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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i just wish bart would go ahead this figure out what they need to do. >> good morning. top stories we are following for you on this tuesday, july 2nd. entering day two of the bart workers strike. long lines and longer commutes expected for a second day in the bay area. we'll tell you what you need to know to get through it. here's a live look at the bay bridge approach this morning. let's get right to the traffic center and kron four's george rask. >> 24 and 580 are the worst. here is a live picture from the macarthur mayes. we are already backed up towards highway 24 in the westbound direction. we're starting to pick up slowing on the
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approach from the of our run the side. the drive time from walnut creek in san francisco is 54 minutes. remember it was double that yesterday. the shore freeway is starting to slow from paul street. northbound a 80 is still your best approach. >> we want to update you on the occurring problem with a vehicle fire and brush fire. they both were extinguished but right hand lane is still shut down. the emergency vehicles have not left the scene. even interstate 580 from patterson is jammed up. the drive time is over an hour now to the dublin interchange from tracy. >>
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bart workers are officially in day two of striking, and once again other transit agencies are stepping up, to help accomodate thousands of commuters. kron four's will tran is live at 20th and broadway in oakland where commuters are boarding a-c transit busses to take them across the bay. good morning will. >> we did not see this until about 6:30 a.m. yesterday. there are an average of about 30 minutes a woman than they were yesterday. this all along lines either on tv or they were stuck in the line and they stated that today, that would make sure that would not be frustrated. i can tell you that ac transit is adding extra buses. i spoke to a spokesperson with ac transit and she told me that typically if there is a strike they will 2
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hour update. >> we are at twentieth and broadway and you concede that these people are waiting for the buses. they are running late and they are also getting frustrated because they do not know where their buses are. we have not seen the frequency that we have seen before. what ever they have they stated that day are try to make sure people are able to get around. i had a chance to speak to a gym in this morning who did not have a chance to get ac transit and he had to take the ferry. >> i always wonder whether not if the bus will show a. up. this would make this
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base will morning but it was frustrating. >> were you late to work yesterday? >> yes. but it wasothat big of a dealausehe knew what was going on. >> you can see that there is an ac transit supervisor that is on hand to answer questions. a lot of people are not used the catching ac transit and this is why they were lost and confused. it is still early in my advice for you is that you can come to the other bus stops and still have a fighting chance to hop on the bus. after 6:38 a.m. you should just forget about it. this line will be wrapped all the way around the corner. a again, it will be so full that they blow right past the other bus stops on the way to the bay bridge. these people were just left stranded here.
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>> continuing our team coverage this morning. we are monitoring different ways you can get around the bay area. one of those options is to take a ferry. kron four's justine waldman is back at jack london square with an update on the ferry service, hi justine. >> look at the line of the people who did not make it the first ferry. the next one does not come until 6:45 a.m.. they will be standing here for another 45 minutes into the next one comes around. i want to show you video of the line of people who were waiting to get on this first ferry. a lot of the passengers that used the ferry yesterday's stated that it is very crowded and it is standing room only. they stated that they're trying to get here 1 hour early but this may not
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be enough time today. we just saw the first ferry left and it was at capacity. there was still a lot of people waiting. i had a chance to talk to a woman who was waiting at and how much it was an intimate sense. >> i have to live about two hours early. i do not want to jeopardize my job. i have to leave work at 2:00 p.m. so i think it on the ferry at a decent hour. i sought yesterday on the nose. >> how frustrating this is for you? >> it is very, very frustrating. hopefully, they come up with a decision. >> you are looking at video of the ferries and taking off heading off from here to set francisco. two ferries just dtesome things
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that you should know is that the parking lots are filling up pretty fast. you should give yourself extra time so you can find a parking spot. they are requesting that you walk, take a bite, or did drop off. you can use your clipper card to pay but to do have to have a ticket before you even get in line to get on the ferry. there tried to make every effort to accommodate you. they have extra staff that is working to help everyone. there is a lot of confusion about which line is you stand in. they do have people out here tried to help the people who are new to the ferry. they are using all of the ferries that are available. their entire fleet is being used to transport people. we will get a live interview with a
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manager coming up at 6:30 a.m.. will find out how they are able to keep this up. this is are ready date to and the passengers want to get on with how their normal commute goes. we will keep you updated. >> thanks justine. bart management says, it did not receive any indication that bart workers will return to work today. commuters are advised to make alternative transportation plans. here is what we know. bart says, there has been no progress in labor negotiations with its two largest unions. workers want a four-point- five percent raise annually over the next three years. bart management has offered a 2- percent annual raise over the next four years. the bay area economic institute estimates that the bart strike is costing the region 73-million dollars a day. in lost worker productivity alone. that figure is based on workers stuck in traffic or forced into longer commutes
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on other forms of transit. the institute says this does not even include things like the economic impact from people who don't buy lunches or dinner because they didn't go to work. we will continue to follow the latest with the bart strike. we will be providing updates on our 24-seven channel, comcast 193. we will also be providing updates on our wesbite, kron-four-dot-com, as well pages. do not be too worried about this it would just be a pop up shower. it is an muggees start and livermore is in the low 70's. we do have a little bit of hefty fall along the coastline. we do have excessive heat in the afternoon and i will talk about this when we return. >> the time right now is 6:09 a.m.. we will be right back.
