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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> top stories we are following on this wednesday morning. the san jose fire department is battling a house fire this morning. we will have a live report. >> plus, new details on the hayward police officer now he's accused of sexually >> its day two of the government shutdown-- and hundreds of thousands of government workers are not getting a paycheck. we'll have the latest from washington. >> a lot of the government data is a down but here is a look at your forecast. the temperatures are now are in the '50s. the temperatures range from the '60s to the upper 70's. we do have changes to talk about as we pushed closer to the weekend. i will highlight
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this coming up. >> developing news this morning. san jose fire department is battling a one alarm house fire. it was reported just after 3:30 this morning. it's near delmas avenue and brown streets. no injuries have been reported. firefighters are working to bring the blaze under control. we have a crew on the way information as it becomes >> developing news this line >> two dogs -- a rottweiler named jager and a german shepherd named luke -- escape from a couple's home in brentwood early saturday morning. during the search, the owners learn a man admits to killing them, then burning them. now county officials are saying that the man responsible did not do anything wrong.
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>> a state law allows a person to defend their livestock even if it is killing of another animal. >> >> and hayward police officer accused of multiple sex crimes against children say he is not guilty.
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richard mccall was arraigned yesterday for 6 x counts against him involving at least to girls 14 years old or younger between 2001 and $2.40. victims tell police that the crimes occurred at the middle school and other locations in livermore. >> as congress plays a game of political chicken anwhat the nation's economy, the government shutdown shows no signs of ending. the shutdown was sparked by a fight over republican attempts to kill or delay the new healthcare law. republicans are not trying to open the government piecemeal, but funding politically popular programs like the national parks. house and senate democrats
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said they will reject that bit. kron4 catherine heenan explains what remains open this morning. >> the federal housing administration will back new mortgages. the veterans administration hospital will remain open. if you are sterschedule for a date with the accords they are scheduled to stay open for at least 10 business days. gsa employees are still reporting to work and planes can still take off. >> new this morning. the oakland raiders push for a new stadium could be getting help from investors on the other side of the world. kron4 will tran is live with
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the coliseum with more. >> the last time that this place was renovated was back 19 and 96. the silver and black may be getting green olive oil from dubai. there are want to comment implied down $1 million to build a new coliseum. it will be called coliseum city. it will keep them in oakland and the current lease runs out this season. there is a good chance that they will have to renew not because they want to but because they have no place to go. i had a chance to talk with the mayor and people have accused her of you losing the golden state warriors to send arms says col.. >> hopefully at some time
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between 6 to 12 months will bring a final plan back. >> you heard right there that it will cost about a million dollars to do this research. she believes that this is good but a lot of people say that it is not and that this money can be used for something else. unfortunate, there stating that it should be privately funded. take a look at church screen. on sunday, on kron 4 who will carry the game live for usa 30 p.m. simply because the oakland a's play on saturday night and they cannot turn the ball park so they pushed the game back. the latest start time in nfl history. will carry this for you live on sunday. >> common among the kron4
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morning newest. there is a new protection in place in cases where your next boyfriend or girlfriend post pictures of you get it. details straight ahead. >> we are keeping an eye on your bay area weather and traffic. here is a live look outside at the bay bridge approach.
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>> there are reports out this morning that three top investors at microsoft want founder and chairman bill gates to step down. the investors hold five percent of shares in the company. they say they're concerned gates is holding back microsoft's development. they fear his investment in philanthropy will leave gates with no financial stake in the company by 2018. however, it appears the company's board of directors is unlikely to accept the top investors demand. gates himself has a four point five percent stake in the 277 billion dollar company. microsoft is also looking for a new chief executive. >> governor jerry brown has signed a law that makes it illegal for people to post naked pictures of their exes after bitter breakups. the penalty is up to six
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months in jail and a one- thousand dollar fine. before the criminal law, californians could sue their virtual assailants, but that can be expensive and time- consuming. >> the jacksonville international airport is back open this morning after a bomb squad removed a "destructive" device from the area. authorities say one of the packages "had some destructive nature." the airport was evacuated around 6 last night and didn't reopen until just before 11 p.m. departing flights couldn't leave during the evacuation and incoming planes were held up on the tarmac. police say no one has been arrested in the incident. >> the time is 6:11 a.m.. coming next on the kron4 morning news. we have an update from the wife of one of the bikers who ambushed a family in a car. the whole incident was caught on video. why she is the defending her husband's actions. >> meantime, they're cut is
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>> the wife of one of the bikers seen in a video ambush in a family in a car on a new york city high with says that he is the victim in all of this.
