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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer) live from the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> deal or no deal only hours to go until we learn if bart management and its unions will come to a contract agreement in time to avoid another bart strike. if not. almost half a million people could be left trying to find another way to get around. >> good evening i am john fignolio. >> i am vicki liviakis. the unions representing workers say they will call for a strike for the second time this year if a deal is not reached by midnight tonight. kron four's philippe djegal is live at caltrans headquarters in oakland where negotiations resumed
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this morning and have continued throughout the day. philippe. >> reporter: it is a waiting game today. the chief negotiator says that there has been an agreement on several key issues but still no deal has been announced. the bart team loved the scene and a half said that they are or to wait until the unions are born to review the latest proposals. were they returned. the around 7:30 tonight. however, they did return and they did not address the media you take that however you would like. they are still optimistic that a deal will be reached but the clock is ticking. >> i think that we put out a good proposal. we feel good
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about where we are. bart still has questions to prevent a strike. >> we are still talking into and what we need to do and cautiously optimistic. i am hoping that things will happen. >> it could still be close on each side, so close, the economy at each side. each side, and the economy is at such a risk. we are just that close. >> reporter: the last person you heard from was lt. gov. gavin newson he has been more of a bit of a observer. in fact, we have learned that a federal mediator is also involved today. stay
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tuned to we will bring you any live updates. reporting live, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> one man saying he was there to represent the riding public picketed much of the day outside the building where negotiations were going on. carrying and wearing signs calling for a ban on transit strikes the protestor paced the block, at times marching in front of union members as they walked in and out of the building. an orinda city councilman also spend the day handing out flyers at the rockridge bart station, trying to gather signatures for a petition in support of changing state law to keep transit workers from walking off the job. >> if the management labor cannot work it out and why should we have to be held responsible? it is
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>> he says he's collected thousands of signatures on his on-line petition. stay connected with kron-4 on the bart talks. you can get the latest on our web site -- kron-4 dot com. as well as by checking our facebook and twitter pages. you can also download our mobile app. we have a section dedicated to bart. you can even get push alerts to get the latest information. >> in breaking news currently all lanes of southbound 101 in san jose are blocked due to a major injury accident. a single motorcyle has crashed to the right side of the road. both the driver and passenger have been hurt with no details on how serious the injuries are. traffic is being diverted off the freeway to yerba buena road. motorists are advised te expect delays and to avoid the area if possible. there is no estimated time for reopening the roadway. >> 49ers claim their their third straight win today, after beating the arizona cardinals 32 - 20. kron 4's scott rates is at candlestick park with more on today's victory. >> reporter: it was a great day today. and it was loud!.
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the forty-niners started this one, with a 75 yd touchdown pass. and putting out the cardinals early. however, they did run up the bell really well with frank gore coach harbaugh spoke in a very unique way about the good running game today. >> grinding out of their running game. and grinding the meat. are >> and of course i spoke to the fans. >> it was awesome. >> it was a bit scary but it turned out with a victory so that is what matters. >> reporter: what did you think? >> do here would be to come
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here from canada? >> yes. it sounds better but i'm actually in the bay area for another reason. are >> the 49ers will be taking on the the jacksonville jaguars. coming up later in this break broadcast jason will be breaking everything down. scott rates, kron 4 news. >> four days and counting until the country runs out of money and isn't able to pay its bills. so far no agreement has been reached. but now there is some hope the senate can reach a solution. calandra corder has the latest on that and the growing frustration among the american people. >> reporter: as the united states inches closer and closer to the default deadline-- and the government remains partially shut down-- lawmakers in washington have yet to reach any kind of deal that solves either one of those problems. the effort has now shifted to the senate where democrat and republican leaders are in talks.
