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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> such emotion across the nation over the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman. he was facing second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of a florida teenager. the nation is reacting, as zimmerman adjusts to life as a free man. shannon travis has more from sanford, florida. >> reporter: though the jury ended the criminal debate, the verdict fueled the national debate over the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> "trayvon benjamin martin is dead because he and other young black men and boys are seen not as a person but as a problem."
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>> reporter: across the country people in church services, on social media and on sunday morning talk shows discussed and debated george zimmerman's acquittal even president obama offered a statement, calling the death a tragedy but asking the country to respect martin's parents' call for calm reflection. others rallied in cities across the country, though most were peaceful. martin's family members are asking for prayers. >> "we're very concerned very hurt and very disappointed at this point but we know in the end god will prevail and justice will be served." >> reporter: naacp leaders are pushing the justice department to continue investigating the killing as a possible hate crime. >> "there is reason to be concerned that race was a factor in why he targeted young trayvon."
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>> reporter: zimmerman's brother says f-b-i investigations have not found an "inkling" of racism. >> "i would encourage them to cool their jets, give everyone some time to kind of process what's going on." >> reporter: he says zimmerman now needs to heal and re-center himself, even as he continues to fear for his life. >> "i can't foresee any plans or any meaningful engagement that he'd have with society for a while because of the threats that are still going around and continue to." >> reporter: in sanford, florida, i'm shannon travis. >> in a statement, the department of justice has said the fbi continues to evaluate evidence gathered in the criminal investigation and testimony from the trial. prosecutors will determine whether any civil rights laws were violated. >> the verdict prompting hundreds of protestors to take to the streets in oakland today. kron four's philippe djegal was at frank ogawa plaza. where a rally and march were held. >> reporter: payroll has made her way into the center's actually, where we can see -- they all made
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their way ahead into the city center. her to the right, the oakland police of the apartment is his standing five. hanafi police department says that for the most part to the rally and the mars has been peacefu and the -- march has been peaceful. fame of the protesters are showing up with signs blasting the verdict. >> what happened whiff of marcham.
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such emotion across the nation over the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman. he was facing second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of a florida teenager. the nation is reacting, as zimmerman adjusts to life as a free man. shannon travis has more from sanford, florida. though the jury ended the criminal debate, the verdict fueled the national debate over the shooting death of trayvon martin.
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gathered at frank ogawa plaza. which protestors instead call oscar grant plaza. after an hour of speeches, the crowd took to the streets. stopping traffic. the oakland police department followed close behind, dressed in riot gear. while protestors marched. this is a look at protestors in oakland from our helicopter partnership with abc sky 7. you can see the groups amassing. much larger from last night. last night some of those groups responsible for vandalism. kron 4's scott rates brings us the latest as the city of oakland deals with the threat of protestor vandalism. kron 4's scott rates is live in oakland, so scott how much damage is there from last night? >> you are able to get your message across with out vandalism. and without jeopardize the economic data element. people have families, and rent to pay. it does not give them of the right to destroy other people's property. >> i am hurt and disappointed but i am not going to take that
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disgruntlement out on another human being. >> reporter: this is the chased bank. the windows have been busted out. if the chased-ban this is the chase ba. many fuel are out here, so far, peaceful but it is still early we will continue to monitor this situation. reporting live, scott rates, kron 4 news. >> hundreds in the bay area take to the streets to verdict. the trial may be over but people still want their voices heard. jeff tyler is in downtown san francisco to tell us the latest. jeff? protestors ended up here at the justin herman plaza, speaking out against the verdict in the zimmerman trial, and the death of here you can see the protestors leaving union plaza as they headed up market street. they stopped traffic, and chanted "no justice, no peace". there were so many, they attracting several onlookers to even join the protest.
