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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 4, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: next at eight. this parking lot in oakland the scene of a tragedy thisa child run over and killed. >> reporter:
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(cheers & applause) >> (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: late this afternoon at 3 year-old child died and a run over late this afternoon. now at eight. tragedy on the streets of oakland. and killed in a parking lot. we will take you to the happened.
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>> the child was planning and current struck by the local and now the child is deceased. >> reporter: has been about four hours since this tragedy happened in the police is still here. the they're still here conducting a thorough investigation into to the shut this thing down. happening >> pam: an undercover drug sting becomes violent. all this happened on aligning ave on highway one on one. whoosh >> reporter: would make the shooting exceptionally dangerous. you can see the restaurant where the shooting happened behind me
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as a span of a year to the left is a hotel near that restaurant. another hotel and that another busy restaurant. and very busy roadway with several cars coming through per hour. the justice field with from where the shooting happened. in a normal everyday restaurant turned violent from 2:00 this afternoon creek ellis' one afternoon at least one officer fired. >> just for fired one suspect was hit. >> reporter: the suspect and, at a man was inside this truck during the shooting but they're not saying how many officers shot and why they had opened fire in such a busy area, so
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close to summing in some people. >> reporter: did check and there's no word on a suspect condition. in sunnyvale kron 4 news. >> pam: the bridge has been on budget as $6.4 billion so far 5.5 has been spent. and the remaining $1 billion should cover the cost of the remaining work. completing the permanent by pathe and the west and still needs to be done. there are a
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landscaping and permit his family that has to be done so still needs to be down with the electrical work and ecstatic lighting. and now there is renewed interest tonight in extending the new bike path across the west spanned of the bay bridge to-tried for the current carmen will look. >> reporter: where does this lead cyclist and rob gerson sampras's go? the only way for san francisco residents to access it is to take it to treasure island. but some people of other ideas. that
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idea is to add a bike path to the existing western span of the bay bridge. this is a project has been talked about for a long time. the idea in various design has been studied often offer more than a decade with many challenges. first of which by the safe passage to the west again. 1.8 mi. of bridge deck and the metal and a kid to the san francisco side and your at a significant heights. highly connected honeydew that in a way to work with abiathar's and ada compliant. but other than that it is a piece of cake.
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>> talk is cheap the project will be expensive. so any action on this front is likely years away and perhaps decades collide. decades a way. >> reporter: the meantime there's always the bus. dan carmen kron 4 news. >> pam: and pg&e has a warning for
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entire span. >> pam: charles, are drivers >> reporter: the on ramp was very pecked in san francisco in your safety on lexus pack and get on the bridge and a smooth sailing but not today there's a lot of traffic. the talks and to allow the people about how the traffic is down of the last few days? >> is slow going and do to people taking pictures and stopping which is holding up traffic. >> many people are trying to check out the new bridge and taking pictures and it's terrible print >> this is terrible, terrible.
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>> reporter: we do not know how long this tourist attraction of appeal will last a could be a couple of months a couple of weeks. we just not known as charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: >> pam: it's only day two of the new bay bridge span being open. but our stanley roberts catches more drivers and pedestrans behaving badly. >> pam: in national news--- >> pam: ariel castro - the man who admitted to holding three home for years and torturing them -- is dead. >> pam: he was found hanged in his prison cell, just weeks after he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail. kron 4's catherine heenan reports. >> reporter:it was barely a month ago when ariel castro was sentenced to life in prison to avoid a possible death penalty. he seemed rambling and unrepentant.insisting he was not a monster and was 'sick'.