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yes, just talks, but it's something. >> it's a breakthrough. hard to imagine, but it's a breakthrough. the conversation that started yesterday between senator mcconnell, the republican senate leader, and senator reid, i think, has the promise of finding a solution. >> reporter: now the question is: can the senate get a deal together that the house will actually vote on? it remains to be seen. but the one thing many lawmakers on both sides of the isle do seem to agree on-- is an agreement will be reached. >> i do believe we're going to see a resolution this week. >> reporter: meanwhile-- as lawmakers got little done on sunday. brief scuffles errupted outside the white house. hundreds of protesters-- some saying they're veterans-- expressed outrage over the closing of various memorials. the group removed the barricades from the world war two memorial and carried them over to the white house. >> they took the barriers down and they carried the barriers here and they gave
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them back to president obama by piling them up in front of his house. our house. i'm sorry, in front of our house. >> reporter: that's when police- some dressed in riot gea-- moved in to disperse the crowd. there were no reports of injuries and at least one arrest was made. i'm calandra corder reporting. >> a man is behind bars tonight charged with driving under the influence of alcohol- after crashing into a hayward home and leaving it uninhabitable. kron 4's alecia reid has the details. >> reporter: your eyes aren't deceiving you- this car is embedded into someone's living room. neighbors say the driver was speeding down harvey avenue and cleared west tennyson road before crashing into the home. >> you hear a car driving faster than it's normal speed down a residential street then a big crash >> what sounded almost like an explosion >> reporter: police were responding to another call around 2-30 in the morning when witnesses flagged them down. >> as the crash happened a cop was turning, so you know they came >> the car was so far into the house i couldn't believe
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it >> reporter: as the car barrelled through, it tore the walls apart, ripping out nails and tearing down the ceilingluckily no one was hurt. >> it appears the house is being renovated so it wasn't occupied at the time >> reporter: police say the driver, who walked away from the accident with no injuries, has been arrested and charged with a d-u-i. he will go before a judge on monday. in hayward alecia reid, kron 4 news. >> temperatures in the '70s in several areas. half oakland, 74 degrees concord, livermore. the same in san jose. san francisco, 70's expected for tomorrow. this system preventing the storm
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with the wind coming out of the north. it is moving out towards the ocean keeping us fog-free and warmer weather. it will still however, be cold at night. look for sunshine and a warmer day. '70s in san francisco, hayward, oakland, with three-five degrees warmer and even 80s inland. >> coming up at eight. relying on g-p-s is not with out it's pitfalls. g-p-s glitches. and a case for having a good old fashioned atlas. >> and. a college party gets way out of hand, prompting police to respond in riot gear. we'll show you the dramatic video. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down!
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>> police in bellingham, washington say a college house party attended by hundreds of partiers turned the incident happened near the campus of western washington university. officials say as officers tried to break up the party that had spilled onto the street, partiers started throwing bottles and screaming obscenities. police responded by using pepper spray on the rowdy crowd of revelers. at least three people were arrested. no serious injuries were reported. >> security was tight at todays chicago marathon. thousands of participants came out to show that they could pound the streets without fear. six months after the boston marathon bombings. organizers put in place new security measures, including requiring runners to carry their belongings in a clear plastic bag. security officials emphasized the importance of safety at the event.
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organizers say none of the new security measures dampened the race experience. >> new details tonight on a story that rocked the nation. in new york, baby hope was found murdered more than twenty years ago. margaret conley shares more on the investigation and how a little girl's death touched a community. >> reporter: it was a break that caught an alleged killer and revealed baby hope's real name. >> "detectives from the bronx violent felony squad apprehended conrado juarez age 52 of the bronx, also known as enidino juarez in connection of the murder of 4 year old anjelica castillo -- a child victim known for the last 22 years as baby hope." >> reporter: retired detective, jerry giorgio, had heard from colleagues they were close to solving the case >> "when i got the phone call i got the news i was elated just i was up on cloud 9." >> reporter: he was the lead detective in 1991. the decomposed body of a 4 year-old girl was found
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stuffed in this cooler, discarded by a highway. her body was folded in half and bound. she had been sexually abused. no one ever claimed the body. days turned to months turned to years. by 1993, the 34th precinct squad had given the little girl the name baby hope, and a face - recreated by computer rendering. the squad also paid for her funeral. >> "there wasn't a dry eye in the bunch, including me.the church was full, about 500 people in the church. she truly became a member of the community." >> reporter: anniversaries passed, but police persisted - and finally a break. police recently got a call on their hotline - the caller said she'd been told several years ago by a young women that her parents had killed her sister. that tip, and advances in dna testing, led cold case detectives to find the mother of baby hope. and eventually arrest the cousin who police say murdered her. at her funeral over two decades ago assistant chief joe reznick delivered her
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eulogy. >> "the justice is gonna be when some judge lowers his gavel and says, 'you're going to jail for the rest of your life.'" >> reporter: in this final chapter for these detectives, they'll soon replace this plaque at baby hope's grave, and set in stone her name anjelica castillo. margaret conley cnn new york >> conrado juarez pled not guilty at an arraignment late saturday. the assistant district attorney says juarez admitted to sexually abusing the girl and then smothering her with a pillow. he is due back in court on october 21st. >> a gorgeous afternoon. a great day to go out and and enjoy the weather. temperatures nearly 70 and hayward. a another gorgeous shot from mount tam. looking over the bay. you see that
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we have sausalito, clear skies. for tomorrow look for sunshine and warmer temperatures. fellow hades. the low 80s-. from the central valley. and out towards the coast and you can see the sea breeze and the fog is out of here. nice, fall weather. here is a look at those temperatures for monday afternoon. notice mid-60s on the coast. the warmest inland areas. that will go towards tuesday with a degree temperatures will continue to expand in a lot of locations the east bay. on the flip side, in the morning, some of longer, dry air pipthe north bay is going
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to beat chile wi upper 30's. it is going to--beach chilly with upper 30's. and the highs are really going to be nice with 70's and even 80s for the south san jose area. 77 degrees in redwood city. and places like antioch, concord, 78 and notice not that much of a spread of temperatures from the inland valleys towards the bay. the sea breeze as i mentioned, is a big change in the temperatures. 72 degrees in san francisco, berkeley, oakland. '70s and '80s and here your kron 4 7 day around the bay sunshine, light wind.