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don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >> welcome back the time is 6:12 a.m.. the top story is bart strike date to. kron 4 maureen kelly spoke to one commute her on board one of the bart charter buses headed for san francisco. >> passengers will have to transfer to catch a bus.
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this man here went through yesterday. >> it was full. it took me about an hour. i think it would be better for them to resolve this quickly. >> both sides are not negotiated right now how do you feel about that? >> it would be better for them to resolve it. >> that was one opinion from one of the commuters. >> that was one opinion from one of the commuters. >> ñáçwçñ
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>> it sucks! i have to wake up before 30 a.m.. >> it is terrible. >> there is so much traffic on the road. >> these are some people lining up early at the fremont bart station, catch and a free shuttle buses provided by bart. there are other stops at el cerrito
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del norte, walnut creek, and the dublin/a pleasanton bart stations. >> this will bring you to the page where we have all the information on the contract talks. it will also tell you all the stories that we have done all the resources for a disease that can help you get around. will give you a nice map. let's turn our attention to george. >> we are filling it this morning. it is much better news because of haul the coal lands have been distributed. so far, i have not been able to get anyone on the line to talk to me.
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we are getting more sufficient use of the toll lanes. yesterday, we had a lot of problems because it was restricted only for fasttrack customers. we have more people out here will are not fasttrack users. >> you see that the backup is complete field then all of the approaches. where before and the state 580 it was fine and this is no longer the case. take a look. this is starting to back up before the 80 split. 80 westbound a slow from golden gate bridge. it is stop and go from university ave. westbound 24 is continuing to get heavy for one a creek. last we checked it was 54 minutes but now it is 64 minutes. it is way over an hour. >> we continue to track a
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another hot spot still out of the livermore valley area. what about 580 is still jammed leading all the way to tracy. this is due to an earlier occurring umbilical and brush fire that still has the right lane shut down. we have not received any communication from officers on the same period a request was made about an hour ago for them to tell us when this was open. as you see, the traffic is backed up. there is an additional problem on 580 westbound. an accident for the dublin grave that a slowing the ride into castro valley. here is a look at some of alternate areas. it is still bed on a 80 with no accidents. here is a look at the approach and traffic
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is still good. for the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 southbound it is a little bit of traffic but certainly not an impact on the southbound ride. . >> let's find out more about the alternate routes for their transportation. >> a lot of people will be taking ac transit and unfortunately, they're not on strike. they're still in negotiations. that will add more for their fleets this morning. you can catch some of the letterd buses. they will bring you into san francisco every 30 minutes. these buses also have to wait and this bay bridge back up. >> they will low people on buses every 35 minutes and that will draw people off but the temporary trans bay
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terminal at beale and howard st.. they added an additional one this morning. i do want to focus now on the forecast. >> we're starting out with storm tracker 4. we do have some instability around the bay and some of the showers are actually reaching land. we do have moisture closer to ocean beach that will impact sampras's go. we did have a stray shot over in a state 5 a. it is very spotty in nature. with this instability we may see pop up thunderstorms into afternoon. the conditions will be dry and we will have more sunshine and the temperatures will be similar to yesterday. it is muddy right now in antioch. upper
6:22 am
60s out the door in pleasanton. we are talking the same for the afternoon. the national weather service center has set a excessive hit by a 3 of 7:00 p.m. on wednesday. evergreen will gain about a hundred degrees. the warm spot will be in the east bay. pittsburg whether a high of zero hundred and five degrees and hundred and two in danville. >> your 7 day around the bay shows three more days of triple digits. after that, the temperatures will cool down. by saturday and sunday it will be in the mid '80s. >> new this morning, police in oakland are searching for at least two people involved in a double homicide inside a we must stop. it happened around 1130 last night, the
6:23 am
restaurant is located on the 500 block of lake park avenue. police are not releasing too much information, other than to people did get shot and killed inside the restaurant. we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >>
