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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the bay areas news station. kron 4 news starts now. now at 11:00. we're just minutes away from 400,000 bay area commuters figuring out how to get to work or home. the cooling off period between bart management and unions ends at midnight. we have the latest on negotiations. kron 4 news starts now. 1 hour from now, bart workers could return to the picket line for the second time in 3 months. talks are at a fragile point between management and the
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union. the negotiations are still going on. jeff, what's the latest. >> reporter: here is what we know. we know that both sides are still here on grand avenue trying to come to a deal. we're less than an hour away from the deadline of the governor's 60 day cooling period. the unions could make a strike and they could also not strike and continue on with negotiations. both sides say they want to come to a deal. >> we're just talking to get something done. in terms of when it's going to end, it ends at midnight or otherwise. i don't control that. they do. as long as we're meeting we're making progresses. >> we're not put the public
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through anything. we each been negotiating the entire time. the district has been able to make this deal as of june 30. this is the longest negotiating period i've ever been in. >> everybody has known about this deadline for 67 days so, you know, there has been 3 deadlines come and gone so far. hopefully we can get everything settled before midnight. >> reporter: we're still waiting to here if there is any movement in the negotiations. kron 4 is going to check back in about 15 minutes. i'm jeff bush. >> when bart workers took to the picket lines in july there were long lines for all of the
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alternative transportation options. >> reporter: when bart workers went on strike back in july it was summer time. kids were in school and others on vacation. now school is back in session, everyone is back to work and the bay area's economy is surging. all of this translates to more riders on bart and more cars on the roadways. the number of cars has been growing steadily for months. september 4th last year more than 350,000 cars passed through the bridge toll plazas. on september 4th this year it jumped to more than 360,000. bart rider ship has also been climbing. 396,000 people road bart in june. in september it climbed to more than 415,000.
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if bart shuts down they may have to commute with a growing number of cars. when there is an accident on the roadway and then it clears but the traffic lingers. they say if more cars are out on the roadways that the lingering delays will last longer. >> whether or not they actually strike tomorrow, they have a plan in place. commuters should be thinking of a plan b right now. charter buses that bart offer social security a good option. bart pays about $900,000 for this service. 150 buses will be ready to shuttle commuters. you can catch the bus at the
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following 9 stations. the buses will go to the san francisco terminal from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. there will be 5 to 15 buses at each station. parking at the bus stations is also free if there is a strike. they'll increase the buses to 200 if the strike goes into next week. tran policies will put buses on the biggest routes t.fares there will stay the same. special schedule of ferries will have departures every 45 minutes. san francisco bay is expecting extra riders. they only need a few hours to get the strike plan in place.
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i'm grant lotus. >> we encourage you to stay connected ton bart negotiations. check our facebook, twitter pages and our website, kron 4 .com. the website and the mobile app both have information. thousands of fans out to support the oakland a's in game 5. the winner gets to take on the boston red sox on saturday. the tigers, justin verlander is still proking why he's the best pitcher in the league. gary. >> here is captain hind sight. they lost that series on tuesday when they had a 3-0 lead. tonight just a better team and
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better pitcher. out to the coliseum for game 5. a's had the tigers on the road, tuesday in detroit and let the lead get away t.crowd of 47,000 people couldn't cheer sonny gray on. he wasn't bad but when miguel cabrera went deep, they couldn't do it. he broke his non-throwing thumb and had to leave the game in the 6th. justin verlander left after 8 innings and left benoit. to the a's credit they kept trying. seth smith to end the game and then the dance that miguel cabrera favors, hits a 2 run homer to win it. everybody dances like you want it to. here is post game thoughts.
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>> we just fell short. >> bitter moments. we had the chance to get it done and we didn't. >> we expect today go farther than this this year but at the end of the day we had a great season. more dispoints this year than last year. >> this is the third straight year that the tigers have eliminated the a's. they have 3 times the payroll to the a's, maybe more, they have all star players in a number of positions and i don't think there is anybody who walked out of there that understands the game thought the a's were better the tigers. in the end the best team won. >> we'll hear more later in sports. mt. diablo has new and scary
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visitors this fall. we'll go back out to oakland to get the latest on the bart strike. the medical examiner has an update on happened to the missing patient at san francisco general hospital. >> we're going to track fog tracker and look at the temperatures in your neighborhood. that's coming up next.
