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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: next at eight: a community bands together a >> catherine: week after an oakland toddler is reportedly kidnapped off a city street. why your help is critical as police try to find her. and stunning new video from the costa concordia wreckage, as the captain heads back to an italian >> catherine: i'm catherine heenan. >> catherine: the news at eight is next. >> catherine: now at eight. >>somebody out there knows someone comes foreward and helps to bring her home. one >> catherine: week of searching and still no sign of little daphne webb. missing toddler. >> catherine: happening tonight-- >> catherine: oakland tonight. at a vigil daphne webb. it's now been a week since oakland police, the f-b-i and other agencies began searching for the toddler. kron-4's jeff bush is live
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in oakland -- at 79th avenue was reportedly kidnapped. >> catherine: >> you will feel the pain is when a family member comes of missing. and you know was that on anyone but i hope that she comes back to our of our our arms. once again happy she's back with just as we are planning for us and that is where our fate is right now. we want to see her again! >> i just want her home. we all just want her home. >> reporter: hoping for daphne's safe return. i am just bush live in oakland
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kron 4 news. >> catherine: here are some of the business owners concerns >> the violence and destruction of property and intimidation of customers and employees and people that are trying to go along with their normal life is just not acceptable. >> catherine: the rest have been made of the in regards to violence over the weekend toward a small group of people are responsible for the vandalism. and a higher number of police are out on the street. >> reporter: intron police chief john went sat down about 20 business home he chambers of commerce to listen to their frustrations and in regard to the violence from the protest over the weekend
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that left them on easy. >> is years away their customers makes them makes their employees feel safe and closed shop early. sandy employees home without pay. >> reporter: steepen panels under control was challenging 40 pd but did make three more are rest. the third assault and battery and the other to vandalism. small groups causing the raucous causing causing grappas are not from the city of oakland. should you come to oakland with intent on engaging in crime we will make every attempt an effort to our best view. our rest you'll arrest you!
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>> reporter: are told officers are on overtime and there is a rally planned for saturday the chief says he is dedicating all resources and do what ever it necessary to show that there are enough cops out there all ec reid kron 4 news. alecia reid >> catherine: juries have reached verdicts in the trials of two men accused of taking part inof a 16-year- old girl. homecoming dance back inthe girl was found by police slumped under a picnic table. prosecutors say more than a dozen men were on the scene as she was raped, beaten and robbed. >> catherine: marcelles peter and jose montano both face various charges. both verdicts are sealed and will be read tomorrow. we'll have a full report on the kron-4 news at five.
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good news and bad news so far this year on the an jstet crime and gang related violent crime is down in san jose.but the city with a delpeted police force. .is seeing murders surge so far this year. >> reporter:violent crime is down 10 percent compared to theand gang-related violent percent. but -- the number of homicides in san jose is up 33 percent. 29 murders have occurred so far this year.san jose is on pace for 53 homicides. sobering stats for the place once called the "safest big city" in the u- s. >> catherine: the port of oakland is open again tonight.. here's a live look. operations resumed around six tonight..after being shut down all day. the port unions agreed not to work for 24-hours in tribute to a worker who died on the job yesterday, 47- year-old joy daniels suffered some kind of medical problem while operating equipment at han- jin shipping. and later died. it was a union decision to
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honor her with a work stoppage, but some port workers didn't get the message. >> catherine: drivers caught unaware were lined up for blocks.waiting to move their shipments. tonight. there's still no >> catherine: new bart deal. talks continue - but no progress has been reported since last friday. if both sides can't agree by august fourth, another strike is likely. kron-4's scott rates talked to both sides of the negotiating table. he tells us who's prepared to stay on strike for a long time. >> reporter: if there is no contract as of august 4th day will go on strike. i said dow bart management here at bart headquarters and ask them about the possibility of them using replacement employees. if
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they were to be a strike. >> we are working on selling a negotiated contract well although we are planning for a potential strike we are looking at the operation of training during the four day strike we operate eight still to crow. skeletal crew. >> reporter: she believes the safety of the public will be put as at risk if they bring in a replacement crew not as experienced and have not gone through that 15 weeks safety training as the others have. they could put them through the 15 weeks safety class but due to current contract stipulations they could not
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do that until a.c. you officially goes on strike. i tell you both parties will be a back at the negotiation table friday at 10:00 a.m. and all morning. >> catherine: as many as 400 homes are southern california as a in the mountains south-west of palm springs.and getting closer to the towns of idyllwild and fern valley. >> catherine: been destroyed. the fire began monday - and has burned more than 22 square miles. . just >> >> jacqueline: you can see some of the fault moving in here making its first little push. up and down the coastline and then stretching into oakland.
