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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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an unexpected 16-foot storm surge trapped residents and the waters rose around them. >> people freaking out trapped in the ground floor room. it was time to stop documenting the storm and get into rescue mode. >> the skies cleared. shelter trance formed into a death trap. >> water reached the second story and anyone on the ground floor not expecting this storm surge simply didn't make it. >> the first relief aircraft brought in supplies and air lifted out some of the survivors. >> i can't say yet i'm still in shock. >> on this veteran's day these
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marines. they bring much needed machinery. >> you need things to lift so we bring in fork lifts generator sets lights. >> for the survivors of help cannot come fast enough. >> get international help to get here now. not tomorrow, now. this is really, really bad, worse than hell. >> making things worse, relief resources were stretched very thin before the typhoon. relief workers have been helping victims of the quick last month. also the people displaced by the on going conflict with muslim rebels in the south. >> after seeing the devastation, the pictures all of the problems from typhoon so many people are helping out. kron justin is live in san francisco tonight where dongs are coming in right now.
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>> we are at the west based fell piano multi service center on and this is a place that westbound accepting dongs until midnight tonight. i want too show you some of the video because it's the kids who are in an after school program they wanted to collect hundred of items and they have done that from boxes of serial to cans of baked beans. they are looking for items that travel well and don't need food prep. support people have been stopping by all day but they need flashlights batteries an first aid kits. >> they have no power, food or water so we are thinking this is our life saving emergency things that we can do. >> my family is from the
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philippines so i've seen that i got to go help. >> other items that they are desperately looking for include baby food and cash dongs. organizers here want to send up at least 720 pounds of goods first thing on tuesday morning. that's why tea are staying open until midnight tonight. there's a big pile of food with cans, pasta, cleaner, socks. other items they are looking for. they are trying to get these off first thing tomorrow morning. the address is 175, 7th street in. i'll be back with another live report. >> remember to stay for the very latest on the typhoon relief effort. if you would like to help you
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can find out how on your web site. new tonight at 5 safety drills are taking place this week inside the new tunnel. officials say over the next several days drivers along highway 24 may notice emergency response moving in and around the tunnel. this is all part of the final testing phase of the life safety system. >> we are doing some simulated drills for example car accident minor car fire working with oakland ad the fire districts working together since they would be responding together in terms of crashes and accidents. better lighting, stand pipe systems for water supply, better call and escape hatches an those exhaust we talked about. >> this is a recent car fire. traffic came to a complete stop
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for several hours as the heavy smoke forced to exit their vehicles and evacant put dental. northbound was injured. that was not the case back in the 1982 fire. babbling then a traffic accident sparked one of the worst tunnel fires in united states history. seven people lost their live. most of the victims were over come by all of than smoke. >> a health advisory and have both been lifted now that this fire at a red wood city facility is out. the smoke hung close to the ground for hour. it was a long fire fight and the information they may know what sparked it. >> it took more than 16 hours to put out the fire at the scrapping facility and you can see the crushed cars. the cause still under investigation but they speculate that during the crushing process some of the
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materials that shove been stripped from the cars might have still been in the cars and because they crushed it there's so much heat there's sparks that might have caused the fire to happen. as far as the recess tory problems they issued a shelter in place at around 67 in the morning. people listened and nobody had to go to the hospital because of any breathing problems. no injuries to firefighters and that's the very latest. reporting from red wood city. developing news some food sold places like trader jose appears to be making people sick. more than 180,000 pounds of ready to eat salads and wraps because of e. coli cooked chicken and ham the food was made at the glass onion catering company which is in
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richmond. have become sick. 15 of those people ate products included in the recall the food sold at superfresh and delicious. they were shipped to destruction centers in california arizona nevada and washington. they were between september 23 and november 6. the extreme lengths the family went to to rescue a kidnapped relative. then miley cyrus explains her on stage panics and a bay area street for some very dangerous fun and members of the u.s. military honored across the bay and beyond on this veteran's day. we are looking live at the cam downtown san francisco where we are seeing cloudy skies. a storm off shore. when we could expect rain
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. there was another large side show in oakland this weekend. you can see the tail end in this video. police were called as hundred of cars blocked the road. the same road has been the sight of past side shows and criminal activity including the disturbing shooting you are about to see. this cell phone video was shot in the early morning hours of
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september 21. the person stood on the hood of a car and started shooting angry had hit another car. the people involved got away. there were no shooting victims reported. still ahead a new twist to the nfl bullying scandal the player trying to set the record straight and homeliness people how an animal sanctuary worker ended up malled to death by the cougars he was there to take care of.
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to those who've been denied equal access to health care...
