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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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now as we start the 6:00 hour we are already jammed into the macarthur maze and along the e shore freeway and on the nimitz north bound. so check out these drive times now. will switch over to the traffic map to assure you the commute from her run the here and to san francisco. we are already
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jammed along the floor each shore and the westbound 580 ride. also westbound 580 very heavy for the optima past and the san mateo bridge westbound already very heavy traffic here and were starting to get reports of congestion around the toll plaza for the westbound 92 ride to the other does there's been an accident on the bridge that has not contributed to an extra delays. >>james: kron4's will tran is showing us the lines of people try to get on the ac transit shuttle buses across the bridge. 20 of the broadway is the location and as expected the winds are beginning to grow.
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>>will: forget about it today is much worse the what we saw friday. police on friday there were buses coming quicker because we did not see this line have been as 6:00 in the morning because there wasn't a chance. as you can see it's a very long cannot print probably about 5060 people would come up and talk to some of the bart riders who can give their experience. memo what is your name. >>: mora. >>: were you here on friday ? for >>: ps. the lines are already longer. on friday i was runner-up at the same time. >>will: how is your experience of riding the buses on friday? understand everyone is in the same situation. people were fined. the >>vicki: any chance of you telecommunicating today or vacations? >>: tomorrow.
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>>will: what would you like to say to both sides of the bargaining table? >>: i would tell them to get a grip and there were dashed as deal with reality. i pay for my pension out of my check. i have had a raise in four years. get a grip. >>will: think you so much. good luck with your commute. a look at this james wallace tell you they have shuttle service ready to go. here's a bus here for county connection for i believe this bus takes people to concord to walnut creek and then there's another bus that left as well. so they have plenty of pluses but they better hurry because the lines are a lot longer today that what we saw on monday back to james. we did
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see back in july when they're picketing across the street and that brought a lot of people the wrong way. kron4's jackie's the soil is alive at a jack london as where ferry terminal. jackie how are the lines of doing? >>: they started off early and they are long. you can see the second one is getting out loaded up. that's not a san francisco bay ferry that's a golden gate ferry because of the increase rider should has forced the san francisco bay ferry system to add a bolt from other swedes around the bay area. here's some video from the first line at 530 this morning. the san
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francisco bay ferry expect to see. this video is from friday. they tripled their numbers the last time bart struck and expect to see much of the same thing this time around they say on a normal they carry about 6000 people they carry about 19 out of 500 passengers. as far as the passengers themselves how is their day different from a normal day. let's talk to some of the people that i spoke with earlier this morning. >>: about an hour-and-a-half up earlier than normal. i have to drive from antioch, to hear to stand in line for another hour so i think it to south san francisco. >>: it's over with. i came from the last bart strike has started taking the ferry and i've been taken in for days a week. so bart lost my money for four days.
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>>: some tips for you. the ferries will run every 45 minutes starting at 633 you can expect to see this all morning long these long lines. the other advice is if you don't have a clipper card game here early because you are going to have to buy tickets before you get on the boat and also have somebody dropping off because there is not a lot of parking around here and what little they do have.
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>>: we know that the equipment used for the four car train battling north bound on a northbound tracked the designated that's the one. we have not verified for the train was going at that time. >>: we will find out more from the ntsb as soon as
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they make that information available. we will follow the latest and your ride back as the kron4 morning news continues trip. news continues trip. uz)ñ would look like john stamos. wow! wow!
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>>anny: welcome back. our top story is day two of the bart workers strike. here is wind from alameda. this taken around 530 this morning. here's what one commuter had to tell us today.
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>>: i'm actually. i live in pittsburgh. i over to my sister's house here in alameda so she has a house guest. >>: a bit of inconvenience to sound like. >>: totally. not happy at all. they should have resolved this and long time ago. >>james: that opinion is being shared with a lot of folks within talking to. keep in tune to kron4. we will have more of ongoing coverage and its impact being felt all around the bay bridge is a live look from walnut creek where we have those bart charter buses ready to take a fraction of the people who normally take part of walnut creek into san francisco treat people are getting ready to hand out. our coverage will continue in a moment.
