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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 4, 2013 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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an uncontrolled way. >> foerign language >> reporter:that is andy's mother. >> reporter:she said she wants her son's killer put in prison. while he gets to be at home. her son is dead. and that her famuily has been destroyed. you'll hear more from her and andy's father tonight on the kron 4 news at 6. >> reporter:the shooter. 48- year old deputy eric gelhaus. is on paid administrative leave. >> reporter: investigation by the fbi as well as the santa rosa and petaluma police departments, and the sonoma county district attorney's office. >> reporter:i did speak with the attorney representing sonoma county. about the
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lawsuit. he told me he has not seen it yet. but that it is unusual to file so soon after shooting and this lawsuit could interfere with criminal investigation. more at 6 on this developing story. including what the parents message to those who are holding protests and vigils in honor of their >> catherine: a missing 64- year-old man - who had lived at the care facility in castro valleywas closed by the state -- has now been found safe. edmund bascom was found saturday in the san jose area. >> first the bad care by the facility and that overstate oversight by the state. on october 22nd, 23rd and 25th. keep in mind the facility was supposed to be emptied on the 24th. what the department of social services found on that day the 25th and when they found was that there were still 19
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residents on site with insufficient food and no bread. they could not locate medicine to give during lunch hour. one resident was missing for a week until he was found. so the state the value twitter issues a $3,500 fine and lease the facility. no mention of the only people on hand to care for the people were a cook and a gesture. not even and the report at all. state officials state the procedures were not followed. you have to make that patients get transferred properly they're continuing to investigate >> catherine: think you thank you, dan
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>> catherine: san francisco police are investigating a collision that killed a pedestrian in a wheelchair early this morning. >> catherine: it happened near market street and octavia boulevard around midnight. the person was taken to the hospital - and pronounced dead. the driver of the car remained on the scene and was questioned by police. >> catherine: milpitas police have identified the construction worker killed in crash on highway 6- 80 friday. frankie jimenez and a fellow worker were hit by a car that veered off the road. it happened just before 3 a-m on the northbound side just south of scott creek road. 34-year-old jimenez died at the scene. the alleged drunk driver.20-year-old adrian sanchez.has been arrested. >> reporter:new video into the kron-4 newsroom shoping a big old tugboat that's
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been lifted from the depths of the oakland estuary. the sunken boat has rested on the bottom for decades. this is the water between oakland and alameda.and is where ships using the port of oakland have to navigate. the 105 foot long tugboat was an envoronmental issue.and also made it diffucilt for other boats to navigate around it. >> reporter:the boat has been nicknamed captain al.and it's one of two vessels being removed. bringing it up is part of a two month long cleanup of the estuary. the 3 million dollar project is being paid for by the e- p-a, cal recycle and the bay ship and yacht company. >> catherine: a plan is in the works to deal with those wild pigs plaguing a golf course and its neighbors in san jose. as rob fladeboe reports-- it begins with the city clearing the way for a professional to shoot the pigs. >> people have tried to enjoy their backyard their front lawns and to be
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outside and from a safety standpoint they are dangerous. >> reporter:her lawn torn up by wild pigs no fewer than eight times in recent months, almaden valley resident vera hill says, yes indeed, it's about time something is done. >> reporter:on tuesday, the san jose city council will consider what's called an 'urgency ordinance' that would allow a state- licenses trapper to captured and euthanize or should the peak on site. shoot the pigs on site. the ordinance proposed by councilman johnny khamis, whose lawn was also damaged by the pigs. >> reporter:if approved, the ordinance would grant a temporary exemption to a law against using firearms inside city city limits. the trapper's $100 per hour fee would likely be paid for by almaden country club, >> reporter:which applied for the permit. vera hill, who finds little humor i n the fake pig somebody dropped
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off recently, says it will be money well spent. >>theyre a little bit me nacing. >> reporter:the exact time and location of the pig hunt is not yet know, there could be straps set right here on the golf course at night. but time is running out on the pigs. those who wanted a more humane solution are now hoping for rain which could keep the pigs from wandering down out of the hills in search of water. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> catherine: >> jacqueline: it has been pretty mild up there. it will stay clear tonight woah, this kitchen is beautiful. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink!
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. >> catherine: six months after she was freed from the arial castro's home in cleveland. michelle knight is talking about those 11 years in an exclusive interview with dr. phil mcgraw. you can see the whole interview tomorrow. right here on kron-4 at 4-pm. but here is a clip -- she describes a moment when castro trapped her in a room and tied her up. >>dp: so he gets you in this room, what did he tie you up with?
