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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: sideshow workers on display when get out of hand. >> reporter: off the team and headed for rehab of unspent plays his last game for some time. >> reporter: derrick going employes serving up more than just ice cream and his story is going by road.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: breaking news next at eight. >> pam: a two- year-old hit by a car in pittsburg. we're live on the scene with reaction from her family. and dozens of friends and family members gather to remember a 12-year-old boy. run over and killed outside school this morning. i'm pam moore. >> reporter: it to your old little girl may have been running after a ball and was struck by and as a uc. believe to be the ball the girl was running after. and hit the child. if you can see past the police motorcycle past the evidence
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there is a wide as you the stock in the middle of the street. as allegedly hit the child. the child was taken to the hospital. the aunt of the child stays the she is devastated. the little girl's vital signs are pop tilt and she is conscious. that is really a big piece of positive news. the little girl tonight is expected to recover. police tells us that the driver of the vehicle is cooperating fully in the investigation. live and his bart kron 4 news.
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>> reporter: thises and the eastern and portion of his birth. uc juneau avenue where this accident happened. as you know a residential street with lot of homes. we will keep you updated with more affirmation after the strike broadcasts. >> pam: school when a boy on a bike is run over and killed. we're live as dozens gather to remember him tonight. sideshow onlookers "gunning it" when one dangerous display gets out of hand this weekend. new at eight -- we'll walk you through the video that has cops deeply disturbed. fire destroys a west oakland church known for providing food and help to the community. off the team, and headed for rehab. aldon smith plays his last game for some the
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>> reporter: you to see folks still out here but what is sad evening it was accurate is not often you see this many young people remembering one of their friends. >> as soon as someone said it was a child hit i immediately knew who it was because we see him outside of school all of the time (crying) >> was outgoing and always had a smile and made everyone laugh. >> made it better for us purity dismay everything so special and so happy. >> reporter: in the boy
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scouts and clubs gauss and a number of comanches service hours on top of that as well. tonight was about remembering him so many people from this community in the show up and so many different people with good things to say about their friend. the driver has not been charged the state that this has been an accident but tonight it was about remembering young birches. >> reporter:the side-show problem appears to be making a comeback in oakland. you know those things where people gather.shut down a road.doing donuts.driving like idiots. there have been two side- shows the past two weekends.
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>> reporter:the most recent one was just after 4:00 saturday morning on middle harbor road at the port of oakland. >> reporter:a warning.there are several gun-shots.and bad language. visdeo >> reporter: uc the person standing there shooting into the car. the woman was hitting the other card people were mad and that is what prompted the shooting had aggressive behavior. that was the one stating that was her car. no one was there one police showed up it does not appear that there were injuries. that follows another side show on on 14th when the police there is did respond to this one. try to catch up and address the driver and
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backed up a police cruiser as he was trying to get away. yet to sideshows on the opposite side and oakland for the last two weeks. making side shows more of a priority but the problem is unfortunately appears to be right is ugly head again. rearing. >> reporter: this is the spot here where it happened earlier. or they line up to get their cars before they head of this area. for the most part is very safe but there will be watching their back. this woman did not want to be identified frequently uses the special
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car pool but she speaking twice after what happened earlier this morning. >> all the sudden three guys came with guns and stated that they were taking everything. >> reporter: ever people were waiting for the casual car pool area were trucked into victims i had my >> i have my cell phone and i just handed it to him. we weren't aware of our surroundings in now people are very well very well aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: stills fortunate that no one is hard to push you will never forget those frightening few minutes. >> was one-woman trembling and screaming and terrified and scrubber of people were in shock. other people were
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in shock report >> reporter: lee and oakland kron 4 news. >> pam: it is still early. but the 49ers season is certainly not going according to plan. . the team is struggling on the field. and one of their star players is struggling off the field. kron four's jason appelbaum joins me. with the latest on >> gas smith has left the field to stating that he has an alcohol problem after he ran his truck into a tree just hours before practice spirit again, this is 7:00 a.m. prior to