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>> we told you about the store yesterday morning on kron 4. a group of bikers chase the driver of this car and his family in what appears to be a severe case of road rage. at one point, the s u b driver took off, plunged through the crowd of bikers. now, the wife of one of the bikers say that her husband suffered broken legs and spine injuries and will be paralyzed. if she says that her husband was trying to help another biker who was hit. the s uv driver was later seen getting beaten by the bikers, still no reason as to why this all happened. >> there have been some arrests and they're still looking for more. there is the man who was driving. >> we have clear skies and
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some high clouds. we're waking up to chilly conditions. the temperatures are in the '50s. 51 degrees out the door in concord and mount weather in san francisco. satellite and radar shows were about high clouds are streaming in. it will be a pretty pleasant day. you will notice plenty of 70's and south bay and the temperatures will be closer to where they should be. mountain the will have a high of 75 degrees to the east we go. we may see a few 80s for the forecast for fairfield. 79 degrees for pleasanton. down sunset francisco will get pretty close to 70. >> kron 4 will be broadcasting the raiders game this sunday. you can expect the temperatures to be in the upper 60s. it
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would be very mild but again if you are catching this from home in come watch it on kron 4. will also have a pregame special at 8:00 a.m. p.m.. >> it will be very windy with high dust and that will bring a concern for fire danger. saturday is shipping to be the warmest and the temperatures will start to slide. >> we're looking at our first hot spot. of the ride on interstate 580 is backed up through the alta mount pass from the 2 05 interchange. this is out towards the west end of the alta mott. we have a couple of accidents, the most recent one-cesses is why is slowing traffic. and accident at alum rock on 1
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01 northbound. we are starting to pick a smiling for the northbound right. this is backing up towards south san jose. >> in your commute to the bay bridge and was gone commute you can see that we have picked up slow traffic at the toll plaza westbound. this is due to the metering lights being activated and use a lighter traffic now moving up the sky way. this pushes the back up into the toll plaza westbound. your bay bridge ride, excuse me your san mateo bridge is still a problem free. the drive time is still or around 11 to 12 minutes. the golden gate bridge is problem free for 1 01 southbound. so far so is the commute. >> an upbeat report on the manufacturing sector and the
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expectation a more positive economic data are currently outweighing any worries about the effects of the government shut down among investors on wall street. the dow, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq all posted gains in trading yesterday. the government's monthly jobs report is scheduled to release friday, though the shutdown could affect that. >> hyundai is offering to defer new car payments for 800,000 workers who have been furloughed due to the partial government shutdown. the company says that workers who buy or lease cars this month when i have to make a payment until january. those already own a hyundai financed through a company will not have to make any payments until they go back to work. >> after handling down a
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murder conviction, a judge oversees a killers waiting in san diego. the judge in the trial of danne desbrow agreed to a request for his fiancee to officiate the wedding. so two weeks ago after the debrow's was sentenced to 63 years to life for the killing of a man in 2013, the judge cleared the court and the wedding happened. the judge even allow them to hold hands, and his after the wedding his lawyer believes that the judge did this so that he could cause less trouble and prison. >> the community of of you the best a, a color model debtor to remember five members of one family killed monday as they were hiking.
