from shanghai. those daily flights are scheduled arrive from china at eight 9:30 a.m. and apart from sfo at 1230 p m. >> and memorial day getaway
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from the office will cost a little less this year but travelers need to move fast to get the best air re. the average price for a round-trip domestic flight from the 23rd to may 28th including taxes is around $341. that is according to dry velocity. that is also 80% bid from a holiday period last year. the average price for an international round trip was at $981 and that is a 1% drop from last year. >> we will take a quick break, back with more and a minute. a quick look at the new york stock exchange floor with an three minutes we will hear the opening bell and trading will begin. we will see where the numbers will go.
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will be on the rise this morning. dow futures are up 47 points at the opening bell. their rise in consumer incomes for the month of march. it looks to be an early rally on wall street, we will keep an eye on the numbers. >> we will see temperatures well above the average guy in the bay area. not just today, all week. will tran is live in oakland and you're still looking comfortable, good morning. >> it is comfortable what when the sun comes up i'm sure we will start sweating especially around noon or so. this is the start impossibly high as we will see so far this year. i'm comfortable for us, there is time for cal fire. you can see on the oakland hills, the green is starting to disappear. it is just a
6:31 am
matter of time before that dries out. the oakland hills is a very sensitive area. it is the devastation and especially over the past couple of decades. because millions of dollars and killed several people. as far as cal fire is concerned, they are already stepping up their efforts and hiring additional firefighters. just make sure they're ready for fire season. bird bands are in effect for four counties, said its sales, san mateo, contra costa we're ready getting a start as far as the buyers season. major you keep your eye on things are around the home. >> we are 6 to 10 in. below rainfall for this time of
6:32 am
year. we definitely need those reminders. erica is also tracking the weather for your monday morning. >> we will see increased fire danger especially tuesday night into wednesday morning. winds will pick up, oakland hills of cases like vallejo in fairfield will be under a wind advisory. these may numbers into the after no, walnut creek 90, 92 livermore. and the south bay, cupertino could hit 91 degrees, 86% to clear up. a full look at your weather coming up in just a few minutes. >> the ride on an interstate 80 westbound because of an accident at san pablo dam road was in the traffic lanes and has backed up the ride beyond highway four. it is are a pushed the drive
6:33 am
times over 22 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the south bay crash, more than a 1 01 for the highway 85 is slowly the ride coming up at south san jose toward downtown. the drive time here is are ready 21 minutes, it should be 15. watching an incident on 880 southbound in hayward, an accident at the street. --a street. >> jackie sissel is live at the coast guard station to explain. >> i am beloved: gate bridge and the coast guard station where on a normal morning they'll be getting ready to go out for their routine patrols. because of
6:34 am
the sequestration that are not going out this morning. the coast guard units were ordered to cut back on fuel consumption to save money to leaving them with a choice between search and rescue missions or scaling back on homeland's security such as boat patrols. this all started over the weekend. there is no idea exactly how long it will last. ultimately congress came up with a fix for that. no idea whether or not congress will be looking at this but because of the fuel costs, they are basically given a choice of going out on a routine patrol for security purposes are doing their search and rescue missions. the search and rescue missions to priority. most people are upset about this. most of these positions have
6:35 am
been a place since 911. with no idea how long this is going to last. >> u.s. coast guard me while it is reminding board supporters and hijackers to be safe on the water. according to the coast guard, bay area at emergency agencies responded to more than 250 search and rescue cases and 2012 that involved tied to boarding, windsurfing, pal boarding, and hiking. authorities say that everyone should wear a personal flotation device, be mindful of your surroundings and double check the forecasted wind, tides and currents before entering the water. >> residence and a town just 30 mi. northeast of stockton are being told to keep their doors locked and report anyone suspicious. this after the year-old leila fowler was stabbed to death and her valleys brings
6:36 am
home saturday. investigators say it may have been an intruder. she and her 12 year-old brother were the only ones at home at the time of the murder. the bees have been going door-to- door and searching for a suspect. leila fowler would turn nine in june. >> jury selection is expected to begin later this morning for alleged serial killer joseph nee ssnaso's myrtle's trial. 79 year-old naso of reno is charged with killing four women and you well, at marron, and contra costa counties between 1997 and 1994. the bodies of the four women were found along rule roads and the four counties. the palace is below performed autopsies on the woman testified at the hearing that all of them died of its pc asian do or
6:37 am
likely to strangulation -- and asphyxiation backup chris hedges of last night's game it seemed like curry get it from anywhere. >> it just felt good taking them and they fully they went down. you just have as much confidence. >> we get them open anywhere and a half court and is green shoot the ball. >> did that added 21 points and nine this is an answer but it broke out in the first half would sweat ouwith 1s and five rebounds for the
6:38 am
six seeded warriors again close out the nuggets in game 5 on tuesday night in denver. >> south korea is bully out its last remaining nationals from a joint run factory across the border and north korea. plant operations were suspended early this month when north korea up barred south korean factory managers and supply trucks from entering the park and withdrew all its 73,000 workers amid tension with seoul and washington. >> we're looking for some warm to hot conditions, not this today but all week. the you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself...
