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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good evening. tonight at 11:00, a murder, robbery and assault in berkeley . on saturday police say a man and a woman were pistol-whipped and robbed by two men just before 3:00 in the morning on june 2nd just after midnight. on may 12, 21-year-old alberto silva was found dead in the
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same area. the berkeley police department has jurisdiction over that area and they say silva suffered from gunshot wounds. they are looking for two persons of interest, but no arrests. visitors are surprised by the string of crime. >> reporter: on a sunny day, it's tough to beat this view from the berkeley views. on a daily basis people park here for the peace and quiet. >> we come up here to enjoy the view and the scenes. >> reporter: while visitors take pictures, a memorial for a man murdered here last hoe blade serves as a reminder that no area is immune to crime. >> in such a beautiful place with amazing summer days, you wouldn't think this would happen but there is people out there
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who will do that and it's scary. you have to be careful. i am shocked. i thought this was place that teenagers hung out and tourists took photos. i had no idea there was crime here. >> reporter: is it a cause of concern? >> yes. because i live here. >> reporter: visitors they will stay away here at night. >> i think this shouldn't be going around. it's messed up. >> police officers are stepping up patrols around mile marker 16 here in light of all that has happened recently. tonight our cameras captured officers making stops at the
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turnoutlooking for suspicious opportunity -- atlanta the turnout looking for suspicious individuals. an atm theft has police searching for suspects. look at this video. >> reporter: the thieves busted through the wall here in oakland around 3:00 a.m. thursday morning and caught on this camera. from that camera you can see the suspects pulling up in this truck. after backing that truck up to the edge of the front door they smashed through it three times. you can see the thieves here yanking the atm out with the truck. you can see them putting the atm in the back of the truck before taking off. >> if you have any information
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you are asked to call the oakland police department. california governor brown says he will ask the court to stay an order issued today mandating that nearly 10,000 prison inmates be released from the end of this year. it was an effort to improve the overcrowding prison population and the healthcare of the inmates. the three federal judges behind the ruling ordered brown to expand goodtime credits leading to early release to help the overcrowding. he will be in contempt if he doesn't conply with the order. the governor -- doesn't comply with the record. the california state sheriff's association issued a statement in response to the court record saying, quote, this order is
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for the a solution. it's harmful to public safety. we strongly support governor brown's request to stay this order and have the state's appeal heard by the u.s. supreme court. new tonight at 11:00, the fb is is -- the fbi is asking for help to find this man. this man is wanted for mail fraud. he is accused of creating a fake company. authorities say he collected more than $100,000 in cash. marshall also goes by another name. today workers spent the day handing out fliers, warning riders of a possible strike as they union and them continue to
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stall. union contracts expire june 30th. despite help, negotiations remain at a standstill. if they don't work it out and have a strike, individuals will be hit hard. >> it's a huge inconvenience. they need to revolve it. >> i don't have an -- they need to resolve it. >> i don't have a different option. >> there's other people who have jobs where he don't have the option to go on strike and fight because they don't field like they aren't making as much as they could, so... >> i didn't know about this because i didn't pay attention. >> no date has been set for the strike but amongst the issues holding up a contract are workers concerned with inadequate lighting in tunnels.
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the wildfire burning not far from yosemite is still a problem tonight. they say it's 65% contained, and the fire has burned almost 1700 acres. investigators believe it was caused by an uen it was warmer out there today as we expected. we saw 80 degrees readings. the inland valleys were in the 80s. napa, 82. here is what you can expect tomorrow, symptom har conditions. clear skies tonight. warmer temperatures tomorrow. still breezy in spots mainly near the coast line and peninsula. big changes in sunday, cooler weather and a chance of rain. we'll tell you all bit coming
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up in a bit. fans of the miami heat swarmed out of american airlines arena tonight and cheered on the streets after their team won its second straight nba championship. you can see the celebration going on in miami. the heat beat the spurs in game seven tonight. we'll have the highlights on tonight's game later on in sports. ahead, a special screening of the oscar grant movie in oakland tonight. stars were on the red carpet and they share what the movie meant to him. a boy hears his first sounds after a ground-breaking medical procedure.
