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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. division champs! the oakland athletics are back in the post-season. >> welcome i'm john fenoglio >> i'm vicki liviakis. >> today, following a texas rangers loss to the kansas city royals on a bottom of the 10th inning walk off grand slam. the a's learned well before the end of their game that they had reclaimed the division title. the team still held their
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own at the oh-dot-co coliseum. powering their way to a decisive eleven to seven victory over the minnesota twins. sweeping their final regular season home series. kron four's philippe djegal was at the game. and, was right in the middle of the festivities. the a's had to wait about six innings to celebrate. but once the third out in the top of the ninth inning was recorded. they stormed the field. coaches and players embrassed. congratulating one another on a tremendous run to re- capture the amercian league western division title. another playoff birth. and shot to a win world series title. and, i'm telling you first hand. they didn't waste any time popping open the champagne. the a's are back at it monday in anaheim. their goal now is to keep winning and hopefully head into the postseason with home field advantage. at the coliseum in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> kron4's maureen kelly spoke to some excited happy a's fans.many of whom spent much of the contest following two games at the same time during the race for the american league west crown. (go a's)
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(let's go aoakland) chang chanting) >> reporter: even before the a's took the field.excited and confident fans had their eyes on their cell phones while tailgating.or on the big screen inside the coliseum.watching another game.the kansas city royals vs. the texas rangers. because if the rangers lose the a's will win the als championship. never thought i'd say i'd been rooting for kansas city >> let's go oakland >>reporter:and while the a's enjoyed an early lead against the twins. the score between the rangers and the royals stayed zero zero.into the nine inning and beyond. >> top of the tenth, extra baseball in kansas city, top of the tenth >> the fans in the bleachers.wearing zany costumes.waving flags.supporting their team.high fiving as the a's continued to rack up runs. whooo.sweep. >> reporter: but still keeping one eye on what was
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turning into a nailbiter in kansas city. >> it's exciting. >> reporter: in the the third inning a roar went up in oakland as the word came down.that the rangers lost against the royals.helping the a's clinch their second straight al west title. "merry clinchmas" >> reporter: sending estatic fans to start lining up to buy tee shirts proclaiming their new title.before the game against the twins was even over. >> we are going to all of the playoff games we are so excited! >> reporter: in the end the a's did not disappoint the diehards.with a win that proved they would have gone on to the playoffs wheter or not the rangers their fans confidence that this year the a's will go all the way. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> kron 4's j-r stone has been in the midst of the sports action today and joins us! >> talk about excitement this game was all that and more.the east bay was rockin' bob know he was fired up.we jump to the 2nd inning with coco crisp. this one is deep.and quite frankly i don't think it's playable.goneeeeee.5 to 1
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a's. oakland was looking good but the third inning was when they found out they had won the division.that's when they got word that the royals had beaten the rangers 4 to nothing. hand shakes all around. when we talk about this oakland team you can't help but be excited for them. the second year in a row they have won the division. that hasn't happened for 10 years. they've now won 20 of their last 26 games. two seasons in a row with at least 92 wins. they were 2 and a half games behind texas and now they are 8 games in front of texas.all
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me. hasn't happened for 10 years. they've now won 20 of their last 26 games. two tarps in the upper deck are coming off of come playoff time. it looks like the excitement has just started out there. vicki and john we have got so much more in sports.including andrew luck versus jim harbaugh. thanks j-r, we'll hear more on how all the bay area well it was not a good day for 49er fans. they packed candlestick park only to watch standford grad, andrew luck, and the colts knock the 9ers 27 to seven. kron 4's scott rates was at the game and spoke with players, coaches and fans. >> we did not have very good development on moving in that horrible. >> reporter: they were taking a commanding victory
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here is what the head to say. >> trent richardson scored a touchdown. >> reporter: for the 49ers, there was a lot of long faces. >> we did not expect that. >> we love the forty-niners, no matter what! >> we are going to go to the playoffs! >> it during the fourth quarter we did not have much luck. >> reporter: there will be in st. louis on the thursday night game. this will be his carcoach harbaugh.
