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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> top stories we are following on this friday august 16th. labor day weekend will mark the transition from the old span of the bay bridge to the new 6-billion dollar structure. a lot has to happen between now and then. we have complete details. >> we have a live look at
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cairo, egypt this morning. the number of people killed in clashes have passed 600. we will update you on the situation there. >> we're also following an update on that a robbery at a tiffany's and restored in walnut creek yesterday morning. who police say they are looking for this morning. >> this is going to be a problem for hours this morning for the northbound lanes. they are completely shut down. one of the things that the chp will have to do is turn around some of the vehicles who are stuck behind its big break. there is no room for people to pass. if this is believed to be carrying 66,000 lbs. of mail. this is not going to
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be an easy one. to get around this you might be tempted to use the mission boulevard to niles canyon road, highway 84. this is not a good trip. you will not be able to handle the capacity that will be trying to use it as an alternate. you're really only option is to use 880 and take it up to 238 and then use 580 to rejoin 680. >> we will be talking with kron4 and jackie sissel will be live on the scene. >> we are starting off with low cloud cover. the temperatures are on a warmer side. it is a little muddy as you head out to work or
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school. as we focus on what is ahead although we will see cloud cover this morning we're talking nothing but sunshine for the afternoon. the warmest inland spots will be in the upper 80s. we do have unsettled weather on the way in the form of storms for satur. >> following developing news out of oakland this morning, where a woman has been killed in a shooting, while another man is recovering in the hospital. the shooting happened last night around 11:30 in the 800 block of 100th avenue. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the man has been taken to the hospital. his condition remains unknown at this police are still searching for a gunman. >> the motive for the shooting is not known at this hour. >> we now know when the new
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eastern span of the bay bridge will be completely open to traffic. it will be on september 3rd. kron four's mike pelton is live at treasure island with an update. they will need five full days before they can open it up. the transportation officials stated that it is important to get this opened as soon as possible. it became an issue when 32 and bolts broke. they replaced the chance to enhance the stability. they support the temporary fix and stated that it will get the job done. >> we have to structures out
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there. there is no contest between which end is safer. old bridge is not safe, we have a problem with the bolts and we are fixing it. the sense that were put man, we're ready to get this opened. i think it is ending well but i also think that the road to get here is far too long. >> officials do need to shut down completely in both directions for five full days before they open up the new span. they stated that they need this time to improve some paving as they get things set to open up. the bay bridge was shut on august 20th is at 8:00 p.m. and reopen on tuesday september 3rd at 5:00 a.m.. that wanted to spread the
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word and also to plan ahead. the bay bridge will not be an option over labor day. >> during the bay bridge closure during the labor day weekend, commuters have some alternative routes they can take. the most popular options for drivers to get across san francisco bay will probably be the richmond san rafael bridge and golden gate bridge to the north and the san mateo bridge to the south. also, transporation officials are asking drivers to take public transportation or adjust commute times. caltrans will open the new eastern span of the bay bridge before the morning commute on tuesday september 3rd no doubt traffic will be a mess while the bay bridge is shut down. even over a holiday weekend. and bart says it will be ready to step up service when the bay bridge is closed. that includes running trains around the clock all of the updated schedules for bart will be available at bart dot org
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>> and stay with kron 4 as we provide continuing coverage of the bay bridge closure, and opening of the new span. you can also get the latest on our 24/7 channel on comcast 193, as well as kron 4 dot com. >> an update now on a story we first brought you yesterday morning. police are still searching for the four suspects that burglarized a tiffany's store in walnut creek police have released the the white chevy trailblazer that thieves used to get away after backing into and buglarizing a tiffany's store in walnut creek. four people used a stolen pickup truck and crashed through the front door of the store before six yesterday morning. the thieves were only able to break into one jewelry case and unable to get to the high end merchandise in the overnight safe. officers arrived minutes after the incident happened, but the thieves were still able to get away. the four thieves were wearing hoodies and covering their faces.
