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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. at 11:00, rising tensions may offset progresses made in the bart negotiations. bart workers take to the street to voice displeasure with bart management. >> there is a disconnect between the table and the members. major developments in the bart negotiations. we're days away from a second possible bart strike. while negotiations are coming down to the wire, recent progresses has stoped the unions from issuing a bart
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notice. kron 4's dan herman explains. >> reporter: this evening nearly 200 bart employees marched to the caltran building where negotiations are underway demanding a fair contract. >> no contract, no work. >> reporter: union leaders took the stage and try today rally the crowd. >> we're here to let you know we stand for a fair contract. >> the bart contract workers [ inaudible ] >> reporter: some were having none of it. some calling for a shut down, others calling for a strike. >> we need to organize a strike. >> there is a disconnect between the people sitting at
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the table and the members. >> reporter: some here feel that union negotiators are selling them down the river. >> we're being urged to move down, move down, move down. that's all we've done. >> reporter: there is no unity among the union. even if they reach an agreement, there is no guarantee that the rank and file will approve it. with just days left, this is an indication that a strike could be more probable than not. >> stay connected with kron 4 on the bart negotiations. you can get the latest on our website at kron 4 .com. you can also download our mobile app. on the website and the app we have a section dedicated to
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bart. the discovery of a body at san francisco general hospital comes two weeks after 52-year- old patient lynn spaulding went missing from that location. hospital staff, police and spawling's family want to see if the two incidents are connected. jeff is there. >> reporter: the coroner said there will be no positive identification tonight of the woman found earlier today fat hospital. it was a long day at san francisco general hospital for police, hospital staff and family and friends of lynn spaulding. the family is disappoint that day the coroner cannot offer close sure after a long day. the family does understand that accuracy is important in dealing with such things. >> sensitivity of the family
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and for others with missing family to release anything other than 100% identification. >> reporter: the body was found on the stairwell around 10:00 a.m. they say the stairwell is infrequently used. lynn's family said the ups and downs of the case have taken a toll. >> i don't use this word lightly, traumatized. it's difficult to get a phone call saying we think we found your mother's body. she's on an emotional roller coaster. >> reporter: we're expecting some sort of announcement from the coroner tomorrow. i'm jeff benefit. police and the fbi are searching a home in northeast
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pet ta lou mafusz where two devices were found. >> reporter: an fbi evidence response team gethers remnants after debt nateing two pipe bombs. the pd and fbi agents found four devices, two being explosives. >> they were taken for further observations. >> a call from a family member sent the pd rushing to the house. the 30-year-old was despondent and had a firearms. that person is booked into the jail for a controlled substance without a prescription. >> the subjects here at the residents are just witnesses to us, assisting us in trying to
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determine how these items came into the residence don't. >> reporter: the fbi is working with the police department. officials say all evidence taken from the home will be processed before the determination is made as to whether this will be tried as a state or federal case. bail is set at $1 million. he is getting treatment while behind bars. it was a lot cooler out there today. right now temperatures are dropping off in a few places. 52 in napa. it's going to be a chily night in portions of the bay area. winds are picking up at the coast line. we're seeing gusty conditions now. it's going to stay chily and clear in some locations.
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we have a chance of showers out there tomorrow. we'll see gusty conditions and the possibility of scattered rain. more about that and the chance of snow in the cierras. ntc has information for businesses. cool and recent turmoil in egypt has the united states thinking what to do with their money. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up.
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police in free month have arrested a teacher for reportedly molesting a student at kennedy high school. he's accused of touching a student inappropriately and, according to police, he's done it more than once. williams is on paid leave from
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the school. the superintendent said he cannot be on unpaid leave until the arraignment. police are investigating. a man living at a sunnyvale facility arrested a man for force on a child under the age of 14. he's a relative of a person that owns and operates the facility. he's arrested for abusing two children at the home. police have not released details of the relationship to the owner. new developments in the attack of a safe way manager. we'll bring you the latest. mtc has advice for businesses in case bart goes on
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strike. a's keep rolling and we'll check in on the dodgers tonight. we'll recap raiders, 49ers and the warriors playing a practice game. that's a little later in the broadcast. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. an emergency situation, that's how bay area business groups are characterizing a bart strike.
