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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 16, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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chuck dorsett says immediately if he called the missing persons report for
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both girls, 60 year-old madeline and 13 year-old emily parade and an effort to find them there-also created a facebook page to spread the word about the missing teen spirit >> these are the greatest kids ever and this is so out of character for them. it is amazing. and as their dad out of character completely, it is the most frightening the gut wrenching emotionally draining experience of my entire life. i miss them and it's the hardest thing that ever had to do. i just want them back. i just want them back. >> chuck says he also plans to reach out to the foundation to find out just how much support they can offer. reporting in san jose police said that-police your read kron 4 news.
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pat hundreds of construction
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workers are back on the job. following a deadly accident on monday. at the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara following a deadly accident. on monday, edward blake of aqaba was unloading a delivery truck on a bundle of stosteel rebar fell on him. is it the meeting was held yesterday followed by a moment of silence. monday's accident was not the first death at the new stadium. in june in worker was killed
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we are back. our top story at 430 continues to be the threat of a strike for both bart and ac transit. but such quickly on a.c. transit. they do have a deadline. kron4's mike pelton as lives of the trans bay terminal in san francisco. good morning mike. >> the morning james. many writers, across the bay. hundred thousand of them. that's why the transit district board of directors asked governor jerry brown to issue a 60 day cooling off period to keep the buses running because at this
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point the governor is considering the request. about 1800 bus drivers and mechanics and dispatchers are part of local 192. unlike the bart negotiations, union leaders reached a tentative agreement twice but employees voted against the bill and unless they get a deal that they do like they'll have to the picket line tomorrow morning which was certainly causing havoc to commuters. this morning will also speak with a.c. transit riders. some of them rely on those buses. now have the uncertainty of not knowing if the buses are running tomorrow and as we all know we also have the uncertainty if bart trains are running either. back to you james. >>james: thank you much. trains are running this morning. sort of a carbon copy of what we're telling yesterday.
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negotiations are continuing. they've broken to take a quick break in some sleep and get back to the bargaining table later on this morning. the possibility of a barge strike however continues to loom as we both have both sides far apart. we don't know actually. kron4's will tran is live at the bart station. neither side saying a single word. >>will: >>james: just to give you enough to vault on this. both talked until about 1:00 this morning and then they agreed to take a break until 10:00 a.m.. the federal mediator did, at one point to say enough progress is being made to warrant continuous talks. talks are going well enough that they don't fill the need to go on strike.
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trains will continue to run throughout the day three of them said anything about the threat continuing tomorrow so maybe that's a hopeful sign. we will see but as always bay area commuters are on alert for a possible strike. >> and other news this morning. two little children
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are sent after the car they were in was the one in san francisco. police say it happened around six last night at 22nd and fulsome in the mission district. the one-year-old and three-year- old were found about half an hour later on sweeney street in port-au-prince and is described the scene. >> it seems like things like this all happen in our neighborhood so it's kind of a shock. . police described the suspect only as a thin caucasian female with short curly brown hair. they say she ran after ditching the car. for 34. and other headlines. fire crews battled a one alarm fire at a home in pleasant hill. the fire started just before 130 this morning on dole's courtnall
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lockwood lane. crew still remain on the scene since there are live power lines on the ground there were no injuries. no word on what caused the fire. pg&e is sworn in san bruno resident status no natural gas a day. but not to worry. the utility company is entering the gas at the intersection of the states in glenview drive street in east to be done so crews to work on a pipeline in that area. the cause of death of an america's cup sailor who died when his team's boat capsized has been released. 36 year-old andrew bart simpson died of blunt trauma with drowning. he was a member of the swedish based arm is raising. he was. on may 9th, the team's boat capsized during a practice round. simpson was trapped beneath for about 10 minutes before kerman verse found temporary licenses death