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speaking out against the shooting death of a teenager and the criminal justice system that acquited the man who shot him. market street. they stopped traffic, and after the verdict was read. we take a look at the clean up efforts in oakland ahead. police and volunteers scoured a section of the oakland hills.looking in vain for 21 month old daphne webb. it's been five days since the girl's father called been kidnapped from his suv while he was inside a convenience store in east reports that the area that boarders the little girl's >> reporter: more than 40 trained volunteers and six dogs from both the alameda and santa clara sherriff's search and the effort.spending nearly seven hours going over two and a half square miles of the leona canyon regional open space preserve. looking for any sign of daphne webb >> moderate too steep terrain. and i could see any possible clues. >> reporter: the searchers focused on the areas closest to the trails.
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>> essentially, where they could dispose or to see something . >> reporter: the command post for sunday's effort just a little over a half mile away from where daphne lived with her father john webb. police say.that's why they are concertrating on this location. >> she lived not too far from here and is surrounded by this area. this is the best area to search. >> reporter: residents who live near the area say it's disturbing to think the little girl could be out there so close to home. >> i hope they are able to find her still alive. in the park behind us she... >> reporter: but after a long and dusty day.nothing was turned up.and police say they have no plans to search this area again any time soon. saying investigators will hold a briefing.before deciding what their next steps should be. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> to give you some perspective. daphne's father reported to police that she was kidnapped from the 1400 block of 79th ave. her home is here on the 8000 block of greenridge
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drive in the oakland hills. which boarders the leona canyon regional open space preserve that was searched today. the day she disappeared oakland police also searched the martin luther king jr. regional shoreline park. daphne's dad, john webb was arrested for child endangerment. but those charges were dropped by the district attorney. he was released from santa rita jail in dublin on friday. >> the fog we have this morning gave way to sunshine and temperatures were cooler. making it into the 80s but antioch still pretty hot. elsewhere, temperatures were down by 10-15 degrees. san jose, and the 60s in san francisco and oakland and we are going to be cooler for tomorrow. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and if these low clouds are going to press inland. widespread fog and
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it is going to clear that will help to will temperatures for tomorrow. antioch, livermore. the low mid '80s. fremont, santa rosa. however, it will get warmer as we get for later this week. details coming up. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 8. people across the country continue to react to george zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of travon martin. >> zimmerman's brother. talks about the verdict and how he thinks the media handled the trial. >> plus. the latest on the asiana plane crash and what happens when the lawsuits start. those stories and more news - after the break. look at 'em.
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earlier today city officials tried to clean up the damage in oakland after violent protests broke out following
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george zimmerman's not guilty verdict last night. kron 4's will tran has more on the damage, and people's mixed feelings about protesting the verdict. >> reporter: for many, this was the view, with a board of windows. really, there were boarded of -- windows. as protesters destroyed if the windows forcing people inside to duck for cover >> i understand the frustration. i am just as angry about this decision, to be perfectly honest few rough let us get that out of the way. however, this is not the solution to the problem of philadelphia >> reporter: just as destructive, this is the of the if-solution to the problem. >> windows got this briefing did in oakland residents flocking five were frustrated highest level of damage and violence. of
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>> i can understand the situation we need to come together and for give. >> reporter: when you see this damage what do you go through your mind? >> also, in my able to move out of oakland. >> reporter: most, if not all of these business owners are upset with the verdict. but they did not spare the stores from destruction. oakland mayor jean quan released a statement today in response to last night's mom >> "our hearts and our prayers today are with trayvon's loved ones, and with every family that has lost a child to gun violence.a small group of people gathered in downtown oakland last night. sadly, some of them dishonored the memory of trayvon by engaging in violent activities that hurt our growing economy and endangered people. this is unacceptable as well. "we will not tolerate violence in our city. we must come together to heal and move forward. in the days and weeks ahead our community will continue working to learn from this tragedy and to prevent this
