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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> another tough day for tesla. three people were hurt in a factory accident and taken to the hospital earlier today. this is video from our participation with abc7. the other two remain in the hospital with burns. this accident comes after three tesla cars have burst into flames in accidents in recent months. he spoke with the ceo of tesla who visited his employees at the hospital tonight. he answered important questions. >> reporter: within the last hour, elon muss being walked into this hospital directly behind me. he said he was concerned about his workers and also spoke about what happened today at
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the tesla factory. >> we had an equipment malfunction in the operation. so it's built of aluminum and that was the issue. i just wanted to make sure that they're okay and getting the best possible care and i wanted to come personally and make sure of it. two cases, it's more -- it's sort of hot metals splashed on them. in the case of kevin, it looks like that they should -- i'm guessing he will make a full recovery. the case of jesus, his hands were burned badly. it's not clear what the recovery is going to be. >> reporter: i also asked muss being about the fact of three fires in recent months and now this. i asked him what this all means. >> those seem to be -- i think honestly too much attention paid to tesla, good or bad.
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there's -- there are a lot of terrible things that happen, you know, in accidents. and so, you know, it seems like maybe we get an unusual amount of attention at tesla no matter what it was. >> reporter: again, that was the ceo of tesla. he was courteous and genuine in his concern for his injured employees. jr stone, kron 4 news. >> parents at an east bay elementary school are on guard this week after a mysterious man walked on to the campus and lied about why he was there. kron 4 charles clifford spoke with a concerned parent. >> reporter: on the afternoon of november 4th, the man that you see in this surveillance video walked into the main office at the christian school and said he was there to pick up a female student. he asked her by name, claimed to be her uncle and said that he was waiting for the girl's
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mother. the man was issued a pass and he wandered around the campus. he never spoke with the girl or made contact with any other students. after several minutes, he left. >> i was really scared. >> reporter: jennae is the girl's mother and wants the school to tighten security. >> they said that they needed to have some more training for the teachers and actually have something in writing in place if something like this happened again. >> reporter: no one from the school was available to comment for the story today but the staff held an informational meeting for parents on 3ds evening. in addition to reviewing their security policy, the school is looking at adding more security cameras and putting in taller fences. the sheriff's department is handling this investigation, trying to figure out exactly who the man is. they have been unable to identify him. the sheriff's department says they have added extra patrols around the school. charles clifford, kron 4 news.
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>> panhandlers in concord could soon face a fine and be charged with a misdemeanor for aggressive begging. the city council approved a ban on aggressive panhandling last night. tonight, kron 4 spoke with a council member who says the problem is simply getting out of control. >> it doesn't apply to individuals or charity groups, like the girl scouts selling cookies in front of stores and they're not confronting somebody. >> reporter: instead council member laura says the new ban on aggressive panhandling targets people loitering outside grocery stores and other businesses asking for money. >> it borders on harassment in some cases. >> reporter: the city staff report says two problem areas are on the food max on clayton road and a safeway on willow pass road. overall in the past year, the police department said it
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received almost 2,000 calls regarding the homeless and 20% involved some sort of aggressive panhandling complaint. the new ban will mirror similar ordinances adopted in other cities. >> this gets into someone's personal space. if someone comes within three feet of you and follows you in the parking lot asking you to help to take your groceries out for a dollar or whatever it is and they keep going and doing that, that's what this is really after. the people that are aggressive and they are approaching you and basically getting in your face, getinginto your personal space. >> reporter: aggressive panhandling will also be banned anywhere within 50 feet of atms, 30 feet from bus stops, restaurants and cafes. the city council will hold a second and final vote on december 10th. if adopted, the ordinance would go into effect in january. from city hall in concord, kron 4 news. >> teachers with the mount
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diablo school district held a labor rally before the school board meeting tonight. they want to encourage the district to go back to the negotiating table. jeff was there and explains what the teachers are asking for. >> reporter: hundreds were on hand to show their support for the demands of the teachers. union employees say that labor talks started back in april, but have stalled recently. labor talks are always about money, but union officials say this is more about health care than anything else. >> now, all of the other bargaining units in our school district get full medical benefits. we don't. >> reporter: union members say that is just one of the reasons that teachers are jumping ship to go to other districts in the bay area. >> we've become uncompetitive or less competitive than surrounding districts, which means we get new teachers that start in our district. and then after a couple of years, they move on to san
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ramon or martinez. they will move to where they get better pay and medical benefits. so that has a very destabilizing effect on the district. >> six years, no raise. >> six years, no raise. >> $30 million reserve. >> reporter: the union says the district has plenty of money so it shouldn't be a problem to give the teachers what they're asking for. if that doesn't happen, a strike could happen as soon as this spring. i'm jeff bush in concord, kron 4 news. >> still to come tonight, the bay area comes together to honor and reflect on those affected by the ravaged philippines. and the east bay gets rocked by a series of earthquakes. find out where it's all happening.