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the tragedy occurred on a trailer near that agnes vai sawlle , that is about 120 mi. south of denver. the sole survivor, 13 year olds and gracie johnson, was with her parents, her sister and her two cousins when a mass of rock slide came crashing down. >> coming up on kron4 morning news spread we will have more information on obama and
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>> good morning. obama care is live on all line. unfortunately, we are hearing that cyber criminals are coming out to take advantage of people. they will try to figure it out on-line. this is kind of a perfect opportunity because nobody knows how well works. so we are hearing an all-out e-mail's, a text message scams, and even a phone calls. they're trying to lure people. it is very messy right now. there is a basic guide to how you should protect yourself. >> they have set up fake website is to help the people do this pre-empts taipei in your web browser the exact web address. that
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this is see all the arif you goe .gov they will redirect you. if you get people calling you about this program you should hang up. they will not give your call. if you get e-mail's not open them. they are not real. they are telling people that they must acquire a identity card before they can do it but this is not true. if you get any text message just about helped or offering discounts do not fall for them. they're not real. the crazy thing is said people can report to the ftc and that
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was shut down. but if you go to register a complaint this page shows up and they stasay that they cannot take any complaints until the shutdown is over. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> it may soon be easier for people working in san francisco to take care of their kids and other dependents. the board of supervisors has given initial approval to the family friendly workplace ordnance. this will allow employees with kids or caregivers responsibilities of the right to request work schedules that better accommodate their needs. if that worker is denied the request, and their employer would have to give a reason. businesses with less than 20 employees are exempt from the ordinance. once approved, the warrants will
6:27 am
go into effect at the beginning of the year. >> chevron is investing $15.5 million into the city of richmond to boost jobs and strengthen education in the community. it is called the community revitalization and initiative. $10 million will be dedicated to programs for job training and small business development. the other five and have million will be spent in schools for science, tech, engineering and math. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. eight $10,000 reward is being offered to catch a hit-and-run driver who seriously injured a bicycle is in fremont. >> watching wall street, the opening bell is an a couple of minutes.
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>> opening bell on wall
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street. the price from this is about $13 a share. it looks like a big drop on wall street. dallas over 80. >>we will not get a look at >> the 580 and ride heading into livermore the alta mount pass. we have an accident as the commute got under way. it was first reported on the right-hand shoulder so it should not have much impact. it was actually in the center divider. whenever it is there instead of the right side it has a bigger impact. also we have been looking at an accident in san jose on one-on-one and no. on direction. thank filet, it is not having much of the impact on the ride. it is a
6:31 am
little sluggish but not horrible. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are active sprea. >> we are waking up to high clouds and you can see at least the outline of the street. from the roof cam, it is a cool start for the morning. as we head into afternoon will climb into the upper 70's. it is pretty similar to that yesterday congratulate warmer weather as we get closer to the weekend. i will talk about the increase for fire danger in 15 minutes. >> new this morning. a $10 and dollar reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a hit-and-run driver who entered a 56 year-old
6:32 am
bicyclist in fremont. police say, that the driver of a black toyota camry struck john vigdal while he was riding his bicycle. a south bound by playing on fremont boulevard around 5:45 p.m. on august 8th. the driver of the bill continues southbound on fremont boulevard and did not stop. police say that the year of the toyota camry was between 1992 and 1996 and has damage to the right front bumper. he is still in the hospital and doctors do not know if he will make a for recovery. >> a developing story out of oakland. police announced the arrest of two men and a woman, suspected of shooting the 8 year-old girl alaysha carradine. the young
6:33 am
girl was shot while sleeping over a friend's house back on july 17th. kron4 haaziq madyun is following this story. >> when they open the door he opened a fire. >> also charged is 27 year- old who stated plan this. now they stated that he will also be charged with the shooting death of a berkeley man on september 8th. investigators state that they believe that these crimes are lincoln was a gang related incident back in berkeley to set the stage. >> we believe that there was an earlier shooting and that this was a retaliation. they when to this home to kill someone.