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hopefully, many people are thinking that they can get this turned around and get this season salvaged. scott rates, kron 4 news. >> some developing news out of the niner camp. niners ceo jed york said linebacker aldon smith would seek treatment, presumably for a substance- abuse problem, and would not be with the team when it visits the rams on thursday night in st. louis. there is no date for smith's return. smith was arrested for suspicion of dui after his pickup slammed into a tree in a residential neighborhood in san jose this week. it was the latest off-the- field incident for smith, who was also arrested for dui in january 2012 and stabbed at a party at his house 15 months ago. we hear what smith had to say after today's rough game. coming up in sports. tonight. new details into yesterday's deadly attack on an upscale shopping mall in kenya's capitol city of nairobi. gunmen stormed the mall and killed scores of people. wounded many more. and took hostages. as kron 4's alecia reid tells
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us.the kenyan military has rescued most of the remaining hostages. >> reporter: that's right john the 2 day standoff is slowly coming to a close. so far there have been 68 killed, and 175 injured. we're told americans among the many wounded. low flying military helicopters circled the westgate shopping center today as officials tried to bring a stop to the hostage crisis. cal berkeley graduate elaine dang got away with her life, but suffered injuries from the mall shooting. some victims had to get critical careothers that escaped were able to share their stories. >> bullets were running over my head. >> i think specifically they were targeting the security guys because i saw them pursuing quite a number of them. unfortunately where i was he shot the security guard in the head and he died instantly. then he shot at me. he shot at my head but it hit the wall behind me. >> reporter: kenyans have been donating blood to help those that may need it. the country's president, who lost a nephew in the attack,
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visited some of the injured in their hospital beds today. >> be strong. you will be fine >> reporter: meanwhile, al- shabaab militants claim they will not negotiate with authorities. as officials search to bring the gunmen to justice, president obama reached out to the kenyan president offering support in finding the terrorists. >> they shall not get away with their despicable and beastly acts. >> reporter: according to al shabaab, three of the men identified as hostage takers are american. the state department is working on confirming this information, and say they are becoming more confident american citizens were involved. alecia reid kron 4 news feet >> 60's and 70's inland. tonight, we have a second system that is pushing to
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northern california producing rainfall. we could see some clouds for the north bay otherwise. this system from the live you over mount tam. a bit breezy and will for mostly clear skies tonight scattered caused lots of sunshine for our monday. looking for the highs to low mid 80s inland. about 10 degrees warmer than what we had today. san jose, redwood city, in oakland. however, it is going to be cool. vicki? >> coming up, a possible bart strike. what they have up their sleeve.
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>> and also a candidate statement from the catholic church. >> this massive shooting. what lawmakers are talking about gun control.
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reform legislation. >> president barrack obama spoke at a memorial service today for the twelve men and women killed in a washington navy yard last week. the president thanked and honored those fallen for their service and emphasized that they would never be forgotten. he offered condolences to the family and ensured them that the nation is mourning with them. there will weaken not accept
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this. >> the president also used the memorial to bring attention to the rise in gun violence in the us. >> we can't accept this. as americans bound in grief and love we must insist here today there is nothing normal about innocent men and women being gunned down where they work. it will be one week ago tomorrow that aaron alexis opened fire at the washington dc navy yard killing twelve people. tactical teams were used to surround alexis and he was shot and killed on the scene. his mental state is in question after reports of instability and the contractor that cleared his background is currently under investigation. >> the toll of the deadly flooding in colorado is still being added up, but right now there are at least 7 killed. three others are missing and presumed dead. sixty people are unaccounted for, but that number is dropping as roads and phone service are restored. officials say the raging water destroyed some 19- hundred homes and damaged another 16-thousand. the flooding also decimated bridges and roads. officials say it will cost roughly 135-million dollars to begin to fix the state's infrastructure. >> tongiht police are looking for a man who assaulted a sixty year old woman. the assault occurred at sonoma valley regional park near glen ellen.
