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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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a shooting caught on camera and one oa residents said nothing is to be done to capture the suspect. tonight calls for action from oakland residents first, we start with an oakland a gunman with the child inside. jeff bush of details of what happened and has more of the dramatic video. >> reporter: take a look at the top of the screen and you will see the man with the white t-shirt pulled out his gun. >> he was going around here he
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was shooting wi looking. >> reporter: ortiz says this is the man that pulled the trigger. jose got the video on this store on high street where the shooting happened. the sh fired. jose's grandson was in the backseat of the car. >> he was shooting of somebody in the back of the street and at the corner and he ran over there and my grandson called me, my son calling me all upset. >> he took the video to the police but says nothing has happened. >> the investigators from the department told me that they did not do anything about it. so where do we go from here from the da they're
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not doing anything? we are never going to stop this crime and never going to get this guy. >> reporter: jose wants the police to reopen the case and wants the district attorney to go after this guy. he's hoping that someone will see this video will recognize this shooter and come forward. the shooting death of a 66-year-old oakland woman. she was shot and killed in her car just blocks of oakland. her neighbors are fighting back, kron 4 shows us how her community plans to come back crimes. >> reporter: neighbors pray that judy becomes a big advocate for security control in this neighborhood. her neighbors say it is a tragedy she died three days before their first pry vaccinate
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principal meeting. pry vaccinate meeting. >> residents came with questions on liability and effective of patrol and it is clear some are still on defense. >> i don't like what it says and i don't feel safer. >> we are doing our thing and we are s need private control because this needs to stop. >> the meeting comes just three days after the shooting death of judy salmon gun down after she drove her car through the neighborhoods. they are not sure if it could have prevented wednesday's shooting. >> i would say there is no way of telling, because if the principal vehicle would serve two purposes. if
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the principal vehicle happened to be close enough down but those are quince dal events. members say they need 180 members to sign up. they say they're close to the number and they're hoping to begin of control in the next couple of months of patrol. due to poor finances and a steady decline, the building is on the chopping block. over r over hundreds of people rallied that demand the postal service to sell the building and relocate the service elsewhere. kron 4 tells us why. >> it is the center piece of our community, we love the building, they're claiming they're doing this
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because of their budget but it does not make any financial sense. in downtown berkeley is quite valuable. they would lease out space or rent space in the back of the post office if they are moving out of the area. we want this to remain in your historic post office building. >> the berkeley post office has some of the most amazing new deal art that should be preserved and it is part of our national and cultural heritage, it is not an organization that's set up to make a profit. it was breaking even. >> they have not listed it yet. they said they want to find a location to relocate to and at that point they'll put it on the market and that's the point where we can intervene legally as soon as they announce it. it is pretty unanimous across
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the country, we don't want our historic post o closed. >> reporter: reporting in berkeley kron 4 news. three people are dead and over dozen are injured after a bus flipped over in indianapolis this afternoon. fire officials say the bus was carrying 40 teenagers and an adults from a local baptist church on their way home from the camp. witnesses say the bus came off at interat a time at a high rate of speed this afternoon and struck at the retaining wall as it try to curve and over turn, the driver reportedly said his breaks fail. here is a live view, notice we can see the lights here because we are looking
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north, over the bay and the distance, there is some dim lights there, you cannot see the lights too well because there is fog into the east bay bay. all the way down to oakland and fremont, it is also extending into the north bay valley. santa rosa is seeing fog and along with the fog cool temperatures just in the lows and mid 50s in many spots this evening and a little milder fairfield right now. fog moving all the way inland. we have a great start at tomorrw at 8 a.m., we'll have some spotty drizzles by the coast. in fact, it may not clear out at all for parts of san francisco but elsewhere we'll see sunshine and temperatures in the 60s by the bay, i will let you know if we have some warmer weather on the way.
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the latest of bart's negotiation and alternative shuttle services. san mateo needs your help to catch a child sexual predator and we'll show you this disturbing video. we have the video, more news after the break.
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tonight bart union members and management are wrapping up negotiations a down continues to the next possible bart strike. today bart's manager address the raise. hawk is traps's vice president. >> transportation provide of the
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east bay elderly disabled service. so we want to have some elderly ser vase available. and there was no connection at all between our decision to use busses during the strike and our use of tom hawk as a consultant. he has a contract with them. . . >> another concern was the chaef's neg anyway to move. negotiations were still going on today. smaller agreements are being mak 's time off was approved by the state mediator. he's available by phone and if an agreement is reached while he's absent. just a reminder right now the main issues are
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pension, medical benefits and salary. bart are asking members to start paying into their pension plans. bart workers are asking for a 21% pay increase over the next four years. there is the change of the capacity of this year's art event. how a new permit allows thousands more to attend at the event and the rock desert. look at 'em.
