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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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stories that we are following this monday september 16th. a late-night traffic stop turned ugly when the suspect's vehicle refused to pull over. details on the chase in a live report coming up next. >> they may be in a cooling off period, but bart and its workers unions are still very far apart at the negotiation table. we will have an update on what the next talks are. >> the capsulized coast of concordia cruise ship is slowly being upright it today. a process that has never been attempted. >> the reason that they cannot do this is because there are changeable message signs and their are
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barricades that have been in power operated. they cannot just do this manually. they have these electric barriers that they are unable to remote. the traffic is already jammed up for rent the and is rapidly building of. remember, there are only two lanes that are available to handle all this traffic. there is only two lanes that asbestos is a major problem that is developing. even if they manage to get this corrected is still may take awhile to get this back up on one. >> this could be a major problem if it is not corrected. this is not the only hot spot. there's an accident 1880 at portended
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is blocking the two left and lanes. it is already backing up the ride. orag problems are developing here for your east bay right. >> we are waking up to upper 50s low 60's. as we head into the afternoon we will have nothing but sunshine. the temperatures are getting pretty close to the mid '80s. we do have big changes in the extended forecast. there is even rain on the way and i will bring down the details coming up. >> the time is 6:02 a.m.. we are falling in developing story out oakland where one man is in jail after leading police on a chase. it started in san leandro and ended just off of 98th avenue and 880. kron4 will tran is live at the scene. >> this has affected people
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because he crashed into a store but before doing that he wiped out this power pole. for five hours, this is a very busy corridor. just a few moments ago that were able to and restore the intersection after it was out for five hours. here is video that we received of the chase. it's started in san leandro about 11:15 p.m.. for whatever reason they tried to pull him over but he refused. he took off and he lost control of a car. he slammed into another car and that persons suffered minor injuries. he took out the intersection light and slammed into a store. they had to come out and the board this up. i had a chance to speak to the police and this is what they had to say. >> the car took off at a high rate ofedhen
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they turned the corner they came upon this accident. the suspect's vehicle hit a another motorist and then slid into the store. >> it does not appear that this was a high-speed pursuit because at one point they lost a visual contact but i can tell you that this man's name has not been released but they told me that he has an extensive criminal history. why? they tried to pull him up is under investigation. >> i am not sure but we did put phone calls and because ultimately they initiated the chase. he stated that the car was towed and that we will get this information shortly. >> on to the latest out of a pacifica were four people are saying this morning after escaping from a home
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fire. fire investigators say that the blaze started in the crotch area. the blaze this spread inside the home. crews are working to clean the scene. >> also new this morning, one person is in serious condition this morning after being hit by a taxicab in san francisco. this happened around 11:45 p.m. at broadway and kearny streets. the pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries. the driver of the taxicab was not arrested and is cooperating with police. >> this adjust and to the kron4 morning news. washington and d.c. police and the fbi said that there is a report of the shooter inside a military building at the washington navy yard. police are responding to
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reports of shots being fired, an fbi spokeswoman says that there is a least one victim. the u.s. navy also confirmed on twitter that they are looking for a gunman. the washington navy yard is home to the chief of naval operations. >> we're also getting a live pictures from the coastal concordia by pulling the ship on 28 still platform under water. this is a recent video. it was nearly two years ago that the cruise ship struck a reef near giglio island. it began to take in large amounts of water and capsize just outside the harbor to win32
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of the 4200 passengers. if the operation to of right the ship is successful, it will be towed away and broken up for scrap. >> bart negotiations are dragging on for three months and still there is no headway. today a meeting is set for management and unions to go toe to toe over money issues. they're still very far apart on an agreement. today's negotiations, bart is looking for a response from the union to the proposal is put on the table. union leaders said that they still have questions. >> we have a lot of questions because the last time we were given a proposal by management the left and never came back and it has been over 30 days since we have discussed any of our generals or economics. we are not looking for another strike,
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but at the end of the day the only folks that can stop a strike are the board of directors. >> everyone should know that the directors and the district are committed to coming up to an agreement. it is going to be one that is not only fair to the workers but also to the writers. we have to make an investment in the future of this system and the stars with a responsible contract. >> the bart spokesperson tells us that they have camp with a 10% increase over four years. but the union leadership is still requesting over 20% on a three-year contract. the negotiations are scheduled to continue at 9:00 a.m. this morning >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. former alaska gov. sarah palin is being sued for what she posposted on her face book page.
