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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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investigation into that deadly plane crash at s-f- o. what we know now and what's going to be done in the days ahead. >> will take a look at what was going on in the cockpit to really understand how the speed deteriorated and why they did not catch it. >> and kron four speaks with n-t-s-b this morning, we'll have more on what they are saying about the investigation. >> we are waking up to gray skies again. it is very cloudy over the golden gate bridge. take a look at the afternoon high. let inland spots will climb to the mid 90's. we are holding on to pretty comfortable conditions and by 8:00 p.m. tonight. you concede that the player is still in pact.
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we are seeing limited visibility. again, it is a very gray start. sunshine into afternoon and i will walk you through storm tracker 4 in my next report. >> chp is incident. and we are hot spot. . and the westbound ride is already back up to the 880 over crossing and we're looking at a 14 to 16 minute drive time for the bay bridge. you're commuting around the bay bridge has only the slow traffic on interstate 580 and on highway 4. >> federal investigators are expected to return to the scene today of the wreckage of asiana flight 214 at s- f-o. here is the latest: american and south korea investigators today are questioning two of the four pilots of the asiana airlines plane that clipped
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a seawall and crash landed on saturday. two of the 307 people on board died. the other two pilots were questioned yesterday. investigators want to know why the boeing 7-77's speed was too slow to land safely, and why no one realized it in time. and they'll also be talking with air controllers. the recorded conversation between the pilots and air controllers at the san francisco airport also will be investigated. that conversation was in both english and korean. >> the relatives of victims of saturday's fiery asiana airlines plane crash in san francisco arrived in s-f-o last night. families were eager to reunite with their children after most of them survived the crash of asiana flight 2-14. the families of the two chinese teens who were killed in the plane crash were among those traveling. a passenger tells us the parents were privately escorted off their flight after arriving at the airport. >> they were basically
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boarded on before we were able to get on board. they were given preference and we did not know who they were. when we got off the plane here, prior to this they were escorted off the plane and never placed on the tarmac and pleasance of a bus. :"that was it." >> the students were all from the same province in china. the two girls, along with 28 classmates and four teachers, were headed to a summer church camp held by the west valley christian school near los angeles. the camp is aimed at helping foreign students improve their english skills. >> he told them that he was dissatisfied with their handling of the disaster. >> we are expected to hear
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again from the ntsb sometime today. kron four's will tran is live in burlingame with that part of the story, will? >> i have confirmed that the news conference will take place at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. the chair woman stated that she will make her rounds with the media. she told me that they are still interviewing pilots. that's will pilot who was in charge of landing the plane here at s.f. all. you concede that it is still here and it will be your problem for the entire week. they will i give us the date on when it will be remote. it will be taken to off site location. but investigators still go through this. it will take awhile to come by with the conclusion. we did talk about speed this morning and early on, everything was on the table. they believe that the pilots
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came in to slow. they were sore than they needed to be when they came into the run way. i had a chance to talk to deborah, this is what she had to say. >> we look at a lot of accidents or around the world but here in the united states we in the city about 1500 crashes. we know that the landing is critical with flights. this is a very important component. i have to tellhat has landed here before but not on this particular aircraft. >> he has led a 7479777. she stated that you cannot land
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for the first time without hundred landings. under your belt. she stated that she did not think that it was anything wrong with that and they are interviewing these pilots along with south korean officials. it is a joint investigation. >> thanks, will. as the investigation continues we are getting new images into the news room. >> this video shows the immediate aftermath of saturday's deadly crash. jennifer solis captured this footage of smoke billowing from the wreckage of asiana airlines flight 214. emergency crews battled the fire as well as attending the victims and trying to manage the chaos following the moments after the plane >> stay with kron four as we continue to bring you the latest information with the
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deadly plane crash at s-f- o. we'll bring that to you live on our 24-seven bay area news channel, comcast 193. we'll also be updating our website, kron-four-dot-co as well as our facebook and >> new this morning. japan airlines says one of it's boeing 7-7-7's headed for s-f-o had to return to tokyo after a warning flashed in the cockpit saying the jet's hydraulic level was low. the airline says the plane returned to tokyo's haneda airport about four hours after it had left. mechanics found a leak in the plane' hydraulic system. the 236 passengers were put on another plane and safely arrived in san francisco. >> here is a live look outside. we will help other angles of the story coming up. members of are in the bay area this morning.
