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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. we are here to negotiate a contract, we are not here to play games with the district. at 11:00, the bay area just days away from a second bart strike and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before the sunday's night deadline. the bart negotiations ended for the night between the back and forth with the unions. the unions claim that had the bart is lying with the numbers. this action appears to violate the gag order of the talks. bart officials say they got to
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the point where everybody needs to know the details. but, the details get lost in the accusation between both sides. >> every employee needs extra money in their pockets. >> the number bart directors have been giving the public and the press are false. >> today was not a good day at @ bargaining the table. bart and the unions met in the same room. she added the session lasted on0 minutes and during that time, bart neg eliminate tos rejected the --b the -- meanwhile bart commuters are becoming increasingly anxious of the possibility of another strike. bush spoke with the -- they
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don't want the train to stop running. >> and it breaks down the difference in each side of the labor negotiations, i went down to the station here in san francisco right there in commute hours to find out what people think, people who are most affected of the strike. the biggest issue is pay, the agency is offering 8% wage increase that would be spread out over four years. the unions side is asking for a 4. 5% increase every year for the next three years. pensions and healthcare costs are also sticking point of the negotiation negotiation. bart passengers took a look of the document and can see both sides of the issues. >> if they're giving you 8% of what you have more right now. you always have to keep on fighting for what you really want. >> if i were the bart employee, i would be holding out for better things, i got my
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family and expense and medical and retirement. inconvenience for us but it is understandable here for bart employees. >> i feel it is a hardship for all of us trying to get to work and not having reliable transportation to get there. i hope the bart really gets there quickly. >> do you think they're asking too much? >> yes, i do. >> what do you think is reasonable? probably a fourth of what they're demanding. >> when it comes down to it, bart riders want employees to be fairly paid, more than that, they just want to trains to keep on running. i am jeff bush in san francisco kron 4 news tonight the city counsels - to monitor the court of open area. the city counsel is expected to vote at midnight tonight. the city counsel president of
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the program calls domestic aware center. but, an aclu attorneys sent a letter urging the counsels to withhold the approval because of significant privacy concerns. family and friends attended a funeral for the 8-year-old girl who was shot and killed alaysha carradine, pink coffin out of the service today. she was known as lady bug. >> i am angry of the violence in our community. i don't want to come to another child's funeral. >> she should not die at her age and i am just -- i am just broken up about it, i am really am.
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>> oakland's chiefs attended the service today and they said they're working to follow up the lead and to catch the killer. as you see on this map those streets are still closed as crews continue with repairs, they'll remain on the side and begin turning gas on for the business effected at 6 a.m. on wednesday morning. the cause of the leak is under investigation. protesting taxi can drivers back up main avenue for two hours. the can drivers lined up their cars and let them seat. they say they're furious of the
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ride share services, those are competing services with the cabby says taking a slice out of their profit. >> we have to get finger printed . the side cars had nothing. >> not only a frustration but these people have family to feed and pay the fees o the city, what do they get out of it? it is our family. it is this guy and this guy -- you regulate half of the industry and you don't regulate the other industry? >> at one point, traffic was at a still. officials say that's a state i shall a state's issue. and then the average of where we should be of this time of the year of the
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right hand side.santa rosa 72 degrees this afternoon. concord 8 degrees below average and places like live moore and oakland and hayward pretty much of what we should be this year. how long will it lasts, i will have mo your extended forecast coming up. with all of the 58 prezincs reporting of san jose. chavez won the 55% of the vote. officials are still counting oft of the next few days, they'll have a tally on that. the board approved of the vote today to replace a former supervisor. he on
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dane over $100, 000 for his personal use. cities have come up with a way that claims to help hundreds of struggling homeowners to stay in their home. >> bedbugs infestation and now customers are wondering what that mean for recently purchased items, i will have that more coming up. geico's defensive driver, enginegood student andke 13.
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a bedbug infestation to bay area good will warehouses shut down and loads of donated items have been thrown out. no workers are allowed until there is confirmation that the infestation will not spread. the out break can cause good will hundreds of thousands of dollars. they're concern of recently purchased items from good will. >> the good will store remains
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in business but the warehouse is on lock down because of a bedbug scare. >> i don't know, i just -- you just bought a bunch of stuff, i just want to return it. >> that's really scary and it is hard to get rid of. >> bedbugs are found at the 11th san francisco warehouse last friday, everything there was thrown out and it is been closed since, there is a possible bedbug siting at the burlingame siting as well. even then we are told that enough to fill the tractor trailer were sent to a landfill and hundreds of pounds of garments were steam cleaned. >> that kind of make me think about coming back again because i thought about a lot of things that the store might have but i will never thought ill find bedbugs.
