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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 24, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>pam:now at eight. "ice cold water is rushing into your vehicle you know, with was kinda like, 'am i gonna make it?" survivors talk about their brush with death in last night's bridge collapse in washington state. but what about our own bridges. you might be surprised to learn how many of them are in the same shape as the span than tumbled into the skajit river. developing right now-- one person is still in the hospital tonight. following the collapse of a major bridge over interstate five. three people, and two cars plunged 120- feet into the ska-git river in mount vernon, washington. here's the latest. amazingly. no one was killed in the collapse. washington's governor has declared a state of emergency. in three counties in the area.
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the national transportation safety board is expected to take seven to ten days to investigate. how a truck reportedly caused the collapse. new tonight at 8-- kron 4's charles clifford has a look at how traffic is being re-routed around the damaged section of bridge. this is a google earth view of the bridge where interstate 5 crosses the skagit river. the section that collapsed is here on the north end of the bridge. about 160 feet of all four travel lanes fell into the water, completely blocking the roadway. as a result, traffic is now being detoured around this bridge. fortunately, there is another crossing here about a quarter of a mile to the east. this bridge connects the cities of mt vernon and burlinton washington. in the north, the detour starts here, runs along surface streets, crosses the skagit river and the reconnects with interstate 5.. here. this route is about a mile and half long. the washington state
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department of transportation has also set up a second longer detour. it begins about 7 miles south of the damaged bridge.. travels west then north and then back east to reconnect with i-5 here in burlinton. this detour is about 16 miles long. standup finally, at this point transportation officials don't know how they will fix the bridge and thus can't say when the work will be completed, so these detours could be in place for the foreseeable future. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >>pam:continuing our team coverage kron 4's catherine heenan has reaction from a survivor. of the plunge into icy waters. >>catherine:
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>> it almost looked like he penned the truck over to where he couldn't swerve to get over, he hit the bridge and there was a big puff of dust. >>catherine: this shows the white truck as it crosses the bridge. here is where it hurt hit the girder. he had no time to react. >> as you saw the water approaching, you hold on a study japan and there was just a white flash and cold water. >>catherine: he dislocated his shoulder. >> i cannot see my wife and the passenger seat. she was not responding. i popped my shoulder back and unbuckled her poulter to my side would have less water,.
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>>catherine: another man managed to climb on to the route roof of his car. no one suffered injury injuries. serious injuries. >>pam: california ranks 18th in the nation for the worst overall condition of its bridges. and here's another alarming statistic -- one out of every eight bridges in california. is likely to be falling apart in some way. here in the bay area. one in five bridges is quote - "structurally deficient". the experts say. that means the bridge needs significant maintenance or replacement. in san francisco. there are 40 deficient bridges. that's nearly 35-percent. in alameda county. there are 130. amounting to 22-
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percent of the bridges. in san mateo county. the number is 74. that is 22- percent. and in sonoma county.121 bridorrcent. in santa clara county, there are 182 -bad bridges. also about 20 percent. problem bridges or 18%. marin has 31 or 16%. and in napa county. 23 bridges are deemed structurally deficient. totaling 15-percent. most of the bridges with problems. involve the highway on-ramps and overpasses which connect major roadways. the group 'transportation for america' which collected the data. also has an inter- active map. on it. you can type in your zip code. and it will show you where the bridges are which have problems. this map is up on our website. just go to kron 4 dot com. some gusty weather tonight in the bay area. what can we expect for the memorial day weekend? kron 4's anny hong is in the weather center with a first >>anny:
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breezy conditions for this evening. blue skies out there. livermore right now, 56 degrees, hayward at 57, napa you are as 64 after a record-breaking low this morning. temperatures topping out at upper 30's. so very chilly this morning. these are sustained winds right now. 16 at oakland, 14 and half moon bay and 54 redwood city. we are seen us this evening 20 to 30 mi. per hour. so tonight, we are expecting clear skies. breezy and chile. overnight lows falling to 40. all of us want to know hubble moral day is shaping up. temperatures will be mild with patchy cloud coverage. sunday, a little cooler. monday, on the memorial day, we do have a chance for some
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showers brought the area. we will talk more about that when i come back. >>pam:another grass fire today had firefighters in contra costa county scrambling to save homes. the flames came within feet of 5 houses and damaged property. kron 4's j.r. stone is more on what has been a very tough week for fire crews. >>george:kenneth carthen says he raced home.his house along with others were still standinghis deck and two nearby fencesdestroyed. >> this set of caltran would not have come get the gas- just to cut the grass, they said would have had a home. >>j.r.: crews say this latest fire was just three acres but threatened 5's one of dozens that have sparked this week
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in the bay area. on monday just under 10 acres burned in orinda. on wednesday seven acres burned in san jose. crews say the dry.similar to what we'd often see in july. >> dry fuels. it hit the houses and fairly quickly that is why it was so small. carthen he's not happy about losing his deck.but he is >> got as good. he works in mysterious ways. i'm very thankful. --god. in hercules, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam:new tonight at 8. more golden gate bridge toll plaza.
