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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. a terrifying weekend in the town of valley springs, an 8-year-old girl stabbed to death. he parents are grieving over their loss. tonight the search for the man what who established leila fowler in her own home. she was found by her older brother who was in the house at the time. >> sheriff's deputies talked about the latest in that investigation. >> the cause of death was listed as shock and hemorrhage due to stabbing. we also want to report members of the sheriff's office,
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california state patrol, and the probation department have nearly completed, contacted and in many cases, contacted all sex offenders. >> we checked them because we wanted to know what their whereabouts were and to see if there was anything that was on their person or in their home that would have tied back to this case. we also spoke to them hoping that somebody in this community, including those folks could provide us with some information that may have led to further information in the case. >> and possible lead for investigators tonight a man who says that he gave another man a ride home not long after this crime happened. the person had blood on him. the man now feels he was acting suspershiously. >> i couldn't see anything, no cuts or anything. that's yes was curious on where he came from.
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after that, i asked if i could give him a ride home because he was out of breath. i gave him a ride, and i stopped and he asked me if i wanted to come in the house, so i was like, no, no, i'm all right, and he was still shaking. so he shuts the door. >> what kind of queued her out was he wouldn't let me touch him. i had my medic bag and everything there, all the proper pves to be able to fix his arm up, but i looked -- i looked, there was no scratches. >> and here is a recap of what we know tonight. >> police say a white or latin no man attacked leila at her home. her 12-year-old brother saw the man. a second person saw a man with a similar description. police not saying a lot expect
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that dna and finger prints. that suspect does remain on the loose. >> and stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow developments. we bring you the latest and on our web site also at 11:00, san mateo agents seized dozens of illegal weapons to buy assault weapons from steve bowman of the they say they met him in foster city at his home and he offered to sell them a thousand rounds of ammunition among other things. bowman's home was searched. officers found a gun in his 3-year-old child's bedroom. he's been booked in the san mateo jail. we set a few record high temperatures, temperatures in the 80s and 90s. closer to the coast line, we hit 77 degrees in san francisco, 65
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for dale city, but away from the coast line, it was 90 for inland valley, 90s in sunny valley, 95 in napaa all registering new high temperatures. the big concern going forward will be the wind. wind pick up tomorrow that plus the hot temperatures equaling high fire danger for tomorrow and wednesday. >> we'll continue the warming trend through the rest of the week. i'll tell you more coming up. the hot windy weather has officials concerned. >> contra costa, alameda, and san mateo. there have been grasp fires pop grass fires popping up. that will be in effect from 6 p.m. tuesday through 6 p.m.
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on wednesday. beta breakers, it is now just 20 days away. new security measures in the wake of the boston marathon bombings. here's more with the changes >> reporter: with the beta breakers just weeks away, organizers increased security. >> large bags or medium size containers and backpacks are not allow. >> unregistered runners have who have not paid the fee and do not have a bib with a number will not be allowed to run. if they enter the race mid course they'll be removed by event security. >> someone's going to jump in and have an over sized backpack, this is not the race to make a dramatic entry in the middle of the race. lest you make just as traumatic an exit. >> he says his department will also be stepping up security
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measures by deploying a greater number of officers. >> we're talking activating those officers that are recruit officers that are in the academy and past the halfway point, we'll be deploying them as we did for the world series parade. you'll notice a more pronounced uniform presence. i know we're talking about removing the solid trash cans off of market street and replacing them with ones that you can see three just to be on the safe side. >> that said the chief admits his officers and event security won't be enough to protect crowds upwards of 30,000, that's why he's encouraging those running and watching the race to keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious. >> everybody needs, we're all in this together. >> the chief says in addition to uniformed officers, there will be under cover officers, or as
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he likes to say, officers in costum>>e. in row roanoke park, he forced a man to drive-thru you a church. you're looking at the photo of the suspect. the victim managed to get away and this man also you walked up to a woman's truck, appointed the gun to her head and demanded he got out of the car. he ran away at that point. he was arrested a short time afterwards. he was armed when he was caught. he has been described as mentally ill. coming up, nba players, stanford grad, are jason collins shocked the sports world it'd be coming the first active player as gay. coming up, reaction from his aunt, the sports world, and the white house. and how several bay area cities stacked up on that list.
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. a brig announcement today -- big announcement today, jason collins is telling the world he is gay. it is the first time an athlete on a major sports team has come out into the public. the 34-year-old made his announcement on sports illustrated. he wrote an article beginning with the line, i'm a 34-year-old center, i'm black, and i'm gay. >> reaction included from his aunt in san francisco, who is a judge. >> i hope what he's doing will open the door for many others, and i'm very proud of him. >> collins is now a free agent.
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this past season, he played with the washington wizards. coming up, giants trying to make it right tonight in arizona. the as trying to feel good about themselves, the warriors getting ready for denver, and get who's favored to win the super bowl? all straight ahead. your source for news. kron 4 reported. it was really hot out there today. tomorrow we'll get the wind plus the heat. fire danger. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there.