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authorities say, the woman's dog got into a fight with another man's dog. that's when the man got angry and wrapped a dog leash around the woman's neck. she fought him off and attempted to take his picture with a cell phone. the man then grabbed the phone and threw it in a nearby lake before taking off. >> as the bart contract negotiations drag on, the clock is ticking down to a possible bart strike that could happen as early as october 11th. today we learned that bart management and its two largest unions are planning to meet this coming monday to discuss the most pressing topics like wages, pension, and medical contributions. however the transit agency says. it is already teaching managers how to operate bart trains in case talks continue to stall. kron-4's charles clifford has more. >> reporter: inside this wearhouse on mare island in vallejo, bart managers have been learning or in some cases relearning the ins and outs of how to operate a bart train. we do have.... >> we have a dozen of but not the representative
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employees that are able to run the trains. and also making sure that they are able to get this certification, if necessary in the event of a strike. >> reporter: if there is another strike, management would have to get the approval of the bart board of directors in order to let the fill in operators actually run the trains. >> what we're talking about.... with 62 trains on the same time on the warning time what we're talking about is much more limited service. >>reporter:bart's union said again today that they are strongly opposed to the training plan. >> i think that it is extremely dangerous and it's reckless... >> reporter: meanwhile, bart and i's unions are set to resume contract negotiations on monday. the current 60 day cooling off period expires at 11:59 pm on october 10th. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>> after a gray and sunny day, things are going to warm of even more tomorrow but it is going to get cool. right now, the bay bridge toll plaza we have clear skies for this evening. we do have a storm system however, some clouds but a sunny day expected with warmer temperatures. this is what we had yesterday. this northern track towards cresson said the, they are getting rainfall. as we time it out, a cool system of cool air through the bay area, it, tuesday and wednesday even gusting
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wednesday, and even by mid- week. futurecast. here is the storm system to try to make its way to the self. but if it is pretty much going to vanish. towards santa rosa. we are looking at decent conditions, and conditions will be pretty nice for tomorrow. upper 70's and low 80s for the south-bay. santa clara, 80 degrees and nearly 80 degrees in redwood city, fremont. and highs inland going into the mid '80s in the warmest and antioch. looking for 80s near walnut creek and the sea breeze will not be that strong. san francisco, 70 degrees. here is the up and down the coast
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for the first week of the fall season. cool weather watch how temperatures are going to be 60s along the bay. however, shifting by friday. '70s and mid upper 70's with low 80s, inland. >> still ahead. she's the most popular female politician in the country who's not in office. will hillary run in 2016? her latest comments have a lot of people talking. >>
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>> the 2016 presidential election is still three years away, yet one prominent democrat already has an army of supporters. we are, of course, talking about hillary clinton. the former secretary of state has repeatedly indicated that she would not run for president in 2016. until recently. erin mcpike reports. >> reporter: denials no
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more. hillary clinton admits it: she's thinking about running for president in 2016. >> "she's come out for the first time here and said, you know, i'm thinking about it. so she's weighing it." >> reporter: she said as much to joe hagan in a wide- ranging interview featured in this week's new york magazine. here she is, in her own words, about whether she wrestles with the idea of jumping into the ring again: >> "i do, but i'm both pragmatic and realistic..i will just continue to weigh what the factors are that would influence me making a decision one way or the other." >> reporter: it's a far cry from what she's said every time she's been asked the last three years, including in january by cnn. >> "i have absolutely no plans to run." >> reporter: her inner circle is making different plans. >> "the most fascinating part of the experience for me was talking to many of her former staffers from the state department and some of her closer friends. and they're much more open about here's why she's qualified. here's what happened at the state department that gives her the experience. here's how she learned from the
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mistakes of 2008." >> reporter: because of that role, she's more popular than ever. >> "it was the first time the country had gotten to see her as somebody who just what you see is what you get. shows up for work every day and gets stuff done, and is very strong about it." >> reporter: and she's getting some encouragement to run from another glass ceiling-cracker, the first female speaker of the house. >> "i know that if she does, she will win." >> reporter: but if you're chomping at the bit for campaign season to begin, hold your horses. her warning: "i'm not in any hurry. i think it's a serious decision, not to be made lightly, but it's also not one that has to be made soon." >> coming up a twitter picture becomes of viral at the white house what happens at the warehouse. white house.
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shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm.
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in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >> coming up highlights from the a's game. >> also, the the massacre here. >> the 80s are returning with a bit of a return with your kron 4 7 day around the bay
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. favorite in a
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presidential latest investigation. arrive >> this employee and government back to our developing story. an al-qaeda-linked militant group based in somalia -- called al-shabaab -- is claiming responsibility for the deadly massacre and hostage situation at a mall in kenya. kenya's military says it has rescued "most" of the remaining hostages. the two-day standoff killed 68 people and injured 175. the assault began yesterday after 10 to 15 islamic extremists stormed the mall from two sides, throwing grenades and firing on civilians.