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welcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at a case of justice has people talking tonight. it happened in louisiana. an accused kidnapper and domestic violence suspect tracked down and killed by the victim's family. the lafayette sheriff's department ruled the shooting justified after a family member shot and killed the suspect. that relative would not be
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charged. the same night 29-year-old bethfully disappeared. they used bloodhounds to search for her but found another. the next morning about 20 relatives showed up to help. heard her screaming inside a house. the cousin everyone says when he kicked down the door he saw the kidnapper stab her so he pulled out his hand gun and shot the man. and when they heard the holler they say a chill went through their body. >> had a child with him. she had a restraining order but he violated it before. i'm vicky kron 4 news. >> tonight the miami dolphins owner breaking his silence. steven ross addressing the nfl bull eightying scandal that has engulfed his team. dale harassment by teammates. he plans to meet with martin on wednesday and will work to
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create a locker room culture that suits the 21st century. meanwhile richy is talking to fox sports about this fire storm of controversy. >> did martin over react or was. >> i can't sit here and tell you who over reacted. i can sit here and be accountable for my actions and they were coming from a place of love no matter how bad it sounds that's how we community and how our friendship was. those are the facts. >> what would you say to him. >> i think honestly i'd give him a big hug because we've been through so much and i'd be like why didn't you come to me. if he were to say you took it way too far i would apologize and explain to him and his
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family. they took it as malicious but i never meant it that way. >> also today fox sports reporting that martin will tell his side of the story maybe as soon as this week in a taped video message. he is investigating against teammates. he is getting treatment for emotional issues. has been suspended. addresses his use of then word and allegation he's a racist. a woman was killed by a uggla squares cougar. this is her. she was a care taker there. a colleague says it appears she went in while the big cats were still inside. that is considered against the rules and one or possibly two cougars attacked and killed her. it is also against policy for a
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worker to go into a cage alone. she leaves a husband and daughter. that's one of three attacks this year by big cats. this is dianea hanson. she worked as an intern at an animal park. the 24-year-old was malled to death in march by a lion. she had been cleaning the cage of a 4-year-old male line when it escaped from the smaller enclosure and attacked. the animal park is near the national park. and believe it or not a woman there she is already back on the job after losing her arm to a tiger at an oklahoma animal park tuesday happened in early october. kelsey was reaching into an opening in a tiger cage and it grabbed her arm. it was her own fault.
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she still loves working with them. they might have been able to save her arm but it would have meant years of surgery and she decided to let doctors remove the arm and she returned to work 11 days after the accident. family? this year has been bone dry one of the driest ever recorded for the bay area so scientists planted just add water by making it snow. the sacramento reported there are plans to have planes spray fine particles into winter storm clouds to make more snow flakes. will do this to help produce more hydro electricity. the results 400,000 feet of new water here eventually trickle here. coming up at 1 we'll take a closer look at how and what it could mean for the state's
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water supply. cloudy skies around the bay area this evening we are seeing a storm approach the coastline. it was cooler than yesterday. it is 58 in richmond 54 and 59 in red wood city. here's a look at satellite and picture. you can see the rain off shore but it is really fizz willing out as it moves towards the coast. this system is huge. here's the tail end of it stretching all the way up and down the west coast but most of the rain is going to fizzle out. here's what you can expect tonight. a little bit of chance of rain for the north. 11 tomorrow morning the threat of rain will be gone and skies clear. temperatures in the 60s and 70s tomorrow afternoon. it's going to stay similar out there temperature wise through the week in the 60s and 70s. take a look at this satellite
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and radar picture. we do have the rain missing us to the north out there. tomorrow morning temperatures rather mild. we'll see the 50s out there to start the day because of the cloud cover. best chance of rain between 6 and 10 in the north bay light showers only. clearing and temperatures reaching the 70s and as we head into the partly cloudy 00 hour we'll see mainly to the north and a couple areas in the south like morgan hill and. the upper 60s for the south and palo alternative young freshman. low 70s for inland valleys tomorrow. 72 in pleasanton. 60s for the east bay shore line. 61 in ocean beach 63 in san francisco. for the north upper 60s and low 70s. here's a look at expended
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forecast. north bay only. we'll have the cloud cover bay area wide. that will start to clear into the afternoon wednesday afternoon winds pick up thursday morning. we are talking high fire danger by thursday morning. we'll keep you posted but take a look those temperatures through out the week into the weekend. up next miley cyrus lights it up on stage taking her an ticks to a new high and the deal bringing a whole new meaning to a craig's list bargain.
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you could say miley cyrus is taking her on stage. she went from westering to toking at the musical awards. here's a clip. the 20-year-old performer was the opening act she performed dancing with a female gaffe. she finished the number by
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sticking out her tongue she made famous but that's not buzz worthy. minutes after accepting the best award at sunday's event for her wrecking ball she took a puff of what looked like a joint. shutter bug as you can see they captured the moment. there is t is but you won't see it here in the u.s. it was scrubbed frommtv's u.s. broadcast which aired several hours later and you can catch all your entertainment news starts at 7 followed by entertainment tonight at 730. and coming up at acre 30 the president honors a real live living hero the oldest known u.s. veteran alive. and innocent son or crossing the line. you decide what a husband did to his wife to end up behind
