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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 11:00 begins now. >> a search for a bay area infant. it ends with the infant safe and his father under arrest. the latest on what happened. kron4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> the amber alert. and little henry romero will be returned to his mother son. jeff, this mother has to be relieved that the baby was found safe. >> there are a lot of happy people here at the apartments where little henry was taken.
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his mother can't wait to wrap her arms around him when he gets back. >> the suspect had been arrested in mexico and the child had been recovered safe. we are currently waiting for the mexican authorities to turn over the suspect and the child over to us border agents at the arizona border crossing. >> reporter: henry's mother was overwhelmed by the good news and happy that her son will be returning soon. >> i was really afraid that i wouldn't be able to find him again or see him again. i was really scared. at this time, i'm not sure. i don't really have to think what was really going on. i'm really only worried about my son and thinking about him. i'm pretty sure he knows what he did and the actions that he took and that is -- there are going to be consequences to
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that. >> reporter: little henry will be spending the night in a mexican hospital and will be returned to the u.s. tomorrow, hopefully back in his mother's arms tomorrow night. >> new and disturbing information about the search for lynn spalding, the female patient whose body was found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. they admit that they made mistakes during the search for spalding. christine has details. >> the gravity of the situation is not lost on any of us. >> reporter: the sheriff went through the list of things that went wrong during the search for missing is a san francisco general patient lynn spalding. deputies got a report that a patient had wandered off. >> the physician said i came into the room to discharge her and she was already gone. the physician also says but she is confused and not safe to be on her own,, quote/unquote,. >> reporter: the deputy in
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charge did not consider this a missing person's case. and information was not passed on to the next deputies on shift. then came confusion. the sheriff said hospital staff misidentified spalding, who is white, first as african- american and then as asian. when a deputy went to look at security footage, the cameras did not work. >> the supervisor attempted to review the footage as requested by police, but due to hardware problems was not able to do so. >> reporter: more than a week after she vanished, deputies were ordered to look for spalding but only looked in half of the stairwells. >> it comprises 24 acres with multiple buildings. staff was directed to search the campus. the search did not include all of the stairwells. >> reporter: finally for the report that a still unidentified man saw a body in the stairwell and told the staff member, he says that
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deputies did nothing about it. >> the communication center staff responded, we will take care of it. there is no indication that anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. >> i don't think they took this very seriously. >> reporter: the attorney for spalding's two children does not believe that authorities did much to try and find her. >> it just becomes more and more troubling. there is our public hospital. this puts the entire public at risk if this is happens when you go to the hospital in san francisco. >> reporter: the sheriff also went over some immediate changes happening in his department, starting with daily patrols of fire exit stairwells, plus new protocols for responding to alarms in the hospital. also reviewing the hospital security camera situation and adding and removing some staff members. in the news room, justin waltman, kron4 news. >> we received this statement from the hospital officials.
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it says this was their first opportunity to learn details of the sheriff's investigation. the director of health said, quote, it must be difficult for lynn spalding's family and friends to hear of the news. we owe it to them and all of our current and future patients to strengthen our security services. a developing story. a dramatic spike in car thefts in san leandro. in fact, police say in the past week, close to two dozen cars have been reported stolen. police are warning the public in hopes of slowing down the thieves. >> reporter: from parking lots on a curb or in front of businesses and homes, san leandro police lieutenant says that thieves are stealing cars at an alarming rate lately and the locations seem to be random. >> we think it's multiple groups. >> reporter: from year to year, car thefts are down. but the lieutenant says in the
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past seven days, 21 cars have been reported stolen, a dramatic spike heading into the holiday season, when crime typically goes up. >> and even monday night, there were five cars reported stolen. >> reporter: the most popular models are honda ñcivics and honda accords. >> so based on someone knowing that, what they could probably do, if they have two cars and one of them they park in a garage and it's an oldsmobile, they may want to move the honda into the garage until we figure this out. >> reporter: thieves may feel more comfortable with the ignition system. seven arrests have been made this week in connection with some of the thefts but he says most of the recorded cases remain unsolved. >> we run license plate readers through the neighborhoods, trying to recover the cars and get leads and follow them up. >> reporter: in san leandro, kron4 news. >> police are offering simple tips to keep in mind when
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parking your car. park in buzzyand well-lit areas. carry the insurance and registration. they add it doesn't hurt to invest in a security alarm system. wññ should come back to san francisco. we just don't think this is the best place for them. >> still to come tonight, san francisco voters rejected measures b and c. we will hat could mean for the new warriors arena. day one of the casino came with an overwhelming response. we will see if traffic eased any on day two. you're looking at the new york stock exchange tonight, one day before twitter is set to go public. the anticipation on wall street. >> here is a live look from our roof camera looking at city hall. we are seeing cloud that's are entering the region. if you liked today, you will like tomorrow's forecast. with you we have big changes coming our way. more details on the rain that
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is coming and what areas could see more of it.