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>>m: uh-- one of those orange extension cords. >>dp: and he tied you where your hands were up high? m: i was tied up like a fish, an ornament on the wall. that's the only way i can describe it. >> dp: so. >> m: i was like this far from the floor hanging like this, my feet and i was tied by my neck and my arms with the extension cord going like that. >>dp: oh my god. so he tied your hands and feet and also around your neck? >>dp: and hung you? again -- you can catch the rest of this interview tomorrow. right here on kron-4 at 4- pm. and the day after at 10- am. >> catherine: still ahead. >> catherine: the accusations that an n-f- l player was bullied so badly. he had to quit the team. >> catherine: then -- >> catherine: the fallout from a controversial halloween costume.
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>> catherine: with the a's lease at the oakland coliseum in question. major league baseball appears to be making a move to push the a's into 'sharing' a stadium with the giants. >> catherine: that's right - raising the possibility of a's home games being played at a-t-and-t park. kron four's terisa estacio has more. >> reporter: sharing at&t park? that is an idea that major league baseball is reportedly backed team are around here at a tea and tea part. this is just a game? suggesting the two area
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teams shared at&t. negotiations have reportedly blocked down. it has a saber games will be playing next year. here are some fans that we had spoken with outside the game park >> that would be great! exciting more games to read the park! >> reporter: reportedly management we expand to continue our least and look for two more games here in oakland. more games >> reporter:disturbing allegations of bullying shakes the n-f-l. miami dolphins has been suspended offensive lineman richie incognito.highlited here.with the tattoos. and today.we're getting a
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look at just how bad the alleged bullying was - prompting incognito's teammate.stanford's jonathan martin to voluntarily leave the dolphins last week. >> reporter:we have a portion of a voice message incognito left for martin.martin is number 71. a warning here.the content is graphic and we're not using the worst of it. here's some of it. >> reporter: you can see it's racially charged and threatening. espn reports this was not an isolated incident.that incognito sent martin multiple messages and texts.- several times over many months - using the kind of disgusting language contianed in this voice message. >> reporter:today the dolphins head coach said the team takes the allegations seriously. >> the in f l will take a review of the work place it will be comprehensive and objective. as an organization we will give it
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our full and complete " operation. i will take whatever measures that are necessary to ensure that it is a safe place. >> reporter: stanford's jonathan martin.a second year pro. is still away from the team. in the past, the 30-year old incognito has admitted to anger manaegment and substance abuse issues.especially early in his career. >> reporter:texans coach gary kubiak will remain hospitalized for at least 24 more hours after collapsing on the field at halftime of houston's 27-24 loss to indianapolis on sunday night. >> reporter:the team released an update on his condition on monday morning, saying that he "went through a battery of tests." >> reporter:the texans say that he experienced "dizziness and a light- headed feeling," on sunday night before being taken by ambulance to the hospital, but did not say what caused the problem. >> reporter:general manager rick smith says: "gary is alert, coherent and in good
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spirits. he is continuing to be evaluated and monitored." the team says the 52-year- old kubiak is with his family and more details will be released as they are available. >> reporter: commonly known as wilfred avenue, it is now called off course dried west. golf course dr westt. officer robert powers says while the city is preparing for an increase in traffic, c h p has been drawing up contingency plans and all those new lanes if all those
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new planes stopped moving. this it appears as though caltrans already fixed the slow traffic on highway 101 4 added last year. but the plans were drawn up without any consideration to the new casino. and by one local, at independent study that's a big consideration. >> reporter: every stablishing brings and an extra 13 car trips per day. the gray to casino has 3000 slot machines. that would equal over for the bells and additional cards through kron network park every single day. >> reporter: and road crews
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planning will ford or golf course drive west art evidence of the new dollars at work. but along the same road evidence that old opinions about the casino are far from fading. a legal battle against a great 10 casino and resort is ongoing. >> reporter:a college student in new york city is recovering from a tough weekend. >> reporter: a six year old boy from alabama is recovering after a short attack tempering a family vacation. during a family vacation playing with his sister.
