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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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pop wouldn'dare not dentin bougf protests tried to carry up nobart workers threaten to
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strick the biennial context i set to expir a strike could bring city to a halt if bart strikes
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the city will be in turmoil and people will have to walk srikk
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an a-t-m theft in the ealry hours of the morning has police searching for three suspects. new tonight at 8 in the past five weeks. up of all
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a murder, robbery and assault all reported near mile marker 16 on grizzly peak boulevard in berkley. of allon saturday, a man and a woman were pistol whipped and robbed by two men just before three in the morning. midnight, a 21-year-old u- c berkeley student was attacked by a group of men and women. the victim was treated for wounds on his face. and, on may 12th, 21-year- old alverto santana-silva of fremont was found dead in the same area. the u-c berkeley police department has jurisdiction over the area, and says santana silva suffered from gunshot wounds.
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this is video from that day. police say they are looking for two persons of interest in that case. but so far no arrests. coming up at 11. we'll talk to people who frequent the area. will they think twice about stopping for the breath- taking views the next time they visit grizzly peak? their reactions tonight at 11. the man convicted for murdering a woman and then pleasanton dumpster, may have killed at least two other women that is according to the san joaquin county d.a.'s office. javier sandoval is now serving time for killing his stockton girlfriend, ana pineda, then dumping her body in pleasanton he reportedly told investigators that his previous wife in mexico died from an accidental blow to the head however, the d.a. says, her death certificate contradicts his story. .serial killer
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the deputy d.a. says, he also received information about a 3rd-woman, a former girlfriend of sandoval's in mexico. who also died under suspicious circumstances two san franciso men have pleaded guilty in a drug case. they were caught in texas inside a rented plane. full of marijuana. today, prosecutors say michael gallanter. who you see on the left side of your screen. and ethan oliver wynne-wade. who you see on the right. pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute marijuana. back in april. the plane landed in lubbock, texas to refuel. investigators were tipped off that the plane was traveling under suspicious circumstances. including the men paying for fuel with cash.
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they then found more than 150 pounds of pot in duffel bags onboard. the men's flight plan was to fly from northern california to atlanta. they face up to 20 years in prison. and one-million dollars in fines. nearly 600 residents ordered to evacuate due to a fast moving wildfire in santa barbara county. fire officials say the fire that broke out today, is threatening structures. the blaze has burned between 50 to 75 acres of brush and the fire is rapidly spreading due to wind gusts of nearly 30 miles per hour. another 925 residents are being voluntarily evacuated as a precaution. that fire not far from yosemite is still a problem tonight. it was about 60% contained as of this morning. the carstens fire has burned about 17-hundred acres in mariposa county. it's happening off highway 140 - about 40 miles outside the park. this is the wildfire that investigators believe was caused by an unattended
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campfire. only a few of the evacuation orders are still in effect tonight. but a few dozen buildings are still threatened by the flames. a aahead at eight. clear skies out there right now mostly clear tonight 84 santa rosa 80 sunnyvale 60 cloastline 20 mph wind gusts tomorrow warmer than today big change in forcast on
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sunday. what the governor is doing about what he calls an "unprecedented" order to release nearly 10-thousand inmates from california prisons. plus: another california resident files a lawsuit. it's the latest in the what hepatitis a outbreak. linked to frozen berries sold at costco. and: vandals targeting trees in san francisco's golden gate park. a look at the damage. and what police are doing about it. next. look at 'em.
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with an update on the to a possible bart worker strike. with hundreds of now at eight. to a major motion picture. the story of oscar grant's fatal shooting by a bart police officer in a special screening tonight in oakland. kron four takes you to the grand lake theater peaceful crowds turning out for the hollywood version of an incident that touched off violent riots just four years ago. those closest to oscar grant and others who know the story. are getting the chance to see it for the
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first time. in a private screening at oakland's grand lake theater. kron 4's terisa estacio is live at the theatre with a look at the red carpet. and an update on the officer who shot grant. terisa?
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california governor jerry brown says he will ask the court to appeal an order issued today mandating nearly 10- thousand prison inmates be released before the end of the year. the order was an effort to improve the over crowding of population. it's the latest step in efforts to improve inmates' medical and mental health care. the three federal judges behind the ruling, ordered brown to expand good-time credits leading to early release as part of a plan to reduce prison crowding. to cite governor brown for immediately comply with their order.
