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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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look at this gorgeous shot from mount tam. you can see that of the sky is rising. it is not that below. we have temperatures on the cooler side. as we look at the morning lows it will be upper 50's for the inland spots. cloudy conditions will stick around to a late morning. you could expect the temperatures to be mainly in the '60s and '70s. by letter on to my you can expect more cloud covers the temperatures will range from the '50s to the '60s. we do have warmer days ahead of us and 90 is in the extended forecast. i will have full details in my next report. >> let's head back over to the hot spot in berkeley. this is an injury accident. it expectis impacting on your
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ride a you will not have access to university ave. the over crossing is closed and no estimated time of clearing. it is not causing a major delay but it is starting to fill land. this is heading up to university avenue and after that it will open back up. to get around this police activities you would need to take aspirin or gilbert street as alternates. >> the time is 6:01 a.m.. following a developing story out of san mateo county where fire crews battled a morning. the fire happened at an apartment complex on the 22-hundred block of bridgepoint parkway. so far, there are no reports of any injures and the fire has been contained. investigators are looking into what caused the fire.
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>> protests took place from coast to coast following the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. this was the scene in oakland, for the most part, yesterday's protest was peaceful, but you can see here a group of people gathered to burn an american flag. kron 4's will tran is live at 20th and telegraph in downtown oakland, where business owners are still trying to clean up from saturdays violent night. >> it is not age good morning for some people. people showed up this morning and this is what they are same. there is a boarded up window and there is some scribbling on the glass. there is some graffiti and more broken glass. dozens of windows and major windows have been shattered. i was out here sunday morning and they told me that is about 10 to 20
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coulson dollars. we're talking about it windows but ideas any heavy object costas. here is video of last night's protest the started. i drove or around downtown oakland and did not see an estimate of damage that we saw on saturday night. more than let's use the family. when the night time came that is when some people became unruly. this is right around 40 them broadway. the police officers were out to monitor the situation. as far as we know no are arrests have been made. >> i had a chance to talk to some of the protesters and this is what they had to say about the verdict. >> i just feel that this of all the way it is being addressed it will continue. i do not want the same thing to happen to my nephew or a
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another black male. >> i want this protest to show that people are upset about this verdict. >> i am devastated. people of color are just be targeted. >> this is the intersection of 90 the telegraph and you concede this find where it says-tested were vandalized and their windows were shattered and some of the employees had to duck under the tables for coverage. no one at this location was injured. people are showing up and a protest over the weekend they are stating that they're shocked and this is normally a race issue but they're upset about the verdict. i will have more reaction is coming up to 6:30 a.m.. >>
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>> not just in oakland. in san francisco hundreds of protesters gathered in union square. protesters carried signs saying "the people say guilty" and "no justice no peace." others brought bongo drums and bullhorns to the rally. the protest started at about four p-m on powell and martket streets. protesters blocked intersections as they chanted "jus and marched down market street. no word if any protesters were arrested. >> several people were arrested in los angeles following the zimmerman verdict. the mayor of los angeles pushed for peach last night, but some groups broke off and walked onto interstate 10, shutting the busy freeway for 30 minutes. also, some people at a nearby street corner began throwing rocks and flashlight batteries at officers. 7 were arrested yesterday evening, no word yet on how many police arrested overnight. >>
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other protests happening around the country. here is video from new york city in times square on the left. on the top right, video of protests in chicago. on the bottom right, video from denver. >> an anonymity order remains in effect for the six jurors in zimmerman's trial. while the order does not prevent them from speaking to reporters now that the trial is over, none have come forward yet to explain what persuaded them to acquit the former neighborhood watch volunteer of second-degree murder or manslaughter. the justice department says it's looking into possible criminal civil rights charges, but experts think that wouldn't be possible without over coming some >> the search continues for the 21- month-old girl who was reported missing last week. this is a picture of daphne webb. her father called police saying she had been kidnapped from his s-u-v while he was inside a convenience store in east oakland. police and volunteers
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scoured a section of the oakland hills yesterday, looking for daphne webb. volunteers from both alameda and santa clara took part in the effort. they spent nearly seven hours going over two and a half square miles of the leona canyon regional reserve. >> she lives and not too far from here. we are just take an educated guess. >> nothing was turned up in yesterdays search. police say they have no plans to search the area again any time soon. investigators will hold a briefing before deciding what their next steps should be. daphne's dad, john webb was arrested for child endangerment. but those charges were dropped by the district attorney. he was released from santa rita jail in dublin on >> we do have more news
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coming up. we will not take a break.w take a
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but did you know we've also mastered three incredibly craveable pastas? sizzler's new incredibly craveable combos for just $10.99, right now. >> at the time now 6:10 a.m.. more details being released on the third asiana plane crash victim. the san mateo coroner's office has identified the third victim of the fatal crash as 15-year-old liu yipeng. yipeng had been in critical condition in a pediatric care unit at san francisco general hospital.but she died friday. she is the third victim of the july sixth crash.