8:32 pm
al shabaab has been waging a violent attack against somalia's government and its allies since 2006. david mckenzie filed this report in 2009 -- looking at how al-shabaab operates. and we must warn you -- the story is disturbing. masked gunmen hold a hunting knife to the head of a terrified somali machinating at brutal justice. it is a propaganda video purported to be made in late 2008 by al shabaab - a somali extremist group with operational links to al qaeda. one of the militants recites verses from the quran. he accuses the man of being a spy. then, on camera, they behead their captive with knives. >> "the most gruesome and gross violation of human rights are committed by al- shabaab and they have also instilled fear. they just shoot, they kill they maim and they lash." >> "we are calling all the brothers overseas, all the shabaab, wherever they are, to come and live the life of a mujahid." >> reporter: and al shabaab are using more sophisticated
8:33 pm
ways to recruit jihadists from both within somalia and beyond.even successfully recruiting american somalis to their cause. >> "the rhetoric and language and if you look at the websites-if you hear their preachers or their scholars speak it is completely indistinguishable from al qaeda leaders." >> reporter: and their methods are, too.using asymmetrical terror tactics like suicide bombing-once unheard of in somalia-to inflict maximum damage. >> "we should not underestimate the capacity of al-shabaab-this is a deadly organization-a formidable foe." >> an extremist islamic group that will continue to inflict terror in a region once known for its moderate islam. david mckenzie cnn, nairobi kenya typhoon usagi has touched down in china. the center of the powerful storm came ashore near the coastal areas of shanwei just a few hours ago. the typhoon spared hong kong from a direct hit. but the storm has forced airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. leaving dozens of passengers stranded. widespread flooding in mexico has now claimed 110 lives. three storms -- including hurricane manuel and tropical storm ingrid -- have torn through the country over the past week. persistent, heavy rains triggered mudslides, washed out roadways and caused rivers to overflow their
8:34 pm
banks. mexico's interior ministry says some 24 states have been impacted by storm damage. >> in a new interview last week, pope francis said the catholic church shouldn't "interfere" in the lives of gay people. some catholics say the pope's words are giving them a fresh sense of inclusion in the catholic faith. sara sidner reports. >> reporter: as a lesbian and a catholic.cleo meyer could never have imagined being this happy among fellow catholics especially after the reaction her parents had when cleo revealed she was gay. >> "mother actually threw holy water on me when i told her. i came out. she threw holy water on me it was devastating to me. it was unbelievable to me that my mother who is the best friend of my life said you know no. "it was horrible when i came out and they disowned me." >> reporter: she says in a way so did her catholic church which considered her an abomination because of her sexual orientation. >> "i'm a catholic, i was born a catholic, i love the catholic faith, i love jesus christ, i've lived on the cross for my sins. i love everything about it but i could never feel that someone or a church that
8:35 pm
didn't want me to be there. i couldn't be there." >> reporter: years later cleo married donna.they had a child and found a catholic church in atlanta that accepted them. for this couple the words of pope francis on not judging or condemning homosexuals is a divine sign they are welcome in the catholic faith. >> "i just see and olive branch being extended for things that may not have been previously from other pope's from the position of the church and that's very refreshing and it gives us hope." >> reporter: hope for change in the church's doctrine on homosexuality and the role of women. but there are plenty of catholics who say that will not and should not happen. >> "no. because the good lord gave us all those rules and we've got to stick by them." >> "i feel like that is what's great about the catholic church is that our rules do not change. i mean
8:36 pm
its founded from peter. we're the apostolic church and those things won't change." >> "depending on which catholic church you attend and which parishioner you speak with the idea and understanding of what the pope actually said varies widely. though many of the parishioners we spoke with hadn't actually read the entire interview." >> reporter: they all however had a strong feeling that pope francis is leading the church in the right direction.parishoners say by advocating deep compassion flash over harsh judgment, he's bringing it's flock a step closer towards what is its divine calling. >> clear skies. but it looks like the rain will be pretty mild. 60s through pittsburgh. 66 degrees. and daly city. for tomorrow, we are going to start off with
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some sunshine in the paltz will be out, quickly. and warm temperatures for this afternoon, with mid-70s near the bay. a big contrast of what is going on at heavenly ski resort. even a light dusting of snow! however, the it looks like that is going to be melting away. . the lake level. it will be turning blustery with the chance of rain and snowfall returning on wednesday. i will tell you more about it, coming up. apologize" plus. with the release of the new i -phones. we show you the differences between the 5=s and the 5=c. and whether it's worth the money. + + +
