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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news at 11:00 starts now. >> at 11:00 a plane crash at south lake tahoe kills a man. . >> i will miss him. . >> his wife thought he mentioned karen. she is expected to survive. good evening. that couple has been identified at steven and karen lefton. alicia has the story.
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>> reporter: they were fun- loving and always ready to have a good time. this morning's plane crash was shocking and heart-wrenching. >> reporter: they crashed in the woods. steven was flying the plane with his wife on board. the sheriff's office says the plane lost altitude shortly after take off. they ended up in a wooded area. the couple's neighbor says the two were avid travelers. >> i was hesitant with a single engine plane. it is tragic. >> reporter: karen provided aid
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and comfort until medics arrived. she was rushed to a hospital in reno and expected to survive. >> very very nice people. they really enjoyed life. if you -- basically think of anyone who enjoyed life, they were always happy. >> he was an experienced pilot flying for over 20 years. they are analyzing the cause of the crash. alicia reed, kron4news. laguardia is still shut down after a nose wheel on a plane collapsed after touching down. passengers talked about what
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happened. >> the worst part was e doors didn't open and the smoke was coming in. they wanted to wait for the rescue teams, but that was the anxious moment, but nobody lost it. >> 10 passengers were treated at the scene, minor injuries. some had anxiety attacks. 160 people were headed from nashville to laguardia. tourists get caught up in the excitement. it's a boy. london welcomes a new heir to the throne. the duchess of cambridge is expected to leave the hospital
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soon. we might learn the name of the new baby. we have the excitement from london. >> reporter: london is a buzz with the duke and duchess welcoming their new baby. the country is celebrating the arrival of a future king. >> it has been wonderful. i remember watching charles and diana getting married and now watching her son have a baby is wonderful. >> reporter: they are keeping mum on the prince's name. >> it is magnificent, jubilee.
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>> reporter: obama said the child entered the world at a time of promise. the american people are pleased to join with the people of the united kingdom. he is third in line to the throne behind his father and grandfather. >> you can always find the latest information on our website on and comcast 193. a man killed trying to help victims of a dui is kirk peterson. he was walking toward the
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accident scene just before 3:00 a.m. when hit by another car and killed. people who know peterson are sorry for his wife who was there when the crash happened. >> i can't imagine what she went through. i don't know what she saw, but she saw the results, and that's too much. >> the 25-year-old vallejo man was arraigned on a felony charge and the man who hit peterson is cooperating. it is not clear whether he will face charges. >> reporter: it looks like we will have storm activity over the bay area. it is mainly dry, but up toward the sierra we have lightning and some periods of heavy rain
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at this hour. this area looks like it could move towards us. you see things drying out over the past couple hours. we have sub tropical moisture. we will talk more in the future cast coming up. hundreds of prison inmates have escaped. dozens of people died in the attacks. they were once run by the u.s. military. 500 prisoners have escaped in baghdad. two stunt men run to the
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rescue when a woman tries to jump from a building. getting uncomfortably close to hump back whales. >> breaking news, we are on the area anytime. kron4, the bay area's news station. ♪
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. >> take a look at this, a couple of divers, you see them near the boat. they got a very close look at two hump humpback whales. let's take a look. [ laughter ] the divers were right next to them. just a few feet away when the two huge humpbacks jumped out. they probably weren't paying attention to them.
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the divers very happy. there they are. they are very happy they weren't closer when they surfaced. it was saturday. the boat was called magic outside of morro bay. they have a great story to tell. early may was tragic and still a mystery. the limo driver's wife talks about what she remembered from that deadly night. two men rescue a woman dangling from a building. a's are in houston and harbough talked about a hat but
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not a 49er hat.
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. >> new at 11:00 two stunt men are applauded afterrescuing a woman on the edge of a balcony. it was all caught on camera. >> somebody get in there and help her. >> reporter: the scene was heart-stopping. >> it was 14 stories up, and
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this girl was on the rail preparing to go. >> reporter: she was depressed over a relationship. they had to scale a fence then found a security guard. they raced to the 14th floor. >> we couldn't get to her. >> reporter: they slide the door then his comrade rushed in to help. he was already wearing scaffolding rigging. sounds of panic on the street were sounds of joy. [ applause ] the comparisons between these pretend heroes and real life ones is not what they want. >> it was instinctive to just
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respond and do what we did. we are glad everybody is okay. the limousine fire in san mateo was tragic. new information of what lead up to this fire, we talked to the limo driver's estranged wife. >> reporter: she had a conversation with him before the fire erupted killing 5 woman. >> i heard music. when i started getting loud because he wasn't getting the
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point. i didn't want to talk anymore. i had enough drama from him. he got upset. he verbally started cussing me out. >> reporter: at that point her husband turned up the radio. she doesn't know if her arguing distracted him. >> i hear from a random stranger that he got someone out. i don't know why he couldn't do the same. he says he was in a state of shock. >> reporter: she has a restraining order against him and he expects to profit from the accident and wants a reconsilliation. >> i said i don't want that money. i don't want any part of that
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money. i take a dollar of that money and i say those 5 souls, i will haunted. your hands are dirty. i don't want my hands dirty. >> reporter: there was no response from brown or hi attorney. >> reporter: we are continuing to monitor thunderstorms heading toward the sacramento valley. it will produce minimal lightning strikes. we have a lot of high cloud cover. the question is when will we
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see the thunderstorms? mid-night until 7:00 in the morning. here it is offshore working toward the coastline. will we see it develop? i will show you in the forecast. also showing some of the thunderstorms migrating toward the bay area. they will develop at 14, 000 feet. the rain will fall through 10,000 feet of dry air. that rain could hit the ground later on in the morning. we still have a chance over the north bay. the sierra will be on going and through the day on tuesday. plenty of lightning through the
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sierra. temperatures will be cooler than what we have seen over the weekend. 70s for the south bay. 76 for san jose. temperatures are in the 80s for inland valleys. low 60s at the coastline. drizzle as well. here is a look at the extended forecast. overnight thunderstorms into early tomorrow morning it will end at 8:00 or 9:00. we return to our boring pattern of fog and sun. what would tim lincecum do after his first no hitter? sports is next.
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. >> good evening. so much for back to back for tim lincecum. there he goes in the second inning. he gave up a couple home runs. lincecum 8 runs, 9 hits. the tease was on the nose.
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reds killed the giants 11-0. last hitter looks like a run but no. derrick robinson takes a home runaway from francor. giants are 0 and 4. they will play a couple of games tomorrow and a double header beginning at 4:00. close of business tonight the a's 10 and 0 against houston. you can say a's are improved and giants not having a good year. but nonetheless. he hits a 2-run homer and the
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a's win 4-3. in houston when you are playing 18 and 19 times in a division, that has been a big boost for oakland. baseball apparently is serious about performance enhancing drugs. milwaukee star ryan braun suspended without pay for 65 games for his involvement with drug related biogenesis clinic. now it shifts to alex rodriguez. all of a sudden he had another injury. look for his name front in center over the next few days. the defensive back was brought back on friday and cent back to
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tampa. he failed his physical. there was an arrest for an unspecified misdemeanor, but bottom line, see you later. stomping grounds in las vegas, there they go. 4 rebounds. this is rookie, young players fighting to make a roster. ian clark had 33. they won 14 straight games. there you go. show the 6-year-old with a great catch. they ad-lib with me. this is san marcos, california.
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