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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 29, 2013 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>we have had children recovered from each of those events, multiple children from each of those events in the past. >> reporter:the bureau says a three-day law enforcement sweep >>"this operation targeted venues where girls and adults are operating for commercial sex. that includes street tracks, truck stops, motels, casinos, internet sites, social media platforms and the like >> reporter:operation cross country six rescued 105 children forced into prostitution and arrested 150 pimps and others. >>knock knock >> reporter:the justice department estimates that nearly 450,000 children run away from home each year. >> reporter:and within 48 hours of leaving home, one out of three teenagers living on the street will be lured toward prostitution. some of them end up here, on backpage, the web's leading site for adult sex listings. >> well it's a 27 million dollar a year industry. i was sold on backpage myself as a minor the fbi says it
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>> reporter: is also using the web site to rescue child prostitutes. >>it appears as though we were 30-40 percent more successful in identifying this operation. as we further refine these efforts in the future we will continue to look to back page and to those other fora where pimps and exploiters gather and we will try to penetrate those fora so that our success rate doubles again. >> pam: a developing story now. a second bart strike within a month. looming. it is now less than a week until a union contract extension expires. the main sticking points continue to be pay and benefits. just hours ago -- negotiations resumed -- but at last check -- still, little to no progress. tonight -- bart workers taking aim at barts general manager. we'll have more on that in a moment. >> pam: but first tonight. >> pam: bart management says, in order to meet the
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unions demanded pay increase -- bart would have to pass that cost on to you. the rider. >> pam: kron 4's justine waldman is here now. with details on how much more bart says. riders would have to pay. >> reporter:bart says it needs to raise your ticket prices, each year.over 3- years to pay for the unions proposals of a more than 20- percent salary increase. >> reporter:this comes on top of. what bart already factored in to to pay for new trains and a new maitenance complex. >> reporter:here is the breakdown. bart says riders would have to pay 11-percent more in 2014. that is about 40 cents. almost 6-percent more in 2015. and almost 10-percent more in 2016. we asked union representatives. about this.and the seiu told us. bart has plenty of money. >> reporter:in response to the union claim. bart tells
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me. that extra money is set aside in the budget for the new trains and new train control system. >> which is more than apple to pay for more than any proposal that we have on the table. >> reporter: so here we are again but both sides same different things. >> pam: kron 4 asked bart riders today. would you be willing to pay more for your ticket. if it meant that the union workers could get a raise. all to possibly stop a second strike? here is what some had to say. >> you know the economy is not good for everyone. and every single penny counts.
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>> i pay $8 round trip and that is a lot already. >> i kind of enjoyed bart to and i do not worry about driving and traffic signals and what not so it is a convenience. worth paying for. >> pam: as for the status of negotiations. both sides are behind closed doors tonight. kron 4's j.r. stone continues our team coverage live in oakland where the talks are going on. j.r. - any progress? >> reporter: well pam it really depends on who you ask. however, when it comes to the big issues. the economics or safety of things, those are that is with the union will tell you that they're not making progress at all. the home
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run of the reasons why they are still behind closed doors this afternoon. union brett interrupted and began chanting, a town hall has got to walk! he is the a negotiator from out-of-town and being paid big money to come up with the deal he was the one that was out of town during negotiations. those with bourses they have no plans to get rid of tom halt. >> tom hawk is the lead negotiator in he will be didn't lead negotiator. security escorted them out when the speech was interrupted. we receive this energy during negotiations then decide issues. >> reporter: boast lies
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behind closed doors this evening trying to talk things out, trying to the come to an agreement. and it all depends on who you ask. reporting live in oakland j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: also today, bart parking increases are taking affect at two stations. the price to park at west oakland is now five- dollars- and fifty- cents. and at the mcarthur station -- the new fee is one- dollar and fifty- cents. parking at both those locations. up half- a dollar. the price increase is part of new program, that periodically measures how much use bart lots are getting. and if the lots are consistently full -- the fee can increase. >> catherine: pope francis has wrapped up a visit to brazil.heading home to the vatican. but who knew that he would use his time on that long make a little history? while chatting with reporters on board -- he made some very candid and surprising remarks about gays.