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yipeng was a chinese national.two other girls, also chinese, were the crash. >> the survivors of last weekend's plane crash have returned home. 31 students and teachers from a middle school in east china province were reunited with family and friends. they traveled to the u-s on the ill-fated asiana flight 214 to attend a summer camp. the plane crash landed at s- f-o.killing three people.and injuring dozens more. the investigation into how and why the plane crashed is under way.
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>> when the crash victims of flight 214 start falling and their lawsuits, the potential payout will probably be very different from our americans and passengers from other countries. an international treaty governing compensation to passengers who are harmed by international air travel. that is likely to close u.s. courts to many foreigners. forcing them to pursue claims in asia and elsewhere, or loss was are rare, harder to win, and
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>> a car hit a pedestrian about 40 minutes ago. if the investigation is still under way. if the university over crossing is close. if you are traveling on a 82 cannot accident university avenue until further notice. the off ramp is shut down in both directions. this is our hot spot and it is not causing any major delays. we
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have more cars on the road and the traffic is quickly filling in. it is chronic coming out of else are we tow. once you get past university it is not bad. if you have to use 80 this morning you should consider ashbury to get around the police activity. >> the bay area toll plaza is quickly filling in. it is backed up and you should allow yourself extra time getting into san francisco. the san mateo bridges still looking okay. this is in both directions. checking your ride on 1 01 it is nice and smoltz. it is 21 minutes to downtown san francisco. >> we are dealing with a lot a lot of cloud cover that is
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in place. as we look at mount tam you could see that the sun is coming up. the temperatures right now remain in the cool side. 57 degrees right now in san jose. taking a look at your day planner. we do have widespread fog. as we take it over to fog tracker 4 you can see widespread cloud cover of in livermore up towards the delta hayes. as we focus our attention on the afternoon the cloud cover should a barn off. and apple have a high of 85 degrees today downtown san francisco will be checking in at 63 degrees. mid-70s for those of you in san rafael. >> in the evening you can expect to see additional cloud cover. we will see
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upper 60s for fairfield and livermore. 58 degrees by 8:00 p.m. tonight and 57 for downtown san francisco. your 7 day or round the bay highlights tamara's a another cold day. we will warm things up by the end of the week. >> the time now with 6:18 a.m.. more residence in in nevada were allowed to return home this morning as firefighters continued progress against a massive wildfires. the fire broke out in the mountain community of trout canyon on mount charleston. fire officials say that the fire was 70 percent contained sunday evening. more than 1000 firefighters still remain at the scene. >> a judge plans to decide whether the owners of the world trade center can try to make several airlines and other aviation
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defendants pay billions of dollars in damages from the 9-11 attacks. a federal judge in manhattan says he will announce his decision today at the end of a non-jury trial. the trial will decide whether world trade center properties its affiliates can receive more than the four-point-nine billion in insurance proceeds they have already gotten. if the judge rules the trade center owners are entitled to additional money, a liability trial could be scheduled. the owners say it has cost more than eight-billion dollars to rebuild. >> president george h.w. bush is returning to the white house today to join president obama in a commitment to volunteerism. the presidents will recognize the 5- thousandth daily point of light award. bush senior created the award more then two decades ago to honor volunteer service. the two will be joined by bush's wife barbara, son neil and other relatives are expected to accompany bush. son and former president george w. bush will not >> texas governor rick perry is
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expected to sign into law a controversial and restrictive abortion bill sometime in the next few days. amid widespread protests.the texas senate passed the legislation late friday.the house passed it last wednesday. critics say the bill will effectively shut down most clinics that perform abortions in the state.denying access to many in rural areas. nonetheless, governor perry says women in texas have options when it comes to medical issues. the measure also outlaws abortions after 20-weeks unless the health of the woman is in immediate >> the journalist who first reported edward snowden's disclosures of u.s. surveillance programs says snowden has "thousands of documents" that amount to an "instruction manual for how the nsa is built." but glenn greenwald of the guardian tells the associated press that snowden doesn't want the details made public -- because they would reveal "exactly how the nsa does
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>> in canada, a church bell tolled in quebec as people gathered outside a church to remember the victims of last weekend's fiery train explosion. they held a moment of silence as church bells rang out 50 times. canadian authorities say the remains of 35 people have now been recovered in the small quebec town devastated by a fiery train derailment. fifteen others are missing and presumed dead. it was a week ago today that a locomotive and 72 tankers carrying shale oil slammed into downtown lac- megantic after rolling down a slope and gathering speed. the crash and ensuing explosions destroyed homes, businesses and a bar filled >> the time is 6:21 a.m.. here is a live look outside as the back up the starting to build up. we do have a hot spot on interstate 80.