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san mateo's police are searching for the man that says exposed himself and touched a young girl, this is surveillance video released by police, it happened last month in san mateo at a barnes and noble. >> reporter: well shoppers out here telling me they're keeping a close eye on their children and they say they're nervous and concern until police are able to get this guy outside the street. investigators tell me they have generated several tip and now they're trying to sort through the tips in order to getting lead in catching the suspect. you can see this guy as he lures this young victim to the back corner of the store. this child was in the children's book section reading a book when all this happened. you can see within a short time later when the young victim comes walking out of the back area
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followed by the suspect. now, investigators want you to take a close look at this guy, he's described as a caucasian man approximately 6 feet tall, he's wearing a fisherman hat and he had on sun glasses and he was wearing tan cargo pants. if you have any information that can help investigators track this guy down, the san mateo police department would like to hear from you tonight. reporting in san mateo, scott rays, kron 4 news. a teen girl who killed herself after being sexually abused by 3 boys. the lawsuit accused them of sexually abusing their daughter and circulating the photos of the assault. last month, the family's attorney added the 15-year-old girl to the lawsuit
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saying she was also present of the assault. 15-year-old audrie pott hang herself at her mother's home after the assault. well, it is dark looking out to the east bay but you can see the low clouds those low clouds will be over. as we kickoff the second half of the weekend, tonight look for the fog which is over the north bay valleys going all the way to the east bay valleys. tomorrow morning extensive fog all the way from the ocean to the inland valleys. in fact, it will take well into the afternoon before some place is clear by the bay, inland we'll see a lot of sunshine and some mild temperatures and for the
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gilroy garlic festival, last day for tomorrow, i was talking about the fog but i think the fog in gilroy will clear out around 10 a.m.. the sunshine will be arriving just in time and we'll degrees.ratures just here is your tracker, there is the fog pushing through the gate towards berkeley, richmond and right now it extends into vallejo and some fog into the north bay valley and it will extend into live moore as well. and also on the south bay tomorrow morning. it is going to be a gray situation out there in the morning hours. you may have to hit the drizzles there. right here golden gate san francisco, this area maybe stuck in the gray skies all the way through the afternoon, the same goes for the coast, temperatures for tomorrow afternoon will be mild, about the same as it
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was today. the entire weather picture for tomorrow looks about the same of what we had today. it is kind of like a carbon copy. mid to upper 70s and some 80s for san jose, for the inland locations warmest places close to 90s in antioch. only 60s by the bay. for san francisco 63 degrees, 7h bay and oakland 67 and really no big changes to talk about through the entire seven-day forecast here, a little bit of a change each and every day but basically the theme is going to be fog in the morning and sunshine by late morning and afternoon and temperatures lows to mid-70s by the bay and 80s inland and turning in a little warmer towards the end of next week john. a car make making a u- turn
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hitting the fire hydrant. no damage reported at this time, chp says they contacted cruise to repair the fire hydrant. it is still unknown if there is damages from the tracks from all the water. kron 4 dan reports a private public partnership with funding from google will allow the city to put in wi-fi across the city. >> reporter: but, the lack of wi-fi is limiting what he can do. >> i would really do search on the web because i will ride the bart and taking some inspirations for that so there are many things to do now and that moment and i can do that.
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>> by spring of next year, that'll change. >> we are announcing a new project in san francisco to bring to you free wi-fi to 31 different parks and plaza and open spaces in our park city. >> google is giving the city a gift of $600, 000 to fund the free wi-fi project of 31 locations across the city. >> not only for opening up the parks and our city to innovations and education and activities for all san francisco residence but as i mention before significant step towards our digital device of our city. >> but, the mayor says the project will continue and expand. >> this is literally of the beginning of a continue effort to innovate and innovate. >> and mothers are watching over their kids are looking forward to connecting.
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>> i can see coming here with my husband and daughter and one of us can work and the other one can watch our daughter and we can be together easier that way. >> when i was job hunting, i can use the access and not everyone has a smart phone so having wi-fi access would vl been great. >> and completed by next spring. >> pretty much the only obvious downside to this whole thing is what it means to cafes that lure people in with the promise of free wi-fi, think about it, you have the day like today and the choice of going inside a cafe to work or here? in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. if you live in the bay area there is a good chance that you heard of burning man. now, the event is about to become even bigger. federal land
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managers granted the event known as burning man, her met that allows 68, 000 people to attend this year. the event organizers need to comply with conditions related to security and public safety and resource management and clean up. close to meeting that capacity, last year the crowd at the off beat art of music event at over just 53, 000 people. giants were at home, coming up we'll have a lot more in sports.
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the giants were at home tonight and despite their best efforts against the cubs, well, it was not too pretty. tp giants could not pull it off and l 1-0. the giants are at home again tomorrow against the cubs at 1:05 p.m.. the a's won their second game of the los angeles angels. they look a little old school in their uniforms just because they brought back their look temporary from 1969. oakland's win today is their
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