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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 23, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> top stories we are following on this wednesday, october 23rd. another mass transit agency has labor problems-- and governor jerry brown has stepped in to avoid an ac transit strike. details on this story coming up. >> and bart trains are getting back to normal this morning. coming up we'll track your commute times. >> new this morning.
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first it was bart. now it could be ac transit's turn as the agency is threatening to walk of the job. kron 4's will tran is live in downtown oakland to tell us what the governor plans to do. again. to prevent a strike. >> you should worry about a because late last night the governor steps then to ask for a cooling off. he must be on fire. he different bart and now he will do it for ac transit. this is the government's right to do so. here is a video and we do know how important this is. 180,000 daily riders. without this people state that they cannot get to their destinations. a few minutes ago i had a chance to talk to a bus rider and this is what he had to separate >> i take is all the and
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just being greedy. these people are not complaining brea >> this is all set up the is. you heard him say that it ac transit is great right in front of the bus driver's face. he stated that he is glad that the governor has stepped in. is it does not work out, as we learned of for there is nothing that the governor can do to prevent him from walking off the job. >>
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>> following the latest with we now know more details of the tentative contract agreement. starting with the salary increase. it's a 12-point-5 percent increase over 4 years. it adds up to 15-point-4 percent when you include money the district will pay workers so they can contribute to their pension. workers will now contribute 1% of their salary the first year - increasing 1 percent a year -- up to 4% in the final year. but the district is picking up about 2-thirds of that cost. health care costs for workers will go from 92- dollars a month in the first year to 134-dollars in the 4th year. >> some work rules have changed. for example - workers can't get overtime until they've worked 40 hours a week. and workers will get an annual bonus of 500-dollars if ridership exceeds projections by 1 percent.
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and a 1-thousand dollar bonus if it exceeds projections by 2%. some worker backed safety measures are also part of the tentative deal. union members are set to vote on it next week >> we are following the latest with bart as trains resume normal service. montioring how things are looking at the walnut creek bart station. >> everything is running smoothly here in walnut creek. commuters are either going to work are headed to the airports. for the first time they're not facing a extra long commute. here you can see the station agent is opened up the gates to a handful of very relieved commuters. many of them were stranded yesterday after they showed up to find out that it was not enough staff. the trains and did not start until 6:00 a.m.. commuters are bets that their backup running. >> it was horrible, i had to
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call my job and tell them that i cannot get to work. bart cannot pay my bills. >> i did not have a chore is but to take off work. >> i knew that it would be open. >> i am well rested. >> i just checked, bart has 46 trains on and on time. the only issue that we know is that from noon to 3:03 p.m. it will have no train service. this is so they can reenact this past accidents but that will have a bus bridge in place. >> >> the n-t-sb will conduct a re-enactment of the bart accident that killed two workers saturday. but we are also learning more about what might have happened.
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the n-t-s-b says larry daniels and chris sheppard were granted what's called simple approval before going out to the track. simple approval means both men were responsible for their own safety. also, we now know that two people were in training to operate trains, working under the direct supervision of an experienced trainer. the initial investigation shows that the systems on the car were working properly. >> this verified that the lights and the brakes were opera bowl without any defects. >> bart will not be running trains between lafayette and pleasant hill during today's reenactment of the accident. a bus bridge will be in place during noon to three this afternoon. >> the time is 6 06. will my head over to the weathered the apartment.
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>> it is born to clean until the afternoon. here is a look at your visibility chart. the fault is in the north bay. you are saying about half a mile and santa rosa. the dense fog has made its way to the coastline even to mountain view. it is foggy conditions for just about everyone. it will start to clear out by lunchtime and you could expect mostly sunny skies and upper 50s. i will have more on the fog tracker 4 coming up. >> we had word of an accident on the walnut great southbound tunnel. this has been cleared from the traffic lanes and it is no longer a problem. however,
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the southbound 88 ride through hayward is slow. it does block the light and it is starting to backup. a look at your ride to the bay bridge this morning the metering lights were activated. this was in part of the heavy traffic that you see from the oakland touchdown. right now we are incident. the bay bridge. >> the time is 6:08 a.m.. more disturbing details are emerging.after lynne spaulding's body was found in a stairwell at san francisco general -- weeks after she was reported missing. kron 4 has learned lynn wasn't the only person that went missing in a stairwell at sf general.