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>> a new miss america has been crowned. some people are not pleased with the winner because of her race. >> it was an ugly day in the bay area football. however, when teen did manage to come on top. your sunday football when teen did manage to come on top. your sunday football highlights are coming up. that headband looks ridiculous. your dog is ug. nice tail, ler. when you don't have a good breakfast, it makes you grumpy. that's why i've got warm and flaky croissant sandwiches made with fresh egg and melting cheese choose supreme or sausage. right now they're 2 for just $3.50. that's a great value that'll put anyone in a good md. get off my lawn, clown! you sir, have excellent water pressure!
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>> welcome back. there are two major hot spots. the worst is on 24 westbound. there is a power outage and the crews were unable to switch over the middle board from eastbound was gone. they're only two lanes of traffic available. it is
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backed up all the way to our winds up. you will need to give youel if you may consider using highway 4 through franklin canyon this morning as an alternate route. >> there are major delays for the nimitz freeway northbound from hayward. this is through a new work at union city. to left lanes are blocked. >> miss america on? you mean mis? you mean miss 7-11?--that is a tweet from jalin le atherman, perpetuating the stereotypes about indians and convenience stores. >> that is just one of the
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many races tweets that flooded the internet after miss new york nina davuluri, who is any an american, was, miss america last month. and other tweet screamed, " when will a white women win miss america? ever? the kron4 facebook page and got a lot of reaction. >> erika alcala-corona stated why does everything have to be about race and stated why does everything have to be about race and coloi want you to know stuff i don't. i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura.
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this it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a >> let's take a look at bay area football. lightning and
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rain and seattle were just the beginning of a storm that bear down on the 49ers. the seahawks and back to punt, an apparent whistle from the stand momentarily freezes the seattle line. the 49ers took over on seattle's 33. colin kaeprnick passes and is tipped and intercepted near the goal line. then late in the second quarter the game had a one hour on weather delay. third quarter the score is 5-0 seahawks. later in the third the only highlight of the night for the 49ers. he threw three interceptions and a-turned the ball over five times with 12 penalties. the final score 29-3 seahawks. >> the home opener today for the raiders right about an ugly win against a pretty
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lousy jaguars team. home opener for charles would sun and company. woodson was back in the silver and black for the first time since 2005. the first quarter they are scoreless. >> second quarter, the score is 7-0 raiders. more recent aurice jones drew r rahman left end, and woodson comes out of nowhere to make a great leaping tackle. third quarter the score is 10-3 raiders. darren mcfadden reps also a 30 yd run. bart raiders when this 19-9. the raiders will face off against a manning and the denver broncos next monday.