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. new tonight at 11:00, a just released study says the bay area has the more prosperous cities in the whole country >> reporter: the web site has crunched 2010 census data for 562 u.s. cities looking for the most prosperous places in the country. they were looking for places that had broad based process parity rather than cities that had -- prosparitees. s. according to nerd wallet, more than half of the people make
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over 10$0,000 a year, 22% make over two hundred thousand an thousandanly. an$200,000. and according to nerd wallet, is san ramone. 72 thousand people, and a quarter taking it two hundred thousand$200,000 annually sglfrjt reports show the hospital improperly discharged patients giving them one way bus tickets. a lot of them had no contacts
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where they were going. some landed up in san francisco. nevada's governor says there will be a review of allstate facilities. police are looking for the car, 1990 maroon or burgandy. they say this man grabbed a car in pittsburgh. the suspect described as a white man, 30 to 35, tan completion, about 190 pounds. police say they have extra patrols and they are interviewing known registered sex offenders in that area. >> nearly 50 dogs and cats were taken from a hoarder's home. the spca is asking for help. they're asking for donations. they were in unsanitary
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conditions. a lot of them had fleas, eye infections and were malnourished. the house was filled with garbage and animal waste. it has been declared uninhabitable. tomorrow, it will be slightly cooler than what we saw, but still warm. winds are also going to be picking up tomorrow evening lasting into wednesday. so the warm weather, the windy conditions, drive conditions, all raising fire concerns. >> as we head through the rest of the week, temperatures will warm back you up and we'll see more 90s by week's end. >> the winds of pick up tomorrow. there's a wind advisory tomorrow for the delta, east bay hills and the diablo range. >> winds to 20 to 35-mile an hour sustained and up to 60-mile per hour gusts. >> that plus the warmer temperatures raising fire concerns, that's why a red flag warning has been issued extending through the rest of
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wednesday. >> burning is banned. >> you'll see the screen highlighted wherein effect. temperatures will be cooler, but until in the 80s for tomorrow. >> upper 80s also for our east bay, 87, danville. and along they coast line coast line, upper 80s. >> tomorrow a little bit cooler than today. the warmer trend rules into wednesday, thursday and friday with potential record break temperatures in that time frame. you can watch on your 27/7 bay area news channel on comcast 193. two weeks to the day, a startling revelation. >> authorities spent sometime
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at the rhode island home at the suspect's wife, kathryn russell. investigators didn't say what they were looking for. they carried away some bags. >> meantime the judge appointed a prominent death penalty lawyer to represent the bombing suspect. >> the bombings killed 3 ask injured scores are other it is. the giants take on the diamondbacks while the as host the angels. >> and the warriors one win away from advancing to the next round of the playoffs. >> gary has both stories and all the sports next. . and kron 4 rolling out a program called kron rewards. watch kron 4 news at 8:00 in the morning or at night and redeem them for prizes or cash. i'll show you a word of the day during those times and then you
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. good evening. giants wanting to get rid of three -- five losses in arrow. that's in center field. they let the kids come out and swim. >> they love it. >> okay. and i hate to quote my wife.
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could you imagine how dirty that water is? >> the diamondbacks hit 3 home runs, almost a fourth. 6.49 era and six starts. >> getting tossed, bottom of the 50 5 g. t. he was gone at commercial. he singles to center, 6-4 giants and that is in their review mirror. first time mets won a game. his line six innings, three home runs, but the giants win. the as and angels do not want to go home. i'm watching this game with jason, my you great producer and tom newton who took a break from
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all the breaking news. >> he -- mark trouble hit one estimated 475 feet and albert pujlos. the as come back in the 9th. it's off the fence. right now, tied at 7-7. we're in the bottom of the 11th. >> the best in the market is staying. he has. watch what happens. tom newton has sacrificed. he says we've got a whole crew down there ready to jump out for breaking news. tom has said the as have priority. if anything happens i will tell you i saw it on tv as opposed to
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my desk and sending out the record reporters. >> tom shows us all the breaking news. you've got 4 of them ready to jump out there. >> the chance to eliminate denver tomorrow morning. >> seth curry was fantastic. he had a pain killing injection in his first ankle. he scored 22 points. 19 of the warrior's final in that quarter. they are now one win away tomorrow night from eliminating denver. >> it's the most difficult game. it's a close out game. i've got a young team that if we keep on doing what we're doing, we'll put ourselves in position to move on. it's a tough task because this is a very good nuggets team. >> curry and the warriors again
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can close it out to 5:00 start our time night. >> good news for the sacramento kings fans, the nba ownership committee voted against re-locating. >> kevin johnson wants to keep them here. the word they got tonight only for one year, guaranteed go we'll see what happens. >> one time san ford star who attended the university in the bay area, is believed to be the first openly gay athlete. >> he's a free agent. we see what happens. but indeed, he said it takes a big load off his shoulders. jason collins becoming a free agent and also the first sport [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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