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after hearing about lynn's tragedy, one woman wrote a letter to the hospital and the sherriff's office about getting locked in a hospital stair well. she says eventually a nurse spotted her and opened the door. although that frightening ordeal only took about 15 minutes, the woman says she wants to see changes in the hospital's security. >> sot - sot - there's a lot wrong with this story and this email. it leads us to know this story is not just about lynn spalding, but also the people of sf that demand excellent medical they get from sf general, but excellent security and infrastructure. >> a hospital spokesperson says this is the 2nd instance they've heard of where someone was locked into a stairwell. she tells us this email as
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well as lynn spalding's tragic story will be added to their security review. >> the time is 6:09 a.m.. coming up on the kron4 morning news. the latest on the nevada school shooting. off police say the appearance of the 12 year old nevada boy fiscal killed a math teacher and then himself at his school could face charges. >> it has been one year since super storm sandy has ripped through the east coast. we will take a look back. >> and a story that you only see on kron 4. the family of the little boy who was mauled by a neighbor's pit bull cannot believe that the neighbor has bought more pit
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bulls. will tell you what the boy's parents have to say next. ♪
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>> it's a story you'll only see on kron-4. the antioch family that owned two pit bulls which were euthanized for attacking a little boy. have now brought home 'more' pit bulls. 10-year-old hunter kilbourn was attacked by a neighbor's two pit bulls back in august. and spent several weeks in the hospital. although his physical wounds will eventually heal, the scars on his face and throughout his body will most likely never fully disappear. and now hunter's mother is worried about what mental effect the neighbor's "replacement" pit bulls may have on her son. hunter says the new dogs
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*do scare him but the family is planning to move to a new neighborhood. and although there is nothing illegal about the neighbors owning the new pit bulls. the kilbourns call it "insensitive" and >> the time is 6:13 a.m.. watching the weather this morning, particularly the fog. we will be right back for i
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>> on welcome back. here is the approach to the bay bridge. the traffic has plenty of company. you can almost see the way. >> kron four's jackie sissel is live at the eastern span of the bay bridge. jackie? he >> you are looking at traffic on the new span of the bay bridge. it is starting to back up. this is a basically the and no normal. here is seems like we have this slow go. we had it camp located but it is also bad right now. i drove around some parts of the east bay this morning and there are pockets of heavy fog. it is definitely fall
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that you have to be aware of. >> we may see a creek on to the span of the bridges. if you're driving >> wheat may not see any brain for san francisco. we have nowe have not seen conditions the strike for a while. we're looking at to 1 1/2 miles for a half moon bay. the fog is that is
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north of the golden gate bridge. that is where we have the dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m.. we have this in place yesterday but it however ended early. fog tracker 4 shows that by 7:00 a.m. most locations--putting the clock into motion by noon we would just have patchy fog. all of this will cut the beaches. mostly sunny skies for the rest of the bay area for the afternoon. you should grab a jacket because we're just in the upper 40's low 50's. today will be pretty mild and santa clara will have a high of 74 degrees the temperatures will actually be warmer than seasonal average for walnut creek. low 70's for castro ballot.