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america's cup officials instituted dozens of new safety measures. >>dan: the morning. it is definitely chili and the valleys. around the bay not too bad. oakland 56. roy depends on where you are. we will continue with warm weather dry conditions in plenty of sunshine as we transition into the afternoon. so if you like yesterday i think you'll like today. the temperatures are practically the same. brentwood reaching 83 degrees. we will keep temperatures and the upper 70's along the east bay shoreline current 79 that's the number for all cluster leandro castro valley and for those of you in union
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city. it is going to be a beautiful day in the south bay. plenty of sunshine to go round. but scott was a high of 80 to 380 degrees in san jose. downtown san francisco will be in the mid-70s. upper 70's for the mission peninsula. we haven't forgot about you guys and the north bay. temperatures mostly in the upper 70's. that includes annapolis sonoma. a look like fairfield today check- in and act but pit we will start to cool things down as we start the next workweek. inland highs will only be reaching the upper 70's. it is very quiet for those of you just live in the house right now. take a look at some of the quick bridges. and what look at the approach to the bay bridge shows just a handful of cars
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and a kid that was found trip into the cities. let police are looking for a man who has been taking unauthorized pictures of children. but on the playground of and not at all the elementary school. the principle of marin element is will says that on at least two occasions this man has come up to fans by the glare ground-just playground set up drive by and started videotaping the children. now that principle was to know what this man's intentions are and she has devised for the parent. we encourage the students to report this as soon as that
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happens. he's done this twice now and he's been taking pitches of a student's right out in this yard and in particular he has chosen a time when the students are altering their afternoon recess. from about 150 to 2:00. albany police are asking parents to keep their eyes out for a man simply described as an asian male between 30 and 40 years all with dark hair and was last seen wearing a black jacket. uz)ñ
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sold for $245,000 which will go to a shot but turned it. >> check this out rich photographer allen hughes spotted this yet to be identified surfer who was late for a competition and jumped off a 30 ft. cliff to make it on time. this happened as anacrusis the more lanes. according to hughes, the surfer landed just behind the whitewater and paddled out. the waves were high. hughes who is 65 says he used to jump off his debt of this rock in his youth but never when the waves were so high. luckily it turned out all right. . a texas woman sports a joke involving a dummy of texans quarterback matt
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schaub is causing a lot of controversy this morning. you can see the dummy hand and foot poking out of the back of this band. the the owner, patti huff, says she put it there because she was upset with the way he had been played. what makes this even more during is that this comes just one day after schaub got injured during a game against the st. louis rams. huff and since this is just a joke. >> i love my texans. it was just a joke so everyone should just get over it. the picture of the dummy in the bail was spread nationwide. of says she will love to meet him some day.
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>>dan: you can see santa rosa 4142 degrees and vallejo parade inside the bay not too bad. oakland your working up to 56 degrees and heading out to 55 over in hayward. as we advance into the afternoon. it is going to be another warm day. if you like yesterday will probably like today. temperatures are no spot on. upper seventies today for richmond. mild weather sticking around with most of us in the '60s. satellite and radar shows a clear conditions over the bay area high pressure really dominating our atmosphere. we expect
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morning far freer 7 day around them forecast. as for traffic a great time to leave your house. now monitoring and a hot spot. the lot of the overnight construction is in the process of wrapping up reid says with a live look outside its approach to the bay bridge street we're not seeing any year that's just wait here at the pay gates. or looking at virtually fog free conditions. the driver around 23 minutes of the bottle pass highway 37 and up to the bridge itself. in august agreed on the road when centers.
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joe thornton had a goal and three assists and patrick marleau had a goal and to assist and a san jose sharks and down this st. louis blues 6-2. the sharks won the match up of unbeaten teams but they have other concerns after the game. the sharks were concerned about the status of dan boyle
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after losing their veteran defenseman with a head injury. boyle was take off on a stretcher early in the first. following a check from behind by the blues maxim lapierre who was ejected from the game for checking from behind. an sharks spokesperson said boyle was alert and responsive on the way to the hospital. eric wright was able to participate in practice for the first time on tuesday. right to grew up in san francisco and attended riordan high, less than 5 mi. from candlestick park was originally traded to the 49ers by the tampa bay buccaneers in late july. he failed his physical and the trade was nullified. he eventually signed on and as a free agent in place on the reserve now football injury list. he was also drawn by veteran wide receiver mario manning hampshire rookie defensive linemen tank carrying it and clinton dial. no game for the raide the team .