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now at acre 30 the bay area and ethe entire country honor members of the military. you are looking live at the lafayette hillside cross emmoral a ceremony taking place there. more on the local celebrations but first tonight catherine with a broader perspective. >> across the country people have been honor veterans. his stops including a at articling tone national cemetery but had a stopped to talk about one particular veteran. >> in the day's leading up there was concern about whether a very special guest would be able to make an appearance. as veteran ease arrived to be part of the ceremony the man believed to be the nation's oldest world war 2 veteran was
5:31 pm
having breakfast with the president and an hour later the public got to meet him too. this is richard over tone of texas. he is 107 years obviously. president obama called him one american veteran living proud and strong in the land he kept free. >> he was there at where he said i only got out of there by the grace of god. >> telling them he still drives, how's his own lawn, has a girlfriend and smokes a dozen cigars aday impressing everyone by his sense of humor. >> i am surprised he called me so i guess he wanted to talk to me. >> you didn't know what he wanted to say. >> they want to send me back over there. >> also today the president urged americans not only to remember but to hire them to welcome them back to the job
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market saying he'll be making that a special focus. >> there was one unusual scene today a helicopter fell off a truck and came crashing down on this oklahoma highway. it was being taken to a veteran's day ceremony. one man called it a sad sight given how much the chopper had already been through. >> veteran's day events have been going on all day long another this evening standing by live. >> well i'm in front of the lafayette crosses. they have been here since 2006. right now you can see a ceremony is going on getting under way to remember the veteran's. these started out in protest of the war in iraq and afghanistan. there were 4,000 but the numbers show us 7,000 veterans have been killed in those two
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wars. we have several dozen people out here to remember those people who have died and have a full report coming up tonight on kron 4 inch at 6. reporting live in l.a. fay retailers. today bay area residents did pay their respects at a sears of events. a large group got up early to honor hoes those most who served. their job was not easy but they said it was quite worthwhile. >> today a large group came out to honor hoes. first there was a gathering inside. vets reflected on serving. there were several standing on observation seas then all for a parade. for those who served this is a day to remember all of those who dedicated their time to the country. >> the best country in the world. it really is. >> my dad was in the marines
5:34 pm
world war 2 so i can talk to him very emotional. >> it's very humbling. there's a lot of people that are here that have done a lot and gone through a lot. really experiences and so it's a little bit for me to come out here and honor their service. >> and theresa kron 4 news. on this veteran's day people have been sharing pictures. marco sent this one. these are the guys he served with in afghanistan. the photo was taken three months ago. jen shared these two they both sevenned in the marine corps. we'd love to see your pictures you can e-mail us or send it using our mobile app or include the photo in a message here. we will be featuring the pictures on line and on air and
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a special thank you from all of here on kron 4 to those who serve or have done so. an elderly man was horrified when his dog came home with a human leg last week. 93-year-old did not call police right away. he didn't know what to do. they woman the search. they have since found more body parts. they are try taking to figure out what happened. they still can't believe it. >> i examined it. i picked it up and looked at it and a foot was from the knee down it wasn't at all. >> so what i got home he told me and i said dad we have to call the police. >> put agps peculiar on his dog hoping and they did eventually find that. a pathologist is studying the body parts found in the woods near an old fish hatchery. a couple is facing decades
5:36 pm
behind bars after a string much bank robberies in two states. they are being referred to a as a modern day bonie and collide. emainly would rob banks while wearing a hat a demand note for cash. he was caught over and over again on surveillance video. he and his wife are being blamed for 15 hold ups in florida and alabama. his wife was his accomplice and drove the get away car. she worked at a bank and would take a day off to help her husband go rob other banks. and a connecticut man bought a desk had to take it apart to fit it through his door and discovered a bag full of money hidden inside the desk. his name is. he was astonished counting out $98,000 but he and his wife
5:37 pm
decided they could not keep the money. when they called the desk they recorded that moment that he delivered the good news. >> a said there was a bag and through the bag i saw $100 bill and oh my gosh there's money and this is pretty heavy and i counted it up and oh my gosh so. >> oh my gosh! . >> good to hear the woman the original owner of the desk. she said she stuffed her inheartiness and forgot where she had hidden it. he considers honesty one of life's most important trace. new ahead a relief that a man is in love but first amazon has a plan to get your purchases to you on sunday. and we have a storm approaching the coastline. it looks pretty impress give but we are not going to be
5:38 pm
seeing a whole a lot of rain. i'll explain in a future cast coming up.
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and for nor today's market update the dow closed outveteran's day by setting a record high the there was enough for a new record. here are monday's closing numbers 21 points the nasdaq gained 21 point and the s&p is up just over a point. >> we are watching with our financial expert rob black and help for people with gas prices finalch dropping. >> gas prices have been dropping for three straight month. they are coming down to their lowest levels of the year just over $3 a gal but that's because of california taxes and other fees tied towards gas reason for when he get almost
