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tv   Rob Black and Your Money  KRON  July 1, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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♪ welcome and to rob black and your money. i am brought black and this is a show that will help you get to retirement. we will take your calls and e-mail's on the show at 4158618753 or drop a line at rob black dot com. let's take a look at
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the top stories. this year's first half of the year with a report card. the numbers for the first of the year, the dow jones industrial up small caps and the united states do a little bit better than international companies. it is kind of nice to see. this is a year that started off with a lot of low expectations due to high payroll taxes. the to a new president, what his policies will look like, due to sequestration as well as spending in america. we had a weak month of june, a couple of bombs in here and there. it has been referred to as a transitory period. low-cost money were the 10
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year treasury was at 1.6%. arlene from corporations or barring form individuals. that has stimulated saving and our debt whether it be individual mortgage or a corporation. that helps our economy after a recession. there are some durable numbers out there, the federal reserve is taking a look at. investment bankers and the united states are saying jobs are slowly coming in. this should lead to a good second half of the year. in january and february, 26 times out of 26 times and the market has gone up over 20 percent for the year. even though we are up 12 or 13 of 14% so far, we did still haveon the upside.e where we are but it will be volatile. let's look at some winners and losers today on wall street. this one is a little bit different. the first one, l loser, of gold.
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gold prices were the worst on record. the second quarter, what you saw was a gold dropping 23%. it was kind of interesting because low-cost money tends to send a flight toward hard assets, gold being a medal is a hard asset. it had its largest quarterly loss in 45 years. the last five or six years the word gold has had a huge run, that is starting to break. silver was a disaster as well. monsters university is a product by at walt disney. this dark as always seems to be near a 52 week high. i want you think disney, picks arpixar. disney is
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franchises. what i buy disney today? probably not. what i continue to watch it for the next 10 to 15 years, probably so. next up, lone ranger. we have a loser, blackberry down 25% on friday. the new blackberry 10 attached device is not selling very well. on top of that, they are kind of internet road kill. they're stuck in the third, fourth best behind apple and samsung as far as phones ago. smaller, cheaper, faster is not a good way to invest. investors, the tech keypad is on its way out. finally out, one more winner. this is a trend, it is a trend i do not like. as f x entertainment doesn't
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dance music. they follow the next one sec filing which means they will be bringing in dance music to the public market. this is an industry growing incredibly quickly. 100,000 teenagers crowd of the las vegas motor speedway recently. this is a for a half billion dollar industry. you can invest in numerous areas, dance music becoming public is interesting to note. coming up on the show, we will bring up an expert and talk a little money on investing. what is working on wall street and why. you can't drop me a line at route rob black .com.
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>> will come back to rob
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black and your money. it is time for us to ask the expert. that expert would be c f p chad burton. you deal with financial planning issues. one deep issues you deal with is the challenges of retirement. let's talk about five challenges people face. i just did a segment where we talk about low interest rates moving a little higher, can you expand on that? >> it is then kind of a break neck type of relationship especially with 2007. traditionally, retirees have some more between 30 and 70 percent of their portfolio and see the type investments. investments were over 5% in 2007 before they crashed. now they're about 3 1/2%. and maybe it was down at 1.1
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0.6%. it has been all over the place which has been bond investing so confusing. at the same time, the and come back and tyrees read invest in products like cds and bonds, the end, has been cut. and maybe it was about 70% is now 60% lower than where was in 2007. it is for people to get a little more aggressive. >> it was trending lower for years and years and years and then spiked up in the last month. this bike is a big transition. the latest trend right now is on hunting for an comes using high yields and income for retirees is a big issue. >> a lot of people because many stocks now have a higher dividend yield than the bonds, what happens is a lot of retirement investors
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have pledged themselves into an area of more risk than they were really thinking about. now that we've gone through so much upside, the market has some pretty much going up since 2009. people have become complacent with risk. their portfolios are much more aggressive than what they were used to in the past. and as rates rise rapidly like they did last month and what can happen is they get shocked. they realize, oh my god as i am and testing and to many stocks. they are panicking and selling at the wrong time. it is ok to a mess and dividend stocks and have it for retiring as long as you don't panic out when times get a little uncertain. the top five major retail hunting for the replacement of an income, up three being when you sell, either stock or bond, when you sell?
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rules keep changing. >> when you're younger, you are building wealth and timing the market is not that important. when you retire, time and is everything. you do not want to sell all of your stocks and bonds. a bite chart in terms of your assets, how much you should have and inbounds versus stocks. 2 things determine when you should sell, one a pie chart. if you go in and say you are supposed have, this is an example, 25% in large cap and then all the sudden it moves to 30 percent of your fault portfolio because you done so well, that is when you need to pull the trigger. you need to reallocate. the second piece is your cash and gold. when you're going into retirement, you need at least three years' worth of portfolio goals in cash. would he get around the corner and say aspen summit
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cash in my portfolio is doing well, trim some of the top to replenish that cash. you are always preparing for the downturn in the market. u.s. drying 100 percent of the times the you have to have a crash cushion for the the years. >> why do we want three years of cash? >> the market has corrected three years and only twice. i've only seen one for your correction one other time when the market was - three years in a row after the great depression. that can happen. if you have a three year cash cushion, yet to invest in portfolio correctly to receive the cash. the three years worth of cash cushion and the dividend yield and into steel and your portfolio will get you through 8527 year period. cash is king during those times. if you
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want to contact that you can do that at 827622423. you can also go to a new focus financial .com. when we come back on rob black and your money, we will see more it siepi chat bertram. we will also answer questions if you drop me one at rob black .com. we will be right back.
