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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 11, 2013 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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victims. as if he is short shooting at the man with an imaginary gun. this 70 year-old. new tonight. also, there is a brief struggle and she is even cracked. he takes of running. and she was even -- dragged. she was transported to hospital in serious condition. she has returned home after surgery. the male suspect has been arrested. when we get new details we will bring that to you on kron 4 news. in fremont, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: someone is going around stealing tip jars in the east bay. berkeley police say they have surveillance pictures
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of a person walking in and taking off with the stash of cash. kron4's terisa estacio reports. >> reporter: this is where one of the crimes occurred. here on shattuck in berkeley. police say this man right here caught in the act on a surveillance camera walked in and stole a person's laptop. whereas stealing a laptop unfortunately is not new. what is unique is some of the other crimes the suspect is accused of. police say, the suspect shown here, also walked into a business on euclid aveneue and grabbed a big tip jar. he did the same thing at another business on euclid the next day. all of these crimes have happened in the last month. police have described the suspect at an african ameriaan, 35-40 5 7 to 510, black hair receidng with hair pulled back into a pontail tail and wearing dark frame glasses. police are not releasing the amount of money stolen. residents in the area who freguent the business ripped off have some choice
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words for a person who would take a tip jar. >> it is actually really stupid. the fact that people work hard for their tips and people in berkeley are graciously courteous. >> that is horrible. i worked at the jeuice bar. >> terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> pam: in san francisco. a woman hurt. after a mult-car carash. police say martine dere was driving erratically. down 10-th avenue. near geary. this morning. when she slammed into three parked cars. dere was arrested on suspicion of d-u-i and hit- and-run. happening now. the clock ticking down to bart strike. last night at midnight. the state mandated cooling off period ended. and bart union members gave a 72 hour notice. meaning if no deal is
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reached with management by monday. be ready for a commute nightmare. right now both sides continue to meet. kron4's justine waldman is live outside the negotiations in oakland. >> reporter: those talks are going on right now. with a potential bart strike happening on monday morning. they are joined today at the negotiation table by several local lawmakers with all the mayor, jean quan. and the bart for general managers. they're hoping that with the power players in tact, the talks will resume. there is a new deadline. they are still at the bargaining table and wanting to avoid a shutdown what we saw in july. nancy skinner is a
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spokesperson that said that both sides are speaking and that is what is important. >> maybe this cooling off period is done but we still have the weekend to work through this. we could still avoid a strike. >> reporter: as we see we are monitoring this situation. for the closed door talks are happening and waiting to hear from bart management and the unions. are they closer or further away from a deal? bottom line, no deal. management and the employees are still committed to making a contract and not have a strike on monday. this is a very fluid situation. we will keep you updated tonight at 6:00 p.m. justine
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waldman, kron 4 news. >> pam: and stay connected with kron-4 on with a bart strike looming. on the new kron-4 app, we have a special seciton dedicated to bart. inclduing alternate transportation options - in the event workers walk off the job. we can also send you an alert - if that does happen. an n-f-l star's toddler beaten to death. minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson is asking for privacy - after the death of his toddler son in a south dakota/ police say the two-year-old was beaten into a coma by an adult caregiver. peterson's father told the
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saint paul pioneer press that the child was one of the n-f-l player's sons - who lived in sioux city with his mother. officers were called to the apartment on wednesday - and found the child unresponsive. they rushed him to the hospital -- where an examination found injuries consistent with a beating. authorities say the mother's boyfriend was the only person with the child at the apartment. when the child was still alive. 27-year-old joseph patterson was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery on an infant. no word yet if patterson will be facing murder charges. >> pam: coming up salmonella scare and also some bay area laptop thieves get a surprise. >> reporter: this group of parents is reconsidering this halloween parade cancellation. >> jacqueline: we saw extensive fog coverage tonight. still, some low clouds with fog tonight in tracking it, later.
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>> pam: rob fladeboe explains why this event could be canceled. new tonight. usually blamed for messing with christmas, the 'grinch,' say disappointed parents and kids at one south bay school, is out to spoil there halloween fun this year. kron four's rob fladeboe explains how school officials have axed tradition and how parents are hoping to save it.
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>> reporter: unlike previous years, the marquis outside san jose's hayes elementary says nothing about this year's halloween parade. that's because it's been cancelled and parents like michael overbee say that's a scary thought. the school's annual halloween parade and party was cancelled, say school officials, because it interfere's with the kid's studies. so far, about two dozen families have signed an on- line petition in the hope of pressuring the school to re-consider. lisa guiliani, and her daughter, shown here as cinderella in last year's parade, are leading the effort. >> a lot of the kids are upset about it. they are going home crying. they were in second grade and they said that they could not believe that there were not celebrating halloween. >> reporter: some parents claim the parade was cancelled because a handful of school families families believe halloween is a pagan holiday and refuse to participate. >> i feel like instead of calling it a halloween
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celebration perhaps a harvest festival? it is more politically correct. >> reporter: as for the kids.well.they too are pretty disappointed. >> i am sad that i cannot share my costume with my friends. >> reporter: the school is sticking by their decisions. they could possibly have a parade after school hours. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam: still ahead. a closer look at the ariel castro death report. was it suicide? or a distrubing accident. then. the school worker in some big trouble. accused of trying to take out a 'hit' on a fourth grader.