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>> egyptian military forces are sweeping across cairo. in ongoing efforts to disperse staged sit-in's in support of ousted former president mohamed morsy. over 630 people have died, thousands more have been injured in recent days in the bloody clashes between protesters and security forces. cairo and several other cities remain under curfew. president obama and several prominent u-s lawmakers have condemned the actions of egypt's interim government. the president canceled joint military exercises with egypt that were scheduled to take place next month. >> the time is 6:08 a.m.. coming up on the kron 4
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morning news. a man whose body was fond near interstate 880 in santa clara on monday has ties to a silicon valley. we will have an update. >> president bush is a daughter of barbara reveals a surprising picked for who she wants to see run for the white house in 2016. >> while also be watching the bay area weather and >> while also be watching the bay area weather and [ girl ] by the way, this is not what back to school looks like. the only thing anyone really cares about is that first day. everyone will be stylin' ' their faves. love that! but i'll be bringing it tevery day, 'cause i went to jcpenney. i know, right? check these out. they even have them in my signature color. that's what i'm talking about. they have so much great stuff. oh, sweet! anyway, what's your first day strategy?
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whose body was found monday near interstate 8-80 has been identified as a silicon valley executive. a colleague says 51 year old jean-marc delbecq co- founded verifone. the payment system that allows people to swipe their credit and debit cards to pay at drive-thrus. this is video courtesy of our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. delbecq's body was found monday afternoon near 8-80 at the alameda on-ramp. he also had several patents to his name. friends say he left his job at verifone in march and that they were concerned about his excessive drinking. and >> the time is 6:12 a.m.. george will have an update on the hot spot that he has been falling.following. .
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marie callender's. it's time to savor. >> welcome back. let's take a closer look at the traffic. interstate 6804 highway 84. these are the northbound lanes. we just
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watched as the chp allowed some of the vehicles that were stuck in the back up to thread their way through. these trucks, they are stru stud through the duration. kron 4 urs jackie sissel sent in this shot. >> you actually were stuck in the back up? >> absolutely. the traffic is stopped. one should get past all the way down here it is completely stop. i made my way to the accident scene and right now everything the stock. the
6:17 am
only have one big tow truck. the truck and a question is rolled over on the right side. all three lanes of traffic are blocked. mail is scattered all over the freeway. they also have diesel fuel that has spilled out. no one is moving. it will be a while. they stated the maybe a couple of hours. >> i think this is a somewhat optimistic estimate. one of the problems that we talked about, the side wall of these trailers are thin. if they try to write the trailer the weight of the contents might likely pull it off. that may be challenged in there as well. and again, we're looking at northbound lanes of
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interstate 680. no traffic is getting by. >> here is the location. the commute direction is southbound and it is also backed up for miles. this is north of highway 84. what can you do to get around this area? niles canyon road is here and this is not the best option. it really is a tough drive even when there is no traffic. when you try to put commute traffic on it your best bet would be to go to the mimic freeway and cut back on interstate 580. you will hit have big traffic but this will be the surest way for you to get around.
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>> we have an incident at the heart of the toll plaza. an accident has been reported record x on the san mateo bridge highway 92 it is a smolt commute. the golden gate bridge ride is foggy and weight but there are no traffic delays. >> the temperatures are off to a warm start. we are waking up to 60's and this morning. low 60's out the door in san francisco. the cloud cover will start to trickle in. by 7:00 a.m. it will be fairly extensive. as we look at that afternoon, by noon we would have partly
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cloudy conditions. as to put the clock pent-up motion we will sit lettering and clouds coastline. we're looking for a pretty pleasant and bright afternoon. >> breaking down near afternoon highs. 80 is a common number for cupertino. 87 for all to my belly. mid- 70s for fremont. we may pick up a few 90's for pittsburg and danville. 76 degrees for union city. the temperatures will be pretty comparable to what we normally see this time of year. low 80s will be out the door for napa but. >> a quick look at your travel forecast. partly cloudy and low 80s for new york city. denver will have
6:21 am
plenty of sunshine with a high of 91 degrees. >> the bay area extended forecast highlights cooler conditions. but we will help warmer weather on sunday. we are little bit above where we should be. some spots in north of the golden gate bridge could pick up a few thunderstorms. we will see a cool down into the end of next week. >> watching wall street this morning. warnings of weaker sales from two major companies and concern that the federal reserve will soon start withdrawing its support for the economy sent the stock market tumbling yesterday. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow jones lost 225 points-- it's worst day in two months. the nasdaq fell 63. the s and p 500 lost 24 points. the dow has lost 546 points in the last 2 weeks.that's
6:22 am
an almost 3.5% drop futures trading right now has all three indexes positive. we'll see how the markets open, with the opening bell at 6:30. >> spain's richest woman has died. rosalia mera was the co- founder of the popular clothing store zara. mera was a seamstress who the clothing store she started with her then- husband. its not clear how she died. mera had a stroke while on vacation and died in the hospital in spain. mera's fortune was estimated by forbes at $6.1 billion. the magazine says she was the world's 195th richest person. she was 69.