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>> the morning the time is 6:10 a.m.. the eastern span of the bay bridge will not open as scheduled on labor day. the toll bridge program oversight committee says that the contractor working on the project forecast that it is of retrofit of the failed bolts will take
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until at least december 10th. the authority says the bay bridge opening day will be determined after that. >> the delayed opening of the bay bridge has some bay area residents concerned. here is what some of them had to say. >> if something happens it may fall apart and the new one may do the same thing. i will be much happier if i knew the cost of it was done by whoever made the mistake. it cannot be coming from taxpayers. >> it has already been bet with bart, we are supposed to be a leader at least with public transit. it seems like a real black eye for the area. >> the toll bridge program oversight committee says, in addition to extending the completion date to december, just prior to opening. a full for the closure of the bay bridge will take place in order to transition
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traffic from the old eastern span to the new one. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news we would hear what a flight attendants on board flight 214 in the moments before the crash had to say. >> here is a live look outside of the hotel where the victims' families are stand in burlingame. >> here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. the travel looks nice. in san mattel the temperature is at 58 degrees. that woman to the low 70's a letter on today. >> we will be right back.
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>> the time is 6:15 a.m.. more on our top story, the latest with the deadly plane crash at s f o. the last person of a flight to 14 describe the crash to career and reporters, sunday night. flight attendant lee yoon- hye says the she felt the plane tried to take off again before it hit the runway. then, she says the
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she felt a massive impact as the boeing 777 crashed and slid across the runway. >> she set " the ceiling was coming down and it felt like something was dragging the plane. behind me i could not see because there was a wall. " >> she also described to evacuate some slides inflating anymore, pending another slide attended before they could be punctured and deflated. >> today is shaping up to be the warmest of the week. as with a live look outside at the mount tam cam. we do have a ground fog covered to deal with. here is a look at the current conditions. the temperatures have dropped so we're in the upper 50s for livermore an antioch. low 50's along the coastline. in
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terms of the visibility you may want to drive with caution because it is down to 3 mi. in santa rosa. your only seen 2 mi. an apple. the visibility is above a half a mile in half moon bay. a lot of a low cloud cover has built over to the shoreline. storm tracker 4 and showing that will be mostly cloudy conditions. you will notice by lunchtime mostly clear skies and plenty of sunshine. the cloud cover will just be along the coastline. it will not be too sunny for those of you going to pacifica or ocean and beach. >> it would be a gorgeous day but plenty of 80s. san jose will have a high of 85 degrees and 874 santa clara. pittsburg will come in at 98 degrees. we will keep in the upper 70's for san leandro
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and upper 60s for downtown san francisco. oakland will have a high of 75 degrees. your 7 day around the bay shows also minor changes each and every day. the temperatures will stay a few degrees from today's for desperate we will continue with the pattern as we head into the weekend. the time now is 6:18 a.m.. here is traffic with george. >> we are not tracking any hot spots. there are no major incidents to slow your ride. there is however, a backup at the bay bridge and the me realize were activated about 30 minutes ago. normally, they come on now. 6:19 a.m. to 6:20 a.m.. there are no problems on the upper decks. looking at the san mateo bridge highway 92 is still small and light with a 11 minute and rutile. the golden gate bridge drive