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>> reporter: did you feel any think? >> yes. >> his tail. >> reporter: rescued by his family by punching the sharks several times. he was fixed up by having his wounds sought by medical attention. >> jacqueline: 22 mi. dust per hour right now. tonight
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clear skies in mainly, conditions with killing during wind gust over night hours. frost advisory has already been issued in the north to bay. in to your to stay a little warmer than what we saw today. we will take a look at the extended forecast coming up a little bit later in the broadcast. >> catherine: more details ahead about the president >> reporter: we have more details about the supposed google barge coming up with the gate slate
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: they have had personnel on board to complete routine inspections to make sure regulations are meant in compliance. it is nothing that will harm the bay or people nearbys but that is all that they could say and did not give any hints to what it is pure the u.k. daily mail on lying sick people here that they rented a boat and it got close to the barge and took pictures. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven. runed rumor is that it is a new show
5:27 pm
room that will be assembled and reassembled in different parts of the country. >> reporter: something like a giant floating shomron. keeping my apple, their rooms are iconic in known throughout the world. google it has not confirmed any think yet but stay tuned to stay tune of more of this. >> catherine: new information about the man accused of opening fire at l eight packs. the warning signs police say he showed right before the attack. the and have you noticed all the cash tax on the screen when you are
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watching tv? what twitter is hoping to gain. hash tags you got to love the weekend.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: shooting spree at l-a-x last week is in critical condition and not able to talk to police. martha shade has the latest -- including the warning signs he gave just before the attack. >> reporter:just before paul ciancia went on a shooting rampage at l-a-x-- there were apparent warning signs. a woman who says she knows the alleged gunman says police knocked on his door. >>they heard that paul was suicidal and they needed to do a welfare check on him. >> reporter:the day of the shooting ciancia sent text messages to his family in new jersey saying he was unhappy. then he told them something bad would happen. that prompted a call to police-- but the police weren't able to react in time. they went to his apartment-- but ciancia was already at the airport. >> reporter:the woman says ciancia believed the t-s-a abused its authority and that was his motivation behind the shooting. >>this is one of the things that we will try to determine as part of the investigation. there have
5:32 pm
been some preliminary things that we are learning that have been reported. we have to have, get a full understanding of the person who we now have in custody to understand what his motives might have been. >> reporter:a note found on paul ciancia after police shot him said he wanted to, "instill fear into their traitorous minds." >> reporter:ciancia is in a los angeles hospital in critical condition unable to speak. he could face life in prison or the death penality. >> reporter:the shooting has prompted authorities to take a second look at airport security. >>part of that investigation will be a review of the security measures that were in place not only at lax but i think a review of the security arrangements that exist in other airports as well >> reporter:those efforts are aimed at preventing another similar attack. i'm martha shade reporting. >> reporter: the white house has not commented. the
5:33 pm
senior advisor brushed off this comet but really did not deny it. and the president obama says he can tolerate bill clinton but only in doses. catherine? >> catherine: here is what google karen smith said to it cnn >> well, i was shocked that d n s eight would do this. perhaps a violation of law but certainly a violations of mission. if it's true, and we don't know, maybe
5:34 pm
there are other disclosures coming, it would indicate that the national security agency had been looking between day to centers in a leading companies like google. now kugels technology is heavily in cryptic internally, heavily fortified and we've announced that we are making its even more so. >> catherine: she went on to say that google is using encryption and other powerful algorithms to make it very difficult for the u.s. or chinese government to opting google users' personal information.
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>> catherine: with twitter on the verge of going public. it's now trying to make money from t-v ads. maggie lake explains. >> reporter:from the tense final season of a-m-c's breaking bad- to the heart-pounding suspense of showtime's homeland people glued to the programming on this screen.are now turning to this screen- to tweet about the action -live!! >> reporter:it could help put twitter on the path to profitability- a key point for investors twitter has sort of stumbled on this position as the place people go to have conversations about the things that they are watching on tv, that in theory could be a big opportunity for twitter >> reporter:during an interview with "all things d"- twitter ceo dick costolo acknowledged the phenomenon- >>over the past few years we've recognized that twitter has become the second screen for tv and tv is more fun with twitter- >> reporter:for big events like the academy awards- live tweeting can be off the charts. almost 9 million tweets were sent during oscars this year. >> reporter:almost 9 million tweets were sent during the oscars this year. and during the last
5:36 pm
superbowl, more than 230- thousand tweets were sent per minute a new study says 55 percent of americans watching tv now-do so with a second screen up and running at least sometimes. >> reporter:dick costolo says this can be a win-win for twitter and for tv >>in a world where broadcasters, i think have thought of technology companies as competitors, we consider ourselves complementary to what those folks are doing >> reporter:indeed- a recent issue of forbes talks about "how twitter will save tv- and how tv will save twitter" but to do so, both mediums- must get creative: >>twitter can't just plaster lots of banner ads on its screen like facebook and other sites do, so they have to find other ways to make money and they can do that by putting promoted tweets into the stream of content people see >> reporter:if twitter can find a way to make money from even a fraction of these tweets- it might easily reach the goal that it set in its i-p-o roadshow: a 40 percent profit margin. higher even, than google's. >> reporter:twitter is far from that goal right now. but every little live tweet helps. as the second screen gains in popularity twitter is hoping to turn 140 characters into cold hard cash maggie lake, cnn new york >> catherine: speaking of seeing hash-tags
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while you watch t-v. here's one more. if you want to comment on something you like -- use the hashtag - kron. >> catherine: new ahead.,. how a mother is defending her seven-year-old child. after he dressed up a member of the k-k-k for halloween. >> catherine: but first. some really bad news for blackberry. the company having a hard time selling something. very important. [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up, you gotta reel it up now,buddy. reel it up. [father] reel it up,you got him on there.bring him in. is that a bass? [boy] yeah,i got a big bass. [father]bring it up.keep reeling.keep reeling.c'mon, where is he? whoa! you caught that all by yourself?