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practice. smith played anyway on sunday it when that all calls to a bid lost anyway badly. this was the second dui i and appeared on and off of an wake-up call to remove him from action. >> i want to apologize first of all to the team the organ, the organization and my family and to everyone i let down. i will get better and do everything in my power to major that this does not happen again. >> reporter: he can get all of the support he needs all ultimately is up to him if it will work or not correct as for harbaugh this is what he had decide. >> rehash the road and now taking steps and support in that. that is what our
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approach. >> reporter: as for the team is self diversity that he is talking a lot is one in to peer at for quite some time. if they lose the game it will be panic mode. >> pam: thanks jason. ahead at eight. in the >> pam: in the meantime writers are already feeling the pinch. as a result bart to cannot repair is trains
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fast enough. >> is not your imagination for several weeks bart has been running up your trains the 573 train cars that mes demands. at one point they were running 62 fewer cars in the morning commute but there and we are now finding out that the problem is continuing 16 fewer cars on seven few cars on wednesday and 14 fewer cars on today. now bart says it can't keep up with the maintenance because its union workers the same ones involved in the dispute are not signing up for a enough or not
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enough of them are signing up for overtime. so they cannot repair the bill calls or repair the cars fast enough. so you can look for fewer cars when you catch your trained in the morning. >> pam: the latest details. as people are still being held hostage inside a kenyan mall. plus: the search for attackers. after an east bay man is seriously injured outside his home. and: the settlement, clothing retailer abercrombie and fitch is making. in a discrimination lawsuit involving a bay area woman. >> jacqueline: we are and for changes tomorrow with cooler weather and i will show you how cool it would get in your neighborhood. shh
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>> reporter: 10 as a shock
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when she was told to take off her religious headpiece. >> you should be able to get both in should not have to choose between your religion. >> reporter: coming up at 11 i will have more as abercrombie and which have stood, with more >> pam: fired up fire fighters battled fire alarm at a church today. >> we had a high voltage fire dangling so we had to stop to get pg&e suit
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respond. >> pam: no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. >> pam: kenyan troops are still in the final stages of acquiring the building three of the attackers have been killed and arrested the kenyan government access from the attackers are american and board. killing more than six people in several european some americans were hurt none died. >> pam: the vice president to land in state today meanwhile, and a person has died from the severe flooding and two others missed our risk presumed missing and are missing and
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presumed dead. officials say the flood costco $135 million in damage. hist >> jacqueline: temperature's rising largely in the '60s and still 70 degree in concord and 72 and pleasanton and 71 and up in napa. tonight it looks like a couple of passages near the coast line for your to stay sunny skies on winds will pick up a little bit near the coast line. afternoon highs tomorrow in the '60s and '70s for the most part. so will hit 75 in concord and 74 in sunnyvale and 77 in santa rosa. it will continue to get cooler
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but change is coming into the weekend will take a look at the extended forecast coming up about 845. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- the numbers are in from apple's big i=phone opening weekend. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate has your tech headlines. >> reporter: 5 esses sold out in most stores and the gold model is next to impossible to find right now. the look trying to find a gold one. there are on ebay going for $1,000 if you have the money. >> reporter: security known as itouch id the group posted about their achievement in the video on you to about how to pull off
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the hat. i would not list how it's done because i would encourage bad behavior. most people would not go to lock the trouble to try pulled it off. apple has not, to get the damn sure they will send up a full detail. >> reporter: blackberry has been sold and their larger share wanted to buy the company for $4 billion and run it as a company. the theorem of the biggest players and then it faded away. however, if i were used i would not buy a new blackberry and told we see how this unfolds. >> reporter: the surface tablet revealed by microsoft with a better camera and building kickstand and two angles of
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dealing. starting at $450. lastly steve jobs were built to become a protective historical site. the grosz that belong to the jobs family was the birthplace of the first apple computer. gabe slate crime for a new spirit >> pam: was a dq worker does that has people lining up on to say thank you. some teens who trashed an ex-n-f-l player's home are saying their sorry. >> gary: highlights are coming the day after the aldon smith of the situation he was on the field and a lot of people disagree.