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>> twitter has set a price of $26 a share for its initial public offering of stock. trading will begin tomorrow on the new york stock exchange. the san francisco based company is offering 70 million shares in the ipo, plus an option to buy another 10.5 million. it's set to begin trading thursday morning under the symbol twtr. shocking information about a morgan hill day care worker arrested for being drunk while working with children. measures b and c failed in san francisco yesterday. we will explain what it may mean for the new warriors arena. that's next. >> coming up later in the broadcast, the warriors are off to a great start. they will try to keep it up in minnesota. also the 49ers welcoming back some familiar faces. that's all later in this broadcast. >> and after the news tonight, stay tuned for inside edition
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>> tuesday's election defeats of two san francisco measures dealing with the eighth washington development project has galvanized the developers of another waterfront plan. those opposed to the arena for the warriors claim san francisco is against that project as well. >> it's here on pierce where the warriors proposed a new
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arena. not just as a home for the warriors but a wide range of entertainment. it calls for a 7-anger park and across the street in the parking lot, the project would continue with a hole tell, condos, parking and retail. >> a massive development that involves 125-feet high areigning jetting out over open bay waters is not an appropriate place to be building an entertainment center. >> the san francisco waterfront alliance says the defeat of 8 washington should be a wake-up call that san francisco does not want waterfront developments that surpass the height limit. they say both the arena at 125 feet and the condos at 175 feet will do just that. >> people were upset about 8 washington and the warriors want to do the same thing. they just want to make it much higher than the 8 washington building. >> a spokesman for the warriors say the two projects don't
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compare. pj johnston says the benefits of arena includes tens of thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and a revitalized corridor for sports and entertainment. had the proposal been on the ballot yesterday, it would have won. but the waterfront alliance doesn't think so and says that politicians should pay attention. >> 23 out of 25 san francisco neighborhoods voted no on props b and c. we hope that the supervisors representing those neighborhoods and districts will pay heed to what the constituents in the districts have said in aregards to building on the waterfront and when the warriors come before them next year with the application, that they will listen and they will vote no. >> reporter: the warriors are in the process of refining their proposal for the arena and the surrounding buildings. the next step will be to make the proposal public and then down the road, they will bring it to the board of supervisors
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and the discussion will begin. in san francisco, dan kurman, kron 4 news. >> morgan hill police took quick action arresting a day care worker. she was arrested 8:00 monday morning and charged with child endangerment. parents dropping off their children at the child development center told police that lopez was nonresponsive and disoriented. today police revealed a preliminary test performed at the time showed she had a blood alcohol level of .30. >> a .3 would be the amount of alcohol in her blood stream. an example is someone who was driving that we would deem driving under the influence would be someone who is a .08. she is almost four times the legal limit of what we would deem someone being under the influence driving a vehicle. >> lopez had trouble speaking and fumbled with keys as she
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tried to open the doors to the center. police are investigating whether she drove herself to work on monday morning. thousands of people already have visited the new resort and casino in sonoma county. it is now the harmingest casino -- the largest casino in california. >> reporter: i'm at the main route into and out of the casino from highway 101. although traffic was lighter on wednesday than what we saw on tuesday, it's still heavier than what neighbors are used to. on tuesday, long lines of cars packed the avenue as people from all over california came to check out the casino. chp officers were helping to direct traffic. >> insanity. >> reporter: she works at the 76 gas station. >> our station was jam packed.