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is also looking good though foggy. >> the east shore freeway is looking good just 60 minutes. this amazon valley is 90 minutes from walnut creek down to dublin. typically heavy traffic for interstate 580 to alta mott has what. the south bay freeway has yet to see anything in the well delays. you are still delay free for 85 and 87. 101 in marin county is still an easy trip south bound to the golden gate bridge. >> following the latest out of a deadly train and a roman in canada. 13 people are now dead and more than 50 are still missing from this weekend's crash. investigators looking into the ferry train derailment in bacquebec are focusing on an
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earlier blades on the same train. here is a look at the video of aftermath. at least five of the trains tankers exploded after coming loose early saturday, speeding down nearly 7 mi. and drilling in the town of lac- megantic. >> george zimmerman is back in a florida courtroom this morning. the top goal today for the loggers in the trial is to convince jurors of whether not from martin can be heard on a 911 call. defense attorneys called five of zimmerman is friends yesterday to testify that it was his voice yelling for help on the call. convincing the jury of who was screaming for help on the tape is important to both sides because it would help jurors evaluate zimmerman
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self-defense claim. >> this is on to beat the improvement self-defense. we are waiting to see if he will take the stand. here is charged with second-degree murder. >> the three women, who were rescued after nearly a decade in captivity, are now breaking their silence. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight have quietly started their lives over, away from the public taking time to get used to their freedom. but three have released this video earlier this morning to say thank you. >> " i'd want to thank
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everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal, everyone who has been there to support us has been a blessing. " >> " i would say that you for the support. " >> " i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk to help with a smile on my face and my head held high. i will not let this situation define who i am, i will define the situation. " >> ariel castro is charged with kidnapping the women and holding them hostage in his house for nearly a decade. he is also charged with aggravated murder related to the termination of one of the girls pregnancies. >> an oversight board to
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that will begin hearing testimony of the government's secret surveillance program. this will be a first public event since the disclosure of the spine operations. civil liberties activists, a retired federal judge and a former bush administration lawyers are among the 16 experts to testify before the board. the board's five members include an internet freedom advocates into a form which lawyers who helped expand the government's national security authority. >> president obama is seriously considering withdrawing all u-s troops from afghanistan by the end of 20-14. that's according to a senior administration official. until now, u-s and afghan officials had been discussing plans to keep a small force behind to fight insurgents and to train afghan security personnel. but president obama has in recent months grown increasingly frustrated in dealing with afghan president hamid karzai. >>
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another positive day. optimism over second quarter corporate bonds will look at stocks to start the week with gangs. here is a look at yesterday's closing numbers. the dow closed up 88 points, ended the day at 15,224. the nasdaq also closed up five points, to end at 3484. the s&p 500 climbed nine points, closing at 1640. we will be watching the market all morning long your kron 4 morning news. starting with the opening bell as 6:30 a.m.. >> americans increased their borrowing in the month may add the fastest pace in a year. barring a category that includes credit cards least is the highest point since the fall of 2010. the federal reserve says the consumers increased their borrowing by 19 was 6 billion in may compared with
6:28 am
april. credit-card debt reached $847.1 billion, the highest since september 2010 but still below the 2008 peak. maring on auto and student loans increased $13 billion. >> here is a live look at the crash site of asiana flight 214. the secret is out. hydration is iisn.