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the death of a patient who was found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital 17 days after reported missing was not the result of foul play. that's the words of a family spokesperson. san francisco mayor ed lee said he's ordering an independent review. before make the announcement he toured the floor where lynne spalding disappeared. he checked the alarm on one of
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the doors leading to the stairwell where the body was discovered. >> as soon as it opened there was not an alarm you could hear. it's a very busy floor. there is constant motion on that floor. you have to put all the facts in perspective of the daily operation. >> the mayor said he did not see any security cameras leading to the stairwell. cooling off period between bart and bart unions. are we minutes away from a strike? we're live from oakland, next. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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400,000 bart riders are waiting for word. in less than an hour, bart workers could return to the picket line. contract negotiations are still at a delicate point. jeff benefit is live where the negotiations are still going on. jeff, any news? >> pam, right now we have not heard any news. the anticipation is growing. we have members of every media out let and well as unions to find out what is going on upstairs. we know both sides are still at the negotiating table trying to
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bang out a resolution. we have about 45 minutes until the end of the deadline. we're standing by waiting to find out. we're waiting to see if someone will come out and talk to us. they are sorry, scary and all over mt. diablo. it is tarantula mating season. >> reporter: everyone is talking about this. people have come here to try to find tarantulas. i couldn't find any tarantulas. i ran into a park ranger and he said he's seen plenty of them and he has the pictures to prove them. >> the best times to see them are around 9:00 a.m.
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to anywhere in the evening time, 5:00 p.m. tarantulas aren't for everybody. i'm awarded out by them. the people out here, they love them and came out here to seek some of them out. >> they're up here this time of year. the last time i saw them i was about his age. they're pretty cool. >> we're looking for a girl. >> that sounds fantastic. >> reporter: are you creeped out by them? >> when i find them in the kitchen. >> reporter: park rangers say they see them every year this time of the year. they say they're in different spots this year. they say they're at the top of the summit because of the fire we had. they think some of the tarantulas may have migrate today different places. they say the population is just
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as strong. kron 4 is very proud to announce catherine heenansocial security is being honored as the spirit of ireland award. it's for individuals who helped the silicon valley, san jose and ireland. >> [ inaudible ] more than a little bit irish and i hope that's enough to merit this truly beautiful spirit of ireland award. i'm very thankful. >> the event was organized by the dublin sister program. doesn't she look beautiful? she definitely does.
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it's a bit cool out there. it's going to be cool in the morning. temperatures in the 40s. we're going to see widespread 40-degree readings tomorrow morning. we're looking live from the golden gate bridge. the low clouds are going to spread back in with the cool temperatures. sunny skies for friday afternoon and still on the cool side, 60s and low 70s. more of the upper 70s around the bay area for the weekend. i think this is a good interpretation of what's going to happen out there tomorrow. this shows fog stretching into the delta and san jose. this is the 8:00 hour. from 8:00 till noon we see the fog retreat back to the coast line. we're going to start to hit the 70s in the afternoon.
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in the morning, 47 in oakland, 48 in pleasant ton. low 70s for the bay. 70s for the inland valleys, 60s for the east bay shore line. 60s for most of the morning. afternoon we'll start to hit 70s. low 60s coast side. a look at the extended forecast, tomorrow about the same as today but more cloud coverage. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, gradual warming trend. the sharks fee nam who scores 4 goals this weekend gets some pay back. the playoffs end the same way they did last year. gary has full highlights and
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reaction coming up next.
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>> for the third straight time, detroit eliminates the a's in the playoffs. the crowd is ready to roll. there was the 5th game tonight because the a's couldn't close the show in game 4. it looked like sonny gray better pitch a shutout and he didn't.
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miguel cabrera's 2 run home run took the era out of the coliseum. gray, on this play, broke his left hand. on the come baker from prince fielder, he came out, a couple of runners on in the 5th inning. 5 innings 6 hits 3 runs. verlander retireed the first 16 hitters. from there it was a matter if he'd go the distance. pitched 8, 2 hits, 1 walk, 10 strikeouts. he let benoit finish it off. 3-0 detroit. here is the last out. >> in from right comes tory hunter. detroit tigers going back to
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the series. >> great season by oakland a's but they ran into a team with high price talent, better talent and the best pitcher in the game. nothing to be ashamed of. >> we've done a great job. it is disappointing not to have another game to play. >> oakland, my hat's off to them. this oakland team is a very tough team. we've been able to celebrate in this ballpark. >> i think the environment has a lot to do with it. i think it's vie hostile and fun. >> he stepped up 2 years in a row and had a perfect game through 6 innings. you have to tip your hat to the
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guy. you're still upset. >> question now, bell for, cocoa crisp, two who are free agents. sharks off to a 4-0 start. john made lots of headlines when he opened his mouth. he's a controversial coach. sharks lead 2-0. to months hurtyl who scored 4 goals if other night and went between the legs got ripped right here. you don't show off at this age. sharks win 4-1 tonight in vancouver. new york giants is off to a 0-6 start. this is going to be a deal where they get ripped everyday. eli manning picked off 3 times to night. developing news tonight,
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midnight deadline ends in minutes on the cooling off period for bart. we still don't know if there will be a strike. we have a reporter on the scene.
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what happened to justin boob senator how did he go from this to -- justin bieber? how did he go from this to ripped? >> it leads me to be suspicious. >> and then kanye verses kimmel. and take down after the show. >> what happened? what happened? >> and the motorcycle gang attack. this biker is a cop. what we learned about the rogue cop. >> deborah: exclusive, is he a romeo looking for love online? and then heidi klum's baby strollers. >> keeps your baby shaded and cool. >> but are they safe? and the girl the two faces. her face is


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