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>> a wrong way turn almost cost a california tourist his life after his rental car got stuck on railroad tracks in san diego. jeff zevely reports the man is blaming the frightening ordeal on a glitch in the g-p-s system. >> this is what is left of a rental car after the driver behind the wheel. he was visiting from philadelphia says that his gps guided him onto the steering trucks onto the railroad tracks. >> the drivers involved in the accident did not speak but isaying that this is the fit dangerous incident he has seen in the last three weeks. the fifth dangerous accident, were they have gone near the tracks. >> every single one of them said that the gps told them
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to follow the gps guidelines and it took them right down to the railroad tracks. however, the system prompted of us to not do this. however, some of the tourists have complained that they do say that this is a dead end street and we could not figure out why anybody would drive out onto the railroad tracks but i would believe that it is just a matter of time before a gps which could kill somebody. >> if there is a sign that
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says do not do it. nobody is going to be here to stop them and they are going to end up dead. >> law enforcers say no matter what the gps says drivers need to use common sense while driving. the sheriff department's railroad enforcement team is looking into the possibility of a gps glitch. >> what would you say to jesus having an ad campaign? >> coming up i will take you to a peninsula area where people seem to be more than just driving. >> in the future is the next edition of people behaving badly.
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: what the woman in the pink shirt cross san carlos ave then watch the suv. this driver along with other drivers wheo failed to yield to the woman in pink will all get tickets in this crosswalk sting. did you happen to see a pedestrian walking in the crosswalk. his answer is pretty much the very same answer just about every driver that was stopped had to say. except for this lady.
8:25 pm
smells like a setup to me four police officers on prospect and a news camera man is out taking pictures of everybody that is getting pulled over. actually the california office of traffic safety awared burlingame police and other san mateo county police departments a 258 thousand dollars grant for traffic safety. this is money is set aside for education and enforcement i am doing the educating part and the police are doing the enforcement. do you have any idea why you were stopped. >> a no you have no idea why you were stopped. >> and that's the sad part most of the divers had no idea there was a person trying to cross the road. i saw the white yukon chevy she was going to let me in i didn't see the pedestrian on the other side of the street. just recently a 66 year old woman was hit and killed in a crosswalk by an 18 year old driver in a crosswalk. usually it's the drivers that take offence to getting pulled over but on this day
8:26 pm
it was the man recording the event. so unhappy with the enforcement that he apparently he deceided to take matters in his own hand and remove one of the safty cones. so the pedestrian does not enter the crosswalk until the vehicle is still out side of this cone does that make sence in the future please don't touch these cones because they are put in place for a specific reason. so what are the rules when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk. once a pedestrian gets in a crosswalk they are lawfully out there in a roadway any vehicle that's approaching has to stop and yield the right away to them. very well put. in san carlos stanley roberts kron 4 news. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. take a look at this! nearly 60 billboards showing jesus covered in tattoos have popped up all around lubbock, texas. the group behind them says it's part of a unique campaign to bring the message of christianity to everyone. sends visitors to a video comparing tattoos to past scars that people have trouble releasing. they say it's a unique way to reach people that aren't involved in church. coming up at 8:30. we are rapidly approaching the deadline to another possible strike on monday. we'll have live report on where negotiations stand now. plus. it may be the next must-have piece of tech. which means gabe slate is all over it. he shows us the new smart watch.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> we are less than four hours away from bart workers possibly going on strike. the riding public anxiously awaiting the outcome of tonight's negotiations. let's go out to kron four's philippe djegal who is live at the caltrans headquarters in oakland. where we are waiting for an anouncement on whether or not a deal will be reached. philippe. >> reporter: vicki, both sides have been pretty quiet. the bart team returned to the oakland
8:30 pm