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he'd been in protective >> catherine: custody at this ohio state prison. officials say he used a bed sheet tuesday night to hang himself in his prison cell. since he was supposedly being checked by guards every 30 minutes. castro's attorney is wondering how this happened. >> that was only 60 days ago that we could not leave glasses with him because they were afraid they would kill himself. >> catherine: initially - castro was being checked on every ten minutes - but that stopped in june after >> catherine: it was decided he was not a risk to himself. the three women held captive for years by castro have not publicly commented. relatives say they have mixed feelings about his suicide.because of the bond they shared with him for ten years. but overall.they're said to be happy that they don't have to think about him anymore. >> catherine: the cleveland home they were held in was
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demolished last month. >> catherine: we know that michelle knight - castro's first victim - taken off the street in 2002 - had hoped he'd spend many years behind bars. >> catherine: telling him in court - "now your hell is just beginning." >> catherine: one of the prosecutors on the case said tonight that the suicide shows that castro "couldn't take, even for a month, a small portion of what he had dished out for more than a decade." >> pam: a senate panel has voted to give president obama the authority to use military force against syria. >> pam: this is in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack. >> pam: it would allow obama to order a limited military mission against syria, as long as it isn't more than 90 days and involves no american troops on the ground for combat operations. now president obama is making his case on the world stage. in a news conference with sweden's prime minister, the president said he's only trying to enforce international agreements barring chemical weapon use.
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>> reporter:also ahead at eight. >>where burglars. posing as utility workers. are targeting bay area residents. >> jacqueline: it was a pretty nice day in the '70s and '80s for much of the bay area but we do have a big change is coming up. that was to how hot it will get, not
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going on to say that cam ranh bay jewish shop wants with them and since that
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time she performed with kinks that, they have all tested negative to all if i detest. and it comes to ride daily in lost their store stars in mostly gave video says that he shot within three times of july in an august and used a condom each time pure all gay scenes are required to use condoms. showing negative results for each id can stock, is based on the san francisco, rebuilding as its performance are tested every 28 days. condom use is used is mandatory for gay teen gate scenes but optional for heterosexual sings. scenes. he is happy that it was all early so he that he could be better medicated.
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>> pam: and san francisco area it is important to know that condoms should be used in requested to be used in all areas (sings. scenes the crew is now on standby. still ahead-- from >> reporter: he testified rene solis hearing. he felt a void when he was murdered at 2 years old. hugs and
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tears between two sisters from the testified and injuring convicted in may so when he killed when their mother were killed and how they felt growing up with a mother who had been killed. term life was different without a mom on round because they deserve to have all parent. after the mother died they lived with their grandfather who abuse them sexually and physically. the judge twitter extracted that from the e parrot >> reporter: another man of nasals the victims, she is the only one that understands and can i talk with corporate and she was 2 years old her mother passed. a bomb or murdered.
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>> i hope he pays the price >> the victim is surely a pac-10. her body was found in 1980 long washed ashore with pen held longneck and stuffed into garbage bags. mesa was a personal interest in that case and now prosecutors want to tie him to that murder as another reason he should get the death penalty. in san rafael justine waldman kron 4 news. >> pam: the pictures uc are of the primary suspect considered to be hispanic close to 5 ft. tall of the nose and lip rings and cursed concord the police
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listed details of the car that she is striving ax to contact the local police department in one has any information. >> pam: the fire has burned over 230,000 a. 67 of some of those acres are a part of using national park. that in the case of the fires " is falling and crews now have the fire 80 percent maintained. it is quinn to take months to call by the calls of that fire. video of over the ram of the yosemite fire. >> pam: here's the chairman
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sean twitter talking about what fighting the fire was like. >> we have a mission for you and they will tell us accordance to go to. after going out there will talk to the ground by a supportive role in there like gus breast ago and then dropped a watered-down. >> pam: the crew is now on standby and ticket cost to return to the room fire at any moment if needed. >> jacqueline: and falk the tracker know best the temperatures not yet said all or looking at the fall. fog. >> jacqueline: out there
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today a big one of in store for the weekend we will oppose temperatures in the neighborhood and extend a forecasted a 45. now that the bay bridge is open the next highly anticipated project when >> pam: the will caltran said the worker is 90% complete. crews are now working on the fire safety system in the back opening date has not been finalized but toward in the dish year. coming to dedicated thompson each direction should improve directions. a close call to mind when i surfboard goes right when a surfboard goes right into his wish yield into his windshield.