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>> 6478 and and it will be another one they are around the bay area. take a look at your forecast of highs and and look at how long we are compared to our seasonal average. livermore as much as 20 degrees warmer. it
6:48 am
should break a few records, we are ready of everyone start already. 59 right now and redwood city, 56 out the door in fremont. future cast four is tracking to investors by lunchtime, 12:00 the '70s and '80s for your warmest inland areas. shades of red star to appear indicating where we will see the '90s. temperatures lead her the yesterday the pc braes keeps the temperature for the unbearable oakland a clothesline. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, pretty comfortable with '60s and '70s. i will breathe under after the highest, 90 looks to be the norm, not the exception of the east bay. walnut creek fairfield downtown san francisco is 75 degrees, the upper 60s ocean beach. 7 day around the bay forecast
6:49 am
highlights warmer weather on the way. thursday and friday, we can see some upper 90s and upper seventies for the coast. not a raindrop insight but state to managers will be a little cooler. we are way above average of 30 saturday into sunday. >> i wish i could say there were no hot spots but there are especially on the east shore freeway and his 880 to westbound right is really back up, well beyond highway four. 26 minutes to drive time for the east shore freeway. that is keeping all the slow traffic of the lower east shore freeway. hercules down in berkeley does not look bad at all. hours of the house by continues to slow ride on what one northbound to me about the coyote valley. is actually back these things up the guadalupe parkway. 85
6:50 am
or 280 might serve you a little better this morning as the drive times here are also over 20 minutes and it should be down around 15 to 18. the bay bridge ride westbound, back up the live pretty well as set for 880 which is still a good approach. it is as short as of the bridge at 14¢. san a sale bridge ride, highway 92 is still holding at 11 men and drive time. the right to the golden gate bridge, no problems for the southbound 1 01 commute as you come in from marin county. >> opening statements are expected today at michael jackson's wrongful death trial. >> michael jackson was at the last weeks of rehearsal for what was to be as grand come back. it did year-old is on the at died in 2009 and from an overdose of
6:51 am
sedatives and a probe fattal. now the company that promoted the come back door, e.g. live is biting legal claims by jackson's mother and children that it shares responsibility for the singer's death because it hired and supervised murray. >> would be thing causes death? >> i don't know what. all i know is that the use barbital and they should have used it and use it in the wrong setting. that is all i know and that is what caused his death. >> the plan is quite as aeg is that you control dr. murray and you used your control over dr. murray to pressure him into taking unnecessary and excess of race with his patient michael jackson leading to his death. >> a elis attorney says
6:52 am
there's never a signed contract with mary and jackson was the only one that controlled them. >> he was chosen by michael dand jackson on his behalf and was only done because he asked for it. he was denied a zacks was the only person i could get rid of him at will. >> michael jackson's show drea good texas air's want their money from aeg. the trial is expected to last between two and four months. it would like to call conrad murray to the stand and they do he plans to take effect so as not to jeopardize the appeal of his manslaughter conviction. >> back in the bay area, hundreds of people gathered on sunday to raise money
6:53 am
for earhart, the 11 year- old martinez boy injured in the boston bombings. -- karen haand hiaaron hern the help of a fund-raiser at alhambra high school. money raised will go to the year are not family to help with aaron's recovery. families and friends say he will be back in my team as area and about a week. his 12th birthday is on wednesday.
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>> welcome back and the time is 66 m. stargazers had quite a shower of the week as there was clearly visible in the night sky. take a look at this video shot outside of philadelphia. you can see the planets webers rings when you get closer up. saturn reached something called opposition
6:57 am
over the weekend making it visible all night long. opposition happens and how it is fully eliminated by the sun and appears dislike in the sky. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news, u.s. coast guard as suspended its routine patrols of and potentially bubble chart terror targets including the golden gate bridge because of federal budget cuts. the golden state warriors defeated the denver nuggets. there had to dimmers to play in game 5 tomorrow we will talk to gary about the team's chances at making it to round 2. unseasonably high times around the bay area this week. we'll bring you a full update on the forecast you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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>> top stories we're following this monday morning april 29th, police and the central valley are warning residents to keep their doors locked as they search for a person is dead and 8 year-old girl to death. it have of the weekend, we will have more details ahead. >> and more federal sequester cuts are kicking in and that could put the bay area security in jeopardy. details coming up. >> of beautiful live look at the golden gate bridge. we have blues guys out there and we are tracking those temperatures for you. i hope you're ready for warmer weather, it is certainly on the way. >> this could be the what is week of 2013 so far. if you think today is why to be warm, wait until friday. that isd to be the warmest day of the week.


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