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tv   Teen Kids News  KRON  July 6, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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look at these images of this aircraft. that there have not been more reported fatalities. this is it just amazing. the entire back portion on of this aircraft. this is video courtesy of our helicopter parternship with abc 7 news. you can see that this plane is just being engulfed. from the top inside. it is really terrible looking. with that said, it is by this situation that the fatalities. >> john, the good news is that the smoke was not had been observed until it touched down. you can only imagine if it was on fire while in the air. we do know that there have been confirmed reports that the fire started once it touched down. the galley is with the
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flight attendants is where the tail end of plane is. to see that the entire section of the aircraft is pretty remarkable, upsetting. >> absolutely, our thoughts and prayers are with those passengers who were on this aircraft. and let us go to j.r. stone who is in the newsroom. >> as we speak, san francisco general are reporting that there are 10 people in critical condition. that is really some of the biggest and the newest information coming into our newsroom. we tell you that within the last 10 minutes over the two water 90 passengerthe-passengers of290 passengers. in 10 flights
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redirected to sacramento. i am getting more updates of of aircraft, boeing 777. the plane was 7 years old. and the cahow we are talking about flights being diverted to airports and in the area, oakland, sacramento, san jose. and also, los angeles and even salt lake city. you are looking at some of the aftermath. this is video courtesy of our helicopter parternship with abc 7 news. if we can take this about more time talking about, is if you can see this is the plane with out the back end. also, there is a c e zero of samsung got was on this flight. the
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many people are thinking about the amount of people. and the andcoo was actually supposed to be on this flight. she was also fearful and who wanted to take a minute on who she has worked with. there is so many people different involvements with this flight. so many people that have also survived. just looking at this video. you can see the back of this
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plane is missing that is ripped apart. hundreds of yards from here. and we are being told that a lot of these passengers have been told that no flights are going to be taking off or landing until at least 8:00 p.m. this evening has crews are on the scene. it is a very difficult situation. and i will get more information and more pictures posted all over the internet as we get new information and more uptakes. there are 10 people that are in critical condition.. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room there are two runways that could be opening up at s f o. we will
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keep you updated on that. in the meantime, we were expecting a ia press conference from the ntsb that has been shifted. the ntsb is saying that it is going to be at 3:00 p.m., pacific standard time. we are going to wait until perhaps the fed has any cause of this accident? however, the death count and certainly the injuries. there are two confirmed deaths, and 60 injured and dan kerman i one a a hospital. >> yes, i am at st. francis burn center. there are three people that were brought here from this crash. the latest information is that none of those crashes are critical.
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none of these -- conditions of these people are critical that resulted from this crash. one of the person is actually walked into a hospital. two of the three however, were transported from the scene. we have definitely confirmed that there are three people >> is amazing that there are not more injuries given it the wreckage that we can see. >> when that planes had, they were on the scene immediately with fire retardant fothey were
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evacuated, quickly and that is the good news. we are not seeing in the types of problems that are commonly associated with fire at such as smoke inhalation. we did certainly see the plumes of smoke on that plane. from all or every indication, there is so much information if you go to you tube, twitter, and what we're showing this is video courtesy of our helicopter parternship with abc 7 news. it appeared that if it hit at the sea wall? >> it appeared that it hit the sea wall. according to twitter, it just did not look like it was landing properly because it was coming down at an angle and
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i gabe >> reporter: i want to share with you an incredible occurrence at the international terminal at s f o. i have been walking around with the media. have and right before you go through customs. through international customs, there is a large group of 50, 60 people. and there was an airport spokesperson. and it turns out that this group of people it was flight 2013 what is what this flight was supposed to return to seoul, south. korea. so, this was a
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group of people that were waiting at the gate. and they were actually watching their plane crash. has there watching it unload. they wanted it to actually board that plane however, instead watched it crashed. with shock, confusion. they have provided many of the surviving passengers with transportation to area hotels. and this has been a very dramatic day for all of these passengers. and as i mentioned, this footage is incredible, and emotional. >> speaking of an intense situation we have some audio of air traffic control conversation at the exact time of the crash. let us
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play that for you. >> the flight into san francisco. >> 5427 run minor. >> (quick exchanges with faa and the pilots), we may need a bit more time. (asian accents) distorted audio), j.r. stone. we have updates. >> we have also been getting those upgrades. there have
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been to runways. the airport is asking for the airlines to check for departure information. the biggest news his that there are 10 critical patients. two of these people are children and eight of these people are adults. rep, nancy pelosi just in the last 5 minutes is quoted at our spirits are those impacted by this light and their families. thank-you for the first responders for their efforts. these pictures that we have been seen all afternoon. the tail end of this aircraft. these updates, you can certainly look at that video and see the damage. the people that
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were on board. one of them was casey e o of samsung the ceo-of samsung. he said that the adjustment through customs. and he seemed he had just gone to a customs but people have just had minor injuries from what he had seen. also, the seaoo facebook, sherrill was also supposed to be on this fiflight. the coo she was supposed to actually be on that flight. and it landed about 20 minutes early she
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is fine, and thankful. really, there are many people involved in this really at this point you can see this cleanup situations. where many of these officials are trying to figure out what happens watson went wrong key. as i mentioned, it is worth reiterating how many people are on that flight. or aboard that flight. that makes the total at over 300. 307 people. many of these flights had been diverted to sacramento, los angeles, san jose, oakland, and even one diverted to salt lake city. at least one. with 10 critical at s.f. general. i
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want to go back to you as we continue to suffer through all this information that is coming into our newsroom. >> j.r. stone, thank you. we understand that the ntsb is going to be holding a press conference at 3:00 p.m. they also have a team. coming of ronald reagan national airport to assess the damage. as we can confirm, there are two people confirmed dead from athis aircraft. and we have reporters at hospitals, and reporters at s f o. we have this covered and we are still awaiting some word as the cause. john? pilots