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>> new developments tonight in the nation-wide salmonella outbreak. consumer reports has expanded its warning - it's now identifying several chicken brands...not just foster farms...that could be make you sick. three central valley foster farms plants have been targeted in the investigation.... but the following other brands process food at the foster farms plants. safeway farms, o organics, simple truth organic, open nature, eating right, kirkland signature, and ralphs. last night the u-s department of agriculture said that the three central valley foster farms plants can stay open for now...but the u-s-d-a will be closely monitoring and the company over the next 3 months. earlier this week the u-s-d-a said foster farms had multiple sanatation violations. since the outbreak began...salmonella has sickened nearly 300 people in 17 states - the majority of those cases are in california. the easiest way to avoid getting salmonella - cook chicken fully, to at least 165 degrees...and decontaminate all surfaces. >> pam: an ohio coroner is disputing a surprising suggestion made in a new report about the death of cleveland kidnapper ariel castro. the convicted abductor was
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found dead, hanging inside his prison cell last month. the report reveals the possibility that his death may have been an accident. pamela brown reports. >> reporter: convicted kidnapper ariel castro killed himself, the ohio medical examiner who conducted his autopsy says, disputing assertions that the convicted kidnapper and rapist may have died accidentally. coroner jan gorniak had harsh words for ohio corrections officials for raising the possibility in a report thursday that castro's death may have been the accidental result of auto-erotic asphyxiation. that involves depriving the brain of oxygen by controlled strangulation to intensify a sexual experience. >> "i did the autopsy myself. i saw the ligature. i saw the pictures of the cell," she said. "it was a suicide." >> reporter: the state report released thursday, meanwhile, also found that prison guards falsified logs and did not check on castro
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as often as they should have. they appeared to have also falsified "the post log book for their rounds," according to the report, from the ohio department of rehabilitation and correction. castro victim's family react to death the guards were placed on leave as authorities looked into castro's death. investigators have not decided on whether to take any disciplinary action. as for the report's mention of the possibility that castro's death was accidental, the coroner said no one involved in the report consulted her -- and she's not happy about that. "they were outside of their lane ... i don't think anyone else should have an opinion on what the cause of death was," in its report, the ohio department of rehabilitation and correction noted that casto's body was found hanging from a sheet wrapped around his neck and tied to a hinge in the window of his cell. "his pants and underwear were pulled down to his ankles," the report said. "the relevance of this finding is unclear. these facts, however, were relayed to the ohio state highway patrol for consideration of the possibility of auto- erotic asphyxiation." made aware that castro was found with his pants down in the jail cell, but that does
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not change the cause of death. there were no signs that he was sexually stimulated, she said. and his pants may have slipped off while he was hanging, she said. he left no suicide note, the report said, but not everyone who commits suicide does, the coroner said. the probe also found two prison guards allegedly failed to routinely check on castro at staggered 30 minute intervals like they were supposed to. it also found they even created false logs to make it look like they did - including five false entries the day castro died. they've been placed on administrative leave while authorities investigate. >> police looking for a young suspect who car-jacked a man.and the victim's home security camera's captured the crime. take a closer look. this is in atlanta.the suspect car-jacked the victim in his driveway. they go into the house to get the keys to the mercedes. soon after.the suspect leaves.he's looking for the right key.gun still in his other hand. he backs the benz out of the driveway.dragging a trash can.and ramming the security gate. the victim says he considered getting his own gun which was in the home.but decided agaisnt it. polcie are looking at local high schools.hoping to find the susuepct. the mercedes by the way was found abandoned nearby.and is being processed.
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it's a situation we hope we never have to face: what would you do if you saw someone being beaten on the suspect. a janitor is out of a job after school officials say she admitted to hiring two fourth-graders to beat up a fellow student. joe lafurgey spoke to the mother of the intended victim. >> "i didn't believe it. who would believe something like that?" >> reporter: but when the school's principal knocked on her door monday night, he confirmed it. her son said something he shouldn't have to the woman who worked for a private contractor that supplies cleaning service to grps. >> to think that an adult would be so twisted to watch a 9 year-old get beat up and get enjoyment out of it. >> reporter: the school's investigation revealed she gave two other fourth- graders a dollar and told them to beat him up. "to think that there's an twisted to sit there and watch a little boy -- a little 9-year-old boy -- get
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beat up, and get enjoyment >> reporter: word got back to school administrators, the janitor got sent to the principal's office. she admitted to everything and was fired. mom says her son did get roughed up. the school is still trying to confirm that. >> "you hear something like this and it certainly makes you shake your head," >> reporter: and wonder how someone who would make that kind of threat got a job at a school in the first place. the woman worked for west michigan janitorial service, a company that has provided contract workers to grps for over six years. >> "all grps employees and individuals who are working with children have to go through the district's background check. but in this case, because it's an external vendor, it's actually a double-check." because the janitorial service is also required to background employees it places in area schools. >> "and she checked out, yes." >> "not only is other kids picking on him, but the worse thing i'm telling is that could happen to him is being done by an adult." >> reporter: we're not identifying the mom of the 9-year-old targeted by the janitor. she figures if the woman was bold enough to put a hit on her son she may come after the rest of the family. >> "i don't know what kind of woman i'm dealing with. it's a little sick and twisted to me, to get enjoyment out of making a group of kids beat up a little kid you don't like." >> pam: grand rapids police are also looking at the
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case. and the victim's mom says she's looking for a lawyer and may sue. >> jacqueline: it is certainly cooler along the coast the fog is stubborn. along the san mateo coast, temperatures are only in the fifties! however, low 70's for the inland valleys. we also saw some 70's for the inland valleys and other areas. however, that fog will be returning in the same locations that we saw last night. had and stronger winds that will clear that fog faster. in fact, it is going to be warmer for next week. we will track it and your neighborhood by neighborhood, coming up. >> pam: next. why the humane society is calling this lost dog 'houdini". then. a local tech giant. reaching out to laid off blackberry employees.