5:42 pm
$3 a gal and it's really nice because i drive everyday. it costs $3.50 to a $1 a day. >> it certainly does. let's talk to amazon sunday delivery and the bigger news. >> the u.s. post office which is nice because they are helping solve the problem with the united states postal service which our congress can't figure out how to do it. >> it's going to help a.m. zoo. clearly weekend you and i sneak out and go get goods we need around the house for saturday and sunday whether it be ferret riser and this is a smart move who continually is one of the greatest as far as positioning goes in the retail. but again it's only going to be in l.a. and new york city and other big cities but i get it and certainly the post office is
5:43 pm
excited for the opportunity. >> they are not going to hire any new people they are going to use the people they have already. let's talk about apple next summer. >> the original iphone had a touch screen developed bytpk holding any now we are starting to hear from the technologies they are working on the finger print technology is more advanced. they talking about pressure sensitive so a light tap would be different then a heavy tap. it probably won't be for the next but the one after but also bigger screens, curve glass. slowly but surely they figure out the components and they improve them and the competition doesn't seem to be keeping up with them. >> the iphone 6. >> and 6c. everyone wants a piece of
5:44 pm
colored plastic. >> they do. let's talk about target and a lot of people argue for quality of life for workers but target trying to grab every holiday dollar they have and they are going to be open early thursday night. >> we'll see people murdering each other to get cheep televisions. best buy is opening earlier. serious, the one that's most isk mart opening at 6:00 a.m. and running a 41 hour promotion. toysr us is doing it. i myself get on amazon. i'll get my list of 10 friends and cut it down to 3 and be done by thursday. i'm scrooge but hear me roar. i don't get going out to the physical stores but millions and millions of americans do. >> okay i'll consider myself one of the 7 that you cut thank
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you. merry christ. as well as your 24/7 bay area. a new study suggest as men start walking slower when they are in love. scientists asked 22 people to walk around alone with a partner and members of the same and opposite sex. when the men were walking with a signify other the female so this bonding moment did not happen with other pairings. and you may want toa closer look at your child's facebook and twitter page before they send out the college applications. 31% of 381 admissions say they do check social media pages to learn more about them. that's up 5% from last year and is the highest percentage yet. you may not have to worry too much that would hurt an
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applicants chances unless that is your child. that number dropped five% from last year. cloudy skies all over the bay area temperatures a little cooler. we are looking at the possibility of rain tomorrow morning. fizz willing out as it moved towards the coast. this system expending up and down the west coast and as we could get a little bit of rain in the the north bay but that's going to be it. future cast tonight the rain looks impressive over the coastal waters but we'll get a couple light showers through the north bay but most is going to miss us well to the north. this is the 6 hour largely dry and that's going to be the best chance of seeing rain in the north bay between 5 and 10 in the morning. things are large lay dry here locally in the in the syria we
5:47 pm
are seeing rain into nevada. the rain will be done. so temperature wise we are in the 60s. it's going to stay mild because of cloud cover. right now 63 in santa rosea so mostly cloudy and mild tonight with chance of rain. skies will clear by 11:00 a.m. and temperatures will reach the 60s and low 00s and through the rest of the week sunny skies and mild temperatures but we are going to see the winds pick up into wednesday and thursday. first temperatures tomorrow out the door pretty mild because of all the cloud cover. 51 in san francisco 50 in san jose. afternoon highs bringing us a lot of 60s. 76, 69, 86 in san jose. inland valleys running in the low 60s. 72 in pleasant ton.
5:48 pm
60s for the east bay shore 64 in hayward. 60s in the coastline but low 60s. 63 in san francisco and a few 70s. here's a look at your expended forecast. we have a chance of rain tomorrow morning for the north bay only. improving conditions into the afternoon. for your wednesday foggy conditions in the morning but afternoon you are going to see winds pick up into thursday morning. temperatures will stay mild during that time but high fire danger. we'll keep you posted on that as it gets a little closer. coming up waiting to get grocery shopping at trader jose is a good time to make a movie and to spot people behaving badly. and at 6 veteran's day we'll show you this event and others happening across the bay area to honor members of the
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u.s. military. let's if you can about this new treatment. >> we are using a very specialized form of light to get to those hard to reach fat cells and gets them release the fat cell shrinks up and so do you. >> how does this compare to line o suction or laser line o. >> those treatments are inevasive and this is just using light and so there's no pain no down time no prizing. it's a spa light treatment. >> very simple. how are you doing? this is one of your clients what are you feeling. >> i feel there is no sensation just a tiny bit of warmed. >> and what is she having done. >> we are raising these paddle
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a married commotion bet on a pro-football game in wisconsin goes terrible wrong. check it out. bears fan john grant told police that his wife agreed to let him use his stun gun on her if his team won. that's the way the bet went. they were watching at bear and the couple stepped outside ended to settle the score. check out this video shot by a friend. >> so you can see it and hear it. we did not make this up. this is real. apparently the wife didn't think it was funny.
5:53 pm
she denied consenting to be shocked and after seeing the video she clearly did agree to it at least at first. he was city charged with felony possession of an electronic weapon which is illegal in wisconsin. aileen look outside. it's cloudy out there and there is a chance of rain for tomorrow. i'll explain coming up at 6. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse.