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they face the steelers next week. coach dennis allen says the team will use this week off to address the areas the team needs improvement. a prominent japanese architect says the spaceship like the main stadium approve for the 2020 tokyo olympics is too big. he says it's overly expensive and would clash with the surroundings. the architect stresses that he is criticizing the design just the size. the government has already approved a stadium but construction is slated to begin until next year. we'll take a quick break with more news coming up in just a
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>>will: the morning. we had a chance to talk to some bart riders were hustling to the west oakland bart station permit hustling to get on their trains. but before they hop on here's what one man had to tell me about the ongoing negotiations. >> i think it's a lot of greed is going on behind the talks. now everyone is in limbo at this time. depending on how you felt a list of the budget and will resume at 10:00 this morning.
5:02 am
>>darya: making matters worse the ac transit union up announcing plans that it is going to strike tomorrow if there's no deal reached. that's i 12013 were talking tomorrow during the commute this could be an issue. union drivers and mechanics and dispatchers had issued a 72 hour strike notice. that would take effect at 1201 tomorrow morning. 72 hours as of tomorrow morning. trans officials say a strike will be catastrophic and as the governor to step and and issue a cooling off period to keep those trains running.
5:03 am
>> are members do have the right to strike. that would have stood down a 60 days and negotiate about a bit of
5:04 am
a complex. whatever to george raft. at his in the traffic department is keeping an eye on the traffic. >> no hot spot for the ride around the bay area parade into a quiet start to the morning commute for its peers and what first of the bay bridge toll plaza where the west were pried coming from the macarthur maze of still clocking in at just nine minutes. yet
5:05 am
>>dan: and land as climbing into the 80s soap very similar to what we saw yesterday. we will start to see temperatures " next week. aubrey dunn your extended forecast coming up around 10 minutes. >>mark: following the latest that washington right now as the government is still shut down for its 16th day three for getting close to the debt limit. senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell are hoping to soon shake hands consuela
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still to come here on the kron4 morning knows plan and the dark. we will talk about the blackout. ♪
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construction workers at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara are heading back to work today, but after two deaths, ??is the construction site safe?? we'll explain coming up after the break. and here is a live look at the western span of the bay bridge.
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a reminder that bart trains * are running this morning. hundreds of construction workers are back on the job at the 49er's new stadium in santa clara following a deadly accident. on monday, edward lake of vacaville. was unloading a delivery truck when a bundle of steel rebar fell on him. a safety meeting was held yesterday, followed by a moment of silence. carpenter jim rossi talked about returning to work after the tragedy.
5:13 am
in june, a worker was killed when he was hit by a counterweight in an elevator him the now want to go grab some carl shaft. the new stadium is expected to be finished by july.
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been arrested in connection with the incident sunday evening. he's accused of putting dry ice he got from an airplane in bottles and making the dry-ice bombs. he made the first bomb in an employee restroom and then again on the tarmac outside the international terminal. no one was hurt but the incident did cause major disruptions. two other unexploded bottles were later found. meanwhile, the los angeles schools superintendent wants to put the brakes on a one-billion dollar plan to
5:17 am
put i-pads in the hands of every student in the district. this is because the first group of students to get the apple devices used them to tweet, text, and play games rather than study. the original plan was to get if students by the end of next year. concerns were expressed after students cracked the security codes and began surfing the web. >>dan: high-pressure still dominant. >>dan: >>erica: futurecast 4 highlights '60s for the mid peninsula. san francisco perhaps a few locations along the east bay shoreline. it looks like by lunchtime most of those
5:18 am
already in the '70s. as we fast forward here against the clock will start to see eighties out livermore for most communities in the south bay and then buy it o'clock this evening clear skies to get around with temperatures in the '60s. we could start to see those when to pick up like we did yesterday. that will increase our concern for fire danger. but now looking at anything to back out there so a red flag warning has not been issued. in terms of afternoon highs for today campbell hitting a high of 82% total sunshine in fremont. focusing on the east bay bridge 81 degrees, and for fairfield at walnut creek. downtown san francisco and the mid 70's for today still plenty of sunshine. a beautiful day on tap. 80 degrees and santa rosa. here's 7 day around the bay forecast shows a very subtle day to day changes. temperatures may shift by a couple of
5:19 am
degrees. we are looking at pretty nice weather for the weekend. the beaches will start to cool off. at 5 $18 a look at your weather. let's take a look at traffic now with a torch. >>j.r.: if required weather- ride that's a quote--a pretty quiet ride around the bay. no hot spots. for the san mateo bridge highway 92% and 11 minute commute time at this early commute hours. while the golden gate bridge the southbound commit looks good. south and