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egypt is on edge after the military issued an ultimatum to president mohammed morsi and the opposition to resolve the crisis in 48 hours or have the army step in with its own plan. protesters who want morsi to step down remain camped out in cairo's tahrir square, uprising. but morsi's own islamist backers have their own rally site, and vow to resist what they say is the threat of a coup against a legitimately elected president. president obama called morsi on monday, encouraging him >> the national management organization will head to arizona today to begin their investigation into how 19 elite firefighters were killed while battling the yarnell fire over the weekend. the men were part of an elite team. the prescott fire department's granite mountain hotshots. the crew was responsible for getting on the front lines. creating a barrier around the fire. a makeshift memorial now stands near the fire station in prescott,.where family and friends bring flowers and console each other.remembering the fallen firefighters. the heartbreaking memorial is over and today the experts will head to a wildfire scene near prescott, ariz., to begin to investigate what went so firefighters died. a spokeswoman for the atlanta
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nimo - national incident management put out a preliminary report in the coming days. in prescott, arizona. a tribute monday night. to the 19 arizona firefighters who became trapped in a growing wildfire. the men were part of an elite team. the prescott fire department's granite mountain hotshots. the crew was responsible for the fire. now we're learning more about who these men were from their families. ♪
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♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ >> welcome back. we are now in day two of the barge strike. >> the bay area council economic institute estimates that the bart strike is costing the region's $73 million a day in lost worker productivity alone. that figure is based on workers stuck and long
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commutes and it does not even include things like the economic impact of people not buying lunch or dinner or meeting people for drinks because they did not go into the city. >> the time now is 6:28 a.m.. radio: it's mattress discounters' 4th of july sale.
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t. bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. >> welcome back the opening bell on wall street. futures are flat right now. the dow was up 165 points in trading. they only closed up 65 below the $50 a mark. we will have more with our financial adviser robert black. . >> we're still looking at
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problems out interstate 580 for the westbound ride. will talk about the big store which is the bay bridge. it is a growing back up. i do not knoor perhaps we can get the overhead shot from our helicopter partnership. it will be great, we're looking at traffic believe it or not adjacent to the rock ridge bart station. how ironic is that! >> over on the traffic map as we switch back he was see the growing backup on all the approaches to the bay bridge. look at highway 24 which was worst yesterday. it looks like it will be the same today. last, it was a slow from here now it is backed up all the way to or when the in the westbound
6:32 am
direction. it was a 54 minute drive time from walnut creek to san francisco but now it is a 66 minute drive time. the east shore for what we're looking at red on the other freeways that is below 24 mi. per hour. this goes all the back to golden gate fields. this is backed up all the way to san paulo. even you're ride to the interstate 580 westbound is backed up to the macarthur mayes. 880 northbound is already slow from-- >> let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. there is an increase in volume that we did not see yesterday. the ride on interstate 580, we believe the rightked by cleap
6:33 am
operation from an earlier vehicle fire. there was also a motorcycle accident in the midst of this. they have about one hour drive time. there is continuing to delay for the dublin great was about because of an earlier accident. >> bart workers are officially ended to a striking, and once again another transit agency was stepping up, to help accommodate thousands of commuters. kron4 will tran is live at twentieth and broadway in oakland where commuters are boarding a.c. transit buses to take them across the bay. >> good morning will. >> they stated forget this, but they were born to arrive here early. they came down here about an hour earlier
6:34 am
than yesterday because the lines were so long. at this point, you might just want come here because every time a bus pulls up even with the extra buses that lease this location is so full of people that they would just blow by the other locations. it is not just from oakland, there is a another bus stop because it was just came by. this bus is taking people to walnut creek, concord, >> i had a chance to talk to someone yesterday and this is what he had to say. >> i had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. that a.m..that 8:00 a.m.. t there early still i was not late. >> it was stressful but i made it. i have perfect
6:35 am