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the downtown san francisco have a high of 63 degrees. >> your 7 day around the bay highlights continued pattern of morning fog in the temperatures will be in the '60s. >> it looks like a 10% chance for showers sunday into monday. i do want everyone to be prepared. the temperatures will " dramatically. we're talking about 10 degrees different from all we see today. the time is 6:20 a.m.. >> we're not tracking any hot spots. a potential one exists for hayward. we're starting to see is slowing on highway 4 in the westbound direction. this is under usual and congestion and started to build for 680 south. westbound 580 typically is heavy into livermore. it is
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unusual to see this much slow traffic. here is the accident in hayward on the nimitz freeway southbound. it is backed up beyond 92. and the ride through the south bay is more slow for 101 in the northbound direction. we are incident. . the north bay ride we're completely incident free down to the golden gate bridge. >> the westbound for 92 is not a bad back up. the san mateo bridge is looking good and started to fill up early for the westbound ride. the golden gate bridges without delays for north or south bound. >> there is a lot more win and that has picked up. this is the back end of the storm. it is getting worse,
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it is getting when deer. >> one year ago, super storm sandy flooded the east coast, killing more than 180 people. it cost an estimated $65 million in damage. it is the second costliest hurricane in the united states history. this is behind hurricane katrina. today, the thousands of people are still try to fix their homes. many say the flood insurance checks was not enough to cover the damage. federal aid has not even reached some of homeowners will still need the money to move on. >> line
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>> and the latest on the nevada school shooting. police say the parents of a 12-year-old nevada boy who killed a math teacher and then himself at his school could face charges. investigators say the seventh-grader got the 9 mm semi-automatic handgun from his home and went on a schoolyard rampage at sparks middle school, wounding two boys and killing math teacher michael landsberry. many in the community are still shocked about what happen. they say landsberry has earned 25 awards for his serviec in the marines over the years and a math teacher many students will never forget. >> there are a lot of memories. without mr. lansbury is will just not be the same. >> police said the parents of the seventh grader are cooperating with police. >>
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lying >> the website at the forefront of the affordable care act has quickly turned into a fiasco. and that has the obama administration doing damage control. some are even calling for health and human service secretary kathleen sebelius to step down. in an interview with c-n-n's sanjay gupta, sebelius says contractors have been asked to bring in their "a-teams" to fix the issues with the >> top republicans, including congressman paul ryan, have called on sebelius to resign. .and this website paid for by the republican national committee, invites people to sign a petition and calling on the president to fire her. >> thanks to the partial government shutdown, you'll have to wait to file your taxes for this year. the i-r-s says it will delay
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the start of the tax filing season by up to two weeks. the agenecy says the move was necessary to allow quote "adequate time to program. and test tax processing systems" following the 16- day federal government closure. the original 2014 filing season was set to begin january 21st.a new filing start date will be announced in december. >> we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. [son] all right,she has no idea. >> we will be right back as the kron4 morning news [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse.
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>> welcome back. we are waiting for the opening bell. if we had a huge sell- off in china. the chinese banks had to write off bad loans. this leads to a sell- off on wall street. the s&p 500 has hit a high for five days straight. we will have information on this coming up. >> will also have more information on bart and ac transit. i love watching tv outside.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:30 a.m.. here is a live look at the fall guy. >> it is prett thick in fog. for >> it is pretty thick in certain areas. you will see that it is pretty wide spread. we are seeing it in
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livermore and an walnut creek. they have low visibility in redwood city. we will see sunshine and to the afternoon. today the temperatures will be mainly in the '60s and '70s. you may see some raindrops as wrap up the weekend. i will break up fog tracker 4 coming up. >> we're looking at a normal commute. for the was all right. the metering lights have been activated and it reaches at the first over crossing. take a look at the western departure. you will see that the oakland touched all traffic is fairly heavy. we will be talking with kron4 jackie sissel from this location.
6:32 am
malign ac transit has the threats of drivers walking off the job. >> more to our developing story of a.c. transit walking off the job. >> management and drivers are on the clock because 9:00 a.m. a judge will give a cooling off. after today that will be on the clock for 60 days. if no deal is reached as we learned from the bart strike there's nothing that the governor can do to stop them from striking. they have been negotiating since march but still have no deal. there are about 180,000 people will take ac transit everyday. some of them told me that they can i get
6:33 am
around without ac transit because bart does not work. they are hoping that something happens before this expires. >> this is added difficulty because we have already had two bills but they have been voted down. who knows of they can't even reach an agreement. >> this is the same thing with a bart's. the negotiators stated that they have to bring it back to the ranking a file. it is never a done deal to the ranking files as a yes or a no. >> so far this morning i see a few people had it to the airport and others are running at to make the next train. it is just like a normal commute which is
6:34 am
something we have not seen in about a week. you concede the operator opening up the gates of time. many of them were stranded yesterday after they showed up only to find that it was not enough staff so the trains enough start rolling on time. commuters this morning and are glad that they're running. >> it was horrible. i had to call my job and tell them that i could not come to work. bart is not want to pay my bills. >> i did not check last night i just slept through the night and i knew that it would be open. >> are you well arrested? >> yerested? >> yes. >> there will be a bus
6:35 am
bridge in place. in walnut creek, mike pelton kron 4 news. >> the n-t-sb will conduct a re-enactment o the bart accident that killed two workers saturday. but we are also learning more about what might have happened. the n-t-s-b says larry daniels and chris sheppard were granted what's called simple approval before going out to the track. simple approval means both men were responsible for their own safety. also, we now know that two people were in training to operate trains, working under the direct supervision of an experienced trainer. the initial investigation shows that the systems on the car were working properly. bart will not be running trains between lafayette and for reenactment of the accident. a bus bridge will be in place during noon to three this afternoon. >> pacific gas and electric is reconnecting a northern california natural-gas pipeline that it was ordered to seal off for safety reasons after concerns surfaced in an e- mail from an engineer.