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>> catherine: the pope's visit to brazil was considered wildly successful. he drew big crowds. he kissed babies from the pope- mobile. and often made his security detail nervous as he got close to people. >> catherine: and now - he's talking about gays as no other pope ever has. >> catherine: on his flight back to rome -- someone gave him a microphone and the pope began answering questions from reporters. this is what he said about gays - including gay priests. >>"if a person is gay and accepts the lord and has good will - who am i to judge them?" >> pam: >> catherine: >> catherine: he went on to say gay priests should not be discriminated against. pope francis is not making a change in official teaching. >> catherine: he was responding to a question about the so-called 'gay lobby' at the vatican. still - this is a sharp shift in tone. and gay leaders say the non- judgemental approach signals progress. remember - his predecessor, >> catherine: pope benedict, signed a document in 2005 saying that men with 'deep-rooted homosexual
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tendencies' should not be priests. >> catherine: and the church has long maintained that homosexuality is a disorder. >> catherine: the pope was also asked about the role of women in the church - and said the church should embrace their church work, but not embrace them as ordained priests. no new ground there. >> catherine: some conservative catholics are upset. others are overjoyed. the head of a group that promotes justice for gays in the church calls it a welcome change - after years of negative comments from the vatican. >> pam: following the crash of asiana flight 2-1-4. the f-a-a is taking new action. requesting pilots of foreign carriers to use g-p-s when landing at s-f-o. and kron 4's maureen kelly has learned. that it was not -just-- the july 6th crash that prompted this change. >> reporter:the pilots of flight 214 called for a go
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around.or an aborted landingseconds before crashing onto the seawall just before the runwaybut it was the second aborted landing.of another asiana airliner a little less than two weeks after the crash that sfo officials say that got them concerned eno ugh to call in the f-a-a.despite the fact that that plane landed safety. the faa says.asiana wasn't the only foreign carrier experiencing an increase of aborted landings.on july 23rd an air traffic controller ordered a taiwanese based eva air plane to "go around" because they were coming in at a lower than normal altitude. all of these events happening while s-f-o is down it's "glide slope landing instrument system" on it's two main runways because of a construction project.making pilots more reliant on making visual until that system is back up next monththe faa is asking all foreign based airliners to use gps when coming in for a landing. neither sfo or the faa would speak to whether this change was prompted by concerns about the experience level of foreign pilots .but retired airline captain dick deeds told me by phone that he
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believes pilots trained in asian countries don't get enough exposure to flying manually. >> they need to have a lot farther trout training and flight airplane. >> reporter: the temporary change is not mandatorybut the faa says pilots typically follow directions from air traffic contollers. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam: the n-t-s-b is still investigating what caused the fatal crash of 2-1-4 . that incident left three dead and 180 injured. their investigations typically take up to one full year to complete. >> jacqueline: you could see the overcast conditions this afternoon the fall
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temperature wise this afternoon training in the '60s and '70s but crawling at 80 degrees and antioch. we're expecting an little bit of warning to mao with more coming up. >> pam: we are following developing news out of hawaii. a tropical storm making landfall. high winds -- big waves -- kron4 is tracking the storm -- ahead. >> catherine: but first -- a surf event in a quiet beach town, turns into a full scale riot. the dramatic video -- right after the break. >> reporter:then -- the reigningchpion giants, at the white house. i'll show you the teams visit with the president --ah
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>> catherine: it was supposed to be a laid-back beach-front event. look at the chaos in huntington beach sunday - this was just some of the fighting at a surfing and skate competition. let's listen in on the fighting that may have started it all -- after someone dropped a ketchup bottle from the top floor of a bar. >> catherine: then watch what happens people decide to bang the doors of the port-potties. then someone kicks a door. some of those are occupied, by the way. this quickly
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escalated too. here's what happened. >>screaming >> catherine: some of those four bodies were occupied no one was seriously injured.even the people inside those porta-potties. there were very few standing by the time this was over. but lots of police began showing up.and by nightfall they were firing pepper balls into the crowd. this - after rioters threw bottles and rocks at officers.broke windows and damaged businesses. at least one store was looted. 8 people were arrested. >> pam: a wedding boat party
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to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a young couple, ended tragically on the hudson river when their boat crashed. the bride to be and best man, were thrown overboard. the bride's body was recovered saturday and now police believe they have found the best man's body. ed payne has the story. >> reporter: investor dennis said that witnesses saw a just here the body has been turned over to our medical examiner for positive identification we do believe that this is the second victim in this tragic incident. >> >> reporter: lindsey store the other victim was on the boat with her childhood friend the person she would marry into weeks.
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>> reporter: bond and three others on the boat at the time were taking to the hospital with head injuries. the police arrested one of the people driving the boat intoxicated. he has been charged with one count of particular manslaughter and two counts of assault. with more charges possible. they are consoled by the fact that his death was quick and lively painless. >> the most important thing is that he did not suffer that it happened quickly. >> pam: lindsey stewart's funeral is scheduled for thursday in the church where she would have been married. >> jacqueline: we will be seen widespread fog into tomorrow morning. dense fog
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to start the day. s c temperature is low average for this time of year especially for inland valleys. widespread coverage tomorrow in to the 6:00 hour with areas of dense fog. by kate clinton into the south bay. by tan clearing all the way through the south bay and to the bay should bay shore spirit and to the 1:00 hour and will move back to the coastline temperatures twice the market will be warmer with more sunshine. 75 for out pieces. these inland places like danville, antioch and pleasanton. '60s for our east bay shores for the most part. seven los 70's for the
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north bay. not a lot of change in the forecast. but as we head into the weekend warmer weather is expected in we will see less fog friday through monday. and remember reading much the weather forecast whenever is convenient for you. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. >> reporter: champions. today president obama hosted the giants at the white house. honoring the reigning world champs for winning the world series last year. here's a still image so we can point out some people. there's buster posey and matt cain. gm brian sabean, team president larry baer. pablo sandoval and tim lincecum. ed lee and nancy pelosi - where also on hand.