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so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow.
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so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can >> catherine: now for today's market update. >> catherine: stocks ended the day slightly higher. here are the final numbers. the dow was up 23 points. the nasdaq was up 14 points. >> catherine: and the s-and- p closed with a 6-point gain. >> is secured in this day and age you want more security. they cannot compete with apple in google regarding to phones. i wish
5:41 pm
my mother name me forced and so women could refer to me as for. thor. this company is in trouble and i would just stay away. >> reporter: blackberry did not come out with the touch tone phone fast enough they just missed it with apple >> date did not to get the consumer's and they did not speak enough they were able to get the business but not the consumers. >> hash tag cash attacked...
5:42 pm
hash tag >> first trade at $40 range the retail investor will have. to jump in. if you would like to own the shares. >> more millionaires out there and i hate it, i hate it. >> reporter: jealousy will get to know where. >> sony just lost $2.2
5:43 pm
billion >> reporter:whao! >> as they have the movies and plays station going for them but the tvs and devices are stinking it up. the bravo tv's once and the man now not so much. thus company has been slow to decline occurred i think they could target the round but with that said this is a lesson for those who owned apple great tech companies can becomeick! >> my favorite investor is scrooge. do not by your family and friends christmas gift but if you do get them
5:44 pm
half off deals at wal-mart. do it now and enjoy your family at thanksgiving. >> i am getting old and wal- mart continues to go on. >> there is nothing school of about thurston. >> reporter: research shows
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that they also had a greater risk at becoming obese and discovering hypertension or in demetrias, or ovarian cancer. wade has a lot to do with it. science has examined 1200 girls between the ages of 6 through 8. on the average early development pecans in white and hispanic girls with more night in a half years. black girls and hispanic and asian females the same as white. but what it comes to their weight and body mass index plays in a rural role and their purity and index. for today's health minute i am mark the shade.
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>> jacqueline: we will see chile conditions tonight with clear skies and temperatures dropping into the 40's. 67 in santa rosa and livermore. we will be talking again very chilly conditions. >> jacqueline: 20 mi. an hour or when sustained in vallejo. 16 mi. and half moon we can still see some dust that will keep temperatures and little warmer. for tomorrow afternoon and will be a little warmer than what we saw today. in fact it was a mile through the week and will be cooler to next weekend >> jacqueline:
5:47 pm
was too chilly mornings and mild after known spirit if frost of pfizer has been issued for the north bank. from 3 to 8:00 tomorrow morning we are expecting temperatures to be in the mid '30's for a number of locations. so you may need extra time out the door to defrost your neck and shield. windsheild. >> jacqueline: for the afternoon, not bad at all with more 70 degree readings. 70's and palo alto and san jose. 72 in concord and antioch as well as pleasanton and walnut creek. upper 60s for the east bay shore lines. 65 in downtown
5:48 pm
san francisco and los 70's for the north bay. 72 in napa. a little warmer than today for tomorrow by wednesday it will be even warmer in fact though one the state of the work week. more cool and more substantial. pretty decent shot on seeing graeme on monday. rain >> catherine: traffic are going well at the golden gate with no problems to tell you about with a quick shot shot at san mateo bridge. stay with us more news after this
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>> reporter: after posting the picture on twitter and it is to graeme she was fired from her job. she and her family has received death threats. peoples have hack her computer and showing compromising photographs on the web. >> reporter:craigsville, va jackson black wore kkk costume for halloween jessica black made costume for son >> reporter:halloween is over, but the controversy surrounding a child's costume in virginia is lingering. >> reporter:a seven-year-old boy in craigsville dressed as a member of the ku klux klan. it's causing a stir in the town -- and his mother is defending the costume. jessica black says dressing as a k-k-k member for halloween is a family tradition. her brother did
5:53 pm
it when he was in kindergarten and again when he was 13. when her son, jackson, asked her if he could also dress as a member of the white supremacist group, she made him the costume. the boy says he learned about such a costume from the movie "fried green tomatoes." >>cool. >> reporter:what was cool about it? >>the hat. >> reporter:i did tell him that if you do it, you know there's going to be people talking about you, there's going to be people saying bad things about you when you do wear it. >> reporter:neighbors say they were shocked when they saw the boy's costume. one neighbor said it's really sad an innocent child is being taught that. but jackson's mom maintains there is nothing wrong with the costume or the k-k-k, which she says still exists in craigsville. she says she's received several i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why?
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>> catherine: the investigation into what happened at a castro valley assisted living facility is just beginning. there are still lots of questions. such as why the facility was shut down, yet some residents were not moved. they had to rely on only a >> catherine: cook and janitor for their care. now - all eyes are on the state of california which oversees these facilities kron4-'s dan kerman has just uncovered state documents indicating what a poor job they did before and after the facility was closed.. and dan -- what did you learn?