6:34 am
>> that work together on this one. there were times when crimes happened and occur that are so despicable the to never forget them. you dedicate your resources to bring some justice. this is a very tragic situation. this is one of those crimes. >> that has been 20 years since the kidnapping and murder of 12 year-old polly klaas. her killer, richard allen davis, remains on san quentin's death row and she was kidnapped at knifepoint from the bedroom of our home in petaluma on october 1, 1993. two months later, her body was gone in a ditch. davis has been sentenced to death for murder. despite
6:35 am
the many years which have passed since the crime, her father says that he does not forgive a man who stole his daughter's life. >> mar klaas sestet he does not hold much hope that the 59 year-old killer will ever be executed. a federal judge issued eight moratorium halting the state's ability to carry out the death sentence in 2006. >> the pinole police department announced that they have reopened the high- profile missing child case of amber and swartz garcia. amber disappeared from her front yard on salvage avenue back in july of 1988. in 2007, a convicted child molester and killer curtis at dean anderson, confessed to killing young amber,
6:36 am
telling fbi agents that he dumped her body of a of a highway near benson, ariz.. he died before he could be real interviewed. and though police and the fdr are confident that anderson kill her. but are now hoping that by reopening the case, that to recover remains. >> developing story, day two of the government shut down. this morning, the effects of the shutdown span from coast to coast. national parks-closed, thousands of workers-furloughed. several offices-shut down. but here is a list of government services that will continue. >> social security and medicare will still be deposited in bank accounts. snap, a supplemental nutritional assistance program will continue. air-
6:37 am
traffic control and tsa employees will still report to work so plane can still land and take off at security checkpoints. unemployment checks will also still go all. u.s. ps will continue to mail delivery. and federal courts will still remain open. >> and important program note to tell you about now. kron4 will be gearing the raiders-chargers game this sunday night at 8:30 p.m.. we will have all pregame excitement, along with our kron 4 news starting at 8:00 p.m.. immediately following the game will have a newscast and post-game show. the game was pushed back because of the oakland a's have a playoff game the same night. >> coming among the kron4 morning news. we will get a
6:38 am
check of the markets with financial expert brought black. >> new details this morning on the morningasiana plane crash effort so. what investigators say about the girl who was run over [ laughter ]
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>> welcome back. san jose's cisco systems as lange off 4000 workers while the ceo's pay will double. cisco systems chief executive john chambers compensation rose to a little over $21 million for about $12 million a year earlier. chambers has been cisco's ceo since 1995. during this time the company's stock has risen about six times. the job cuts are aimed at reducing costs and refocusing on growth areas. >> sampras's coach the
6:42 am
police have completed their investigation into the death of a 16 year-old asiana airline crash survivor who was run over by a fire truck on the runway. the case has now been turned over to prosecutors. investigators said that a to axle truck is believed to have run over ye meng yuan as a move to a better position to spray iphone on the burning and boeing 777 shortly after it crashed on july 6th. the san mateo county coroner told the girl's condition suffered crushing injuries to her head and her pelvis. fire department officials are still investigating the incident. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. san mattel police are looking for a man who dressed up in a blunt week and carried what looked
6:43 am
like an explosive device to rob a bank. >> a check of weather and traffic. here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge.
