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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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now at 11:00, fire danger if the bay area, as many as five hit in the last 24 hours, a smoke advisory and a warning to stay inside have been issued. we have you covered with the latest information on all of them. kron four at 11:00 starts now. in the last 24 hours the bay area has seen five different fires, big ones, and you can smell some of them as far away as san francisco. the largest fire, in the fairfield area, where more than 1,000 acres burned. we are there with the latest. >> reporter: off highway 12, you can still smell the smoke,
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the same smell many bay residents experienced earlier today as this fire was whipped up by winds. earlier i have spoke with the incident commander and he talked about where this fire started. >> the fire started off of highway 12, state route 12 and proceeded southward and got into this area here on the south side of the trail head. we have fire in this marsh, something that we really can't put out. it's contained by water and we just have to watch it. it's a state marsh, and it burned just over 1,000 acres. >> reporter: the commander also told me fortunately no homes were lost in the fire. he said a barn went up in flames earlier today, but fortunately no homes were lost. tonight it will be a watch and wait game to make sure there's
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not any flare-ups. kron four news. >> we got an update many ago, they say containment of the fire is up to 80% and they expect full containment by tomorrow morning. as we said, the fire danger did not end there. high winds pushed flames across grass early this morning. this video is from livermore. the fire started along manning road near highland avenue threatening this area as it burned towards interstate 580 before the crews contained it. it burned 150 acres. in so sonoma county, a blaze burned 159 acres and is 75% contained.
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no word on when they expect full containment. . as for the fire we told you about last night during our 11:00 newscast, the fire near this area is fully contained. high winds of up to 50 mph forced the fire to grow quickly. in the if you hours between 8:00 and 10:00 last night it went from 50 acres to 200 ended at 376 acres and it's fully contained. there is also a lot of damage created by the high winds. in berkeley the force of the wind brought down the huge redwood tree, crashing down on a home. it stretched across the top of the home, breaking it apart after making contact with the rear deck and falling down the hill side. nobody was hurt but it did give the people inside quite a scare. >> it was a big crash with a
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lot of glass. there's a window that got smashed. we were all sort of -- we were asleep or sort of asleep so it was kind of a big jolt. >> one resident got an unpleasant surprise, a tree smashing the windshield and crushing the back window. up the street from this, more damage caused by the high winds. look at this video also. this is overnight where this tree fell on skyline boulevard near red wood road, happening just before midnight. the tree knocked down power lines and started a fire. the crews managed to get on the scene and stop the fire and restore the power. >> we're still seeing some gusty conditions with the wind. oakland hills, gusts into the
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teens. 24 mph gusts in fairfield. santa rosa, 19 mph gusts, and the coastal rank, gusts in the teens as well. we're turning our attention to the relative humidity, how dry it is out there. it's in the teens in napa, antioch and fairfield, which means it's quite dry out there. that's why the red flag warning remains in effect. it has expired not delta but we're seeing it in the santa cruz mountains and other areas. i talked to the national weather service and they said it will expire about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. saturday we're under the high-fire danger but improving conditions into the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. happening now, the city of oakland is filled with oakland athletics fever as the team plays one with the best of five with the tigers.
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let's hear what happened tonight. >> you strike out 16 times, it's hard to win. you know that! 16 strikeouts, and that's what did them in. after the coliseum here, it's the best of the five, so the oakland athletics playing at home with the big crowd. they best get one of these two obviously, and and a rough start here. scherzer, he was terrific tonight, 10 strikeouts, allowed only one hit through six innings. here is the bomb. he jerks one out, and then a triple and a home run. this was way out. scherzer finishes seventh, allowing three hits, two runs, 11 strikeouts, and from there the bullpen, namely ben,
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finished up an aggressive, strong finish from the tigers. the final, the tigers win game one, and they lead the series by one and they play again tomorrow. if the a's lose tomorrow, then get out your handkerchiefs. a new twist in the story of the two dogs beaten to death and burned. also, an accident in red wood city could have been horrible but it ends by a sigh of relief. the sister of the victim in yesterday's shooting in the [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need.
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the woman shot and killed by police in washington yesterday after she led police on a wild chase. police and family members say she had mental problems and was
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delusional. she was obsessed with president obama and believed he was communicating with her. her two sisters say she had mental problems. >> i just know that my sister did experience postpartum depression with psychosis with came with counseling, and she did. she had challenges with that. >> she rammed a white house barrier with her call and was later shot and killed. when police shot her they didn't nope she had her 13 month old daughter in the car. no gun was found but police say she was using her car as a weapon. the little girl was not hurt and is now in protective custody. we have a programming note to tell you about. kron four will air the raiders-chargers game this sunday night at 8:30. we'll have the pregame excitement starting at 8:00 and
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we'll do a newscast and postgame show after the game. our sports director will be here from start to finish. the game, as you may know, was pushed back because the oakland athletics have another playoff game, and the stadium staff need the extra time to ready the field, so join us. coming up tonight, a new twist in the story of the dogs beaten and burned. minutes before a brutal attack, suspects caught on video.
