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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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now at eight. >> catherine: cheers at buckingham palace at the arrival of the official announcement of the royal baby, ♪ "it was just quite an experience. i mean i was and i was just able to catch this at the last minute." (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: american tourists cau as london welcomes a new heir to the >>you're looking at saint this is where catherine, the duchess of cambridge,
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is spending the night with her newborn baby boy. she's expected to be released within the next 12 hours or so. the name of the royal heir. >>grant lodes has been following the hoopla. he's here now with a look at what is a very big deal for the british. >> reporter:it's not every day britain gets a new heir to the throne. this headline from 1948 welcomed the arrival of prince charles. thirty=four years later in 1982, diana, princess of wales, gave birth tonow it's 2013. william himself is a father. charles is a grandfather with the new baby, it's a very select group of three. >> reporter:the first official word from a town crier outside saint mary's hospital, where the duchess
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of cambridge gave birth at four-24 this afternoon, eight 24 thisin keeping with royal secretary posted the royal birth announcement outside of buckingham palace. >>"i'm just so excited about it. had to come up for the day! so exciting" >>"i think it's great news for england" >>"it's fantastic, it's amazing." >>"so honored to partake in this." >>"it was just quite an experience. i mean i was about to leave this weekend and i was just able to catch this at the last minute." >>woman from london now, we're maybe a james or an alfred. >> reporter:the couple has not yet announced the child's name. >> reporter:two years ago, the commonwealth passed a law to make sure this baby will in line, behind the queen's william. one research company sell
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well over 100=million dollars worth of royal baby- related toys and souvenire and for readers who have had enough of the royal baby. the british guardian newspaper has an option. >> reporter:up in the corner, a box asksjust check it and all the coverage disappears from the page. >> reporter:the excitement over the royal baby extends across the pond -- here in the u-s. general in san francisco talked to us about >> reporter:why there's such a fuss. >>". baby cambridge." >> catherine: stay with kron4 as we latest developments in the royal birth. you can always find the latest information on our website at kron4. and on our 24 7 channel on comcast 193. >> reporter:federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused this plane crash near lake tahoe. taking off from lake tahoe airport.
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the pilot - from palo alto - was killed. his wife was badly hurt. the names have not been released yet. >> reporter:some big changes are expected in our weather. including some thunderstorms it >> reporter: the passengers and crew were hurt fortunately only suffered minor injuries. >> the nose wheel collapsed. the aircraft skidded down the runway on its nose and then your gulf and the rest in the grass area. about halfway down the runway. >> reporter: 150 people were on the flight flight 355 to the investigators are examining the boeing 737.
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the support it incident follows the auction on crash earlier this month in which three people died and 100 printer. injured. >> catherine: stay with us we will have more of the story tonight on kron 4 news at 11. some big changes expected now whether including some of the stores in possible lightning. chief meteorologist jack would but it will join us with a forecast. chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett joins us with a first look. >> jacqueline: a handful of lightning strikes. that is a
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brokered accord system that is heading the that is hitting the north that. moving to the north and moving to the west we are also seeing activity off shore. called it in burdick pressure system. coming from and i direction. that is why it is called that. bringing us thunderstorms. largely in the central valley in sierra. the tracking and the north and to the west so we will see more as we get into the overnight hours with scattered showers and possible lightning strikes. we'll talk more about the time of futurecast coming up and just a bit. >> catherine: the limousine
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fire on the san mateo bridge in early may was tragic. and in part -- still a mystery. but new information is shedding light on what may have happened leading up kron-4's rob fladeboe talked to the limo driver's estranged wife today about what she remembers of that fatal night. >> reporter:rachael 'raquel' hernandez brown says she had a cellwith her estranged husband, limo driver orville 'ricky' brown some time, she can't say exactly when, some time before a firethe limo killing five women. >> i started to get loud and he wasn't getting his point across. i did not want to talk any more and i did not want any more drama from him he became upset. he berkeley
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started to cursed me out. >> reporter:at that point, says hernandez brown, her husband turned up the radio. she doesn't know whether their arguing might have distracted him from reacting to the emergency, but can't able to do more to help. >> i really do not know. he says that he was in a state of shock and i could not understand why he couldn't have helped the ladies of the car like a stranger did off the street. >> reporter:shown here with her husband and their two children, hernandez brown says she has a restraining order against him. she says he expects to profit from the accident and is hoping for a reconciliation. >> i tell him that i did not want the money got to forgive him i want no part of that money. i would not
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take that money and haunted by the people i do not want my hands dirty like his hands are dirty. >> reporter:there was no immediate response from orville brown or from his attorney. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> reporter:today kron4 reached out to limo driver orville brown about what his estranged >> catherine: wife is now saying. .that a cell phone conversation with her may have distracted him before the fateful fire. >> they had music on in the