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>> somebody who keeps on looking other in time i see them. willie mays! in the house! (cheers & applause) >> thank you very much, for on-line this ballclub. >> i have all world-class baseball and i can read any of their signatures. >> reporter:as was willie mays.who got a president. the giants are off today. they start a series in philadelphia tomorrow.
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>> reporter: sharing a sweet personal snapshot of herself and monte just before he died. there he is she wrote core will forever be in her heart. an accident over dosed involving him on an alcohol. he was found in his hotel bedroom. >> reporter: justin weaver could be in trouble again thanks to a sniffing dog. on the canada border in on his way into michigan. deaver was not on the bus when it was stopped and issued a citation was for all the passengers or able to proceed to motown.
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>> jacqueline: tropical storm flossie bearing down on hawaii. this is a live look at honolulu. the hilton villiage in waikiki. [ male announcer ] with at&t, you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the 2, 3, even 4 services you want to build the bundle that works for you. [ female announcer ] call at&t now! choose a u-verse triple play bundle for just $79 a month, our new low price. get the same great price for 2 years. plus, switch today and get a total home dvr included for life. [ male announcer ] with u-verse high speed internet connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices to your wireless gateway and save on smartphone and tablet data usage at home.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: this is a live look at how long will the hilton village in waikikiresidents and tourists alike bracing themselves. and the effects being felt here on the mainland -- mostly in the form of flight delays. more on that ahead. but now for a closer look at the storm. >> pam: i'm here in the kron4 weather center with our chief meteorologist
5:32 pm
jacqueline bennet. >> jacqueline: by the time and makes land fall that tropical storm warning will be lifted shortly thereafter. stan of fact through tuesday night tropical storm moving to the west or to the northwest not moving very sad, very fast, but look of those wins it will be a big impact crossing through mali as we move into the 11:00 hour tonight. again, the main impact will be heavy rain and gusty winds. 52 mi. an hour winds and high surf. so
5:33 pm
by wednesday the fact will all be gone. as we look at our current flight delays, san francisco and oakland we seeing some cancellations but not reporting any adverse delays across the board. we will go back to pam. >> reporter:high surf pounding the coast weakening tropical storm flossie limps toward the island chain. the brunt of this evening -- with high winds, heavy rains and more high surf being the primary concerns. storm preparations have been underway since the weekend. and officials are telling residents to shelter in the storm moves in. flossie is expected to weaken into a tropical depression by early tuesday morning. >> pam: @ s f o united
5:34 pm
airlines alone has canceled over six flights so far. half an hour and half out biome. have and bound and out bound. he was just about to have a brief stop in sap for cisco and now he's here for almost two days. >> to a third line that said that was on standby for another reservation. it will be midnight tomorrow and that stand by. >> pam: the experts say that you check with your carrier before leaving the airport.
5:35 pm
three outbound flights for light at oakland international airport today was canceled. keep it here, we'll continue to follow tropical storm flossy - throught tonights newscasts. catherine?peace talks between israelis >> catherine: and palestinians are getting underway again. and one of the signs that the israelis may be taking this more seriously -- an agreement to release more than a hundred palestinian prisoners. in the past, the israelis have continued to settle disputed land and bulldoze palestinian neighborhoods while talking peace.but the prisoner release is considered a hopeful sign. >> catherine: secretary of state john kerry meantime, talked today about the negotiations. middle east peace talks >> reporter: as we seek >> as we seek reasonable
5:36 pm
compromises and symbolic issues. >> catherine: the goal will be to establish a palestinian state - and agreed-upon borders with israel. the talks will be the first after a three-year stalemate. the white house has released a photo of president obama and hillary clinton. have a friendly looking outdoor lunch. it's the most talked about lunch in the nation's capital. it's not the first time they've seen each other since clinton stepped down as secretary of state. but each of their get-togethers is closely analyzed. that's because clinton is a leading contender to replace obama.although she hasn't said whether she'll run. also considering a run for the white house -- vice-president joe biden. the president is being watched for signs of who he would support. >> reporter: reaching out to the gay community. the post
5:37 pm
is to not judge priest based on their sexual orientation. . >> it seems like the catholic church says restore 20th-century which makes it a century behind them. >> you still have the teach the scripture and expect them to make to teach it as well. >> women should have an increasing leadership role in the church. >> reporter: to stitch or kron 4 facebook page to join the conversation. tony: well, seems the you still have to teach the sin. >> pam: next kron4's financial expert breaks down todays street. including -- social media stocks. keeping cash vs. investing it. and -- apps for car dashboards. keep it here.