5:20 am
freeways are clear of any incidents. thus the no. they ride for what was southbound >>darya:the state of california will be paying more for amtrak. in a new 19-state agreement announced yesterday, state taxpayers will be paying $19 million more a year to finance amtrak service. the agreement puts the states in compliance with federal passenger rail investment and improvement act of 2008. the law mandates that the
5:21 am
states pay about 85 percent of amtrak's operating costs of their state routes. the state's transportation department says we will now pay about $109 million a year to operate its three intrastate routes. california-amtrak costs california to pay more for amtrak in new agreement former san diego mayor bob filner pleaded guilty to one count of felony false imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanor battery. filner entered his guilty plea yesterday in san diego county superior court. before filner resigned in least 17 women
5:22 am
came forward saying filner sexually harassed them. filner insisted he "never sexually harassed anyone." under the terms of the plea agreement, filner must surrender his mayoral pension from march 6, 2013 to august 23, 2013. he will serve probation for three years and home confinement for three months. filner is also prohibited from ever seeking or holding public office again. the death of a young teen in florida is being blamed on student bullying. on september 9th 12-year- old rebecca sedwick climbed an today abandoned cement
5:23 am
factory tower and jumped to her death her family says it's because she was bulled. and now. a 12-year-old and 14-year-old are facing felony aggravated stalking charges. sedwick's mother says that even after her daughters death. the bullying continued. officials says there was jealousy after sedwick began dating one of the suspect's ex-boyfriends. witnesses say there were wilook at them with were that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment
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southern syria has killed 21 in south korea this morning. a reminder, bart trains are
5:27 am
running this morning while contract negotiation talks continue. watching wall street this morning. futures trading shows all three indexes positive right now. the ups and downs well known to stock traders seemed mild compared to the political machinations in washington yesterday as investors retreated stocks were flat or down all day, but the size of the losses waxed and waned depending on which politician was giving a news conference. the market closed with its first loss in a week the dow lost 133 points. the nasdaq fell 21 points. and the s and p 500 was down 12.
5:28 am
opening bell today at 6:30. as lawmakers continue their struggle to reach a deal on a debt limit increase before the deadline.rating agency fitch put the u-s on notice. fitch says the u-s still has a triple-a rating.the highest possible rating. but the company says the country is now on "rating watch negative" because of the looming debt ceiling deadline on thursday the 17th. that means there's an increased possibility of a downgrade in the near future. a treasury department spokesperson says the [ female announcer ] it's a mountain grown morning with folgers lively colombian.
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running this morning while contract negotiation talks continue bart will continue to run
5:31 am
train service after unions and management agreed to extend labor talks. federal mediator, george cohen, says that bart mangaement and its two largest unions were continuing negotiations and that trains will keep running today. the bart unions say they would on strike after they didn't reach a contract deal by midnight monday after extending staled negotiations from over the weekend. here is what the mediator had to say last night. negotiations talks resume today at the caltrans building in oakland at 10 a-m. a-c transit is asking governor jerry brown for a 60-day cooling off period in contract talks with workers to avoid a potential
5:32 am
strike. they could go on strike as early as 12-01 tomorrow morning. we'll follow the latest on a-c transit and a possible bart strike. kron4's mike pelton and live at the trans bay terminal in san francisco with more on how things stand with a.c. transit this morning. mike? >> the transit agency says it would be a major headache if workers to go out on strike. but they will do if a new deal is not reached. ac transit board of directors asked governor jerry brown to issue a 60 day cooling off period to keep the buses running at this point the governor is considering the request. about 1800 drivers
5:33 am
dispatchers and mechanics are parts of local 192 who is involved with the dispute. union leaders reached a tentative agreement twice with the transit district but employees voted against the bill for it now the transit agency hopes of the governor will intervene. >> clearly what we would tell the governor is that a strike would severely impact life in the bay area as we know i'm sure he's well aware of that because he's a resident of oakland and he certainly has a good idea of what a transit strike would mean for the city and certainly the region. >> so workers will go on strike tomorrow morning at a new deal is not reached by midnight unless the governor issues than 60 day cooling- off period will bring to any developments with a.c. transit as they become available today. throughout the day you will hear from a lot of a.c. transit riders. many of home feel like the
5:34 am
hundreds of thousands of bart riders who don't know what will happened. >>darya: and that's why you want to stay updated. stay connected to kron-4 dot com. that's where we tell you how to get around the bay. we'll also keep you updated on our facebook and twitter pages. you can also download our mobile app to get push alerts for the latest information. senate leaders are optimistic about reaching a last-minute bipartisan deal to prevent a possible federal default and end the partial government shutdown.