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>> pam: holloway put out the call to the 300 teenagers he claims vandalized his home during a party. but as jennifer lee reports. only four teens showed up to help clean up. ricky nelson and mikaela brynes couldn't believe what they saw today at the stephentown home. >>"i didn't know it was this damaged after the party." >>"it was eating me alive. like i didn't know that any of this was going on, and if i did then i wouldn't have came." >> reporter:mikaela and ricky are two of three hundred teenagers police say trespassed onto the former pro football player brian holloway's home. and the damages done.the walls spray painted, broken windows and the floors ruined from scuff marks and
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urine. >>"it was just floating around twitter and people were texting the address and stuff and like, we just figured it was just like a normal house party. we didn't know it was like broken into and that kind of thing." >> reporter: and what did you think was his work appeared? was this worth it
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? >> know. not all. the two teenagers today came to holloway's home to apologize. >>"we brought him an apology card with money in it to say sorry." >> reporter:the former new england patriots football player wanted the teens involved to come honor veterans at his picnic at his stephentown home and find what he calls redemption. >>"they all need time to talk together and work through this egregious offense that was an offense to the entire community." >> reporter:brian says the teenagers shot responsibility for what they've done. "being a leader, being responsible and being able to go and tell the people, 'look, i was one of the 300. i made a mistake, it was wrong.'" >> reporter:and that's what ricky and mikaela did as they joined other community members volunteering to help clean up the mess that was left behind.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: live at the same the details of what women are learning tonight, john? >> reporter: this otherwise tranquil quiet neighborhood became insane of every parent's worst nightmare. the to your old little girl was struck by oncoming ran out e street. stop there in the middle of the street police officers are investigators
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this crime scene at this hour. s says after striking the child is serious sasses hours a child is in close condition assassins' children's memorial hospital in oakland. shes i sold with s six to since the last of the issue received was that the child is of vital signs was the serious the child but signs were good serious says the driver of the sec also has some blood on his favorite sarah and he got out of the bill go realizing struck the child and became very upset. we have not confirmed that but that is what witnesses are telling us right now. vital signs are positive.
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>> pam: now at 8-30. >> pam: an east bay man attackedtonight, the victim remains in critical condition. and the hunt is on for the people responsible for thekron 4's charles clifford is in pleasanton with details >> reporter: and man was found on conscious in front of his own home. and never says that it was a group of people possibly teenagers making noise outside his house and when he went outside to talk to them he was attacked. when the victim did not come inside his wife called police he was taken by m lands to a local pool hall of local hospital where he remained comatose.
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>> for something like this to happen to him is just unconscionable. >> reporter: say is not uncommon for young people to hang out here. all the neighborhoods here have an active member of the watch programs and if we see suspicious people we will call the police. >> pam: it is a personal problem affecting eight sobol tancre and entire footbal >> reporter: and an
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indefinite leave of absence. coming two days after are rested and brought in jail on suspicion of the you i and marijuana possession. his team have to move forward without him. the nfl says there are no minimum of games he must meet miss. he cared return whenever he's ready. pants and a clear sense that they support his decision to get help. >> it takes a lot to state that you need help and it takes a lot to get help. >> am it little letdown but we all make mistakes. >> he is: to better himself as the first thing to come
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behind a player as a person, in order to play well and is important for him to take care of himself. and we asked people on our facebook page -- what they think about aldon smith's indefinite leave of absense. will it hurt the team?? we always invite you to join facebook page. >> reporter: yes, it will hurt the team but this time to see who is the next month up. good luck to all the and and his shot past four maturity. his path for maturity. >> pam:
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a not-so-random act of kindness. in of all places - the dairy queen. >> reporter:coming up, a story of a young man who did more than serve just ice cream. also coming up. what we're learning about the mysterious powerball winner. who has come forward to claim his prize.