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>> pam: now for today's market update. >> pam: financial markets gets underway. including a meeting of federal reserve policymakers. herelosi a t numbers. the dow fell 36 points. the s-and-poor's 500 fell six points. >> reporter: we've seen the facebook stock takeoff as late. >> it is not time to buy but it's time to start looking seriously at it. now again, raising the is different from linked and. i think they have the cleanest model
5:42 pm
at all is positive that yacht that google facebook raleigh opened this category fast. a group unless the >> human being worked side- by-side with the robot id is a bic hiring spree clearly amazon cannot, on the text issue. but they're still a tech company to stay have those cool gadgets out there that we are consuming. this is the largest most employee company in the united states as far as tech companies culprit people >> reporter: are now
5:43 pm
preferring cash over stocks for investment? >> a lot of people are living in poverty because of the decisions that there making today. they resist the seed that cash is safer than stocks and bonds. a $10,000 investment into a bank account cash to become 110 over a decade basically not growing at all. again, stocks averaged about 9% of the year. real estate is a nice long turn but it takes a lot of cash flow for it to be the investment or it will be a liability. 20 years from now you'll see a lot of poverty throughout senior citizens' committees. people under the age of 50 they
5:44 pm
need to look at the next 102030 years. 10, 20, 30 years. >> >> reporter: think you run. watching all lawmakers especially with the tough on. tesla >> tesla and at our now been at this are now being downloaded onto did-bar- boards. dashboards. right now pandora is screening in two and a half million cars. apple has a lot to gain from this issue dock your phone it would not control your music to screen your e-mail
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and the next five years will be very excited. it may not be the next watch you may be the next car that we are excited over thank you rob. >> catherine: a connecticut state police dive team is searching a body of water in bristol for a weapon linked to the aaron hernandez murder case. the former n-f-l player is charged in the shooting death of 27-year-old odin lloyd. >> catherine: police were tipped off that the murder weapon may have been tossed in the lake. the 45-caliber weapon used in the lloyd murder has not yet been recovered. >> catherine: accused u-s military intelligence leaker bradley manning will learn
5:46 pm
tomorrow guilty of aiding the enemy. >> catherine: a verdict in his court-martial will be read tuesday. manning is accused of giving hundreds of thousands of classified documents and videos to the web site "wikileaks." he has plead guilty to nearly a dozen lesser charges, but not the most serious one, aiding the enemy. if the judge finds him guilty that, manning could face life in prison. if you ever have time i >> catherine: anthony had initially denied that his father abused him but later admitted the he was badly beaten by his father. ariel castro with a life in prison plus a thousand years if after you agree to a bill that scared him a life penalty the the the death penalty.
5:47 pm
>> jacqueline: as we look live at the golden gate bridge with a low cloud coverage still in tact. here's a look a satellite up and down the coast line. already starting to spill back into our bayshore spirit for are tuesday's afternoon a little bit warmer in some spots the still clearing. so here is a look at clause 0 so here's a look at future forecast. some clearing in the south bay and other locations quite intact and the north bay. temperature wise in the south bay very similar with the upper 70's. 77 in san
5:48 pm
jose and 70 in palo alto. no change at the coast with upper 50s they're in a range of 17, may lead los 70's for the south bay. as we head into the weekend it'll last fall cam warmer conditions. on a 247 day you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. >> pam: no problems there all lanes moving along quite well. san mateo bridge traffic is heavy they're heading into hayward. at the golden gate bridge no. trafficable sluggish the moving along. now a live
5:49 pm
picture at are developing storing and for the entire state of hawaii. a big hat
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>> pam: now at six. we're going to be in a jam it's a hurt you know what they are talking about. >> pam: this time next week bart employees could be on the picket lines. >> pam: the clock is ticking on bart negotiations. we have six days until bart workers may go on strike. .and only four days until they will announce their intentions. the current contract expires at midnight, sunday, august 4th. and the second strike looms over these contentious negotiations. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: both sides met today -- but progress is still at a minimum. kron-4's j-r stone is live in in oakland -- where the unions and bart officials meet. and j-r -- what's the chance of getting a deal done before the monday deadline? >> reporter:pam both sides will tell you that they want to get an agreement done by the end of sunday but they'll also tell you that they are far apart on the main money issues here one of the reasons why they are
6:00 pm
still behind closed doors tonight. unions reps are upset this evening about lack of negotiating. >> no negotiations on the most important issues which include safety and the economic pash package. mr. hawke has been on vacation for the last 12 days. the clock is ticking. >> reporter: this morning this morning bart gm grace crunican was giving a speech to those with the american transportation association. union reps interupted and began chanting "tom hock has got to walk." he is the lead negotiator for bart who is back at the table today after taking off several days for an approved vacation. a negotiator who is from out of town and being paid big money to come up with a deal. you heard union reps saying 12 days vacation but those with bart say it was a five day leave. union reps i talked with said their bargoning teams were not picketing but others with the union were. those with bart say they have no plans to get rid of tom hock.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: one of the unions are still talking at this time the other has finished for the evening. they tell me they're very upset over accusations that their employees make a certain amount of money. some of the information coming out in recent days have the majority of their employes make $62,000. if you do not count in management. but tonight again both sides at the table trying to negotiate a deal. live in oakland j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: while bart workers continue to campaign for more money, a new study suggests they make more than other transit workers in the region. out of the top 25 government agencies in the bay area, bart transit workers easily outpaced them all in terms of salary. the union says the average worker makes over 76 thousand dollars. muni workers come close -- making close to 74 thousand.
