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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 12, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news starts now with a developing story. now at 11:00 the new and official numbers areout tonight, more than 1800 people are dead, 2600 injured and some still missing from the typhoon hitting the philippines. they are expected to rise. many in the bay area are coming together to help those with the greatest need in the disaster area. some of the survivors arrived tonight in the bay area. we have one of the highest
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filipino populations in the united states. >> reporter: the devastating effects were from the central part of the country. there is no electricity, food, or water. >> there is no water. there are no lights. there is no electricity. houses, they have no light and water. >> most of the airports are damaged. the airport is wiped out. the only thing that can go there are helicopters. they are having problems getting the good to him. we are able to reach people through main cities. you can help. most airports heading to other provinces are crowded so we can
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get help to everyone. >> it was horrible. we were in manila, so we were not hit. people are trying to help. it is rugged to see the country behind. everyone is trying to help relatives however they can. >> reporter: a lot of people said they will go home, get a good night sleep and try and meet up with other people from the philippines and help out with the relief effort. >> team coverage, the outpouring has been massive. tonight kron4's dan kerman spoke to those trying to make a difference. >> reporter: they are
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collecting monetary doneitations sent to grass roots organizations. >> they need help locally. >> reporter: in the community center, volunteers like mario who survived, are coordinating donations and fund raisers over the next few weeks. >> we are always concerned when these things happen hoping that people can respond and deliver aide that is needed. >> reporter: at lbc express the giving spirit continues. >> it is heart breaking to see, you know, the situation of the philippine people effected by the typhoon. >> reporter: he stopped by to send cash to victims of the
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typhoon. >> it is important for me to give a little something to the victims, because they really need it. >> others are bringing care packages that will be shipped for free. >> reporter: they will handed to the red cross and to those in need. in daly city, dan kerman, kron4news. the project pearl is also organizing an aide drive for the victims of the typhoon. items that are non perishible are helpful. more more on the relief effort you can find out how on
11:05 pm randy alana who killed a federal criminal investigator will stand trial. the prosecution presented enough case. she was reported missing from her home august the 4th. she was found in vacaville park 5 days later. she knew coke for 20 years. they had a child together. the trial date has not been set. the eastern span of the bay bridge is under way. construction work is under way. contractors estimate it will
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take weeks to remove the bridge. it is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. >> reporter: clear skies over the bay area. it is clear and starting to get a little chilly. temperatures in the 50s, dropping into the 40s in santa rosa. 54 in san jose. it will be chilly out there. cooler temperatures than last night because of the clear skies. it will be similar tomorrow to today. we will see gusty conditions into thursday, which could lead to a red flag warning. a chance of rain this weekend. oakland city council proposing a curfew. what came out of tonight's
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meeting? the arena is on a third set of plans. a 49ers star may be back on the field but his legal troubles are not over.
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. >> it looks like a troubled 49ers star will be arraigned. his case was continued until january, which is after the regular football season is over. he will plead not guilty to 3 felony weapons counts. his attorney and the prosecutor made brief statements. >> the legal process has started. it will take a little bit of time.
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it is typical in cases like this. between now and the next court date he will receive discovery in the case. after that it will lend itself to discusses. the process began today. we have the next court date. >> we are not at liberty to answer questions. very interested. you have to understand this is a process. today's court appearance was the first step in that process. out of respect for the judicial system, we will not make further statements at this time. >> the weapons were discovered when smith hosted a party where he was stabbed and two people were shot.
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he faced a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge as well. a place to call home, we have the latest set of plans bringing the warriors to san francisco. . >> coming up warriors against the detroit pistons. the best fresh men in college basketball and 49er news. one guy going. one guy going to court. stay tuned for inside edition with debra norville. what if you found money in an old second-hand desk that you doubt? i love watching tv outside.