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back. i thought she wanted to smoke a cigarette. >> catherine: a man killed while trying to help victims of an alleged d-u-i crash has been identified as 32 year old kirk peterson of redwood city. he was walking across southbound 280 towards the accident just before 3-a-m sunday -- when he was hit by another car and killed. three people in the initial
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crash suffered minor injuries. those who know peterson are feeling deeply sorry for his new wife -- who was there when the crash happened. >> ".as it is." >> reporter:the 25 year old vallejo man >> catherine: initial crash was arraigned today on a felony dui charge. the driver who ran over the good samaritan is cooperating with investigators. it's not >> catherine: new tonight at eight. san mateo police are searching for the man they say exposed himself and inappropriately touched a young girl this is surveillance video released by police. it happened last month at
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the barnes and noble on hillsdale boulevard in san mateo kron 4's scott rates talked look at 'em.
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to police and shows us how tracking down the suspect >> reporter: 4 shoppers under state that it will keep a close eye on their children creek nervous and concern to a police are able to get this guy off the street. they have generated several tips over the weekend since this video first air and now they're trying to sort through the steps to generate solid leads to capture the suspect terry to sue their
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disturbing video at young but don't pay child in a book section then a short time later when the young but then come walking out of the back area followed by the suspect. ticket derrick look close look at the guy described as a caucasian man 6 ft. tall with a fishing hat on sunglasses and tan cargo pants. if you have any information that can help track this guy down some as helpless or like you're from you tonight creek san mateo police.
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>> catherine: we're only two weeks away strike. bart management and bart unions the are trying to come to an agreement before the august 4th deadline. no face to face talks today -- tomorrow -- or for the rest of the week. >> catherine: however, the state mediator did schedule meetings withthat was for today - tomorrow and friday. >> the lead negotiator for bart is not doing that. and another strike is on his hands. >> these are side issues and just a smokescreen need to talk about the economic issues. double digit increase and we need to talk substance on the economic issues.
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>> catherine: today one of the unions put negotiatorthomas hock. negotiations that have resulted in seven transit strikes since 2005. >> catherine: a bart spokesperson fired back ".economic issues." >> catherine: gone for the next 10 days. but bart says he's gone for 5 days. but is available by previously agreed upon by the mediator. bart still a new contract. are set to start on the 30th >> jacqueline: cloud cover just a lot higher than what we normally see. we are receiving subtropical moisture and starting thunderstorms all of all on around the central valleys. thunderstorm and central valley still off shore. the high cloud coverage made in high level is above the eight bay area. all part of the low pressure system
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trekking to the north and northwest. had it right towards the bay area and it looks like we are going to get clipped. the 8:00 hour is what we're seeing right now. rolling back into the bay area by midnight. the thinking is this thunderstorms are on a clear at 13,000 ft.. muni at 10,000 ft. of dry air. so you see some of the return over seven cisco and herbaceous shores at the time. lightning will be kept at a minimum. we're also
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going to see brief downburst of rain. we will be in the clear with called the conditions and muggy conditions as well. 76 in san jose and for our inland valleys were looking at temperatures in the '80s. east bay shores were looking in the '60s and '70s. low cloud coverage at the immediate coast line only for tomorrow. let thunderstorms tapering off. and you can watch the is convenient for you on our
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>> reporter: hellfire hopes to reach full containment on tuesday to the south in monterey county with a fire is burning in normal train. this place has consumed nine first the rental fire has burned 7,012 a. in down 90 percent contained. this is a view of the perimeter of the wildfire that which is burned crews have this fire 80 percent contained. although many trills and can browse remain closed. in the
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news room charles clifford kron 4 news. also excitement tonight after a birth of a new air of the british throne look at a celebration of the way in britain. >> gary: a big big-name suspended for baseball improprieties and that will give you a quick kick and a six year-old making a sensational hit later coming
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>> catherine: a royal arrival in britain. celebrations underway - after the birth of a new heir to the throne. and the opening date for the is up in the air. but why a fall opening isn't out of the question. and: a diver's close call while feeding 2 huge whales. it happened off the central california coast.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: as construction continues on the new eastern span of the bay bridge, the opening date remains in limbo. that's bolts. and the time it will take to fix them. but while conventional wisdom now puts the opening in december or early next year. a fall opening is not entirely off the table. kron 4's dan kerman explains. >> reporter: installing this bill stow, does not mean that labor day is entirely off the table out as a possible? a panel of engineers to stop it permit fix is not planned the first
8:31 pm
step to make a permanent fix is good enough and will resolve any safety questions. what is the first step? to prevent the roll band from moving too much the question then is that enough then to add a permanent fix the still settle is in place? descended in a letter to the high would the minister should treat you the idea. is there concern is a satisfied as several boards or greet and cam we could seek an earlier opening but again this has to fall into place before this happens. then current kron 4 news.