6:36 am
the california public utilities commission gave pg&e permission monday to open the 3.8-mile gas- transmission pipeline beneath san carlos. but it ordered that the utility keep the pressure much lower than normal. pg&e was forced to shut the pipeline on oct. 6 after the commission learned that a consulting engineer had raised concerns that the welding was older and less reliable than had been reported. >> the san francisco chronicle says the engineer was worried that the line could explode, as one did in san bruno 2010, killing eight people and destroying 38 homes. >> the san francisco parks worker accused of running over and killing a woman with his truck last now facing felony charges. it happened as a woman was relaxing on the grass in holly park with her young daughter. thomas burnoski has been charged with felony hit and run, and vehicular manslaughter. he's expected to be arraigned today. bail is set for 350 thousand dollars. >> and kron-4 has learned that sandra coke -- the federal investigator whose body was
6:37 am
found in a creek bed in vacaville in august - was strangled. the cause of death was confirmed by the alameda county coroner's office it's not clear how long she'd been dead before her body was found. randy alana - a former boyfriend - was charged with her murder friday. >> if you tried to call to complain about noise from the nike women's marathon sunday, you may have heard something you didn't expect. san francisco residents called the city's 3-1-1 hotline and were incorrectly directed to a phone sex line. city officials say they were given the wrong number and are investigating how the mix-up occurred. the phone numbers only differed in their prefix. one was an 8-hundred number and the other was an 8-6-6 a 3-1-1 director says the wrong number was given out for about 30 minutes before
6:38 am
>> the food and drug administration is asking dog and cat owners to report any problems their pets have had after eating jerky pet the agency said it has linked illnesses from jerky treats to 36-hundred dogs and 10 cats since 2007. about 580 of those pets have died. the fda says its center for veterinary medicine has run tests and visited pet treat manufacturing plants in china but still hasn't determined the cause of the pet illness. the fda says pets can suffer from a decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting and diarrhea. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. we do have new information regarding the 14 ft. oarfish that washed
6:39 am
ashore in southern california last week. we will tell you what marine biologists found.
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>> welcome back. the time is
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6:41 a.m.. this is a story that is getting a lot of traffic on we have new information regarding the 14th bu ft. oarfish that washed ashore in southern california last week. it turns out, vichy was ready to become a mother. the serpent like fish was dissected monday and marine biologists found that the female had six-foot ovaries that contained 100,000 eggs. it is unclear why she died. this dish had lost its tail while alive and had wounds from cookie cutters sharks, but those injuries were not the deadly. >> coming up on the kron4
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morning news. we woke have our tech supporwill have our ter dave slagabe
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:45 a.m.. >> this is not much of a accident. it is a minor at tennyson road. it has been there long enough with the right lane blocked. it has managed to back up the road. it is slowing the commute coming out of san lorenzo and san leandro. this is southbound 880. it has also been slow on interstate 580 in the west all of direction. of course, it is expected to be headed for the alta mount pass which is no surprise but it is slower than usual from livermore out to 580, 680 interchange. >> the bay bridge has been doing well this morning, much better than the other days. you concede that the backup is reaching only in the fast track laying. the
6:47 am
cash laying on the left side are still pretty much open. their drivers heading to the bridge which is what i call a professional commuters out numb during the fasttrack people. your ride to the san mattel of bridge highway 92, is looking good we are problem free in both directions. the volume is a building. the golden gate bridge we have cleared the problems earlier this morning, walnut great. the volume is looking a little rich. there are no incidents to slow the ride.
