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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news starts now. >> show us how to proceed. >> hundreds show up to mourn the teen shot by deputies. hearts and raw emotions. the vigil for 13-year-old andy lopez and hundreds of people asking for answers. there is a timeline of the confrontation between deputies
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and the teen. they created an incident report. 4 seconds later they called for emergency assistance. 6 seconds later they shots fired. >> many people say the shooting was unjustified even though the boy had a replica ak47. hundreds of people made their way in the cold night air to remember andy lopez and express their frustration. >> he was a little kid.
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they are supposed to be taking us. it is a tragedy. . >> i live in this community. i am here like many people because we are outraged. >> we all grew up here and play together. >> reporter: the crowd lined the street to show their distrust, shock, and disbelief. >> i have 4 kids. if something happened like that, oh, my gosh. >> there was no reason for him to be killed. why was he killed? why was he shot to death? why? >> it shouldn't be happening especially to a kid with a toy
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gun. they sell them at the stores. have more control of that. >> reporter: they will march from city hall to the sheriff's department. a drunk driver hit pedestrians before 7:00 tonight at choco street and constitution drive. the car jumped the median and hit an oncoming car hitting pedestrians. >> after striking 2 pedestrians
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he jumped choco and struck a vehicle. there was minor damage and no one injured in that vehicle. >> police say she was intoxicated and booked on felony vehicular manslaughter and dui charges. the family of lynn spaulding is clarifying what happened. the person who found the boy has not been identified. they hope they come forward. >> reporter: speaking on behalf of lynn's family, david perry says san francisco general hospital was notified by a man with a badge that he came
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across the body. >> that person was so frantic they ran down the hall and disappeared. i am sure the organization charged with security at san francisco general they want to know who that person is and what they saw and when did they see it. >> reporter: the hospital didn't return kron4's calls. the hospital official said it is unclear who the man is who came across her body or if he works at the hospital and why it took 4 days for her to turn up is amystery. it did conduct a search for her. >> they looked for a long time. what this information does,
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which is disturbing, is that someone saw a body and left it there, and no one took action. >> reporter: kron4news. >> the families of the victims in the limo fire have filed a wrongful death suit. 5 women were killed as they rode across the bridge. nobody was criminally charged but they were fined for carrying too many passengers. a woman at a fremont wal- mart is still on the lose. >> reporter: a majority of the shoppers didn't know about the flasher case mid-afternoon on
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tuesday. a man walked up and down the aisles at the fremont wal-mart before exposing himself. he was wearing a work uniform. the actual video taken from the wal-mart is too graphic to give to us. we are showing pictures instead. >> it is sick. that shouldn't be out. >> it is pretty scary. i can't believe it is here in fremont in wal-mart. >> i am surprised the employees didn't see him. >> nothing surprises me today. if you smell someone smoking marijuana, i don't like it. i have a teenage daughter. >> they have received leads in
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the case, but the flasher is still on the loose. trick or treating in a san jose neighborhood. one toddler sporting what may be the season's favorite costume. two workers killed on the tracks. rain? i have the answer coming up. i love watching tv outside.
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. >> bart says it is now permanently dropping a safetyprotocol known as simple approval after two workers were killed on the tracks last weekend. workers on the tracks decided which person would be the look out to warn of oncoming trains. they will allow workers to walk
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on the tracks and divert trains. how a california father created a costume. wild pigs might affect trick or treaters. later in the broadcast the world series and sharks highlights and joe montana football in london employ the great american novel.
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. >> an invasion of wild pigs in a neighborhood. wednesday we showed you they have torn up a golf course and ruining lawns. people are worried about trick or trea ers. >> reporter: tony is fed up. lawns are being torn up by wild pigs. >> the males are aggressive and will attack you. >> reporter: the pigs are roaming the streets. as many as 40.
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sometimes during the day people are scared with halloween coming. >> people drive kids to this neighborhood to trick or treat and pigs are running around. >> reporter: they are tearing up fairways and a green. >> the mama and her babies could be a bad mix. >> reporter: many residents want the pigs trapped and euthanized. they aren't afraid of anything. >> they are betting bolder and less afraid of people. >> i saw a couple of bore, the
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male i tried to scare away, but he didn't pay any attention. >> reporter: they say they will be out in force on halloween night. taking steps to clean up the area by the rim fire gearing up for mud slides. this is a file from early in the fire. it is the third biggest wild fire in california history destroying 11 homes and blackened 400 square miles and $70 million. the fire zone is declared a
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major disaster area. a creative father has made his little girl a creative costume. it has gone viral on youtube. >> reporter: zoe can't wait for halloween. her dad made her a light stick costume. >> it is almost creepy. >> reporter: she danced on the sand. >> it is a real kid. >> reporter: she turned heads. >> i thought someone created a new toy. >> that is so cute. >> reporter: her dad made it out of led lights and velcro.
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he posted it on youtube with 180,000 hits. >> it has gon crazy. >> reporter: this isn't her first appearance. the almost 2-year-old let lose to brittany spears. why not put one on his boogieing baby? hundreds are asking him to sell them. >> it would be great to show people how to make them because i don't have time to sell them. halloween is a week away. we welcome your photos. you can send them to us on our
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facebook page or we for your friday it will clear faster and have more sunshine and warmer temperatures. there will be a storm offshore, but we will have clear skies. you can see high cloud coverage. again it is helping to disrupt the marine layer. it is cut off from the main low. over the next couple days it doesn't look like we will see rain from this. you can see the clouds and the
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rain offshore. the bay area is unaffected by rain. tomorrow we will be warmer in the south bay. 72 in cupertino. inland valleys the 60s. the fog is expected to be near the coastline. we will keep it in the 50s. 59 in san francisco and a mix of 60s and 70s. the warming trend into saturday and sunday, monday dropping down from canada we have cool air and gusty winds and no rain expected. in sports joe montana joins the 49ers in london and the red sox get sloppy while the cardinals get even. sports next.
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. >> one inning into game two of the world series, all cardinals pitchers, 23 years of age and younger. one mistake, david ortiz put the red sox up 2-1. the game was decided in the next inning.
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matt carpenter has a sacrifice fly. cardinals get sloppy. breslow goes down the line. the cardinals were up 3-2. farrell and the sox about to st. louis for game 3. the series is even. the sharks were victim tonight. boston had the sharks in town. 1-0. seconds into the 3rd period, patrick marlowe the score. everybody is ready for overtime
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except the bruins win with .8 of a second. the sharks are 8-1 and 1. another practice session at the grove. they will practice tomorrow at a rugby stadium. 49ers are big favorites. 16 and a half to be exact. how much he loves london. . >> i love this place. i would definitely come back. it is a great experience for guys who have never had a chance to come visit. as a kid i never imagined playing in london. joe montana hosted a
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seminar for english quarterbacks. you don't go anywhere whether you have a career like joe. he had half a million dollars. they bring you over there and he played catch with the kids. newton and the carolina panthers on a 6-yard touchdown. 221 yards. mr. tough guy is about to go 0 and 7. 31-13 panthers. mendmendocino college has a record of beating theredwoods
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69-66. >> stay connected with see our facebook page.
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slain teacher shocker. >> deborah: the accused student, cops say he went to the movies right after the slaying. >> and then witnesses for prosecution at the facelift murder trial. the doctor's own daughters take the stand. >> the day my mom died, i was concerned that my father killed her. >> and tv's king of infomercials. >> lose up to 10-pounds in the first 24 hour. >> the government says he's a con man. so why are these people still cheering him on? plus, the new ridiculously photogenic guy. and did this photo of a kissing star end a hollywood marriage? >> kicking


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