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>> the fire that burned g;g&h2ñ around yosemite national park, the rim fire, reportedly cost more than $36 million in damage to san francisco's water and
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power infrastructure. the third wildfire burned through most of the reservoir. the fire also burned through hydroelectric power houses and damaged or destroyed 20 miles of power lines. it brings freshwater to san francisco residents and municipal buildings. no word if the federal government will help cover the costs. coming up, the bay area helps and reflects on those affected by the typhoon in the philippines. and we will map out the recent quakes for you in the area and why it's happening now. >> we are seeing reduced visibility at the golden gate and other parts of the bay area. we will be walking up to -- waking up to fog tomorrow morning. >> stay tuned for inside edition tonight. find out if dentist are doing unnecessary work on your children's test. when is the best day to do
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>> this is video of a muni train in san francisco leaving the castro street station this morning with a load of passengers but no operator. the kt third street train was stopped at the castro station about 10:30. muni says the operator got out to if fix a problem with the
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door and the train took off without him. a passenger pulled the emergency lever to get the car to stop about a quarter mile down the track. no one was injured. 30 passengers got out at the forest hill station. muni says the driver has been placed on nondriving status pending further investigation. the tragic numbers continue to rise from typhoon haiyan in the philippines. according to the philippine national risk and reduction council, more than 2300 people are dead, just under 3900 others are injured and 77 people are still missing after the typhoon hit the country this past weekend. of course the numbers are expected to increase. hundreds of thousands of others are lining up for food and water and supplies which are coming in from all around the world. tonight in san jose, people gathering to remember the victims of typhoon haiyan. the vigil honors those that lost their lives and the survivors who are still in
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desperate need of help. >> reporter: nearly 75 people gathered outside of san jose's library wednesday night to remember those that lost their lives during typhoon haiyan. >> i feel pain for other people who lost their loved ones. >> we wanted to take time out of our busy schedule to take note of what has happened in the philippines and to pay our respects to those that have passed into many taking part in the candle light vigil have loved ones back in the philippines, trying to cope with the typhoon's aftermath. >> my hometown is in shambles because three weeks ago there was an earthquake and a tornado before this typhoon hit. everybody is trying to get back on their feet right now. >> reporter: others here still don't know the fate of loved ones. >> we're still waiting to hear if they are okay. it's hard. yeah. it's devastating because it's such a big tragedy. >> reporter: with this remembrance comes a call to
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arms and donations, not just to any organization but to nascon which vigil organizers say will get the aid to the people who need it most. >> a lot of funds being channeled towards the philippines are stuck in warehouses because they can't go to the people there. and then once they are there, people don't know where to distribute it or who needs it the most. since going through this grass roots community organization that are already stationed in the areas, they know where the relief needs to go most so they can be of better service to the communities affected. >> reporter: those attending the vigil are hoping these events will remind people that while the typhoon may be over, the crisis is not. and people in the philippines still need your help. in san jose, dan herman, kron 4 news. >> if you would like to support the relief effort, visit we have posted links on how you can help and stay up to date with the continuing story with
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our new news app. >> the earthquake trend continuing in san ramon, including one this morning that a lot of people felt. the most recent was a 2.4 magnitude quake just before 1:00 this afternoon. earlier today though just after 9:30 this morning, a larger one, a 3.3 magnitude that was originally recorded as a 3.4 both centered near crow canyon country club. since friday, there have been four other quakes in that area. pam. >> and continuing our team coverage now with concerns about what all the recent earthquake activity may mean. as kron 4 reports, san ramon valley residents have been down this road before. >> san ramon valley is earthquake swarm country in the bay area. >> reporter: the us geological survey david schwartz says it's anybody's guess when the
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shaking might stop. >> today's earthquake might have been the last one, you know, for a while, or they may continue. >> reporter: take a look at this. the green dots on this map represent the dozens of earthquakes recorded in the san ramon valley from november 2002 to march of 2003. the largest of which was a magnitude 4.2. why it's happening here is not clear. >> these are unknown faults. these are small fault that's don't hv they're sitting in the crust. the crust in this part of the bay area is just fractured in many different directions. >> reporter: the orange dots on this map are from the early '90s when some 350 earthquakes occurred over a six-week period near alamo. what does it mean. >> it's not really possible to say that these have any special meaning other than they're telling us this is an active area. once again, we have earthquakes in the bay area. it remind us that we have earthquakes and bigger ones down the road. >> reporter: bottom line says
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schwartz, be prepared. kron 4 news. >> we are already seeing foggy conditions around the bay area. we're looking live right now at the golden gate bridge. the visibility is not good here. let's take a look at some of the other visibilities. in santa rosa, wore down to a quarter mile. a mile and a half in half moon bay. the fog concentrated through the north bay near the coast line right now. ill spill into the bayshores into the overnight hours. here is a look at fog tracker showing the fog up santa rosa, also through the bayshores and into livermore valley. by the 3:00 hour. by 6:00, it shows it lifting over santa rosa. i think that's probably a little early. it will probably linger through the 8:00 hour. after that, it will lift quickly. fog clearing by about 10:00 and then sunny skies into the afternoon. it will still be cooler out there tomorrow. fewer 70s for the south bay. 70 in sunnyville.