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ax at 6 across the bay area people honor veterans a look at local who are serving in the u.s. military. we'll have a live report tonight from lafayette plus new at 6 caught on camera fire release video taken from a helmet camera of what it looked release video taken from a helmet camera of what it looked li love watching tvse fire. outside.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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the best country in the world. >> community through out the bay area honor those who served on this veterans day april syringe critical in lafayette where thousands of crosses have been in memory of those killed in afghanistan where people are paying tribute to the fallen. >> the ceremony has beenunderway nearly 75 people have turned out to remember those who have fallen and those were returned and continue to need our help. as you know the crosses have been up here since 2006 some 4,000 crosses now honor nearly 7,000 or more dead from iraq and afghanistan. we've been hearing speech abcs
6:00 pm
and songs. >> anyone who will serve for me and mine is deserving of our praise and respect for all time. but like the professional solder has a job to do, so do we. as a democratic remick it is the leaders we elect to hold the power to wage war. it is our job to make dam sure that the professional solder gets called upon only for the rightest of reasons. and as the absolute last option. >> and we are back live at the lafayette crosses. many songs through out this evening. another one taking place right now. we are going to have a full report on this remember yan coming up at 8. for now
6:01 pm
reporting live in lafayette tan. >> today residents all over the bay area pay their respect at a sears of events. in a large group got up early for those who serve our country. their job was not easy but it was worth it to serve the nation. >> here in at the sunset view cemetery take a look at all of these people who showed up to place flags on the graves. the lions club and local boy scout troops bowed their heads then it was up the hill. this was not an easy task the group plans to place thousands of flags at the massive cemetery. to this mom and son team it is all worthwhile. >> it's one way to honor folks who served in the nate and all over the world and that there's so many things going on in the
6:02 pm
world that the american government can really support and be a part of and other governments that we could support and our military has done a great job of being out there. >> all these people have fought in the war to save the live of other people could have died. so what's cool about it is you get to honor those people. >> theresa kron had 4 news. >> and coming up tonight on our news at 615 a 92-year-old world war 2 and career yan was very little it s on a mission toy get a special memorial put up near the golden gate bridge. survivors of supertyphoon are struggling to pick up the
6:03 pm
pieces left behind from the storm. getting to all of the storm damaged areas. as many as 10,000 people actually lost their live. grant has a look at the damage left behind. >> it's not good. the situation really grim in the central philippines tonight. nearly 1,000 people are now confirmed dead after friday's develop straiting supertyphoon slammed in that that country. officials are estimating 10,000 or more were killed and new airline i am everythings revealing the wide spread. bodies just lying on the streets. big ships picked up and dropped on land. one of the hardest hit areas. aid is slowly arriving. survivors are pleading for food, water and medicine. soldiers are putting it around
6:04 pm
the united nations and reporter andrew stevens is on the ground he describes as inmates are threatening to break out of a prison. >> just 20 minutes away from where the president has been giving a press conference a dramatic situation unfollowedding at the local city prison. you see behind me there is an inmate standing on the roof threatening to jump. he does not know what has happened to his own family. there's also another issue the inmates are threatening a mass break out unless they get food and water. >> so situation certainly not good. very desperate people there. survives have stripped maples and looters have season t.v.s refridge raters christmas trees and a treadmill. family? >> the deadly typhoon is
6:05 pm
prompting an out pouring of support from people here in the bay area where dongs are coming in to help the victims of the typhoon. justin. >> family, during our live shot at 5 here on kron 4 we talked about how badly the west filipino center here needed baby food doings and since then someone came in and dropped off a big bag. get the word out because i want to show you the video it was kids in an after school program who decided they wanted to help the typhoon victims and decided to set-up a place where people could donate things. people are dropping off area month foods to boxes of cookies to cans of vegetables. things that travel well. also first aid supplies band
6:06 pm
aids or ace wraps flashlights badlies. things people need in an emergency situation. that's what the folks here at the service center are looking for the most. >> so it's expect within the next ten days i am going to fill this whole place up. they are all there. >> so i'll show you another dongs that's been dropped off here. this is a fishing pole. what the kids that dropped this off says you could give someone a fish or you could teach them to fish so some kids have dropped off a fishing pole which i thought was pretty interesting. they are accepting dongs. the address is 175, 7th street in south market district. we are accepting doings here until midnight tonight. you can see the big pile of stuff that's already been
6:07 pm
donating. the organizers say to donate everything and send it off to the post office first thing tuesday morning but they'll still be accepting dongs the rest of the week. we'll be back for a live report so you can see how things have changed over the past few hours. live in san francisco i'm. we will continue to monitor the latest on the after math of the deadly typhoon. stay connected and get the latest as well or down load one of our mobile happens. coming up caught on ka area firefighters battling a stubborn house fire. a close up look at the work it took. plus a richmond company recalls food sold at trader jose and what officials are doing to make sure people will be safe. and a storm is approaching the coastline right now sitting
6:08 pm
off shore. we might see a few light showers coming up. xñ
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
take a look at this. how many fire released video taken from a helmet camera of a house fire and the fire crew in action. this all happened. the blaze was really a challenge because the house was built on a slope.
6:11 pm
to get to the fire the firefighters had to deploy downstairs like a chimney. one person did suffer minor burns. two dogs died five other dogs managed to escape. after firefighters put out a blaze at a red wood city plant started on sunday afternoon. an out door pile of scrap was burning where car parts and metal pieces and prompted authorities to issue health advisories of residents and counties. investigators on on site assessing the effects of tampa fire. and coming up continuing our special coverage on this vat ran as day on a mission what he and a small group of others are doing to try and get a special memorial put up near
6:12 pm
the golden gate bridge. and some teenagers taking up a new sport why it's worth the bruises. it is reality that schools need to prepare of a possibility of someone showing up with a gun with intent to kill. the bay area new technology that could help a school or mall or public building. be sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. i'll be foot your that in my tech report. dave slate kron 4 news.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
