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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> let my daughter go. you have taken everything else. hannah? we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. >> our top story tonight, a san diego father's desperate plea and the all out search across california and beyond to fine 16-year-old hannah anderson and her younger brother ethan. the suspect james lee dimaggio.
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kron 4's scott rates is following this developing storiment he has the latest. >> jim? i can't fathom what you were thinking. the damage is done. i'm begging you to let my daughter go. >> reporter: brett anderson spoke directly to the man police say set this fire. >> his name is james lee dimaggio. >> reporter: friends described him as a family friend. authorities describe his much differently. >> we believe he is extremely dangerous. there were weapons recovered at the scene of the residence. >> reporter: they say he killed two people. one of them identified as 41- year-old christina anderson. another one, a child that has not been positively identified yet. eight-year-old ethan anderson is still officially missing. >> we are keeping our hoping alive that he is still out
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there and alive. >> reporter: the missing girl is hannah anderson. she is 16 and 5' 7''. this afternoon, her father urged her. >> hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. you will be found. thank you. >> reporter: scott rates, crop crop news. also developing tonight, the sudden disappearance of an oakland woman has authorities on high alert. police now have sandra coat's two cell phones but there is no sign of the 50-year-old woman. police found one of her phones many emeryville. her cooper was found parked two miles where she was last seen by her family on the 600 block of aileen streak in oakland. before she went missing, she had planned to meet someone who had information about her lost
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dog. her sister says she is not the type to leave without telling anyone. >> my sister is a criminal investigator. she is well known, an upstanding member of the legal community here in the east bay. we don't know what happened, but we know it is really out of character for her to be out of touch with her daughter and family so we are very worried. >> kron 4's charles clifford has more on sandra coke and the neighbors concerned about her disappearance. >> reporter: right now, i'm standing in north oakland. this is aileen street. this is the 600 block of aileen. that is the last place 50-year- old sandra coke was last seen sunday evening. she is described as african american, 150 pounds. she lived here along aileen street. but her car was found monday evening two miles away. two of her cell phones were
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found in different locations. i heard she was a very friendly person and they are surprised by her disappearance. >> she was kind of a close knit person. she wasn't an outgoing person that i could tell. >> i don't see who would want to do her any harm. >> reporter: andorra was sandra's family has no history of anything like this. anyone with any information about her disappearance is asked to contact the oakland police department. in north oakland, charles clifford, kron 4 news. just in tonight, good news for the nearly 200,000 bay area residents who take ac transit buses. kron 4's jeff bush is live in oakland where negotiations have been going on all day. he has the latest.
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jeff? >> reporter: it is good news. kron 4 received information that a tentative agreement has been achieved between the union and the management of ac transit. i will show you that is system carries about 180,000 people everyday. now i'm going to read from this that we got from atu. a three-year agreement provides a raise of 9.5% with employee contributions to medical benefits. this had a lot of people on edge. this was following a bart strike and then a potential other bart strike. now people over here who depend on ac transit to get around are going to breathe a sigh of relief because the buses will be running tomorrow morning. i'm jeff bush live in oakland, kron 4 news. >> we will certainly be waking up to another foggy morning out
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there. today the low clouds kept things on the cool side. the departure from average on the right. concordat 74. san jose, 9 degrees below average. hayward 7 degrees below. a little closer to average in oakland and vallejo. upper 50s in san francisco, richmond, concord, low 60s in oakland, hayward, san jose, the fog will return, it will be widespread. we are have drizzle near the coastline. we will look at the temperatures in your neighborhood coming up. also ahead tonight at 11:00, why thousands of people are camping out across the bay area tonight and what police have to say about it. bank robbers on the run and the feds want your help. more of the pictures bay area agents want you to see and firefighters hopeing to catch a
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break as wild fires criss-cross california.
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>> hundreds of thousands of americans are camping out against crime tonight. they are coming together near an far to speak out about the safety of their communities. the annual national night out has many people in the bay area braving cold temperatures to have their say. kron 4's alicia reed was at one event in san jose. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: music and dancing were a part of the day's festivities. the goal of national night out is to highlight drug and crime prevention. while fliers are being handed out and people are finding out about anticrime efforts in the neighborhood. >> it is a great way to get people closer. >> reporter: there was also some family fun in the mix. chalking, quality time with friends and getting to know
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neighbors. >> hanging out with the neighbors and building a little community is a good thing i think. >> it is good to have kids out doing these things. >> i think it is wonderful. >> reporter: and to close out the evening, people brought their snacks, or dinner and cozied up for a movie. organizers say when it comes to events like these, having so many people out late at night creates reassurance that there is safety in numbers. in san jose, alicia reed, kron 4 news. ahead tonight at 11:00, why america's ambassadors remain behind closed doors around the worldful the warning from washington that has everyone concerned. coming up later in the broadcast, the giants playing out the string hosted milwaukee. the as in cincinnati tonight. and the warriors, you look at
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their schedule. people paying them nothing but respect. what did alex rodriguez do tonight? whether you want to know or not, i'm interested. >> low clouds are set to return tonight, but how long will this fog last? what are you doing back there? ow! that hurt! no, no, no, no. you can't go to school like this, c'mon. don't do it! no!