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>> pam: a dog in colorado apparently just couldn't wait to get a new home, so he went out and found one! the dog escaped from the humane society on tuesday, just one day before he was to be adopted by his new family. and the getaway was captured on camera. mecca rayne has the story. >> reporter: this is a face of one clever dog. houdini, the 5 year old australian shephard, figured out how to open this kennel and then two doors at the humane society of the pikes peak region. >> "no one has ever gotten through the door into the rest of the shelter before.this was new for us." >> reporter: old dog new tricks? maybe so. (nats) this is one determined dog. >> "he had to actually push down the handle, push the door open and walk through it in both cases." >> reporter: gretchen pressley from the shelter told me that tuesday morning they couldn't find him. that's when they checked security cameras. >> "he indeed let himself
5:26 pm
out of the kennel room and then let himself out of the building." (laughs) >> reporter: but the great escape wasn't the end of the story. he came back hours later, apparently with his future forever family. >> "he went out and found his adopter." >> reporter: ashley heister found him in her neighborhood, near gold camp road. she brought him in but not before deciding to give him a home. >> "we think he's a wonderful and as much as i would love for his owner to come and claim him, we can't wait to welcome him into my family." >> pam: she will be adopting him if the original owners do not come back to pick him up. coming up. some hi-tech software. snaps pictures of suspected bay area laptop thieves. how you can protect yourself too. then. a plan to reopen national parks. during the governent shutdown. but, is california onboard?
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news.
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police tonight on the hunt for laptop thieves. and thanks to some hi-tech software -- they have some solid leads. theses are pictures of the suspects. the laptop was stolen from daily city earlier this week. kron 4's scott rates has more on the crime. and the unique way police were able to get these photographs. >> reporter: these laptops had a special camera installed by the user. and even a gps the mammal tracking system. >> the satellite was tracking satellite and everything it makes our job, easier. as far as the gps --
5:31 pm
e-mail-tracking system. >> pam: and even our team coverage continues with john fignolio >> reporter: this is called pray to get a gps location and you can also take a picture of whoever is using your laptop with the web camera that is built in/. and they will take that picture and even the e-mail you that photograph. think of it as aolo jack you can even get a screen grabbed. this gmail.. account you could even see the correspondence or even get this response. criminals, you have been forewarned. be
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prepared to say cheese. . john fignolio.., kron 4 news. this all started after victims car sometime last week stealing a laptop out of the victims trunk. but what those fees did not realize is that the victim, who lives in san francisco installed a piece of software on his laptop called 'pray' so when the thieves went to turn on the laptop the camera at the top automatically took a picture of them and then send those pictures to the victim via email. once he received those pictures, he quickly handed them over to daily cityand of course if you have any information on the investigation, or if you recognize the suspects in the photos you are asked to call the daily city police using either the device's grab a fix on its location. but what's really unique is that you can also take a your laptop with your device's webcam. a photo of that person. your laptop that also takes is completely free toyou can even grab a screenshot of the latest active session. so, for logged into his g- mail computer - you could see his his e-mail addrerss. never know who will be >> pam: it seems everyone in washington is talking. about
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talking. but on day 11 there is no sign of an agreement to end the government shutdown. the state of utah stepped in today with money to reopened bryce and zion national parks. and furloughed government workers got their last paychecks today. for half their salaries. unless there's a breakthough, the next payday will be all zeros. grant lodes is here with some facts that may surprise you about which states are suffering the most. >> tough times for families struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table. a web site called wallet hub has figured out which states are being hit the hardest. california is way down on the list. at the top. the states most likely to vote republican. overall, those hurting the most range from maine to maryland and virginia. alabama to alaska. wallet hub breaks it down by category. these states have the highest percentage of federal workers. they are the ones most likely to see their paychecks disappear. these states have the most veterans. their benefits could be reduced in if the shutdown continues. student loans are also at risk of being cut off. here is where federal aid helps the most students. at the other end of the age spectrum, west virginia, maine, arkansas, alabama, and vermont should be particularly concerned about a prolonged shutdown. they are the states with the most senior citizens. and delays in small business loans will have the biggest impact on these states.
5:34 pm
in alaska, the crab season is due to open next week. but the boats can't go out without a perrmit from the national marine fisheries service. and that is closed due to the federal government shutdown. >> pam: as we mentioned. some national parks can re- openas long as states pick up the tab it's a newproposal from the obama administration. kron 4's mike pelton shows us where california stands on the issue. >> reporter: california officials are saying it thank-you but nothing to put part of the problem is that it is already stretching very thin. the spokesman for the department of finance said that there are two economic wild cards. including that the possibility that there will not raise the debt ceiling. there is no guarantee that the california state could be real boreimbursed for cost ts is bad news for people that want to visit alcatraz. >> it is disappointing. this is one of the things that we were planning on doing.
5:35 pm
>> some of these people here. they have never seen it and roping to see it but i guess that they are not going to see. >> a spokesperson from the department of revenue says that there is a balanced budget but it is very narrow. they simply cannot open national parks. mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> this east bay neighborhood has decided to repaving the streets. find out coming up on kron 4 news at 6:00 p.m. >> here is, the galaxy smart watche they beat apple. what is this? that is. coming is
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>> jacqueline: and that fog will return. we will time it out.