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>> reporter:it's all too common to report on cruel and vicious deeds. but tonight, we're going to introduce you to a young man who says all he wanted to do was. the right thing. meet, dairy queen server - joey - who's become an internet hero. >> reporter: what happened last week have people talking. joy was serving up a local dq and visually impaired customers walk in the door what grew the door. he had been to drop a $20 bill on the ground. let it behind him picked it up so quickly she was just going to hand it right back to him when she put it in her purse and says it's her money. i says all right on going to an option to leave the store politely, right now. if you made a big
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scene enstar swank and stormed out. after serving the people in line. he approached a blind man who had been listening to what was going on with his money. he said i like to give you $20 on behalf of myself and derrick going to make myself and to make something right. heat the money did not come from his cash register it came from his own pocket picked it was the greatest story ever heard and thank you very much and he started crying dripping some started calling and dropping by kurt it it just touched my heart. >> just touched my heart. i dismounted to think joey. i
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just want to it to think joey. >> pam: >> pam: the mysterious winner of the 400-million dollar powerball jackpot comes forward.
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>> pam: the winner of last week's nearly four hundred million dollar powerball jackpot has come forward to claim his prize. but he has chosen to remain anonymous. a south carolina man presented the winning ticket to lottery officials monday afternoon. he chose to take the cash prize of 223 million dollars. the man purchased the ticket at a lexington gas station justt hours before the drawing. he told officials he stopped in to find hot dog buns for his wife. while he did not find the buns. he did decide to buy 20- dollars worth of tickets. the >> jacqueline: we're going to check out those
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich.
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paying smith rather than >> gary: manning with a couple plays later broncos scored early in and manning had a pretty charmed career. now he's on the receiving line with several catches tonight. 73 yds as more bright spring with 17 with the raiders getting on board prior 19 to 28. no interceptions but again when you are planning one of the all-time greats is just not good enough. many 32 it 37
8:52 pm
to 374 yds and three touchdowns. not so hot, but what they expect against manning. raiders are now one at two and back home sunday to face robert griffin and the washington redskins. >> gary: smith seeking help after his second dui he played anyway and the 49ers blowout to the colts on sunday. vestron a lot of criticism. here is smith followed by hardball. >> this is a problem and something that i will get fixed and make sure everything in my power that it will not happen again.
8:53 pm
>> i will stand here and support tam and take any chavez this you want to direct to the organization of and the rectum to me. as long as he wants to work and fight to make things better i will stand by him. >> gary: the question out there is here is a man with a recent history of problems with a couple of these audits and the gun incident at his house. a restive as 7:00 friday morning how can you four hours later be back on practice and play on the infidel and as al game on sunday. nfl games on
8:54 pm
sunday. >> gary: why would you wait on monday for him to get help? these guys are played to win-and it doesn't matter how someone is filling but the bottom-line is you to want to have 18 that in the long run wins games but also the issue could still proud of how is ruptured this is the first couple of the harbor are era. but that's my opinion. >> reporter: >> gary: just two weeks ago kapetrnicj was the greatst bowl favorite.
8:55 pm
>> full ball is not easy. there are struggles and that's one of the things that we enjoy it about the game. we will stand adversity in the face. >> gary: 49ers with a quick turnaround per it also going through adversity there road by dallas yesterday. the 49- maybe their best all-around player is patrick willis. when not be on the field thursday night. he has what is being turned as a pretty serious growing injury. the raiders are scarce and the 49ers to not release much information about injuries
8:56 pm
so this is leaking out about the leaking out from people close to the scene. >> gary: this birk pirates clinched tonight from san ramon in san francisco giants found a home doing his thing and try to score from first base here with the clubs. and no! and the cups chicago cubs will their first pro season just give us the american cup real quick " they now drill eight to six teams or roll call. they will try to wrap it up to marron accurate team or
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call patrick team orackle. >> pam: will see tonight at 11.
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narrator: in the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. man: mandibular and orbital fractures. blunt-force trauma to the back of the head and loss of consciousness. five-centimeter knife laceration below the ri clavicle. he wanted to disfigure her. and kill her. nearly succeeded, too. i'm surprised she survived. radio car found her outside a warehouse in chinatown responding to a burglar alarm. lucky for her. yeah, lucky. what else? distinct fingerprint bruising above her knees. and these-- burns. likely from a cigarette. benson: may be abuse, but... that's a strange pattern. this might interest you. maybe a gang member. benson: rape kit?


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