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as kron 4's dan kerman reports, bridge district directors got a look at the re-design today, which is tied to plans to bring a moveable median barrier to the bridge. the toll plaza at the golden gate bridge will soon be getting a face liftas part of the plan to bring a moveable median barrieo the bridge and the zipper truck to move the barrier twice a day the toll plaza bridge spokeswoman mary currie says the roof and toll booth at lane 10 and 11 will be removed and the roof above lanes 8 and 9 will be raised to house the zipper truck. despite these changes to the plaza, currie says it will lead to no reduction in lanes for northbound traffic
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>>dan: the hope is this toll plaza will be reconfigured and the median birder and place and ready for use by some time early in 2015. at the golden gate bridge, dan carmen, kron 4 news. >>pam:bikes. will now be allowed hours. bart's board of directors voted last night to make the, this will be a 5- month trial. and will begin july and after the trial period ends. the board will evaluate. and vote on a possible permanent change in november. on bart trains during rush hour. under a bill approved by the state senate today. california would treat electronic cigarettes. like any other tobacco product.
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it would impose the same limits which apply to all other smokers. such as where the devices can be used. health organizations support the bill. but the electronic cigarette industry group objects, saying. there is no proof the product emits secondhand smoke. assembly. d a vigil taking place right now. to show that castro valley teen jenny lin is not forgotten. nearly two decades after her unsolved murder. plus-- "nats" a bay area peace activist is now speaking out. a day after challenging president obama on guantanamo detainees and c=i=a drones. and:hitting the road this memorial day weekend? area gas prices. h memorial day at sleep train,
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>>pam: 14-year-old jenny lin was murdered in her castro valley home. now. nearly two decades later. her killer has not been caught. happening right now. kron four's philippe djegal held to honor her life. >> she would have been 33 years old this year. people showing up to the library to pay their respects. they say she was a tremendous musician. she played the viola, piano and other
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instruments and a lot of her musical accomplishments have been placed on display at the library. after a slide show was played out around her life, this group makes their way into downtown castro valley, walking with candles lit and poster boards to promoting child safety and the fact that jenny will always be remembered. >> we need the public health. -help. >> the help of some point, someone will come forth with information to help solve their daughter's murder. and castro, kron 4 news
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>>pam:the end of the school year is bittersweet for students at las lomas high school in walnut creek. a popular student died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. while he was working out at a local gym. amir kha-kimov was a standout on the school's wrestling team. and known for his dedication to physical fitness. there is a growing memorial. you can see students and faculty leaving messages for amentsay, the whole school is shaken by the sudden loss. "all of las lomas has been in mourning this whole week. it's been very rough. amir, he was such a great person and he did not deserve this." his family moved to the u-s from uzbekistan two years ago. so that their children could have a better life. he was eighteen years old. no charges will be filed against a woman accused of placing rubbing alcohol in two bottles of orange juice. at a starbucks in san jose.
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police arrested the woman last month. on suspicion of however, test results now show , the liquid involved was vinegar and not alcohol. could not rule out that the vinegar in the juice might have occurred naturally. the district attorneys office says they don't have enough evidence to prove the she committed a crime. new tonight at 8-- the bay area peace activist who interrupted president obama's speech. is defending her actions today. the president was speaking about guantanamo bay thursday in washington d-c. when he found himself on the defensive. ". you can close guantanamo bay." medea benjamin made headlines when she broke into the president's counter-terrorism speech three times. after the third time, she was ejected. she is been called a heckler, but she says, that is not an accurate description. "first i want to take objection with the term "heckler." i actually had an invitation to get in. and i felt compelled to speak
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out./ i don't call it heckling. i call it speaking out, because the president is not implementing policies that we need to see changed." the national defense university. where the speech was held. says, benjamin listed herself as press in order to get an invitation. benjamin is a well known bay area activist, and one of the founders of the group. 'code pink'. during the most recent bush administration, she camped out near the president's texas ranch. to protest the iraq war. more recently she has written a book criticizing the u-s drone program. > > anny: right now, here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. it isn't a pretty shocked. clear skies and only a few high clouds coming in. we are expecting clear conditions tonight and chile and some spot especially the north bay and
