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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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now, at 11, the unions do not want to strike. >> we are just a few days away from a second possible b.a.r.t. strike and the unions compare negotiations to the baseball playoffs. >> oakhand a's three, detroit tigers 0, and you know who is 3 and who is 0? who is ahead, find out as the kron news at 11 starts now. >> negotiations between b.a.r.t. management and the unions went into the nighttime hours finally coming to an end before 10 this evening. while both sides have made progress there is still no deal. workers could go back on the picket lines on friday morning. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.
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trains continue to run but for how much longer? with the cooling off period set to expire on thursday evening, unions could be back on the picket lines on friday. bart unions typically give the public 72 hours notice before going on strike which would mean an announcement on monday evening. >> we do not want the strike or disruption in service. >> reporter: the union said they are not ready to take that step, at least not at the moment. >> that is why we're not giving a 72 hour notice at this time because we want to leave every opportunity open to get this deal done. >> i don't want to read anything in to what is said. >> reporter: a spokesman for b.a.r.t. management had little or no reaction. >> we're working hard to try to find a settlement before the cooling off period ends but we're willing to talk beyond that if necessary. >> reporter: for the first time in that long time, both sides decided to adhere to a gag order
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and not discuss negotiations. but unions did say while management has offered no new proposals unions have offered three in the last few days and if there is a strike unions blame b.a.r.t. management. >> they are holding bay area commuters hostage. >> i don't have any reaction to that. >> reporter: much of this has to do with winning over the public. both sides want to show that they're doing all they can to avoid a strike and still union officials say they're keeping all of their options open, and those options can include not calling for a strike, calling for a strike and giving notice, and calling for a strak and giving no -- for a strike and giving no notice. . continuing our coverage, b.a.r.t. had be offering charter bus service from several east bay locations each morning if this is another strike. b.a.r.t. did this during the july shutdown but it has
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expanded the service out of this next potential strike. this would be nine east bay stations where people can park and get a free bus ride each morning. each location goes to downtown san fransisco. drops you off there. you have several options. they'll all be offering the service. it's from 5 to 8 a.m. and then the return trip from san fransisco back to the east bay, 3 to 7 p.m. but it's first come, first serve and the buses are in high demand. now, recommends a couple of things, work from home, avoid the travel altogether. they advocate car pooling. there's free parking at b.a.r.t. stations. another suggestion, adjust your work hours, work early or stay late to avoid the worse rush hour traffic. the bay ferry, this will be additional boats. they will carry 19 to 20,000
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extra commuters a day as opposed to the 9,000 they carry every day. commuters are feeling a sense of dread and frustration. b.a.r.t. was shut down for five days during the walkout in july. that job action added thousands of people to the roads and thousands had to wake up extra early why to line up for buses and ferries in order to get around. we asked workers for reaction to the current situation in downtown san fransisco. here's what they said. >> i would be very unhappy and it would impact me tremendously if they were to strike now. >> if i don't have b.a.r.t., then i can't go to work. >> that would be a nightmare, definitely. >> so crazy. i don't know if i can get to work. >> i'll have to stay at home until they play nice with each other. >> they're holding us hostage and i don't like it. >> i think they should have figured out what they need to
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do. >> it's outrageous because i don't think b.a.r.t. has been bargaining in good faith. >> the union is well paid for the work that they do. and hots of people would be -- lots of people would be happy to have their type of situation. >> it is frustrating. i don't believe i know all the issues, the negotiating has bent as transparent as it might be. both sides are saying things and there's no way to evaluate the truth in all of it. >> i'm hoping and praying it doesn't happen. >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow the negotiations between b.a.r.t. management and the unions, as the unions could still issue a 72-hour strike notice. you can download our app and check our website kron for the latest updates. the sheriff say the streets are safer after they seized chose to a million and a half dollars of drugs from a home in san jose. it was the culmination of a
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two-year investigation by the sheriff's office confiscating meth, cocaine, and heroin. several weapons and $825,000 were also seized. detectives believe it is all part of a meth distribution organization. they say the operation is run by this man, jose jiminez olmas. he was not at home when the bust took place and is still on the run tonight. temperatures already dropping quite a bit in a number of mace places. 51 in santa rosa, 51 in varajao. it had be chilly in spots. we are going to stay cheer. the winds will be out of the north. that will keep the fog at bay. it's going to stay breezy for tomorrow and a lot cooler than what we saw today as well. we even have a chance of rain on wednesday if things continue to cool around the bay area. i'll have your complete forecast coming up. also still to come tonight,