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>> the inspection is set for tomorrow, this out break will costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory. good will is asking people to hold off on drop donations at this time because they have to rent more trailers. in burlingame, kron 4 news.
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since it is now just days for another possible bart strike. this time around the problem could be even worse. kron 4 news charles clifford explains. >> reporter: the last bart strike forced hundreds of thousands of people to find other way to get around. that means fewer than normal people were trying to commute. this time around if bart goes on strike again next week, there is no holiday to relieve the -- anticipating additional riders receiver agencies today say they are beefing up services. and if a strike, bart is going to add more charter busses
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than last time >> they're going to go up to 90 and those busses served all the major bus lines and to san francisco as well. >> the other areas is getting more focus to car pool, they say during the morning commute a lot of folks use car pool to get into san francisco and fewer use the service to get out of the city. >> the key is to find people who are driving to go down near the terminal area and pick people up and take them home >> the ncc want to remind folks even if you don't ride bart, it will impact the whole area. >> in the news room charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> we monitor the possibility of a second bart strike. if there is a strike and you can
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get the latest on our 24/7 channel on comcast. the city want to buy the loans of more than 600 homes which are under water. this is a map of where those homes are located represented by the yellow dots nearly half of the homes near in richmond are under water. kron 4 news explains how this city can take action. >> reporter: today it is worth -- >> right now it is probably at $175, 000. >> she's all about the city of richmond's plan to purchase her mortgage from the bank. this will allow her to refinance at an affordable rate. >> the principal is to reduce to the market rate then i think i would stand a chance of owning my home. >> this program will not cost
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the city anything. >> the mayor and others announced the plans to help over 600 homeowners who are under water. joining with resolution partner to get the funding for the program. . by saying keeping people in their homes, served a direct public service for the better. >> we are very committed to keeping our neighborhoods and communities intact so richmond can move over and recover from the house crisis that we still suffer. >> the plans can make borrowing more expensive for the entire community. >> a small group of people might be helped by the proposal if it goes through. >> or it can have adverse consequences on the whole. >> a situation could be devastated for the homeowners.
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>> she hopes the city can help her to call this place is truly her home >> in richmond, kron 4 news. well, that fog is very stubborn to clear out there this morning. yes, we'll have widespread low clouds coverage, even right now winds out of the north are picking up and clearing it to our far north so the fog again clearing faster tomorrow and that means warmer conditions in spots. we are going to keep the foggy morning and the cooler temperatures going through the rush. tomorrow morning there is the low cloud coverage widespread but check out in the north brai. we are seeing clear ng the south bay and by 1:00 it is back to the coast side. we are going to see more sunshie out there tomorrow.
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the south bay conditions run nge upper 70s and lows 80s. 76 for cupertino. for inland valleys we are also g to see 80s. 87 in antioch and 60s and 70s for east bay shores. could see a few sun break about 2:00. up to the north bay that's where we'll get the warming. so again the next few days not a whole a lot of change, a little warmer and cooler here and there into the weekend, less fog and does mean slightly warmer conditions. brian wilson is back only is with the dodgers and check out who or what throughout the first pitch for the a's blue jays game of oakland, kerry has the story, all of it coming up.
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all right baseball time t hottest time, the -- and then it became a toronto party, jose of his 25th home run and dan strayly of the starter.
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. . 4 and 23rds/3rd. mark burley was that much better. texas wins so the a's laid down to five games. 30-year-old albert toe from the angels exchanged for grant. . the philadelphia rubbing his rear end in giants fans' faces. he just cannot get it done. he's on 7 on the road, 42 pitch and first inning. after the game, we'll, well, we'll see about the next schedule start which is on sunday
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in tampa bay. . . veto 3 and 1/3. now, 13 games under 500 and two games fired in last place. and again, the story more than y , more than likely and, they're not going to cut him now but barry, g. he will certainly be out of the rotation. once again players showed theiro opportunity and money, brian wilson signed a 1 year contract with the dodgers having him pitching of the major league since april 2012. three times all-star of the giants, one of the stars of the first world championship. hey, you don't want me san francisco, i will come back with the dodgers and stick it to
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you. a walk off tonight, a little fun here. after striking out an entering of the p ground. he did his job but they lost to the mets anyway. finals 4-. . their names have been given to e unions by major league baseball discussing the lengths of their ex pension. a number of other plays and they're warming up to lower the boom, sharks recited one of their better plays. we'll leave on a note, the 49ers, would be a beer app. downloadable. you can check out the beer line is and how the restroom line is and of course it
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goes in the new stadium in 2014, so i to drink and don't like to wait so get the app and enjoy life. >> and good night everybody. [ music no mics ]
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