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they have suggestions they're making to employers that could ease the grid lock. >> reporter: the extra hours that people spent trying to get to and from work trying to get to work this summer cost the companies $73 million a day in loss work productivity. >> that's when people were out on summer vacations. >> reporter: 50% of the bart riders they talked to would get into their cars if bart walked off the job again. that would be 200,000 car as day clogging the road. they sent a letter to employers asking them to be creative this time around by letting their workers telecommute or let them come in off peak hours to avoid grid lock. there are some things that
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cannot be done online so they're urging some will try car pooling. in addition to having advice for business owners, they had ideas for those at the negotiating table. >> we encourage the union and bart management. stay in there, close the door and come out when you have an agreement. there was a brutal attack at a safe way store. they arrested the man that sucker punched the manager. they released this video hoping it would release to an arrest. 39-year-old charlie johnson was arrested at his home in oakland t.manager of the safe way on bancroft avenue was badly injured. police are not releasing the mug shot of the suspect until
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the victim has had a chance to identify him. the manager of the store is in the hospital in serious condition. smoke from a fire at a san jose lumber yard could be seen from miles today moving flames laid way to stacks of red wood decking. this is just off monterray road. >> i was scared. i was scared. it's scary to see a fire take over everything you've worked for for 30 years. i heard a boom and i came out to see and i called 911, got a few things out of my office and that was it. >> ham perked by a lack of water, hydrants in the mostly rural area, they had to set up
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portable resevoirs to feed the hoses. neighbors heard an explosion just before the fire erupted at 7:45. no word as to the exact cause. former president jimmy carter and his first lady in the bay area today. the former president is working on installing a front door and the former first lady was vacuuming. this is all for a nonprofit organization, habitat for humanity. yesterday they were in oakland, today in the south bay. the couple who own the home say it's a dream come true. >> [ inaudible ] we live in a one room house. this house is big.
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[ inaudible ] >> the carters say they love helping out and doing what they can to give people a home. the united states said they are preparing to cut off aid to egypt. us military said all of the aid will not be cut. the obama administration cut some aid the august and some has been an accumulation of events. the united states has not yet officially notified egypt of its decision. you may have noticed it was cooler out there today. it's going to cool off even more. we're see agriculture little bit of cloud cover out there now. it continues to move down to the south and will pick up more
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moisture. it looks like it will stay to the south and east of the bay area. cloud increase over lake tahoe. as we head into the later morning hours, here comes the rain and snow up in the cierras. later in the afternoon is our best chance of getting a shower. mainly dry for us here locally and then into the later afternoon hours the storm pushes down to the south. in the cierras a little bit of snow, 2 to 3 inches at about 6500 feet. it's chily out there tomorrow but reboundings thursday and friday. we'll cool locally by about 5 degrees tomorrow. inland valleys also the low 60s. 76 in concord.
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upper 60s for east bay shore line. low 60s coast side. 64 san francisco and low 70s for the north bay. extended forecast, one of the things about tomorrow, the winds are going to be picking up. as we head into thursday and friday we'll see calmer weather and slightly warmer conditions. in sports, after a crazy game in detroit ta's and the tigers headed to game 5. gary has highlights. plus the sharks have a teen sensation. gary has that story and all the sports next.
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the a's couldn't close out the detroit tigers today. we'll have highlights of that in a few minutes. the a's highlights will come in a matter of moments t.tigers won the game 8-6. pam is calling a friend who will have them on the air in a few moments. i'm appreciating it. let's say you had a sewage
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problem in mountain view, i'd probably go home. so, anyway, give me the sign. 5:07 scheduled first pitch thursday in oakland. here they go. roll 'em. thank you pam. that's the problem. i say a's highlights nothing. pam says roll the tape and here we go. the a's and the tigers. >> jason says it's going in now. >> roll especially the red sox and the rays. the old days i'd get madba. the boston red sox will await the winner of the oakland a's and detroit tigers, red sox winning 3-1. it's champagne time there in the club house sox finished in last place a year ago and now they're on to the championship
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series. sharks explode this evening. 19-year-old thomas scored 4 goals for the san jose sharks. an amazing goal between the legs and flipping in the back hander. his mom and girlfriend on hand tonight. sharks win, 9-2. the rookie, 6 goals in his first 3 games t.sharks are off to a terrific 3-0 start. semi good 41er news. ray mcdonald suffer add partially torn bicep against the texans sunday night. he said he's going to play through it. here come the a's highlights once again. when you're a good person, pam, good things happen to you. 44,000 fans packed in today in
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detroit. lowrie a 2 run home run. victor martinez is going to hit a solo home run. at one zhong sure you felt the a's could close them up. detroit's bat woke up. here is the play everybody was talking about. if it was over the yellow marker it's a home run. umpires went in, checked it out and said home run. scherzer in a bases loaded run in the end. josh red dick swings at ball 4 and that put the game in favor of the detroit tigers. brett threw gasoline on the fire. omar on front, godown the line, 8-4 detroit. seth smith could not deliver the goods here.
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johnny carson gun shocker. johnny carson gun shocker. johnny carson gun shocker. johnny carson gun shocker. johnny carson gun shocker. >> johnny carson gun shocker. he suspected his wife was cheating on him with sportscaster frank gifford. >> he was carrying a .38 caliber pistol when he broke in her apartment to get the evidence. >> tom hanks type 2 diabetes. >> and she is our teacher. imagine finding out your high school teacher posed for playboy magazine. >> what are you majoring


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