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>> the time is 6:45 a.m.. >> it is heating up all over the bay area and it looks like we're in for another typical day of slow traffic. we are still tracking an accident west bound and will pass road and highway 4. we
6:46 am
are starting to see slow traffic on 680 south into walnut creek. early morning accident is still time of the westbound 580 traffic and a new crash has been reported at livermore ave. it could be slow going all the way or around. >> the accident at alum rock is not having an impact on the most on one on one trip. the traffic is continuing to slow bleeding to assault san jose towards the 281 on one bay bridge and back up is just nine minutes if you're coming from the nimitz. it is about 14 minutes from the macarthur mayes. this is still a pretty good right. over at the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is still
6:47 am
smooth and the drive time has grown about 2 minutes. it is a 13 minute trip. the golden gate bridge is still a problem free for one on one sock on. >> it is much brighter here in san francisco. here is a live look of the downtown area. we are waking up to some high clouds. it is a downright chilly. you will need your jacket. here's a closer look picture numbers. napa has a high of 47 degrees. we're also seeing upper 40's and pleasanton. as we head into the afternoon it will get warmer. a milder day ahead in the temperatures are closer to where they should be. we're seeing about 10 degrees and difference from sampras's " in livermore. richmond will have a high-- as we head into the evening you can expect partly cloudy
6:48 am
conditions some exciting news. >> kron4 will be broadcasting the oakland raiders game against the chargers. kickoff is set a 30 5:00 8:35 p.m.. we wa pregame show starting at 8:00 p.m.. >> your 7 their bombay is showing a stream of sunshine for the weekend. the winds will pick up and a northeasterly winds will have an increase for fire danger. it is still extremely dry outside. saturday is shaping to be the warmest day. >> we are now and a loss when the course financial expert rob black.we are now watl
6:49 am
street with rob black. >> we saw the s&p 500 dry. we are probably not going to get monthly jobs report on friday to the shutdown. >> much of the data was already there. you are talking about the federal reserve not have anything to benchmark their decisions all fluff. uni will not be able to get a mortgage in a couple of months because will not be able to get a copy of our tax returns. to some of an extent this will start men say spent itself. hopefully it will be resolved by the middle of october. it will get ugly. i think that if it is resolved within the next 10 days it should be okay. >> right now, you want to know are earning some shares. maybe you should get some health care because
6:50 am
obama care whether new people pay 200 a month or old people getting ready to die, and there is going to be health care. is born to happen whether we have a government going or not. >> we had story is about a group of shareholders and microsoft wanting bill gates out. >> what is interesting is that this is monitored times story. i put little faith in this because it is from unnamed sources. but alternately, you have bill gates who won't just a small of it. he founded his company and he put another person end position to succeed and he felt. some shareholders are stated that he is the wrong guy. they want to put someone else in charge as chairman of the
6:51 am
company estimates the right decisions. but there are right, it is a publicly traded company. he only owns about 4%. by 2018 he probably not own nothing. is a good exercise for corporate responsibility. i think this is a good story to talk about. >> this does not look good when they offered layoffs and the ceo's salary is going up. as far as the way that this looks, it does not look good at all. >> the estimate stated that his in come on--the amount of shares, how much does he created for the shareholders. it has been fantastic. but, it does not look good and as condescending that you are super will say red
6:52 am
>> for the record he is a lot like this ceo of micros systems. here is part of old guard. >> we would check back with rob and 9:15 a.m.. >> the time is 6:52 a.m.. the central valley meet company and hanford is recalling $89 and comes in ground beef that may contain small pieces of plastic. several weeks ago the company recalled more than 58,000 lbs. of ground before the same problem. the beef was shipped to distribution centers in six states, including california, and were intended for the national school lunch program. >> an investigation by the
6:53 am
san francisco police department has nets course of stolen items and the arrest of three people in a series of burglaries in the tenderloin district. these are some of the things police were able to recover. more than 100 items for our officers, including bicycles, cameras and even musical instruments. >> in san mattel, a man dressed in disguise brought a wells fargo bank in downtown area. he was wearing a white shirt, dark hat, and a blonde wig with a ponytail. police said that he handed the teller a note and showed what looked like a silver that nation allies with a red button. he got away with cash and was last seen heading toward central park. he is described as a middle-aged man, 5 ft. 8 in. tall and have a separate
6:54 am
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>> and welcome back. first she did a dirty dance with a foam finger on the 2013 mtv video music awards. then she twerked her way to the top of the billboard charts last month with her hit single " a wrecking ball. " tonight, an hourlong mtv documentary, " mil andey cyrus: the movement " will show us if she is simply a grow gone wild or a genius business woman. the stem and debuts ahead of her new album "bangerz ", due
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october 8th. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. here is say a live look out of washington.
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