headquar to a group resume negotiations but if the decision has been reached soon will bring that to you however, still, a councilperson stopped by. he wanted to make it known that there is mounting frustration from the commuters. he is tired of these negotiators holding the public hostage. he has been passing around a petition with several thousand signatures. calling on the state legislature to ban these transit strikes. >> the commuters have no participation in these negotiations. if management and labour cannot work it out and the commuters should not be held responsible. a transit strike should be banned just
8:31 pm
like they are in other major areas in the united states. we keep going to the cycle every couple of years and the need to put a stop to it. that is what this is calling for. >> reporter: the councilperson, that is one voice that is representing thousands. some people have been standing outside of a headquarters. we are all at a standstill. if anything comes in the next 30 minutes will bring that to live. we will also bring you a report of a love iat 11:00 p.m.-. >> thank you, philippe. stay connected with kron-4 on the bart talks. you can get the latest on our web site -- kron-4 dot com. as well as by checking our facebook and twitter pages. you can also download our
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mobile app. we have a section dedicated to bart. you can even get push alerts to get the latest information. >> a beautiful night tonight. temperatures are relatively mild. san francisco, pleasanton. berkeley. sunny skies for the afternoon. temperatures are going to be warmer tomorrow with low 60s along the coast. after the morning, we will see some beautiful days to go to the beach. the sunshine and warm
8:33 pm
weather will stick around. how much longer, coming up. she's being called the bravest girl in the world. malala yousafzai is the 16- year-old shot in the head last year by the taliban for trying to promote girls' education. the nobel peace prize friday in washington. while malala didn't win, saima mohsin takes a closer look at the massive change the teen is trying to bring on. pakistan's malala yousafzai has won the european parliament's sakharov prize for freedom of thought. parliament president martin schulz called the 16-year- old a "brave advocate for education" who "reminds us of our duty toward children and especially girls." malala yousafzai: accolades, applause and a grim milestone the prize is worth about $67,000. malala's activism started after the taliban banned girls from schools in
8:34 pm
pakistan's swat valley in 2009. she anonymously blogged for the bbc in opposition to that order, and became an open advocate for girls' education. malala interviewed on 'daily show' girls defy the taliban in pakistan in 2011, malala told cnn, "i have the right of education. i have the right to play. i have the right to sing. i have the right to talk." a year later, she was riding the bus home from school when a taliban gunman climbed aboard and shot her in the head. she nearly died. since then, malala has recovered and continued advocating for girls' education, despite ongoing death threats from the taliban. malala appears on "the daily show"
8:35 pm
she's also a favorite to win this year's nobel peace prize, which will be awarded friday. if malala wins, she would become the youngest-ever nobel laureate. malala says she wants to be a politician and despite repeated threats by the taliban to attack her again, she's adamanat she will return home. perhaps her greatest challenge is to ensure her message is acted on in pakistan. still ahead. the first golf tournament of the pga season - going on in the south bay. the front-runner not even a
8:36 pm
pro pga card-holder. will it be a cinderella story? we'll take you there. for somebody's fairytale win! plus. they served their country now they're riding for recovery. we'll show you why veterans are pedaling for a cause..
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>> more than 200 injured veterans set off on their bikes today for the united healthcare ride to recovery. the challenge lasts seven days and the riders will cover over 450 miles from palo alto to los angeles. ride to recovery supports physical and psychological rehabilitation programs for injured vetrans that centers around cycling. their path will be down the pacific coast highway with stops in carmel, pismo beach, solvang and ventura. the ride will conclude next saturday when they reach the santa monica pier.
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>> this is from samsung the smart watch state-owne stay atad
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>> actor charlie hunnam will not star in the movie version of "fifty shades of grey" just weeks after being cast as the lead. universal announced today that the actor who was t of the project. they attribute his exit to having limited time to prepare for the role due to his busy tv schedule. the actor stars in the hit series "sons of anarchy" dakota johnson will remain in the role of anastasia steele. currently universal is looking for the new christian grey.