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where and the traffic center were george and i are exasperated over the bart strike as it continues. let's get this thing over. if it's a drag for us of matter what it's like to be out in this traffic. >>george: and 5:00 was already backed up. we are looking at a solid backup terror and on camera but james this is only part of the story. take a look at the map. the macarthur maze
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is already backed up the 580 and were already backed up north bound all try to get to the bay bridge. the e
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shore freeway now slowing to a tunnel. not quite yet to know. the highway for ride as slow and so it is 580 this morning. the rest of the trip into livermore. and also the ride into dublin and castro valley. easy trip from the models of all way to the golden gate bridge. >>anny: someone to read it
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and took them three hours to get from the financial district so it is ugly out there. here's a real contest the charter buses. they are all on your screen elsewhere although nortek west oakland, lafayette concord walnut creek dublin pleasant 10, hayward and fremont and also san leandro. those buses will take people near the san francisco transit terminals on howard street between fremont and the zero and a city permit east way cities leave from five this morning and go to 8:00 this morning there were also be five to 15 buses at each station. parking at the stations is freak but we are getting word that the parking lots are selling fast so it's best to have somebody drop you off. kron4 viewers have been posted things for us as well. on
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our web site on the front page of the resources you need for the strike. including our strike cover guy. on the left in social media or kron4 of yours have been sending in their information on how their morning commute has been going. if you download our kron4 at complete coverage on kron4 dot com in the latest information to get chewed through the bart strike. >>james: aside from the commute we want to get an
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update with your weather. >>erica: that's right. as we head into the afternoon expect mostly sunny skies. temperatures ranging from the low 60s cosi to a low 80s inland. 71 degrees and oakland and made 60s for downtown san francisco. we will continue with that pattern of august sunshine. temperatures only fluctuate by a couple of degrees each and every day. same goes for the weekend. brace yourself for morning fog and afternoon sunshine. >>anny: police raided a greek camp looking for drugs and weapons when they found this little are you see here. a couple was arrested and accused of obstructing
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her after an investigation revealed she was not their biological child. now the local gypsy community is staring at a backlash from the public. they say not all gypsies killed children and something did something wrong they should pay for it. police are now investigating international. there is now bart service that continues to be our big story. we'll be right back. hñ
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and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. >>erica: i'm keeping tabs on social media pages this morning. ellis our viewers have a sense of humor for some of these long and tiring commute they are
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enduring. one person writes in to us bart stands for and that at a running transportation. replace them operate david on the other hand cause them brat's now bart abolished altogether. it is really time to end this. for those of us who don't make $30 an hour to get our transportation to and from work. >>anny: we are having some facebook issues. i can't post print are kron up for what the department has not been able to post so if you're waking up tried to post stuff you're not alone. hopefully we get that taken care of so. here's a live
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come back. time now is 630. our top story. there is still no bargain deal. our team coverage continues. more buses are running from the east bay into san francisco. kron4's will tran is live from 20 and broadway and oakland where folks have been lining up and getting on those buses. will. >>will: not exactly getting on. they're still waiting at this time but the cavalry is coming. look behind me. you can see three or four buses all lined up like airplanes ready to take off. as soon as they're called then they will move an epic of the passengers and i can tell you being here on friday. monday is a much worse. all
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walked to the front just show you how things are this morning. we did not see this on friday because those buses were coming so frequently that it never actually got to this 0.6 o'clock we saw people in the line. and we thought that they would be gone already. since mr. how many buses have come and gone >>: just won a. i ended up in line but no bus gets. >>will: must it all worst
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feeling for it when you see the bus and ready to take steps on. >>: yes. looks like i'm not going to make it today. my boss is very supportive. we are a small company so there may be about five or six of us out here and east bay that rely on bart so the >>darya: i've been telling people from my perspective that this is worse on friday. does this look worst you? >>: slightly worse. we will have to monitor the situation. >>darya: if you're getting here expected the and long lines. but last time we
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spoke to him was 6:00 and he was standing next to the woman i spoke to bridge that was 6:00. it's six started. you can see the deputy right there. the reason why he is there
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>>: they decided to add goldson app service. they are actually taking votes from golden gate transit ferry system to help with the overflow. they're telling people to get here early expect long lines but they're hoping that it will move pretty rapidly. i had a chance to talk to people early this morning. not everybody that i spoke with was a bart rider. some of them are people who normally ride the ferry and say this is kind of crap in their style for it
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>>: i love taking the ferry. i'm afraid all these terminal people guelph find out how awesome it is. >>: extremely frustrated. i wish they would get their act together. the other thing to have somebody drop you off because not a lot of parking. a little parking there is definitely build
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up. obviously we're going to be out here all morning long monterey the situation. a lot of people i spoke with eric this is gonna be the story all morning long and as long as this strike lasts. we'll keep you updated on the lines. but it goes away times for the rose. we have george watching that. >>george: the bay bridge is the worst of it. the e shore freeway is backed up and to send paul blow from the bay bridge. and the nimitz freeway north bound starting to back up into oakland. here's a look at the traffic map st that's the e shore approach to the bridge bridge look at 24. backed up into a horrendous. drive times now pushing 48 to 52 minutes and the nimitz is almost back up to 980 and
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the northbound direction. 23 minutes for what would normally be a nine to 11 in the commute time for the ride from 81 to the bridge. is live look outside. we are seeing some fog up for it will have a complete look at your forecast. also a reminder, still no bart service. there is no deal in the strike continues.