6:00 pm
>> reporter:catherine, in the 4 days before and after the facility was closed, the state agency that regulates these facilities stopped by to evaluate the valley springs manor. and despite numerous problems, they noted it, filed their report >> reporter:these are those reports. and this is what they found. >> reporter:on october 24. just hours before the facility was to be empty. they found 21 residents on site. insufficient perishable food. no adult diapers or bed pads and at least two residents in soiled diapers. and then the state regulator leaves the state officials came the next day on the 25th the next day on the 25th. by now the facility should be closed. and what does she find? 19 residents on site. one resident missing, who food. and staff members unable to locate medicine to give to residents during the lunch hour. so what does this state bureaucrat do? she assesses a 38- hundred dollar fine. and leaves the facility. >> reporter: these are the state officials that families rely on to make sure their loved ones are in
6:01 pm
safe, clean facilities. >> catherine: what does the state have to say about all this.? >> reporter:the department of social services continues to investigate but they say proper procedures were not followed. for example the state failed to ensure all the patients were transferred. the state says they are continuing to review the situation. >> reporter:not good enough says says the head of california advocates for nursing home reform. we'll hear what they have to say coming up tonight at 8 >> catherine: castro valley assemblyman bill quick says what happened to the patients at valley springs manor shows the need for reform. in a statement he posted on facebook. he said legislature will hold hearings on the topic in january. >> catherine: quick calls the problem a 'crisis in care' and says they'll create a new model of care that makes resident safety the top priority. >> catherine: a missing 64-year-old man who had been living at the care facility in castro valley closed by the state - has been found - and he's ok.
6:02 pm
>> catherine: edmund bascom was found in the san jose area. he had walked out of the valley springs manor october 25th during a state- ordered closure that left 19 residents with no professional care. >> catherine: the family of the 13-year old boy shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy. filed a civil lawsuit today. against the county and the deputy. >> catherine: andy lopez was walking down the street with a replica ak-47. the deputy allegedly yelled at him to drop the rifle. which he thought was real. then he says he fired at the boy when he turned toward the deputies. >> catherine: kron 4's justine waldman is here with what the lawsuit is asking for. >> reporter:the lawsuit accuses the sonoma county sheriff's deputy erick gelhaus.s of reckless behavior over the past 18 years.including shooting and killing andy lopez. >> reporter:andy's mother and father. filed the federal civil suit today. it seeks an unspecified amount of money. for inadequately supervising and training deputies and for shooting without reasonable cause.
6:03 pm
>> reporter:the family also released results of an autopsy it paid for. showing that the 13-year old suffered seven gunshot wounds. >> reporter:and it showed that gelhaus continued firing even after the first bullet went through andy's heart, causing him to fall to the ground. andy's father. spoke very briefly at the press conference. >> we want a peaceful demonstration. and a fair and honest investigation. 3 >> reporter:the family's lawyer continued to say. the bullets that did hit andy. in the back, chest and hands. show that the teen did not point the gun at deputies. >> reporter:and that deputy gelhaus continued to fire even after the first bullet went through the teens heart. causing him to fall to the ground. andy's mother also said that her family has been destroyed.
6:04 pm
>> reporter:deputy gelhaus is on paid administrative leave. i did speak with the attorney for sonoma county. about the lawsuit. he told me that the suit criminal investigation. >> catherine: hearing begins for man accused of murdering >> catherine: sandra coke >> catherine: a preliminary hearing is under way in alameda county superior oakland resident ha >> catherine: sandra coke in august. prosecutors this morning called several witnesses to the stand who painted a picture of a decades-long relationship between 56-year-old alana and coke, 50, who was an investigator for the federal public defender's >> catherine: office in sacramento. alana's nephew, 39-year-old andrew gross, who works for caltrans in the sacramento area, said alana and coke have a daughter together -- the st daughter who called and reporter called missing the
6:05 pm
night she disappeared. he said the daughter has attended family functions with coke and was at the funeral for alana's mother, who died in >> catherine: police have said that coke's 15-year-old daughter called police at >> catherine: about 1 a.m. on aug. 5 to report that her mother had left their home on aileen street several hours earlier and had not returned. coke's body was found in a park in vacaville on aug. 9.been strangled.oakland police officer bryan glick testified this morning about >> catherine: his conversation with coke's daughter on the night of the disappearance. voluntary manslaughter, prosecutor said. voluntary manslaughter, prosecutor said. >> catherine: on tuesday, san francisco voters will decide if a
6:06 pm