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>> the power is out in the middle board. this is what happened. overnight when there were doing work they shut down the power from time to time for them to be able to do their electrical work but normally base which the lanes over before they slow this down so in case there is a problem at least the the lanes will be set. that was not the case this morning and once they try to restore the power it did not come back up. this is why we only have two lanes available. this centerboard is still set up for ease of traffic flow. this has completely jammed up the traffic was bombed on 24.for wei spoke with caltran a few
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moments ago and they still have no estimate time of when that will get this restored. there are major problems of developing for this ride. we still have big delays on the nimitz freeway. the traffic is backed up beyond niles road. they have an overturned accident. >> your ride on the bridges, the bay bridge westbound, the mean lights have been activated. it is backed up to west berlin and there was slow traffic on the upper deck was bought into san francisco because of debris reported on the skyway. >> the ride to the san mateo bridge is still good. the golden gate bridge is problem free for one on one south bond. >> we are waking up to a low cloud cover but temperatures
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are still pretty mild. mid 50s for the north bay. you concede that the visibility is a factor. we're only seen 3 tens of a mile. it is very hazardous conditions down highway 1 on one. the visibility does improve for san francisco. as we head into afternoon any fault that we see will burn off quickly. the temperatures will be in the upper 70's and low 80s. we're talking temperatures of around seasonal average. the bottom line is that the temperatures will be similar to where they were yesterday. walnut creek will have a high of 85 degrees. downtown san francisco will be in the upper 60s. in terms of your extended forecast a 7 day from the bay high life said the numbers wilt did. >> we're talking virtually
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fog free morning for wednesday and thursday. the centers will climb back into the '90s. we have a system that may bring rain and it may be for friday and saturday. >> former alaska gov. sarah palin is being sued. she is accused of using this 9011 photo without consent of the north jersey media group. the photo and question shows three firefighters raising the american flag over the rubble of the road trade center. pailin is accused the posting the photo on her facebook page and on the web site for her political action committee. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. the list is now shorter for the new
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lyon time for the tech reports with gabe slate. >> this is a chance for you
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to go on the web but it may be hard for you to reach the stores. something cool i want to tell you about is google . they want to offer customers more than just impede threes. >> the music fans, this group has just issued a new remastered album. this is on sale thrall source of channels. google play is offering new explosive contents that they paid for and produce. you cannot get this anywhere else and they are offering this free. it can be watched through the you to jumphgo google play or t
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google youtu be channel. >> whi do now just want this to be a box where you just come and look through it and find something and maybe you do not. i would rather it be your school friend or your cousin telling you that you should check this out. this is the way they gain people talk. >> the team is hoping that some of this extra content will connect and lord the generation.lure the generation. >> as part of this, we would do this clash series where a
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lot of contemporary events will be able to pick their songs. the best way to get new people wanted this is to have a new people play it. >> some more information about a google play you can log onto >> it will be a big day today for market futures. all three are in the positive. investors are hoping that a the end bull continue to run with wall street this week. the stocks rolled on friday after trading got a lift from two economic reports. here is a look at the numbers. the dow rose 75 points. the nasdaq up 6 points. s&p 500 climbed rose 75 points. the nasdaq up 6 points. s&p 500 climbed 4 1/2 points. ñáçwçñ
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>> we have a hot spot that is continuing. >> they have an estimated time as to when they may have this restored. this may not be enough to clear the backup. there is only two lanes available in the westbound direction. they were not able to restore the power after it was shut off period. when they tried to shut the power on it did not happen. if they are stating that it may be in about another hour. the traffic is backed up and you should use highway 4 course franklin canyon to get your ground. >> 880 in the southbound direction as you can say is jammed up with a two lanes blocked that portend. kron4 jackie sissel as this shot.