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people in line for coffee and snacks. >> reporter: by wednesday, things had calmed down. chp was no longer directing traffic and there were empty parking spots at the casino. residents who live near the casino still say traffic is heavier than they have ever seen. >> it's hard to get out of your driveway. >> reporter: jason lives on stoney point road. >> getting trailers out of your farms, like we have always done, nobody wants to let you out of your driveway. getting into your driveway, you're afraid of getting rear- ended. it's permanently open now. >> and we are waking up to partly cloudy conditions this evening. and temperatures are going to be a little cooler starting tomorrow. if you like today, boy, you're going to like the next couple of days. we will see lots of sunshine. i still think there will be a mixture of sun and clouds. apparently we are having
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technical issues so we can't get to the graphics. i will walk you through what we are expecting tomorrow. temperatures in the lower 70s inland. not mid-70s like earlier today. around the bayshore line, upper 60s. we're talking probably around 65 degrees in downtown san francisco. oakland's high for tomorrow is around 68. san jose should get around 73. napa, san raphael topping out in the lower 70s. richmond will be cooler at 64 degrees. we will start out cool tomorrow morning. most of us will be in the 40s and 50s. i'm not expecting any 30s. the main thing here is the changes coming this weekend and into early next week. so what we have going on is we're watching a storm system that could bring us showers. i think right now the timing is veterans day on monday, i think
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monday night, starting in the north bay, extending into tuesday morning. back to you, pam. >> all right, an e. in sports tonight, the miami dolphins bullying scandal continues to twist and turn. and some scary moments for warriors fans as steph curry goes down, not once, but twice. gary will give you an update on his condition and have all of the sports coming up next. hoxho when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> all right. good evening, everybody. so far the warriors are justifying the preseason hype. here we go. in minnesota tonight, harrison barnes first game of the season coming off of injury. minnesota has got a couple of good guys. ricky rubio and of course kevin love. steph curry on the play. looks to be a mild sprain to the right knee. it goes between his legs beautifully to barnes. barnes had 14 points. and the warriors going back and forth. this is a team with depth, scoring at every position. curry awkward lelands on his left ankle and has to leave the game. clay thompson delivers 30 points tonight. curry kind of a tweak of the knee, a sprained ankle. warriors win 106-93. curry, though, says he will be ready friday night in san
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antonio. in miami, the coach supposedly asked him to toughen up martin. that included voice males, just racist text messages. here is the thing. his teammates, on the dolphins, are standing by incognito. some going as far as to say that he's our honor lee black man. martin has returned back to his native california with his parents tonight. they are meeting with attorneys and putting together something to turn into the nfl about all he went through. jim harbaugh coached martin at stanford. >> i know him to be a fine person and his family, great contributor as a student and an athlete at stanford.
11:26 pm
student athlete model. and a personal friend. so i support jonathan. >> 49ers did the welcome wagon thing today. back three players who looked to help them down the stretch here. smith of course will be in uniform on sunday. mario manningham, a wide receiver the 49ers can use at that position, and michael crabtree, their top receiver could be back around thanksgiving. >> it feels good. it feels good. we're excited about having those guys back. they're tremendous players and they can help us out a lot. so we're excited and i can't wait to watch them play. >> always good to have the receivers out there. >> the 49ers host cam newton sunday. the big game, women's soccer,
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cal stanford. the head coach looking for the upset. lpíñin country. and rachel scores. and there it is. the bears' first win over stanford in six years. 1-0 cal upset stanford at stanford. the big game in women's soccer tonight. you know, love is love and a bet is a bet. here is a chicago bears fan who tased his wife who is a packers fan. they had a bet. he bet his wife that his bears would win. the bet was whoever lost would get tased by the other. so he tased her three times on the rear end and legs. his wife said she didn't expect him to actually taser but the guy is a jerk. no, she didn't say that. pam, for people that, you know, want to stay with us all night, how can they do it. >> do so online at and the morning news starts at
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i never abandoned suri. >> tom cruise's $50 million lawsuit over these magazine covers. and queen under siege. they're firing on buckingham palace. plus, facelift murder trial shocker. he says the doctor confessed he drowned his wife. >> he said, "i'm getting away with murdering my wife." then, vacation deals of the day on websites. but how good are they? >> okay. oh! >> wait until you see what we found when we signed up for a resort vacation in pair ray days. filthy rooms. >> just dirty. >> gross! >> and they call this a deal? >> are you aware that there's prostitution and drug sales


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