it's known as the forgetten war but there's one man who wants us to remember. he's on a mission to put up a statue honor those who fought in the korean war. he's 29 years old andre tired from the marines long ago bullet he's still fighting the final battle of his life to build a memorial on to those
6:16 pm
and not just the marines. >> but for everyone who served in the korean war. that's the army the navy the air force the cost guard the merchant remove and the korean who fought. >> they are raising money to try to build this memorial near the cemetery overlooking the golden gate. it's not just to honor fallen soldiers bullet to try to teach about sacrifice and coming up at 8 a remarkable story about heroism that about who threw his body on a again aide to save corn stevens and his follow marines. the food and drug administration recalling prepackaging sandwiches more than 180,000 pounds of
6:17 pm
ready to eat salads and sandwich wraps with cooked chicken and ham were recalled in the bay area. the products originated from the glass onion company in richmond. the traders jose field fresh and the delicious fine foods and superfresh brands. those salads were produced between september 23 and november 6. they have been 15 cases of e. coli reported. the contamination sickening more than 2 dozen people. new font fire safety drills taking place inside the new tunnel. over the next several days drivers along highway 24 may notice emergency response vehicles moving in. give you a close look at the final of the new fire and life safety system. >> a major vehicle collision
6:18 pm
the tunnel quickly fills with smoke. emergency responders rush to the scene. this is one of the five and life safety drills being conducted over the next several days here inside the newly tunnel. firefighters from oakland and county are participating in the emergency safety testing. >> testing the crews reaction and communication proper. >> the fire district chief jim howard says the new is equipped with 19 of these powerful over head jet fans. >> a fire will happen in the middle of the tunnel this is a big improvement safety wise in order to allow clean fresh air to allow people to walk out of the item. >> conditions are clear at this time. >> says there will be multiple drills conducted before opening the new tunnel. >> there are a sears of four or
6:19 pm
five an animal loose in the tunnel such as a major fire. >> if this week's fire safety drills are successful the new tunnel may open as early as next week. aabove the tunnel kron 4 news. >> in family news as of last week $350,000 had enrolled for health insurance on the obama care web site. that's not a lot considering the hundred of thousands of people who want the plans. the numbers are not being confirmed but low numbers wouldn't be a surprise. final numbers will be reported later. cnn is saying 340,000 people have signed up but have not been able to complete the process. the number of military sides in dropping. a new study says they are down by 22%. the credit is being given in
6:20 pm
part by new programs created by the defense department to deal with an epidemic of sides. last year the number of service members who killed themselves was greater than the number killed in the war in the same period. but some veterans say the military does not count sides of veterans and they say if you count that number it is an even more stagger problem. grant. the miami dom finssonner breaking his silence. steven ross has engulfed his team saying he is appalled by jonathan martin's allegation of dale harassment. he plans to moo meet with martin and will work to create a locker room culture that suits the 21st century. richy is now talking to fox sports about the controversy
6:21 pm
that's not going away. >> there wasn't anyone signs going into that. >> as the leader as his best friend on the team that what has me muffed how i missed this and i never saw it coming. >> there's so many sub plots in this. how much has come out where you've said that's not even close. >> i think the whole thing. item sounds terrible. it sounds when it's on the screen it sounds like i'm a racest meat head pig and i untipped clear the air by saying i'm a good person. if you go by all the knuckle head stuff i have done you are thinking this guy is a loose cannon a terrible person andracest when that couldn't have been farther from the truth. when the press asked him questions that locker room
6:22 pm
would've said. when all this stuff got going and my name got attached i texted him what's up with this and it's not coming from me i haven't said anything to anybody and i'm like okay. >> also coming up today fox sports reporting martin will tell his side of the story as soon as this week in a taped video message. we have a possibility of rain through the over night. you probably noticed the cloud cover. it's going to stay that way tonight and we are going to have a slight chance of showers in the north bay. 11 in the morning temperatures remain m the 60s and 70s tomorrow owned the rest of the week it's going to stay mild. you can see rain approaching the coastline. it's really breaking apart as it moves towards the coast. a wider picture of the storm there's the tail end of item expending up and down the west coast. most of it is going to miss us.
6:23 pm
let's take a look afuture cast the superior court 00 hour looks impressive but you'll see a few light showers coming through the north bay into tomorrow morning. that's really going to be our best chance of seeing rain. a lot of the rain is gone breaking apart fizz willing out then we'll start to see clearer skies an not a lot of activity there either. temperature wise tomorrow a lot of 60s an a few low 70s. we'll hit the low 70s. east bay shore line in the and hayward 67 in the city. at the coast low 60s as well. 63 in san francisco and how 70s for the north bay. here's york your look into wednesday and thursday. thursday morning we could be talking high fire danger but things calm down into the
6:24 pm
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take a look at this a new unique sport really becoming popular. it's call trick lining. teenagers are really the biggest fan. they take a tension cord andrin it between a couple of trees and poles and do a impressive acrobatic. >> it's a release from stress. >> it's simple and cheep. it's not just california. teenagers are traveling all over the country in order to join in competitions. coming up. >> you dow do know you are not supposed to have your bike in the cross walk. >> i don't follow. >> you don't follow? >> i don't follow. >> you don't follow? >i love watching tv outside.
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nearly 4,000 crosses on the hillside to honor the nearly 7,000 who died in iraq and afghanistan. many believe war should be a last resort and new avenues should be explored too piece. that's the best way to honor those who have fallen. in lafayette. >> in county a large group came out to honor those on this veteran's day. first there was a large gathering inside. this rotunda veteran's building and outside for a parade. it is an honor to share stories
6:32 pm
and pay respects to those who died. in kron 4 news. here above the tunnel along highway 24 fire crews from multiple agencies conduct emergency safety drills as part of the final testing from the new. >> there are a sears of four or five scene rose reincurring from an animal loose in the tunnel. >> this new tunnel is going to have a lot of safety features better lighting and call boxes better escape hatches. >> above the tunnel along highway 24 kron 4 news. in a follow up to a story we first brought you last week radio host daimion bruce you see was examined to sunday and monday for comments he made during a radio show last thursday specifically talking about females and football but the inletnette at this point is still abuzz over what happened.