6:02 pm
>> pam: but the average worker for all the other transit agencies in the area make less than 70 thousand dollars. and as for government agencies, the average worker for the city of san francisco makes over 74 thousand dollars. but that's as close as they come. think of it this way. the average bart worker makes almost *double what the average worker for the oakland city school district. we asked one union representative about the report. she said it's untrue. >> pam: bart said today. that it can give the unions the raises it wants. but would have to raise ticket prices in response. bart says it would raise fares, each year.over 3-years to pay for the unions proposals of a more than 20-percent salary increase. bart says riders would have to pay 11-percent more in 2014. that is about 40 cents, based on the current
6:03 pm
average fare price of $3.59. >> pam: in 20-15, almost 6- percent more. and almost 10-percent more in 2016. we asked union representatives. about this.and the seiu told us. bart has plenty of money. >> they're not telling the public the truth. we do not believe that it's justified or wanted under any circumstances. >> pam: bart tells kron 4 news. the extra money in its budget is set aside to pay for new trains and a new maitenance complex. the costs also include inflation. >> pam: want to know more about the bart negotiations? or how to get a fastrak in case of a strike? log on to our website -- kron-4 dot com. we have links to all of that, as well as other transit options if workers decide to take to the
6:04 pm
picket line. you can also join the discussion on the bart negotiations by going to our facebook page. there's a lot of speculation >> pam: right now as to exactly when the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open. caltrains is saying that the bridge won't be ready until december at the earliest, but there is a slim chance the roadway could be ready before then. >> pam: kron 4's charles clifford has an update. >>as you might remember, back in march caltrans discovered that 32 bolts on the new bay. >> reporter: bridge had cracked, possibly leaving the structure vulnerable to earthquakes. because the bolts couldn't be repaired, engineers decided to fix the problem by installing a network of cables and support saddles to replace the bolts. this work is scheduled to be completed by december 10th and right now caltrans says they don't
6:05 pm
plan to open the bridge before then. but crews also plan to install metal shims, or plates, into this structure while the saddle retrofit work is happening. and it's been suggested that the shims would make this structure strong enough to open the bridge before the saddle retrofit is finished. >> reporter:for the moment caltrans won't commit to opening the bridge before december but they are exploring the shims idea. they've asked the federal highway administration to review the plan. a report is expected in mid august. >> reporter:no matter when repair work on the bridge is completed, whether its in december or earlier, caltrans will still need to shut down the bridge for 3 to 4 days in order to finish work near yerba buena island and the oakland approach. it's also possible that winter weather or other factors could delays the bridge's opening even longer. in the newsroom,
6:06 pm
charles clifford kron 4 news >> pam: officials at san francisco international airport say asiana's high rate of aborted landings is a real issue. the airline's number of go-arounds is six to eight times greater than what would be expected with the airline's total number of flights into s-f-o. >> pam: after the july 6th crash of flight 214, airline industry officials looked at six weeks of records and found a much higher number of aborted landings by asiana than expected. one such aborted landing happened just ten days ago -- when the jet pulled out of its landing only 14 seconds from touchdown. >> pam: it landed without incident 18 minutes later. >> pam: a disturbing pattern is causing the f-a-a to temporarily change landing protocol for certain pilots at s-f-o. all foreign airlines are now being asked to use g-p-s when landing. that's because some non-u-s based carriers have experienced an increase in aborted landings or go arounds. that's includes asiana air. the pilot of the fatal july 6th crash called for a go around seconds before the accident. >> pam: a second aborted landing by another asiana plane almost two weeks later prompted the faa to review the situation. these landing problems are happening as one of the instrument landing systems
6:07 pm
at the airports two arrival runways has been down since june. we spoke to an aviation expert about how this change will help. >> try to adjust the speed so that it will make some very mechanize retain with procedures to follow. >> pam: the change is expected to be in affect until the instrument landing system is back up in late august. grant? >> reporter:the san mateo county sheriff's office is
6:08 pm
>> reporter: idea for a crack down like this started in the bay area back in 2006 with innocence lost working group came up with the joint mall today it back tuition to to rescue president in the people that are exploiting them. >> pam: at least one residential burglary was six was expected to be connected to the crime spree. arizona man and three man from los angeles are behind bars after they were spotted with a ball used to smuggle 1,200 lbs. of marijuana. this all happened on the coast of north of santa cruz on saturday morning. authorities say that the
6:09 pm
lifeguard recognize the boat at the time used by drug smugglers. so before man ever sees 700 bar. of marijuana from the beach with a $2.1 million value. >> jacqueline: temperatures right now and the '60s and '70s through the bay area 65 and napa and 71 and with in their 80s in antioch. los 70's for the south cooler than average today and will continue for the next several days as we keep widespread fog near the coast line. the fog will be slow and clear tomorrow with temperatures cooler in
6:10 pm