5:35 am
>>j.r.: there is some slowing now for the got to my past. --all to mountain pass. south bay pennant to what gore debate freeway still looks pretty good. erica? >>dan: what george we are enjoying very quiet weather with not much fluctuation for your afternoon highs. los 70's along the coast 3 and 1 ties once again climbing into the low 80s. plenty of sunshine as we move in closer to the weekend. we do have some subtle changes to talk about as we start the next workweek. in 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. >>mark: senate leaders are optimistic about reaching an last minute by partisan-
5:36 am
judge a bipartisan bill to prevent a possible federal default and in the partial government shutdown. senate leaders harry ried and mitch mcconnell are hoping to soon shake hands on an agreement and hold votes later today. meanwhile, the fitch rating agency warns that it's reviewing the government's triple-a credit rating for a possible downgrade. the effect of the shutdown continues to be felt around the nation. here in the bay area.the lawrence livermore lab could close if there's no deal soon. that means more than six thousand lab workers would be furloughed. leaving only a few safety and security workers. a livermore woman will spend nearly a decade in prison after she admitted to
5:37 am
stealing more than 80- thousand dollars in an identity theft ring. pamela keane pleaded guilty to charges of forgery and counterfeiting. she was among five people who were arrested in chicago last year. police found hundreds of stolen credit cards, drivers licenses, social security cards and dozens of other documents used by identity thieves. prosecutors say surveillance video recorded keane taking out cash from victims' accounts. she also presented driver's licenses with her photo and the victims' names. pg&e is warning san bruno residents they may smell natural gas today. but not to worry. the utility company is venting the gas at the intersection of estates and glenview drives. it needs to be done so crews can work on a pipeline in that area.
5:38 am
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>> the bay area job market is at a five-year high according to the bay area council's annual economic forecast. the bay area has continued to grow more quickly than the state and the nation by the end of 2015, job totals and the bay area are forecasted to return to the levels of the dot com . from august 2012 to august 2013, the bay area gained 62,000 jobs. >> an open house event is scheduled for tonight to promote the bay area bike share program. the venture brought 350 bike is of
5:42 am
doand dozens of stations a san francisco, and another 3 1/5 bike's to cities in santa clara and san mateo counties. the event will take place at the san francisco and lgbt community center at 1800 market street from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.. >> countries pay a steep price for pandas from china. it is even an option for investors. only those willing to deal with china on its terms is one of the super cute, black and white fur balls on loan of course. there is about 50 out on loans around the world. oxford university researchers say that panda loans are associated with nations supplying china and with valuable resources and
5:43 am
technology. the trading partners even pay china a fee for the pandas. there is even a back up of countries clamoring for pandas. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a father's plea for his daughter's safe return. coming up on kron 4 morning news. we will have his message.