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and land. saturday, patchy morning clouds are possible, mild and breezy, and then for the weekend, sunday morning drizzle and then for memorial day, rain chances are in the forecast. highs today, and what was still below average, not the bottom out at the upper 30's said in a record low. santa rosa 77. 74 for it livermore valley area. temperatures right now are in the '50s. 60 degree reading and copper. satellite ryder picture showing us we are going to have some clout louvain especially by sunday, lake and into monday so enjoy the dry weather not. again, this is not a washout for monday. futurecast 4, generally
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temperatures tonight in the '50s. over nine hours, will cool down into the forties and some parts of santa rosa and napa. 50 to start off the day tomorrow, and by the afternoon, more '70s for our east bay locations. here's your los for tomorrow morning, '50s and oakland and hayward, 46 napa, the rest tomorrow, 72 in santa clara, 68 fremont. in the east bay we are looking as seventies and sixties. in the north they will book it at temperatures milder. 62 is the hyatt hotel san francisco. your 7 day around the bay forecast, a possibility of light rain for monday. and you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. it's on comcast 193 and on
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>>pam:just in time for summer -- yosemite's half dome is opens for business today! the last of the heavy metal cables were installed late thursday. the cable route will allow hikers to scale the granite rock safely. in recent years -- park officials began thear they wanted to limit the numbers of hikers on half dome for safety reasons. fans of the popular chez panisse restaurant can rest assured -- the eatery will re-open next month. the landmark berkeley restaurant and it's world renown chef - alice waters. officially announced the restaurant is scheduled to open mid- june. that follows a fire back in march. it's been shut down for repairs and will reopen once all construction work is complete. you will be able to make reservations over the phone and online next week.
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>>pam:memorial day weekend is here, and many people are hitting the road. nationally -- gas prices have gone up more than 15- cents over the last two weeks -- and people here in the bay area are noticing they're spending more on gas. >> i don't look any more. it doesn't make sense. it's scary. >>pam:americans are paying about the same price for gas as they did during this time last year. let's take a look at gas prices around the bay area. the average price for a gallon of gas in san francisco is 4-13 in san jose -- it cost 4-0- 5 for a gallon of gas -- on average. and 4-0-4 in oakland.
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soldiers. holiday. still ahead-- a powerful earthquake rattles northern california. >>pam:a look at the damage and reaction from residents who say they felt the earth shake right under them. plus: in the aftermath of devestat deadly tornado. how complete strangers. and some loving canine's are coming to the aid of survivors. next. a terrifying sight in washington state -- as a bridge that carries more folded in half.
8:31 pm
cars submerged in water after plunging 120 feet into the skagit river last night. amazingly, no one died. hospitalized the national transportation safety board is now looking collapse. plus-- "we would hear like a boom, boom, and then you'd start the strongest i've ever felt. usually, they're pretty small -- little-- you feel a jolt every once in a while, but that was unique for our area for sure." the cleanup is underway in northeastern california after a powerful earthquake. no injuries or major damage has been reported. but aftershocks throughout the morning have left people on edge. the 5.7 magnitude earthquake shook much of northern california.and two other grant lodes is here to show us where the quake was centered.and the damage it caused. >>grant:we're learning more about the the tornado that ripped through the oklahoma city suburb of moore on monday. oklahoma emergency officials have released one of the 9-1-1 calls from that day. "911 operator: moore 9-1-1, what is your emergency?/caller: we got hit.911/ operator: ok. was anybody injured?/caller: my
8:32 pm
dad can't tell, but there's - like - a bunch of stuff on top of us. i'm able to get out, but i don't know if they'll be able to." 24 people were killed in the tornado. five adults and one child are still in the hospital. that's down from the over 3-hundred-people who were storm. after seeing the devastation in moore. strangers and other. some of these good in the area. they're overwhelmed by the support. ".faith in humanity real fast." some of the first volunteersa special group of dogs is
8:33 pm
and >>erica >> anny: temperatures pushing close to the mid '70s. sunday, a little cooler. some morning fog and partly cloudy conditions. monday, mostly cloudy and a chance for some light rain so keep that in mind that you're heading outdoors for the holiday.
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>>pam: on a mission. bringing comfort to the oklahoma tornado victims.
8:35 pm
their job is to be the calm after the storm. to some of the youngest victims. "hey courtney, this is ruthie."/"hi ruthie." six golden retrievers are trained and sponsored by lutheran church charities. they show up at national disasters. such as the oklahoma tornado. to help comfort victims. 8-year-old courtney brown. a 2nd grade student at the plaza towers elementary school. fractured her skull in the tornado. courtney went to the same school where seven other children were killed. "do you want to hear the story about how my school was destroyed? the story about the tornado?"/"if you want to tell us, sure."/"okay, i was on the ground and i was on my knees and doing this.and i hit my head on the back and here."/"there you go." and not only victims. the comfort dogs visit. many of the doctors and nurses want to see them too.