warmer the others. in one of the store for this weekend. >> pam: when we return. more shocking vandalism on the national mall. we'll show you what happened this time and who may be responsible. >> pam: and. after close to ten years of captivity. gina dejesus finally feels safe at home. the big reason behind her new sense of security. >> reporter:residents and tourists in hawaii are bracing for the worst. tropical storm flossie is close to hitting the islands. we'll bring you the latest -- coming up on the kron-4 news at six.
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
>> catherine: a row house collapsed in philadelphia, injuring at least eight people. authorities say a contractor was doing rehab work in a vacant home when it caved in this morning. you can see only a pile of rubble is left. two adjacent homes also partially collapsed. neighbors report hearing an explosion and smelling a strong odor of gas. >>the impact was pretty loud. i was sitting in the house and i heard a big bang and door slammed and the tv went out.
6:14 pm
>>it's just instinct, you know what i mean. anybody would do it for anybody else around here. we are all neighbors and friends here. and you know, like i said, if you see somebody in trouble, you do what you got >> catherine: seven adults and one child were taken to the hospital. at least one person is in critical condition. police shut down several blocks in the area as a precaution while they investigate. >> catherine: a woman is behind bars in connection with vandalism on the national mall. washington d-c police say a national cathedral pipe organ was splattered with green paint monday. just days after authorities washed away similar vandalism from the lincoln memorial. paint was also found on another statue. the woman was arrested near the cathedral after the green paint was discovered today. it's not yet clear whether the two incidents are connected. >> catherine: tropical storm flossy is moving closer to losing strength was still. the inches of rain could
6:15 pm
fall. 6 i anche airlines. have canceled in and out of whole wide. kathryn jacqueline? >> jacqueline: it will weekend as it make land fall. tomorrow it will be the brunt of it moving rather slowly. moving back out to sea at the tropical expression in which means a weaker winds and heavy rainfalls as it moves through. so back your local way, we are dealing with cloud coverage at
6:16 pm
temperatures cooler than what you would normally expect for this time of year. as you head into tonight the fault return to look at the 72 bridget looked a little hazy write braille. right now. for the low 80s is are more conditions for our inland valleys for the next few days. as we move into the inner clock hour by tan the fault will still be a lingering over the north the bay. by one is back to the coastline. 77 percent clara. inland valleys worry would receive those low 80s. 64 east bay
6:17 pm
shores and closer to the coast line mainly in the low seventies especially highway 101. '80s for the next few days ahead to friday's saturday, and sunday back to the coastline. >> pam: only champions get to visit the president and up next what amanda barry makes a public appearance at a concert in cleveland one of the other captives were happy at home. coming up after the break ñáçwçñ
6:18 pm
6:19 pm
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6:20 pm
mourners gathered for a
6:21 pm
conditional release. >> reporter: 80 in san jose all lines are closed except for those left linebacker backed up we will stay on this story. always expected to open at 7:00. >> catherine: amanda barry got on stage here with nellie he had arranged to do this to show support. the other girls are safe at home. stephanie murmurs reports >> reporter: is a hut that will never get old and they can do so without the whole world trying to keep interest peaked and
6:22 pm
today was also the first time she spoke with us. >> the difference is the privacy pyrrhic she come out and do what she wants. >> reporter: a breath of fresh air and all three women are getting rid getting time to enjoy it. >> i am so glad that she is out and about! this is what these young women need a need to be out and about enjoying their life. >> reporter: it took a little smarter for regina to do so because of city ordinances. today another step forward for the life changed forever but it then sends period of some
6:23 pm
>> on some and amazing all some and amazing. tries >> to give per space. beckham parents were mom and as i kept trying i kept hearing this word mom and it didn't sound right and is the voice that i have been missing. and its a good. >> catherine: castro is guilty for keeping three women he will die in prison. pam? >> pam: also known as
6:24 pm
bigfoot in its midst does canada have bigfoot? ♪
6:25 pm
you like to keep yepour far my lyalthaland ant. othe thme fme you ao intrinoducinucg new nerinariog w wght ghhealhey.y. it's a's no-sacrifcrices,es caloriloe-lighlit way wa hel hr with a delicioicusly tlyender d dunchunkibbki ble b he' h lov l and 22d fewefecalories than hadg gchowch. discdier ter lig ler sere ofe. new puw rina dna cho clighlit &althal
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6:27 pm
eerie footage shot in the off speculation that the legendary bigfoot. the startling video hiking in mission, british columbia, shows a large, gangling figure covered in hair, lumbering over a forest hilltop. as always with these kinds of sightings, the clip is the viewer can make out the figure emerges from a tree and is visible for around 20 seconds - before appearing to punch a few leaves out of the way before disappearing out of sight. >> reporter:the silent video has been viewed over 50,000 times since it was uploaded onto youtube on wednesday - however it is not clear when exactly the clip was filmed. pam? >> pam: find out if there
6:28 pm
really is ready to do to get a bart deal done as recapped all of our stories coming up. >> jacqueline: temperatures are a lot cooler for the '60s for the most part. another night of dense falk expected more on that coming up. look at 'em.