controversial new residential development will be built along the city's waterfront. kron 4's charles clifford has a closer look at the plans.and details on the choices >> reporter:this is an overhead google earth view of san francisco. >> reporter:the development that we're talking about is called 8 washington and it would be built along san francisco's embarcadero just to the north of justin herman plaza and the ferry building. >> reporter:the site is 3.2 acres triangle shaped piece of bordered by washington street, drum street and the embarcadero. right now the site has a private fitness center with tennis courts and a pool and there's also a parking lot. >> reporter:but if voters approve the 8 washington plan, the new site would include towers with 134 private residences, a smaller version of the existing health club, an underground parking garage and a public park. >> reporter:now there are two propositions on the tuesday's ballot dealing with this development. props b and c. prop b asks voters to approve the plan, which has already been passed by the board of supervisors. and prop c asks them to stop it by forcing the city to enforce a height restriction on new building. the board of supervisors has already
6:07 pm
granted a waiver to the project to exceed the normal height limit and prop c would essentially deny that waiver. >> reporter:in san francisco , charles clifford kron 4 news. >>it appears a plan is taking shape to handle the invasion of wild pigs in san jose's almaden valley. more than 30 of them have at almaden country club and the lawns at dozens of nearby homes. on tuesday, the city council will consider an 'urgency ordinance'. it would clear the way for the golf course to hire a state-licensed trapper to capture and shoot the pigs. >> catherine: the ordinance would also grant an exemption to a law that prohibits the use of firearms inside city limits. residents say it's a small price to pay to be rid of the pigs, which they say grow bolder every day. the city of east palo alto >> catherine: has a new interim police chief. that's after the announcement that chief ronald davis will retire friday. federico rocha is the new interim chief. his career has included working as the department's investigative and operations division. he's also been an oakland officer - receiving a medal of honor and medal of merit. rocha also served two tours receiving a purple heart and a bronze star.
6:08 pm
>> catherine: "operation boo" is considered a success. sex offenders state-wide. a new report says that 90 sex-offender parolees were arrested that night. the arrests included violations for >> catherine: the parolees are required to stay away >> catherine: from trick or treaters -- they're not even allowed to open the door. more than 12-hundred of them were checked on during the sweep. >> jacqueline: when customer in the teens were not temperatures are all over the place because of the wind. the wind keeps up a little bit in chillier in hayward. the winds are expected to die down with clear skies and cool temperatures that are expected. i will tell you how cold it will get coming up next
6:09 pm
>> catherine: still ahead. >> catherine: the plan that s-f-o will use to help flights get into the airport with fewer delays. also -- the rescue of a college student who somehow got trapped between walls. >> catherine: and the question of where the oakland a's will play next year. that's next as the kron-4 news at six continues. en iirstot shingles staed on my bk.
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d i d li this fourinch bands at ce arnd to e frt of my body. d thpainrom it was- itas excruciing. at ce arnd to didi and st, st wait upn a ball d antillt paed.enduring.
6:12 pm
>> reporter: comes as the a's and alameda commissions that are struggling to reach a deal on the a's lease on the coliseum which is expiring. >> reporter: people are really talking about this one on the street and social media. facebook says samantha spare let them go to candlestick park once 49 ners are out. susan corey this is just plain weird! next thing you know, the oakland raiders will be moving into the san francisco forty niners park! >>vu huynh mlb would allow the teams to share a stadium but won't approve a new one built in san jose?? stupid. >> reporter: regardless we
6:13 pm
always welcome your opinion just log on to our facebook page. >> catherine: still ahead. >> catherine: millions of travelers come through o'hare airport every year. but one of them is getting special attention. and s-f-o has a new plan that's expected to mean fewer delays.
6:14 pm
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6:16 pm
>> catherine: way to handle incoming flights. it includes allowing both parallel runways to remain in use when visibility is bad. this is a live look from our s-f-o camera. until now - planes arriving at s-f-o in bad weather had to approach the runway in a single file line. the new system is already in place at 7 other airports around the country - including newark, boston and seattle. it's expected to reduce delays.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: investigating an accident that killed a pedestrian in a wheelchair this morning. it happened in the around market street and octavia boulevard around midnight. >> reporter: >> we will continue to support him during the difficult times ahead while we do not mean to the hope that the public and explain that this is a very difficult time for our family to and we do not meet the mean we do not mean to demean what has happened to other families. >> the guilty of second
6:18 pm
degree murder. >>"we the jury in miami-dade county, florida, this fourth date of november 2013, find the defendant eric rivera junior guilty of second- degree murder as a lesser included offense. >> catherine: a jury has convicted a 23- year-old man of second- degree murder in the 2007 killing of washington redskins star sean taylor. >> catherine: it happened during a botched home burglary. eric rivera jr. was also convicted of armed burglary. >> catherine: in a video- taped confession - he had told police that he shot taylor when he confronted a group of young men who broke into his home near miami. four other men were also charged. one pleaded guilty -- three others are still awaiting trial.