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>> we all love to be loved, i like to be liked. go to facebook rpage and like me. one of the retirement of
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mistakes is that interest rates cause people to not be able to save enough. three was tide toward wendy's cell and a down market in retirement? the for this health care costs. would we need to know about health care costs? >> a lot of people retired thinking they were going to get met on medicare and everything was going to be covered but that is just not the case. when you retire, you get medimedicaid part one which is free. the average supplemental average is about 200 a month. it could be cheaper when you start off and be more expensive as you age and become less healthy. there other costs with retirement. that is about
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$240 a month. none of that covers a nursing home stay or home health care if you become incapacitated and need help when you become older. long story short, any of the planners when doing a financial plan we will add about $658 a month and health insurance cost would year retirement. that is usually what your employer is coming right now. so security when you're retired comes out to about $20,000 a year. then it gets taxed any of the health care costs out of it. it is a supplement, you need to save more. this this issue that we need to cover i believe it is probably inflation. somewhere along those lines of what happens? >> a lot of people will reject project their
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retirement trying to define if they have enough their people live to their 100 years old now and sometimes longer. you'll be retired for 35 years. the value of the dollar because inflation is cut in half by every 18 years. if you're living off of 150,000 now, it will be 100,018 years. because of the printing of money that is going on around the world, and 10 years be go for a period of really high inflation. yet to make sure that you pasaved enough. stocks and bonds are things that help get exposure overseas rather. >> i like to tell people for retirement you need it least a million dollars in investments. you're saying because of inflation, by the
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time you die in the later years you almost need to million dollars to pay that. >> it is relative to your expenses. used be able to retire and drop 45% of your portfolio. that is being challenged because of the interest rate on bonds that was developed. the roosevelts and the '90s when the cds and bonds were a lot higher, with interest rates. i don't like tying up money. i do not like annuities because of commissioned products. the traditional
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type of annuity they create your own pension, this is not the time to do it. >> is there anything else need to know and 30¢ or less? >> long-term care, whether not yet needed go to someone that is a feedback. someone that is going to sell the insurance and product is going to give you buy its advice. >> long-term care is a position where nurses come to your home. a mother 75 + years old and she has used it a few times before and it was a hundred thousand dollars a year. >> a lot of times, the guy goes into the nursing home. they spend a lot of money and then the female lives lager. there's less money in their portfolio to get them to age 100. that is a problem. that 888762, 2423. fos
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>> this is the segment where we take your phone calls and females. you can drop me a e-mail at rob @ rob black .com. will mortgage rates stabilize or move higher? they have moved from the 3 1/2% range all the way to the four. some of the ones i've seen are at 5%. there is expectation over the past
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year that it will stabilize. it could move higher or lower. the truth is, a real- estate prices have moved up a lot. higher interest rates means you afford less home. a lot of homes are coming on with higher prices in the bay area. i would you can afford. if you cannot afford more than 28 percent of your income for your mortgage. try to time them. rowley as good chain of how this plays out. what's the best way to save for college? if you have a child today, it will cause you to hundred thousand dollars to raise it to 18. 250 to 230,000 for college. saving for college that, you can get a lot of
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information vern. (...) -- saving for saving for your kids' college is very important. the best vehicle, if you'd max out your own retirement plan is to do something like 8529 plan. nevada, california, alaska, utah has them. some of the expenses are little higher than others. if you have a child today and you open up a utah plant, the utah plant as a little better than the california plan, cheaper. one of the biggest waste went on wall street is to get the lower-cost products. your kid does not have to go to the university of utah. they can go to a california school but all of their states have their own 529
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plan for saving for college. i highly recommend looking into it. our final question is how can i get the best return on my 4 01 k? fidelity's as came out with a study that said the last five years individuals kicked behind and funds because they kept dollar cost averaging. as the market went lower they bought every two weeks. as the market and higher they bought every two weeks. the best thing you can do is have a diversified portfolio. that is just a starting point. every quarter, every year you want to rebalance that its 2260, save for retirement and from 60 to 100 you live off of everything you save in your 401k. there great tax deferred vehicles also the
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roth ira, you played taxes now. the best way to beat the market is to beat the market. the diversified and don't try to be right. i things when they are lower. you can find out more about my seminars at rob black dot com. thanks for joining me today, i will be here every monday from 11 to 1130. and the line at route at rob blarob @ rob black .com.
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