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from ever happening again." >> today the nation continues to react to george zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of travon martin. in cities from coast-to-coast demonstrators took to the streetsand remained largely peaceful. in los angeles demonstrators marched through parts of the city's south sidepolice were on a citywide tactical alert. and there are unconfirmed reports that, at one point, lapd fired non-leathal dispersants into a crowd of marchers. chicago saw about 100 marchers calling for justice for travon martin early sunday morning although no arrests were made according to police larger crowds turned out later in the day and marched on michigan avenue. in northwest washington d.c. hundreds of people gathered, waving signs and chanting d.c. police also remained on high alert, clad in protective gear but no major incidents were reported. and in new york city early sunday peaceful, but frustrated reactions in union square
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>> the prosecution did not prove the case. and i am here. i got out of bed to come here to union square to express my anger. >> it is just grows and it makes me feel sick, embarrassed. >> i know that the system would pretty much not work again and that is how i feel about it i am very sad. i hope people will just remain and react calm/. >> right now you're looking at video from new york where protests seem to have intensified this video from vice com taken just moments ago. obviously, the fallout from the "non guilty" verdict continues. a contentious issue nationwide kron 4 will continue to monitor developmenmts in the bay area and across the country. vickie >> the morning after a jury of six-women found george zimmerman not guilty in the death of florida teen
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trayvon martin. robert zimmerman junior. talked about the verdict and how he thought the media handled the case and trial. >> this is our system, it is the best and the world and conjuncture, speculation and emotional reaction has been dominating the conversation for a long time. people called for an arrest. they called for his day in court. they have had their day in court, and they have seen blood and what martin did to my brother. and it is high time that they accept that the jury and the system of rehab in this country is a system that we should expect. the system that we have -- in this country >> george zimmerman says he shot trayvon martin in self- defense. the jury either agreed or had reasonable doubt that the shooting was a criminal his brother says now that george zimmerman is a free man, he's going to have to very low-profile way. >> a lot of clouds for this evening. you can see them on the golden gate. and if. all
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the way to the inland valleys. and as a result, we will see the sunshine and it will be cooler. a little longer, to see the sunshine. tonight, already clouds for the north bay valleys. this will continue to surge to the inland valleys by the morning. around 6:00 a.m., fought for the livermore area. concord, with fog-for the livermore valley. and it will take away the earliest will be livermore, concord but it could take off until noon for them to clear for the bay. notice, low clouds our house to the coast as we get closer. at the ocean. temperatures cooler. '70s in santa clara. fremont, low
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70's and 74 degrees. note, the hottest inland temperatures are really not that hot at all. mid '80s. 60s on the bayside. san francisco, just in the low 60s with 70's in the north- bay. and your kron 4 7 day around the bay cooler on monday, tuesday. less fog and more sunshine with temperatures are starting to warm up. and by the time we get to the next week, some hot weather >> a third victim of asiana air crash is now identified. coming up, the identity of the young girl. and where she was from.
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>> more details being released on the third asiana plane crash victim. the san mateo coroner's office has identified the third victim of the fatalcrash as 15-year-old liu yipeng. yipeng had been in critical condition in a pediatric care unit at san francisco general hospital.but she died friday. she is the third victim of the july sixth crash. yipeng was a chinese
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national.two other girls, also chinese, were pronounced dead the day of the crash. >> the survivors of the asiana airlines plane crash at san francisco international airport last weekend have returned home. 31 students and teachers from a middle school in and east china province were reunited with family and friends today. they traveled to the u-s on the ill-fated asiana flight 214 to attend a summer camp. the plane crash landed at s-f-o.killing three people.and injuring dozens more. the investigation into how and why the plane crashed is under way. when the crash of asiana airlines flight 214 finally goes to court, the potential payouts will probably be very different for americans and passengers from other countries. an international treaty governs compensation to passengers harmed by international air travel. and that group is likely to close u-s courts to many foreigners. forcing them to pursue claims in asia and elsewhere. where lawsuits are rare, harder to win and offer smaller payouts. >> this live look with
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show your love. 'cause mcdonald's just topped perfection with the all-new quarter pounder burgers. three delectable choices. new quarter pounder burgers. another new way to love mcdonald's. ♪ >> phillipe djegal has been