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>> welcome back. the opening bell is are bringing.ringing. is like it will be a positive start with dow futures up by 60. >> the national transportation safety board is expected to hold an
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official press conference later this afternoon where we to learn new information on the interview with the four pilots. earlier this morning, kron4 will tran spoke with the chair of the ntsb, he joins us live from burlington with more on what she had to say. >> the pilot was in charge of lending the aircraft is who they want to talk to. i had a chance to talk with her more and more information to pass along. they stated that the plan will be there for the next several days and she is not stating weeks, but she is stating that it will be there for several days because they're still going through. they're want to find out whether not the seats played a factor in to people getting hurt. that will make sure if it needs to be cut up and take into a
6:32 am
hangar for the investigation to be continued. i had a chance to talk with her about the pilots and a possible pilot error. she stated that she will not say that but everything is on the table. i do know that the pilot was in charge, has never done this before with a triple seven. >> nobody is going to walk into the cockpit with a hundred landing under built. they will have to won their first, there second, or their third landing. this pilot has a lot of experience this is just on a different aircraft type. he was operating a triple seven for the first time it to san francisco. that does not mean that he has never landed a triple 7 before a another airport. >> the investigation is still being conducted by the ntsb those pilots have their
6:33 am
attorneys and next to them and that is not out of the ordinary. she said is they have the right to bring an attorney. they will get more information at 2:00 p.m.. she would try to reveal even more information. >> here is a live look outside the hotel where the victims' families are staying in burlingame. they arrived at as an old last month. some of the family members have loved ones will survive and they had been looking forward to reunited with them. as for the families of the two chinese teens who were killed in the crash, that were also among those who traveled. a passenger tells us that those parents were privately escorted off their flight after their ride. >> here is video of the chinese come so visiting one
6:34 am
of the five victims of the and asiana crashed being treated as san francisco general hospital. the council says that he felt that the nurses and doctors are taken very good care of patients, to which are in serious condition. >> many survivors of the flights are still coming to terms with their narrow escape. among those who walked away from the crash was a group of teachers and students from the martial arts studio in scotts valley. they were returning from any event in south korea. the doors and windows of the need a martial arts academy are now filled with messages of love. >> where banking got from the bottom of our hearts. >> school owner elliot sto ne and possibly some of the others who were on a flight
6:35 am
to 14 are planning to share their experience with the public today. >> the stanford blood center is calling for more blood donations fall when the democrats. the center has urged that they need old- positive and 0-0-blood. the center is a main supplier to stanford hospital and the lucille packard children's hospital where 55 crash survivors were taken. all blood types will be accepted. >> stay with kron4 as we continue to bring you the latest information with a deadly plane crash at s.f. o. we will bring that to you live on our 24/7 bay area news channel, comcast, 193. will also be updated our web site, as well as our facebook and walter pages. >>ourt twitter pages.
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>> the temperatures will start to slide by the end of the work with. i will have full details of what you can expect for your weather coming up on my next report. >> the time now is for a quick commute check. the back of the bay bridge has not gone. it is still off 14 to 16 minutes. the heaviest traffic is still in the east bay area. we are picking up a little slowing on interstate 80 westbound. >> the time now is 6:36 a.m.. we will take a look at the top headlines. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. the temperatures today will be warm. fairfield is coming in at 61
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>> welcome back. firefighters in nevada have lost ground on two large wildfires burning through forest and lost a is an reno areas. one of fires have forced more than 500 people from their homes. here is a soda was taken from the fire. so far, the blaze on wahas charred nearly 24 square miles near loss vegas. no injuries have been reported and no structures have burned. in northern nevada, the wildfire there has increased to more than 19 square miles. both fires are about 15 percent contained.
6:41 am
>> 19 members of an elite firefighting hot spot crude will be remembered today in arizona. this is video of the curses of arriving on sunday. vice-president joe biden and arizona gov. jan brewer will be speaking at the memorial. the firefighters were killed june 30th it while battling the "yarnell hill " fire. the men were members of the press got fire department. their deaths marked the deadly is that for firefighters since 911. >> here in california, firefighters are battling flames for a third straight
6:42 am
day. the flames have burned about 4,700 a. so far. cal fire has been battling this fires and saturday. despite their air and ground attacks, the fire continues to grow. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> we will be right back.