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the daughter of a soldier wounded in afghanistan is now an internet sensation. five-year-old alanah poullard was pictured with the president at the white house and took home a memento of the visit made just for her. you can see that photo right here. akeam ashford explains the special moment the little girl shared with the commander in chief. "look, the white house." >> reporter: alanah poullard will always remember her first white house visit. this photo of her chatting with the president, has become one of the most talked about photos on the internet. >> "i was very excited." >> reporter: alanah's father-- stacy poullard--- was proud to see his wife honored for her service in afghanistan---and to have his daughter be part of something special. >> "to have them come back and honor those that are wounded is a once in a lifetime thing, and for my daughter she might not understand what's going on now, but ten years from now
8:42 pm
it will hit her." as for alanah--she remembers the moment she first saw the president coming to meet her. "he was walking on the red carpet, he came out of a room." that's when she did something that made her dad a little nervous--- especially in the most secure house in the country. "i ran and i slipped and then i got back up." "she went straight for him, then i thought the secret service would stop her. no one approached her. and she jumped into his arms, threw her arms around his neck, he gave her a hug and a kiss and they were then maybe 50 feet away. i have no idea what they said." alanah says she asked the president to write her the excuse letter. but before giving her the note, the commander in chief gave her some advice. "he said don't give it to your teacher. he said just show it to your teacher." the poullard family was invited to the white house from louisiana as part of the wounded warrior project. major yolanda poullard-- alanah's mother -- is still in washington recovering from the injuries she sustained in afghanistan last year. can you say flu-tag? coming up, we show you the thousands of daredevils who turned out to compete with their flying machines in the first national red bull flugtag competition. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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>> with the release of the new i -phones. we are breaking down the comparisions between the i=phone 5=s and the 5=c. these two phones landed in stores friday morning and a lot people are wondering what exactly the difference is between these two models. in today's tech report kron 4's gabe slate has that basic break=down. >> the iphone 5 s has silver, gray and cold. and also call five colors, blue, pink, green, green, white. it is made out of aluminum and with morris dirty material. plastic reinforced with steel and of much fo processor. and also, this same chip as the iphone 5 has been in the will of a
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better camera. they seek new camera lens. with a two- tone fleshed so. resorts are going to look a lot much better. there is a built and shipped that is going to be the next generation tracking. and also a motion tracking with new types of applications for example,, if it double and the five c it is a also lighter. . one of the biggest differences is security privacy. with cool fingerprint technician technology. and lastly it will have a higher resale value. after a couple of
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years when you coach ray it and not one the day you will get much more money on its than the fivec >> and if you'd like to connect with gabe slate. you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at-kron4- dot-com. >> and now for a breakdown of the weekend box office-- kidnapping drama, "prisoners" -- with hugh jackman, jake gyllenhaal, and terrence howard leading the all-star cast -- took the top spot with 21-point-4 million dollars in ticket sales. the horror sequel "insidious: chapter 2" fell to number two in its second week, scaring up 14-and-a- half million. "the family" -- a crime caper starring robert deniro and michelle pfeiffer -- rounds out the top three, bringing in 7-million dollars. that's because designer >> saturday was the last weekend of summer. clear skies for tonight. and it is
8:47 pm
going to be an interesting week with warmer, cooler conditions. clear skies with high, low clouds. basically another warm day with five, 10 degrees in fairfield, concord. that is up nearly 10 degrees at nearly eight degrees in redwood city. san francisco and oakland are all highs in the '70s. cooler on tuesday. notice, the orange indicating 80s inland. and we are going to have a briscoe western wind. 30 m.p.h.-40 m.p.h.! 70's inland and for tomorrow, it is going be the upper 70's and low 80s for the self-
8:48 pm
bay. the milpitas, san jose. as to go for the hulman valley. and temperatures will be into the 80s in antioch. 84 degrees in pittsburgh, the same in danville. cooler but not particularly a strong sea breeze. san francisco, with 70's and 80's for the north bay valleys. the same for san mateo and for the beaches is should be pretty nice. mid-60s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay on tuesday, we are looking at a big change. with the wind really picking up. nearly 40 m.p.h. as we go for the evening hours. for the rest of the week is going to be
8:49 pm
cool. blustery. 60s in 70's inland. the shifting winds from the ocean from the north will help warm things up on thursday with mid-70s along the bay. animal rights activists hitunder the new city law, any retailer who violates the ban more than three times in a year can be charged with asome retailers say it goes against the city's claim to capital. take a look at this. thousands of daredevils turned out to compete in the flugtag competition. the event was held saturday in five cities across the u- s. teams launched their home- made flying machines off a 30-foot ramp into the waters below. prizes vary from a team skydiving excursion, to sporting and music tickets. judges were looking for distance, creativity, and, of course, showmanship. half to seven in sports, the a l west. j.r. stone is here with all of your sports highlight some. next!.