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monitoring the oakland violence. as we see it, felipe what is going on tonight? >> reporter: the crowd is still in the intersection of broadway. however, things are starting to subside. it is not the crowd that we've seen before. there is still the oakland police presence but some officers are starting to leave. they have the patrol cars at broadway and 12th street. let me show you some video from earlier. it was a flag burning. and we were talking about this. the franco fell plaza. and they will lift the american f flag american frank ogawa plaza. people were recording what was going on and a lot of people were even sharing. this is a disturbing and
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disgusting act and even cheering. slowly along surely, they are starting to leave in the oakland police department has not made any arrests. this has been peaceful. these protesters are going to be allowed life for as long as they want. as long as it remains peaceful. reporting live, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> president obama is asking for calm some of the office of death was a tragedy for america. in a statement pieces that americans should ask themselves if they're doing everything they can to end gun violence? the justice department is looking in as to weather or not federal prosecutors
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should file civil rights charges. they open this investigation of last year and a stepping aside the prosecution to proceed. the justice department saying that the the value weak evidence during the federal probe. >> george zimmerman is a free man. to which lane to use on or to sacramento bu and n sanford, fla. saying that they might not be happy with this decision. >> the judicial system ran its course. and of what we should remember is that we are here to make sure that piece requests were filled and they have the opportunity to review the facts. not everybody is going to be happy with the result of that is where we
8:32 pm
have added of and that is where the judicial system let us. tonight, is going to be a busy night for the sanford police department. but will continue to move, ford. >> people in los angeles, also not happy. who will -- move forward. >> people are very upset. >> for them to use of the sidewalks as a weapon. that your children can walk down of the street nothing doing nothing wrong and a grown man can get into a fight and they can have a gun and now if your defense is that you are defending yourself. and i do not think that is fair. i think that was a travesty of justice and i really believe that we should change these laws. >> we do have some fog for this evening and a live look from mt. tam. and a huge blanket of fog pilafor this
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evening. we are going to see some fog not just for tonight. and that is going to make for cooler temperatures. monday, tuesday, with still in the 80s for antioch and of contra costa county. walnut creek, mid-70s. san jose, 66 degrees. and san jose. and it is quickly bringing in that cool, ocean air. tomorrow, lot of fog that is going to be slow to clear. we will have that sunshine and will for temperatures to be in the low 80s, inland. upper 80s and 50s along the coast. it is only going to be about five, 10 degrees cooler. here are the temperatures for tomorrow. '50s and '60s and '70s along the bay. the warmest inland
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locations and for tuesday, notice not much of a change. similar but it is going to warm up quite a bit. i will tell you about that, coming o of. up. >> texas governor rick perry is expected to sign into law a controversial and
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restrictive abortion bill sometime in the next few days. amid massive protesting.the senate passed the legislation late friday.the house passed it last wednesday. critics say the bill will effectively shut down most clinics that perform abortions in the state.denying access to many in rural areas. perry says women in texas have options when it comes to medical issues. the measure also outlaws unless the health of the woman is in immediate cory monteith, star in the hit tv series "glee," was found dead in a vancouver hotel room. his body was discovered by hotel staff after he missed his noon checkout time saturday. the cause of death is unknown, but authorities say no foul play is autopsy is scheduled for monday. the 31 year old actor had a history of substance abuse.he checked himself into a rehab facility in march. girlfriend and "glee" co- star lea michele is asking for privacy. in nascar today. after wrecking on lap 4. driver joey logano goes to leave the pit-road, he whips it in and smacks one of his crew members! >> luckily he didn't catch him flush and caught him in the left elbow and hip, but hey, when you get hit by a
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>> san francisco's exploratorium is offering free admission to 40- thousand public school teacher over the next two years. the free admission program.sponsored by genentech.will provide vouchers to the state's public school kindergaten to 12th grade teachers museum representatives say the program is a collaboration with top businesses to support education in science, technology, engineering and math teachers can receive their free tickets at the exploratorium's website. >> a little girls calls 9-1- 1 while her mom was choking.and mistakes the dispatcher for her "daddy". five-year-old chloe olson's mom was eating a tortilla
8:39 pm
chip at home when one got lodged in her throat and she started choking. chloe knew just what to do - dial 9-1-1. she actually thought she was talking to her dad -- because her mom was talking to him on the phone just before. >> daddy? mommy is joking. >> she is joking? >> yes, -- she is--- cho king.. >> can you open the front door? >> all pay. >> will p >> al >> al >> o >> and young chloe may be in entertainment tonight? we show you how to weed out on the cool.