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what forced pg&e who shut down another pipe line this time in san carlos. how the police department has to change their image problem. and hate speech on a recreational center in san fransisco. a neighborhood's outrage, next. ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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. neighbors in a san fransisco neighborhood are appalled that a swastika and a message of hate were written in park where children play every day. the tag was erased within hours of the sighting. >> reporter: messages of hate like this tag that was posted on a door of the ghen canyon parks recreation center has the city's park department in a mad rush to get rid of it. graffiti complaints are assessed within 48 hours but with incidents where swastikas are involved it's top priority for them to be erased immediately. >> it's too bad, you know. i don't know if they're kids, they're adults, you know, it just -- it's not good. it's not good. >> reporter: the derogatory sign
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was spotted late this morning and by the time parks reached out to their graffiti crew a team was already enroute to the park. that means there was more than one call reporting it. within two hours a new coat of paint covered the door. now with children on the grounds practicing or playing sports every day, neighbors walking their dogs were appalled. >> it's not fair that they can do something silly. >> reporter: a spokesperson from parks tells us the city spends a million dollars each year responding to graffiti and illegal dumping. . coming up tonight, how the hayward police department plans to change its image after two recent arrests of its officers. and we'll explain what has forced pg&e to shut down one of its bay area pipelines, that's next. coming up later in the broadcast, the as keep rolling. we'll check in on the dodgers.
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. city officials in san carlos are paulg out pg&e saying a major pipe line may be putting thousands of people in danger. a judge has ordered the pipeline to shutdown. the city officials say the court
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battle over the case continues tomorrow. we have more on what's at stake. >> has the potential for being the next san bruno situation. those are pg&e's own words. >> reporter: the debate over what to do with the natural gas pipeline in san carlos are heating up. >> inconsistencies in their records. >> they can't know what's under the ground. the whole point is not so much the gas that's flowing through the pipe but the pipe itself. >> reporter: pg&e says the natural gas pipeline under britain road in this residential area has been tested and has been operating safely. nevertheless, a judge ordered the pipeline to be shut down friday. the action has been taken and the pipe has been greatly depressurised. those with pg&e confirm it was their engineers that raised the red flags and the possible dangers of this transmission line but say tests have been done on the line and it has
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passed those tests. the information given by the pipeline is just not good enough. >> and until they go and look at that 3.8 miles that runs right through the middle of our city, i'm not going to be very happy until i see what the information is that shows me that that pipe isn't going to have a problem. >> reporter: directly behind me you can see one of the parks near this pipeline. those with pg&e say right now there is no impact because of this pipeline shutdown, but also say that that could change if the temperature drops here in the bay area. . the hayward police department finds itself with an image problem. a six-year veteran of the force is accused of extortion while on duty. he is the second officer to be charged with this crime in the hast two weeks. another officer was arrested for
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sexually abusing a young girl. the chief says misconduct must stop. >> 99.9% of the men and women in this organization are doing an outstanding job for the community. it's this .001% that is involved in this misbehavior. >> the hayward police department is making changes to how it hires new officers doing more comprehensive background checks and the chief says she will personally interview candidates. chose to 70 people -- close to 70 people at a richmond hotel evacuate after an alhide propane tanker overturned on interstate 80 this morning. it happened at 3:00 in the morning. the trailer portion of the big rig ruptured causing a dangerous propane leak. chp investigators are trying to determine why the single vehicle
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accident occurred. >> it does not appear that speed is a concern. it does not appear that the driver was impaired. we have talked to the driver. he has been very, very cooperative and has given us very, very good statements. so now what we need to do is determine exactly why the overturn occurred. was this something in the roadway? >> representatives on the scene from allied propane services declined to talk about this. . the usda has issued a food safety alert for salmonella in chicken. people have been sickened by the chicken and the potentially deadly bacteria has been traced to foster form plants. there is no recall.