6:33 pm
more tonight at 8. jr stone kron 4 news. for people looking to send doings to typhoon victims you can come here to the west bay filipino multi service center at 175, 7th street. things they are looking for canned goods boxes of serial baby food is something they are desperately asking for. first aid kits and other medical supplies flashlights and battery. they are going to stay open here until midnight tonight. first thing on tuesday morning. in san francisco i'm kron 4 new. police arrested a burglar after the suspect hid in a home causing a swat team response. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. police officers chased. the suspect hid in the area of
6:34 pm
eisenhower and burke drives. residents who were evacuated were allowed back in their homes. no injuries reported. our big weather story tonight a chance of rain in the north bay into tomorrow morning. you can see the rain approaching the coastline but really breaking apart and fizz willing out as it moves towards the coast. the system is stretching up the entire cost. most of it is going to miss us. it's going to be light showers. here a look the superior court 00 hour over night is very impressive off shore. then 5 or 6 in the morning we are starting to see a chance of a few showers. north of the golden gets. things will start improving as we head into the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow in the 60s and low 70s. into wednesday we'll start the day with foggy conditions and the winds will start picking up
6:35 pm
and will be quite windy into thursday. high fire dan danger during that time as we head into the weekend things will start to calm down. temperatures will stay the same in the upper 60s and low 00s. on this veteran's day people have been sharing pictures. heidi sending this one in of her son mason now serving in washington state. his little brother wouldn't leave his side after missing i am while he was away. my favorite world warveteran after pearl harbor an we'd love to see pictures of your favorite vat aren't. you could also include the photo in a message on facebook and we'll be foot your the pictures on air and on line. you do know you are not supposed to your bike in the cross examination walk.
6:36 pm
>> caught breaking the rules. we'll show you in the next edition of people behaving badly.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
according thedmv bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities of motorists and are subject to the same rules and regulations. this means bicyclists cannot just kick it in the cross walk waiting for the light to change. you are required to wait. this is a bad example. you have to wait just like. forgot it. my point and by the way car drivers an motor lists you cannot actually you can do whatever you want you are not permitted to stop when waiting for the light to change. here's a great example.
6:40 pm
over on market street this is a green box where bicyclists are supposed to stop and wait. really another car in the box that is supposed to be for bikes shaking my head. anyway where was i. you are supposed to stop and wait but shh done. let's find out why. >> you do know you are not supposed to have your bike in the cross walk. >> i don't follow. >> you don't follow? >> i don't. >> you don't follow the rules you mean? >> despite the fact there are destructions on where to stop. >> everybody is try taking to get somewhere but we all got move together. so i've seen too many accidents, car, bike and pedestrian accidents so i just want to get to work. everybody be safe. >> thank you. >> this rider did the right thing and waited behind the line. cannot do stunts on the cross walk and ride your bike on the sidewalk and not while you are
6:41 pm
on the a cell phone. the cross walks are for pedestrians and pimas using wheel chairs not a short cut. if you ride your bike past you could end up with a red line ticket which could set you back a pretty penny. >> in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. new tonight at 6 gun vice has increased considerably over recent decades. the study reveals gun violence inpg 12 movies have rifled the inr rated hobbies assistants 2009 and surveillance passed it in 2012. the study was done by the public policy center and the ohio state university. critics have long held the system placed too much emphasis on sexuality and too little on violence in films.
6:42 pm
the motion picture declined to comment on the study results. coming up in sports the owner of the miami dolphins seek out on how he plans to handle the martin hazing scandal and what do about smith's return to the field yesterday. gary has that and all sports. gary is up next. nobody is talking to anybody anymore so i had to bring my expert in. she's a match maker and they are the number one in the world. thanks for coming in because they need to clear this up. how do you find a relationship when you and the man and woman are wrapped up in the career. >> you is have to date smarter because you it's just lunch. >> how do you guys help.
6:43 pm
>> for tax season many people are going to see theircpa. managing your ininvestments so with it's just lunch we out source your dating life. we do all the leg work. we find somebody and we set-up the date. all you have to do is show up end see if there's cemetery. >> it's the key. >> a lot of people spend a lot of time and why don't i just date somebody from the office. >> bad idea. >> that's too bad. >> it seems like you could kill one bird with two stones. >> yeah. >> but it doesn't work because our busy professionals have invested too much time on their career track where they do not want to have it messed up. >> what about dating in the same protection. >> 70% said they did not want to date someone in their
6:44 pm
entrism and it's just lunch is a great resource because we have many different potions to chose from. >> give them a call or go to the web site and find that relationship.
6:45 pm
everybody 49ers on a nice role until carolina came to town yesterday. high moment for bay area fans. gave his purple heart to the 49ers. they returned it to him yesterday before the game. that's loving your team. 49ers only 4 total yards in the 4th quarter. collin capper nick really has come back to earth. smith did not play until the second quarter. 12 snaps for the game.