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look at 'em.
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>> jeff tyler is downtown near the embarcadero. protesters are just getting started. jeff? jeff, can you hear us? >> you will come back >> i think and it looks like they ended up at justin herman plaza.
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that is why i love it. with a new release. >> to learn more about the group will play and the google play >> this time lapse from mt. tam. this evening showing a lot of low clouds for tonight. those will move all the way to the inland valleys as we get towards tomorrow. gray start. they live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. for tonight, look for the fog along the bay and moving overnight tonight. however, sunshine and temperatures are going to be cooler. look for the inland temperatures to be low 80s in antioch. five, 10 degrees cooler. as we take a look for tomorrow.
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readings are going to talk out into the 70's for the most part. san jose. milpitas, 75 and upper 70's for evergreen. the warmest inland in east bay valleys are going to be cooler than today. 80s and 90s and low mid '80s for over afternoon with 85 degrees. and look for upper 70's in martinez. and the sea breeze will be impacting us and also fog for most of the morning. sunshine. and look for high temperatures to reach the upper 60s for oakland, san leandro, castro valley. '70s in union city. for san francisco, the coast and the peninsula, look for a highs to reach the low 60s and san
8:48 pm
francisco. 70's. palo alto. and at the coast i think that it is going to be foggy for the entire day. temperatures in the 50s to around 60 degrees. it should be nice with the fog about 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. and temperatures in the 70's in santa rosa, petaluma. fairfield, a bit warmer at 83 degrees your kron 4 7 day around the bay and temperatures are going to be cooler. for the first couple of days monday, tuesday. however, it is going to be a rapid warming up. thursday, friday, mid upper 70's. 90's and just a little bit of fog and even warmer for next weekend. temperatures inland on nearly 100 degrees. if you are looking for some of the best views and to these
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buildings that are steeped in history. joining me and richmond there is a brand new restaurant called assemble. these boilers. >> this is a great gem one of the most spectacular places. husband and wife a former chez panissse you are going to love this. >> we are here once and it is up to you. >> a big part it is vintage industrial chic. now, it is the old ford motor plant. or this was assembled during world war 11.. >> you can this set by the water. and have a beer,
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cocteau is approachable. and everybody is growing up on this. >> this chef is maggie pon >> this is inspiring. in my absolutely. that is what we're trying to pay a tribute to his american food at its best. >> my top is the frito pie and rhubarb strawberry crisp and dine and dish. giants and a's play ball today. we've got who's celebrating in the locker room. and who sure isn't. next.
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>> after some momentum from tim lincecum-- who tossed a no-hitter last night -- the giants look to sweep the padres. barry zito was not so lucky today. in the 1st inning, he gives up the tying run. padres keep it going, scoring 10 runs total today on the giants. final score 10-1. josh donaldson blooped an rbi single with two outs in the 11th inning. and the oakland athletics beat boston 3-2 today in oakland. the red sox haven't won a series in oakland since july 2006. and a side note - a's and giants players take a break. the 84th all-star game happens in new york this tuesday.
8:54 pm
such emotion across the nation over the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman. he was facing second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of a florida teenager. the nation is reacting, as zimmerman adjusts to life as a free man. >> >> yes. and with 60s in san francisco and oakland. 70's near the bay. mid-70s and the warmest spots inland but look for the low mid '80s. however, less fog and we will see things warm up by the end of the week and the weekend. and nearly 100 degrees for the inland areas. the usual summertime up and down. >> that will be us, john, brien, and for me, thank
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the clooney keebler breakup. who split up with whom. >> plus was kim's baby at risk? >> was the baby's health ever in danger? >> kris jenner on her daughter kim's premature birth. e.t. is the first on the set of her new talk show. >> let's set the record straight. did you give kim advice not to marry kanye? >> george and stacey split. e.t. goes behind the breakup. plus, taylor swift's new summer fling? her 4th of july party with this primetime star. >> and is justin back with selena? the instagram proof and his mom. and the


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