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>> the a's entered today's game needing either a win or a rangers loss to clinch the american league west. manager bob melvin. once again making all the right moves.gotta love that guy. bottom of the 2nd. 2-1 a's. and coco crisp does it again. a 3-run home run into the right field bleachers. 5-1 a's. it's crisp's 23rd home run of the season. so while that game was in the third.the big news for
8:53 pm
the a's broke in kansas city. the royals' justin maxwell hits a walk-off grand slam to beat the rangers 4-0. giving the a's the a-l west crown. and listen to the reaction back in oakland once they got the news. melvin getting congrats for his 2nd straight division title. but there was still a game to play >> listen to the reaction! bottom of the 4th. shortstop jed lowrie. goes deep for his 14th home run. 8-4 a's then. with 2 outs in the 9th and the a's up 11-7. evan scriber strikes out josnil pinto to close it out. the a's repeat as a-l west champions. it is their 16th division title and 25th postseason. the team with the 4th lowest opening day payroll in the majors has done it again
8:54 pm
lets go to the clubhouse. time for some champagne. the 49ers back at home >> if this special. i feel law just lucky to be worked i am at. and they it done so much for us this is just my rookie year. just to be able to savor these moments and these victories. we feel good about where we are. >> great. >> the 49ers are back at home the crushing loss to
8:55 pm
the seahawks. taking on andrew luck and the indianapolis colts.luck versus harbaugh. so exciting that jerry rice had to see it. back at candlestick in a suit and tie. but it was andrew luck sprinting the field to the delight of the fans. back in the bay area.his home while he was the star q.b. at sanford under coach jim harbaugh. 1st drive of the game. the colts march right down to field. capping it off with a 1-yard touchdown run by the newly acquired trent richardson. only 35 yards on 13 carries for richardson as he gets eased in. 7-0 colts. the 49ers come right back down the field. kendall hunter takes it in on the draw from 13 yards out. 7-7 tie.hope you liked that because it was all downhill from there for the niners. 3rd quarter. now 10-7 colts. luck gets outside containment. he's faster than you think. for a15 yard gain. the colts would kick a field goal to make it 13-7 4th quarter. luck. doing it again with his legs. 6-yard touchdown run. and look at this boooo yaaaaa.what a spike. he was 18-of-27 for 164 yards and ran for 24 more. not big numbers but more than enough today. 20-7 colts colin kaepernick. couldn't find an open receiver most of the game. here he is forced to scramble.
8:56 pm
stripped. the colts recover. kaepernick was only 13-of- 27 for 150 yards passing and 20 yards rushing colts win 27-7. luck and harbaugh shaking hands afterward. it is the first time the 49ers have lost consecutive games under harbaugh. here's what luck had to say after the game return to index of >> it was special. because we had an amazing games. it was much, much better. overcome of the personal connection. >> we've made a major of police. the combination with the players not having the opportunity. the more bad news he could miss more games after his d u i. >> this is seldom that i
8:57 pm
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what you haven't heard about miley cyrus's split and liam's new love. plus, was high school musical star zac efron addicted to cocaine? >> who is liam's mystery woman? >> her bizarre connection to miley, and has she been hospitalized because of bulimia? then zac efron's secret stint in rehab. his reported coke rager in vegas, and what we saw on the set of his new movie. >> there is like a wheelbarrow of weed right there. >> exactly. plus, lady gaga losing it? why elton john is saying she is in a dangerous place. cher, single at 67. will cher ever get married again? her love life, her malibu


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