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>> the fbi is asking for the
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public's health to find robbers they believe robbed a string of banks in the bay area. they robbed at least four banks in san francisco some of these robberies have been very violent. they were responsible for pistol whipping a bank employee. >> displaying a handgun, at least one handgun. sometimes more than one when they rob their banks. and they have been of a violent nature. >> the fbi also says this robbery suspect known as the up close bandit has robbed at least two banks both in san francisco according to officials, he walks into the bank, implies he has a gun and demands money. police are searching for a suspected car thief that got away after a chase. they saw a man driving a stolen honda civic. after a chase, he crashed and fled on foot. this is video of the search from our helicopter partnership with abc7.
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police say he first ran into a 24-hour fitness, then into a home on delores court. he tried to hide in a child's bedroom and then in the garage, but the resident chased him out. he is described as a white male in his mid 20s , about 5' 10'', with a shaved head and no facial hair. all americans have been warned to leave yemen immediately. all nonemergency u.s. government staff has been ordered to leave. the state department saying there is an extremely high and immediate threat out of yemen. meanwhile, yemeni officials claim they can defend the embassies. the former army psychiatrist involved in the
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shooting. evidence will show he is the shooter. 13 people were killed. 32 others were injured in the rampage four years ago at the texas army base. for him to be convicted of murder, the 13 panel set of officers must decide he is guilty. he faces the death penalty. a wild fire continue ins river side county. that blaze was started yesterday, it is 30% contained. the fire has threatened more than 250 homes there and more than 1400 acres have burned so far. in fact, several other wild fires are rages across california. officials say the number of wild fires in the state is up this year, more than 71,000 acres have burned across california this year compared to 39,000 about the same time last year. well, we certainly don't have high fire danger here
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locally. that is all thanks to the low cloud coverage keeping the humidity low and keeping our temperatures on the lower side. in the next three days, below average temperatures inland as we see widespread cloud coverage. they are up along the coastlines. looking offshore, you are seeing high clouds wrapping around an area of low pressure that is going to keep our sea breeze winds intact. that means wall to wall low cloud coverage and slow clearing. by 8:00 in the morning, we are seeing very little clearing. same thing by 10:00. the clearing will take place between 12:00 and 1:00 tomorrow many most places including the north bay. i think we will see more sunshine than what fog tracker is showing. temperatures below average. in the south bay, low 70s for the most part. 72 in san jose. no 80s out there tomorrow.
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72 in concord, 79 in antioch. east bay shores in the low 60s . coastline in the upper 50s . really cool up in the north bay with temperatures only in the 60s in most locations but getting to 74 in napa. so here is a look at your extended forecast. very little change the rest of the workweek, we are continue to see cooler temperatures. as that system that is offshore moves out of the bay area, we will see a little bit less of the sea breeze influence meaning less fog and warmer temperatures into the weekend and early next week. and remember, you with watch the weather forecast when it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel on comcast channel 193. and a health alert tonight. finally some good news about children and obesity. for the first time in deck kids, obesity rates for preschoolers in 19 states are falling. the cdc says although obesity
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remains an epidemic, they wayed children and low income preschoolers, obesity dropped about 1%. parents are encouraged to help children find ways to be physically active and limit television and computer time. still ahead tonight, the as battle the reds in interleague play. plus matt cain and the giants host the brewers. gary has the sports coming up next.
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>> the defending champs are in for a long final seven weeks. take your son out to the ball game. that young fellow picked the the wrong season. matt cain, not bad, seven innings two running tonight, but carlos gomez gets milwaukee on the board. milwaukee on the board again. they go on for a 3-1 game. giants back to 12 games under 500. 12 games back of the dodgers. los angeles finally lost after 15 straight wins on the road, nelly bobble head night. there he is.
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pam, as you remember, he was the saint lunatic. he went out on his own, a very, very popular man there in saint louis. jon jay makes the catch for the cardinals. tony cruz delivers. you remember it's getting hot in here in i'm getting so hot. you know. yeah. i love nelly. i love nelly. >> i know. >> 5-1 cardinals. if you are tuned in for the sports, watch cable. the dodgers snap a 15-game road wins streak. the record remains 17 by the 1916 giants. you remember it is getting hot in here right? >> i remember all of nelly's hits. >> he's a cute little guy. but when you talk about performance enhancing drugs, you ever see nelly? i mean, he is really big right? >> isn't he kind of shorter though? >> very short. >> with disco?
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>> disco? oh my gosh. [ talking over one another ] no, can you imagine the 90-year- olds in our audience tonight getting this? okay, alex rodriguez, he was 1/2. dusty baker and the reds handle the as . look out, texas is on the move. cincinnati wins tonight. jay bruce homering off dan straley. the as hope this is just a stretch. you see him with a bat, then a glove. as fans hope this five losses in six games is just a little grunt here. jerry blevins throws it away. texas got the win over the angels. the as lead by just one game.
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-- bolden, tell our producer we don't need to hear kaepernick and bolden say they are looking for ward to the game. bolden who comes over from the world champion baltimore ravens. on the subject of the mannings. here is peyton and eli. >> football on my phone, you can watch it in bed. show your friends and watch them all. >> peyton and eli doing an ad for football on your phone. john elway is having his jersey retired. he is the third. on november 7 against oregon, number 7 will be retired for all time. elway, heisman trophy runner up
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