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at least one vandal is park. kron 4's stanley roberts shows us what's going on. and how police are dealing with it. in this edition of people behaving badly. nats: there's absolutely no fires in golden gate park at all im in golden gate park in san francisco where this woman has a roaring fire going so she burn letters now if one ember had blown away it could have killed or damaged hundreds of trees the fact is hundreds of three have already been damaged and not because of illegal camp fires but by vandals there are an estimated 77 gate park and every year gardners plant a thousand more but someone has been deliberately destroying not full grown trees but saplings in other words baby trees stand up: to give you and idea what going on out here in golden gate park, this is a top of a pine tree it was vandals im over near the historic windmills it's an are where as this sign reads it a reforestation area under disturb but it had been disturbed in
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the amout of 200 trees in just the last 9 months san francisco police are working on a plan to catch the person or persons responsible each tree some are cypress and others monterey pines cost the city about 250 dollars each not incuding trees but if you look around you stick so they grow correctly this tree it growing upright, however this tree next to it is growing sideways because of the damage if caught damaging trees you could be charged with a misdemeanor for each tree and if the police make an arrest i hope to bring that oh and the lady who started sot: did you know you could go to jail for starting fires out here starting fires is also a misdemeanor in golden gate park stanley roberts kron 4 news weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. 74 oaklnad 88 antichoch & pitsburg
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low 80 south bay 76 mountian view 80 navdo mostly sunny skies next couple of days rain on sunday and windy 30 mph winds gusts it's on comcast 193 and on still ahead on kron 4--
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photo of the airline's quick fix. a makeshift toilet paper holder stuffed with cocktail napkins that read fingers". airlines are crowding more and more and more seats especially into the coach section of international flights and so they didn't increase the number of bathrooms and then you have so bathrooms on flights that are only reserved for premium passengers so the poor coach passengers well maybe your going to have to toilet paper united confirms this was a bathroom in economy class. plot toilet tissue and our crew improvised and provided customers with paper napkins. we apologize to our customers on this flight for the inconvenience." united recently placed dead last in one annual report performance. united says its merge with continental was a
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contributing factor but insists their performance has improved. about their 2 ply problem. the airline says finding more tissue would have delayed the flight. as a passenger i would rather use cocktail napkins in a bathroom than have an hour or two delay so i'm with united on this.
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still ahead
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a violent robbery on muni caught on video. now more victims are coming forward..saying they were also attacked by a brazen teenage duo. the stock market today. the dow suffers it's worst drop of the year. the closing numbers. next. ♪ we don't have a ten step
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now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. hopes are rising for the immigration reforms president obama has been pushing for since he took office. key senators announced a compromise today. it parallels a new poll released this week - said the main focus should citizenship. and sixty-two percent said it should be securing our borders. catherine heenan shows us how the senate bill now reflects the public's priorities. high "we must secure the border first - that's what americans demand and that's what we must do to get reform right." under the senate compromise, immigration reform has to be preceded by five things: the mexican border. completing 700 miles of border fencing. adding three billion dollars in technology upgrades for border control. expanding the e=verify program to identify workers.
