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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 5, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> pam: fire officials have determined that yesterday's
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francisco apartment building, was accidental. caused by smoking materials. as we told you last night, a san francisco police officer is being called a hero for heading into the burning building, before firefighters arrived, to save an elderly woman. that police officer. it's a story you'll see only on 4 san francisco police officer matthew lobre is talking about his decision to run into a burning home to save an elderly woman it happened thursday at this building on pine street lobre was heading to another call when a downstairs neighbor flagged him down without hesitation, the 15
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year police veteran, with no fire rescue experience, the building lobre kicked in the back door of the burning third thick smoke began his search for the woman that action has many calling him a hero? but the soft spoken officer says he?s just glad he could help while kron 4 was interviewing the police officer, the downstairs neighbor who flagged him down yesterday, came over and thanked him for saving her friend >> a lot of time we take our public servants for granted. i tell you, yesterday it was a miracle! >> pam: clem clarke and her family got out of their second floor apartment safely, and says. it was traumatic building can be replaced, but not a life and says, she's thankful her family and upstairs neighbor made it out alive. >> the prosecution has rested in the george
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zimmerman murder trial in florida. and the defense is now making its case for the volunteer neighborhood watchman. family members of both trayvon martin and george zimmerman took the stand today. kron 4's grant lodes reports. this emotional close to the week and a george zimmerman murder trial. first, the mother of travel and martin took the stand the mother of-= = trayvon martin with screams in the bakground and a gunshot. >> dispatcher: gunshots. >> derecognize that? >> yes. >> who is that? >> that is trayvon martin.
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>> also, she recognized the scree you were not exactly convinced that that was travyon martin and the tape. >> you have really not listen to or heard it you think that it was your brother pot? >> the medical examiner who did it the examination to say that he had no shot of the surviving that gunshot.
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>> it was my opinion that he was still suffering. >> if you have been tired of hot temperatures? this is certainly a welcome sight. there is the fog. you can see the fog tracker already going towards the bay and the inland valleys. this will continue for the
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overnight. some patches along the bay but it will retreat. even partial clearing by the middle of
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next week and towards wednesday, thursday some cool down ride share services have skyrocketed thanks to the bart share. here is some information there is and you can watch
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the is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. it's on comcast 193 and on whole foods market issuing a cheese recall tonight. cheese is being recalled after an outbreak of a bacterial infection was
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discovered. details of the recalled product is on your screen. officials say it sickened people in several states and killed at least one. names including les freres freres. the bacteria found was illness for women who are pregnant or people who have weakened immune systems. officials say one woman reportedly suffered a miscarriage due to the bacteria. in egypt -- officials says the deputy head of the muslim brotherhood. the organization has been arrested. crystal geyser is always
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the supporters of mohamed morsi are 'not' going quietly. there were huge demonstrations in cairo tonight. morsi supporters were rallying in big numbers. at times -- the demonstrations did get violent. kron4's catherine heenan reports.
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it's believed that morsi is under arrest.and now behind barbed wire and military guard. his supporters are standing outside.refusing to move. and there are thousands of them. rallies growing in size. and members of the muslim brotherhood complaining that morsi was their leader.democratically elected.and they've been betrayed. there have been clashes between opponents and supporters of morsi. including fighting on this bridge in cairo. egyptian tv showed a car on fire. and the casualties mounted. the nationwide toll reaching 30 by late afternoon.
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service. as of 3- this afternoon. following the 4 day bart strike. bart management and the unions agreed to extend the current contract for 30 days. while both sides continue working toward a new contract. >> a san francisco police officer who is being hailed a hero for pulling a woman out of a burning building says he is glad he was at the right place at the right time. officer matthew low bray says he's just hopeful the elderly victim gets better. the victim suffered second and third degree burns in thursday's pine street fire. the fire has been ruled accidental and is being blamed on smoking materials. >> pace san francisco
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firefighter-is on administrative leave after running alcohol tests. >> a richmond couple is dead after illegal fireworks cause an explosion at their home. their son. critically injured. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. showing the aftermath. >> we received reports that they saw someone running. >> we were sleeping and we heard these screams. >> pam: you can see the home here. this is on 21st street, near roosevelt avenue in richmond. the fire started in a make- firefighters are not yet
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estimating the cost of the f timoth >> pam: southern california fire officials still dont' know what caused a fourth of july fireworks accident last night. it happened at a simi valley park.where thousands gathered to a fireworks show. dozens of people were hurt. during the blast. police earlier said -- a fireworks shell detonated prematurely and knocked over other launching mortars. however they're now saying there might be other factors involved. >> dramatic video of a woman being attacked in the castro district. they're hoping to help with the public's help, identify these group of men. there are two
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witnesses that helped women this woman and called police. this was on sunday, on the market/street near delores after the pink celebration on saturday. the suspects is 50 black men and one black woman. they believe that they're also responsible for the robberies in the castro. to my initial reaction was discussed this back dome was victim as a robber which is already a dramatic. the suspects already had their property and then one suspect came back and kicked her violently and viciously in the face which is a cowardly act. >> this is a close up. the victim is recovering at home we have the entire attack video on the website >> pam: also new at 8.