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>> pam: now for today's market update. stock prices rose for a second day in a row as investors bet against a u.s. debt default. the dow jones industrial average rose 111 points friday, bringing its two-day gain to 434. its jump on thursday was the biggest this year. the dow jones industrial average rose 111 points, or 0.7 percent, to close at 15,237 friday. the dow surged 323 points on thursday as investors hoped that signs of a compromise from house republicans would defuse the standoff. the standard & poor's 500 index rose 10 points, or 0.6 percent, to 1,703. the nasdaq composite rose 31 points, 0.8 percent, at 3,791. >> when you think of top oil producing countries, it's probably names like iran, or saudi arabia. but a new study shows that the u-s is about to be named number one. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with details. >> the united states could
5:40 pm
be the largest oil producers. saudi arabia however, is still number one. still, we are still neck and neck with russia producing 10 million oil barrels per day. however, here in the united states we are experiencing a boom. there is a big experience and that is called fracking. to get out of cheryl brock. however, its future is not set in stone. to get out of shale rock a pew research saying that many people are opposed. will this mean lower gas prices? remember, probably not. saudi arabia, mexico, and canada also
5:41 pm
produce oil. there is a silver lining. the oil boom should compensate for any production that could help in elsewhere. we are on a path towards energy independence. >> pam: apple is recruiting laid off employees from blackberry. to help them near waterloo, ontario most of this position would be based in their cupertino, calif. headquarters. they plan on leaving office least 40 percent of their global workforce. 300 already were let go. blackberry employees. apple used linked-in messages to invite blackberry employees to an event near blackberry's headquarters in waterloo, ontario. was offering would be based california
5:42 pm
headquarters. month that it plans to lay off 40-percent of its global year. began this week, with 300 employees let go. >> jetblue airways is making it easrier for famlies to take advantage of frequent flier miles. the airline says it will let up to seven family members pool their frequent-flier points. the change is being made to appeal to families whose individual members might not fly often enough to earn free trips on their own. jetblue's program will also be open to domestic partners and people who aren't relatives as long as they >> pam: burger king wants you to try its new lower-fat french fries for free. the fast good chain is giving away the so-called "satisfries" saturday and sunday. the freebie only applies to the value-sized fries. and there is a one-per customer limit. a small serving of "satisfries" has 270 calories and 11 grams of fat. compare that with a small serving of "classic" fries, which has 340 calories and 15 grams of fat. >> here it is, the smart watch from galaxy samsung. they beat apple to the
5:43 pm
punch. do i need a smart watch what does it do? i have been doing this for a couple of days and i understand why people would want one. here is a look at what the galaxy smart what can do. it axa's a bridge to your phone in your pocket is extension. it acts as a bridge. and it is in sync. it would also cut down the number of times that you would have to get out of your pocket. >> now you do not have to look on your device for small information pieces. >> there is even a microphone, you can make phone calls and receive phone calls. you talk to them through the watch with a speaker system.
5:44 pm
>> how are you doing? >> even text messages and even thoug e-mail can also be displayed on the smart watch. it has a built camera. and it can record 15 second video clips. you control your media change your playlist for the volume without having to do that on your phone. and a quick and convenient way to access this. however, this is a entirely new gadget. these are going to be expensive it is $300 and this could also be a deal breaker because it only works with one particular phone, the galaxy. >> some power, we will have an update that will some more phones cross platform.
5:45 pm
>> jacqueline: some temperatures will be cooler in some areas. however, temperatures in the '60s and '70s. definitely cooler is the fault is through this afternoon. daly's it will b a chilly night tonight however, temperatures are going to be warming for next week. here is a look at the satellite. this cloud
5:46 pm
coverage with the coast. we are going to see that return with a weak system. by 8:00 p.m., we are going to see the fog at its most. and however, it is going to be clearing by 10:00 a.m. temperatures tomorrow and are going to be chilly. 43 degrees in half moon bay. low 70's for the south bay. '70s and palo alto. and 70's in cupertino, campbell and also for the inland
5:47 pm
valleys, 76 degrees in pleasanton, concord. 60s for the east bayshore. and we will also see 60s in oakland, berkeley, said francisco and only the immediate coast. here is a look at your extended forecast. this morning fog will be a bit warmer. however, sunday, monday, with low 80s mid 60s, along the coast. >> pam: let us take a look it the friday evening commute. this fastrak is moving decent not that bad for a friday the golden gate is also looking good north bound, southbound. the san mateo, not that bad on this friday. even did the westbound is moving decent. >> we are very proud to announce. our very own catherine has been selected as the 2013 recipient of the spirit of ireland award. the award is presented to
5:48 pm
individuals whose accomplishments have helped the relationship between san jose, silicon valley, and ireland. the event was organized by the dublin sister city program. it focuses on developing cultural, economic, and sporting ties between san jose and dublin and silicon valley. >> i hope that makes the more even irish and is truly beautiful spirit of ireland. i'm very grateful. >> catherine: thank you so much! >> pam: this was organized by the dublin sister program. >> stanley: coming up. this was just because i've wanted to get a copy of the health inspection report in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> pam: coming up a nuclear
5:49 pm
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tom hanks stars in a true story recounting the 2009 highjacking of the maersk alabama, plus an action movie about terrorists and nuclear war. david siff has this week's now showing. tom hanks stars in captain phillips. it's based on the true story
5:53 pm