6:19 pm
>> jacqueline: more 70 degree reading speed and the armored troop at the coast line. even warmer at the coast line. >> jacqueline: high cloud coverage but will stay mostly clear tonight with a chilly conditions especially in the north bay. highlighted here on the screen temperatures are expected to be in the mid '30's in a number of places. you definitely would like to give yourself enough time. low '40's in half moonay and daly city. in the afternoon, a few more 70 degree reading and palo alto
6:20 pm
and san jose and los gatos. and when bellies also 70's. inland vallies low 70's. >> jacqueline: here is a look at the extended forecast with a mormon the next couple of days. look at the weekend with a lot cooler and a pretty good shot of seen rain. >> catherine: it happened near market street in octavia boulevard near midnight. the person was taken to the hospital and later died. the intersection
6:21 pm
of octavio octavia n. market has a history. of problems with the drivers making a legal terms. >> reporter: the driver of this blue pathfinder is making a turn. the stock to take there is a serious problem with pedestrians at the crosswalk and this right turn is illegal. even with all of the cross press coverage drivers are still making that term. these three do not turn right. this note to turn right turn sign is planted on the street. the problem includes left-hand turns all sold. the funny thing is if you want these near the intersection every woman
6:22 pm
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with qualifying bundles. we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. >> reporter: a bizarre storya college student in new york city is recovering from a harrowing weekend. he spent nearly two days trapped in a two-foot crevice between a dorm building and a garage. firefighters had to bust through a cinder block wall in order to save 19-year- old asher vongtau. one report says vongtau was last seen saturday morning - after someone pulled a fire alarm at an nyu dorm. >> reporter:witnesses say as other students were running out of the building - vongtau was running back in. the victim's friends say they found the teen only after pleading with n-y-u security to check the building. >>his phone was off and he
6:26 pm
hadn't checked into an nyu building in the last couple of days. butted to they would not have found him for who knows how long and he would probably be dead right >> reporter:it took police and fire crews an hour and a half to rescue the teen. officials are investigating how he got stuck in the space. one theory is that he may have fallen from the roof or through a window. >> catherine: coming up. >> catherine: chicago's airport. that sent people scrambling. >> catherine: and up next. >> catherine: we'll recap our top stories, including the latest on the assisted living home in castro valley - shut down by the state. stay with us. >> jacqueline: female announcer: female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: or patients were left behind after the facility was closed. left in the care of the shaft and janitor pure in terms of state visit to the facility before file the report and on their way. a proper procedures were not followed and the situation is under review. diane ackerman dan kerman kron 4 news >> reporter: san jose city canceled stated an urgency ordinance that would grant an exception with fire arms inside city tenement spirit to euthanize or shoot the pig spiri.
6:31 pm
>> it is too many of them. and they are posing a danger a little bit menacing. >> reporter: civil lawsuit filed not only against the deputies the shot and killed her son but again sonoma county. the parents suggested at a press conference today. they are devastated and accused the deputy of a strength of reckless incidents over his career. >> reporter: the great to casino is expected to open their doors tomorrow. when they do will be the largest indian casino in the country. expected to drop a
6:32 pm
huge crowd and because of that the c h p r warning drivers to see where a traffic. >> reporter: props b and c x voters to approve the embarcadero and ferry building where the new project will put and 30 to 40 new residential units a fitness center and a park. graeme >> reporter: lotus yen to the news room we watched the second every day but sometimes family receives an exclusive school that has you opening your eyes.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: have never allowed a camera ever. >> reporter: people that want to be found it but they were found. >> reporter: today we will show you what they do out in san francisco with the sheriff's department. >> reporter: this is a two- part series and its stars on kron 4 at 8 >> catherine: alison caustic has that story. >> reporter: we are talking about children a new study from a child care where in america pricks' down the cost. if you are thinking about having kids, and brace yourself. put two kids in
6:34 pm
day care and it is more expensive and then rent and 50 states. then 50 states >> reporter: and the north east and west parents pay 18 to 20,000 a year for day care expense. day care is cheaper in the south and midwest because pretty much everywhere pretty much everything else is cheaper to. another factor is state regulations. massachusetts requires one part so many students. or and that spirit that makes day care in massachusetts is pricier. >> jacqueline: we had 72 and
6:35 pm
nab but in san rafael. it we were also in the low seventies in sunnyvale and san jose. and little cooler near the coast line parrot it has been bracing especially in the delta. the winds are expected to die down tonight. temperatures running largely in the upper fifties and sixties. a little mild and those locations. will get chile with a frost and buys three being issued already. on your screen you will see it is a fact until the morning paper mainly in the mid 30's so you will see frosty
6:36 pm
windshuields >> jacqueline: 40 degrees in livermore and sonny til with 42 in the city. daly city. >> jacqueline: upper 60s and mountain view and cupertino with 70 in san jose 70 in walnut creek, 724 vallejo and upper 60s for east bay shore lines. san francisco and 74 for the north the bay. the extended forecast with warmer for the next couple of days was slightly cooling dramatically into the weekend. an early next week and looks like we will get rain in the bay area on monday.