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and tracking people who enter the country on winds temporary visas to make sure 9 they exit the country when they're supposed to. "unless all five happen, no one who's violated our immigration laws can become a legal citizen." the congressional budget office has released with some startling figures, predicting the senate bill would boost the american population by more than 10 million people in the next decase and almost six million more in the decade after that. that's on top of what it would be without the bill. bottom line: another 36 million american citizens by 2033. that's the entire population of canada or put another way, its like adding another california. the border patrol says arrests of illegal immigrants are up 13 percent this year. partly because more people are crossing -- in hopes of becoming citizens under the senate bill. but the proposed law only applies to people who can prove they've been here before january first of
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last year. an all female jury has been george zimmerman. he's the man charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of unarmed teen trayvon martin.. five of those women are mothers. five of those women were also described as caucasian, while the 6th is a minority whose ethnicity was not immediatley released. four alternates were also selected today, two men and two women. the panel will be sequestered during the trial, and their identities have won't be revealed until the trial is over. opening statements are set to begin monday. zimmerman is arguing self- defense -- saying the 17- year-old attacked him. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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a ai'd like to introduce video on instagram. video marks the next frontier for the photo- sharing app, which facebook bought last april for one billion dollars. thursday's announcementdid not come as a surprise to most tech-watchers - especially as vine, owned by twitter, continues to grow in popularity. we need to do to videos what we did to photos. it's got to fit in. despite comparisons to vine - instagram said thursday they've been working on a video feature since 20-10. users will see minimal cosmetic changes to the instagram app. the most obvious, an added icon when users are ready to point and shoot. what you'll notice is, it's the same screen, but now you've got a video icon in the bottom right. instagram video will allow for video clips that are 15 seconds long, 9 seconds longer than vine's six- second clips. part of instagram's allure has been photo filters, and with the launch they've added 13 specifically designed for video. and perhaps another jab at its main rival, the
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instagram video features will be available to apple and android users right off the bat, unlike vine, which arrived for iphone in january, but android just this month. i'm karin caifa reporting. and here's a look from our camera on mount tam.. jacqueline is coming up with details on the forecast. stay with us - more news after the break. wow, the track looks perfect.
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only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell? warmer weather continues in the bay area sundy will be coloer with
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chance of rain 8 am tomorrow mild in the 60's & 70's b bondsy noohigh upper 80's nap fairfiled 70' & 80 on friday for bay area
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east bay shores high 70's antichoch & pittsburgh in the high 80's 76m mountianview big changes sunday, monday & tuesday thenand you can watch the weather forecast whenever it 24/7 bay area news channel. it's on comcast 193 and on
8:47 pm now sports w/gary 92-88 miami about to win game of nba finals a's rangers bot 5th, tied 1-1 a.j. griffin - pitched well today - got some help from his defense too - gold glover josh reddick the all out sprint to make the diving twisting catch to
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rob leonys martin griffin: 5 1/3 ip, 2 runs, 5 k's top 7th, 2-2, josh donaldson - the chopper to short with 2 men on elvis andrus bad throw to 3rd and the ball gets away from adrian belte - jed lowrie races home to score a's take 3-2 lead a's blow the lead in bottom half of inning - pitcher sean doolittle takes his time covering first and martin is safe - so instead of inning over it's bases loaded
8:49 pm
next batter ian kinsler makes doolittle pay - the 2 open center field gives texas it's first lead of the game 4-3 rangers mai maimi heat wins the n ba chammpionship game
8:50 pm
lebron james wins! nba championship
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top 8coco crisp on 1st john jaso gives it a ride - but great defense by nelson cruz who leaps and makes the catch against dairy queen sign in right - probably wouldn't have been a home scored crisp to tie it a's down to their final out- seth smith facing former on 1st game ends on that play - craig jentry with the throw home - aj pierzensky applying the tag on donaldson who got mixed signals by 3rd base coach in.then held up a dramatic ending - rangers win 4-3 texas take 3 out of just a game back of the a's in the wes .the 31 year old torres gets a three year deal worth $6 million we last saw torres in the playoffs delivering a questionable hit to jarret stoll of the kings - a hit that got torres suspended for the series - which the gm doug wilson admitted the signing comes with a risk - but clearly thinks the reward outweighs the risk - so torres remains a shark in rio de janeiro spain the top ranked team in the world and a 538-1 the
8:52 pm
tahitians. and this one was ugly from the 5th minute on. fernando torres scored four goals for the spaniards.david villa had three more. .spain sets a confederations cup record for the largest nothing rout of the pacific islanders of tahiti the travelers championship in crmwell, connecticut hoabout backdidn'
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we then'll be right back after break ifback in a moment
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13th hole charley hoffman sinks the winding eagle putt his 2nd eagle on the day 18th hole hoffman makes the short birdie putt to finish with a 28 on the back 9 holes one off the pga record of 27 for a 9 hole par 35 course he shot a 9-under 61 on the day and leads by one shot ok since it's our news director aaron pero's favorite story - redfoo one more time stefan gordy, aka redfoo of lmfao fame - trying his hand at tennis. this is last night in salinas - gordy trying to put together a string of wins to qualify for the as a wild card. gordy showed he can play a little - but not enough - he lost his singles match
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