6:29 pm
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we're less than a week away >> pam: from bart workers going on strike. find out if there really is time to get a deal done -- as we recap all of our top stories. >> reporter:we are only four days away from learning whether bart's workers will go on strike. and six days away from it being a reality. but transit agency officials say there's more than enough time to get a deal done. let's recap all of our top stories -- beginning with kron-4's j-r stone. in bay area news. >> reporter: the union tells us bart has plenty of money and do not need to pass the cost on to customers. byrd says and has money set aside in its budget to pay for new trains. i am justine waldman kron 4 news. >> reporter: after seeing an increase in gore round or thwarted landing spirit the
6:33 pm
pileup on shannon flights to 14 < two weeks later aborted its landing and another pilot flew low altitude. the change leaves to be in effect by next month. >> reporter: under our rest for stealing passenger back spirit left unattended in happened a few weeks ago and then will happen with that one of the suspects tried to return some of the close to nordstrom's which tipped off investigators and they checked surveillance video and make the arrest. s f o don carmen kron 4 news.
6:34 pm
complaints. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: 2 said the license plate is hard to read. you are correct! so the driver it turns out the plate was break and scrubbed with cleaner. this pickup truck in selling andrew has the similar problem. >> rear license plate looks like it's been sanded off. have you done that yourself? >> reporter: some sort of
6:35 pm
coaching was applied >> 1 next i do not know? people will run with spray paint >> reporter: wahl officer's words is dealing with the license plate, let me show you something else but this is a sanded license plate to the speed enforcement cameras. you can be stopped and ticketed for that. another thing to me stop and ticket for is the clear cover over the license plate. >> it looks cool. i know that it was a legal? >> reporter: but the worst offender was this person. >> you're missing your plate
6:36 pm
and no idea at all. it was a cooperative spirit >> registration hasn't paid since 2011 so i am going to toll your car. tow. >> jacqueline: let's take a look at our extended forecast initial you with this work week is shaping up like. to purchase running in the '60s and '70s with a few low 80s with the last fall. and warmer conditions. still running low be in temperatures for this time of year. >> pam:
6:37 pm
look at 'em.
6:38 pm
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>> reporter: settle back has the largest membership and the nation. and sermon he talked about the shot that he felt when he thought about his son's death pitcher bert can report to >>"in the past 16 weeks since mental illness took my son an impassioned rick warren delivered his first sermon his since his son matthew killed himself at age 27 in april. with his wife kay at his side, warren told his saddleback church congregation matthew since childhood. >> "we had gone through the best doctors money could buy. we had gotten the best medications, we had the best therapy. we had the best people praying, thousands of people praying.