6:37 pm
>> catherine: >> reporter: armtek reporter gabe slate google is launching an increase in to service that will supposedly help your life a little bit more easier be sure to turn and to kron 4 i will tell you what is buzzing and the tech
6:38 pm
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: good evening! >> gary: transcripts of voice messages and text messages left from miami dolphin by writ teammates with racial at the tap and derogatory terms reported lee martin left the team last week after a lunch incident where he sat down and a number of his team got up and walked away. as a result of these revelations and cut needle was suspended indefinitely by miami. here is a transcript that he left martin earlier
6:46 pm
this year. >> as a parent when they walk in those stores i have certain expectations. that the administration the teachers and staff are or to create a safe atmosphere where my children to learn and develop as children. and this is no different. >> i do not want people to be under the perception that conduct under and and ask help locker room is not somehow or how that we are not aware society wives. the locker room is a place for people are different. well, they are not this different.
6:47 pm
>> gary: martin is biracial sold... >> gary:i am going to slap your real mother across the face--this is from inco gnito >> gary: obviously, obviously the place to go is that this person is an idiot. and you can tell by the history his past history and difficult behavior.
6:48 pm
>> gary: and cockney vote is going to be through and rightfully so. incognito is going to be through. >> gary: so here is this young rookie afraid to say anything. thinking that this is possibly the weight and ask al works. this is possibly how the organization works? >> gary:so, what you are
6:49 pm
watching is not an s isolated incident. hopefulluy, not this extreme. >> gary: he said that he will never play for the dolphins again permit he is on leave for he is on lead from the team. martin is on leave. >> gary: thank god i am able to learn and earn a living
6:50 pm
by talking about sports. but it's people like this incognito who is a racist racist and sick individual appeared they allow him to get away from away with it. >> gary: martin cannot return to the dolphins and would like to go to a different team. ancon needle is in a deafening suspended from the team. >> gary: team says he experience light headed feelings. houston taxes are
6:51 pm
denying that he suffered from a stroke. possibly from working too much pacino you hear the stories coaches work 20 hours a day in the work to an exhaustion parent >> gary:in a perfect world have the doors open from 7 to 7pm. if i am now working all of these hours than someone else could be accurate >> gary: these guys were all
6:52 pm
together to win a game not to treat someone and a disgraceful manner anyone offered fraternities or sororities >> jacqueline: sorority's for lemon fraternities are for a man (laughter) >> jacqueline: not really. >> gary:she was a soccer player and was placed in a garbage can!
6:53 pm
>> gary:i am not a big here o hero >> catherine: they knew, do you think that they knew and did not say anything? >> gary: they say that they used to allow their camp counsel to take care of these type situations. eight to 10 months you see someone harassed like that and now in you allow picks to allow like that and the national football league like bangkok need no you allow pigs to
6:54 pm
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at a low price. bieber's brothel cover-up. renee zellweger's plastic surgery rumors. plus an 'n sync wedding. and kerry washington sparks an "snl
6:58 pm
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ "omg! insider" -- the top tending stories you need to know. >> congratulations. >> they went to the after party. standing ovation from the cast. >> kerry washington after her newsmaking "snl" parody on its lack of diversity. >> oprah winfrey has arrived. don't you think you should go and get changed. >> why? >> so that oprah can come in. >> how the show is responding to the race debate. bieber's wild weekend in brazil. attacked with a bottle. and at a brazilian brothel? his bed sheet cover-up. plus, renee zellweger's eye-popping new look. and the 'n sync i dos. kanye's confederate flag controversy. >> i made it my flag. >> who took the word [ bleep ] and we're branding ourselves with that. celine dion. her first album in six years. her painful past.
7:00 pm
>> i was very skinny. i was not the cool kid on the block. and a sneak peek at "mike & molly." >> is she a little wild now? >> just when they yell action. now where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 access to celebrity news, "omg! insider." >> justin bieber partying at a brothel? and attacked on stage by a bottle. i mean, come on. you can't make this stuff up. i'm thea andrews. kevin frazier joins us from the east coast. >> live from new york, it's kerry washington. her appearance on "snl" created a lot of great memorable moments, huge ratings, and it has sparked a discussion on the show's lack of diversity. >> 38 years, only four african-american women have been part of the full-time cast. and it's astonishing. "snl" faced the issue head-on turning criticism into comedy. >> there's been a lot of talk over the last couple of weeks about "snl" and race. >> "saturday night live" taking on critics in a way only "snl" can. >> i hope i'm not interrupting. >> michelle, yo


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