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rabin will have an update hot spot on interstate 80. rabin will have an update coming up. inves whatwh makesakour oumilymimilei backflipfls and hot spot on interstate 80. rabin will have an update coming up. inves whatwh mlove, wa, rmth.thimilei here, retry thy . backflipfls and .mmmmmmok!oks hot spot on interstate 80. rabin will have an update coming up. inves whatwh mloveching!g!th.thimilei lotslo of dif erenert stesstoinmmmm!!.ss breakfaskft i'm vem ry imp issedss honey buy nches he oat o this is ia greagrcerece!! i hei ar you living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet.
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with qualifying bundles. tststacked with a savory sausag. ststacackeked with freshly crd egegg, stacked with another fr, ststacackeked with ham, stacke, ststacackeked with bacon, and . itit's's c called the big waffl. hohow'w'd d i come up with a sa? i i dudunnnno, it just came t. >> at the time is 6:24 a.m.. watching wall street this morning to see if the stock market can have another week of record numbers. futures trading shows all three indexes in the positive this morning.
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stocks rallied at the last minute on friday. here's a look at the stock market closed on friday. the dow rose three points to end the day at 15,464. the nasdaq climbed nearly 22 points, ending the day at 3,600. and the s and p 500 also rose five points to close at 1,680. >> watching gas prices this morning. as the average u-s price of a gallon of gas has dropped a penny over the past three weeks. but the averages here in the bay area have risen over the weekend. the national average is sitting at 3-61. and the state average is at 4.01 for a regular gallon of gas. taking a look at prices here in the bay area. in san francisco, 4-08. in oakland, 3-97. and in san jose, 3-98.
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>> u.s. state regulators are investigating 218,000 mercedes " c-class " luxury cars because of the rear lights can fail and even catch fire. the national highway traffic safety administration says the the probe affects cars from 2008 and 2009 model years. the agency says it has 21 reports of the bright lights or turn signal lights and demean or felling to let up. in many cases, the driver reported burning smell or melting of electrical parts. investigators will look into whether the problem happens often enough to cause a recall. >> >> seventeen days after an acrobat fell to her death, cirque du soleil will resume performances of its show "ka" in las vegas
6:27 am
tomorrow night. tuesday night's show will be dedicated to the memory of the 31-year-old performer who died june 29th after falling about 90-feet during a live performance. the troupe says it will substitute something else for the final aerial battle scene that resulted in fatal accident. >> one of the most famous authors in the world. has just revealed she wrote a crime novel under a fake name. in top secret fashion."harry potter" creator j.k. rowling has revealed that she wrote crime novel. "the cuckoo's calling" under the name robert galbraith. rowling said in a statement. "it has been wonderful to publish without hype or expectation and pure pleasure to get feedback from publishers and readers under a different name." while the novel received praise before the secret was out, the disclosure that rowling was the author skyrocketed the book's sales.