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widespread fog again and two tomorrow morning clearing faster and temperatures warming. and antioch's is 82 degrees. we are up 74 and concord in 71 in livermore some of the bay we are the upper 60s and same thing for north bay. pretty cool near the coastline with 55 in center cisco. widespread low coverage. pretty patchy throughout the delta. temperatures for tomorrow will be more marin. more a degree temperatures and more low 90s out there. antioch '80s through the north bay and as well. it i will show
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you how warm it will get in our extended forecast coming up. >> catherine: coming up up at eight major retailers refusing to sell that issue stones magazine convicted shot featuring the bomber in boston, are a mother and son are now suing the airline still survive the initial
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>> catherine: a weapon system hidden in a cargo of brown sugar. of great on the
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weapons the u.n. has been banned north korea from importing and exporting believe to be developing nuclear weapons no northridge is stating that the crew members did nothing wrong and should be allowed to leave them out immediately. >> reporter: new video showing the cost saudia crew stopped ship wrecked the captain tryout resumes. francisco failed for the second time to get a plea bargain plea he's charged with manslaughter and causing the loss of his ship which 32 people died passengers and crew frantically tried to get off the ship. people look at the size of that thing the 52
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year-old capt. is accused abandoning the ship before all the passengers had been rescued. he calls myself innocent scapegoat cap catherine? how >> catherine: >> catherine: the cover of rolling stone magazine. is usually a spot for rock stars or hollywood celebrities. but the latest issue boston bombing suspect. some argue the cover glamorizes terrorism. and now some major retailers are here's the cover -- with a photo of 19-year old jo- har tsarnaev. c-v-s, walgreen's, stop and shop and other major retailers refuse to sell it. >> catherine: under the picture that tsarnaev took of himself. is the title "the bomber." the magazine says the
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article traces how "a bright kid with a charming future became a monster. the editors justify the cover - saying he's in the same age group as many of their readers, making it important for the magazine to examine the issue. some people say. it goes too far. >>".no i wouldn't" it looks so interesting yes i would buy it. >> committed the crime to be noticed of this is giving him exactly what he once sold know i would not buy it. >> note i would not buy it. . >> catherine: rolling stone responded to readers -- saying the story falls within the traditions of journalism - and that the magazine has a commitment to important political and cultural issues of the day. the issue goes on sale august third. >> catherine: you can read that cover article on our website -- kron 4-dot-com. >> catherine: a new report from the a-c-l-u warns that police agencies have compiled huge databases detailing where millions of
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americans are driving. >> catherine: the increasingly popular technology uses high speed cameras mounted on top of patrol cars. the automated license plate readers can scan as many as 1=thousand cars a minute. they're typically used to track down stolen cars and expired registrations. but the aclu says the cameras also compile information on law=abiding drivers. and the information is kept for years. >> catherine: one san leandro man found local police had stored more than a hundred pictures of his car, even though he was not suspected of any wrongdoing. >> catherine: privacy advocates say the lack of regulation means the system could be easily abused. and you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. it's on comcast 193 and on >> reporter: >> jacqueline: warmer weather ahead. we will continue the warming trend
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into tomorrow and actually saturday. upper 80s and antioch and they're filled with low 80s out and concord and livermore and pleasanton. no. 8 in the '80s and santa rosa and napa. and south bay los 70's this afternoon. it can't see much because of local coverage making way back to the bay shore. clearing faster in morning conditions away from the coast. less and less fog each day. so here's a look at cloud trecker. killing back torbay shores and then back toward many bay shore is buy tan. scenes sunshine for most locations until 10:00 in the morning pretty much all and the bay area. pitcher wives the coolest of surprised
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there. in redwood city to be 83 degrees degrees. 75 and san leandro. low 90s for places like antioch, brentwood, livermore and pleasanton with low 90s for thursday afternoon. in morgan hill we would hit 93 degrees there. 83 in san rafael, 84 for napa but and 79 for real valley. same thing goes for friday and saturday by the time we make it to sunday and monday the focal then returns. have a different temperatures close to average for this time of year.