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>> welcome back. the time is 5:45 a.m.. here is a live look at the western span of the bay bridge. a reminder the bart trains are running this morning. >> the temperatures have dropped since the last report. we are in the 30's. as we take a live look outside from the roof cam you can see it is very clear outside. there is about 10 mi. of visibility. it is another cold start we have dropped into the upper 40's
5:47 am
in some locations. i did it deserved some 30's and santa rosa. we are showing 40's and 50 degrees currently in concord. it is a clear start for your wednesday morning. as we head into the afternoon i think if you enjoyed yesterday's you will enjoy today. it will be a little bit more and the temperatures--pleasanton is expected to reach 80 degrees. 70s for downtown san francisco and 80 degrees for santa rosa. we do have a f few clouds. by 8:00 p.m. tonight the temperatures will be fairly mild. >> i do want to talk about the weather story we are
5:48 am
clear outside the high pressure is dominating. it will contribute to temperatures that are warmer than average with plenty of sunshine. the storm tracker is guiding to the north and in the shower activity has been redirected. the seven there around the bay highlights sunshine for the weekend but the temperatures will trail off. we're still looking at seasonably nice weather. we will see the return of morning fog. >> the commute for the new eastern span and the upper deck is easy westbound. it is backing up a little bit for the cash wind. when you drive or around you will
5:49 am
see the expanded hours of the car pulled. those hours are only in affect if there's a strike. the normal rules will be octanes unless it is not announced. >> the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is looking good it is still 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge-stashed a cruise is off the bridge and they have finished. it is an easy trip in both directions. the east shore freeway is looking good for hercules to berkeley at 12 minutes. 580 is slow and livermore but also in dublin. the south bay freeway is right on cue. the north bay ride is still looking good with no congestion from the golden gate bridge. >> the father of two teenage girls missing from the south
5:50 am
bay is speaking out. chuck dorcich says that his two teenage daughters 16 year old madeline, and 13 year old emily went missing on sunday after their father dropped them off at high school for a church service. he tells us when he returned an hour later to pick them up they were nowhere to be found. he also says that he immediately filed a missing person's report for both of the girls. he also created a facebook page to spread the word about them been missing. >> i miss them. i just want them back. >> he says that he plans to reach out to the poly klaas
5:51 am
foundation to find out how much support they can offer him. >> ppolice are looking for a man who they say have been taking on authorized pictures of children on the playground of an albany elementary school. the principle of marin elementary school says that on at least two occasions this man has come up to the fence, by the playground, set up a tripod, and started videotaping children. now the principal ones to know what this man's intentions are and she has this advice for parents. >> he has chosen a time when the students are out for afternoon recess for about 1:15 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.. >> albany police are asking parents to keep their eyes out for a person described
5:52 am
as asian man 30-40 years old with the dark here, and he was wearing a black jacket. >> people are concerned about the claim that two women were given a date rape drug at a san francisco park. they reportedly tested positive for the drug known as roofies after spending time there. police have not confirm the claim off because it said the victims have not filed reports. police are morning people to be very careful when you are buying any thing in the park. they are reminding you that some vendors are not legitimate. >> a quick sports update. the senate was card must take a commanding 3 games to one lead in the nationally
5:53 am
division series. they beat the dodgers in a 4-2 game 5 is at 1:00 p.m. today. >> on to the red sox and the tigers. there was a 17 minute power outage at comerica park. the red sox lead the series 2-1, third time in four games of the tigers have lost 1-0 with berliner pitchiverlander pitchi >> on to hockey. the sharks at the blues. first. was an ugly scene. maxim lapierre
5:54 am
hits and then boyle from behind. he goes down apparently unconscious. if take another look as you see his adult band right into the board. meanwhile, in retaliation, a total of 67 penalties were given out. meanwhile, he is carted off on the ice. the final score 6-2 sharks. the sharks are now 6-0. >> coming up. here is a live look outside from the san mateo bridge. a reminder, bart trains are running this morning while contract negotiations continue.
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>> welcome back. the time is by 50 6:00 a.m.. the bay lights have extended our starting in november. the l e d light sculpture will now be clamor from dusk until dawn. the lights normally shut off at 2:00 a.m.. the length and light show is made possible by the nonprofit group illuminate the arts. artist lee owens villareal has programmed new sequences for the extended hours. there will also be a celebration for all night the lights on november 2nd. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news. there is a
5:58 am
double strike threats for ac transit and barred. >> a sacramento woman is defending herself on facebook after posting this picture which is now going in by road. that story coming up after the break. >> we will have the latest on washington. the opening bell is at 6:30 a.m.. my asthma's under control. i get out a lot... except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family.
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your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma.
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>> bart trains are running once again this morning but its another day of waiting for commuters to see if workers will walk off the job this week. we have complete coverage for you. >> everyone will like today's forecast. it is very cold


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