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but 67 in palo alto and 69 in san jose. low 70s for inland valley. that will be about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than this afternoon. east bayshore line in the 60s. 64 in hayward. 63 in downtown san francisco and 70s for the north bay. if the l#b$j,vfog lingers past 10:00 hour, it may be tough to hit 72 in santa rows a i do think it will clear. tomorrow afternoon, winds will pick up. gusty winds near the coastline and north bay. into the weekend, cooler conditions and a slight chance of rain for saturday. very slight chance. drier, warmer conditions into next week. >> in sports, 49ers head coach harbaugh stands up for his quarterback. and an early season nba western conference showdown gets heated. gary has the highlights and all the sports next.
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>> all right. good evening, everybody. 49er news includes kyle williams cut by san francisco. one day off, he's back in the league. signed by the kansas city chiefs. meanwhile the kapernick story. when you're quarterback and you win, it's all you. quarterback and you lose, it's all you. he is coming off a bad game against carolina and jim harbaugh has had to go into i'm
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going to defend you to the fullest mode. >> we don't think anything is wrong with collin. he's played -- he feels like his progression has been good. he's played winning football for us. >> i don't think you can compare it. there are different components this year and last year. it's comparing apples and oranges. but i'm going out and trying to win games. i'm doing everything to try to help the team win. >> one day, we will have a program without kapernick or harbaugh on it. pryor did not practice for the raidersed. he has a strained mcl in his right knee. he kept it a secret because you want today play against the new york giantsed. right now the player taking snaps during tice met mcloin who is an untested
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rookie quarterback. christian son dead at the age of 57. five-time pro bowler. christianson died of complications during liver transplant surgery. he played for the raiders for ten years. the afl. great, great receiver. and, again, went in to get something fixed and died at the age of 57. warriors home tomorrow night against durant and oklahoma city. do you remember ant had 33 -- durant had 33 points and 10 assists. he flings griffin around and matt barnes, the former warrior out of sacramento comes in and shoves abaka. he came back at barnes. abaka ejected.
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barnes ejected. grabbed his twin boy and went to the locker room. the clippers win 111-103. did you see this tweet after? here is matt barnes after the game. i love my teammates like a family but i'm done standing up for these ends. thank you. all this does is cost me more money. so matt barnes is tired of when there's a fight, he's the one that comes in. and just considering what is going on with miami, this might not be the right time for ends, you know. >> yeah. >> what a world. >> just roll kershaw quickly. he is the cy young award winner in a landslide. matt scherzer is the cy young winner for the american league. and brian wilson, give me ten seconds of brian wilson. his agent told the yankees they're not going to sign him because his client will not adhere to the yankees policy of
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alec baldwin, did he lie on the stand? this big shot producer says so. >> did you lie? >> and his accused stalker's courtroom outburst. >> the judge throws her in jail for 30 days for contempt. >> he's hurting me. then, here she is. the face of obamacare reveals herself. >> i am here the stand up for myself. and defend myself. >> and she's not an american citizen. and mutt everest. how this top dog just became the first pooch in history to climb mount everest. then, are dentist drilling for dollars? why would their dentist turn these kids into metal mouths? >>


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