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the time is 6:27 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:30 a.m.. here is a live look to the new york stock exchange. we have trading opening and it is positive. this usually means that the opening section has started on the positive. >> we want to get an update on a hot spot. let's head back to the hot spot and berkeley. it is involved in a car in a pedestrian. it happened at university avenue over crossing at highway 80. the good news is that the crews are in the process of reopening this. all fronts are closed in both directions. this accident is a final
6:31 am
clearance stage. briefly, with an estimate about 5 to 10 minutes. but for now, you have to hop on that-be or gilbert street. your drive time is already up to 25 minutes as you have from hercules. you will have heavy traffic waiting. >> we will start with a live look from the golden gate bridge. we do have a lot of cloud cover in place. it will clear into the afternoon. the sunshine and high clause are in control. we will continue with a clear model conditions as we head into tomorrow. we do have big changes to talk about that will last a sense of the weekend. i will have a full detail of what to expect is 6:45 a.m.. >> kron4 will tran is live at twentieth and telegraph in downtown oakland, where business owners are still
6:32 am
trying to clean up from saturday's a violent night. >> it is not a good morning if you are an employee of sears. when you walk by, many of them did not work on the weekend and they are open for business. this is what you are looking at. they have boarded up windows. they have five huge windows behind me. they have a few more around the corner. this is the worst of it over the weekend. this protest took place after the verdict was read. unfortunately, it was not to bet on sunday. here is a video of the protest the started on sunday night. it started off peacefully and people were just going down the street being monitored. as far as we know there have been no are arrests. some people became unruly but not
6:33 am
of the damage was the same as what we saw on saturday night. regardless, today is out of the fat people are still upset about the not guilty verdict. >> it happens because of ignorance. we do not understand that we are tearing up our own stuff. there is a way that we can voice our opinions and at the same time keep our city safe. >> i know you do not agree with the verdict, but did it surprise you? >> no, it did not surprise me. it was not surprised. history has showed that it is always an injustice when it comes to people of color. >> he also stated that it is always an injustice to oakland. . there are other
6:34 am
businesses will have to reach into their pockets to pay for this destruction. i have to tell you as far as sears is concerned i talked to the people who boarded up the place and they stated that it may cost them 10 to 20 dow's of dollars may be even more than that to replace these windows. it has been two knives, two days since the verdict is still there is no new glass. >> oakland's mayor eanmade this statement. " our hearts and our prayers to there with treyvon still loved ones, and with every family that has lost a child to gun violence, a small group of people gathered in downtown oakland last night. sadly, some of them dishonor the memory of treyvon by engaging in violent
6:35 am
activities that hurt our growing economy and endangered people. this is unacceptable as well. we must come together to hill 04. in the days and weeks ahead of our committee will continue to work to learn from this tragedy. >> not just in oakland, in san francisco hundreds of protesters scattered in union square. protesters carried signs saying " the people say guilty " and " no justice no peace. " others brought bunco drums and bullhorns to the rally. the protests started at about 4:00 p.m. on paul street and market street. >> president obama is asking the nation for calm reflection as protests continued to a rock surrounding the not guilty verdict. president obama said the death of treyvon martin was a tragedy for
6:36 am
america. in a statement, the president said americans should ask themselves if they are doing all they can to stem gun violence, and what can be done to prevent future tragedies like the florida shooting. >> the justice the armistice and it is looking into the shooting death of treyvon martin to determine whether federal prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges now that george zimmerman has been acquitted. the department opened an investigation into martin's death last year but stepped aside to allow the state to pursue. the justice department's says the criminal section of the civil rights division, the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office will continue to evaluate the evidence. >> george zimmerman is a brother, robert zimmerman jr. is not talking about the verdict and haul it should be respected. >> they have seen what he
6:37 am
has done to my brother and it is a time for them to accept that the jury and a system that we have is a system that we should respect. >> other protests happened run the country. here is video from new york city and times square on the left. on the top right, video of protests in chicago. on the bottom right, this is video from denver. >> an autopsy is get to 04 today in the deaths of at least ar glee star cory monteith. he was on deck in a vancouver hotel room on saturday. his body was discovered by hotel staff after he missed his check out time. authority say that
6:38 am
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>> and good morning the time is 6:40 a.m.. the jury's a verdict of not guilty in george zimmerman is a trial of shooting and killing the teenager treyvon martin is sparking a loss of a debate. protesters, some people, others not so peaceful to the streets and cities across the country, including open. here is a look as some of the comments from the kron4 facebook page. >> eduardo flores jr. " andin our justice system of hope lost. " >> mich donovan ap
6:42 am
aricio, " a bad law plus bad case the " controversy no decision. " >> join the conversation on our kron4 facebook page. that is >> we will be right back.
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>> the time is 6:44 a.m.. we will begin in the traffic area. >> over in berkeley we had a fatal accident at university avenue right near 80. here it is on the traffic map. the good news is that the accident has been clear in all the lanes are open. take a look at the back up on west 80, it is very slow. it will continue as you head into the oakland a's. once again, the activity has been cleared. >> we are getting word of a new problem out of milpitas. this is a big rig a fire. the right latest close all but it is not causing a big backup. >> here is your ride on highway 580 from tracy
6:46 am
outsource lamar. they have no major accident but accident is drawdrawing. >> your ride to the bay bridge toll plaza, the lights are on. if you are back up and all the lanes. it is heavy through the toll plaza of to the incline. the san mateo bridge is trouble- free. the golden gate bridge is a little foggy but the traffic is moving towards both directions. >> there's plenty of cloud cover over a the golden gate bridge. this is a portion of the san francisco skyline. it is just a little breezy outside. we will hold on to cool to my conditions for
6:47 am
the afternoon. by wednesday you can expect a warming trend. we'll have more in the way of sunshine and hotter weather letter on this week. we do expect to see '90s into saturday and sunday. >> the visibility chart is 5 mi. for half moon bay. it is just limited problems for highway 1 01. in terms of your temperature we have hit a morning low. 54 degrees in oakland in mid 50s out of little more. it will not be a hot day today. by lunchtime you could expect 60's and '70's which is indicated by the green and yellow on your screen. more of the zero launch color was start to build it and that is what was the '80s. >> the calls will make a
6:48 am
comeback of the temperatures will drop back down in the '60s by 8:00 p.m. tonight. i do want to break down afternoon highs. pittsburg will have a high of 81. the east bay shoreline will have upper 60s. 73 degrees will be dry and union city. the south bay will be a pretty nice day and very mild conditions with upper 70's. downtown san francisco will be checking in at 63 degrees and upper 70's for redwood city. last but not least less focus on napa will become a degrees. >> your extended forecasts shows slightly warmer conditions by the end of the week with '90s in the forecast. >> a california lottery ticket worth more than 2.6 million dollars was sold at a san francisco market.