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(laughter) you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. >> catherine: the people who run san francisco's sewer system took reporters on a tour today -- to show them what they consider a big problem. they say disposable wipes advertised as being flush- able.really are 'not.' and they're clogging up the treatment plant. they say forget what the products claim -- they do "not" break down as fast as toilet paper. >> toilet paper breaks down and about eight seconds. place toilet paper and water and you will see it dissolves. but the disposable white you see how tough they are. they do not breakdown for 30 minutes. and for 30 minutes is jamming something in this war pike's or make its way toward treatment plants in mind that in our dreams and that the shutdowns are system. wind up our drains!
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can resume >> catherine: how much this problem is costing them. but the agency says that just the process of finding and getting rid of the wipes runs >> catherine: baby in britain. and you won't be surprised to hear that people are buying up lots of high-end merchandise >> catherine: tracking your shopping habits using cutting edge getting you to spend more. outraged by the invasion ofpamela brown has the story. [ birds chirping ]
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>> reporter: >>"hello mr. yamimoto. welcome those assorted tank tops work out?" >> reporter:will this futuristic coming to a store near you?? >> reporter: it's not as far-fetched as you think. retailers are turning to technology. using video surveillance, and smart phone to figure out how to get you to spend more.the in-store analytics >> / makes it possible for retailers to understand things like where they go, where they stop /and ultimately how all of that translates to sales at the register. >> reporter:upscale department chain nordstrom recently ended a test program gathering pings from wifi signals on customer's smart phones as store. surveillance. >> reporter:"way over the line," one consumer wrote on facebook. >> reporter:take a look at this video. the camera is set up in the ceiling near
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the entrance. >> reporter:as people enter, the software pinpoints them. and follows them throughout the store. retailnext, which is one of the companies providing this kind of technology, says the software is so specific, it can tell exactly where inside the store a person is standing and even which direction their head is looking. they know there is >> a person and they know what that person is doing, but they can't really marry it back to your personal identity. >> reporter:these heat maps are another tool. the red areas are spots where people stood looking at products for a >> reporter:still. shoppers have mixed feelings about being watched by big brother. >>when they're storing data and figuring exactly where you go / it's completely um an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: retailnext says their technology is in more than 5-thousand stores worldwide. nordstrom says they were
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testing the program and ended it in may, and they say they didn't store any of the data, nor did they have any way of identifying individuals.
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>> catherine: still ahead on kron 4-- two local survivors of the plane crash at sfo are now suing the airline. four about their terrifying ordeal.. >> catherine: also - the man who opened his paypal statement. to see that he was apparently the richest man on the planet! of was a mistake. the details, coming up.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. royal approval. >> catherine: >> reporter: this >> this is comprehensible to me >> reporter: attorney mike obamas of talking about to a gym flight
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>> none of them are monitoring what was going on and respond in time lakers >> reporter: the two were sitting in row 15 when the plane crash. >> we know the neck and back were significant injuries were significant and they are having some of them are eye imagery later on. mri >> the lawyers in this case is just incomprehensible we have a cockpit full of pilots and very much may have had issues with the equipment on the plane. >> reporter: so catherine
8:32 pm
right now we are really early on seeking a list of $5 million a to see the two injured are no longer in the hospital. >> catherine: is this the first lawsuit or not? >> reporter: it is. this petition represents a three different passengers on the plane. since the boeing lawsuits could, and be ready. >> catherine: international lost souls? >> reporter: yes but this is sort of a hazy area. however the chinese passengers within china and the degree of those folks aren't obligated to file a lawsuit against aging not accurate but they can file a lawsuit against boeing. because some of the international laws in place but we will see lawsuit, yes. the who their targeted
8:33 pm