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a new twist in the story of the two dogs that were beaten and killed in brentwood. the man accused by his father of killing him was not the one who did it at all. police say it was the fa they are who misrepresented what -- father who misrepresented what happened. while police say the family was justified in killing the dogs, the department hasn't commented only what appears to be the lies. >> reporter: animal control delivered these two dogs full of ashes to a facility earlier in
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the week and said it was the remains of the dogs, and that is impossible because of the bodies of both dogs were recovered on thursday. it's all very confusing because the story has changed over the course of the week. animal control was told that the dogs were killed with a shovel because they had killed dozens of chickens in a neighbor's chicken coop and animal control was told that the dogs were killed by the son, but it turns out -- he has a lot of questions. >> i want to know what happened to these two dogs that were supposed to be my dogs. the -- [ inaudible ] my dogs were lying right there in a ditch. how long has he been burying
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things out there. >> reporter: since this story has changed so many times, the da has gotten involved and charges may be pressed after all. four passengers involved in a vehicle crash this morning in redwood city are lucky not to be putter. the unlicensed driver of this truck lost control, hit another vehicle and slipped while traveling down first avenue. drugs and alcohol are not believed to be responsible, but while the pregnant driver had a seat belt on, her four passengers didn't. they ranged in age from 1 to 17, and now the driver may be charged with child endangerment for not belting her passengers. >> anybody riding in a motor vehicle needs to be restrained,
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a law, and especially for children under a certain age. >> the driver and the 17-year-old suffered minor injuries, but the chp says the three youngest passengers were uninjured. police are searching for three people with a beating. this is surveillance video taken back in september before the attack. police say two men beat up another man and a woman was there to drive them away. you can see one of the suspects on the left of the screen in a white t-shirt and dark pants. the other two suspects, a man in blue and white striped shirt, and another walk in moments later. the victim is still in the hospital in serious condition. police don't know what led up to the attack. we still have a red flag warning in effect. the winds have died down, but it remains very dry out there with humidity in the teens, and that is considered critical fire
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weather and that's why the red flag warning remains in the north bay and east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. still in effect for another few hours. the winds are dying now and we're still seeing gusts in the 20 mph range, but that will die down into tomorrow. it will be breezy near the coastline but warmer tomorrow and on sunday but cooler as we head into next week. temperatures too many morning will be cooler than today because we're not going to have as of wind as what we had overnight last night. we'll be in the upper 40s and low 50s. 55 in san francisco, 49, half moon day, 45, napa, and in antioch 55. the afternoon will be in the mid-80s for the most part in the south bay. your in paulo palo alto.
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at the coastline, that will be into the 80s. half moon bay, 82. san francisco, in the 80s. game two of the oakland athletics adls, and temperatures will be mild, in the 70s, and we could see gusts but it will be calmer than today. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 60s and 70s. on sunday the raiders will be hosting the chargers. we'll have clear skies and mild temperatures, so if you are heading to the game, it won't be bad at all. here's a look at your extended forecast, sunny and warm through the weekends and the winds will be dying down. a little breezy tomorrow but not
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too bad. next week, big changes, our sea winds are coming back and we'll have cooler weather and a chance of rain into wednesday. in sports, it looks like the raiders will have to do without mcfadden on sunday night and 48,000 plus packed the coliseum hoping to magic in game one of the series. we have full highlights and reactions next.
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best of five, and a loss at home stinks. when it comes to playoff baseball, they can hang with anybody. the first inning, they go into this move. six innings, and josh keeps the game close. look at this throw to the plate, would have made it 4-0, but martinez out at the plate, reddick, a great play. to the bottom of the frame, josh against scherzer, who was good tonight. verlander goes tomorrow and the tigers have a 1-2 that's real strong, 10 strikeouts, one hits,
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six innings, seventh inning, a triple, the a's only hit, and a bomb, a two-run blast. scherzer finished the seventh, allowing two runs, 11 strikeouts. the bottom of the nine, the count, 3-2, and this guy was real strong, the last four outs of the game, including reddick, and the a's strike out 16 times and they lose game one, best of five, 3-2. >> when you are facing a postseason team, a team like the a's, you have to bring your a game. that's just the way it is. tonight i was able to pitch effect touchily and pitch well against left-handed hitters and that's the reason i had success tonight. >> it was nice to get something going earlier in the game, fry to get scherzer's pitch count up, but maybe not our best offensive night yet they pitched pretty well, too.
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>> game two versus verlander tomorrow, 6:07, coliseum start. the dodgers, atlanta, even at one, coming to l. a. for game three. magic and johnson hanging out. the dodgers will cut it to 4-3 in the ninth inning, and the play here, gordon appears to get under the tag that would set him out in scoring position, a retag, but he's ruled out and gordon can't believe it and t -- and they hold on for a victory. pittsburgh evened their series with st. louis, and the reds fired dusty baker today. mcfadden didn't practice again today nursing a hamstring
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injury and doubtful for sunday's game. the game will start after 8:30. it's philip rivers, when you mention the chargers, a real hot start. the raiders will have to stop rivers and the charger if they're to hang on and be respectable come sunday night on kron four! >> philip rivers is playing probably as good as he's played throughout his career. he's playing exceptional and going to the right guy with the ball and throwing the ball with timing and accuracy, and it will be a challenge. >> he has always been -- [ inaudible ] >> the forty-nines are now at 2-2 favored by six and a half points. you watch the 49er game and
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flip over and see the raiders game, so two bay area games this late in the season.
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why she snapped. the dental hygienist who tried to ram the white house gates. the exclusive photos as her boss the dentist speaks out. another "inside edition" exclusive. the beautiful woman humiliated when she was strip searched and left naked in a jail cell. >> i lay there on that cold floor of the cell and i cried. they left me in the cell with no clothes. then -- [ crying ] missing baby lisa. two years after her mysterious disappearance, inside her bedroom. as her parents break their silence. >> to us when she went there? >> yes. and -- ♪ >> miley cyrus' war of words. >> her epic battle with an '80s pop icon.


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