6:46 pm
6-3 two games back but he likes smith's progress. >> good to have him back out there. he'll continue to get reacclimated and things are going well. >> i amp happy to be out here and on the team. >> you'll be unleashed next week now that you've got a game under your belt. >> i'm hoping so. >> offensively we didn't play well enough to win the game. i'm not going to go through an dissect position by position ricking everybody over the coals. not going to swallow in it. we are going to move on. >> if you are looking for the major negative now. if the seasonnded today the 49ers would open the play offs on the road. the goal for most regular season teams is to win your division and get the first
6:47 pm
weekend off the layoffs. 49ers scramble blake a little bit. necessary are notary public new orleans on sunday. the raiders manager new york hung with the recooping new york giants lost their first six and have won three in a row. tracy porter the other way on manning and the raiders had the lead. prior did not play very well. he's very spotty and gave it right back to the new york giants 24-20. new york play off hopes still alive. the raiders looking to next year. they repair 3-6. >> we got to find a way to finish. didn't help that. we had to block punt. interception taken all the way down to the 4-yard line thing like that. can't win a game. >> all right. again the question now can the raiders maybe finish five wins whatever the deem is at 3-6
6:48 pm
wait until next year. the bullying in the locker and and profanity and you name it it's happening in miami their owner went public today. >> i was appalled. i think anybody would be appalled. when you first read that text that was reported i'm going to meet with martin face-to-face and hear what he has to say and i'll deal with it from there. >> speaking of martin reports are today more than likely leaked out he still wants to continue but feels he cannot do it in miami. he will probably not be aavailable the rest of the season. he is relieved because it was unbearable for him. he was all over fox yesterday gave an interview to a friend of his who works for fox net
6:49 pm
work an says they communitied over 1100 times and basically said that martin was not blaming incog neat o. here's they keep saying how this poor guy did not want to blame any of the teammates. he wants to stay in the league so you don't do that and no. 2 when you want to fit in so badly that he would take all this stuff and try to and and he kept trying to say maybe the guys will like me if i keep in touch with him and he was his martin's big brother and it was tough love and they communitied over 1100 times and you want to be in the group you are trying an hoping next time it'll happen for you. >> next time trying to get on the team have trouble with the
6:50 pm
other players in the league. >> it's going to be rough but i'd rather have marten's nfl future than this other pig. he's a pig. when you saw him it was so well scripted and if you please haven't lived a little bit if i hear one more guy say then word he's an honorary black man boy i don't know anybody they made him an honorary black man and these are strait souls that want to be in the club and we have all seen these white guys who try to walk around and see a brother blood what's going on all that phoney stuff and he's a pig 1100 e-mails they look at me like it never gets worked up when it comes to bullying there's no place for that. >> he crossed the line. >> throw him out, back to
6:51 pm
sports and all right. take a look at peyton manning. he is going to play against kansas city this weekend. there was concern as he suffered an ankle injury yesterday. good news anmrrevealed it watch only a sprain so manning started 226 straight for 14 years of his acareer and a couple of years ago missed most of it with inductedy. he'll be ready to go sunday night against the chiefs. shane stan ford a pack 12 defensive player of the week a team high 9 tackles and two fumbles in the cardinals 26-24 win over oregon. stan ford is no. 24th in america. they are starting this basketball games earlier and earlier. here we are second week in november stan ford no. 3 versus youngon in
6:52 pm
connecticut. his club handled heartily the three pointer. six assists. scary moment youngon's leading scorer lewis coming down hard an acre wardly on her right awl. he left the game but stan ford from start to finish no competition. for youngon tonight 76,-57. william myers and a little bit of a surprise fernandez beat out the dodgers for the national league rookie the year and when we come back we'll let you know if the dodger manager avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature.
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get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow.
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so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
6:55 pm
don mattingly is going to get another year with the
6:56 pm
dodgers. along with most of his coaching staff will return for a 4th season. nhl leading scorer suffered a broken right leg and his season is he is likely done. he collided into the goal post and broke his tibia which is the largest bone in the lower leg and one more here he injured his left side during the first half of his against. it's his third leg injury this season. he is out four to six weeks. everybody says he is probably the greatest soccer player in the world. >> he is the most popular sock jeremy morin player in the world. >> sue me i didn't set you up properly. >> i would say you could stay in touch with kron 4 .com and we will be back at 8. >> do you know when i'm growing
6:57 pm
to the. >> have a nice evening. >> tweet me in the next two hours. >> we'll be back.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"omg! insider," the top trending stories you need to know. >> how do you expect anybody in america to believe you're not a racist? >> the nfl's accused bully breaks his silence about his alleged victim. >> this isn't an issue about bullying. >> what the texts between them reveal. >> i told him there is nothing that is off limits for me to ask. plus, music news with miley, smoking pot on stage. is katy perry flashing an engagement ring? and we're with gaga. >> why she's blasting off into space and opening up about past drug use. >> i was addicted to it. >> as reports say brooke mueller's substance abuse could have affected her and charlie's twins. >> it has been reported that brooke did drink during her pregnancy. in my opinion, this is child abuse. then j. la on her hair. and did she have a bridesmaid moment on the set of "catching fire." >> you can't stop once you're going. and donnie wahlberg is here.
7:00 pm
will he beat girlfriend jenny mccarthy to a proposal? >> i wouldn't be surprised if i was the one proposing. now where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 news, "omg! insider." >> will charlie sheen and brooke mueller's twins be tested for fetal alcohol syndrome. i'm thea andrews. >> i'm kevin fraser. we begin with the dolphin bullying scandal. sunday, richie incognito spoke out for the first time since he was suspended by the team. and the basic message, he's bewildered his close friend, his little brother, jonathan martin, felt harassed. >> there were apologies, explanations, excuses. but was it all a carefully orchestrated act, and will it ultimately change the end game. let's go inside. >> do you think it's fair? >> is the investigation going to be fair to you? >> it's the most talked about controversy in all of sports. >> there are reports you're here to make amends with jonathan martin. is that true? >> incognito landing at l.a.x. friday and mobbed b


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