6:23 am
>> a former first- daughter has a surprising pick on her presidential wish- list for 2016. george w. bush's daughter, barbara, told people magazine, she wants hillary clinton to run for president. barbara bush has no political affiliation. the 31-year-old was being interviewed about her work as c-e-o of the non- profit global health corps. the bush twin called clinton quote - "unbelievably accomplished." but her respect for clinton does not necessarily mean she would vote for the former secretary of state. bush told the magazine, she would have to see who clinton would be running against. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. brett nfl rebels of the most valuable
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>> welcome back. a big break
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tow truck has been mold in position to help write the this mail truck that is carrying 66,000 lbs. of mail. kron4 jackie sissel is on the scene. >> they may be having some struggles on the field. but the dallas cowboys are bringing in more cash than any other n-f-l team. the franchise tops forbes list of the most valuable n-f-l teams for the seventh year in a row. jerry jones' team is worth 2-point-3 billion dollars. new england patriots take the second spot, worth 1- point-8 billion. the washington redskins are in third with 1-point-7 billion. closer to home. the 49ers are 10th. worth an estimated 1-point-2 billion. and at the very bottom of the list. the oakland raiders. who are still worth an estimated $825 million.
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>> and the time the six and 20 7:00 a.m.. we will be right back.the time is 6:27 will be right back. ♪
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mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> welcome back. i do not
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think that would try to tip this up. they suggested that maybe they will try to drag it over so they can listen lanes open. the that want to clear some of the traffic. >> it hasthis is affecting the commute side. i will briefly switch away from this just to show you the back up. the bigger back of the southbound rather than north bomb. kro north bomb. kro4 jboung.d. jackie sissel is
6:32 am
live on the scene. and >> it the right side widgets lane all would just collapse. this may be their best bet. you're looking at traffic that is waiting. here is a another shot. this is looking back toward this out on 680. nobody is moving. people are out of their vehicles. it has been that way since this happened. it took me about 35 minutes just to get here. the traffic was backed up about 3 to 4 mi.. you can imagine how betted is. this is not just a northbound it is also the southbound. a conservative estimate stated a couple of hours but obviously, they're trying to get at least a couple of these lines open. no vehicles are going by at all. malig
6:33 am
>> you can see all the emergency vehicles, it is all the way back up. when you come down and you'll see dozens of emergency vehicles. this is almost impossible not to slow down. >> this is the case where we have often observe what happens to people who are stuck in this traffic. they cannot turn around. they might be able to do it from the backing of the delay and they may set this up at some point but they cannot start in the beginning. what we did see was that they allowed a few vehicles that
6:34 am
were stuck to move out and they did this mostly because they needed room for the emergency vehicles. >> the south bond ride you would have to just tough it out. this is the closest route which is niles canyon road and highway 84. but this is a rough ride. it is not a good alternate commute. >> you are basically showing us that there is no good alternate. >> right now the mimic is traveling pretty well
6:35 am
because the conditions are lights. >> in just a few hours from wrong, but the man called a personal interest in sandra cokes and disappearance will be and chords. kron4 will tran is live in in court. kron4s
6:36 am
live in front of oakland courthouse. >> she told her daughter back on august the fourth that she was going to the drug store. she never returned. her car was spotted, found a few days later her cell phone was fond in richmond. whatever reason, the searchers went to a vacaville part and searched the entire day. they discovered a body and they spend the weekend trying to identify the body. on tuesday, they came out with information that yes, unfortunately there was center coke's bottom. they're not telling us how she died. >> if anything should turn a
6:37 am
will let you know. >> her family has set up a web side to raise money for coke's 15 year-old daughter. donations can be made at e'sfamily. >> it has been a long time
6:38 am
coming and the bay in bearer will finally get a new, state-of-the-art bridge. officials said that the broken bolt problem will be fixed and that the new bridge will be set to open. >> the majority of the work is done and what remains is just finish work. some lights and still need to be hung, some paintings to get done and the strikes need to be laid on to the roadway. >> stay with kron4 as we provide continuing coverage of the bay bridge closure, and opening of the new span. you can also be the latest on our 24/7 and channel, comcast channel 193 or on our web site. >> here is a live look outside at 680. we will be
6:39 am
right back.