of a u-s commerical ship highjacked by somali pirates. the movie focuses on the relationship between the captain and the hostage takers. captain phillips is rated pg-13 "machete kills" also debuts this weekend. in this action packed movie-- a secret agent is recruited by the president to stop a global terrorist from starting a nuclear war. machete kills is rated r. for now showing-- i'm david siff. >> jacqueline: the fog impacting your forecast for the weekend, coming up. . female announcer: through columbus day, female announcer: at sleep train's inventory clearance sale, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save 10, 20, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. even get free delivery! don't miss three years interest-free financing
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>> >> the city of vallejo is struggled>> are you looking for a and the residents' reactions. >> a woman is diagnosed with a rare type of cancer >> a woman is diagnosed with a rare type of cancer when we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment
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>> now at six. the city of vallejo struggling with violent crime. residents surprised to know that money earmarked for police is being spent on fixing potholes. >> i think it's crazy >> pam: with a wave of officers leaving the vallejo police department faster than they can be replaced.questions are now being asked about why tax dollars are not being used to hire more at six.kron4's haaziq madyun shows you what the city has decided to spend the tax money on instead. >>reporter: you are looking at the street right now, there are some cracks in the road >> "it's not that bad" however there is a bump in the round when comes to the city of vallejo hiring new police officers this yearthat is because the city has decided to redirect voter approved measure b tax moneyabout 2 2 million
6:00 pm
dollarsslated for hiring new copsto instead be used for repaving city streetssome vallejo residents trying to find an officer to talk to here at the police stationare not feeling good about the idea >> "it's crazy" >> "i think the streets need to be repaved but that doesn't help me when someone breaks into my car, steals stuff out of my house and you can't get an officer" are >> vallejo lost about half of its' police force in the wake of filing bankruptcy back in 2008leaving just over 80 uniformed officers not enough even to keep the police station lobby open on fridaysinstead you have to use this phone that connects you to dispatchso why not spend the measure b money on hiring more officerscity manager daniel keen >> "the process takes a long time the recruiting process, it takes a fair amount of time" >> reporter: so that's the reasonmaybe you could use some of those funds to hire more bodies to help you hire more cops? >> "i don't know that would help us" >>reporter: in the mean time the funds will be redirected to repair pot holes like this >> "we certainly get at least as many complaints about street problems"
6:01 pm
>>reporter: in vallejo haaziq madyun kron 4 news >> pam: happening now. bart negotiations continue. management and unions signed an extension late last night preventing a strike through the weekend as talks continue. however - if no deal is reached by monday at midnight.bart workers could go on strike again. kron 4's justine waldman is live outside the negotiations in oakland. justine. are >> there is a new deadline. if this does not get reached, there is a new possibility that a strike could happen on monday. that-60 day cooling-off
6:02 pm
period has expired. with bart station is are still closed and still they do not want to see that on monday morning. local lawmakers have established themselves to show their support and to try to halt negotiations. a representative, nancy skinner is also here at the bart talks and it is important that they are at the negotiation table. >> we do not need a strike we need fairness, and the employees to feel good. we need the bart management to also feel good that is why we are here. we are feeling optimistic. >> as we are looking out here live. and also at the negotiation table the general manager from bart. she called this a possible deal maker or a deal breaker. she has finally arrived today with
6:03 pm
negotiations still happening at the caltran right now. this situation has been moving and we are going to continue to follow the latest. still no deal but the bart management has agreed to continue negotiations for this weekend to try to reach a deal. we are going to stay out here and if in the union members or management could give us a statement released negotiations and will keep you updated and have an update at 8:00 p.m. justin waldman, kron 4 news. >> pam: bart did not go on strike today. however - kron4 spoke with some bart commuters. who got up extra early this make sure they get to their destinations on time. >> i did not know if i was going to be late seller wanted to be on time. >> i was a bit behind.
6:04 pm
>> -- so i wanted to just leave a little bit early. >> i even asked the toll collector if there was a possibility of a strike. if he had any idea of? if there were going to stop? but i did also hear the door is not going to be any warning. >> pam: stay connected with kron-4 on the bart negotiations. you can get the latest by checking our facebook and twitter pages. as well as on our web site -- kron-4 .com. you can also download our mobile app. and the website and the mobile app, have a section dedicated to can also get push alerts to get the latest information. >>this just in to the kron 4 news roomnew tonight at six.police have charged an 18 year old with robbing and beating a 70-year-old woman in a walmart parking lot. this was last friday night at the walmart on osgood road. you can see the suspect.alberto solano with a female suspect inside the store.
6:05 pm
police say he pretends to have a rifle and aims a the victim. then outside.police say solano grabbed the woman's necklace.there was a brief struggle.and solano slams the woman to the ground. the female suspect has not been arrested. tonght on kron four news at 8.our jr stone talks to police who tell us how an off duty officer helped crack this case. >> pam: a 30-year-old woman remains hospitalized after police say she crashed into cars in san francisco's inner richmond neighborhood. martine dere is accused of driving drunk. when police say she hit several cars near geary boulveard and 10th avenue
6:06 pm
early this morning. no one was inside any of the parked cars during the accident. dere was taken to san francisco general hospital. she was arrested on suspicion of d-u-i and hit- and-run. >> new at six. u-c berkeley police are looking for this man who has been reported prowling inside buildings on the north side of campus. he has been seen wandering hallways.police say waiting for an opportunity to go into an office or a lab. police say he may be responsible for stealing a laptop and other personal property. the suspect is described to be in his late forties to early fifties with a thin build. >> jacqueline: that extensive fog coverage this morning took a while to clear. we are looking live from the bay bridge toll plaza. however, temperatures were impacted today closer to the coast.