attendance right now. >> there is an ac transit supervisor on hand to answer any questions. they frowned upon them yesterday because they told people not to talstuff by here turn this into a car pull area. we saw some buscar stopping by wanting people to have been. . keep in mind you cannot come here and turn this into a car pool area. >> we are continuing our team coverage this morning. we are monitoring different ways you can get around the bay area. one of those options is to take the ferry. kron 4 urs justine waldman is back at jack
6:36 am
london square with an update on the ferry service. >> we have a long line of people try to get aboard. we have two lines one for you to go to south san francisco and one for you go towards san francisco. the third line is for you if you need help buy tickets. he will talk to was not about how things are going and how they took a triple passengers damage due on a dadaily basis. >> we cared about 18,000 riders just a they opposed to 6000. it was a challenge for us. it was ok. the passengers were very appreciative and ever patient. >> are things go as move today? are you experiencing any delays? >> yes, we are on time and as you can see we do have
6:37 am
traffic in the interior. when these vessels, and we do have to wait before we can apart. but overall, things are working ok. >> there are a lot of people who do not take the ferry. they do not want to deal with the traffic. can you give them some advice. >> if they can have a ticket with them before they board it would be great. we do have tickets sales here. some of our roads, we do accept clipper cards. please remember, that parking is limited so if you can be dropped off or if you can car pool other driving your car it would be appreciated. >> you have extra staff on and all of your ferries are in use. you did called extra ferries to help you are. we are only one day to but how much longer can you keep this up. >> it is hard to say. we will be here tomorrow and
6:38 am
next day if needed. will have service on july 4th and the weekend. we would just have to play it day by day. >> i want to show you how he talked about the slowdowns that may happen on the water. we have this card will ship the just pulled up. the ferries will have to go a little bit slower. they have to go slow so even though it is not as bad as traffic, there is a little bit of traffic on the water and it will have to go slower and that may slow down your commute. you can see that some people got here about an hour before these ferries actually are set to depart and they're still not making the ferry that they need to take. we want to encourage you to leave early and allow more time to get here because the ferries are filling up. >> let's turn over to the
6:39 am
weather. >> we are close to 80 degrees in antioch. it is a pretty much the start. we had if you pop up showers along the coastline. the precipitation is currently off shore. we are dealing with patchy fog along the coastline. here's a look it to current conditions. we are seeing a person 70's for antioch. upper 60s for san jose. we will seek triple digits into afternoon. i will tell you how hot it will get coming up on my next report. the time is 6:39 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. we are taking a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, the golden gate bridge and the san mateo bridge. expect more traffic on the bridges and this morning as bart trains will not be in service today. >> george will be up momentarily with a complete breakdown of your commute in any other hot spots. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back the time is 6:46 a.m.. here is a look outside from our partnership with abc 7 bills. this is ed look at the shuttle's that are taking passengers from the buses into the city. the bart strike is
6:47 am
>> there is a big backup on the bay bridge and the metering lights have been activated. by 5:38 a.m. we had a backup that we continue to watch the backup grows on all the approaches. although 580 is not is better today and the metering lights. highway 24 is starting to show some signs but might sensors are stating that things are not as bad today as it were yesterday. take a look at the traffic map. you may recall yesterday we had a big problem on the upper east shore freeway that back up the traffic. this morning, the traffic is here from albany all the way down. it is a very, very slow. this backup has grown beyond high with four in the
6:48 am
westbound direction. maybe it will not be that much better. >> the drive time is still about 64 minutes from walnut creek on 24 westbound. this is a little bit better than yesterday. the 580 approach is not yet back up to downtown oakland. the mimic freeway is the best approach to the bay bridge this morning. the san mateo bridge would make a find alternate is carry more traffic this morning that it was 24 hours ago. >> our other hot spot is interstate 580 where they have completely cleared the right way where a vehicle fire started and in a grass fire. in the midst of this backup which delays all with to trace it there was a another accident with a motorcycle that was blocking
6:49 am
the line. >> looking at your golden gate bridge ride the commute for 1 01 southbound is still not bad at all if you take the richmond center field bridge it is still connected sent francisco boulevard. >> we will get some more transit information. >> i do want to talk about the bart chartered buses. el cerrito del norte, fremont, dublin/pleasanton, walnut creek will be running from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. from west oakland. fro 5:00 p.m.