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this is the smart watched from samsung. they beat apple to the punch. it and next to the bridge to the phone in your pocket. for the watch to work it needs to be in the blue tooth range. it would significantly cut down the time that you would have to dig out your phone
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>> small amounts of information will receive and send information through the watch. >> how are you? >> i am great. >> even text messages and e- mails are displayed. and it is very quick. it will transcribe what you say and it will transcribed as a text message. it will also record 15 second video worand change the play list. without having to do that on your phone. if there are other great ideas, a quick and convenient way to access your digital life. however, this is a new gadget. this
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is the $300 and this could be a lot of deal breaker eat only works with one type of foam, the galaxy. >> only one type of -- cellphone, the galaxy. however, in the future, possibly more. >> a beautiful day after he worhe worthe gorgeous skateboard festival in hayward. this is from mt. tam. if you look closely this small area of clouds but mainly clear. sunshine and it is expected to be warmer with 70's near the bay. some areas near the
8:47 pm
80s. other areas will see some great conditions. even now that the system is off the system it is still out towards the ocean. it is pushing the fog and the sea breeze out. and at night, it is still pretty chilly because of the offshore wind. dry air at night. temperatures are plummeting. 40's 50s along the bay and sunny skies looking for mid upper 70's. three, five degrees and san jose, and
8:48 pm
fremont really not a huge spread from the bay to the inland valleys because of the offshore wind. with mid- 70s near the bay. oakland, and even 70's for san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay tuesday, wednesday, thursday, upper 70's and even some 80s along the bay. phillips" starring tom a big day in bay area sports. from pga golf. to raiders and niners. jason some of the big and not so big names in golf. swinging their clubs all weekend long at cordevalle. in san martin. it's the frys dot com open. the first pga game of the new golf calendar year. golfers from all over the
8:49 pm
world competing against each other. i had a chance to drop by. and catch some of the action on the green. this year's honoree - golf great peter jacobson. here at the broadcast booth for the golf channel. some of the one's to watch, he says - a first timer who's never played a pga tour event in his life. and - let's not forget a big name with a mighty swing. .the young guys. yup, vijay sing hanging with the best of 'em. in the end - was it another win racked up by the seasoned pro? or.a cinderella story with the newbee who earns his first trip to the masters? jason will be here with the fairy tale ending plus all your hi-lites from the open. and jason has all of your bay area sports coming up.
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look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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and oh. the niners and raiders both taking to the field in football action. raiders chiefs alex smith and the chiefs 5-0 coming in 75 yds later, the touchdown, at the candlestick, the cardinals. and colin kaepernick. the next
8:53 pm
possession is colin kaepernick. vernon davis. this huge play. the second quarter really belonged to davis. the man-to-man coverage. with 180 yds. the third quarter, ariz. responded. the key play was that the field goal was patrick willis. eric reed covers the ball is one of four turnovers. and it was 19-83 yd drive. frank gore had 100 yds for the date. and the 49ers when their third straight victory.
8:54 pm
>> when you are in the zone and you cannot come down. vernon, the more that he got the ball in his hand. the better it was. grinding the meat. the 49ers are at the titans' next sunday. alex smith, now sacks smith 1st quarter, scoreless terrelle pryor - sacked 10 times todaytamba hali had 3 2 of them. pryor at times
8:55 pm
times tried to do too much 2nd quarter pryor - threads the needle to denarius moore who then turns on the jets - races in for 39 yard td 7-0 oak pryor: 216 yards passing, 1 td, 3 int's late 2nd quarter, 7-0 oak jamal charles - right up the gut for the 7 yard td 7-7 tie charles: 22 carries, 78 yds, 2 td's 3rd quarter charles - the 2 yard run for his 2nd td of game 14-7 kc raiders came unglued in the 4th - pryor sacked 5 times and threw 2 picks. husain abdullah - picks off pryor and takes it back 44 yards for the exclamation point 24-7 raiders play chiefs toughfinal score doesn't really tell the story.but chiefs win 24-7 kc: 6-0 / oak: 2-4
8:56 pm
>> take a look campus ortiz....and the grand slam 5-5 the bottom of the night. bringing home petaluma and a huge comeback for the red sox. one-1. and it took eight years but jimmy walker finally got it done. for the in san martin the long birdee pu tt he goes for the green. and right into the water, instead. 17 under par, and
8:57 pm
his first victory on the pga tour. after 188. >> see you at 11:00 p.m. with the latest on bart.
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kris jenner's first interview since her breakup with bruce. plus, rob kardashian on his parents split. i'm rocsi diaz. >> and i'm brooke anderson. >> when you read into a lot of the rubbish, it's just crap. >> kris, bruce, and their reported $200 million fortune with no prenup. who is winning in this kardashian collapse? plus, what their son rob is only telling "e.t." >> bruce to me is always my dad. exclusive. billy ray cyrus on miley's broken engagement and her wild behavior. >> we're friends. >> and did kelly clarkson call miley a pitchy stripper? >> didn't say names. marilyn monroe plastic surgery. the


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