in where is still in the air. they will have to go by their countries' laws which are much different from how they are here in the united states. >> catherine: lawyer rates for student loans for 2015 school year aren't expected to go up and a lot. other grudges concedes rates as high as 9.8% and 9.9% progress " cigarette students. seesagrad studentys >> catherine: with planning giving royal approves meantbritish lawmakers passed a bill legalizing
8:34 pm
same-sex marriage in england and wales. yesterday - members of the house of commons approved some minor amendments. the remaining step was the approval of the queen.which happened today. the bill means same sex couples can be married in both civil and religious ceremonies in england and wales. the weddings could begin by next summer. >> jacqueline: 81 for napa and south bay where along we are running and the low seventies to that. you can see below cloud coverage spilling backhand over the towers. it is plenty widespread out there again officially poor inland valleys in south bay. that means warmer temperatures in the afternoon. as we head for the next couple of days, conditions into the weekend
8:35 pm
less take a look at that and i extended forecasts. lovers. they're business you going to cme down for a (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: second nope ha why not? why? i want to chat with for a second what are you building? actually i'm just taking a battery out of a flashlight just when i thought caltrans had sealed off all the crawl
8:36 pm
spaces below interstate 280 in san francisco >>come on down >> gary:a viewer email sends me to 22 and iowa where people are still living inside the freeway these holes are remnents of earthquake restrofitting of the bay area freeways now people have ripped off the metal plates and have furnished homes inside the freeway crawl before you start throwing thing at you tv or begin tyoing out the nasty grams saying im picking on the homeless listen to this >> reporter:according to the san francisco police department and the california highway squating inside the freeways are registered sex offenders >> reporter:and some are wanted felons who are using the crawlspaces to escape being arrested but look at this i also found uncapped syringes and this they are used to flush out needles >>san francisco police come on out >> reporter:the problem is many don't come out they just climb in deeper and wait the policein fact after the police leave because its really dangerours for them to attempt to climb inside the crawl spaces the man i was talking to who refused to come out climbes down from the crawl space. and if you wonder just how they get
8:37 pm
in here in the first place some acess from the 22 st caltran train station >> reporter: >> reporter:yes they trespass onto railroad property and climb up risking everthing to hide out here >> reporter:there are signes posted that a clean up is about to happen buyt that date has cone and gone . there is more to come on this developing story in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or >> catherine: story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. look at 'em.
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>> catherine: now for today's market update stocks closed higher but reserve will keep the stimulus
8:40 pm
policies in place is what is necessary. here are closing numbers. the dow rose 18 points. the nasdaq gained 11 points and the s&p rose four points. >> catherine: and tens of dancing briefly to be the richest man on the planet. seemed briefly to be the richest man on the planet when christmas opened up his monthly e-mail state from taking out a city at more than 92 quadrillion dollars in his account in may stake obviously paid health fixed it. take palo fixed it pay pal fixed it. >> reporter: and genevieve
8:41 pm
tensely clark of new work california was born the year after the model t in. prague to have attended one of the first integrated grade schools. former schoolteacher and nursed head of first family of all colors. she has nine children, 26 grandchildren, and five great and grandchildren, she stays up on current events this is watching the news late each happy 104th birthday genevieve's tensely clark. >> catherine: still ahead niners [ male announcer ] with at&t, you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the 2, 3,
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>> catherine: the royal baby is too soon queen elizabeth is joining us on the baby fuss! i would very much like it to rise because i am going on holiday. leaving london for my it for her estate. high-end babied
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merchandise including here in the bay area best story tonight at kron 4 news at 11. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: fairly widespread again tonight with temperatures right now running in the mainly '60s and '70s but we are only at 57 degrees in san francisco. we are glenn to see mild conditions again tonight thanks to that fog coverage. morning fog tomorrow but warmer in the afternoon because the fog will clear faster than we thought today. and as we sing in the past. more to not marl with brief confined temperatures in the 60s near the coast line for the south bay in inland valleys in will be in the 80s and low 90s.