6:50 am
from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. at other stations. a again, this is a freight service but do not bank on this because they are supposed to, that about four of the peopl carry about 4000 people a day. >> i do want to talk about the weather. we are tracking light rain and moderate showers for portions of highway 4. you may need to use your windshield wipers are approaching to 42. in terms of your temperature is it is purely a muddy hillside. it is warm and annie at 76 degrees. it is quite a contrast compared to the coastline. we are talking about foggy conditions. we are talking
6:51 am
excessive heat and it is an affect until 7:00 p.m. on wednesday. all of the inland spots are affected. you can expect ratings in the triple digits and warm evenings and scorching afternoon's. you should drink plenty of water if you suffer from any heat related illnesses. >> the triple digits are indicated by the purple. we have plenty of '90s to go or around. it will be a hundred and four degrees in pleasanton and low 80s for oakland and hayward. the 7 day around the bay shows a triple digits and into the middle but cooler conditions for saturday and sunday. by monday, we're talking about morning fog and the temperature will be in the seasonal average. >> we will not talk about wall street with our financial adviser rob black.
6:52 am
there is big mills with bay area company zenga. >> he was just kind of creepy, i am thrilled and i am excited. this should be a lot like the founder of groupon their stocks with high. macy's is coming out and it tells you how i am worried about this. >> they had a great ceo from microsoft who is well- respected. i give him a thumbs-up. they have a lot of cash. the nasdaq, i have no problem. >> we're also watching disney. there ceo is day.
6:53 am
the munsters movie was a great run. he added millions of dollars and i like success stories. this is great management and that it was great teams. this is the same thing with disney. unfortunate, that will have to deal with the movie that is coming out this weekend. >> he is getting great reviews perry e. >> one note on mortgage rates we have seen the spike. people are looking to refinance or buy a home. how worried should you be? >> when interest rates move from 3% to almost 5% one month it is going to disrupt
6:54 am
the system. look for housing to take a break in or for people to rush in. >> we would check back with rob at 9:15 a.m. for winners and losers. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. looklo at alt lllll llat yummy. two buo ild your own ohickhi wrw wi a side ofe hipshi how hodo you y put a pra e one hat? oh, fo, ur dollars?! i gui ess ths ''how. builbud youryo own cwncken wra just $4 $on den dny'' $4$6$8 val v men m®.
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>> as commuters and deal with the second day of the bart strike many of them left earlier the last day to head into san francisco. this may be a tall order because traffic is backing up everywhere. kron4 terisa estctacocio call up with some of them earlier this
6:58 am
morning. >> did you get early this morning? >> yes. yesterday i came again at 4:30 a.m.. >> were you worried? >> yes perry ed i heard about the one in 1997. >> i doubt about 4:30 a.m.. i got ready really really fast and had on the road. >> what is the normal time the to get up? >> it is about 7:00 a.m.. i normally get to work by 8:00 a.m.. but because of the strike, i had the lead early. >> here is a live look at the ferry going across the bay. there are a lot of people lining of to get on this ferry. where more on people lining of to get on this ferry. where more on the hohow big?g?said it's big. rerealallyly big. tetellll h him to send a pic.
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