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>> reporter: tagged the brand new bay bridge. the image is blurred not because it contains profanity it's blurred because i don't want to give the taggers any credit credit unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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>> pam: (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:i walked the entire lenth of the new bay bridge pedestrian span. 2.4 miles so it's the path that leads to nowhere that said i discovered a feww things i think you should know first off the bicycle bedestrian path is for everyone
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>> reporter: so we need to share so here are the rules, the side closest to the freeway is for west bound bicylist, this means if you are not on a bike you might get movedshe is behaving bad yes she is behaving badly she is walking on the other side but so were you one tip if you get caught try not to throw your better half under the bus >> is letting us know the we are on the right side or left side. alerting us. >> reporter:bicylist please use common courtesy so you have been walking here a bit there aint alerting us letting us know that they
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are on the right side or right side so they are just kind of rolling right by and alert people walking that you are approaching it's the right thing to do >> reporter:so if the pedestrians stay on the pedestrian side, and the bikes on the bike side all would be good but we all know that is not going to happen, the walkway is being patrolled by the chp and oakland police bike cops and there are no restrooms or trash can or water fountains >> reporter:but there are breataking views just as soon as they get rid of the old bridge 15 mph if you speed you could end up with the very first bicycle ticket on the walk way on the alexander zuchermann bicycle - pedestrian path stanley roberts kron 4 news a warning for bay area residents. >> pam: scammers posing as utility workers preying on customers in three communities. plus: outrage online. after a brutal beating involving long police is caught on >> pam: and tragedy in oakland tonight-- we're live at the scene.
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where a toddler was killed in an accident. stay with us. a live report after the break.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at 8-30. >> pam: developing new in oakland. killed. in an accident. it happened late this afternoon in the eight- hundred block of embarcadero afternoon. following our top story tonight. kron 4's alecia reid is live at the scene. alecia? >> reporter: and spent more than four hours since this incident occurred.
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>> reporter: family members rushed to the scene to call for each other well above chow's mother was the selling fruit of her truck was a child played in the parking lot in a mid-sized s u b might not have seen him and hit the two year-old. >> do not know what his resume was for going into the parking lot but they're trying to put together the details and what led up to this unfortunate accident. police >> gary: state it doesn't >> reporter: lee state it doesn't seem that as if the driver was corn very fast. this is a very it fairly >> is a fairly small parking lot and is not a lot of room. >> reporter: this is simply a tragedy and support love
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once still ahead-- >> pam: this video disturbing but also too soon to make any judgment. quickly making people are outraged by the force used on the suspect uc line on the ground. it can clearly see if the time being used on the manicured you can hear the stunt than being used at the same time.
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>> they keep tasting tam! they keep they keep on tazing him! >> they knocked his teeth out! >> he's in pain! >> reporter: you been here almost hear the electric stun gun as another officer was using as well. the u-2
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bill is tough marine disturbing when you see someone hit by the time is the level of discomfort. a full investigation is on the way. once again but officers involved have not been taken off the street. any story this controversial we also welcome your opinions on our facebook page. >> jacqueline: mainly clear conditions to the north lifting rather quickly by 8:00 is still hanging on and by night it will clear. through the afternoon the temperature is for thursday 86 and concord and 82 in sunnyvale and san mateo. a big lump is in store as we head into the weekend.
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>> pam: less than one month ago before the president of affordable health care opens up for shot a look at what you will be pain. pay e ying
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>> pam: burglars' disguised as pg and the workers. how to distinguish a real pg&e worker from the impostor?
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>> number one thing that we are trying to get out to our customers is that you should always ask for identification. especially if you have any questions. if you see the idea is still have a funny feeling in your gut or suspicion called p g a and e directly and the number is 1800 p g e 5000. >> g and he employs to not always for the same type of uniforms because different positions calls for different uniforms. in terms of vehicles, most times they are blue or white with the pg the local but not all of the time and cannot always depend on that. sometimes we have contractors that would
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drive certain type of vehicles. and lastly, if you get a call this asking for an attack on a personal information and or payment from pg&e team go ahead and give us a call checking and make sure that's a legitimate call. we generally do not ask for any type of credit card information are private information over the phone. >> reporter: but a genuine first almost every known have to be covered or face fines. private plans to people who do not have health care coverage with their jobs. brown's plan will cover 60 percent of
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medical cost and gold will cover 80 percent and let down 90% today we have the first idea of the cost and the biggest city of premiums by sadistic or press for twinning one-year- old by the middle range silver policy would average about $270 amount. for a 60 year-old the sticker price is nearly double $615 per month. but there is a sweetener to bring the cost way down for most people you get a government tax credit from an concord if you make 33 belsen knowledge per year you will pay no more than 6.4% is about $1,400 for your opinion plan.