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actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at >> welcome back. there is some progress being made. interstate 580 >>680. however, some of this and diesel fuel mixed in with the mail. they're trying to get one of the lanes open so that they can clear this up. a gang, 680
6:43 am
northbound before highway 84, the south bond ride is a mess. >> we are following the latest with the historic warren hall. it has been a bay area landmark. it happens to be located on the hayward fault. it is deemed the most abominable building in the entire state. not a demolition company has been called to tear down. >> will bring this to you on the kron 4 morning news at 9:00 a.m.. we're going to bring it also to you live on kron 4 morning new
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align welcome back the time
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648 6:00 a.m.. >> we are getting progress on interstate 680. we are just south of highway 84. although northbound lanes have been shut down for about an hour and 45 minutes. this big grid, was stretched across the road with. just 10 minutes ago they dragged into the center of the road. you can see that mail came out of the truck and it was built on a roadway. diesel was also in the roadway. some of the male has been mixed in with the gas. >> what happens to the mail ? now we're on the phone with the u.s. postal service to see what happens. that will become a letter. in the meantime, let's check in with jackie who is getting more information. >> actually, they're telling
6:48 am
may that in the next couple of minutes that may be able to open the far left lane with the center divider. this will be great nils. here is a video that i shot and they had to drag the truck out of the lanes into the right-hand side. they are collecting the mail. they have absorbency that they're putting on the street due to the diesel gas that's built. still . spilled. y concern is how soon that can get this traffic flowing. they hope that it will be in a couple minutes. you can see that they're trying to clear this far left lane. as soon as they do this they can start to get some traffic through. >> joining us now on the phone is the u.s. postal
6:49 am
service. >> bank you for taking the time to chat with us. >> the male was cominmail is frr facility and we do not know how much mail. but what happens is that we will send a team vote and will gather the mail and put on another truck. we would try to get back to the processing facility because it had already been sorted for certain officers in the east bay. we need to take a back to san jose, resources and reprocess it. >> i do not know if you had a chance to see the video of some of this mail medal
6:50 am
thhis diesel fuel. this may complicate the process. >> yes it will. we will try to sever get this mail and tried to do what we can. we're going to try to clear what ever is on that and see if it is still mellow.mailable. >> that was just the u.s. postal service. most of this mail was due for east bay distribution. there are a snapshot is that you are looking at from yours. and just up the issue. they managed to clear this left hand lane and likely, the center divider. kron4 jackie sissel is still alive on the scene. the biggest
6:51 am
impact has been on the southbound side which is the commute direction. >> i will give you a quick look as some of the of the traffic. the bay bridge is very light and on the san mateo bridge, 92 they have no problems. a quick check from 101, the golden gate bridge shows a lot of fog. >> a lot more fog of this morning compared to the rest of the bay area. the temperatures are also warmer. we're off to a very mild muggy start. 61 degrees out the door in downtown san francisco. upper 50's for places north of the golden gate bridge. we do have some drizzles side in the visibility is less than half a mile. it is and damp and
6:52 am
certain spots. we are anticipating sunshine as we head into the afternoon. let's bring down your afternoon highs. brent what will have a high of 90 degrees. 88 degrees for those of you in danville. the '80union city will have a hh of 76 degrees. as with focusing on the south bay will be a pretty nice day. the temperatures for the most part are exactly where they should be for this time of year. >> 66 degrees and unde most riseyour extended forecasts shows the seven day of around the bay will have cool weather for tomorrow.
6:53 am
it will be warm sunday into monday but we may see thunderstorms. we're looking at a 10% chance. >> the time is 6:52 a.m.. we will take a break. here is a live look at wall street. they are starting to pull back up to the neutral line. we will be right back. [ female announcernc ] shaving can irritate stekin,n,
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>> lindsey lohan has landed her first post early have acting in gig. people magazine reports of the troubled actress announced the job on social media. although she did not specify what she is doing, hbo
6:57 am
confronts the issue will appear on a fourth season of the cable network's " eastbound and down " >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. george is tracking the problem 1680.on 68. >> was also have the update on the opening of the bay bridge. >> we will have an update with the sports and the world according to gary.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
top stories we are following on this friday august 16th. the new span of the bay bridge will open labor day weekend. but there is a catch. we'll have a live report on what has to happen before then. and a live look at cairo, egypt this morning. the number of people killed in clashes has passed 600. we'll update you on the situation there. and an overturned big rig is blocking an entire freeway. george and darya have more on this hot spot.


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