8:36 pm
the comfort dogs have and a lot of other victims in this hospital. still ahead-- a family of foxes decide to make their home at facebook's headquarters. and-- a unique new restaurant on san francisco's embarcadero. a look inside celebrity chef michael chiarello's "coqueta". ♪ [ roars ]
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now for today's market update. stocks are closing mostly lower on wall street. giving the market its first weekly loss in a month. here are the closing numbers. the dow edged up eight points. the nasdaq fell a fraction. and the s-and-p 500 fell a point. places to live in the u-s. to live in america.
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actor leonardo dicaprio plans to take a flight on virgin galactic's flight to the edge of space. and he's taking one lucky fan with him. a regular ticket costs 250- thousand dollars, but the fan is playing one-and-a- half million dollars for the trip. the ticket was sold thursday night at an auction in france during the cannes all proceeds benefit the amfar cinema against aids charity. it's no ordinary electric car. this old-school volkswagen s powered by social media. it starts with a tweet or a facebook "like" or even an instagram share. this sends a signal into a little box in the car that lets it know that it has social fuel and can start running. students with the "mind- in kansas city, missouri >> it's a neat idea but i
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did not think anyone would agree to use one not so i visited the bay area company that invested in five of them. >> it is a very simple way for small businesses to pace themselves. they did this one page that is designed to help them tell their story so it is very visual setup the match that story to people who would actually be interested in that. >> these treadmill's he used every day. the employes seem to love them. they say they help to get the creative juices flowing. bm
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>> anny: is a live look at our bay bridge camera. we have clear skies out there. traffic now a lot lighter. tonight, breezy conditions. it will be chilly once again especially for the north and and led the locations. inland locations. seven rangers 0, but to delay a little but a fog, and the morning, light rains in the forecast. sunday,
8:46 pm
appears to be dry for the most part, but monday some changes are coming this way. the early 40's and '50's and then we will see some forties once again especially for the north bay. santa rosa and napa, use as a new record lows thisthen, tomorrow afternoon at 2:00, using the yellow, will see a lot of 70 is included east bay and south bay and a part of the bay looking and '60s. seoul tomorrow morning, chile at 46 and napa. fifth hears your kron 47 day around the may
8:47 pm
forecast, a little cooler on sunday. sunday, monday we don't see rain but there's a chance of some light rain early on monday morning and then tuesday, may be a lingering showers early in the day. the warm things up for the rest of the week. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. hello everyone.i'm jason appelbaum.gary is off the a's have owned the astros so far this year nba playoffs.heat and pacers in another good one tonight did you know the nba has an
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anti-flopping rule? here's what it looks like. memphis' tony allen - admittedly fouled pretty hard wednesday night by the spurs manu ginobili.has been fined $5,000 for over- selling the foul. it's part of the league's anti-flopping rule allen rolls over on the court holding his head.only
8:49 pm
actually hit the floor. so allen now five thousand lighter in the wallet dwight howard to the warriors? probably not.
8:50 pm
in fact.according to a writer for usa today - howard may have floated the rumor himself to one of his confidants in order to try and find out who has been leaking all of the rumors lately. like his dislike for lakers coach mike d'antonior his interest in playing in houston of course we have no way of knowing if flushing out a mole is the reason the warriors came up as a potential suitor for howard.but it makes as much here kevin durant continues to oklahaoma city tornado. durant visited the yesterday.
8:51 pm
>> if there's ever a time to get back up against the wall and respond. >> and the 500 is sunday but it will be hard to top what took place at the speedway today. three cars of battling on the fire of lap
8:52 pm
--final lap. then almost out of nowhere, peter dempsey made it for wide as a race for the checkered flag at 185 mi. per hour. dempsey wins it in a photo finish by mere inches. the closest finish in the history of the speedway. when we come back we will have a 400 lb. football player and he's coming to the niners division. details of a straight ahead.
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tonight. it's win or go home for the sharks -- game six sunday night in san jose sharks trailing the kings three games to two following last night's 3-nothing loss in l.a. the home team has now won every game in the series which obviously bodes well for the sharks sunday. game seven would be back in l.a. next tuesday - which the sharks would have to steal .the big problem.penetrating kings goalie jonathan quick.who recorded his second shutout of the series last night here's coach mclellan today the indianapolis 500 is but it will be hard to top what took place on the racetrack today. indianapolis motor speedway. indy lights photo finish
8:57 pm
indianapolis motor speedway. the firestone freedom 100 which is the minor league indy circuit. .three cars battling on the down the stretch. want to see a huge man? the 49ers probably don't it's terrell brown the st. lineman brown stands nearly 7t tall and weighs 403 pounds he signed with the rams as >>pam: the night- omomg,g, stop. jack, your new chipotle chicken club is craze amaze.
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