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>> pam: look at this video and man was driving down and away when a surfboard came down his car. to serve port fell off the overpass emboss off a school bus before hit the car. police still have no leads on the owner of the board. the iphone is on the way the world of product and other devices did slate take a look.
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>> pam: five days away from the big apple president. press e. brandt >> right now >> reporter: reynaud must look at those products. one year ago when apple of it there i ipad and ipad many was unbuilt creek november 2, 2012 apple stores opened
8:46 pm
their doors and applauded the people who camped out to see the new ipad meaning. is not even when you're old but think it is possible that they may show off and 1. sometime in november. they may also unbuilt and i had five. iphone 5. maybe i phones will come in many different colors and not just black and white. the i watch is rumored to beat mike a many iphone on your wrist. we will see but we are not shore. let's talk about the fight t d the new
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set that up something i can get on board with. it was sync with your music tv shows home videos and bland and your digital life to your tv in. the i have maureen is in motion control gesture by wearing it. a running remote-control, i'm not sure about this one. this could be a little crazy? a growing range ring remote control! >> jacqueline:
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>> jacqueline: hears the extended forecast big change is coming into friday in a big warm up in the mid to upper 90s. '80s inside the bay and 70's close side. coast side >> pam: gary with all the sports coming up next
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> pam: will run >> gary: bynum 1 the range
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and not that. as bran off question then the everyone. of the great defender supply of less. a's/rangers fan wearing giant foam rangers cowboy hat >> gary: jarrod parker. gets some help from jed lowrie who makes the diving stop an shortstop and flips to 2nd for the force bottom 1st/scoreless yu darvish gives up the 2- run home run to brandon moss 2-0 a's >> gary: daric barton homers for the 2-run job 5-2 a's still bottom 6th
8:53 pm
>> gary: rekindling rose series our report. world series. three home runs and the regular season and 3 and the world series game. today he strikes 43. the giants won 13 to 5 with six home runs and that's the most other. josh donaldson goes deep off of robbie ross for a 3-run home run 9-2 a's >> gary: final: 11-4 a's
8:54 pm
parker unbeaten in his last 18 starts bettering catfish hunter's oakland record set rangers in the a-l west giants/padres today and down 2-1 in the 4th he got some help by hunter pence top 5th/ 6-2 giants pablo sandoval drives one >> gary: deep to right san rafael's >> gary: hardball axed about coach harbaugh getting the insights of assistant coach eric mangini at practice looks like patrick willis will be ready to play.willis missed the entire preseason practiced today >> gary: many think the best quarterback kelly not to compare him to anyone else but who the best is air
8:55 pm
rogers will be in that conversation. no comment today on aldon smith >> gary: colin kaepernick - yes and after practicegiving us the boss. 49ers will have to stop packers aaron rodgersand kind of a funny moment when coach harbaugh was asked as a connoisseur of rodgers so tough? >> gary: 49ers linebacker aldon smith is being sued by a man who said he was shot during a party at smith's house in june 2012 >> gary: ronndale esporlas says smith and former teammate delanie walker were intoxicated on s they began firing gunshots in the air while trying to end the party esporlas says he was shot >> gary: twice in the crossfire between two groups after walker allegedly fired more shots in the driveway. >> gary: neither walker or smith has been charged in the incident.
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>> gary: these athletes is all criticism on the internet. and when you come at these guys in the half time on their hands. you know what they think of you? it's labor day week are working. what ever you do you. >> gary: half of these guys and just telling you the gun issue i lied to look up to get in their space and give them a little criticism and that's one thing that i can say about me i may have had guns in my face but i've never seen you at like that before. if someone comes at
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you just say yes sir and move on to the next think. tonight
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