6:07 pm
thames river in the low 50s temperatures -- word towards hayward--and even towards this next week we will take a look it your extended forecast, coming up. >> pam: coming up. what was inside a suspicious package that prompted hundreds of employees to evacuate a federal building in richmond. the a's battling to get out of oakland. why a ruling makes it more difficult for the a's to move down the south bay. why an elementary school is scrapping a halloween tradition this year.
6:08 pm
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
>> pam: a suspicious package.prompted hundreds of employees to evacuate a federal building in richmond this morning. it happened at the city's social security administration offices.
6:11 pm
all packages coming into the building are examined. and authorities say contents in one package was suspicious. the bomb squad from u-c berkeley, richmond fire fighters and police were on scene investigating the package. >> they've done their work and found the package just had some flashlights in it. that's what this was all about essentially. >> pam: the employees were allowed back in the building shortly after one this afternoon. new at six. governor jerry brown has vetoed a bill that would have banned future sales of most semi-automatic rifles.that accepts detachable magazines. following recent mass shootings in other states. the bill would have imposed
6:12 pm
the nation's toughest restrictions on gun ownership. governor brown says the bill was too far-reaching. it was lawmakers' latest attempt to close loopholes that have let manufacturers work around previous assault weapon bans. gun-rights groups had threatened to sue if the semi-automatic weapons ban became law. and new at 8. what authorities found and the latest on arrests and the investigation. that's coming up at 8! starbucks taking a political stance. what the company is asking customers to do while the government remains shutdown. how parents are hoping to save a school tradition. [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice.
6:13 pm
supports in times of need. same with aladdin. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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>> pam: in san jose a group of upset parents are out to save halloween after the annual halloween parade at their kids' school was cancelled. it's happening here at hayes elementary in the oak grove school district. school officials say this year's parade was cancelled because it distracts kids from their studies. critics of the controversial decision say the school is caving in to a small group of parents who don't like halloween and don't want their children to take part. now many parents are being asked to help save halloween by signing a petition calling on the school to reconsider. >> i am very upset. we all look forward to the bid kindergarten parade. that is
6:16 pm
what we all look forward to. when all these little kids are so cute to the parents are making their costumes it this dog even better if they purchase the cost of is just cute as cute can be. for them to shut that down is horrible >> pam: hayes elementary principal tracy cochran tells after school for those who want to participate. the parents group behind the petition says if the school does not reconsider, they will have their kids celebrate halloween off- campus entirely. >> less than 24 hours after the a's season ends.their re-location plans took center state in federal court. a ruling today has both san jose and majore baseball claiming victory. today a federal judge dismissed the anti-trust portion of san jose's lawsuit against m-l-b. but the judge did allow the city to continue legal
6:17 pm
action related to a possible a's move from the coliseum. san jose will be able to challenge why it's taken roughly four years for major league baseball to make a decision on the a's relocation in the south bay. mlb reacted to the ruling.saying 99 percent of this case is gone. san jose mayor chuck reed said he's pleased.and this decision brings san jose one step closer to paving the way for the city to have a major league team. a's owner lew wolff has said he wants to move the team to san jose. the giants hold territorial rights to santa clara county. new jersey's highest court has agreed to hear a case on whether gay marriage should be legal in the state. the state supreme court accepted the case friday. skipping the normal course of letting an appeals court hear it first. governor chris christie and his admnistration says that allowing same-sex marriages to move ahead -- would be damaging to the state. a lower-court judge ruled last month that the state must legalize same-sex marriage starting october 21st. the state's highest court is also considering whether to delay implementation of the lower-court ruling until it has ruled on the overall case. arguments are set for january. the state currently grants gay couples civil unions. deal or no deal?
6:18 pm
is washington inching closer to a resolution on the debt crisis? shannon travis has the latest. the called it not lead to a deal. >> however, they all still need to keep talking. >> reporter: they could temporarily raise the debt ceiling that would shift the u.s. borrowing limit by six weeks so the government could pay its bills through the month of november. in exchange, president obama would have to have deficit reduction talks. still out there, this does not include what the president would want. they are putting the pressure on it. >> the government caucus to shut down the government, that is clear. it is threatening to default on the national debt. >> reporter: meanwhile, the senate has its own idea to raise the debt ceiling and also money to reopen the government. it would also
6:19 pm
slash medical tax taxes on medical devices. >> we have expressed concern about raising the debt limit. without a specific plan to do with the 17 trillion dollars national debt. this is a good exchange but it was still inconclusive. >> reporter: shannon travers for kron 4 news. >> pam: starbucks is getting into the business of the federal government shut down. they are asking people to speak up and pressure congress to end it immediately. and as kron four's terisa estacio reports -- starbucks customers are being asked to sign a petition. >> at this starbucks at downtown san francisco and 11 other locations in the bay area and beyond you can sign a petition >> this would call and and to be a harsh government shut down. calling to and
6:20 pm
..end and also to pay that debt on time and passed a budget deal by the end of the year. customers say that this is a good or a bad idea let us ask. >> did you sign it? >> absolutely i signed it. >> >>reporter: >> why pay them if they do not do the work. are >> what do think about starbucks taking a role like this? >> absolutely. >>reporter: what do think about the petition? >> i do not believe like to invest in starbucks but i think that business should stay in business and government should stay in government. >>reporter: would you sign that?, my answer is no. >>reporter: they think that that could be sent to
6:21 pm
congress with signatures. downtown san francisco, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >>gary: we did see that morning fog and the temperatures outside or in the upper 50s. away from the coast we were in the upper 70's for portions of the water areas >> jacqueline: that temp right now is chilly still, mild in fairfield and livermore. as we look at the satellite and radar we are still seeing those high clouds. and also things to that week storm system. that is going to keep the fog in place. we are going to see stronger winds to malraux. tomo-
6:22 pm
for the east bayshore. and even for the east bayshore. it is going to clear pretty early. by noon, near the coast. chilly to start. temperatures in the 40's. santa rosa, napa, and also sunnyvale. we are going to rebound pretty nicely. warmer conditions and even at the '70s for the inland valleys. pleasanton, livermore, pittsburgh. 60s for the east bayshore. low 60s along the coast. and downtown san francisco, 64 degrees. here is a look it your extended forecast a bit warmer tomorrow. and monday, tuesday, low 80s inland. even upper 70's for the