8:45 pm
widespread calve rich patchy near the delta appeared like tanned it brought it moves back to be meted calls line. and by then pre much everywhere sunshine by 10:00 in the morning and pretty much all other locations in the afternoon. as we move into the moment our more 86. persistence seabury's when spirit by 3:00 we will receive a hint of the '90s for far inland valleys. let's look at those temperatures had in your neighborhood starting in the south bay where a lot of low eighties for paula also in cupertino. for east bay in
8:46 pm
the valleys we will see a lot of low 90s like livermore and 92 for antioch and east bay shore is running in the '70s. richmond 73 hayward 79 and union city parent. a look that are extended forecast for to mount a little warmer still a little bit warmer and same thing goes for saturday with glasphalt each day. it will return widespread cool temperatures closer to average for this time of year. the member week unless the weather forecast never is convenient for you on our 247 day news channel, pence 193. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: goodevening!
8:47 pm
>> catherine: running >> jacqueline: >> gary: at least one 49er does not approve of colin kaepernick wearing a miami dolphins hat. while a guest on the nfl network, 49ers all pro linebacker navarro bowman said that the act was "a huge mistake by kaep" bowman went on to say he understands that "hats are very important to the outfitbut let's stay away from the nfl teams" kaepernick has been heavily criticized since he was pictured wearing a miami dolphins hat at a july 4th party >> jacqueline: meanwhile tonight at the espy's, kaepernick won the g >> award for best breakthrough >> gary: athlete beating out mike wilson and johnny manziel. check him out here in his red blazer and red high tops.
8:48 pm
it >> gary: if this is let in one thinks he can he will be the greatest guy in the bay area. he will rival joe montana and of be a force in the bay area. because young people think that he is pretty cool. >> catherine: and i have to say because the red jacket still looks pretty cold. with the tweeting and facebook team and what other! look a that jacket- share look a that jacket gary. >> gary: kapernick received a report tonight received an award tonight. and
8:49 pm
>> gary: the detroit lions have released former salesian high and cal running back jahvid best after 3 injury filled seasons with the team. >> gary: the former 1st round pick, and one of the league's fastest players, hasn't after suffering the 4th concussion of his football career in a game against the 49ers he lost conciousness. >> gary: native said "i want to thank the detroit lions and giving me an opportunity to fulfill my dream and play in the national football league." >> gary: agreement on a long term contract with head women's basketball head coach tara vanderveer. >> gary: while the terms of the contract have not officially been released, the deal is expected to keep vanderveer on the farm at least until 2020. since vanderveer arrived at stanford in 1985, the hall of famer has led the cardinal to two national 1
8:50 pm
>> pam: appearences and has reached 25 straight ncaa tournaments. she also led the usa olympic basketball team to a gold medal in the 1996 olympics >> gary: the a's will open gates to the coliseum one hour earlier for all remaining friday home games this season so fans can watch yoenis céspedes take batting practice. cespedes won the all-star game home run derby on monday. gates will open at 4:30 p.m. >> jacqueline: friday, july 26 prior to the a's game against the los angeles angels, with g >> céspedes scheduled to hit at p.m. on all subsequent
8:51 pm
fridays. >> gary: for the july 26th field level, plaza reserved and plaza outfield seats are only $5 due to cespedes' derby win. all those seats sold out yesterday. >> gary: tiger woods has signed a new endorsement deal with nike to take the place of his current contract set to terms of the contract were not disclosed. this is the fourth contract woods has signed with nike it's estimated woods makes $20 million dollars annually from the company woods will attempt to win his first major since 2008 at this week's british open >> gary: last night the warriors set the record for most consecutive wins in the history of the las vegas nba summer league with their 10th straight win beating the milwaukee bucks 84-72. >> gary: the warriors are now 3-0 in this year's summer league. last summer, the warriors went a prefect 5-0 after winning their final two games the previous summer. >> gary: they are now the #1 seed in the first ever las vegas summer tournament which begins a week from today
8:52 pm
former warrior adonal foyle >> gary: was the headliner at the warriors basketball camp today at the team's facility in oakland today foyle made a surprise visit to the more than 100 kids attending the camp runs all week and is the first of three week-long sessions the warrior will run this summer >> gary: foyle who attended colgate talked about academics needing to be a precident for the kid >> gary: would give you an insight when you are going
8:53 pm
up el. would gear the shift into on the other side. gear shifting advice on kron4. your gear shifting station.
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