6:32 am
they tried to squeeze all four lanes on the side of the road. the two left lines are shut down. >> we're looking at a big backup at the bay bridge. it is starting to inch its way back into the macarthur mayes. there was slow traffic on the upper deck and a metering lights were slow down to accommodate this. >> the temperatures are in the upper 50s, low 60's. into the afternoon you can expect mid 80s inland and '70's inside the bay. the temperatures will drop into tomorrow and warm things up into the middle of next week. i will talk about your chance for rain in my next report. >> happening right now here is a live look outside of washington d.c.. police and fbi said that there is a
6:33 am
report of a shooter inside a military building at the washington navy yard. police are responding to reports of shots being fired. the u.s. navy also confirmed that there are looking for a gunman. the washington navy yard is home to the chief of naval operations. >> as you can see some of the arm guards and members of the swat team are going around the area. this shooting is happening inside of the washington navy yard. we will bring you an update as soon as it becomes available. >> while thousands of homes have been destroyed and hundreds of people are on accounted for. authorities said is some good news is on the way for a colorado residents. emergency officials and bolder plan to resume their rescue efforts of flood victims today. forecasts call for clear
6:34 am
weather in-allow the helicopters to take the skies. officials are now urging people who have been cut off and unable to communicate by phone or other means to signal helicopters would sheets, mirrors, slate nurse or signal fires.emergency officials said that some 1500 homes have been destroyed and about 17,000 have been damaged by the flooding and began in the mid of last week. >> the amount diablo fire is 100% contained and nature lovers are already hoping to get back to the trails. the fire burned nearly five square miles in and around the state park. officials said the amount diablo state park is on track to partially we opening this morning. >> is it is extremely
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special. i can right here from my home. it is one of the best times. it is r pretty special pe. >> i hike here with my dogs. it's just awesome here. >> the parties return to regular business hours today with the gates we opening at 8:00 a.m. this morning. the park will reopen to everyone. >> a sneaker with a severed human foot was found at the ocean and beach. the national park service says that the beach patrol found the foot yesterday morning and think it apparently was washed up. there was no sign of the rest of the body. it is not cleared this time whom the foot belongs to. park officials say it is
6:36 am
very likely that it did not happened recently. >> a new survey and a majority of americans who are frequently hit by scams. researchers found that people who are 65 years old or older are the most likely to be targets of fraud. the kind of scam is the cash people may sound familiar light e-mail's from abroad the, and winning a lottery somewhere. experts say that skimmers are also looking for new story lines like claiming to have access to private shares of big companies. in come level also made an impact on how people respond to scams. but perhaps that is not the way you think. those making less than $25,000 a year were less likely to be interested in risky pitches. >> keeping our eyes on wall street. the dow is up 140
6:37 am
points. we will have more on the markets and there is a big name that is dropping out. we will check in with rob black coming up.
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align welcome back. we are tracking the east bay hot spots. they are piling up. the nimitz freeway southbound it looks like this coming out of hayward down to fremont. the to the plans have been blocked for over an hour. the traffic is jammed the because of this. there is a overturned an accident that has not yet cleared. >> westbound 24, has a power outage. it has left only two lanes available in the westbound direction. the
6:41 am
time that they have set to correct this problem is by 7:30 a.m.. the only reason why this back up is not bigger is because there is a new hot spot on highway 680 in the southbound direction. >> does paula dean deserve a second chance? she made her first appearance this weekend. this is what she had to say. >> the one place that i want to make my first-ever is back out. >> she was that it cut the show and she received a standing ovation when she joined her sons. it this was
6:42 am
on houston on saturday. we want to know what to think. does she deserve a second chance? sound off on our facebook page. >> when we return to forbes magazine is listed in their most richest people. we will talk about this coming up. >> here is a look at the hot spot. unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much?
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6:46 am
have no and we want to show you this vantage point. the traffic is so backed up on the screen that thousands of cars are trying to go through the contra costa tunnel. you cannot even see where this ends. it goes all the way back to lafayette. these are cars that are born to walnut creek. this is where we were heading to and we were leaving from oakland. on the side going to oakland, berkeley side apparently the lights are all. you can see the back up and we're trying to get a hold of caltran to find out exactly when this problem will be fixed. >> the last we heard was that they hope to have this changeover accomplished by 7:30 a.m.. the power outage
6:47 am
minutes the they could not remove the electrical barriers. that is to reason why they will not be able. this means that non commute direction drivers, eastbound will catch a break because there are no backups or delays. again, here is a look from the traffic map. this is not the only problem for the commute there is also an accident on 680. this is jim and up the traffic coming out of concord and pleasanton hill. this is the only reason why this back up one westbound 24 is not worse. here is a look at the ride on 880. kron 4 jackie sissel sent us this shot. this is beyond the portend over crossing.