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have complained that this can be a difficult airport at times with the fog. >> as you mention, vicki these were perfect conditions for flying. at2811at if this flight from south korea did crash. and we are receiving information in the newsroom that the plane seemed to be coming and at a different angle. >> a 35 degree angle. >> yes. >> eyewitnesses say that they could hear the ground shakes, but plans of dirt and smoke from the aftermath. it looked like it had burned. and that heel and the aircraft had been ripped off. the sheer
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magnitude and by all accounts, it seems rather low, dependin. given the amountf damage, and the amount of fatalities and injuries. >> this huge plume of smoke. that is usually a very bad sign. again, certainly all of this is going to be sorted out. you want to take a deep breath. and we also have a reporter on the scene that we're going to go to. anny hong.. >> yes. i have been tracking also a social media. and looking at the twitter feed. and from some of this information that we're getting is that president obama has been alerted about this situation. we will keep
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you updated as new information has been available and pardon the challenge is the language barrier. according to twitter, that if any officer who speaks korean needs to go to s f o. because one of the main airlines out of south part of this challenge is the language barrier. anybody who speaks korean needs to go to s f o and lend their language assistance. also, i want to mention that that purchased moments ago that there are two runways that are going to be opened shortly. they are going to ask every passenger to check with arrivals/departure information with the airline carriers. they are working on trying to get the air wastthe-runways open. and
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according to the twitter feed from the airport, and also, the ntsb. again, the biggest challenge that they are getting is the language barrier. they do not have a lot of people floor english- speaking caribbean. who would--fully speak korean --. who fluidl flin who are flet in the language of korean. >> 61 people injured, there are two confirmed deaths. we are getting information that these it appears that the
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tail end of this aircraft hit the sea wall. it just snapped off. and we are waiting a press conference and the next 10 minutes. from the ntsb, they will certainly provide information and have a go team. to be able to assess the damage. >> there is a lot of information to sift through. when the first reports came and retold it that it was a total plane. hopes were high that the a emergency chutes were launched and emergency crews were on the scene. and as vicki
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mentions , we have many people on the scene and charles clifford is at the oakland airport. often >> yes. many of these flights have been diverted. to san jose, oakland. and normally, it would be a quiet holiday weekend with already people at other destination. but there were people on flights that were supposed to land at san francisco. i am hearing of reports that many people can look out the window and see smoke. which is very scary if you're trying to land. some of these pilots that are specific. if there was some sort of accident there
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was also, a flight from san diego that was diverted to oakland. these people are trying to fly out of their time to make alternate plans >> charles, thank you, you,anny. >> yes. once again, we are tracking could and feeds. i
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want to show you some of these amazing fauteuils because we're attracting twitter amazing feats because we are his these feeds because we are tracking twitter apparently, somebody said at one reported that a south korean diplomat maybe one of the victim's in today's a plane crash. again, that is not confirmed. they are having a and language barrier challenge with anybody who can speak korean fluently.
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>> s f o officials are saying that all flights are canceled. until at least 8:00 p.m. and dan kerman is at san francisco hospital. >> yes, we are at back st. francis memorial atht eh burn center winds iright now, te are six people, and they're not going to comment on their condition. again, there are six patience---
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patients... >> they should be instructed to call the airport if they have loved ones. and of course to in into a loss if we can provide any information that we get. in the meantime, the surrounding areas if you are wondering that if traffic is going to be impacted? they have shot down the highway ramp on 101 and touche/from the airport. 280 traffic was at a standstill. him is all hands on deck who can speak korean
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fluently. to please report to s f o. we will bringing be bringing you information, and as we become information. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room we want to reiterate on what we're reporting to that this is a very tragic situation. this aircraft, boeing 777, from seoul, south korea had a crash landing at s f o. there are two confirmed fatalities. and over 290 people on board, that is including flight numbers. with an infant cross center.
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including--flight-members of the flight crew >> yes. and right now, we have a witness, ashley? >> yes. >> ashley, can you tell us what you saw. >> we just kind of saw in it fly over and we also noticed that there was only one landing year. the year >> only one of the landing gear... was a down? >> that is correct. >> yes. because my husband worked for nasa for 20, 25 years, we have always observed aircraft flying over our house. veamong many people.
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>> now, let us go to the ntsb news conference. >> we had a boeing 777 flight 214 that originated from seoul, south korea and destination, san francisco they were on runway, 28. fifth day crashed upon landing. we have any number of investigators that are here with the investigator in charge, phil english. we have a number of experts that are going to also be on operation. with human performance, survival level, the airport, and airport operations. they are going to be focusing on the
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aircraft. the structure, and the power plants. they are going to be supported with a number of crews on d.c.. they are korun to be monitoring how information on air traffic information. there will be it you people to provide information on landing information. we of tweets investigators on the west coast. the article points and action team. it is the rival team from washington. they are based in los angeles. and they should be running in san francisco in the next hour or so. we are getting a very good cooperation from the federal aviation administration, boeing and from other participants. we
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are working with or korean counterparts. with an accident investigation force. >> i am happy to take any questions. >> what do we think that happened? >> as you know, when our teams to arrive on scene and they collect information and we're certainly going to collect information and the cockpit. they are questioning information's as well as from the ntsb. we have not left washington yet. he will have a better sense of what is going on..
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are there any other questions? >> and the question is that is this a relatively new aircraft? >> i mention that this aircraft, the boeing 777, we will provide expertise. it has been around for a while. and we're going to be looking at everything. we have not yet determined what the cause of the crash is yet to. once were collect that information, indeed we will be providing you for making and putting it out. the question is that is this pilot error? >> we still have a lot of work to do.


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