6:49 am
the winning ticket, which matched five out of six numbers in saturday's powerball, was sold at cable car wine and spirit grocer on clement street. the winner has 180 days from the date of saturday night's drawing to claim the cash prize. >> senator leland yee wants to help boost election turnout by giving voters the chance to cast ballots on saturdays. the legislation would require counties to have a polling place open for early voting for four hours on at least one saturday in the 29 days before election day. 25 of california's 58 counties already allow saturday voting. yee says its hard for many voters with jobs and kids to find time to cast ballots on tuesdays.
6:50 am
>> just six months out and declaring the present crisis is over in california, governor jerry brown is facing dire predictions. a widespread inmates' hunger strike protesting the state's policy of solitary confinement approach the second week yesterday. the federal courts have demanded the release of nearly 10,000 inmates. 2600 others who are at risk of contracting and the valley fever disease in the overcrowded prisons. >> police in pleasanton have arrested a 19-year-old man who allegedly hit another man with his car following an argument in a parking lot at stoneridge mall. witnesses apparently followed the suspect vehicle -- a 2002 chevrolet silverado - as it fled the scene after the collision.
6:51 am
officers tracked down the vehicle on dublin boulevard and detained the driver, identified as dublin resident frank gallant. gallant was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and booked into santa rita jail. police have arrested a petaluma men after they say he burglarized a home saturday morning. grant douglas the sweedish team knocked a homeowner as he was burglarizing a grudge attached below home. the homeowner to the to confront him, but the suspect fled the scene on a bike. police found him hiding behind trees and a search revealed the stolen items. >> out of the america's cup by a fatal accident in the san francisco bay hopes to be back out on the water soon. artemis racing was out of the competion after an accident in may that killed crew member andrew "bart" simpson.and badly damaged their yacht. but racing officials say that the team is likely to
6:52 am
join the race by next weekend. the next race is scheduled for tuesday. artemis racing is scheduled to race against the italian team luna rossa, >> after some momentum from tim lincecum-- who tossed a no-hitter saturday night. the giants fell short of sweeping the padres. barry zito wasn't at the top of his game. and neither was the rest of the team. padres scored 10 runs on the giants. >> josh donaldson blooped an rbi single with two outs in the 11th inning. boston 3-2. the red sox haven't won a series in oakland since july 2006. a break this week. the 84th all-star game happens in new york this tuesday. >> before sunday's astros-rays game, carly rae jepsen was tasked with throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. hopefully her singing career takes a better path than that pitch.
6:53 am
>> the remember what moriah's carries pitch was like? she had on high heels. >> i am for sure everybody for gave her. >> that was tough. you can practice on you want but once you're on the mound-- >> he told me that it was not going well. being athletic, i think it is hard. >> the time is 6:53 a.m.. we will be right back. my name is paul ridley. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts.
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>> taking a look at the 7
6:57 am
day forecasts. there will be a high of 84 for the inland areas. it will be close to nine days. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. protests erupted all over the country in response to the george zimmerman is not guilty verdict. a look and how the bay area has been affected. >> plus health officials are wrong san francisco are asking for your blood to help save lives of those who were affected in flight 214. details on where you condone it today. >> darya's is back. they have a lot to catch up on in the sports world. we will talk more about that at 7:45 a.m..
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♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news
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>> good morning tub stories we're following monday july 15th, the not guilty verdict that sparked our gradout rage across the country. >> rescuers trying to find little daphne web and what happened to her. >> we are going to start off with the live look from atop mt. tam. we have sunshine and blue skies above all the cloud cover. right now, that is not what you're seeing. morning lows, los to upper 50s and breezy conditions along the delta. into the afternoon expect that cloud cover to burn off. sunshine and mild weather. will


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