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>> the time is 6:45 a.m.. air-traffic at s f o remain sluggish. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news of the crash. delays into and out of the the airport are averaging between 60 to 90 minutes. investigators say that the crash wreckage and the debris is still visible. some passengers who just
6:46 am
landed say that they are seen the damage and that it was surreal. >> say this up front it was crazy to see. >> there was just a debris everywhere. >> there is no estimated time when the fourth runway will be reopened at s.f. o. >> we are watching wall street this morning. the dow jones is over the 15,000 mark. there now of 63 points. now it is time to talk with our financial expert rob black. >> they had a $40 stock five years ago but now it is is
6:47 am
$7 stock. >> this is on one of the greatest of all time. of course, he is a ceo. it was a better than expected revenue. they make things that go into the aluminum cans. they cannot control pricing so we do not pay too much attention to that. we pay attention to their demand. worldwide demand was good. >> we have the second quarter earnings city and getting into way. there was a lot about 4% and now it is going back down to 0.7%. are we just a little slow starting. >> first quarter we have the same amount that went up. corporate america is doing a good job managing the numbers. they're not hiring a lot and that is what is
6:48 am
hurting our economy. on the other hand, it is helping corporate america. i am more concerned about ibm. we talk about the dow jones industrial average and because of that, maybe it is a slowdown in those names. >> mergers and acquisitions. what is going on with kroger? >> back then a college, i used to go krogering. it is a different story. this is a cute story but i did not think anyone cares prepare. >> what do you think about companies like safeway and kroger? >> they have a great martian and it just depends on what happens. safety and value wise, it's what makes a lot
6:49 am
more sense but gross, hopefuls make a lot cents. >> we would set back with rob at 915 with the winners and losers. >> the time now is 6:48 a.m.. here is erica with the forecast. >> here is a live look above the cloud cover. it is stretching inland than what we saw yesterday. we are waking up to gray skies above into afternoon you can expect the sunshine to prevail. today is shaping up to be the warmest day a week. we do have a lot of low cloud cover for coastline. as we follow temperatures for you. futurecast 4 highlights by noon it will be in the '70s. the '90s will start to fill them by the afternoon. by
6:50 am
8:00 p.m. tonight the temperatures will be mostly in the '60s and '70s. we will see an increase in cloud cover. break-in down the afternoon high. check out brent will be coming in at 99 degrees. oakland today will have a high of 75 degrees. 73 degrees is slated for berkeley. beautiful weather and sunny skies and mid 80s for sunnyvale. los gatos will have afternoon high of 94 degrees. >> the peninsula and downtown san francisco will be is 68 degrees. napa bug will be having a high of 86 degrees. your 7 their around the bay shows very minor changes over the next several days in fact, as we hit the weekend will see morning fog and afternoon sunshine. mid-70s or around
6:51 am
the bay. the time is 6:50 a.m.. here is traffic. >> we are looking at a few accidents. one or more may become hot spots. the first one is on the upper east shore to lower for way. it is westbound interstate 80 at cole's some boulevard. the satellite is blocked. just beyond there's a report of a stalled car. >> the lower peninsula of mountain view north 1 01 as san antonio road there's an accident and an ambulance has been sen. they may have injuries there just north. >> in san francisco, an accident was reported on 280. again, this may be a serious problem because it may be to vehicles that overturned onto 80. >> looking at the bridges,
6:52 am
the west palm bay bridge ride is looking state 14 to 16 minutes. no problems across the span. the san mateo bridges still very light with a 11 minute commute time. the golden gate bridge is still a problem. and saudi 41 01 southbound. >> students, faculty and supporters of city college of san francisco are planning to march today to protest last week's announcement that the school's accreditation will be revoked in 2014. the " save ccsf " coalition plans to march and rally in front of the u.s. department of education's san francisco office. >> a ground-breaking a policy for san jose police. by the end of the year, the department will start documenting every person they stop and question on the street, whether or not
6:53 am
is in result of an arrest. the so-called " curbed sitting " stops have long been criticized for allegedly targeting minors. under the new policy, officers will now only have to record a person's race and other research was done. also the type and the reason why there were stopped. >> we have an update to a story that we told you about over the weekend. one person has died in an apartment complex fires that happened early sunday morning. the 6 alarm fire at the apartment complex in redwood city injured 21 people and displaced nearly a hundred people. the person who died has not yet been identified. some residents will be allowed to return to the building to collect their belongings. the red cross is currently helping those residents with food, shelter, and clothing. >> flight 214 remains on the
6:54 am
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we are following several new stories. >> we were bouncing all over the place and i remember dust being everywhere. >> we are hearing for the first time from the children wore on flight 214 that crashed. how they describe a terrifying ordeal, plus what we just learned from the ntsb. >> reduce the silence from the three ohio women who were kidnapped and held hostage by a man for nearly a decade will speak out. >> bay area sports, the
6:58 am
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