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a wooden roller coaster in santa clara has reopened. the gold striker at great to be closed this week because riders were screaming to loud. reports show the shrieks were exceeding the decibel limit agreed with a real estate company that own properties adjacent to the roller coaster. as a result. great america had to cover a portion of the track with a tunnel to dampen the sounds. stocks jumped friday after now for today's market >> the america's cup. >> today's, 72 ft. catamaran were not on display because of the high winds however, people
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remaining enthusiastic. >> this is once in a lifetime, every five, 10 years depending on the previous year's race. absolutely fantastic to watch these machines. >> the challenger louis vuitton and also spain, italy and sweden >> if you do not turn up you do not get the points. >> the regatta director ian mrray the me not show what because of the new safety measures because of the depth of the race member on
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a mean ninth death. >> to have the fastest boats on the water. the competition is supposed to be the toughest of anything. so,, rain or shine the team will set sail at 12:15 this event is open and free to the public. we are live on top of mount tam looking over this san pablo ave. the setting sun and mostly clear skies. we are seeing some fog and into san francisco.
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>> take a look at this surprise. the stock went unnoticed .. >> this fourth of july to remember. he burned the title fifth road dog in
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bodega beach.. the engine was running a little bit rough. instead he was trapped street and second avenue. their rescue team extricated him from the steering mechanism and the axle. >> it was like a pit crew at the indy500. they were working to try to get him out. >> they say that they stop federalizing they had company. how long was he taken under there? they started. >> that is about three different cities. it could have been from four, five, 10 mi.. and in just a couple of minutes he was provided
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his independence. after he was checked out and rescue workers say he was falling. >> it appeared that there was no injuries. he was just just fine look at the fog rolling in. this gray seewith grade-skies for tomorrow. and a great imac skies for tomorrow. i think that we are going to see some gray skies for tomorrow. as for goal for next week. we will see below nine these but it is not going to be that bad
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as we go for next week temperatures night as tonight-cooler than last night. '70s and '80s. this sea breeze for tomorrow justin to the '60s and '70s. fremont, 76 just-into the 60s and '70s your kron 4 7
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day around the bay looking decent. welcome back everyone. i'm jason appelbaum. gary is off tonight well if you're a warriors was christmas come early today. and no i'm not talking dwight howard. more on him in a minute. i'm talking about andre igoudala. perhaps the biggest free agent on the market not named dwight howard --- the warriors just signed igoudala to a 4-year, $48 million dollar deal which in my opinion elevates them to elite status in the nba - putting them one step closer to the nba finals. remember a few months ago when the warriors played
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the nuggets in the playoffs. for stretches igoudala was the best player on the floor when. he's a 6-foot-6 shooting guard-slash-small forward who at 29 is still his prime. he's one of the more athletic players in the league and considered a lock down defender who can do a little of everything. and if you're a warriors fan it gets even better. to sign igoudala they had to free up some cap space so they managed to unload the hefty contracts of andris biedrins and richard jefferson -- both traded to utah for two future first round picks. .like i said, christmas come early for warriors fans. now as for howard. .nothing official, though it looks like he has chosen to leave l-a for the houston rockets. yes ladies and gentleman the dwight howard sweepstakes are finally over.probably howard will team up with james harden for a formidable duo that should put the rockets in the conversation for the next
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few years. .howard reportedly considered the warriors but there was too much uncertainty that the warriors could work out a sign and trade with the lakers. .as for the lakers - according to sources they never really had a chance.that howard had made up his mind before they met with him on tuesday - and was put off even more by kobe's "let me show you how to win a title" sales pitch. the giants host the dodgers in a few minutes coming off a 1-8 road trip and in a tribute to his late father joe. zito donates 109k for troops >> the oakland athletics looking decent against kansas city la joll /+one to the right to center field. two- zero, josh rebec
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