6:23 pm
bayshore. upper 50s for the coast. >> pam: coming up. security concerns. what option facebook is removing.that has some users worry about their privacy. ">> i'm trying to find unique ways to have pretty head wraps." >> pam: how this cancer patient. isn't letting her illness stop her from going after the crown. next! female announcer: through columbus day, female announcer: at sleep train's inventory clearance sale, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save 10, 20, even 35%
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>> pam: dozens of young women are preparing for the miss arizona usa pageant next month. and, while most are fighting for the crown, this woman is also fighting for her life. kristina anderson was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of ovarian chemo just days after herfor anderson, competing in the pageaent is an escape from reality. anderson still has a long way to go, but is hoping her journey to miss arizona,
6:27 pm
will inspire others to keep fighting too. >> "just be positive and be grateful for what you have." >> pam: anderson is now struggling to pay for treatments. a fundraiser has been set up to help kristina pay some of those medical bills. after reports her insurance denied her coverage during the last six months of treatment. still ahead at six thirty what this man is accused of stealing in the east bay that has police shaking their heads. plus some national parks are set to reopen during the shutdown. why california is passing on the offer.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
among the repaving project is put on hold. >> war police? were repaving? it is not really help when somebody breaks into my car. posit minute, kron 4 news. >> gary: justi waldman has the latest on the bart talks. please have all agreed in the are committed to negotiating through this weekend to reach a deal. in oakland, justine waldman, kron 4 news. >>reporter: this commuters is the third time this year when the commuters will have to deal with this
6:32 pm
possibility of a strike. this weekend is the third time that the bart workers are threatening to walk off the job. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >>reporter: this 18 year-old is behind bars they say that he is attacked the 70 year- old woman outside of a wal- mart last friday night. surveillance video content on camera. and off duty officer recognized them. j.r. stone in fremont, kron 4 news. >>reporter: in berkeley, this suspect is accused of taking tip jars walked into places on euclid avenue and walked out with a stash of cash. and also he stole a
6:33 pm
laptop on shattuck ave. police are reminding everybody that this is really low to steal the tip jar in berkeley, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >>reporter: national parks and even alcatraz are closed because of the president obama administration. so far, california state officials are passing on the deal of the economic wild card. that california could possibly not get reimbursed. the department state of finance say that we do have a balanced budget but this time they simply cannot pay to open the national parks. mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> pam: tarantulas can often
6:34 pm
see even across the roads they could be on golf courses and even in a garage. the residences are not as threatening as they look. >> "i think people react to their size rather than their aggressiveness." why more tarantulas are being seen out and about in california this time of year. prowl. but their search for their mate is often quite dangerous. tarantulas can often be seen crossing roadways at dawn or dusk looking for females in their burrows. and in sacramento. local residents even take pictures of the abundant wildlife. tarantulas are a common sight.they can be seen golf courses, streets and even in garages. but many residents even say they are not as threatening as they look. in fact they can be aggressive.the female sometimes kills the male after their courting session. but if the males are not killed.experts say the males die off in a couple of months, while the females give birth to hundreds of babies. >> pam: a bear spotted wandering around a california neighborhood is back in the wild. wildlife officials captured the bear in baldwin park this morning. several neighbors called 9-
6:35 pm
1-1 to report the bear climbing walls, fences and a tree. crews tranquilized the animal, loaded it onto a truck and drove it the wilderness. officials say the bear was probably drawn to the area by the smell of food and was too far from the woods to find its way back. >> jacqueline: it is going to be a slight warm up. the fog will return. we will still seek chilly temperatures in the 40's. napa, and also the fog will clear faster. with more sunshine and temperatures are going to be warmer for your saturday. temperatures in the saturday and the weekend, pleasanton, livermore, the coast, still pretty cool. 60s in half moon bay. let us take a look
6:36 pm
at your forecast. low 80s. even at the coast upper 60s. >> pam: facebook is getting rid of a privacy feature that let users hide from the site's search feature. the company says it is removing a setting that allowed users to limit who could find them when people typed their name in the search bar. facebook says only a single- digit percentage of the nearly one point-two billion people on the site were using the setting. users can still protect their privacy by limiting who can see each thing they post about themselves. >> stanley: coming up this in operative-- inlook at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. >> stanley: coming up this in operative--
6:37 pm
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>> pam: sometimes bad behavior just happens right in front of stanley roberts. while heading to marin county, he stumbled upon an intersection that was having a problem. so he grabbed his camera. let's see what he found. in this edition of people behaving badly. >> stanley: on my facebook page i asked a simple question: you are approaching and intersection and you notice the all traffic lights are off what do you do. i got back answers like slos down to 15 miles per hour and proceed with caution, one person posted stop drop and roll. well at least he get the stop part right and if you haven't figured out by now none of these drivers got it right. i'm at the intersection of richardson and francisco in san francisco where the traffic lights are out ans instead of drivers using the knowledge they learned when they studied for their
6:41 pm
driving test --- or not they contuine to run the light without even as much as a slight pause .. althought pausing is not and option here. if a standard traffic light is out and by standard i mean a traffic light that has red amber and green, it is to be treated as a four way stop. if you have a commercial drivers license like this bus driver full of passengers. and in some cases if a drivers did stop some would just sit there. and sit there. and well you get the idea, it wasn't until a san francisco police officer arrived with flairs was some level of civility was reached. well almost .how can it be that many bad drivers in one city i am baffled but them again it is job security in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
6:42 pm
>> catherine: i hope that makes me more friendly in san jose and more irish and the hope that is enough to merit truly the beautiful spirit of ireland. thank you so much. >> pam: we are very proud to announce that our very own catherine hennan was honored with the spirit of ireland award last night. the award is presented to individuals whose accomplishments have helped the relationship between san jose, silicon valley, and ireland. in sports. gary and his lovely wife alicia open the kron mailbag to respond to your comments and questions. . and the a's get ready for another long off-season after being eliminated in the playoffs last night. gary has team reaction. and all the sports. next!