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grayson's face is priceless, the first time he heard a sound. it was his father's voice. he was born without the odd the ability to hear. he received an implant. they believe his story will help other children and help doctors improve on the technology. we crown the nba champion. the giants tonight and the a's story, all coming up later.
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a shooting in san francisco that happened about 10:00 tonight. police say the shootout was between the victim who was armed and possibly two other people. right now nobody is in custody. the victim was shot in the leg and back. he was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition. tonight a bay area
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screening of a new film is called -- the stars shared what this movie meant to them. >> reporter: out on the red carpet the accident teres talked about putting together the movie on oscar grant's life and what it meant to them. >> there's nothing easy about a mother losing her own son, nothing, and in such a tragic way. you can take away from this a less 99 awe interact with each other. >> reporter: they want the audience to think about the imaging they see here unfolding to that night.
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this is a private screening of the movie, and the public can see it july 12 in a limited release. >> as you may recall, the fatal shooting of oscar grant happened not too long. he is trying to move on with his life. the developing story out of florida, six jurors have been selected in the trial of
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zimmerman in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the jurors are all women and five are all mothers. the identities will not be revealed unstill the trial is over. opening statements will begin monday. it's been warmer gradually. the warming trend will continue tomorrow and into saturday with temperatures reaching the upper 80ings for saturday afternoon. but big changes coming to the forecast on sunday, a big cooldown, more clouds and change of precipitation.
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we'll talk more about the potential rain. tomorrow's temperatures, a little warmer than today. breezy in spots, mainly the peninsula and the coastline. it will be 74 in oakland, 74 in ala alameda. up per 80s in pleasanten, and up through the north bay, temperatures in the 80s, as well. a look at your extended forecast for tomorrow and saturday, both a little bit warmer and nice weather. into sunday, big changes, a bit cooler, and potential showers on monday. it will be cooler and breezy, and a lingering chance of
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showers into tuesday morning. you can watch the weather forecast whenever it's convenient on the 27/7 bay area newschannel. the new movie monsters university hits the studios tomorrow. let's hear about it. >> reporter: it would not be a proper pep rally without a drum line and cheerleaders. employees have put in many hours to make this movie. this movie took more than four years to take. >> that's about normal for a movie of this type.
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we go through a lot in making this film. we have a great movie coming out of this. >> reporter: the alma mater of this show was song by the crew and a final cheer was led. finally, the moment everybody was waiting for, the bon fire was lit, and it had a special surprise for everybody to enjoy. a large flame came out of the middle here on the left, and everybody loved it. it opens up in theaters on friday. >> >> inning up in sports, the giants and the a's and the heat, they in the kings!
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the heat does it again. it was game seven against the spurs. you can roll this any time you want. here we go. >> this is everything we have worked for all season long. >> the game proceeded here and lebron and duncan went at it, two all-time grates probably in the top 10 when you talk about
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the great ones of all time. five 3's for james. parker ran out of gas and duncan had a great game. parker had 10 points and dwyane wade, a bad knee and all, and this thing went back and forth. here is the game. the spurs were down two and duncan couldn't convert from inside and james went off. he had 37 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, and battier here, a throw--- he had a 3-set. >> every night i walk into the
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locker room with james here, i'm blessed. what anybody says about me off the court, it doesn't matter. i'm blessed. no worries. >> such a fine line with celebrating and having a great summer and now feeling like crap. >> i have a wedding coming up with my beautiful fiance, and it would be unbelievable now, had it been pulled off. >> no major incidents and officials said it was peaceful. people are celebrating.
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but, to me, you can't really celebrate unless there was graffiti or a broken few windows! [ laughter ] >> you are getting the key to go. >> roll one here on the giants. out at the ballpark here. he hurt his elbow and then the pinch hit erwins the game here in the eighth, 1-0, giants, and in comes a couple of runs here. a rough night here, 2-1, marlins. roll the a's, and then we'll show the body guard. the a's are down and they have a chance to win the game. all they have to do is have the man come across. he is tagged out to end the game
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and the rangers win 4-3, and texas takes three out of four, just a game back. as i like to say, best time to the second, right here. good night, everybody! [female vo] looking for the hottest deal on a new mattress?
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