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>>darya: we will take a look at your 7 day around of a forecast. temperatures in the '40's and '50's but into the afternoon expect low 60s coast side treat as 637 kron4 morning news will be right back. i love having a free checked bag
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do you really want a paperowel that can hold a bowling ba? eek! here's a bright idea. use sparkl® with thirst pocket®. gotta t! welcome back. an update on some of the other stories we are following. the port of oakland at the truckers' association there planning a work stoppage this morning to try to oppose bush better working conditions. they are currently asking for a $50 bring admissions fee. truckers say they haven't seen an increase in payments for cargo loading and 10 years while their fuel and maintenance costs have increased sharply. and some big waves are heading to the coast. the national weather service's morning beachgoers and fishermen to back off
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the waters for tomorrow afternoon. snicker waves are expected through strong rip currents. and colin kapernick kron4 199 yds running for 68 as well as a shutdown of the san francisco 49ers are the longest road trip by pushing beating the tennessee titans. the 49ers were in their fourth straight after jumping out a 17 nothing halftime lead. waiting to hear from president obama this morning. they've been addressing problems with the rollout of the affordable care act. he plans to talk about his steps to take the glitches
6:43 am
and fix them. president obama is also going to highlight the nearly half a million applications that have already been filled out. the president will be speaking in o'clock this morning our time. >>james: sx 423 we will take a quick break. another live look outside there is no bart service bridge and up to you there's no facebook servers at the moment as well print no updates being passed through facebook to followers. so if you want the latest affirmation a better goods our web site at kron4 dot com and check for that through your smart phone. we will be right back
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welcome back. time now is 646. our top story bart strike continues. let's check and with the traffic center a george. >>george: again a backup
6:47 am
fully into the macarthur maze along the east shore freeway print take a look at the traffic map spirit you see the back of growing now. almost reaching lafayette on 24 westbound. the nimitz is backed up for oakland. 80 is backed up all along the e shore freeway and this westbound ride now backed up beyond pinole valley. the san mateo bridge also carrying a fair amount of traffic as well. as we are already full and all of the lanes westbound. we haven't yet seen stop and go conditions but could very shortly. i would say within the next 45 minutes the golden gate bridge ride still a problem for a commute.
6:48 am
>>james: kron4's mike pelton is live at walnut creek bart station with buses there were bosses have been few. never seems to be enough. >>: exactly three that were from the manager is this the second to last a bus that means that there are fewer
6:49 am
than 100 spots left here in one of creek before they totally run out. this if you cannot keep your by 715 don't even bother. there will not to be a bust before you print which seem long lines. hundreds of people right now there isn't much of a line. but fewer than 100 spots available. commuter's tell me they are tired. countless stories of people getting three or four hours less sleep than normal. combustibles bay
6:50 am
area ferry terminals already have lines as well. kron4's haazig madyun as at the alameda main street terminal with an update on the commute from there. >>: people started lining up early here at the alameda very terminal as the bart strike continues. in fact the line for the first ferry stretched the lead of this sidewalk. it is likely to be that way throughout the morning. servers have stepped up with ferries leaving every 45 minutes with a maximum load of 300 passengers. every way ticket will run you $3.25 per if
6:51 am
you can also use your clipper card to get on. >>: if you're going to be standing in line for possibly hours. let's find out what kind of weather you can anticipate. >>erica: good morning desperate ellis is not as cold most of us waiting up to forties and low 50s. we do however have patchy fog along the coast line. and even some fog for our bay shore lines. 50 degrees currently in oakland. as an all separate as we head into the afternoon for it was the right of low 60s cosi to low 80s inland. livermore today 83 percent san mateo a high of 68 degrees. 78 degrees in santa rosa. downtown san francisco pretty mild with a high of 65. in 7 day around the bay forecast how like a string of sunshine for the rest of the week. not much
6:52 am
to that-not much variation of temperatures will continue with this pattern as we transition into the weekend. >>mark: as or following the latest with a bart. kron4's rob fladeboe now at the fremont bart station. rob what's it like there this morning? >>: about a block or so west of there at the corner of civic center drive and bart way where i'm looking at five buses here about four have already left. started about 5:00 a.m. this morning. we are looking at maybe 13. 13 buses for it does about twice that we've seen on friday. they had just about seven on friday. some people were stranded but i don't think that's going to happen today. so far so good.
6:53 am
>>james: thanks rob. at least that some better news. >>anny: timeout is 6523 it will take a quick break here on the kron4 morning news. a lot of you all having a tough time this morning. but we will help you get through it. the time now to 653.
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tax and spend another one of major traffic delays--quo workers continued to strike today, of course and thousands of commuters to find and to see to try the bay gearhart to contact had appeared in july i will trend liven downtown oakland and we will have the reaction from frustrated bart riders. >> and we also have the latest on the debt they bart train accident that killed two workers.


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