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary:very sad news out of the n-f-l. vikings running back adrian peterson's two- year old son died today in souix falls, south dakota. the child was allegedly the victim of an assault by the man who was dating his mother >> coco crisp had a decent offer. >> we've had our moments. we were able to get it done even though it was frustrating that is the way it goes. >> i know that some people are frustrated how the game went. again, we are still have a lot to be proud of.
6:47 pm
>> you know, we just felt a little bit short. >>gary: my line is that if you make it to the playoffs after 162 games is a pretty good here. what happens in the post season. you got a little bit lucky but nonetheless that does not wipe away what you did for the first season. >> the forty-niners are going to be welcoming back a short time bay area resident on candlestick park on sunday. weekl t oakland raiders he is the new quarterback. with the oakland raiders. he is pffjim harbaugh, as you know,
6:48 pm
listen. >> he is a top notch quarterback. savvy and extremely smart from the pocket. making all of the throws very accurate. and >>gary: tim speaks a little bit slower but with nine interceptions. alex smith talking about bay area fithey are going to host the raiders. they are the 10 point underdog. and dennis allen says that they have a great game plan. jumping on the momentum after the chargers. >> that is what it really
6:49 pm
boils it down to. if we execute our plays that is what it is going to boil down to. for the offense and the defense. >>gary: of the warriors are leaving for china. they left early this morning and they are going to play a cool game. with dallas, and they are going to take on the lakers. clive thompson >> i like the great wall. >> i think that is going to be an amazing experience. with a lot of caffeine and
6:50 pm
sleeping. >>gary: the young fellow from the sharks who got hit vancouver defenseman has been suspended three games. everybody admits that is what it was about. these guys are going to come out and say that they are showing off. let us take a quick break. coming up the highlights all of these terrible... traits racist and homophobic all in one
6:51 pm
sentence. coming up. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
6:52 pm
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female announcer: and through columbus day, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, sleep s inventory clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
6:54 pm
>> gary: alecia will be back for the sixth consecutive new year's eve special! >> tonight with all of the big play of skiing the owners are trying to not leave oakland. >> gary: if they want a new stadium... however, when these games are being played no. rebeccdo you really
6:55 pm
think that there are 40,000 camfans each night? i just think that they attract that number of people turn the playoffs. they want to go to san jose. >> what do have against alden's math smith? >> when a alden smith has to go to court he could be released on a friday from the rehab and i said that i do not think that they would play him in a game. however, i do not want to do this as a form of punishment. do not use him just to try to have a victory at a football game it makes everybody look bad. >> somebody called you a
6:56 pm
racist, a sexist and a homophob? >> when i was 14 i started getting decent at basketball. and i would marvel at people and that would swear at a 14 year-old child. they get older. so as i mentioned, my family or my employees are chicks upset with me. if they do not do not like me but i like to call say that a real man would call that to your face. but my show. follow me to the bank. >> anthony says that you are so excited about carrying the football game.
6:57 pm
>> gary: that is pretty exciting stuff the first time in 10 years that we carried a major football game. >> and see you at 8:00 p.m.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"omg! insider," the top trending stories you need to know. >> michael douglas' cancer confession. why his doctor told him to lie to the world. >> he said if we do have to do surgery, it's not going to be pretty. >> then -- ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> the whole problem is the story of that. >> miley's first words on her breakup with liam. >> letting that chapter close. >> plus john legend. >> secrets from the grammy winner's wedding and honeymoon. and bride-to-be kelly clarkson talks kiss. >> then mega pastor joel osteen weighs in on the controversial "preachers of l.a." >> "knots landing" reunion 34 years later. >> a lot of plastic surgery. >> and sitdown! >> brid zillas going berserk. the best of the worst.
7:00 pm
now where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 access to celebrity news, "omg! insider." michael douglas' cancer lie. i'm thea andrews. kevin frazier is on assignment tonight. kelly clarkson ahead on why her future mother-in-law reba mcentire won't be at her wedding. and miley cyrus more candid than ever on her breakup. michael douglas admitting that he lied about his cancer diagnosis now coming clean with the terrifying truth that could have left him disfigured or dead. >> he just took a tongue depressor. and i will never forget it. put the tongue depressor and i saw this look in his eye. and i went oh! >> douglas is being interviewed by fellow actor samuel jackson for a story about cancer when he made a startling revelation. the oscar winner lied about his cancer diagnosis. it all unfolded right before the 2010 press


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