6:41 pm
we have an incredibly strong family with deep, deep faith. it just did not make sense." >> reporter:the grieving couple's influence reaches far beyond the walls of this church. warren is the author of the mega-best seller "the purpose driven life." with kay at the forefront, saddleback church launched a global initiative to provide help for people who are hiv positive and remove any associated stigmas. >> reporter:after their son's suicide, the warrens new to erase any shame associated with mental illness. >>"it's amazing to me that any other organ in your body can break down and there's no shame and stigma to it, but if your brain breaks down, you're supposed to keep it a secret. huh? there's no stigma. you get diabetes, no problem. you heart disease, no problem. your lungs don't work, no problem. you break a bone, break a back, if your liver stops working, no stigma - but if your brain doesn't
6:42 pm
work right why should you be ashamed of that?" >> reporter:warren credits relatives, especially matthew's surviving older siblings, josh and amy, with leading the family through it's darkest moments. >>"i am in a family of spiritual redwoods. i mean, they are giants of faith. it is a rock solid family and actually, when matthew died, amy said 'you know daddy,' she said 'satan picked the wrong family to pick on. he's gonna lose big time on this one.'" >> reporter:"saddleback church officials say pastor warren will not grant any interviews soon, but they say we will hear a lot from the pastor, especially as he begins his mission to remove the stigma of mental illness." >> reporter:paul vercammen, cnn, orange county, california >> pam: talking with gary one on one and a giants celebrate their lettuce world should world
6:43 pm
championship and the white house with all president obama. more of that coming up
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: you better believe heard they will to the south lawn for the second time in three years. also on hand for the obama received a world series ball and bat. >> on behalf of the world champions here in severs is a giants we would like to present you with a couple of gives your for think you for taking time out to honor our and the ballclub think you very much. >> i have a world series
6:47 pm
ball and that asian now that i can read any of their signatures. but is greatly appreciated and thank you so much (cheers & applause) >> and of course we have someone to keep looking number every time i see them to say hey kid, willie mays and house! (cheers & applause) >> gary: lee mays is the greatest and nobody cooler than obama. so let me be a bad guy because i got our received a call on the up reel from in regards to a question. it started to make me think about what was the government for? what did you get out of the ceremony? i am waiting for my $425 refund and my eighth grade class was prepared to go and
6:48 pm
when the sequestered to a canceled the trip. but the professional baseball is able to go but the eighth grade class wasn't able to go i thing is a little bit of too much but i think it's my butt is my opinion i believe i school students, and responsive holliston's but not professional teams they have a pretty girl life. good life >> gary: they had their trip canceled bogut, a professional athletes to make a real good living playing sports were living there allowed to go.
6:49 pm
>> i love to meet president obama some day. >> pam: is not what obama does it, is what all president lyndon is a different type of compromise and we are not paying for the athletes to go to the ceremony. i'm not sure if un not sure if they aid or not accurate but the kids and the professional athletes and a different. >> gary: also asked with a
6:50 pm
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. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: and this summer lake hilton las vegas 6 ft. 5 up and down between santa cruz but things are really looking good. it was district redoubt and demand when you may have done your lesser fan in santa cruz? >> we will say i have to continue to work hard and let everything fall into place. >> gary: the warriors told
6:54 pm
you to bring this to do not walk or run with this on your own? >> no question, everywhere. >> gary: was it had downers' some people milk in vegas? >> ira and never went out sign of think it index the up to a hundred and 20 degrees. i played special number of minutes and minicamp out there. >> alone 100,000 views of some but nothing is wrong with that. not all. >> reporter: >> gary: when they loaded
6:55 pm
your car with popcorn and and know what you are going to say pretty also fun and different people but what were you guys talking about and the team showing commodity bridge pumping fuel have to do that without would know by taking me to dinner but not defacing my car. but-just >> but that's just how we were last year. >> gary: you were the youngest on the team? >> yes. you have to pick your pros and break their spirit your poison right there. >> hopefully my summer league was good enough to show them that i do blanc. the training camp this
6:56 pm
quarter and then deadlines on this point to keep going. >> gary: huge history that and for a little more you have been a great guy in the community. and you always work the community where does that come from? >> i have been speaking to kids since my junior high school. is what love to do the feedback so griffin kid. >> gary: so you do respond to people are twitter? >> yes all the time. >> gary: 9 stood meet the
6:57 pm
king of the summer lake barrett >>
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"omg! insider" the top stories. >> if i conducted myself in the manner you conducted yours, my job would be gone. >> sexting scandals boil over. >> sickening. >> hillary is now livid. >> she loves huma, but she's got to say good-bye to carlos danger. >> trooes teresa indicted. >> jennifer aniston on her new stripping role, teaching our correspondents the move. >> hey, baby. >> i don't do "hey baby." >> britney's boys and katy's 92-year-old grandmother. >> you're so sexy. >> christina applegate on her emotional "who do you think you are" with her dad. >> it's almost too personal to have it air. >> "full house's" jesse and becky.
7:00 pm
did they or didn't they date? >> set the record straight. >> where yahoo and broadcast meet for 24/7 access. celebrity news, "omg insider." huma is no hillary. welcome to "omg insider." i'm thea andrews. kevin frazier is off this week. michael yo is joining me. >> coming up, we have adorable star kids with britney spears and neil patrick harris. little ones smurfing out. >> not so cute, new shake-ups in the anthony weiner campaign as clinton insiders reportedly tell weiner to shut it down. the drama in new york is trending now. >> anthony weiner. >> it's like a constant pounding from everybody on all sides. >> it is not fun. it is sickening. >> and he is still in the race. >> people are confronting him now at campaign events. >> i don't quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as head administrator in this city to oversee employees when your


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