6:48 am
the two left lines are shut down and they hope to have this up by 15 minutes. the damage has been done. in >> the traffic maps show you the back of all the way to highway 92. once again we're looking at about a 55 minute drive time heading down to milpitas. the bay bridge backups is still the macarthur mayes and metering lights were slowed down because of heavy traffic on the san francisco side. we have not yet recovered. there are bright lights as you head out from the toll plaza. here is your ride to the golden gate bridge which is still a problem free. >> we are looking good at the golden gate bridge in
6:49 am
fact we are starting to steer clear skies. >> it is pretty overcast where we do have areas of drizzle. the temperatures are really not too bed. take a look at pleasanton with 57 degrees. 61 degrees out the door in oakland. the temperatures are a little bit cooler north of the golden gate bridge. all of the clause that we are seen are pretty quick to clear. the temperatures of this afternoon will be very similar to what we saw yesterday. mid-70s for the east shore line. sambar fell one have a high of 83 degrees. by letter on this evening to clouds will return. for the most part the temperatures will be back in the low 60's. >> your extended forecasts shows at the temperatures will drop by tomorrow. we will have clear mornings and
6:50 am
the temperatures will be near the '90s. we are tracking a storm system that may bring lane north of the golden gate bridge for friday into saturday. >> we are watching wall street with our financial expert rob black. we are seeing that the dow was up over 146 points. the big nils over the weekend if is larry summers. taking his self out of the running. and >> he is out and who is an is damaged goods. she is damage because she was the front runner and the obama administration stated that they did not want our policies on low inflation. she was a spot--to be anti --this will be a big loss
6:51 am
for the obama administration. this is someone that they clearly did not want to appoint. >> the one thing about her is that if she is confirmed we do know what we are getting. we're not want to get a continuing asian of ben bernanke. >> a lot of people do not think that they should have the power. this is a conversation for many, many years that we would not have. after a 911 date became active and they lowered interest rates that did help the mortgage rates, but i did not see how she can get 10 because she is perceived as damaged goods. maybe they can pick somebody else. tim died merced that he was not interested. >> it will be a meeting this
6:52 am
week and maybe president barack obama will talk later about what we are seen as far as the tragedy at the naval base. he will probably touch on these issues as well. >> meanwhile, the markets- test the markets are down. i wish that we had something else to talk about. is all the fed's this morning. laura policies and plays a part in extending the stock market. this is not based on our knees. >> we would check back with rob for winners and losers at 9:15 a.m.. >> microsoft co-founder bill gates is still ameramerica's
6:53 am
richest man. gates takes the top spot in the forbes 400 list for the 20th straight year. he has a network of $72 billion. coming in second, investor warren buffett, with a net worth of $58.8 billion. oracle's co-founder of larry ellison stays in third place with 41 billion. force says that america's super rich continue to increase their wealth over the last year, with the 400 people on the annual list posting a combined net worth of two trillion dollars. >> we're getting indications from the chp that some of these hot spots should be cleared. we will have
6:54 am
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>> welcome back. we are tracking major hot spots across the east. first, westbound 24 has the power restored. they have not yet finished widget or the lanes. there are still on the two lanes available westbound. in walnut creek three lanes of 680 are blocked southbound. this is jamming up the traffic into concord and martinez. even though we are minutes away from opening the lanes on the nimitz freeway they have been blocked for over an hour and half. the traffic is still blocked. >> coming up on the kron4
6:58 am
morning nils will have more of the shooting at the navy yard. will also have more on of flooding in colorado. we will also talk with gary on of flooding in colorado. we will also talk with gary about the football game. at mes yr faly sle? on of flooding in colorado. he, trthisso talk with gary about the football game. backips lovechinmm, ! i ke t fac th the' ts odiffenttaes gng o mmmm breaast i'verympreed. thiss a eat real breaast honebuncs ofats.
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thisshearou cnchi. breaast gripthe can... ♪ r a rongag tt gegladorceex. smalchan, bidiffence


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