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if you have purchased the chicken, these are the lot numbers to be aware of: p 6137, p 6137a, or p 7632. they should be returned to the store where you bought them. crews gained ground on a wildfire burning on the base of pendleton. this is video of that wildfire. this was taken over the weekend. the flames burned more than 2200 acres of dry brush. the duluth fire as it's called is 67% contained tonight. full containment is expected tomorrow night at 6:00. the cause of this blaze still under investigation. we were much cooler today, closer to the coast line. we were 12 degrees cooler in half moon bay but away from the coast line it remained warm, 80 in livermore. into tomorrow morning, chilly in the north bay. 44 in santa rosa. so we are going to wake up to
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40s out the door tomorrow morning and into the afternoon, certainly not going to be as warm as what we saw todayment for the south bay we'll be in the mid to upper 70s for the most part. 76 in sunnyvale. we'll be about 10 degrees cooler than what we saw todayment east bay shoreline in the upper 60s and low 70s. 60s coast side. 68 in san fransisco and in berkeley and a range of 70s for the north bay. a hif look at the -- live look at the satellite, high clouds are there but it's clearing at this hour. we're going to have strong winds out of the north tonight. a storm is moving into the pacific northwest that's going to take a dive into california as we head into wednesday, a very slight chance of showers but we'll stay dry. we'll see windy conditions on
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wednesday. cooler tomorrow, cooler still for your wednesday, but we had rebound toward the end of the work week and into the weekend with calmer conditions, sunny skies and slightly warmer temperatures. they gave $6.5 million to this man to be their starting quarterback. plus the as have the tigers on the brink of elimination. gary has highlights including reaction to the bench clearing. that's next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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. this tremendous day of baseball began this morning with the as in detroit, game 3, josh redick, boom. the as with a win would put themselves one game away from making the american league championship round. it's 2-0 in the 4th. ross goes to work. what's unusual about this, they were doing it against the american league earned run leader, sanchez, seth smith. there it goes. sanchez in four and a third gave up three home runs, allowed nine all year in 182 innings. 9th inning, the as win this baby, 6-3. balfour on the mound and there goes martinez, he thought that balfour was doing too much
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talking. f bombs are flying. benches are clearing. running in from the bullpen. not one punch was thrown. but the as lead the series with a 6-3 victory. >> he was staring me down. what's your problem right now. if you have a problem come out here. he came out here. whatever. >> as and detroit go 2:00 our time tomorrow afternoon for game four. red sox and rays are going to a third game. jose lobitan with a score, tied 4-4, homers for tampa bay. 5-4 rays, boston still leads the series 2-1. game four tomorrow in tampa bay. and a tremendous dodger closeout tonight. kershaw and three days' rest, six innings, three hits, two
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unearned runs, gonzalez had a couple of errors. bottom 8 with the braves up 3-2, a two-run homer, and everybody going nuts in l.a. magic johnson is on the scene of course. brian wilson pitched a scoreless 8 to get the win so giant fans, dodgers chose out atlanta 3 games to 1. we'll await the winner of st. louis and pittsburgh. the cardinals over the pirates today, a fifth and deciding game wednesday back in st. louis. the raiders cut matt flynn and they set him packing today with $6.5 million for one start, and you're seeing it here against the red skins where he was very ineffective. he was acquired from the seahawks. he left with 8 million from seattle. so matt flynn is without a team, but he's $14.5 million for one
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start richer. >> it just -- it didn't work, and terrell came in and he took over the job, and he's earned the position that he's in. and so we just felt like it was probably best to go and move on from that. >> all right. last year matt ryan and the atlanta falcons played the 49ers in the nfc championship game. they are struggling tonight. geno smith and the new york jets knocked them off 30-28 on a field goal. jets are 3-2, atlanta falls to 1-4. practice basketball, give me one may so we can show you we have a website and all the things that make somebody with a suit and tie happy when they're having a vision. there is iguodala, he had 23 points. seth got in the game.
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the warriors win 94-81. please say good night as only you can. >> is the website. check the mobil. the morning news starts at 4.
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she did it again. shocking miley cyrus, was it too much for a morning show? miley's text, who she met up with at two in the morning. then, blooper movie hit, gravity. this is what happens to a woman astronaut in outer space. plus, the captured terrorist, what's going on inside the interrogation room. and the judge who baked a wedding cake for a killer! and then performed the ceremony! >> she even allowed the newlyweds to kiss. >> the bride speaks out. >> she has a heart. she's


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