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. >> oakland is speaking out. there was a public safety meeting. kron4's alicia reed has details on the curfew ordinance. >> reporter: they shot down the proposed curfew. being out late at night is a concern and children shouldn't
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be out, but a curfew may not be the answer to cut down crime in oakland. he is concerned about the logistics to enforce it. >> it needs to be as efficient as possible. >> reporter: should the curfew go in effect, children would have to be off the streets from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.. >> we want them to provide -- we have had crime for too long in this community. >> what about kids running late to school? >> reporter: they believe the
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curfew encourages age-related profiling. some doubt children will adhere. >> it will not work. you have parents who can't tell them what to do. telling them to come in the house early will not work. a lot of these kids work. >> reporter: there will be a vote by consensus. the curfew was neither approved nor rejected. alicia reed, kron4news. the fbi is looking for an alleged child sexual predator. he is john doe27. he 27. he is accused of leud acts.
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he is white, he has the plaid chair in his home. he may go by jimmy. the new arena plan is greener. it comes at a time where there is an increasing amount of opposition. j.r. stone has more. >> reporter: this is the new golden state arena planned for san francisco. details has been modified for a third time. >> bring the heights down. >> reporter: it would peak at 125 feet. original plans called for 135 feet for all sections. you should be able to see the bridge from the street.
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>> there is more green vegetation space. >> reporter: he says that open space has been increased from 6.3 to 7.6. it has also been added to the northwest corner from 105,000 to 90,000 square feet. >> we have changed the shape of some of the heights and not los performance. >> reporter: heights of other buildings would be 75 to 150 feet. the team has been focused on the arena and the pier. >> inside it is still
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considered to be one of the best arena space in the world. >> reporter: they plan to remove 16,000 square feet of pier. it was not discussed in the previous two plans. >> critics say the new modifications are minor and the site is still on the bay. >> reporter: we saw a pretty nice day around the bay, temperatures in the 70s. it was in the 60s in the immediate coastline. it is clear up through the sierra. we had lingering showers, but they have pushed to the east. we will see fog near the coastline. this will be near the san mateo coastline. the 8:00 hour will not bring us
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much change. even the coastline will see the sunny skies. the 40s for the most part, 40 in napa, 42 in santa rosa. the afternoon will bring 70s. 73 in san jose. 72 in redwood city. 74 in walnut creek. at the coast we will be in the 60s. 68 in downtown san francisco. low 70s for the north bay. we will see temperatures similar to today, but the winds will pick up. it will be windy into thursday. there will be a high fire danger. the red flag warning could
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come. a chance of rain saturday. in sports sharks try to snap a win. and getting pesky with the pistons.
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. >> good evening, detroit no matchup. getting wound and up ready to
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go. curry to boget. the warriors on fire. curry 28.8 assists. david lee, 4th quarter was everybody getting in there. feeling good. they host oklahoma city thursday. two of the highest raider recruits, andrew and shibari, parker had 27-point, wiggins
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got going. kansas won tonight. cal took apart denver. jordan matthews. cobb trying to block a shot, appears to hyperextend his knee. cal a winner. we like to do in local news, i grew up watching the warriors. i am very happy we got you tonight. when they say goodbye to fellow anchors, they had to put it on the prompter so they say it
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right. i will tell you after. give me the sharks. todd in calgary, turn on the red light. i can already warn you so you can stick the thing about the website. sharks win 3-2. football today, smith pled not guilty and faces dui charges. couple of seconds, williams said goodbye to kyle. just never got it going. didn't get it done. williams released today. giants may look at tim hudson. williams released today. giants may look at tim hudson. hu[ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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alex baldwin in tears. his courtroom show down with the woman that wanted to have his baby. >> why she is calling him a liar in open court. >> then jennifer lawrence versus joan rivers. >> to call them ugly and fat and they call it fun. >> and he bought this desk on craigslist and found $98,000 hidden inside. and he gave it all back. >> is he the most honest man in america? >> then, the mistress in the face lift murder trial. >> he told me that he had a perfect marriage. >> so, why have this affair. >> our world exclusive inie


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