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the young couple on the 'joyous' occasion. saying the american people join united kingdom in celebrating the birth of the young prince. kron 4's charles clifford has an update. chuckwagon fire has burnedin monterey county, the 200 acres and is 90 percentfurther south in kern >> we went through a lot of pushing and shoving but it was charlie worked it. we
8:33 pm
had an officer reno for us. (laughter) i like at work i like clinton and george. but everyone thought it was going to be of girls all? >> this is a great day for the country with a young couple having a baby great day for the queen the future is good for the monetary and everyone is happy. markey monarchy. it is still hundreds of people who love get the up side. the members of the
8:34 pm
royal family will even come out. i am at the chance cnn also at the gates of buckingham palace. >> jacqueline: we do have possibilities of thunderstorms all thanks to the tropical system coming from offshore. we also have some activity offshore definitely see a cloud coverage as we put this
8:35 pm
into motion this particular sell the way is moving it will come right up into the bay area. another one coming in right behind it. down here to the south so, this particular pattern has nothing to do with daytime heating coming overnight and into tomorrow morning. i do think was the rain hit the ground and have more on that plus, what's your letter this week >> catherine: it's now all over the internet -- with nearly 78-thousand views on you-tube. this was on a ship called *magic out of morro bay, just north of san luis obispo. they weren't hurt --- which
8:36 pm
is probably because of the ahead nature of the humpbacks. they eat things like krill and small fish -- and not anything as large as humans. >> pam: still ahead-- >> catherine: bart unveils a new car from its fleet of the future. a look inside. and when you can expect to ride one.
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>> catherine: now for today's marketstocks closed slightlyhere are the closing numbers. the dow added two points. the nasdaq gained 12 points. and the s-and-p - rose three >> catherine: hackers have attacked apple's developer's site. forcing it to shut down. create apps and software. tried to get their personal information. >> catherine: this security breach comes as apple develops new operating systems for i-phones, i- pads, and other mac products. the information linked to the developers is encrypted. but apple isn't ruling out the possibility that some names, addresses, and other personal information 'was' collected. >> catherine: passenegers at the macarthur bart station
8:40 pm
in oakland got a glipmse of the future it's a demo car - representing the new bart fleet. 410 new bart cars are in production they feature more standing room, bike racks, and real- time information signs for passengers but it will take some time before the new cars are ready to hit the tracks. >> january of 27 ting production cars will be in and then frequently ".frequently" see >>the cars will have about three-percent less seating. but bart plans to have 10 cars per train. which will increase overall seating by [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start. t-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:this is a stop sign, but unlike any other stop sign in the san francisco bay this one is strictly for one type of vehicle bicycles, >> reporter: stop sign around the bay it is ignored i'm at the intersection of california and hearst ave in berkeley, a part of bicycle boulevard where bicyclist often pass through this park to contuine on california and
8:43 pm
they have to stop here first at the stop sign >> reporter:in most cases riders bybass the stop sign all together by going arould and riding in the crosswalk but to be way the stop sign is pointed rider just did . let's have a chat >> reporter:stop sign you just blew thru it and he was not the only one caught coming through >> reporter:you see apparently there is a bit of confusion when it come to stop signs and bicylist in california i thought they passed a law where bicylist don't have to they didn't pass a law? most bikers don't stop at stop thing and i practicing that and i really feel bad imn a hypocrite huh in berkeley i got caught behaving badly
8:44 pm
>> i am trying to do it more as said a good example. i've had some and close calls a bicyclist in way driving in a car that i am taking into more seriously especially since they are more bicyclist on the street. if you have a comment ormail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- and you can watch the >> jacqueline: right now