6:48 am
>> the fog advisory is set to expire at 11:00 a.m.. fog tracker 4 is showing that it will be pretty wide spread but as we head into the afternoon it will be patchy at best. the bay shore has fault that is still hugging areas closer to the beach. most of the areas to be and sunny skies but was still have to deal with temperatures right now in the upper 50s. mountain view will have a high of 78 degrees. upper 70's for the ballot. the temperatures will be warmer than average for the east bay with walnut creek still in the '80s. the same is for fairfield.
6:49 am
downtown san francisco will be cooler as 63 degrees. >> your 7 day around the bay shows a continued pattern of morning fog and it will really not be that much variation for the next couple of days. the temperatures will take a tumble as will start next work with. the warmest will struggle to make it into the '70s. >> it is now time for the tech report with gabe slate. >> this will be 7.5 mm. this is 20 percent that are across this whole device. >> the ipad is airing their new tablet that weighs just under 1 lb.. >> this is so then, so light that it feels like the ipad mini. it has and the big screen and it fills adorable. it feels right
6:50 am
compared to other tablets. it will be very easy for you to carry this all day. >> they also unveiled a new ipad mini would act which has a new screen. >> this is 7.9 in.. this is the same number of pixels as a another ipad. it runs all the same software. >> it has a chip that is built then so is faster than the existing model. >> it has a big jump in performance of to four times faster. >> for something that surprised me is that apple and did not put the senior prince security system at it. another disappointment is that they're keeping their high prices. >> ipad mini will be at $299
6:51 am
spread of the other will be from 399. the brand-new ipad air will be $499. it hits the market november 1st and they did not release a date for the ipad mini but is set to come out in december. >> that is not nothing too exciting. the dow was off. apple is at 522. this is up $100 from our was zero months ago. we're keeping our eyes on netflix's stock. they're now up $8 a share. >> some boys tested that will speed up production for their new 787 dream liner. the company has orders for
6:52 am
890 of them. boeing is already on his way toward building 10787 every month by the end of this year. today boeing said that they plan to go up to 12 per month in 2016. the 77 is al long range, feel the system plane that has turned out to be very popular with airlines. it has sold 131 applies fisher, even after their battery problems. >> a new social media network designed exclusively for law enforcement is up and running. created by former new york city police commissioner and los angeles police chief bill bratton, blueline is being touted as a site where officers can share their expertise and information securely through video, instant messaging and video conferencing. site officials say more than 1,000 chiefs and commanding officers in cities including los angeles, boston and houston have already joined. the network hopes to attract people from more than 17,000 law enforcement agencies.
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>> the giants have signed a tim lincecum to wait till your contract, a $35 million. it is still pretty good money for a guy who has 28 wins, 29 losses. he did show flashes of his old self classes in. >> he is a two-time cy young winner. a four time all- star, and he helped the giants went to of their last four world series. >> this is of the location of a another big rig accident that occurred yesterday their region and up the morning commute. we
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align the coming up on the kron4 morning news. >> there are two escalators that r a missing. they're trying to locate the missing equipment. >> there are vandals that have hit the glestation with a e will have that story coming up. we may have ac transit boeing on strike. we will have more on this coming up.
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top stories we're following on this wednesday and october 23rd and other mass transit agency it has labor problems and governor jerry brown looks to step and to avoid another strike. we will have details on that story coming up. >>darya: vandals had the gwen park bart station with graffiti during the strike. you sure you more of these pictures coming out. and now to george. >>george: tracking and a hot spot on the nimitz freeway. this is a big rig accident that started out blocking three lanes of the nimitz freeway on the north side of the roadway. it's right in the heart of downtown town of oakland. also affecting the north bound ride. er


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