8:45 pm
this to the organized frank over central valley and in the far corner of your screen character. on the way of thunderstorms yes you get some that activity overnight. over the bay area and how things are seen to be more organized as it approaches. cause you all of this offshore and then back up to the north and then to the east. tonight here's a look if futurecast. there is there a while by midnight shows some of the thunderstorms spiraling off in the east bay. a 1:00 hour
8:46 pm
we have some of their mind coming over to san francisco and more thunderstorms rolling to the north bay by 5:00 p.m.. at 10:00 it would end by the late morning hours. and look told muggee out there without a strong drop the day tomorrow. for east bay and inland valleys conditions in the '80s tomorrow, upper 60s and low 70's for east bay shores. fog will be at the immediate coast only. so here's a look up the extended forecast tonight. the threat would in
8:47 pm
by it and clocked 9:00 tomorrow morning. as we move into the rest of the week will see it to the old pattern alum afternoon sunshine. >> gary: this evening everyone! domino to fall former and b.p. ryan brunt of the milwaukee brewers suspended without pay for the remaining 65 games in this season for its involvement with his in a performance enhancement dropped. it like he was quick to be mailed and the to the technicality he's
8:48 pm
been allowed to play ever since. now the word is, without the next domino to fall is alex rodriguez of the new york yankee spirit everything is coming out and likely would not be suspended this year. he could still face punishment next season but the a's to their credit he paid his dues he was suspended 50 gave/year and the taping bartolo cologne to retire at the end of this thing and say how you like back to? brewers outfielder ryan braun has been suspended remainder of the season, for his involvement with arelated biogenesis clinic in to the 65-game suspension
8:49 pm
to avoid a longer possible ban statement "i realize now that i have made some mistakes. i am willing to those actions." pitcher bartolo colon, who was also named in the same biogenesis report as braun colon likely won't be suspended this year unless he cuts a deal with major league baseball like braun punishment next season. a's manager bob melvin said earlier this year "i think colon already paid his dues", referring to colon's 50 game suspension in 2012. the 40 year old all star threw a complete game yesterday, picking up his 13th win. in his last 13 starts he is 10-1 with a cornerback eric wright failed his physical with the 49ers, nullifying a trade from friday that would have francisco from the tamba bay buccaneers released by the buccaneers, making him a free agent. wright was arrested earlier in the month for an unspecified misdemeanor. it's unclear if the 49ers were aware of this when they made the trade. the 49ers did not elaborate on the reason for the failed physical.
8:50 pm
as for the kaepernick dolphin's hat fiasco. head about it today and had this to say >> i know cap, i know cap and an awareness allegiance lies. milwaukee has the sausage >> gary: the american century classicin lake tahoe for the celebrity tourney the guy in third place clearly not in the best shape jerry rice.the birdie putt on 18.rice finished 14th on 14 and gives the tiger- esque fist pump
8:51 pm
curry: finished tied for 4th >> gary: winner: former nfl qb billy joe tolliver
8:52 pm
18 year-old lpga golfer lexi of the marathon classic in toledo- wnning a brand new player in the world called the moment "amazing. i can't describe the feeling in >> gary: it was thompson's 4th career hole in one but 1st in official competition she finished tied for 3rd in the tournament but did get to ride off in a $36,000 dollar kia. >> gary: that was supposedly will good when i was poor to college one of liberace first lover's was a guy named vince cartel. the convention center he played
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with clamor cartel and its cartel was playing piano there and we would go there and have a seven-up attended all of sudden he was driving liberace on stage. then its cartel one of the irrational glovers of liberace. >> catherine: where else are look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: look of the writers except for the one house by one horse.
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